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President Ronald Reagan (image courtesy - National Press Club)

Coretta Scott King (image courtesy - National Press Club)

The Dalai Lama (image courtesy - National Press Club)


he National Press Club, the world’s leading professional organization for journalists, has long been an institution in Washington. Situated in the heart of D.C. only blocks from the White House and Capitol Hill, the Club has been a meeting place for journalists, their sources and the public for a century. Started in 1908 by journalists who wanted a place to socialize, the Club has become much more without losing its charm and traditions. The Club is now internationally recognized as the destination for newsmakers to bring their message to the Washington-based press corp. On any given day, content from the National Press Club is quoted and broadcast by major news outlets throughout the world. The National Press Club is the place where news happens.

The Club hosts nearly 2,000 events each year, including news conferences, speeches and panel discussions. Since 1932, the Club’s speakers forum features approximately 80 annual lunches with speakers that have included U.S. Presidents, heads of state, celebrities and corporate leaders. These luncheons are broadcast nationwide on C-SPAN and XM Satellite Radio. The Club is also one of D.C.’s premiere event venues. Unlike any other place in the world, the Club hosts 250,000 visitors each year and is the foremost venue for press conferences in Washington. Its unique and historic design also make it a sought-after destination for weddings and social engagements. As journalism has changed, the Club has changed to meet the needs of modern journalism. It is still a great place to have

a drink or dinner with colleagues, but the National Press Club is much more. The Club provides journalism training programs, a professional research library and state-of-the art broadcast facility. Journalists can take classes on how to blog or how to capture video for a website or how to use social networking technology. In a world where everyone is busy, the Club provides unparalleled networking, including a mentoring program and scholarships to prepare the next generation of the fourth estate. Its more than 3,700 members represent nearly every major print and electronic news organization, and it is a voice for free press issues around the world. Tel +1.202.662.7500 Best of DC


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