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Media Capital - Nation’s Capitol Washington, DC. The center of American politics. The focal point of national and international media. An exciting city in which to work as a journalist. The convergence of politics, diplomacy, business and technology in Washington provides an unprecedented amount of variety and opportunity. Print outlets range from trade and advocacy publications to highly-specialized political journals such as Roll Call, The Hill, and new addition, Politico. Gannett, publisher of the USA Today, is based in suburban Virginia, as is US News & World Report.

Jessica Weinstein is a freelance reporter, producer and writer in the D.C. area. She spent 2008 covering such high profile stories as the suicide of alleged anthrax attack mastermind, Dr. Bruce Ivins, the trial of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, and of course, the historic election and inauguration of President Barack Obama. “Washington D.C. has allowed me to live my American dream of working in one of the top local news markets as a television news reporter,” said Weinstein, “I came here in 2007 without a job, just my 12 years of experience, and I ended up working for two major network affiliate stations and the Associated Press.” In addition to local news coverage, Weinstein also brought her investigative reporting skills to bear as a freelance producer for FOX News Channel where she has covered Capitol Hill and the Department of Justice as well as producing a series of reports on the impact of closing the military commissions and prisons at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “This is the center of power for the nation and for the world. It’s a sweet town for a journalist and being a freelance journalist has allowed me to take advantage of these opportunities. It’s a privilege to work here,” said Weinstein. A graduate of the Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, Jessica is the recipient of the New York State Associated Press Award and several New York State Broadcasting Association Awards. 228

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BEST OF DC: Defining Change in American Leadership  
BEST OF DC: Defining Change in American Leadership  

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