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Gloria Mayfield Banks overcame dyslexia and received both her Bachelors degree and MBA from Harvard University. Internationally known as an energetic business speaker and trainer who built her own multi-million dollar companies, her accomplishments have been recognized in Black Enterprise, Glamour, Working Women and Fortune Magazine. (image courtesy -

2008 “Dare to Dream Gala” brought together Washington DC’s political, business, celebrity, and national leaders in dyslexia education for a one-of a kind signature fundraising event, hosted by Dyslexic Dreams Foundation and the Merritt Dyslexia Education Center (The Friendship School/Margaret Byrd Teacher Training Institute)

We knew our struggles were not unique. Countless dyslexic children and parents face similar challenges, and to help them, we created Dyslexic Dreams Foundation - a nonprofit organization, dedicated to raising awareness about dyslexia by providing:

- early diagnostic testing - dyslexic student scholarships - funding for dyslexic school programs - dyslexic teacher training scholarships

Emmy Award winner Harvey Hubbell V, Director, Producer, and Writer of the movie ‘Dislecksia’ , a documentary about his personal struggle with dyslexia. He speaks to the audience at the ‘Dare to Dream Gala’ (image courtesy -

DDF was created to ensure that all dyslexic children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to the fundamentals of an appropriate dyslexic education. “ We are committed to advancing the understanding of these bright children on a national level, and by doing so, enabling dyslexic children to reach their dreams and goals with the education they deserve“. The Dyslexic Dreams Foundation is dedicated to preserving the determination and spirit of students with dyslexia. We believe that young people with desire should be encouraged to pursue their dreams. We do not believe that young people should be discouraged from the pursuit of their goals because of a learning difference. Therefore, Dyslexic Dreams Foundation offers young people of all ages the chance to continue to pursue their dreams by providing student scholarships, funding dyslexic education programs, expanding early diagnostic testing, and providing appropriate teacher training. “We hope to restore dignity and hope to children and parents who have been discouraged and misunderstood by teachers and administrators who do not have the tools required to teach a dyslexic child.

Tel +1.301.528.0056

Tae Bo® creator Billy Blanks, receives award at ‘Dare to Dream Gala’ - he was diagnosed with dyslexia at 35 years old. His extraordinary achievements as a world karate champion, actor, author, motivator, philanthropist and humanitarian continue to earn him acclaim. (photography:

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