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Erasing Dyslexia Illiteracy

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader The Silent Learning Difference - When a young dyslexic child starts school full of curiosity, their journey into a world that does not understand their way of thinking begins. Many teachers and schools have not been trained to recognize dyslexia in their students, and they are not resourced or equipped to provide specific learning opportunities that best suit dyslexic learners.


any dyslexic learners are at a disadvantage in our “mainstream” education system as the classroom environment and teaching strategies are not designed to support learning that suits their way of thinking and learning. The dyslexic individual must acquire the understanding, tools and skills that can help them to overcome their learning difficulties . For a child, this can only happen when schools, teachers and parents seek understanding & offer environments and learning opportunities that allow the dyslexic child to reach their potential. Dyslexic Dreams Foundation was created to inspire and motivate children, young people and adults to discover and realize their potential by identifying, attracting, facilitating, sponsoring and gifting educational opportunities and resources throughout the U.S. Founded in May of 2007. Evan Paul, a successful entrepreneur at age 18 (, and Jami Schwartz (mother and advocate) - both dyslexic themselves - recognized the need to raise awareness on a national level about what dyslexia really is, the myriad of challenges it presents, and most importantly, to support children, our most valuable resource. It was their collaboration, and understanding that 1 in 7 people are dyslexic, which led to the foundation’s beginnings. “We studied the most effective way to help our dyslexic community and combined forces to create a foundation to help at-risk dyslexic students on a national level.”


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Jami Schwartz, President and Managing Director at Dyslexic Dreams Foundation, speaks to guests at the ‘Dare to Dream’ Gala (photography:

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