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Bespoke have been improving vehicles to customer’s own personal requirements for some years now and their work with the Land Rover has become recognised and accepted as being some of the most thorough and sympathetic available. We’re not trying to re-design a classic, the original product wouldn’t have endured for as long as it has, if that were needed... however we are able to knock a few rough edges off the standard article to great effect, and make them easier to live with...


Bespoke your current Defender Here at Bespoke Cars we have a whole myriad of options available to Bespoke your own Defender. Choose from a change of wheels, to exterior styling to a full custom leather interior.


The Brand New Bespoke ‘ELEMENTS’ Defender range “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


Buy an approved Used Bespoke Defender We always have vehicles in stock that are Approved Used Bespoke vehicles. Be it a fully converted vehicle with Bespoke Interior and Exterior styling, to a standard Defender awaiting your personal touch to be added.


Build your own Brand New Bespoke Defender Bespoke has unique buying power with the New Car sector. Using our established relationships with Land Rover Dealerships, we can offer new vehicles at probably the best prices available.




The Bespoke Defender Elements Edition has undergone what we feel are the initial requirements to create a Bespoke Defender. We have added a flavour of what we do to these brand new vehicles to make them personal and different to other Defenders on the road.

BESPOKE ELEMENTS STANDARD FEATURES Bespoke Lightweight Bonnet 18� Alloy Wheels with BF Goodrich Tyres 14 piece LED Crystal Headlight Conversion Momo Steering Wheel Colour Coded Chassis, Grille and Light Surrounds Branded Rear Wheel Cover Tinted Windows Daytime Running Lights Power Upgrade +30bhp Bespoke Branding to Bonnet and Rear

BESPOKE EXTERIOR STYLING “…IF YOU START SOMETHING, YOU MUST HAVE A VISION OF THE THING WHICH ARISES FROM YOUR INSTINCT ABOUT PRESERVING AND ENHANCING WHAT IS THERE...” BESPOKE CARS is always aware of the latest designs within the automotive industry. It knows whenever there is something new on the market. It evaluates new products, develops new ideas, produces superior refinements. All of our optional extras are designed to preserve the authenticity of each vehicle, while enhancing its profile. In this way, we stay true to our iconic high quality cars, while offering our customers bespoke customisation. We have the imagination, the skill, the art.

BESPOKE INTERIOR STYLING “TO SEEK THE TIMELESS WAY WE MUST FIRST KNOW THE QUALITY WITHOUT A NAME.” A car has to feel as good as it looks. Comfort, safety and customisation all have a role to play in ensuring a car’s interior matches both the personality and requirements of its owner. BESPOKE CARS has proven experience in tailoring interiors to the exacting requirements of its clients. We know we are good at what we do – we’ve been doing it for years – and we know we hold the key to unlocking your imagination. Personal tastes change, the interior accessories market evolves, but quality is everlasting. We can design a tasteful, elegant interior that conveys the essence of who you are. We can create a stunning masterpiece as individual and unique as you.

BESPOKE PERFORMANCE THE DESIGNERS AND TECHNICIANS AT BESPOKE HAVE THE SAME AIM: TO INCREASE DRIVING PLEASURE AND CREATE ONE-OFF DESIGNS. Our team has chosen and developed several key custom components for style and performance. The highest quality materials and finish apply to all our performance options, from stainless steel exhaust systems to custom suspensions, from racing brakes to ECU upgrades. Whether opting for a complete vehicle makeover or personalising aspects of it, our team’s design skill and technical craftsmanship achieve perfection. The team at BESPOKE is probably the best in the business, and our (almost endless) options guarantee customisation.

B E SPO K E D E F E N D E R ‘ E L E M E N T S’ E D I T I O N

from £22,995 + vat



90 Hard Top Pick Up

£23,516.67 £22,683.33

£28,495.00 £27,495.00

Station Wagon County Station Wagon XS Station Wagon

£25,600.00 £26,433.33 £29,766.67

£30,995.00 £31,995.00 £35,995.00

110 Chassis Cab Hard Top Pick Up High Capacity Pick Up

£23,933.33 £24,766.67 £23,933.33 £24,766.67

£28,495.00 £29,995.00 £28,995.00 £29,995.00

Station Wagon County Station Wagon XS Station Wagon

£26,850.00 £28,516.67 £32,266.67

£32,495.00 £34,495.00 £38,995.00

Utility Wagon County Utility Wagon XS Utility Wagon

£26,850.00 £28,516.67 £31,433.33

£32,495.00 £34,495.00 £37,995.00

Double Cab County Double Cab XS Double Cab

£25,183.33 £26,850.00 £29,766.67

£30,495.00 £32,495.00 £35,995.00

130 Chassis Cab Double Cab Chassis Cab Double Cab

£26,016.67 £27,683.33 £29,350.00

£31,495.00 £33,495.00 £35,495.00



BESPOKE ELEMENTS STANDARD FEATURES Bespoke Lightweight Bonnet 18” Alloy Wheels with BF Goodrich Tyres 10 Piece LED Light Conversion Momo Steering Wheel Colour Coded Rear Chassis Colour Coded KBX Grille and Light Surrounds Branded Rear Wheel Cover Tinted Windows Daytime Running Lights Power Upgrade +30bhp Bespoke Branding to Bonnet and Rear

BESPOKE ELEMENTS EXTRAS* Leather Interior - Choice of colour and stitch Suede Headlining and Door Pillars Leather Dashboard Touch Screen Navigation System Bespoke Sports Seats Full Vehicle Colour Change Bespoke Steering Guard Leather Door Cards LED Interior Dash Lighting Bespoke Custom Side Steps Plus over 20 more options available...



Includes First Year Vehicle Excise Duty – £220 for all derivatives for 12 months (effective 1st April 2013 - subject to statutory changes) and a £55 Government Vehicle First Registration Fee. Fuel supplied by the Dealership and other goods or services supplied by agreement between customer and Dealership not included.

URBAN Maximum 24.6mpg Minimum 20.8mpg

Prices effective from 1st April 2013 (2013 Model Year). For use in the UK only.

EXTRA URBAN Maximum 31.0mpg Minimum 29.1mpg

COMBINED Maximum 28.3mpg Minimum 25.5mpg

CO2 EMISSIONS Maximum 295 g/km Minimum 266 g/km

EXTERIOR STYLING PRI CING We understand your car must be a one-off creation, unlike any other and exclusive to you

BESPOKE 18” ALLOY WHEELS WITH BF GOODRICH TYRES Several profiles available from road use to off-road.


BESPOKE BONNET & GRILLE WITH BENTLEY STYLE MESH & BRANDING A more aggressive look to the front of your Defender.


BESPOKE FIRST EDITION BUMPER WITH DRL’s Bespoke custom front bumper with bright white LED running lights.


BESPOKE BRANDED STEERING GUARD (LARGE) That must have for any off roader... Choice of finish...


BESPOKE BRANDED STEERING GUARD (SMALL) That extra protection for your steering rack. Choice of finish...


BESPOKE CUSTOM DESIGN ROOFRACKS (90, 110, 130) Built to your exact requirements and needs.

12--PIECE LED LIGHT SET Replace all lights to the exterior of your car. This package includes 2 x headlights, 4 x side lights, 4 x indicators, 1 x fog light & 1 x reverse light.


BESPOKE 2014 MODEL LED HEADLIGHTS Half the power consumption. Pure white light unlike harsh blue HID systems. Ultra-bright output for maximum visibility.


FULL COLOUR CHANGE OF VEHICLE - 90 model (110 model + £500) Full Exterior colour change to your vehicle.


COLOUR CODING OF REAR Coding of the rear chassis to give a much cleaner look to the car.


BESPOKE BADGE BRANDING Front and rear badge branding.


from £695.00

BESPOKE LIGHT SURROUNDS Compliment our Bespoke grille and Crystal headlights with these surrounds. CHEQUER PLATING TO WINGS & DOOR EDGES Protect and strengthen your wings and sills.


from £195.00

BESPOKE CUSTOM SIDE VENTS Finished in annodised aluminium, this vent really is Bespoke.


BESPOKE CARPET MATS Add a little Bespoke touch with these branded replacement mats.


BESPOKE ALUMINIUM FUEL CAP Replacement fuel cap milled from solid aluminium.


BESPOKE BRANDED REAR WHEEL COVER £195.00 Made from durable plastic resin with elasticated fitment.

INTERIOR STYLING PRICING We can design a tasteful, elegant interior that conveys the essence of who you are

LUXURIOUS LEATHER INTERIORS RE-TRIM FRONT SEATS ONLY (upgrade to front sports seats +£400) Re-trim your standard front seats in a luxurious leather finish.


RE-TRIM FRONT & 2nd ROW (upgrade to front sports seats +£400) Re-trim your standard front & rear seats in a luxurious leather finish.


RE-TRIM FRONT, 2nd & 3rd ROW (upgrade to front sports seats +£400) Leather re-trim to your front, middle-row & rear seats.


BESPOKE CUSTOM LEATHER SPORT SEATS Pair of front sport seats finished in your choice of leather and stitch.


RE-TRIM OF DASHBOARD COMPONENTS - OPTION A Leather re-trim to instrument cluster, grab handle, cubby lid & passenger dash top.


RE-TRIM OF GEAR SELECTORS - OPTION B Leather re-trim to gear selector, cubby lid, diff-lock & handbrake (including gators).


FULL DASHBOARD RE-TRIM - OPTION C Full dashboard re-trim in leather with contrasting stitch including cubby lid.


COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDING A, B & C ABOVE Full leather re-trim package of all above components A, B & C,


RE-TRIM FIRST ROW DOOR CARDS - OPTION A Change the look and feel of your door panels. RE-TRIM FIRST & SECOND ROW DOOR CARDS - OPTION B As above but includes front and back doors. RE-TRIM REAR DOOR - OPTION C Leather trim your rear door only. COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDING A, B & C ABOVE Re-trim to all door cards and rear entry door card.

£995.00 £1,695.00 £395.00 £1,995.00

DOUBLE DIN CENTRE CONSOLE Allow your centre console to fit a double height audio/nav system.


KENWOOD DOUBLE DIN NAVIGATION SYSTEM £1,895.00 Touch screen Nav system with Bluetooth/IPod connectivity. CUSTOM SPEAKER UPGRADE Upgrade the your speakers to a more clearer, deeper & sharper sound. COMPLETE AUDIO PACKAGE Full double din system, with all the above components.



PIANO BLACK INTERIOR TRIM Move away from the plastic finish with this superior trim finish.


BESPOKE CUSTOM DASH DIALS Replace the standard instrument dials with these Custom Bespoke dials.


BESPOKE CUSTOM SEATBELTS Available in several colours and all made to exacting UK standards.


DEFENDER 90 SUEDE HEADLINING Including door pillars Add that luxurious finish in your choice of colour and stitch.




DEFENDER 90 LEATHER HEADLINING Including door pillars Go one step further and finish your headlining in sumptious leather.


DEFENDER 110 LEATHER HEADLINING Including door pillars As above.


BESPOKE LED INTERIOR DASH LIGHTING Comlete replacement of all bulbs to dashboard and instrument panels.


BESPOKE HAND CRAFTED CABINETS Specifically designed to cater for every need the modern day hunter/gatherer might have. We have integrated a three tier system for the cabinet so that you can keep your shotguns safely locked away, but still have easy access to all your other shooting paraphernalia. Tailored to your exact requirements and fitted to any make & model of vehicle.

BESPOKE ALLOY TRIM PACK (3 DOOR) Foot Pedals, Door Pegs, Door Handles and Door Release Surrounds. BESPOKE ALLOY TRIM PACK (5 DOOR) Annodised finish and available in a full array of colours. SINGLE GRAB HANDLE Matching Interior grab handle



MOMO STEERING WHEEL ( BOSS + £68) Add that little extra room with a Momo steering wheel.


MOMO MILLENIUM STEERING WHEEL ( BOSS + £68) Transform the the way you drive with a Momo steering wheel.


MOMO MILLENIUM SPORT STEERING WHEEL ( BOSS + £68) More room, better driveability and visually stunning.



from £1,995.00

PRIVACY GLASS £495.00 Choice of tint darkness and fitted to front & rear windows. BESPOKE INTERNAL SOUNDPROOFING Reduce road and engine noise with internal sound proofing.


PERFORMANCE PRICING Components designed to increase driveability and performance

BESPOKE AUTOMATIC GEAR BOX Not availble as an option from Land Rover, but it is here at Bespoke... We are able to convert the 2007 onwards TDCi Defenders from the 6 speed manual to 4 speed auto. In order to give optimal performance of the auto-box has a “stand alone” control unit called the Compushift . The controller takes signals from the throttle position sensor on the throttle pedal, the speed sensor in the autobox and the gear position switch on the side of the autobox, this information is fed to the ECU and the correct gear selected according to the preset “maps”. The Automatic gearbox totally changes the drive and feel of your Defender with a fitting process that almost guarantees a factory finish. £7,695.00

ECU RE-MAP - 2.4 - 150bhp Increase your BHP from 122bhp to around 150bhp


BESPOKE CUSTOM SPORTS EXHAUST Add that nice little exhaust note to your Defender.

ECU RE-MAP - 2.2 - 160bhp Want to accelerate with ease in 5th gear at 45mph, you can now.


UPGRADED BESPOKE SPORTS SUSPENSION Reduce the roll and yaw in your Defender.

SILICONE HOSES Designed to survive higher temperatures produced by enhanced engines.



BESPOKE LOWERING SPRINGS - 2” £875.00 Improved handling, lower centre of gravity and of course a meaner stance.


BESPOKE STEERING DAMPERS £125.00 Make your Defender more responsive through the bends.

COLOUR CODING OF PARTS AND FITMENT Full fitting service of all above components available.

from £99.00

Bespoke Cars Saltergate Business Park Burley Bank Road Harrogate HG3 2BX 01423 888 888

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