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We are pleased to introduce to you the Hotel Gotham style brochure. It has been created specifically with you in mind - our Gotham guests, to help bring Gotham to life.

OUR OLD BANK Gotham is located at 100 King Street in the central conservation area and is housed in one of the city’s grandest, listed buildings - a former premises of Midland Bank. Standing at the head of King Street, proudly atop the hill amidst architectural nods to the Grecian and Baroque, Hotel Gotham draws inspiration from these surroundings and rises up as an imposing castle of stone and steel. Designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928 in the Art Deco style of the time, is it any wonder it was referred to as ‘The King’? In terms of the architecture, the neoclassical design is unusual for Manchester. But we quite like that. We celebrate difference at Gotham.

BEHIND THE SCENES Hotel Gotham naturally draws attention to itself. It hit the national news in 2010 when it was alleged that safe deposit boxes containing jewellery and gold, not to mention master tapes from Joy Division and New Order recording sessions, were found on the site. Gotham was always going to be unpredictable and make a statement. It was always going to be a unique experience, a spectacular destination, with a taste for the theatrical. This is why we wanted to bring it to the Manchester Stage. At Gotham we believe that luxury is as important as location and history. We believe style should complement substance, and we are not too taken by the idea of compromise. We don’t see Gotham as your average hotel. From day one it was always going to be special. As Foo Foo Lammar once said ‘If you’re a star, why not twinkle.’

Gotham is presented as a plush hotel, with an exclusive club bar and a fabulous dining venue. It can be an escape, a multisensory experience and above all, a place to have fun.

A C C O M M O D AT I O N 60 individually designed guest rooms, each with a soothingly monochromatic, neutrally toned colour scheme, alongside inner sanctum suites with unique wonder-walls. H O N E Y R E S TAU R A N T Our stunning 60 cover restaurant serves a contemporary menu with ingredients from the finest North West producers. C LU B B R A S S Moody and elegant with a Private VIP-only lounge we have brought a strong sense of exclusivity on entry to the rooftop bar. A space that is both tactile and fun, a space that plays with your senses. C LU B B R A S S R O O F T E R R A C E A panoramic bar with rooftop views and open air lounges, perfect to take in the views and relax with a cocktail.

Everything at Gotham, from its magnificent architecture to timeless dĂŠcor, is there to ensure all expectations are met for our guests.

DRESSING THE SET Our hotel furnishings are modern in presentation yet would not look out of place in the New York of the 1920’s. Naturally many of our points of reference came from the rich history of the building. Drawing on the financial features of ornate detailing, polished wooden counters and period architectural flourishes, we have selected deep velvets, furs, leather and traditional metals in the name of both heritage and the original spirit of the building. We aimed to create a feeling of transportation and adventure in the guest rooms, referencing the golden age of travel for the detailing, including vintage suitcases, buckled belts and hat boxes that all play a part in preserving the nostalgia of the time. With finely stitched detailing and antique brass finishes, our wardrobes open to reveal a bold coloured interior divided into two equal halves. One side used as the wardrobe, with hanging rail, shoe storage and full length mirror, while the other offers a series of compartments housing a minibar, coffee maker, glasses, and cocktail set. Everything the discerning modern-day traveller might require. One does like to entertain don’t you know!


Our primary logo appears in gold mono or white. It also appears in one of our two house colours. We use it in all communications and advertising.

The typeface for GOTHAM is Trebuchet MS a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Vincent Connare in 1996. It is named after the trebuchet, a medieval siege engine, a constructed sans-serif Font designed by A.M. Cassandre in 1937. The font used for Manchester is ITC Lubalin Graph Demi.

L O G O VA R I AT I O N S & U S A G E Here are renditions of our logo.

For smaller items we use an icon G in either a circle or square holding graphic. You may see one of these on our Bellboy trolley or on our stamps, stickers and tags.


Our hotel has been noted as an imaginative bolthole having style and substance. It was described as having a cheeky twist. We have painstakingly restored an iconic building and brought playful references to the banking past. In the bedrooms with moneybag-style laundry bags, in the restaurant with typewriters on the wall, and in the bar with upside down briefcases for light fittings. It could be the sumptuous fabrics, geometric carpets or the theatrical monochrome palette, mixing blacks with golds and greys that create a glitzy, plush, unapologetically opulent Gotham.

We see our guest facing materials as props. From our luggage tags to the signage we wanted to be true to the era. Typefaces have been carefully chosen and patterns created. Each piece of design from entry door signage to chocolate wrappers has been considered. At Gotham it is the layering and the finishing touches that are the candles on the cake. Staff wear chalk striped flannel suits with pink braces and arm bands. Our Bell Boys wear hats made by a milliner in downtown NYC.

As we built the Gotham narrative we brought in props and accessories to help with authenticity.

INNER SANCTUM SUITES There are just five Inner Sanctum Suites .


The huge ‘wonder-wall’ screen shows a Manchester

An Emperor-size double bed, Egyptian cotton bed

skyline scene when you are not watching a film or

linen, waffle robes, slippers, minibar, Kimbo NEspresso

TV on the 60” 4K TV from the spacious seating area.

machine, gramophone docking stations, en suite with

There are vintage suitcases, and hat boxes that

shower, flatscreen TV, Large L Shaped sofa, free WiFi,

will transport you back to the golden age of travel.

50 square metres.

Gotham Suites. Fantastic rooms with equally fantastic views.

This is our first level of suite, with a separate seating area. There is also a super king-size bed and a pair of slippers to go with your waffle robe. GOTHAM SUITES HAVE: A Super king-size double bed, Roberts Radios, Egyptian cotton bed linen, waffle robes, slippers, minibar, Kimbo NEspresso machine, en suite with shower, flatscreen TV, a sofa, two arm chairs, free WiFi, 36 square metres.

Our Directors offer more than just a room.

Our Directors rooms have a super king-size bed and a small partition between the bed and seating area, with a TV that can be swivelled around to face the seating area or the bed. ALL DIRECTORS BEDROOMS HAVE: A Super king-size double bed, Egyptian cotton bed linen, waffle robes, minibar, Kimbo NEspresso machine, en suite with shower, flatscreen TV, sofa, desk and a chair, free WiFi.

Our Executive rooms and Club rooms are generous in proportion and well appointed.

Our Executive rooms are slightly larger versions of our Club bedrooms – typically 30 square metres as opposed to 26 square metres. ALL EXECUTIVE BEDROOMS HAVE: A King-size double bed, Egyptian cotton bed linen, waffle robes, minibar, Kimbo NEspresso machine, en suite with shower, flatscreen TV, desk and a chair, free WiFi, 30 square metres.

Big spaces and roll top baths.These are our Bank Manager’s suites.

We have two extremely spacious Bank Manager’s Suites which have a feature roll-top bath in the main bedroom itself, and a shower in the bathroom. BANK MANAGER’S SUITES HAVE: Emperor-size double bed, Egyptian cotton bed linen, waffle robes, slippers, minibar, Kimbo NEspresso machine, feature roll-top bath in bedroom, en suite with shower, flatscreen TV, chair, free WiFi .

If Gotham is the King then Club Brass is the jewel in the crown on top of the building. Moolah. Lucre. Dinero. Bread. Cash. Call it what you like. Round these parts, we call it Brass, with a short, sharp ‘a’. With a nod to this building’s history as a bank and an acknowledgement of what makes the world go round, welcome to Club Brass.

Open to members and Gotham guests only, Club Brass is a VIP lounge on the 7th floor. There’s a tempting bar menu and cocktails such as The King of King Street, Bellboy Barry’s Bramble and Lady Crumpsall’s Champagne Cocktail.

Honey is our escape. Our 6th floor restaurant that nods to the banking past with Bowler hat displays, green glass wall lamps and 1900s Banker style chairs. HONEY Whatever Honey conjures up for you – Ursula Andress

appetite, and we know we have to be good to compete

emerging from the Caribbean ocean, or in our case

with the rest of Manchester’s fantastic foodie scene.

rhyming slang for ‘money’ – it will mean something else

So we’ve created a restaurant with atmosphere, a menu

once you’ve eaten at the restaurant at Hotel Gotham.

with a bit of bite and a name to get you thinking sweet

When you stay with us, we assume you’ll work up an

thoughts on and some delicious views too.

We have set the scene, so why not add a few characters? You will notice several around the building playing a part and adding to the personality and charm of Gotham. You may find Lady Didsbury waiting in your room or Bellboy Barry on the front page of your newspaper.


For Barry his home town of Bolton had lost its sparkle and the lure and excitement of Hotel Gotham was irresistable. When Barry isn’t dreaming of a promotion to Concierge he is polishing his buttons and shining his shoes in the hope of meeting a young lady struggling with a heavy suitcase in the lobby.


The dapper Charlie Chorlton is a bit of a mystery. Drawing admiring glances across a busy Honey Restaurant he is the pinnacle of fashion-forward sharpness in his chalk stripes. He is the perfectly put together suave Mancunian with a glint in his eye.


When Connie checked in at Hotel Gotham she was already linked to ruinous scandal. With a bag of jewels and a liking for caviar and bubbles this lady is a handful. If you are lucky to rendevous with her in Club Brass expect a cocktail of illicit thrills.


Hold onto your hats Lady Didsbury has arrived. With her mountain of luggage and large shoe collection she is a woman of outstanding stature and admired by many. Dolores enjoys the spontaneity and variety of life. A well travelled guest with high standards. She is deliciously decadent and liberally lavish.


Quick, quick, quick, quick, slow our Northwest lothario skips down the Gotham corridors with a full tray of tea. Twinkle toes Tony is in the upper echelon of ladies’ men. This glitzy local celebrity holds a secret language that makes him enticing to women everywhere. A language of unrequited love.

Our patterns are derived from the Art Deco era and the heritage of the building. We have been bold with our chevron carpets and regal with our crowns. SUPPORTING GRAPHICS We have created a selection of Gotham inspired patterns for our merchandise and for textural backgrounds within the hotel. It is important to remember that the patterns should always be seen in conjunction with the Hotel Gotham logo.

Our photography style is 1920’s-1930’s in look and feel. Sometimes it can be humorous, sometimes it is fashionable. Either way it is always stylish. PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSENCE The way we photograph Gotham or the way we choose our images plays an essential role in communicating our brand. The styling and setting exude aspiration and evokes intrigue. We hope that the viewer should is inspired to explore and experience the world of Gotham.

TONY TRAFFORD At Gotham we can look after all of your requirements whether it is private dining on our roof terrace or a meeting in our Private dining room in Honey restaurant. Whilst you are staying with us our concierge will assist whatever your needs, from theatre to football tickets, hot air balloon flights to limousine shopping trips or even boat trips in Liverpool. If you have a special occasion do tell us as we can arrange flowers, chocolates, champagne, you name it! It really is no trouble. Or if you want to impress or indulge book our Martini Trolley, a must prior to dinner. Tell us before you arrive so you don’t miss out and our cocktail bartender will come to your room and shake or stir your Martini. We have lots to look at Gotham and our own private gallery with Salvador Dali, Thierry Mugler, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Pamela Anderson joining our Manchester cast. Even when you are outside the building the Gotham show continues so keep an eye out for Geraldine, our little yellow van usually seen tootling around town collecting Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese, our Chocolate from Slattery’s, or our old English sausages from Lancaster. All in all we want to welcome you to our Gotham world. A theatrical adventure and hotel experience to be remembered.

OUR LANGUAGEH We feel it important our words at Gotham are fitting. We have carefully curated our image so why not apply the same standards to our terminology.

Dramatic Stylish




Lavish Handsome Distinct Discrete Decadent Glamorous Spectacular Striking Luxury Destination Mystery Cheeky Theatrical




A N D F I N A L LY O U R V A L U E S Gotham is about authenticity and provenance. It is about remaining true to your vision. For the luxury hotel market today, authenticity brings stability and timelessness in a world of constant change. This means we are never satisfied and this also means we listen to every customer and anticipate their needs. At Gotham we set high standards for ourselves, our guests and our partners.



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