Valley Business FRONT, Issue 157, October 2021

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YOU'RE FIRED! I walked away with my head down, I felt ashamed, not good enough. Even though I was good enough, my fear had taken over. “Wait” I told myself. “I am positive and great things will happen for me” and they did. One door closes on the house you sell and the other one opens on the one you buy. I was fired because we did not get along well, I am a likeable guy, but everyone now and then we just do not jive with the people we are around, and I was 23 years old! But what about your realtor? It is important you get along with them. Would you fire your realtor? Or Better yet, would your realtor fire you? The answer is yes to both.

REAL ESTATE MATTERS By Frazier Hughes Executive Summary: Check out your realtor’s social media skills – but meet them face to face.

As your realtor it’s almost like having a bodyguard for you and your home. Your realtor is working in your best interest. Replying in a timely manner, making sure your offer whether selling or buying is working in your favor. Listing your home is a big deal, and some realtors fall short taking the right actions with marketing, asking the right questions, and communication skills. If your realtor does not communicate well or meet your needs, you can fire him or her at any time. It’s that simple. Your realtor can fire you as well! Why would they fire you? Maybe you are not realistic when it comes to the finances of the house. You may think it’s worth more than it is, you may not agree to do repairs that really need to be done, you may not communicate well, or be so emotionally involved you are rude or controlling. I am an open-minded person. It is unrealistic for me to think everyone will like me. Even though I want them too. That is why I suggest you sit down with your realtor and see if you are a good fit for each other. See if your personalities mesh. I am very outgoing on social media, goofy, like to have fun, but very serious and take helping you sell and find your home personally. Check out your realtor’s social media skills (do your own little background check). Most importantly, meet with them face to face, to see their true emotion, and validate your relationship to make sure you are a good fit for each other. Ask for a few referrals they’ve worked with. The last thing you want to do or hear is “You're Fired.”

Frazier Hughes is with Keller Williams Realty. Reach him at frazierhughescom@


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