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MEMORY AND HONOR GIFTS Special thanks go out for the following gifts to Berry, which were specifically designated in memory or honor of an individual. Honor and memory gifts can be made by noting your intentions and the name of the person recognized at the time you make the gift. Note: Memory gifts have been designated to scholarship funds named for the honoree unless otherwise specified by the donor.



July 1 – Oct. 31, 2011

July 1 – Oct. 31, 2011

Mr. Reginald M. Barrineau Ms. Nancy Jo Taylor Mrs. Virginia B. Bradford Mr. William C. Bradford Mrs. Carole G. Bressette Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Kinzer Dr. N. Gordon Carper Dr. Ouida W. Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Charles O’Brien Wilkie Mrs. Eva McFalls Collins Mrs. Doris Gentry Collum Mrs. Melinda Vines Cribb Mrs. Carolyn Keesee Orr The Hon. Dubignion Douglas Dr. Ouida W. Dickey Mrs. Lillian C. Farmer Mr. William C. Bradford Ms. Jean Benoy Lacey Mr. Steven Wayne Strickland Mrs. C. Juanita Fox Mr. Timothy R. Howard Dr. Thomas W. Gandy Mrs. Theodora Nettles Gandy Ms. Inez Wooten Henry Rosebud McCormick Foundation Mr. Herman A. Higgins Sr. Dr. Kenneth F. Hancock Mr. Jimmy E. Hinton Mrs. Velma Mitchell Hinton Mrs. Ruby Lee Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sumner Mr. Harry W. Watkins Jr. Mr. Paul W. Horton Mrs. Jane M. Horton Mr. Kenneth Kutzko Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Michael Jarrett Mr. John R. Lipscomb Mr. and Mrs. Michael David Crego Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Jones Jr. Ms. Kathryn B. Lipscomb Lt. Col. and Mrs. Reginald E. Strickland Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wheeler Jr. Miss Margie V. Lowrance Mr. and Mrs. E. Harry Broome Jr. Mr. Willis A. Goodrum Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Page Ms. Kathleen H. Stuart Mr. Ben F. Lucas Mr. Joseph E. Dabney Mrs. Merle Wade Matthews Mr. William A. Brown Mr. Fred McCaleb Ms. Marilyn Ramey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reach Mr. Jim Reach Dr. Walter O. Pendley Mrs. Emma Fears O’Neal Mrs. Evelyn Hoge Pendley Mr. Timothy R. Howard Dr. Amber T. Prince Dr. Steven H. Bell Mr. C. Wayne Vaughn Mr. Daniel F. Jones Mrs. Lucille Gilstrap West Ms. Betty L. White Mr. Monte C. Wood Mr. E. Tricey Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. John H. Parker Jr. Mr. J. Brad Stephenson



Mr. Billy R. Blocker Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bell Dr. D. Dean Cantrell Mr. Timothy R. Howard Mrs. Maureen Munro Kurowsky Mr. and Mrs. A. Milton Chambers Mr. Steven Wayne Strickland Class of 2012 Mr. David William Barry Dr. Ouida W. Dickey Mr. Timothy R. Howard Mr. Samuel Johnan Duenckel Ms. Martha J. Duenckel Dr. Vincent M.L. Gregoire Mrs. Gabriela Elias Broome Mrs. Ruth T. Hale Ms. Evelynne C. Mashburn Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynn Liles Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Liles Ms. Meredith Louise McDermott Mr. Frank E. Muth Mrs. Ollie M. Scoggins Mr. Steven Wayne Strickland Ms. Sunnie Son Mrs. Melissa Beth BrumbaughSudduth Dr. Sam I. Spector Mrs. Kathryn Wible Minneman

GIFTS TO NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS AND WORK ENDOWMENTS July 1 – Oct. 31, 2011 Frank and Kathryn Adams Endowed Scholarship Dr. Christina G. Bucher Dr. James H. Watkins Dr. Lara B. Whelan Pat Alderman Scholarship Mrs. Pat Alderman Leo W. Anglin Memorial Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Wade A. Carpenter Dr. Jacqueline Macy McDowell Perry Anthony Memorial Scholarship Mrs. Elsie Joy Anthony Morrow Sarah and Bobby Bailey Endowed Alta Sproull Math Scholarship The Estate of Sarah H. Bailey Sarah and Bobby Bailey Endowed McAllister Physics Scholarship The Estate of Sarah H. Bailey Barton Mathematics Award Mr. Rayford W. Barton Dan Biggers Distinguished Actor Award Mrs. Shannon W. Biggers Bonner Scholars Program Endowment Mrs. Fontaine McFerrin Souther Frances Berry Bonnyman Scholarship Dr. Isabel Bonnyman Stanley Joshua Bradshaw-Whittemore Memorial Scholarship Mr. Richard N. Bass Horace Brown Chemistry Scholarship Merck Company Foundation Louise Paul Brown Work Scholarship Dr. Horace D. Brown Wanda Lou Bumpus Endowed Scholarship Ms. Julie A. Bumpus

David R. Burnette Agriculture Leadership Scholarship Mr. Leach Delano Richards Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sumner N. Gordon Carper Endowed History Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adamczak Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bigham Mr. and Mrs. J. Kyle Bigham Mr. D. Anthony Bush Mr. and Mrs. Gene Carper Mrs. Jean Etherton Clark Mr. Thomas Lawrence Crocker Mr. Ralph S. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Kenneth Day Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Del Rosso Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dixon Mrs. Catherine W. Dohrmann Ms. Rebecca T. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hauser Dr. John C. Hickman Mr. Timothy R. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Keisel Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Kinzer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Henry Kozera Ms. Bettyann M. O’Neill Mr. William L. Pence Ms. Darlene Rateau Mr. James Otey Reed Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rousseau Mr. Mordechai Rozanski Mr. F. Mackey Schneider Mr. Steven Wayne Strickland Ms. Barbara B. Strock Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Taylor Ms. Rachel Amanda Tidwell Dr. George D. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Villegas Mrs. James L. Vinson McKesson Corp. Microsoft Corp. Whittington, Jones and Rudert CPAs PC A. Milton and Joann Chambers Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. William M. Chambers Gene B. and Jean E. Clark Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Jean Etherton Clark Class of 1951C Memorial Endowed Scholarship Lt. Col. and Mrs. Reginald E. Strickland Class of 1954C Endowed Scholarship Mr. B. Leon Elder Mr. Charles E. Houston Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Waters Class of 1956C Endowed Scholarship Mr. Wallace G. McDowell Mrs. Tillie Marlowe Parker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mell Strickland Class of 1957C Endowed Scholarship Mr. Franklin D. Windham Class of 1960C Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Mr. Tolbert A. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. LeBron Holden Ms. Eleen Rowell Mitchell Mr. Earnest Rabon Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. W. Cleveland Rowland Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Stanley Mrs. Sharlene Kinser Stephens Mr. H. Wayne Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. James Perry Vincent Sr. Coca-Cola Co.

Class of 1961C Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Mrs. Patricia Davis Hendrix Mrs. Joyce Hawes Pickelsimer Class of 64C Campus Carrier Editor Work Endowment* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Allen Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Buice Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fite Mrs. Rheba Fronebarger Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hitchens Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Howard Sr. Mr. John Kemp Mr. and Mrs. William Edmond Laird Mrs. Charlotte Massey Mrs. Beulah Meadows Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Merrill Mr. and Mrs. James Moody Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ragsdale Mrs. Sharon Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sumner Miss Penny Vaugh Mr. Harry W. Watkins Jr. Mr. James Williams Omnova Solutions *List includes all donors since inception. Class of 1953H Scholarship in Memory of Staley-Loveday Mr. C.F. Green State Farm Companies Foundation Rembert and Virginia Cornelison Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Virginia Allen Cornelison Howard M. and Elaine S. Crawford Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Elaine Smith Crawford Edward Gray and Doris Cook Dickey Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Doris Dickey Brooks Mrs. Anne Cook Neal B. Leon Elder Endowed Scholarship Mr. B. Leon Elder Ray F. Faulkenberry Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Roslyn Glosson Faulkenberry Ray F. Faulkenberry Expendable Scholarship Mrs. Roslyn Glosson Faulkenberry Willard Ferguson Science Scholarship Mr. Willard Ferguson Ruby and Clifton Fite Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Whitmire Jimmy R. Fletcher Memorial Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Brookshire Jr. Mr. Charles P. Downey Dr. James E. Hairston John A. Shahan Construction Co. George Gaddie Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Arlene D. Minshew Mrs. Cherrie D. Shaw Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Ms. Heather Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin McElyea GICA/UPS Scholarship Georgia Independent College Association Ed and Gayle Graviett Gmyrek Scholarship Mrs. Gayle Graviett Gmyrek Jorge and Ondina Gonzalez Endowed Scholarship Mrs. Ondina Santos Gonzalez

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Berry Magazine - Winter 2011-12  

Berry Magazine - Winter 2011-12

Berry Magazine - Winter 2011-12  

Berry Magazine - Winter 2011-12