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Berry cousins honor family by helping students


Martha Berry’s, the four-year Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Program offers highly motivated students the chance to “work their way through Berry” with the prospect of graduating debt free. The program is funded through a three-way partnership: one third from the student (through the Berry Work Experience Program) and his or her family, one third through existing school scholarship money, and one third from new donor money, such as Randy and Marti’s donation. Randy is certain that his and Marti’s fathers would have liked the Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Program concept. “Everyone contributes, everyone wins, and everyone has ownership,” he said. “This is not a gift; it is an investment, a


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to Berry – a gift eligible for a tax deduction (and you may save in lower capital gains tax). ■ Berry pays you (and up to one beneficiary after you) a fixed income for life. ■ The income you receive is based on your age when you establish the annuity (currently 5.1% at age 70!). ■Y  our annuity is backed by the rock-solid assets of Berry College. ■W  hen the balance passes to Berry, your legacy of support for Berry students is set in stone.

This is not a gift; it is an investment, a three-way partnership.

Alan Storey

How it works ■ You transfer cash or securities

very important in common with their great aunt, Martha Berry – and it’s more than the family name. Fueled by a strong belief in Berry College’s mission and a dedication to helping its students fulfill their potential, the cousins have invested generously in the school over the years, contributing not only financial support but also their time and talents serving in leadership roles. Now, as Berry family members and members of the Berry Board of Trustees, the pair is once again working together to advance their great aunt’s mission. Last spring, Randy and Marti initiated an endowment fund to create the D. Randolph Berry and Thomas Berry Gate of Opportunity Scholarship in memory of their fathers, Martha Berry’s nephews. And rather than wait until their pledges are paid in full to help students, they asked that a portion of their annual pledge payments be used to fund an immediate yearly scholarship. “My wonderful cousin and friend Marti has been talking to me for about five years about honoring our fathers with some kind of scholarship,” Randy said. “When the new Gate of Opportunity Scholarship idea came along, it filled the bill exactly. And the way we have worked out the endowment payments to include immediate yearly awards allows us to have our cake and eat it too.” With an approach similar to

three-way partnership. What’s not to like?” Marti shared that she and her cousin are both very proud to be part of Martha Berry’s family, to have the opportunity to serve on the college’s board and to be an integral part of the school. They see this scholarship as one more way to express appreciation for the heritage they share. “Berry College tends to attract students who want to get an education and appreciate the opportunity,” Marti said. “They seem to have good character and a strong moral compass. And when you see that kind of student – the sort of ‘citizens of the world’ that you would like to promote and support – then you know that, through them, you are truly honoring your family members.”

– Randy Berry



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Berry Magazine - Winter 2011-12  

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