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Intercultural Parent Support, Phase II

training educadores and coordinadores in health

Arbeitskreis Neue Erziehung ()

programmes; expanding the programme by

For the production of parent support materials;

strengthening inter-institutional contacts between

organisational skills training and capacity building of

organisations at municipal and national levels; and

Turkish parent associations; networking with German

continuing to reinforce the administrative and

statutory services; and awareness raising/advocacy. The

organisational capacity of community organisations.

project is also assessing the possibilities of using Internet technology both to reach migrant parents of

Niños Indígenas Desplazados, Phase IV

Turkish origin, and to prepare the project to join the

Enfants Réfugiés du Monde

initiative ‘Network of Intercultural Communication’

For developing a good preschool education system in

(see entry below).

Guatemala for displaced families and communities, the majority of which are indigenous. This phase builds on


the previous achievements of the ‘Programa Jardines

Institut für den Situationsansatz, Freie Universität,

Infantiles’ in the Ixil and Petén regions; the validation


of the associated training programme for local bilingual

For a conference and a booklet about Respect for

indigenous promotores by the Ministry of Education;

Diversity principles in mainstream statutory childcare

and their appointment by the Ministry as ‘Maestros

structures that have a high percentage of children from

Pre-primarias bilingues’. Enfants Réfugiés du Monde

culturally diverse backgrounds. This work is part of a

will gradually transfer responsibility of the programme

wider initiative to disseminate an in-service training

to the newly established association of bilingual

programme on Respect for Diversity in Germany and

teachers () in the Ixil region and the

throughout the Foundation-supported European

Asociación de Maestros Rural de Guatemala in the

 network (see page 49).

Petén area. Both organisations will be further strengthened in fundraising techniques, project

Network of Intercultural Communication ()

formulation, and reporting and advocacy in Guatemala,

Arbeitskreis Neue Erziehung ()

to influence policy makers in the governmental sector

For piloting information technology products aimed at

and in other s.

supporting parents, as well as facilitating intercultural dialogue.  will test, develop and deploy new


information technologies, including a website based on

Children on the Move

the ‘Connect for Kids’ model developed by the Benton

Mobile Crèches

Foundation (see page 46); a data bank service for

For impacting on the lives of children at risk by making

parents based on the Berliner Eltern Netzwerk (Berlin

qualitative changes to India’s largest public 

parent network) model developed by ; and a

programme, Integrated Child Development Services

handbook for parents on accessing and using Internet

(). It will do this by systematically extending its


training and resource support; and by increasing coverage of children outside  by training local


women, in collaboration with distance education

Respect for Children’s Needs and Rights

institutions, to care for children within their homes.

Schedia Centre of Artistic and Pedagogical Training For a two day conference on quality issues in preschool

Earthquake Relief

education for all children including minority and

Self-Employed Women’s Association ()

migrant children, to be attended by 250 participants

For attending to the most immediate relief needs of the

including policy makers, educational managers, the

families and children affected by the devastating

academic community and  professionals.

earthquake of January 2001. , which has an active base at the disaster stricken sites, despatched three


teams into the villages to provide relief to the

Los Niños en la Comunidad con los Niños, Phase II

households in need. In total, 37 organisers and 200

Fundación Esfuerzo y Prosperidad ()

 volunteers, in more than 20 teams, were involved

For providing integrated daycare services for children

in the relief campaign.

aged zero to six years in low-income urban areas;

Bernard van Leer Foundation


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Annual Report 2001  

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