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Saying ‘Yes’ to a Culture of Giving


“Let’s act with gratitude for what Boalt did for us.” —Nancy Fineman ’86

hen it comes to Boalt Hall, Nancy Fineman ’86 admits she has “a hard time saying ‘no.’ ” Exhibit A: Regular donations to the law school, starting with small sums after graduating and increasing in line with her career trajectory. Exhibit B: Serving on her 20th class reunion committee. Exhibit C: Joining the Boalt Hall Alumni Association (BHAA) board when asked by Past-president Holly Fujie ’78. On July 1, Fineman will raise the ante on that commitment by taking on the BHAA presidency herself. “Be it with their time, talent, or financial support, alumni can help our students and promote the school’s public mission in many ways,” she says. “It’s vital for us to create a culture of giving back to Boalt.” Fineman is no stranger to high-stakes responsibilities, having been president or chair of several legal organizations. And at Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, she and fellow partner Joseph Cotchett were the first lawyers to interview Bernard Madoff in prison while representing victims of his infamous multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. In looking for more secure, ethical investments, Fineman sees how giving to Boalt can

help offset drastic cuts in state funding and strengthen the school’s community. When Fineman takes the keys from outgoing BHAA President Lynn Pasahow ’72, she will build on his success and continue to engage with graduates across all sectors, she says. “Many of us went to Boalt when it cost virtually nothing, and we wouldn’t be close to where we are today without that low-cost, top-rate education,” Fineman notes. “But now it’s critical that we help keep the law school vibrant and accessible for all qualified students, many of whom will graduate as much as $150,000 in debt.” Fineman is heartened by the spike in alumni events, both in the Bay Area and across the country, and by the formation of six new BHAA sub-committees that will focus on various strategic areas. “This board is committed to increasing alumni participation and showing alums how satisfying that can be for them and how impactful it is for our students,” she says. “I ask alums to consider how their lives would be different if they faced the inflationary equivalent of a $150,000 debt at their own graduation. Let’s act with gratitude for what Boalt did for us, and with excitement for how our support can lift up the school.” —Andrew Cohen

Boalt Hall Alumni Association Board of Directors FISCAL YEAR 2014 Executive Committee Lynn Pasahow ’72 President Nancy Fineman ’86 President elect Evan Cox ’87 Past president Gillian Lester Interim dean Mark Lubin ’77 Treasurer Alisa Nave ’04 Secretary


Directors Terms expiring in 2014 Mario Barnes ’95 Charles Breyer ’66 David A. Carrillo ’95 Evan Cox ’87 Robert Evans ’71 Daniel Floyd ’85 Tyler Gerking ’02 Lawrence Hobel ’76 Yury Kapgan ’01 Heather Mewes ’99 Alisa Nave ’04 Art Shartsis ’71 Darren Trattner ’94

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Terms expiring in 2016 Carly O’Halloran Alameda ’06 Karen Boyd ’96 Benson Cohen ’04 Drew Davis ’99 Nancy Fineman ’86 Kathleen Kelly Janus ’03 Kevin Kennedy ’91 Michael Martinez ’78 Lynn Pasahow ’72 Jay Purcell ’11 Mary Jo Shartsis ’72 Steven Walther ’68 Lenard Weiss ’62 Sarah Weiss ’10

Representatives Student Paul Meyer ’14 Sarah Chai ’15 Faculty Jesse Choper Eleanor Swift Staff Robert Sproul Rachel Barley, Board liaison UC Berkeley Foundation Noel Nellis ’66 (Ex-officio) James McManis ’67 (Vice president)

Centennial Committee Co-chairs Art Shartsis ’71 Noel Nellis ’66 2013 Reunion Co-chairs Sam Cole ’63 The Hon. Holly Fujie ’78 Steve Zieff ’78

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Berkeley Law Transcript 2014  

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