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Technology Deployment Services

About BergerABAM Founded in 1951, BergerABAM gained worldwide recognition for pioneering work in prestressed concrete design. In 1988, BergerABAM formed an affiliation with the Berger Group Holdings, Inc. (BGH) affiliated companies, establishing one of the largest consulting groups in the world. As a member of BGH, BergerABAM became a part of a global team of resources located throughout the United States and over 50 foreign countries. Today, BergerABAM offers services nationally and internationally in • Structural Engineering • Civil Engineering • Planning • Environmental Services • Construction Management and Support • Underwater Inspection • Surveying • Landscape Architecture • Public Involvement

Background in Innovation Since its inception, BergerABAM has engaged in the innovation and application of new technologies, making our clients more competitive, able to enter into new markets, and able to achieve goals that seemed impossible. We have introduced innovations in the application of concrete, steel, and composite technology, to meet unique requirements in marine environments and transportation infrastructure. BergerABAM has assisted clients in successfully deploying facilities to meet the most challenging operational requirements.

Renewable Energy Oil and Gas Frontier Development Advanced Application of Prestressed Concrete Special-Purpose Building Facilities Port and Waterfront Facilities Transportation and Transit Infrastructure

Innovation Specialists BergerABAM innovation specialists have a history of successfully supporting individuals, companies, and agencies who must innovate to succeed. Whether it is developing ideas and theories into reality or guiding concepts through development to commercial deployment, our innovation specialists can speed the process and add certainty to the outcome. Promising new technology often exists but is not available for application due to perceived risks, lack of standards, or a general resistance to change. BergerABAM’s technology deployment services are focused on determining the requirements that must be met for successful implementation and guiding the new technology development process to fulfill all requirements leading to commercial deployment.

Technology Deployment Process • Applicable technology identification • Business case development • Identification of roadblocks to deployment • Feasibility study • Concept level design • Final design

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Identification of risks of new technology Technology qualification and risk mitigation Stakeholder management Technology certification Patent filing Promotion of technology

Bridging the Innovation Gap The greatest challenge of technology development is often not the development of new technology but bridging the gap between the new technology providers and the potential appliers. BergerABAM offers support for any component or for the overall technology deployment process. The company is uniquely positioned in the heavy construction industry to follow development efforts with production design and engineering.

Benefits to Clients BergerABAM technology development services are of value to different types of clients. Technology Applier – benefits from using a certain technology to make current operations more efficient; reduce capital or operation cost. In some instances, clients use BergerABAM-qualified new technology to achieve goals that cannot be achieved with current methods. Technology Supplier – benefits from the improved ability to develop products using new technology and then selling those products. Clients can benefit from focused BergerABAM efforts to clear roadblocks leading to product acceptance in their target markets. Technology Sponsor – benefits from the ability to effectively promote new technology to drive an industrywide or governmental agenda. Clients can benefit from BergerABAM’s construction industrywide perspective in reaching goals, such as general industry productivity improvement or industrywide acceptance of new methods.

Examples of Technology Deployment • Large-scale prestressed concrete wind turbine towers • Floating piers for more flexible port and harbor planning and operation • Application of advanced composite materials to civil engineering construction • Application of prestressed concrete for cryogenic liquid storage • Offshore thermal energy conversion facility development • Development of new structural concepts in precast concrete • Large-scale, ice-resisting structures for offshore Arctic development • Innovation in seismic design of marine facilities • New forms of monorails and guided transit • Ultra large-scale, float-in modules for remote site development • Use of high-strength ultra lightweight concrete application

Contact Markus Wernli, PE, PhD Innovation Specialist 206/357-5600

Advantages of BergerABAM’s Experience • Understanding of the technology deployment process • Ability to recognize technologies that enhance client competitiveness • Insight into client operations, standards, and business drivers • Access to a large team of interdisciplinary experts • Ability to conceptualize and responsibly design beyond industry standards


Technology Deployment Services Brochure  
Technology Deployment Services Brochure  

Since its inception, BergerABAM has engaged in the innovation and application of new technologies, making our clients more competitive, able...