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A shopping and trend-magazine with main focus on the city centre of Bergen. All you need to know about fashion, interior design, food, relaxation, culture and nightlife.


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to Bergen!

Marketing director/CMO: Thomas Ottesen Sales Manager: Thomas Gundersen 77 478 Produced by: BTSG Media AS Print: Bodoni Graphic design: Bodoni AS Editorial: BTSG Media AS, Emilie Gundersen, Martine Haugen and Pia Cernic Contributors: Cover photo: Visit Bergen / Lars Korvald – Photographer, fashion shoot: Francisco Munoz Styling, fashion shoot: Luciana Thunem Models fashion shoot: Thara – Rebel Models and Mouchine – Eb Models About byLIV byLIV is a shopping- and trend magazine with a main focus on the city centre of Bergen – with all you need to know about fashion, food, beauty, interior design, events and nightlife. The magazine is published by Bergen Sentrum AS, in cooperation with BTSG Media AS. Distribution • Copies: 36.000 per edition, four editions each year. • Distributed to specific mail adresses, city malls, city shops, public serving places and meeting points in the city centre. The magazine is also available in a digital format and will be distributed in a digital form. In addition, articles and picture galleries will be published on our webpages and shared in SoME. • Membership deals with the club byVENN: SMS distribution to 60.000 + members.

As a European City of Culture, World Heritage City and UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Bergen offers world-class experiences and culture. Being the gateway to the Fjords of Norway, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and interesting urban attractions – all year round. Bergen is an international city packed with history and tradition, a big city with small-town charm and atmosphere. Bergen likes visitors. And Bergen is worth a visit. Come and experience what Bergen has to offer. Welcome!

Managing director / CEO Bergen Sentrum AS

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BERGEN STORSENTER / HORISONT Rains – Dad cap kr 399 / Palio – Dorthea veskerem kr 300 / Secrid – Miniwallet kr 649 / DAY Birger – silkesjal kr 449 / Knirps - miniparaply kr 499 / Guess – make-up pung kr 299 / Fjellreven - Kånken kr 999 / Koffert-merkelapp kr 49


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Pia Cernics big guide: Explore the city like a local ................. 12


Photo by Pia Cernic

Photo by Tall Ships Races

10 secrets about Bergen......................................................... 22 Drama in the penguin pond ................................................. 28 Arven: Norwegian design at its finest.................................... 32 A big guide to this summer’s happenings ................... 36 and 78 One day adventures in Bergen .............................................. 58 Discover your next favourite movie ...................................... 69





The Lion King

Mouthwatering food experiences at Colonialen..................... 48

Exciting parts of Bergen’s history ......................... 86, 88 and 90 Clean eating in Bergen ......................................................... 92 A taste of Norway............................................................... 106 This season’s pieces: “SUMMER GLAM” .......................... 119 Then and now: Signal buildings in Bergen.......................... 140 Gorgeous, local design ....................................................... 146

69 Photo: Lysverket Bonjwing Lee

Photo by Francisco Munoz Photo by Silje Robinson

Photo by Shapes&Shadows



Open 09 - 20 (18)

Welcome to a relaxing and unique shopping experience in Bergens most beautiful shopping centre Right next to the Bergen light rail stop Byparken

18K yellow gold with diamondpaved bezel, mother-of-pearl dial and diamond hour markers. MASTER CHRONOMETER CERTIFIED.


Explore and enjoy Bergen like a local

By Pia Cernic, born and raised in Bergen

Are you like me when visiting different cities and countries? You don’t want to follow the tourist tracks, but rather explore and use the city like the locals do.


ind those small and special places, and when visiting the must-see attractions and activities, get some tips that will make them even more special.

bergenser. It actually doesn’t rain as much as people would like you to believe.

Pia Cerni


Bergen is packed with beautiful small alleys with picturesque houses, special shops and plenty of places to eat or to just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Anyhow, if the weather forecast predicts rain, just bring a small umbrella and you are set to meet Bergen: The capital of the fjords, the city surrounded by seven mountains, Norway’s second largest city measured by population.

You have probably heard that it rains a lot in Bergen. Well, how do you define rain? If it’s just a drizzle, it’s not “raining” for a

Depending on how many days you spend in Bergen, the things to do and sights to see are nearly endless.

I will try to guide you, and hopefully you will come to love Bergen as much as I do. STARTING WITH SOME FACTS

HOW TO GET AROUND The best way to see and explore Bergen is by foot. Bergen is a walk-friendly city. By foot you will be able to enjoy all the small quirky streets and alleys. Perhaps you’ll get lost in the cobble streets surrounded by charming wooden houses, but you will always find your way back to the starting point. Do you want to cover more ground, and have limited time, make use of the City bikes (read more on page 42) Are you eager to visit the Stave Church, The home of Ole Bull or Edvard Grieg’s Troldhaugen situated in the outskirts of Bergen city, you could rent a car. All

the big rental companies have offices in Bergen. When buying a ticket on a bus, Bybanen or the Expressen ferry from the local transportation company SKYSS, the ticket will be valid for 90min, and to be used on either of them. (read more on page 42) TIP: Take the local ferry Expressen to Kleppestø, a short 15 min. sea ride each way, only stopping to unload and upload passengers before heading back to Bergen City. Go outside (upstairs), and get a perfect view of the city and its seven surrounding mountains.

12 | byLIV

MEETING THE LOCALS People from Norway can come across as a bit shy and reserved. On the other hand, when out in the nature, we greet everyone we meet, either we know them or not. It’s nearly expected to do so! We are very proud of our city. In fact, there is a saying here in Bergen: I am not from Norway, I am from Bergen. If you need to ask for directions, we are more than happy to guide you – and most of us are fluent in English (that s what you get for being a small nation, you need to learn English from an early age).

ATTRACTIONS Bergen Aquarium


KODE museums


Bryggen Museum, Schøtstuene,


One of the biggest attractions in Bergen, and on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage.

PRICES: Adult/child: 230/170 NOK Family 2+2: 670 NOK

Stroll the navrrow alleyways, and you will find small shops and cafe’s.

If you love penguins, seals and all with water, this is a must, regardless of age. P ho

TIP: Walk over to the other side of the wharf, which is the best place for taking photos of Bryggen.

to : Ak va r


TIP: Book a personal guided tour. Read more about the penguin pond on page 28.

There are four KODE museums downtown Bergen, all within walking distance around the pond Lille Lungegårdsvann. The others are Troldhaugen, Lysøen and Siljustøl outside the city. TIP: There are lovely restaurants and cafe’s at the museums. Bien Centro at KODE 1, Smakverket Café at KODE 2 and P ho Lysverket at KODE 4. to

:K od rg e n

Photo: Pia Cernic


See a full activity calendar on page 36, and read about this summer’s festivals on page 78.



o: P

ia C e

rn i c

Fløien, the most popular mountain that surrounds our city, is easy to reach either by Fløibanen funicular, but also by foot. It will take you around 45 min. to walk up to the top, depending on speed. Bergensere love to go hiking. On weekends, Fløibanen is always packed with people going for a hike.

Mount Ulriken

Nordnes Sjøbad

Nordnesparken 30,

You can either take the tramway, or hike all the way up on the new and very popular path called “Oppstemten”. It consists of 1500 stairs, built by Nepalian Sherpas. It is demanding, but rewards you with breathtaking views. h o t o: P i a P

PRICES: Adult/child: 85/35 NOK, Family 2+2: 180 NOK

OPENING HOURS: Every day 09-21.

TIP: Go there for a morning swim. It opens at 07:00, so it will be just you and the locals.

TIP: Book a table for “Ulriken by Night” at Sky: Skraperen restaurant.

FUNICULAR OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 07:30-23 Sat./Sun. 08-23.

OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 07-20, Sat./Sun. 10-20.

P ho

Barry’s Bootcamp

TIP: Walk down, there are three roads that will take you downtown.

Bergen, Nonnesetergaten 4, next to the bus terminal.

Photo: Pia Cernic

If you want real HIIT-training, this is the place. One hour of treadmill and floor, mixed with super music and skillful instructors giving you Barry’s the Norwegian way.

A perfect mix of women and men, different fitness levels and ages. Enjoy the positivity in the room. You can buy classes online at TIP: The morning classes are cooler if the weather is warm.

13 | byLIV

to :




PRICES: Adult/child: One way: 115/80 NOK. Return: 175/105 NOK. Family 2+2: 470 NOK

r en

PRICES: Adult/child: One way: 50/25 NOK. Return: 95/50 NOK. Family 2+2: 240 NOK

Cerni c

When the summer heat sweeps Bergen city, a cooling bath at Nordnes Sjøbad is recommended. Take a dip in the ocean, or chill by the pool. Bring your blanket or towel, and find a sunny spot on the grass.

Explore and enjoy Bergen like a local


OTHER RESTAURANTS WORTH MENTIONING: 1877, Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant, Bare Restaurant, Pingvinen, Bien Bistro


Fish Me

Rasmus Meyers allé 9, KODE 4

Mathallen, FishMarket, This is both a restaurant and a shop, with their own fish counter.You can either sit inside or outside, and enjoy some fish snacks or a full Shellfish platter. I just love prawns, crab claws and the juiciness of the king crab.

One of Bergen’s best Restaurants, serving local, pure and beautiful food. Neo-fjordic cuisine, with a strong emphasis on local produce. They have also been featured in The New York Times.

Photo: Tripadvisor

Photo: Fish Me

Photo: David Torch

Read about Norwegian restaurant concepts on page 106

Pergola Mat & Vinbar Nedre Korskirkeallmenning 2b,

OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Sun. 08-23 TIP: Try the pink Princess kaviar (natural dye), and the smoked salmon is a must.

OPENING HOURS: Dinner Tue.-Sat. 18-24, Café: Tue.-Sun. 12-15:30

This hidden gem, with a small backyard, is so special and relaxing.

TIP: Try the set meny – never disappoints, always amazing.

They have a wide selection of wine, and also offers cheese and charcuterie board.

Photo: Colonialen Litteraturhuset

Photo: Hoggorm

TIP: Sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine recommended by Bjørn, the owner.

Nygårdsgaten 29

Colonialen Litteraturhuset Østre Skostredet 5-7, A cafè and a brasserie. A place to go for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or something to eat. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 09-23 Sat.: 11-24. TIP: Enjoy a lovely breakfast between 09-11, or order a coffee and read a book.

The coolest place in town. You’ll find a good mix of neighbors, families and friends. The pizzas are made with thin sourdough buns. For the toppings, they almost only use local ingredients which are smoked, grilled, fermented or salted. If you like oysters, try Hoggorm’s local ones; firm and juicy, and with a hint of fresh ocean. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 15- 01, Fri./Sat.: 12-02, Sun.: 12-01 TIP: Try the Bacon & Pineapple pizza (pineapple like you’ve never tasted it before). Remember to order food and drinks at the bar. No table reservation.

14 | byLIV

Photo: Marg & Bein


Marg & Bein Restaurant Fosswinckels gate 18, Lovely restaurant serving authentic and traditional but updated recipes. Enjoy the cozy ambience, the homecooked meals and make your own memories. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 17-22, Sun. 17-21:30 TIP: They change their menu frequently.

Explore and enjoy Bergen like a local

Storm Kjøkken og Bar Øvre Ole Bulls plass 3, Photo: Storm Kjøkken og Bar

Lovely place to have lunch with family and friends. There is a terrace upstairs with a great view if you just want something to drink and relax. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Thurs.: 11-22, Fri./Sat.: 11-23, Sun. 12-21 TIP: Try the popular and delicious Asiatisk kyllingsalat (Asian Chicken salad)

Icecream Parlour & Cocktailbar, Skostredet 5, Handmade icecream with exciting flavours. They also have vegan options. By the way: Hallaisen is an informal “hi” in the Bergen dialect. TIP: Try the Sicilian Pistacchio, Milk & Honey or the Vegan. Hard to pick just one.

Photo: Sweet Rain


Read about more clean eating on page 92


Photo: Pia Cernic


Søstrene Hagelin

Sweet Rain

Strandgaten 3,


Two sisters started this in 1929, and it is an institution when it comes to fishcakes.

This charming patisserie and café is the ultimate place for cookie lovers.

They have soups, fishcakes, wraps, among other dishes. You can either eat in, or do take away.

They have a large selection of cookies, plus delicious cakes. All made on site.

OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 09-19, Sat. 10-17

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-18. Sat.: 10-18, Sun.: 11-17

TIP: Try the heart shaped fishcakes, I can’t get enough of them.

TIP: Try the cookie made with brown cheese, I always buy this one.

Godt Brød Photo: Fruktbar

Galleriet Shopping Mall, ground floor,

Organic bakery which sells handcrafted buns and sandwiches.

Healthy and delicious smoothies, juices, bowls and wraps.

OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 07-17:30, Sat. 08-17:30, Sun. 9-17

TIP: Try the Mandela Acai Bowl, my number one choice.

Photo: Godt Brød


Several cafés: Korskirken, Marken, by the Fløien funicular, Vestre Torggaten and Muséplassen

TIP: Try the skolebolle, with custard, topped with icing and desiccated coconut.

15 | byLIV

Explore and enjoy Bergen like a local

Don’t miss a visit to Høyer (Torgallmenningen 2), Ganni (Strandgaten 21), Oleana store (Strandkaien 2A) and Slettvoll (high quality furniture from Norway, Christies gate 5)

Christian Michelsens gate 2b,

Photo: Optiker Teigland


This store with well-known international brands and Norwegian ones is very popular.

Photo: Pia Cernic

Photo: Pia Cernic

Samsøe Samsøe

You will find this special shop in the oldest pedestrian street, and the only place in Bergen where you can get a bespoke fitted jean. The material is from Italy, and dyed with no use of chemicals. Ready in 2-3 days. For both men and women. TIP: Get your own embroidery on the inside of your pocket – for you to know!

Beautiful optician store with a wide variety, and my go-to place for sunglasses. Excellent customer service, and if you need to repair your glasses, they will assist you.

TIP: Norwegian Rain is for both men and women. Rainwear has never looked this good.

TIP: The floral dresses from byTimo are so dreamy.

Strandgaten 88,

Strandgaten 3,

Details, quality and a unique style. T-Michael is a bespoke tailor, designer and artist. Visit his beautiful boutique, and you will not leave emptyhanded.

Scabal has a large section for men in the basement. The staff is knowledgable, and the service is superb. I always pop in here when I want something that makes me look good.


Optiker Teigland

Christian Michelsens gate 1/Tårnplass,

TIP: Try their new Chloé sunglass collection, summery vibes.

Photo: Pia Cernic

Scabal, Men & Women

Photo: Pia Cernic

Photo: Pia Cernic


Strandgaten 18, Samsøe Samsøe is a Danish brand known for its Scandinavian style and simplicity, for both men and women. Their knitted sweaters are great, and a variety of colours to choose from. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10-18, Thurs. 10-19. TIP: Try their basic collection; great quality and nice prices.

16 | byLIV

Second Love Vintage Østre Skostredet 2. This is the best vintage store downtown. Lisa, the owner, has an eye for good design, and is meticulous regarding the fabric of the garments she chooses to buy for her store. She has her own studio upstairs, and also sells her own designs. OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri./Sat.: 11-17/16 TIP: Second Love Vintage get’s new supplies several times a week.

Explore and enjoy Bergen like a local

Photo: Yogavayu

Photo: Anne’s hudpleie


Anne’s Hudpleie & SPA


Engen 4,, Halfdan Kjerulfsgt. 4, 3 floor.

If you would like some me-time in a peacefull setting. Skincare treatments including a skinanalysis, face or body massages or a mani/pedicure.

If you want to unwind, and find a quiet and serene place, than Yogavayu offers yoga classes. Their skillfull instructors guide you, both in norwegian and english.

Opening hours: Mon 9-16, Tue-Thurs 9-20, Fri 9-17, Sat 10-16

TIP: Try one of their Aerial classes, my favorite. You will love the stretch and the boosted circulation and energy after hanging upside down supported by silk cloth.

TIP: Try one of the HAMMAM treatments


Bergen Card

A short dictionary

Legevakten (open 24/7). Solheimsgaten 9, phone: 55 56 87 60

Can be bought at the Tourist Information

Emergency Numbers

24 HOURS: 280/110 NOK 48 HOURS: 360/130 NOK 72 HOURS: 430/160 NOK

Vitus Apotek Nordstjernen: Bergen Storsenter shopping mall by the bus terminal.

Bergen has 130 of them. Skur 11, Bryggen is free. At shopping centers, it will cost approx. 10 NOK

BRANN: Fire POLITI: Police LEGE: Doctor APOTEK: Pharmacy FROKOST: Breakfast MIDDAG: Dinner SKILLINGSBOLLE: Cinnamonroll MINIBANK: ATM BILLETT: Ticket VOKSEN: Adult BARN: Child INNGANG: Entrance


Norwegian hours

OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 08-23, Sun. 13-23


01:00–12:00 = 1-12 AM, 13:00–24:00 = 1-12 PM

The Tourist Information

Phone directory

110: Ambulance 112: Police 113: Fire


Public toilets

Located in the glass building at the Fish Market. Opening hours: 08:30-20

17 | byLIV

Summer news from Xhibition MESTER GRØNN


I ns

i rat


on fr o m

M es t er Gr øn n

Pillow from Feel 399 NOK


Velour chair from Feel, comes in several colors 599 NOK Stool from Feel,, comes in several colors 599 NOK

The Nordic interior concepts at Xhibition have gorgeous pieces for any room or style – and check out those prices!


re n


Mug from Lagerhaus 149 NOK


n f ro


øs t




Cutlery from Lagerhaus 399 NOK

FLYING TIGER OF COPENHAGEN Basket from Lagerhaus 199 NOK

Wooden animal from Søstrene Grene 59,90 NOK


NOTE! The stores at Xhibition offer tax-free refund through Global Blue. Ask the staff for a Tax Free Form.

Shampoo and conditioner from Dead Sea, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, 400 ml 40 NOK

Søstrene Grene – Feel Flying Tiger of Copenhagen Normal – Lagerhaus – Nille Mester Grønn – Panduro

Bowl, Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen from 25 NOK

18 | byLIV

Bitte Kai Rand Blæst Camel aCtive CaRla F. deCadent FioRe Junge levate maRgit BRandt minus noRmann Coat PhiliP hog RoBell saddleR soyaConCePt ZeRRes WondeRJeans miRage geRRy WeBeR Kate stoRm BtFCPh

markeveien • galleriet • bergen storsenter emil_no


blouse nok 399,skirt nok 499,-


New local favorites Fitjar Islands is a new series of products where development and production takes place in Fitjar on the west coast of Norway. Their scents are closely linked to and inspired by the landscape in and around the place they’re created, and the products are actually named after islands and places around Fitjar. For the creators of the series, there’s no better place to find inspiration for scents that represent Norwegian simplicity and freshness.

The perfect glass Technical perfection is the basic principle of the Zalto Glass Manufactury. Zalto Glasses have always been produced following a tradition of using only the most highly skilled glassblowers working with a selection of the best raw materials. This tradition, and the resulting fineness of each glass, echoes the delicate virtuosity of the great Venetian glass artists of the Renaissance. I didn’t think that there would be anything better on the glass market, this glass is. Moreover it has something erotic ..." – Francois Mauss, president of the Grand Jury Européen. In Bergen, you’ll find these glasses only in Glass Thomsen’s stores.

Trailblazers from Riccovero The Norwegian fashion brand Riccovero has struck opon a perfect balance of poise and performance, as you can tell from its latest, eco-conscious women’s tailoring collection. Once only dusted off for job interviews or for Sunday best, suits are anything but stuffy these days. Riccovero’s jackets and trousers give wearers a base of clean lines and sharp silhouettes to work from, ready to be dressed up or down as the occasion demands. They are also wrinkle-­resistant. The pieces are a blank canvas waiting for you to add your own personal touch. Find your favorites at Riccovero, Xhibition and Telegrafen.

Fresh brands in store at Emil Sporty trend

In the fashion store Emil, you can get super fresh pieces from Levete Room. The Danish fashion brand offers modern, timeless and elegant pieces. The Levete woman is feminine and not afraid to play with elegant and tailored elements from the men’s wardrobe. Pair your favorite pieces with some fresh sneakers from Swedish Philip Hog. The brand is young, fresh and reflects worldwide trends. Update your summer wardrobe at Emil in Markeveien, Galleriet and Bergen Storsenter.

One of the biggest trends this year is the sporty look. This can also be found in eyewear – many people style Oakley sunglasses with their everyday outfit. If you think that the Oakley look is too sporty, there are several other fashion brands that have their take on the sporty style. Here you can see two examples from Gucci and Marc Jacobs. You can find a variety of sporty and classic sunglasses at Krogh Optikk, Xhibition and Lagunen.

20 | byLIV




SECRETS 10 about Bergen

Get to know some of the many secrets hiding in the historic centre of Bergen.



Photo: Martine Haugen

A girl named Dyveke lived in Hollendergaten 10, and was the mistress of the danish Christian II, who at the time was king of both Danmark, Sweden and Norway. She remained his mistress until she died in 1517. Hollendergaten 10 has been associated with her and the king because of the plinth next to the entrance. The plinth is decorated with a lion in relieff, and the gold lion is also the coat of arms in Norway. In the 19th century the Lion was the city’s point zero, and all distances in the city where measured from this point.  Source: Bergen municipality



The old town hall in Bergen is hiding a secret on the second floor. At first glance it looks like there are three windows on the short side, but that's not true. There are only two windows, as the window in the center is painted on. This is because the town hall was made in a time when glass was expensive.  Source: Bergen city archives

Photo: Martine Haugen

The whole wall on one side of Hotel Park Pension is painted on. The whole fasade on that side is false, but the windows and the detailing are identical to the other side of the building that's facing the street.

Photo by Martine Haugen


Photo by Martine Haugen




The pattern on this balcony look suspiciously like swastikas, the symbol associated with the German occupation of Norway between 1940 and 1945. The yellow building in Christian Michelsens street also lies straight across from what used to be Gestapo's main quarter in Bergen. However, this building has nothing to do with this as it was drawn by architect Torgeir Alvsaker, and built in 1927. The pattern is also facing the other way, and the ends are bent to the left.  Source: Bergen municipality.



Photo: Martine Haugen

This building lies in the middle of Bergen, in the street Veiten 3. Before the building was finished, it was taken over by the Nazis in 1940. German security police (SIPO) and GESTAPO (Geheime Staatspolizei) used the fourth and fifth floor. Fearing an allied invasion in the West of Norway, many people in the region were brought in for questioning and tortured, in an attempt to get information. Between 800 and 900 Norwegians were taken in for violent questioning during the war. The building was named Gestapohuset (Gestapo’s house) by the locals. Many prisoners died as a result of the torture, and many took their own lives. Others were marked for life. The prison cells on the fourth floor has hardly changed since the war, and you can still see names on the walls that the prisoners had carved in.  Source: Riksantikvaren

22 | byLIV

en gat


Sjø Nordnesparken





ngsk Festni

S an dvik sve






In the old days, prostitution was widespread in Bergen. One of the most known brothels was Steinkjelleren (the stone cellar). It was located in the street Steinkjellergaten 8-10, where the cellar was under house number 10. It was mentioned as a tavern and brothel in 1455.

6 Øvre gate n



g ge



C. Su g t.



Torg nd



se t

t en

S ko



Ves t

re T org








Lars Nyg


sg a



g gå




t en



v an






Photo: Nina Aldin Thune, Wikimedia Commons


– When I, accompanied by an archaeologist, examined the famous cannonball we noticed that it was dug a small pit in the soapstone masonry, and that the cannonball was attached into the pit using mortar. We can’t tell when this was done, but it may very well be that the cannonball stems from the battle of Vågen in 1665, and that it was later placed into the wall, says geologist Øystein James Jansen.  Source: Bergen Municipality


Photo by Martine Haugen


A manhole cover lies in the street Christies Gate, close to the furniture store Slettvoll. Right next to it there is a question mark made of stone. byLIV has talked to several craftsmen laying cobblestone, but no one knows how it got there. Therefore, it remains a mystery. But it continues to spread joy and wonder among the locals.



Photo by Martine Haugen

In a street called Markesmauet hides a dragon with a green head. Sparebanken Vest (a bank in Norway) explains that it was put up as part of a decoration project in the 80’s, together with a yellow slide. The target group for the project was children and young people.

23 | byLIV



Bergen Storsenter


In 1665, a battle took place in Vågen between the English and Dutch navy. According to history, a cannonball from the battle was embedded in the wall of the tower of Bergen Cathedral. Recent examination of the cannonball shows that it has probably not been in the wall all this time.

s ta


s g t.

ten Grieghallen




You can find this game in the street Hans Hauges Vei 23. Wikholm Anleggsgartnermester (a master gardener company) explains that they made it between 1991 and 1992.

Photo by Martine Haugen


rs g


y ba

s ca

t en










K on


e de

et lleri



en Telegraf E nd esta sjo


o n Kin
















gat s te



sg t





c ar



4 DN S




enn ing


t en









n do

s te

v er



a dk Klø

e Valk

Photo by Martine Haugen



Øvr Lille

St r

The cellar housed a tavern for several centuries, and it was used a lot by German merchants as it lied a short distance from the wharf. The coffee factory Friele A/S existed there between 1800-1882. The house exists to this day.  Source: Bergen byleksikon


dt s

Kulturhuset USF


r ve


Summer news from Kløverhuset

Powerbeats3 Wireless in-ear from Beats, comes in several colours, Elkjøp Phonehouse 1590 NOK Sunglasses from Carerra, Synsam 1749 NOK Huawei P30 Pro, get the prices at Elkjøp Phonehouse

FRESHEN UP Shirt from Bertoni 799 NOK

Meet a new season looking comfortable and cool.

Comfort Zone Body Active Shower Scrub, 200 ml 585 NOK Comfort Zone Body Active Booster, 100 ml 479 NOK get it at WahWah

Watch from Adidas, Bjørklund 1499 NOK Shorts from Bertoni 899 NOK

Bag from Day Birger et Mikkelsen 649 NOK

Bracelet from Felix, comes in several colours, Bjørklund, each 199 NOK

Dress from Day Birger et Mikkelsen 2400 NOK

24 | byLIV

Jean Paul sunglasses are designed in Norway



Bergen Storsenter | Galleriet

Ad for Akvariet

Drama in the penguin pond Penguins are social animals that live in colonies. Like humans, they struggle with issues like stolen stones, finding a home and a complicated love life.  Photos by Thor Håkonsen


ith their black and white plumage, penguins always look ready for a black tie event. The Gentoo penguins at the Bergen Aquarium are easily recognized by their white striped hair band stretching from eye to eye.

Gul/Rød is one of the penguins who live in the pond. For years she was madly in love with Ping Kong. Unfortunately, he was already in a relationship with Tessie Sonja. Eventually, a love triangle developed between the three. LOVE TRIANGLE The following season Ping Kong chose Gul/ Rød and was finally with the man of her dreams. However, the happiness didn’t last, and Ping Kong got into a relationship with Hansine. Gul/Rød was once again single and ready to mingle. And out of all the 30 pen-

guins in the pond, she chose to involve herself with her only son! The animal caretakers decided to take action to avoid inbreeding. In 2016, as many as 16 penguins were sent to live in the park Hangzhou in China. LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER As humans split up, so do penguins. Even female penguins can experience their man leaving them for another man. This happened when Pondus and Herman Piele fell in love and ditched their women.

Erna and danish Ninjago fell in love, and hopefully they will lay eggs this year. No two penguins are alike, and they all have different personalities and quirks. Pingeling is shy and mellow, Fløydis and Beffen are food fanatics, and Pingnocchio hates waiting and always tries to cut the line. Pingringen and Pingrid Alexandra is the “bitchy” couple living on the edge with the law, as they are very fond of stones and will always try to steal some from the other couples. ▗ So, if you love drama, cute penguins and want to learn more about their life in the pond, Bergen Aquarium is the place to be!

This meant that the aquarium now had six couples and two single girls, Erna (who is named after Norway’s prime minister) and Ulrikke. In hopes of finding love, six Danish penguins; four boys and two girls from Legoland moved into the pond in 2018.

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Parkas InWear 1800,-

Jakke Parajumpers 4599,-

2nd one Colmar Gant I n We a r Just Female Line of Oslo Mac Minimum Morris Pa r a j u m p e r s S a i n t Tr o p e z Second Female Superga

Kjole Just Female 1199,-

Swims Ti g e r o f Swe d e n To m m y H i l f i g e r Unisa Kjole Second Female 1399,-

Markeveien 10

FACEBOOK emilie.bergen

I N S TAG R A M emiliestore

Blazer Just Female 1999,-




Our shop has a wide range of books about Norway. History and curiosa, folk tales and Norse myths, cookbooks and calenders. We have books in English, French, German and Spanish in addition to a large selection of novels and non-fiction in English. We welcome you to our three floor bookstore with the citys largest selection!


Visit Arven Sandbrogaten 11

Instagram: @arven_gold_silver

Norwegian design and craftsmanship at its finest The gold and silver factory Arven is located behind Bryggen, and has produced beautiful silverware, home interior pieces and jewelry for over 150 years. Arven combines traditional handcraft with new ideas and innovation. They also collaborate with Norwegian and international designers, which has earned global acknowledgement.


n 1868 silversmith Theodor Olsen returned to Bergen rich in experiences and knowledge from his trips abroad. He established his own workshop of silver goods andbecame a pioneer within the booming silversmithing industry in Bergen. Today, the factory and shop is called “Arven” and is run by LilliAnne Alver and Ole Bjørn Gjerde.

According to Lilli-Anne, Arvens vision is to carry on the legacy after Theodor Olsen and other great craftsmen and designers, such as Magnus Åse, Marius Hammer and Jacob Tostrup Prytz. Arven has a rich history. Knowledge and passion has been passed down from generation to generation This shop is not a conventional shop – the owners of Arven have created a space where customers not only can see and buy pieces, but also watch how they are made. The premises are divided in two by a large glass wall,

32 | byLIV

with the shop and showroom on one side and the factory on the other. This allows customers to get a unique insight into the making of the different products, and allows them to talk and collaborate with the craftspeople first hand. – The most important thing for us is that our customers get a closer look at the production and and a better understanding of our cultural heritage. We still use some of the same equipment used by our silversmiths over a hundred years ago. We have a great passion for everything we do, and I think the customers really appreciate that about us, Lilli-Anne says. DESIGN COLLABORATIONS Every single piece at Arven is made by hand. The gold- and silversmiths can make anything, customizing your every wish or need.

Ad for Arven

High quality in every step of the production is very important to us, and something we take great pride in

Arven is the only factory in Norway that provides both gold- and silverware on a large scale. You can find their products in over 400 shops in Norway. A selection of products are also available from retailers around the world.

teqniques,makes us a noteworthy company, Lilli-Anne says.


gr e


cra f

ts m e

n a n d d esig ne rs.

Last summer, Arven announced an exciting design collaboration with the king of tropical house music; Kygo. They also participated in the Wallpaper* Magazine Handmade Exhibition during the design week in Milan 2019. – High quality in every step of the production is very important to us, and something we take great pride in. ▗


– Use your silverware often. Silverware used on a regular basis need much less polishing and care.


ie gle p E ver y sin

Silver is a precious metal which is lovely in all its variations – whether you prefer a highly polished shine or a more rustic patina. Wash your silverware in the dishwasher, Arven recommends Sun washing detergent.




– The expertise of Arven’s craftsmen- and women, combined with cutting edge

Today, Arven continues to develop through designer collaborations, still preserving traditional techniques and classic designs. Arven has collaborated with designers such as Guglielmo Poletti, Vera & Kyte, Andreas Engesvik, Lars Beller Fjetland and Lars Tornøe.


g  Monstera serving cutlery, designed by Lars Beller Fjetland.

ries Ar v en ca r

g  Pinch salt and pepper bowl, designed by Lars Tornøe.





h  Arven’s design collaboration with Kygo.



de b y h an d.

A r v e n ’s p i e ce s a


33 | byLIV






re s




h op

s in N

o r wa y, a n d fro m d


o rs w



GROCERY STORE 07 - 23 (09 - 21)



Kløverhuset is more than your average shopping center. We offer specialty stores for those who love fashion, well-being and Nordic design. In addition to being a shopping center, we can offer a good night’s sleep in our hotel, a nice meal in one of our restaurants or a high-end nightclub experience with excellent views of the city. The shopping center is ideal for those who want to have everything you need by walking distance. Come see for yourself! You will find us in Bergen’s most beautiful shopping street, Strandgaten.

Ur og Gull




The ultimate event guide

A capital of culture and a World Heritage City. Make the most out of those sunny – or rainy! – summer days. JUNE Bergen International Festival

May 22nd to June 5th The Bergen International Festival/Festspillene i Bergen offers hundreds of cultural events in a number of artistic genres over 15 days in May/June each year. Read more at

Sing with Bergen Domkor – Mozars Missa Brevis nr. 1

Sunday June 2nd at 11:00 Singalong service. Bergen Cathedral

Flea Market

June 2nd. Bergen Kaffebrenneri

Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott

June 3rd at 19:30 Concert with the cellist Yo-Yo Ma and pianist Kathryn Stott. Grieghallen

Arktisk Filharmonis sinfonietta

The Marked Day

June 4th at 19:00 The world’s northernmost orchestra offers top class contemporary music. Bergen Cathedral

Saturday June 8th The traditional Market Day in Bergen is an annual event, and a celebration of coastal culture. Read more on page 78

Eggstockfestivalen 2019

Bergen Pride 2019

June 5th to June 7th Det Akademiske Kvarter

Bergen Mountain Marathon

June 6th starting at 17:30 and 20:30 Join a unique half marathon in the city mountains of Bergen. Read more at Start at Montana, Johan Blytts vei 30

St. Olaf Choir & St. Olaf Orchestra in Concert

June 7th at 19:00 Grieghallen

St. Olaf Choir & St. Olaf Orchestra in Concert June 7th

June 1st to June 8th Bergen Pride/Regnbuedagene is the second largest Pride festival in Norway, and is a celebration of love and diversity. The parade is on the 8th of June. Read more at

Concert: Mark Knopfler

June 8th at 20:00 Plenen, Bergenhus Festning

Concert: Phil Collins

June 10th at 18:00 Koengen, Bergenhus Festning

Zoe Green and The Big Wolf Band, Ole Bull Scene on June 11th

36 | byLIV

Zoe Green & The Big Wolf Band

June 11th at 21:00. Lille Ole Bull


June 12th–June 15th Read more on page 78

Astronomy Sunday

June 16th, 15:00 to 19:00 Learn about the sky through lectures and movies, and study the sun and planets through a telescope. Barbeque at the end of the day. Read more on Facebook. Bergen Maritime Museum, Haakon Sheteligsplass 15

Concert: Foo Fighters

June 27th at 18:00 Bergenhus Festning

Festival: No Filter

Cultural festival. June 28th and June 29th Ole Bull Scene

Bergen Pride, photo by Petronelle Halvorsen

JULY Gemma Albords, vegan and chef from Barcelona, makes delicious vegan food. Bonanza Kafé Kollektiv

July 2nd at 21:00 Landmark

Baby kafé

July 2nd Bonanza Kafé Kollektiv

Battle Monday

July 4th, 11:00 This Thursday, you can take a pick among fresh flowers. Bod 24 Sandviken

July 1st at 11:00 Bonanza Kafé Kollektiv

Chess club

July 1st. Bonanza Kafé Kollektiv



Mountain yoga

July 5th Mount Ulriken

High Mass in Johanneskirken

July 7th at 11:00 Johanneskirken

a kir


ot SF

M a ri

Join a walking tour and learn more about the church and the kings of medieval Bergen. June 19th – August 30th. Monday – Friday: English tour: 13:00. Children u/16 free entrance. Meeting point: Bryggens Museum.



Pick flowers at Bod 24

Play games like beer pong and air hockey. July 1st. Brukbar

Church and Royal Power in the Middle Ages – on foot

Norwegian and Spanish language café


ip SH

yT al

Bergen's history begins at Bryggen! Join the Bryggen Guiding walking tour and learn about Bergens earliest history. June 1st– June 17th: English tours: 10:00 and 12:00. June 19th – August 31st: English tours: 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00. July 1st – July 31st: Norwegian tour: 14:00. Children u/16 free entrance. Meeting point: Bryggens Museum.

Concert: Kevin Morby ob

Vegan Monday


Bryggen Guiding, on foot

Language Café

July 10th at 15:00 Bergen Works

Concert: Vossarebels

Bryggens Museum re-opens

July 11th at 21:30 Scruffy Murphy’s

June 18th with the new basic exhibition. Until August 31st. Daily: 10:00-16:00.

Tall Ships Races 2019

July 21st to July 24th Read more on page 79

Maritime village

July 21st – July 23rd In the maritime village during Tall Ships Races, kids can build their own boats. Bergen Maritime Museum

Bergen Game Festival

July 26th – August 4th Read more on page 79

AUGUST Bergen Vegan Festival

August 3rd and August 4th Det Akademiske Kvarter

Concert: Bjørn Eidsvåg & Kari Bremnes

Quiz Night

August 15th at 20:00 Bergenhus Festning

Bergen Game Festival

August 16that 21:00 Bergenhus Festning

Kristin Lavransdatter

August 17th at 20:00 Bergenhus Festning

August 6th Brukbar July 26th – August 4th Read more on page 79 See the musical Kristin Lavransdatter outside this summer. August 8th– August 10th Bergenhus Festning

Concert: Sigrid

John Cleese – Last Time To See Me Before I Die

Concert: Lind Nilsen Fuentes Holm

August 25th at 19:00 Grieghallen

Hoka: Fløyen Opp

August 31st at 20:00 Ole Bull Scene

Race up to the top of Mount Fløyen. August 17th, arace start at 12:30 Mount Fløyen

Bryggens Museum, Photo by Tove Breistein

Festival: Beyond the Gates

Metal music festival. August 21st– August 24th USF Verftet

Concer: Bergen Shanty Choir

Note! This is a small excerpt of all the fun you can experience in the city centre of Bergen. Check out the hosts websites and for even more great tips.

Passion for Ocean festival

August 31st Marineholmen

John Cleese - Last Time To See Me Before I Die. August 25th in Grieghallen

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Sources: Facebook/Ticketmaster/ Visit Bergen/Facebook/websites

Gamle Bergen Museum

Summer news from Xhibition

Gold pendant from Pan Jewelry, Gullfunn 999 NOK

Straw hat from H&M 149 NOK Moisture Surge Sheertint Hydrator, day cream with SPF25, 40 ml from Clinique, Kicks 275 NOK Earrings from Glitter 139 NOK J’adore Roller Pearl Edp from Dior, Kicks, 20 ml. 460 NOK


Blouse from byoung 399,95 NOK

Be inspired by the colour palette of the sun and light sandy dunes. Gold ring from ID Fine, Bianco 499 NOK

Gold ring from ID Fine, Bianco 599 NOK

Dress from ICHI, byoung 799,95

Jumpsuit from Riccovero 1799 NOK Pillow from Lagerhaus 199 NOK



r Gr


Ins p


i on

fr o

Trousers from Riccovero 1000 NOK

e e st

Straw bag from Lagerhaus 149 NOK Sandals from Bianco 999,95 NOK

38 | byLIV


Ad for Platou

All set for your next adventure While visiting Norway, there’s no reason to stay indoors. Platou Sport has over a hundred years of experience with products and advice on how to make you ready for all types of hikes and mountain sports.


latou Sport was established in Bergen in 1918, and is one of the oldest sporting retailers in Norway. Since then, they have specialized in clothing and equipment for the great outdoors.

The store is located in Bergen’s city center in the same venue as it was established over a hundred years ago. Here, it lies nestled in between the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. – If it wasn't for the mountains, this store would not exist. We live and breathe for the outdoors, and our main goal is to get people out into nature, manager Bjarte Birkeland says. UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER’S NEEDS The main focus at Platou Sport has always been to deliver high quality goods and service. They are the link between their

Manager at Platou Sport, Bjarte Birkeland.

conscious consumers, and their high quality manufacturers. Many of Platou’s employees have been in the industry for over 30 years. – We spend a lot of time understanding and knowing our customer’s needs. We know that the experience will get a lot better if you have the right equipment. Like shoes that fit well, that won’t give you blisters. Jackets that keep you warm and dry, and tents that can endure all kinds of weather, Birkeland says. At Platou Sport, you can get equipment for all types of mountain sports. They carry brands like Arc'Teryx, Norrøna, Fjällräven, Patagonia, Houdini, Icebreaker, Oakley, Salomon, Osprey, Hoka, La Sportiva, Black Diamond and many more. BE PREPARED As beautiful and enticing as the mountains may seem, the weather in Bergen can be very unpredictable, and the hikes can therefore become challenging. – We aspire to give the best advices we can, regarding all kinds of trips. For people who are new to hiking in Bergen, we recommend that they dress according to the conditions. Also, they should be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Platou operates with the saying “quality over quantity”, according to the store manager. They want to sell products that are going to be used a lot, not just hang unused in a closet.

40 | byLIV

– We don't want to sell people products that they don't actually need. If they are only going on a short trip, we usually recommend that they borrow sacks or sleeping bags before they make a purchase here. GOING THE EXTRA MILE During the summer, manager Birkeland informs, Platou sells a lot of hiking clothing, tents, towels and hiking shoes. – Hiking shoes with spikes can be worn all year round as they give you a good grip on slippery surfaces. They are waterproof, very light and can also be used on asphalt. Fuel and gas for backpacking stoves are also very popular during this season, and the manager doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile to make his customers happy. – We do get some requests from customers on Sundays who want to go on a hike and cook food, but couldn't get gas for their stove with them on the plane. We then deliver as much gas as they need directly to their hotel, Birkeland says. ▗

Bergen Reiselivslag / Jan M. Lillebø -

The best ways to get around in Bergen BERGEN LIGHT RAIL (Norwegian: Bybanen) Bybanen is a light rail system with a twenty-seven-station stretch between the city center and Bergen Airport, Flesland. The northernmost station, Byparken, is a transit mall in the heart of the city center. Other stops on the route include Bystasjonen/Bergen Storsenter, serving the bus station and a shopping mall SOURCE:

The bus will take you to all the places surrounding Bergen. If you want to visit mount Ulriken, take bus number 2, 3 or 12 from the city center going south. You can take bus number 2 and 3 from the bus stop outside the mall Xhibition. Exit at the stop: Haukeland Sykehus (right before the tunnel), cross the road, and follow the sign up the hill called Haukelandsbakken

TAXI You can find taxi ranks at several places in the city center, for example at Øvre Ole Bulls plass, Strandkaiterminalen, Nordnes and the bus station. TO ORDER A TAXI, call Bergen Taxi at 07000, or Taxi1 at 55700000

Using a City Bike is a quick and easy way to get around in Bergen. You can find city bikes on several stations located in the city center. Use the app Bergen Bysykkel to unlock the bike. The bikes can be unlocked every day between 06.00 and 00.00. You can ride the bike as much as you want for 45 minutes. You can keep the bike for even longer for an additional 5 kroners every 15 minutes. When you’re done riding, place the bike at the nearest station. SOURCE:

SOURCE: BUY TICKETS: Tickets can be bought through the Skyss mobile app, at the Skyss ticket machines, on board or selected kiosks. SOURCE:

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: BUY TICKETS: Tickets can be bought through the Skyss ticket app, ticket machines close to the light rail, and some kiosks sell single tickets for zone A.


Foto krediteres Remi Presttun, Presttun Media

photo by Nina-no, Wikimedia Commons


Here are some tips if you want to explore Bergen on your own.

BERGEN CARD The Bergen Card gives you free entry or discounted admissions to museums, attractions, events and sightseeing tours. Travel for free on the busses in Bergen and the region, as well as the Bergen light railway. Choose between 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour cards. Source: FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ONLINE BOOKING, VISIT: and choose Bergen Card.

42 | byLIV

BEFFEN Take a 20 minute mini cruise across the city bay Vågen with Beffen, the oldest running ferry in Bergen. You can also hire Beffen for an exciting excursion of your own choosing. The ferry runs every 10 minutes, sailing back and forth between the wharf and Nordnes. Its open monday to friday from 07.30 – 16.00, and from May to August it runs every saturday from 11.00 – 16.00. SOURCE: BUY TICKETS: Tickets can be bought at Bergen Tourist Information Centre - located close to the fish market, the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, or onboard.

Bring home a gift from Norway In our beautiful shop, located in the heart of Bergen city centre, you will find unique Scandinavian products, quality toys and children’s interior design. Come and visit Sprell in Chr. Michelsens gate 5. We look forward to seeing you!

Thermos NOK 249,-

Lunchbox NOK 149,-

Arctic animal figurines from NOK 59,-

Wooden bath toy NOK 179,-

Plush polar bear NOK 659,-

Puzzle NOK 139,Wooden stacking tower NOK 339,-

Wooden roly poly toy NOK 269,-

Big Bo Bear (Norwegian favourite plush bear) NOK 599,-

Miniature snow globe NOK 79,-

Little whale light NOK 159,-

Scandinavian animal figurines from NOK 59,-

Snow globe night light NOK 579,Wool blanket NOK 599,-

Bamboo dish set NOK 299,-

Visit our webshop:


Books by famous Scandinavian authors in your own language Norli has books in English, French, German and Spanish in addition to a large selection of novels and non-fiction in English.You will also find books for children and young adults – stack up your holiday reads at Norli, Strandgaten 1.

Bring your memories with you back home Norli has a wide range of books about Norway. History and curiosa, folk tales and Norse myths, cookbooks and calendars. The shop welcomes you to their three floor-bookstore with the city’s largest selection.

Meet the newest additions to the family! The Aquarium in Bergen is the home of the two adorable otters Gizmo and Bella. Otters are clever creatures, they’ll use rocks to crack open the clams. They also carry rocks and store food in the loose skin under their armpits – who needs carrier bags! From the month of May, the exhibition “Kravlende Kryp” is back, which means “Crawling creeps” or insects if you will. Watch those fascinating insects and learn more about them and their meaning.They pollinate, recycle and are food for other animals. In fact, they keep our whole eco system going! You can love or hate them, but we humans can’t live without them. The Aquarium in Bergen combines a fun time with learning – for people of any age. Come close to the species that live along the coast, and say hello to exotic animals from around the world. Experience feeding time with the penguins, watch the sea lions exercise, have a snack at Biologen and enjoy the rooftop playground.

Local art, right where you park! In the art city of Bergen, one can find many hidden treasures; sometimes in the most unexpected places. In KlosterGarasjen, new art treasures have emerged in the stairwell between Muren and Klosteret. This is a collaboration between Bergen Parkering and the artist Slava Nemes. The goal of this project is to encourage increased use of the stairs, as well as to continue with the art installations of KlosterGarasjen. Visitors can already experience the “Ibsen Wall” by the artist Coderock, which shows Hedda Gabler, Peer Gynt, Solveig, Hedvig and other well-known Ibsen figures in a street art expression. The wall painting was made in 2006 and is an eye-catching experience in and out of the parking garage. Bergen Parkering is a proud supporter of the local art scene, and has several exciting art projects in the works. Read more about the parking facilities in Bergen city center at

Summer fun with Polarn O. Pyret This summer, Polarn O. Pyret has the perfect attire for heading to the beach or hanging by the pool. Cover up and protect your own and your children’s skin from the sun with UV clothing and swimwear in matching stripes and patterns to make way for the best summer ever. Find Polarn O. Pyret on the 3rdfloor of Galleriet.

44 | byLIV

NEW VertuoPlus White

NEW VERTUO. A NEW DIMENSION OF COFFEE. Meet Vertuo, the new Nespresso coffee system for a dark, full-bodied cup of coffee. Choose from 5 different cup sizes and a broad range of premium coffees. You can ďŹ nd Nespresso boutique at Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 and Lagunen Storsenter, Laguneveien 1.

Did you know that Norwegians are among the biggest coffee consumers in the world? Visit our Nespresso concept store and learn more about the Norwegian Coffee Culture over a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

46 | byLIV

Indulge with a perfect coffee moment

Ad for Nespresso

– Like a true Norwegian


iving in the cold Nordics, and especially in Bergen, means living in covenant with nature. It means sometimes struggling to stay awake through dark autumn months and keeping warm through freezing winter storms. It means waking up all summer nights when the sun never sets.

This tight bound to nature might be one of the reasons why we Norwegians drink more than 12 million cups of coffee every single day. KAFFESLABBERAS Traditionally, Norwegians drink our coffee black and in large cups. The beans we use are of high quality, and the coffee is always freshly prepared. Coffee is the most important social gathering point in Norway and an essential way of showing appreciation. We even have a word for drinking coffee together. We call it kaffeslabberas. When coming together with Norwegians, you can be sure that you will be offered

coffee. In comparison with the southern European coffee culture and short espressos, Norwegians like to take their time, almost cuddling a warm cup of coffee in a cosy atmosphere. NEW CONCEPT Nespresso is proud to be a part of the new meeting point at Galleriet, where our new boutique aims to be a natural place for coffee knowledge and unique coffee moments. In our new Nespresso boutique, one of our dedi­ cated and highly know­ ledgeable Coffee Specialists will serve you an authentic Norwegian coffee experience through our new Vertuo Line system. Vertuo offers different cup size matching perfectly our local preferences. In our new coffee Atelier department, we will brew your favorite coffee and take you into an exclusive coffee moment to remember. The bright and playful interior in Nespresso’s new concept is created to reflect our

47 | byLIV

We even have a word for drinking coffee together. We call it kaffeslabberas.

commit­ment to sustainability and keeps the Norwegian Coffee traditions alive by connect­ing coffee with care for nature. Several of the elements in our new boutique are made from recycled materials, such as the tables made from hardened coffee grounds. The aluminum elements are melted caps­ ules collected through some of Nespresso’s 14 000 recycling points worldwide. At Nespresso, we do care about sustainability and second life. We look forward to seeing you in our new Nespresso concept store. Sincerely, Helene Lund Andreassen Boutique Manager at Nespresso Galleriet

Ad for Colonialen

Mouthwatering food experiences Whether you want rustic homemade food, playful dishes of local produce, or you love to combine tasteful food with great wine; Colonialen has three different restaurants that guarantee a wonderful dining experience.


olonialen Restaurant was established at Engen in Bergen in 2005 by the couple Laila Skorge and her husband Ken Petter Skorge-Kristiansen. Laila had a passion for the restaurant industry, while her husband, who had lived six months in Italy, wanted to open a deli that sold quality cheese and cured meats.

This resulted in a twofold concept with a gourmet restaurant and a deli in the basement. In 2013 they shut down the restaurant, and opened a new one in Kong Oscars gate 44. The restaurant also changed their name

to Colonialen 44. Last fall they wanted to reinvent the concept and create a more simple and down to earth restaurant. – We made a simpler four-course menu. 44 has a strong focus on food and wine in combination that will create a tasteful experience. With a solid wine list with several hundred wines, and a range of different biodynamic and natural wine, the possibilities are many, Skorge says. In the same house as Colonialen 44, with its own entrance, is their food and wine

48 | byLIV

bar. They share their wine list with 44, and plays with tastes and dishes from all over the world. The dark wooden furniture and green plants create a warm atmosphere, and the large wooden bar in the centre can fit up to 30 people. SEASONAL AND LOCAL PRODUCE Laila and Ken Petter has expanded their concept a lot over the years, and now own three restaurants, two delis and one bakery. The newest addition to the family is

a  The food and wine bar plays with tastes and dishes from all over the world, and the large wooden bar in the center can fit up to 30 people. Photo by: Jonas Bostrøm

Colonialen Kranen, a restaurant located in Solheimsviken.

generous dishes inspired by Nordic and continental traditions.

The location offers a gorgeous view of the fjord – nicely framed by the city mountains. With glass walls on all sides, this is a magical place to sit. Here you can escape the weather on rough days, and when the sun is shining, Colonialen Kranen has a large outdoor dining area, right on the seafront.

– All the food is made from scratch in all our restaurants, and there are great chefs in every kitchen. It’s always rustic, and never any quick solutions. This is a craftsmanship. At Litteraturhuset there is a large à la carte menu to choose from, as well as a large breakfast and lunch menu. All the dishes have a rustic spirit, but are inspired by the times. Now there is a strong desire for vegetarian food, and that influences the menu. But here, the packaging will always be rustic home cooking and everyday food, says Skorge.

The concept consists of classic but modern low-threshold food, seasonal with a focus on local produce. – The crane is a more playful place where we play with flavors and combinations to a greater extent. Here we have a creative kitchen that experiments with different menus. Here we also lead a concept called “the kitchen decides” where one can choose between hungry or a little hungry. The guests don’t know what they will be served, but can clearly set limits for allergies and what they do not like, Skorgen comments.

If you are looking for good quality cheeses and cured meats, the delis in both

o sB

str ø


y: H



a ns e

n & J o n a s B o s t rø m

P h ot

o by : Jo n


RUSTIC SPIRIT Their restaurant at Litteraturhuset is a classic brasserie that offers traditional, rustic and




49 | byLIV

All the food is made from scratch in all our restaurants, and there are great chefs in every kitchen. This is a craftsmanship. Strandgaten and Paradis is worth looking into. Here they also sell light food from breakfast time, such as sandwiches, and planks with cheeses and cured meat. They also sell high quality oils, balsamico and preserves as well as other mouthwatering foods. If you have a sweet tooth, they also sell home made baked goods from their own bakery. ▗ h  Colonialen 44 has a strong focus on food and wine in combination, and a solid wine list with several hundred wines. Fotografer: Helge Hansen & Jonas Bostrøm

Summer news from Kløverhuset

Earrings from Arts & Crafts, Bjørklund 298 NOK

Top from Day Birger et Mikkelsen 900 NOK

Sunglasses from Alexander McQueen, Synsam 3399 NOK

LAZY DAYS Enjoy warm summer days in light and gauzy fashion pieces.

Samsung Galaxy S10, see prices at Elkjøp Phonehouse

Sun hat from Seafolly, Netty 370,Skirt from Claire Woman 999 NOK

Almond Delicious Paste, body scrub 200ml 349 NOK Foaming almond shower oil, 250ml 199 NOK from L’Occitane

Bikini from PrimaDonna, Netty 1620 NOK

Straw bag from L’Occitane 249 NOK

Sandals from Day Birger et Mikkelsen 700 NOK

50 | byLIV

S T R A N D G AT E N 5

| H A A L A N D S KO.N O

id ar

e in


ce -for eG

. Ph


: Bjør to b y

n Er i k L


fun de

n e i c S ce ma



For more information Visit their website:

You can find science centers all over the world. What is so great about the science center VilVite, is that everything here can be touched, played and experimented with.


ilVite is an exciting science center for both children and adults, and it’s easy to get carried away by all the excitement and fun of science.

more. Let yourself be sucked into the compelling world of natural science, phenomena and technology.

– Unlike other museums, VilVite focuses on hands-on learning. We want this science center to be a place where you learn through active participation in a direct and practical way, says Benedicte A. Wolff, marketing coordinator at VilVite.

– VilVite has no age limit, as we have different activities that are great for any age. Our main goal is for people to have fun while learning at the same time. A day here at VilVite is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends and family, says Wolff.

FUN FOR ALL AGES There is a lot to do and explore in VilVites large exhibition. Here, you will find water experiments, robots, globes, virtual experiments both over and under water and a lot

One of the most popular attractions at VilVite is the G-force, and it’s the only one of its kind in Europe. Here, you can ride in a 360-degree loop and really feel the G-forces on your body. Another popular exhibit is the

52 | byLIV

Ad for VilVite

Or, you can make electricity from a swing, among other things, says Wolff.

Project Imagination: testing The Fartinator. Photo by: Jærmuseet Hydropower, that lets you play with waterspouts and pumps, or explore renewable energy with dams and power plants. A CREATIVE SUMMER VilVite is going to focus on creativity this summer. At Skaperhagen, The Creative Garden, you can use your imagination to create solutions to different tasks. – Here, we focus on knowledge for the future, and how to solve problems that don’t have any definite solutions. At Skaperhagen, there is no such thing as a bad idea, and you can try and fail, and try again as many times as you like, Wolff replies. Until the fall of 2019, you can enjoy the Project Imagination–exhibit at VilVite. This exhibition consists of installations made from ideas of children. Try 11 genius inventions to solve some of the big issues affecting the world today, made by our future generation.

EXPLORE THE SECRETS OF THE SEA VilVites newest attraction is the Ocean Space who will be completed this summer.

– By using research and technology we can learn even more about the secrets of the ocean. In Ocean Space you can deep dive, navigate around and complete tasks under the sea, says Wolff. With the Ship simulator, you can see how we can live and work out in the ocean in the future. They also have a room for blowing soap bubbles. Make soap bubbles large enough to encircle you! – You can also get in touch with the communication robot, Robert. Can you get him to mimic you?, Wolff ads. WILL MAKE YOU WONDER VilVite sets up science shows during weekends and holidays. The content of the shows varies, but fascinating physics and chemis-

– Children have a great imagination, and we’re trying to show that through this exhibition. Here, we have The Fartinator, where you try to catch farts and burps from cows, so you can use the CO2 for something useful. Ben

e dic t

e A. Wolff recommen

ds a



it t


s cie nc e s hop. Photo by: Tho

r Br ø d re s

k if


53 | byLIV

try experiments are always a big part of the program. – This summer the fascinating show ChemistryMagic invites you to experience the magic of chemistry. It may leave you wonder; how can this be?, Wolff says. TIME FOR A BREAK If you feel the hunger coming on from a whole day of science, you will find the cafe Lanternen on the backside of the building. The cafe Søtt+Salt lies on the first floor, offering tasty dishes. – VilVite also has a great science shop. We wish to have a store with products that inspire and challenge, and a selection of products that stand out from other stores, Wolff says. If you wish for some fresh air during the visit there is a public park right beside the science center. There is also a small beach close by, if you wish to take a dip in the water. It’s easy to get to the science center, just take the Bergen Light Rail to Florida station, and then it’s just a five minute walk. ▗

h Investigating the deep sea in Ocean Space. Photo by: Tove Lise Mossestad


Norwegian simplicity with a twist Amanda by Deguy in Kong Oscars gate 31 has dressed women in Bergen for 45 years. Today, Deguy has four stores in Bergen. With a large range if quality designs suited for Norwegian weather, Deguy is the go-to-place for urban and trendy woman to find amazing outfits. The Deguy style is classic with fun elements that you can use as everyday outfits, for work and parties. Deguy proudly represents its own collection, Tricot – a quality range of linen, cotton, silk, merino wool and cashmere. Deguy also represents well-known quality brands such as Munthe, Gustav, PBO Cambio, Liu Jo and Save the Duck. Find Deguy on Galleriets 4th floor and Amanda by Deguy in Kong Oscars gate 31. Read more at

FRAM – Men’s fashion the Norwegian way In Norwegian, FRAM means “forward”, underlining the brands belief that the only way to truly go forward is by acknowledg­ ing and honoring our past. There was a time before using and discarding and planned obsolescence. A time when things were built to last. FRAM wants to honor that part of our history.

Fun mugs by helen b Ting at Bryggen sells porcelain pieces from the Belgian designer Helen Blanchaert. She draws, designs and creates objects that make everyday life even more enjoyable, and that perfectly fit her own universe. Whenever possible, helen b’s collection is handmade with the greatest respect for man and nature. Find your favorite mug at Ting, Bryggen 13.

The FRAM collections are nostalgic, but still reflects a modern time and spirit. We are willing to spend more on less, but at the same time expect a lasting and more meaningful connection to our garments. Therefore, FRAM has placed great emphasis on details, crafts and heritage. Get FRAM at Høyer Bergen, Torgallmenningen 2.

Check out this balance bike! With this balance bike from Trybike, your child can practice balance and motor skills in a fun way. The bike is made of powder-coated steel, and comes with 12" air wheels. The bike adapts to your child, as you can adjust the front wheel in two different heights, and the seat height from 30-45 cm. Trybike won the the Baby Innovation Award 2018, and is suitable for children from 2-6 years. 2-wheeler 1299 NOK, 3-wheeler 1699 NOK. Get it at Småting, Bryggen 9.

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Quality lingerie and expertise The lingerie store Netty has opened a great new store in Starvhusgaten, between the end stop of the Bergen light rail and Sundt’s main entrance. The staff is highly skilled when it comes to women’s lingerie, to make sure you get the right shape and size for your body and needs. Netty offers a wide selection of underwear, swimwear, sports bras, and are specialists within breast prostheses. Visit Netty in Starvhusgaten and Kløverhuset.

fabel SUSTAINABLE DESIGN - BEAUTIFULLY MADE GRAPHIC PRINTS MADE IN BERGEN Fabelflora JEWELLERY Andra Vaggione TEXTILES Eleanor Pritchard - Stellaria LAMPS Marset - Studio Italia - Pott - Pulpo WOODWORK Scandinavian Surface - Edward Wohl CERAMICS Odd Standard - Sarah Reed - Storytiles MIRRORS M-Nuance SERVING TOOLS Cutipol - Blueleaves SKINCARE & WELLBEEING Nykr AND MUCH MORE : )

“Oda” lamp - Pulpo

“Fragile Garden” Gicleè print on cotton rag paper. Size: 170 cm x 90 cm - Fabelflora

FIRST FLOOR AT KODE 1 MUSEUM Nordahl Bruns gate 9 N E XT T O T H E



Ad for Xhibition


Photo by Bergans/Sport 1

Check out Norwegian sports brand Bergans’ newest “Fløyen”-collection. “Fløyen” combines sustainable design and outstanding function. Find the pieces at Sport 1.

Find your sport at Xhibition The newest shopping centre in Bergen’s city centre has everything you need for your workout – whether it’s high-intensity running or a calming yoga session.



Photo by Stormberg

Gradually, the average Norwegian has become a bit picky when it comes to the quality, traits (and looks) of the clothes they wear and the equipment they use. Luckily, high quality Norwegian sports brands are both affordable and accessible. Get equipped at Sport 1, Stormberg and Sport Outlet at Xhibition.

Visit Sport Outlet on the top floor of Xhibition for a guaranteed great deal – all year round. There, you’ll find clothes, gear and shoes for your hike, workout and every day outfit. Read more about their local offers at Photo by Stormberg

ewer studies show that four out of five Norwegians have worked out at least once a week the last year. In the same time, almost 80 percent of all Norwegians over 16 years went hiking in the mountains or in the woods. Inspired by historic adventurers, world champions and the inviting nature around us; Norwegians love to move!

Discover these – and many, many more – brands at Sport 1: Jotunheim  • Xeed • Hoka • Arcteryx Garmin  •  Polar   • Nike • Peak Performance Salomon  • Scott • Haibike • Swix • Hummel Norrøna  • Odlo • Johaug •  Kari Traa  • Devold

ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Norwegian brand Stormberg offers functional and affordable clothes for the whole family. With a strong focus on the environment and social responsibility, all of Stormberg’s products are climate neutralized. No matter how far you go or which peaks you climb, Stormberg strives to create hikes for everyone.

56 | byLIV

Unique knitwear with a story Inspired by her Norwegian roots, family values and the West coast of Norway, Susan, for almost 30 years, has been making environmentally sustainable, unique, classic garments that will last a lifetime. Pop in and see us in our store in Bryggen at Jacobsfjorden 6C, or visit our website at

One day adventures Spend a day exploring this historical city and the beautiful nature surrounding it. There are plenty of options to choose from. Here is a small selection of excursion that will take no more than a day to do.

safely take you across the mountains, and can also tell you a lot about Bergen, Norway, and of course Norwegian outdoor pursuits.  SOURCE:

Photo by Bergen Reiselivslag / Robin Strand -

Two mountains in one tour! Hike across the Vidden plateau accompanied by a guide from Norway Mountain Guides. The stretch across Vidden is 13 km, if you take the cable car up Mt. Ulriken, and the funicular down Mt. Fløyen. Afterwards, you’ll feel like a true Bergen patriot (Bergenser). Mt. Ulriken is the tallest mountain in Bergen at 643 meters, and Mt. Fløyen is 300 meters. The hike will give you beautiful views of the city and the city fjord. The guide will

NORWAY IN A NUTSHELL arrived in Gudvangen innermost in the Nærøyfjord, you board the boat that will take you to Flåm, a charming small village. SOURCE: MORE INFORMATION:

The tour starts from the railway station in Bergen with a beautiful trip on the Bergen Railway from Bergen to Voss. At the railway station in Voss, you’ll find the bus that will take you to Gudvangen. Once you have

Photo by fotograf: Sverre Hjørnevik

Experience one of Norway’s most popular round trips; Norway in a nutshell. The trip takes nine hours, and comprises a fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord, the Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway. The Nærøyfjord is one of the narrowest fjords in Europe, and is surrounded by tall mountains, a beautiful sight in the summer.

SEGWAY TOURS IN BERGEN Experience this amazing city in a fun way by taking a segway sightseeing trip. Bergen Segway offers several tours lasting between 1-2 hours. During the tour you get to see the city’s many narrow alleyways and streets with picturesque wooden buildings lined up, including other attractions and amazing views.

Tickets for sightseeing, fjord tours and concerts can be bought at the Bergen Tourist Information close to the fish market. At you’ll also find other one day-trips. Just click on What to do in Bergen, and then Bergen day trips.

OTHER GUIDED ONE DAY TOURS Fjordcruise from Bergen to Rosendal Visit Folgefonnsenteret (ticket included) or take a hike in beautiful surroundings. Duration: 2 hour ride each way, a nd 3,5 hours to spare in Rosendal

Fjordcruise from Bergen to Mostraumen Discover fjords and mountains on a tour through Osterfjorden and the narrow and idyllic Mostraumen. Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Experience Bergen from the fjord

on the road to Nordnes, and up to Mount Fløyen. SOURCE:

Discover Bergen seaside on a guided sightseeing cruise in a beautiful and comfortable sail boat. Duration: 2 hours

Photo by

Credits: Bergen Reiselivslag Robin Strand -


All tours have skilled and knowledgeable guides who will guide you through Bryggen, the historical area and the narrow streets

58 | byLIV

Check out dousins of tours at or stop by their office at Torget. Source:

Visit us in our store at Jacobsfjorden 6C in Bryggen or visit our website:

65-100 A-I cup

Summer news from Netty Find your perfect fit at Netty Undertøy at Kløverhuset and Starvhusgaten 3.

Netty has a wide selection for all ages and body types.

Tunica from Marie Jo 920 NOK

Cap from Calvin Klein 450 NOK Bikini from Chantelle 1330 NOK

SUMMER ESSENTIALS Update your lingerie and swimsuit wardrobe with these gorgeous pieces from these trendy, high quality brands.

Slippers from Calvin Klein 500 NOK

Swimsuit from Calvin Klein 850 NOK

Scarf from Primadonna 820 NOK

Bra from Femilet 620 NOK Pants from Femilet 290 NOK Bralette from Calvin Klein 410 NOK Boxer from Calvin Klein 300 NOK

Beach bag from PrimaDonna 470 NOK

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Ad for MYBAG

Perfect luggage for any traveler


YBAG specializes in high quality travel gear, and carry brands such as Samsonite, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Guess, Mandarina Duck and Epic. Therefore, you can be sure that the cases from MYBAG will last a long time.

A dreaded scenario when traveling is experiencing luggage failures, such as broken handles, busted wheels and screwed-up zippers. According to buyer Nina-Helene Klemp, you don’t need to worry. – A traveler is naturally concerned with the quality of their suitcase. If you buy a suitcase from MYBAG, you can get your luggage fixed if a part should break, she says, adding that this also applies to the more reasonable priced pieces in their selection. Klemp ads that renewing and reusing suitcases and bags is a very positive trend, as it will make the items last longer and limit the amount of plastic that is thrown out. REINVENT YOUR TRAVEL BAG MYBAG carries different luggage pieces and travel equipment throughout the year. Klemp has also noticed that switching out bag handles has become popular. At MYBAG, you’ll find high quality straps from Addax and Treats that will give your bag a whole new look.

– By doing so, you will feel like you’re getting a brand-new bag, and you won’t get tired of it. It’s a great way to update an old bag without spending too much money.

Treats leather leo 399 NOK Klemp reveals that Samsonite has chosen MYBAG as one of few stores that gets to sell luggage sets other warehouses don’t get access too. – During the next few weeks we’re going to bring in some of these products, and Samsonite is also launching a new aluminum suitcase. BAGS FOR SMALL AND BIG ADVENTURES If you’re a young-at-heart Disney fan, you will be happy to know that Samsonite has collaborated with them. Get nostalgic with their exclusive line of Mickey Mouseprinted luggage. – We also carry neck pillows from Samsonites collaboration with Disney, Klemp says.

64 | byLIV

If you find yourself in need of any travel equipment while staying in Bergen, MYBAG has got you covered. Here, you can get toilet bags from Day Birger et Mikkelsen and Tiger of Sweden among others. Small umbrellas with their own bag from Samsonite and waterproof sacks from the Danish brand Rains will keep both you and your belongings dry on rainy days. – Backpacks are perfect for small adventures, for instance when hiking up one of the many mountains surrounding Bergen. We carry backpacks from many brands. A popular one is Kånken from Swedish Fjällräven. Stylish handbags from Guess, and one-nighter bags from Day Birger et Mikkelsen are perfect accessories when exploring the city. ▗ MYBAG has bags of all sizes depending on your needs stop by on the second floor of Bergen Storsenter.

Neopulse matt black vekt 2.2kg fra 2399 NOK

Different trips need different types of luggage. At MYBAG, you’ll find suitcases and travel bags of all kinds – and tips on how to choose the right one.

Platou Sport is one of the oldest sport stores in Norway and was established in 1918. We are located in the city center of Bergen - Småstrandgaten 8. Here you will find a three level store with high-end products for outdoor activities.

Platou Sport AS

Småstrandgaten 8

Telephone +47 55 55 30 80

Foto © Carl Cerstrand

Equipment for outdoor activities…






Bergen Kino STAY TUNED

The Lion King

at for an updated list of premieres and upcoming movies!

Discover your next favourite movie Summer highlights:

Take a break from the sun – at the movies you are guaranteed summer fun. Bergen Kino provides real cinema magic through top notch audio and visual effects. Photos are provided by Bergen Kino

Some of the movies continuing in June after their premiere in May, are Mary Queen of Scots, The Curse of La Llorona, Alladin, Rocketman and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. FUN FOR ALL AGES The whole family can follow the Jack Russell Terrier Max and his pet friends on their

69 | byLIV

adventures after their owners leave them for work or school every day In The Secret Life of Pets 2. In July, the remake of The Lion King from 1994 finally comes to the movie theatres in a new, photorealistic computer animated version. Would you like to get to know a Norwegian fairytale, you should see Askeladden – In Soria Moria Castle, premiering in August. The movie continues the story about Espen Askeladden who – in an old folk tale – won his princess Kristin. Now, Espen and Kristin set out on an adventure looking for a castle made of gold to save the king and queen.


ome June, there’s a lot to look forward to for the young ones – or for those who are children at heart. Among them are animated adventures like Missing Link, Toy Story 4 and Manou The Swift.

Bergen Kino ▲

SMART & EASY Remember to download the Bergen Kino app in App Store or Google Play. The app is the easiest way to buy your tickets and stay updated on premieres, contests and other activities.

Instagram: @bergenkino Kino

For a musical treat, go see Yesterday. Danny Boyle has made a comedy about a musician who wakes up one day to a world where everyone but him has forgot all about The Beatles! ADVENTUROUS MOVIES … In June, go see Tolkien. The movie tells the unique story of how J.R.R Tolkien was inspired to write his famous Midgard novels. In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the X-Men meet their worst enemy, one of their own; Jean Gray. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,

a faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success during the final years of Hollywood’s golden age. Starring Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio. Spider-Man returns in Spider-Man: Far from Home, the next chapter of the Homecoming series. On a trip to Paris, Peter agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks. From June 14th, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson can be seen in Men in Black

THE ULTIMATE MOVIE EXPERIENCE The movie theatre KP1 Proaktiv Eiendom at Konsertpaleet is totally reburfished. In Supersalen, you get sound through a 360-degrees system, including the roof, and a 4K solution on a bigger and improved screen. A laser projector from Barco gives an exceptional image resolution.


Se cre t Li fe of

Pets 2

Foto: Harald Sejersted

70 | byLIV

Lay back in comfortable, heated seats and enjoy your movie!

Ad for Bergen Kino

Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw International, where they have to tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the organization. In the beginning of August, two of the world’s most famous characters – portrayed by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham – comes to the movie screen in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. … AND SCARY HORRORS! June 26th is long-awaited for horror movie lovers; it’s the premiere day of Anabelle Comes Home. The movie is a sequel to the movie Annabelle from 2014, which was a prequel to The Conjuring from 2013. In July, the horror Child’s Play premieres. The movie is a contemporary re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic. The movie follows

a single mother who gifts her son, Andy, a Buddi doll – unaware of its more sinister nature … Another American horror movie coming to Norwegian theatres is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The movie sets around a bunch of teenagers who end up standing face to face with their worst fears and phobias – to save the city they live in. In the Sci-Fi horror Two Mutants, five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves. Starring Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Rosario Dawson and Anya Taylor-Joe. ▗

FAMILY DAYS AT BERGEN KINO Bergen Kino invites you and your family to join fun – and free – activities and events at the movies during Family days that last from 12:00 to 16:00. Family events are held on the following dates: • Saturday June 22nd • Saturday September 7th Stay updated on these and other activities on Bergen Kino’s Facebook- and webpage.

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At Xhibition shopping center you will find a wide range of stores in different categories. We offer a good selection of hairdressers and a big variety of interior shops that suits every budget. If you want to fresh up your wardrobe we have the outfits to wear on a night out, or for hiking in the mountains. We offer several cosmetic stores and the help you need to find the makeup that suits your skin. With a variety of dining options, you can either enjoy a coffee inside, or eat a full dinner on our rooftop terrace. If you get tired, our SPA is open for total relaxation. Welcome to Xhibition! OPENING HOURS


Weekdays: 09.00 - 20.00 Saturday: 09.00 - 18.00

Weekdays: 06.00 - 24.00 Saturday: 09.00 - 23.00












Summer news from Xhibition

Hammock from Søstrene Grene 225 NOK

Watch from Tommy Hilfiger, Gullfunn 1698 NOK

T-shirt from Riccovero 900 NOK

EASY AND BREEZY Pillow from Feel 399 NOK

A summer hangout has never looked so cool!

Shorts from Riccovero 900 NOK

Cup 28,90 NOK Bowl 24,80 NOK from Søstrene Grene

Face wash 255 NOK Post shave soother 235 NOK from Clinique, Kicks

Cooler from Lagerhaus 149 NOK

74 | byLIV

Suede leather shoes from Bianco 1299,95 NOK

Body wash, Skandinavisk 349 kr

Socks Rolling Stones, Happy Socks 349 kr

Thermos, Design Letters 309 kr

Little bird, Normann Copenhagen 189 kr

Make someone happy!

Teak monkey, Kay Bojesen 1095 kr

Bag, UND 399 kr

Cup Moomin, Arabia 199 kr

Bowl, Cathrineholm from 199 kr

Vase, Lyngby from 239 kr

Egg cup, Bordfolk 119 kr

Ting | Bryggen 13 | Tlf 55 21 54 80 |

Water bottle, 24bottles 249 kr

Bag, Wouf 299 kr

Summer news from Xhibition REMEMBER SPF!

Moisture, moisture, moisture! It’s easy to forget to moisturize your skin when the sun is high, the waves are blue and the wind is mild. Take care of your skin during this season, so the sun and heat doesn’t give other traces than a beautiful and golden summer glow. Find the products for you at WahWah Skin Trim Studio, 3rd floor.

Comfort Zone Sun Soul Face Cream SPF30, WahWah Skin Trim 318 NOK

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask, WahWah Skin Trim, 572 NOK

Often imitated, but never duplicated!

Nail polish from Essie, Normal 76 NOK


Ramsvik Frisør

Bath bombs is an original Lush invention. They are full of etheric oils that nourish your skin and affects your mood. Put your favourite in the bath water and enjoy the lovely scent, fizz and foam. This year, Lush celebrates their 30-year anniversary of bath bombs with new, lovely and luxurious designs.

Cutters is an affordable and effective drop-in concept. A haircut at Cutters takes 15 minutes, and has a flat rate of 299 NOK.

BEAUTY & WELLNESS Xhibition has everything your skin, hair and soul needs!


Bergen, Hordaland

Discover your perfect hair routine Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint. Wella’s scientists have unlocked the secret of ideal hair with an innovative mapping system. With EnergyCode, the hairdresser maps your scalp and hair to find out which products you need. The information is stored, and you get your own code that represents a truly effective care system.

41 Likes ramsvikxhibition P I N K #instagram #instahair #insta #instagood #ramsvikfrisør #ramsvikxhibition #bergensentrum #pink #pinkhair #pinkhaircolor #hairpink #pinkhairdontcare #pastell

ramsvikxhibition Ramsvik Frisør

Find out more at E.T Hårstudio, 1st floor.

Photo by System Professional

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Shop beauty and wellness at Xhibition: BEAUTY:  WahWah Skin Trim  •  Lakkbar  •  LUSH  •  KICKS  •  Bergen Venesenter  •  Apotek 1  •  Normal  HAIR:  Cutters  •  E.T Hårstudio  •  Ramsvik  •  Think Hair Wear

76 | byLIV

Playsuit , Marius Kids from 579 kr

Cup Moo min, Muurl a 189 kr

Onesie, Marius K from 399 k r


L u n c hb ox , B laf re 14 9 k r

B ack pack , Blafre from 399 k r

Småting makes you happy!

Toy waf fel iro n, Mamamemo 219 kr

At Småting you will find everything you need to bring bright smiles to the faces of children (and their parents)! Unique and engaging toys, colorful and playful room decor, adorable gifts for newborns, snuggly blankets, charming birthday supplies, as well as tableware that will make any meal fun! Visit us and see our wide selection of Scandinavian design products. Make someone happy! Bryggen 9 | Tlf 55 21 54 87 | www.små

Fun family festivals A bergenser will grasp any occasion to throw a party. Check out the wide variety of festivals during your summer in Bergen.

Photo: Tall Ships Races

Torgdagen/Market Day   Saturday June 8th The traditional Market Day in Bergen is an annual event, this year held for the 43rd time. The town marked is the historical meeting point between peasants, fishermen and the citizens of Bergen. The Market Day is a celebration of coastal culture, and you can hear song, music, stories and the taste and smell of fish, traditional food and craftsmanship. During the Market Day, the harbor fills up with beautiful old boats, and the festival features old-style market traders and a varied program of entertainment, games and exhibitions. Read more at

Photo: Kjell Magnus Økland

Bergenfest   June 12th to June 15th Bergenfest is a four-day open-air live music festival held in the city centre of Bergen. The festival takes place on the grounds of a medi-

eval fortress and castle – Bergenhus Festning – in the city’s historic centre. There are both inside and outside stages at the festi­val area.

You will find a wide range of tasty food and drinks, and fashion pieces from different stands. The festival has this year announced international artists like Bon Iver, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Years & Years, Clean Bandit, and First Aid Kit. Scandinavian stars like Madrugada, Hjerteslag, Tove Lo and Alma are also ready. Read more and check out the entire lineup and program at Info by Visit Bergen and Bergen Live

Photo: Bergenfest/Jarle H. Moe

78 | byLIV

Tall Ships Races   July 21st to 24rd When Tall Ships Races comes to Bergen this year, the city will be filled with beautiful sailing ships from around the world, young sailors and happy people. Ships will arrive in Vågen on Sunday July 21st between 10.00 and 14.00. You can expect to see up to 80 gorgeous ships during the festival! The opening ceremony is from the stage area at Bryggen, which will host enter­taining performances during the entire festival. On Tuesday the 23rd, you can experience a firework show as the festival comes to an end.

atmosphere, street food, a family fair, beach volleyball and lots of other activities. At Ferieklubben, music lovers can enjoy renowned national and local artists. Halie and Kakkmaddafakka get on stage Sunday July 21st, Boy Pablo on Monday the 22nd, and Jez_Ebel and Kjartan Lauritzen on Tuesday July 23rd. Stay tuned at Ferieklubben on Facebook and for more artists, info and the full program.

Tall Ships Races also presents Ferieklubben at Koengen. Enjoy summer days with great

Bergen Game Festival   July 26th to August 4th – USF Verftet Bergen Spillfestival/Bergen Game Festival takes place both outside and inside at USF Verftet. The festival offers a wide range of games and activities such as Lego, quiz, Rubik’s Cube, chess, gaming, VR-drawing, VR-gaming, game related exhibitions, poker, and lots more. In total, you can experience over 120 events during the festival. Bergen Spillfestival/Bergen Game Festival is free for everyone at daytime, at nighttime you need a ticket and the events are targeted towards adults. Get all the info at

Photo: Tall Ships Races

DON’T MISS OUT ON: Eggstockfestivalen June 5th to June 7th Det Akademiske Kvarter Photo: Bergen Spillfestival

Bergen Food Festival and Norwegian Cider Festival   August 30th to September 1st – Koengen, at the end of Bryggen Attend Norway’s biggest Local Food Festival on Koengen and enjoy local food and drinks. Experience the best local food, cider and beer from the region. Met the farmers, hear

their stories, taste and buy their local products. Enjoy great local dishes from Bergen’s top restaurants, and meet UNESCO Gastronomy cities with great tastings. During the festival, you can also participate in food courses and cooking shows – for free – and join Norwegian cider tastings and courses. There will also be several children’s food activities, animals to meet, and great atmosphere. The Bergen Beer Festival is held just nearby, at Bergenhus Festning from 30th to 31st of August.

Photo: Bergen Matfestival/ Matarena

Check out opening hours and entrance fee. You can get your ticket by the entrance or online.

79 | byLIV

A festival for young and up-coming artists and bands. With its long traditions, Eggstockfestivalen is unique in being a springboard for young musicians. Read more at

Bergen Kirkeautunnale September 25th to 29th Bergen Domkirke/Bergen Cathedral Bergen Kirkeautunnale is a festival for church art and music. Read more at

BIFF – Bergen International Film Festival September 25th to October 3rd City Centre/Konsertpaleet/Magnus Barfot Film fans from all over the world gather for unique moments at Bergen International Film Festival. Stay tuned for this year’s program at

/ @retrobutikkene

Spring news now in store.


Olav Kyrres gate 7 5014 Bergen Mon-fri 10-20 / sat 10-18

Alan Stillman opened the first bar as a way to meet ladies It all began quite modestly when an unmarried New York City perfume salesman named Alan Stillman wanted to meet the stewardesses that lived in his neighborhood.

Fun facts

about TGI Friday’s Friday’s is known today as a casual family-friendly establishment, but it actually started out as a swinging cocktail bar on the Upper East Side.

FIRST EVER “Happy Hour” The first official “Happy Hour” took place at the original TGI Friday’s on 63rd and First in New York City in 1965. Alan Stillman thought people who worked hard all day deserved discounted food and drinks after a long day’s work.

Almost all TGI-locations has a propeller and a rowing scull The rowing scull was introduced in 1974, and symbolizes teamwork, meaning you can’t win if you don’t row together. The propeller symbolically “propel” the restaurant.

Friday’s offer a lunch menu before 15:00 every weekday, a large variety of tasty desserts and a varied kids menu with puzzles and prizes. TGI Friday’s cocktail bar is the perfect way to both start and end the night. Their bartenders are known for their friendly personality and high-quality cocktails.

They made it easy to be single and mingle The first Friday’s was established in 1965 in New York City. Before that, there were no places where groups of young single girls could go out for a casual meal and drinks. Now, there was a relaxed place where groups of young men and women could mingle. The first location enjoyed immediate success, and first year revenues totaled $1 million.

TGI FRIDAY'S OFFERS A WIDE SELECTION OF DISHES, AND HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE TGI Friday’s is an informal and pleasant restaurant for the whole family, and for all occasions. Whether its a quick lunch with colleagues, a dinner with family and friends, or for celebrations of any sort. Their American-inspired menu is large and varied with everything from tasty burgers, juicy spare ribs, tender steaks, fresh salads or tasty pastas. And as a true American diner their portions are rich.

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They brought restaurants to the moon Well, almost: Friday’s opened the Houston Galleria on July 24th, 1973, and seven astronauts, led by Alan Shepard – the first American in space – attended the grand opening.

They had recordbreaking flair The first TGI Friday’s Bartender Championship was held in 1991. The now-massive competition involves 10.000 bartenders from around the world. On March 28, 2010, TGI Friday’s in the UK set a new Guinness World record of simultaneous bar flair. Over 100 world-class professional bartenders from Friday’s restaurants across the UK participated in this tremendous feat. They set the record with a skillful routine of 101 people flairing in sync, without dropping a bottle, for over two minutes in London’s Covent Garden.

TGI Fridays became the first American casual dining restaurant to open in Moscow, Russia in 1998.

Smoothies and non-alcoholic options In 1984, Friday’s became one of the first chain restaurants to introduce smoothies, “flings”, and non-alcoholic drinks. They did so to celebrate the 1984 Summer Olympics, because Olympians probably shouldn't drink while their training.

They were credited for inventing potato skins

Friday’s was portrayed in the movie “Cocktail” In 1975, two bartenders at the New York City TGI Friday’s decided it wasn’t enough to simply make drinks. They wanted to make it a show, so they began spinning and twirling bottles while the art of making drinks went to a new level. The crowds loved it, and later Hollywood loved it and portrayed Friday’s in the movie “Cocktail”.

First in Russia

If you love loaded potato skins, you can thank Friday’s for that. After months of testing in the kitchen, the dish was introduced in 1974, and became an all-time favorite.

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Ad for Optikus Martin O. Nielsen

QUALITY EYEWEAR and the newest trends Renowned brands and the newest optics technology; Optikus Martin O. Nielsen offers only the best.


o you want the best expertise when you update your eyewear, you know where to go: Visit Optikus Martin O. Nielsen’s fabulous Carl Zeiss Vision Center on the fifth floor of Galleriet. The Zeiss concept combines solid competence in optics and leading technology solutions.

SWISS MADE FROM GÖTTI The philosophy of Götti Switzerland is to design and manufacture frames that are simple and elegant. Their eyewear is handmade

Moscot 3100 NOK

of high quality materials like titanium and acetate. With their harmonious proportions and an insistence on state-of-the-art technology, the frames stand equally for timeless design and functionality.

Moscot 2970 NOK

SUMMER NEWS FROM JEAN PAUL The spring and summer collection from Jean Paul is in store. This season’s sunglasses are in fresh, transparent shades. All models are polarized, and can be delivered with prescription strength. Prices starting at 799 NOK.

Moscot 4200 NOK

CLASSIC PIECES FROM MOSCOT At Optikus Martin O. Nielsen, you’ll find timeless retro glasses from Moscot, a family business based in the fashion capital of Manhattan, New York. Find your favourite among unique and authentic high-quality frames inspired by cuts and shapes from the 1920’s to 1970’s. ▗ Götti 3400 NOK

Jean Paul 799 NOK

Ray Ban

Jean Paul 799 NOK

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Optikus Martin O. Nielsen is an optical store that has been in Bergen since 1883. You can find the store in brand new spaces on the fifth floor of Galleriet.

N E W S TO R E - N E W CO N C E PT We are still Optikus Martin O. Nielsen, but we are also a Zeiss Vision Center. This means top quality and expertise in every step towards your new glasses. We have new and upgraded optics equipment, and the newest frames and sunglasses from the best brands. We carry brands like Götti, Munic, Moscot, Tom Ford, Ørgreen, Dior and Carven.

Tel. 55 31 06 80 •

Galleriet 5th floor

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Feel the whispers of the Hanseatic league

For more information Visit their website:

– an important part of Bergen’s history Join our experienced guides for a walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen while learning about the Hanseatic league and the impact they had on the trade in Bergen.


n the heart of Bryggen, you find the iconic wooden house Midthuset. Used as an assembly room during the 400 years of the Hanseatic league, the charming house is situated in the passageway between two tenements Inside you find a cute shop, a small library with relevant historical books, and an exhibition introducing you to the Hanseatic league.

“ Mid thu


fo t o

S øl

vi V

THE HANSEATIC EXPERIENCE “Midthuset” is the perfect spot to start your Hanseatic experience. Join one of the guided tours taking you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bryggen. The narrow passages between the tenements run parallel to the docks and the tour ends at the unique Hanseatic assembly rooms, Schøtstuene. ik ,

se Mu



g Poto by Ander Beer Wilse, UiB Brosings samling.

The guided tours are offered in different languages in the summer months. THE HISTORIC ASSEMBLY ROOMS The buildings of Schøtstuene are original, reconstructed and copies of the assembly rooms used by The Hanseatic League. With a community consisting of nearly 2000 men (and men only!), these merchants played a very important role in the international stock fish trade. The Hanseatic league lived and worked in Bergen for over 300 years. The living quarters at Bryggen, currently closed for restoration, is also where they stocked the dried fish. The assembly rooms were the only place where the Hanseatic could have open fire.

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Very understandable as the danger of fire was imminent and all the houses were made of wood! Therefore, hot meals could only be prepared and eaten here. In the assembly rooms they also had game nights, their court room and their school. A TIME TRAVEL THROUGH HISTORY Walking through these historic buildings, you really get the feeling of how it was living here hundreds of years ago. Can you feel their presence, smell the salt from the sea and perhaps a hint of the stock fish? Bryggen and the Hanseatic Warf is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions. Book your Hanseatic Experience today! ▗

For more information

Photo by Silje Robinson

Visit their website:

We knew nada about the Norwegian fishing history; this museum is housed in a 300 year old fish ("Fisk") warehouse and you can still SMELL the fish in the wood. The interactive-learning experiences were first class and far better than we've experienced in bigger, (so called) more prestigious museums. Don't miss it! Customer review from Tripadvisor

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Best ever LEARNING museum.

s e s ta

The warehouses are built out into the sea on wooden foundations, and the original canals

yT ov M os


rom the Fish Market you can join the Hop On - Hop Off boat and discover cultural highlights along the city fjord before reaching the hidden treasures of The Norwegian Fisheries Museum and Bergen Coastal Heritage Center. 18th century wharfside warehouses with log timber walls hides an exciting and dynamic museum, with high-tech exhibitions and activities for both children and adults.

to b

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What is more natural when visiting the Norwegian Fisheries Museum than to explore the Bergen seaside by boat?



Discover Bergen’s hidden treasures! between them have been recreated. All the warehouses in the historical Sandviken neighborhood were like this in the 19th century, when the area was referred to as the “Venice of the North”. DIVE INTO REAL FISH TALES Dive deep into the fascinating history of the Norwegian coast and its fisheries, which have shaped modern Norway. How did fishermen live in the past, and how do they live now? The museum offers exhibitions based on the museum’s rich collections of fishing boat models, engines and equipment, display of old building techniques, herring processing and the stock fish trade. Last but not least: how fish farming has developed from its humble beginning in the 1970s into Norway’s second largest export industry. The children can play the fish farming game or create a new sea creature. A WALK THROUGH TIME Simply walking through the museum is an experience. There are a multitude of rooms, galleries and staircases, with log timber walls and sloping floors. The smell of sea, salt and stock fish is lingering in the two original merchant’s offices where some of the best preserved warehouse wall paintings in Bergen are displayed.

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HEAD OUT FOR KAYAKS, ROWING BOATS AND ACTIVITIES The museum enjoys a beautiful waterside location by the city fjord, and in the sheltered harbour there is always lots of things going on. Here the Bergeners gather to talk about their veteran boats and get help to fix and maintain the important piece of marine history that they possess. Maybe you would like to rent a traditional rowing boat for the whole family or let the children paddle a kayak in the canals around the museum? You can try your fishing rod or go for a swim.

THE UNFORGETTABLE LUNCH EXPERIENCE There is a lovely waterfront restaurant in the museum, Bod 24, which really has that welcoming home feeling to it. Inhale the relaxing atmosphere and sit inside with view to the harbour, or outside at the terrace smelling the sea and feeling the sun. All while enjoying a great meal made with local ingredients and lots of love. ▗



Silver is antibacterial. In the meaning that bacteria do not stick to the silver surface.

Cadets at the school ship Stasraad Lehmkuhl (built 1914), on a trip to USA 1952. Photo by Leif Aagaard/Bergen Maritime Museum. Ad for Museum Vest

“For we know we’re homeward bound, hurrah, we’re homeward bound” – The shanty song resounds between Bergen’s seven mountains as the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl returns home – locals hurry to the harbour and watch proudly as the old school ships docks.


tatsraad Lemkuhl is one of many ships that constitutes an important piece of Bergen’s rich maritime history. Ever since the founding of the city, life and work has been centred around the sea.

The Bergen Maritime Museum, located at t h e university campus, presents Bergen’s maritime history – only a short walk from the Fish Marked. An historic timeline leads the way though the museum, starting with the Viking era. A true highlight is the remains and a model of the Viking battleship from Kvalsund dating back to the year 700 A.D. The ship was found broken in a marsh at Kvalsund, western Norway in 1920. The archaeologist working on the project was no other than Haakon Shetelig, whose name is now reflected on the street sign outside the museum. IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT Continuing the timeline, we approach the era of the steamers and later commercial passenger routes. For Norway, with its long coastline and challenging weather, the many boats and ships sailing along the coast have

been a lifeline, from port to port – south to north. Standing out is Hurtigruten, the Costal Express: These passenger and cargo ships depart from Bergen and sail along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes, carrying medicine, food and supplies. Starting up in 1893, this route is still active with daily departures from Bergen. Most famous to tourists, Hurtigruten is a way to see Norway’s beautiful coastline, and may be enjoyed as an 11 day round trip. At the museum you can see the original 1st class “smoking lounge” from Hurtigruten’s ship Finmarken dating back to 1912. A sense of luxury guaranteed! PROUD TALL SHIPS The tall ships have played an important part in the history of the city, making Bergen a thriving city, filled with merchants, seamen and sailors from all over Europe! At the museum you can enter the original deckhouse of Bergen’s most famous tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl. You can also have a peek at the radio room and pilot cabin! WORLD WAR II Most European countries were hit hard by World War II, and Norway was no exception suffering under the German occupation.

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At the time, Norway was one of the world’s leading shipping nations, and at the museum you are given an insight into life at sea during war time, World War II in particular. Original film footage, rescue equipment, objects and propaganda material make the reality of war more palpable RELAX ON DECK! The experience at the Maritime Museum is not over until you get the true ship-feeling at the museums promenade deck. Sit down and relax in one of the deck chairs, as you enjoy the view of the busy and modern harbour below. ▗ a  In the museums department showing our oldest seafaring, you can see models of famous, Norwegian Viking ship founds. Here the Oseberg ship. Photo by Bergen Maritime Museum. h  Enjoy the view of the harbour from the museums promenade deck, with or without a telescope. Photo by Silje Robinson/ Bergen Maritime Museum

For more information Visit their website:

romance in the heart of bergen romance bergen Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping. bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by.

ROMANCE IN THE HEART OF BERGEN romance in the heart of bergen romance in the heart of bergen

Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret is situated at beautiful Bryggen in Bergen center. A perfect place to enjoy the Husk også from at når dubuzzy bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byrhotels vi alltid på department frokostbuffet, romance and take aClarion break life. of charge you canvakre use the relax Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt Bryggen i Bergen En where you can do Husk også at nårthe duHotel bor Havnekontoret på etFree Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på sentrum. frokostbuffet, Clarion Collection® ligger midt på på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De bestewalk prisene finner du på exercise, enjoy steam-bath and sauna. We recommend a historic in the hotels tower perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri Afternoon Sweetsforog Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på perfekt destinasjon å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri bruk av hotellets–relaxavdeling dere nyte steambad, badstu,360 trimdegrees. og fullstendig avslapping. where you can enjoy the view of Bergen bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping.

Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by.

Vi anbefaler også enhave romantisk tur ibreakfast Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. In Clarion Collection Hotels you always included buffet, afternoon sweet and Tonight’s Special. Our best will find at: byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Husk også at når du bor på et prices Clarionyou Collection-hotell Husk også at når du bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på CLARION COLLECTION CLARION COLLECTION HAVNEKONTORET HAVNEKONTORET

Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen CLARION COLLECTION CLARION COLLECTION HAVNEKONTORET HAVNEKONTORET

11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 BergenBergen Phone:Telefon: +47 55+47 60551160 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003

Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen

Keen on clean?

Eating clean while dining out doesn’t have to be stressful. At these places you can eat your heart out with a good conscience.

DAILY POT Vaskerelven 21



Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

If you love salmon you need to give Pink Fish a try. They offer burgers, salads, wraps, hot pots and raw pots. All dishes are made with salmon as their main attraction.

Smoothies are a great way to reach your 5-aday, all in one super tasty, super healthy and refreshing drink!

They use Norwegian salmon, but the flavours come from all over the world. If you’re vegan, then don’t worry, as ¾ of their menu can be made vegan.

At Fruktbar you can get smoothies and juices in all the colours of the rainbow. They also offer ecological soups made with local ingredients, and healthy wraps that you can enjoy on the go. If you have a sweet tooth try their homemade energy balls, or chia seed pudding.

Strandgaten 96

Starvhusgaten 3

They often switch menus depending on the available ingredients, but also offer some regular soups such as their Asian carrot and coriander soup, which is a nice vegan and gluten free option. Check out their menu, and you are guaranteed to find something you like.

Daily Pot is 90 percent vegan, with something special for meat lovers. At Daily Pot. you can find everything from warm healthy soups, fresh and nutritious power bowls to raw cakes in which you won’t find any sugar. If you have never tried their food, they recommend their favorite Thai Pot. Vegan or not, Daily Pot promises that they have something for you.


SUPPOLOGEN Enjoy a hot bowl of healthy and delicious soup, perfect for a cold and rainy day. Suppologen is a small cafe located in the centre of Bergen. The Suppologen team travels all over the world looking for recipes and ingredients to make new and exciting soups.

Daily Pot is a vegan friendly restaurant where you can find homemade recipes from all around the world. They use local produce and focus on reflecting the changing season and the raw nature of Norway.

KILO & GRAM Gulatingsplass 1 Kilo&Gram is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a healthy lunch. They focus on vegan, vegetarian and raw dishes. Here, you will find tasty salads, wraps, delicious raw cakes, high quality teas and smoothies. Kilo&Gram strive to only use organic ingredients and also become a zero-waste lunch bar. You are therefore welcome to bring your own lunchbox or cup to fill.

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Ren Nytelse is a newly opened dining place in Bergen, and they also offer take-away. All the food is organic, made from fresh and local ingredients with lots of love. The meals are both tasteful and nutritious. They offer slow juicing, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and a lot more. You can get vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as meat dishes. Everything is gluten free, without dairy and soya products. If you are craving something sweet, Ren Nytelse also offers raw cakes and desserts made from fruits, berries and nuts.


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from Alessi, d

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Ke t t l e

Charms from Thomas Sabo, Gullsmed Gjertsen, from 699 NOK

Jewellery of silver, brass and steel from Argentinian designer Andrea Vaggione, Fabelflora Nordahl Bruns gt. 9 in KODE 1

GORGEOUS HANDCRAFT Find your favourite design piece, made by unique and talented designers.

Blouse from Katrin Uri, Zander 1199 NOK

Dress from Donna, Match 1299 NOK Jan bowl with silver spoon 1205 NOK Spice bowl with silver spoon 548 NOK Hand crafted in Norway, from Jean and Marthinsen, A. Lohne at Galleriet

Dyed, woven, and hand-knotted bracelets by artisan-craftsmen. 18k yellow gold hook from Ole Lynggard, Theodor Olsens Eftf. JuvelĂŠr 5150 NOK

lb e

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n gge

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ol ca rd ig an b y S us a n

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H a n dt h r

limt, Hjertho

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&G Gl as



Earrings from Caroline Swedbom, Infinity 900 NOK

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Now at





Nordic design at FabelFlora The textile artist and design trio behind FabelFlora present “Rust”, an irregular, organic pattern that resembles a cracked and rusty iron surface. The color is inspired by an old Moskvitch. FabelFlora’s “Rust”comes as a soft, thick throw of 100 percent wool, hand woven in Tromsø by Charlotte Engstad. Hand weaving makes each blanket unique. The throw is 120 cm x 210 cm, comes in several colors, and costs 3900 NOK. Get it from the Nordic design shop FabelFlora (formerly Norden og Verden at Danmarks plass) in Nordahl Bruns gt. 9 – on the 1st floor of the museum KODE 1 by the music pavilion.

TuaMea brings memories to life Some memories are unforgettable and heartwarming. Discover the amazing story of Bryggen in Bergen through the elegant handmade jewelry by TuaMea and designer Marianne Moelgaard. These pendants are made in sterling silver and 18 karat gold, decorated with diamonds and genuine stones. The result is alluring jewelry with a contemporary radiance. Find them at Theodor Olsens Eftf Juvelér.

A new tapas bar in town This spring, the restaurant Chilli Øst opened their doors in Skostredet. The tapas bar and restaurant is influenced by both spanish cuisine and flavours from all over the world. Chilli can also deliver tapas to the greater Bergen area, and have a lot of experience with catering for parties, corporate events and weddings. Find Chilli Øst in Østre Skostredet 12 and book a table at

SS 2019 from Katrin Uri Katrin Uri is a renowned and sought-after Norwegian womenswear brand. The pieces are beautiful, made of comfortable fabrics and qualities. This year’s spring and summer collection has gained a lot of recognition, with it’s gorgeous and stretchy blouses of silk and viscose. Katrin Uri’s dresses are amazing – both the short and long ones – and her unique scarf in wool, cashmere and cotton are very popular. This spring, you’ll find a splash of color and patterns in both light and strong shades. Find your favorite pieces at Zander, Strandkaien 18.

96 | byLIV

Gorgeous news from Odd Molly This spring, the multibrand fashion store Infinity included Odd Molly in their selection. The Swedish brand focuses on the perfect it-pieces that slightly differ from the crowd. Among their pieces are dresses and blouses with summery patterns and light qualities – but with a distinct edge. Odd Molly’s summer collection includes lovely blouses that go perfectly with a pair of leather pants, or with classic jeans shorts. Find your favourites from Odd Molly and several other Scandinavian brands at Infinity, Galleriet.

CAMILLA PIHL at Retro The fashion brand CAMILLA PIHL – by the Norwegian fashion profile and blogger Camilla Pihl – launched its first collection April 11th, with the ambition of creating sophisticated pieces that slide easily into women’s wardrobes. The brand focuses on creating timeless and essential basics, that are classic and easy to wear. By complimenting femininity with edgy, this brand is true to the style of Camilla Pihl herself. Find the lovely pieces at Retro, Olav Kyrres gate 7.


Norden og Verden blir


I mai åpner vi ny butikk med nytt navn i KODE 1 ved Musikkpaviljongen. Velkommen til både gamle og nye kunder!




cityNEWS Praha City Coat from Blæst The Norwegian rainwear brand Blæst introduces the classy hooded Praha City Coat. It is rain proof, wind proof and breathable; all the technical attributes of rainwear, without looking like it. It comes in several colours in sizes XS-XXL. 2990 NOK. Find the perfect rainwear at Aksdal i Muren, Østre Murallmenningen 23.

Here comes the sun

Luxurious season news

For summer ’19, Selected Femme explores the energy and vibrancy of summertime. Reflecting the striking sunrise hues, this collection reworks feminine softness with an attitude. With feel-good prints evocative of flower-fields and beach umbrellas, the styles work equally well for dancing on summer nights and exploring the city by day. Breezy summer days are on our minds, so this season is all about volume and free-flowing silhouettes, perfectly setting the scene with elegant tie-details. Dress up at Selected Femme – and Selected Homme – at Telegrafen.

One of the many exciting news in the beauty mekka of Bergen’s city centre is hair, body and face products by the Swedish beauty brandLöwengrip. The brand was founded by the Swedish influencer Isabella Löwengrip and entrepreneur Pingis Hadenius in 2012, and has become one of the leading beauty brands in the Nordics. Löwengrip offers top quality products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and scalp. Find your wellness and beauty favorites at Cubus, on the ground floor of Sundt.

Maui Jim sunglasses with PolarizedPlus2 Technology At Optiker Svabø you can find Maui Jim sunglasses with special designs inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. They come with a brilliant PolarizedPlus2 technology and are designed with the best viewing experience in mind. The lenses offer protection against glare and harmful UV. With color-enhancing properties and greater contrast and clarity, you'll notice a difference that brings your surroundings to life. Find your new Maui Jim sunglasses at Optiker Svabø Vågsallmenningen and Optiker Svabø Strandgaten.

Mediterranean delicacies from Olivenlunden 1830 The gastronomic specialty shop Olivenlunden 1830 offers a unique selection of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tapenade, pesto, herb salt from Provence, pepper from Madagascar, pistachio cream from Sicily and much more. This year, their summer collection includes their mild and elegant Sommerolje– or summer oil – from Schinoza, Italy. The olive oil is perfect for a tomato and mozzarella salad, grilled fish, fruit salads and cheese. At Olivenlunden 1830, you will find lots of exciting products, for example the first ball of genuine Modena balsamic vinegar that can be grated or cut! 100 percent natural, it is simply balsamic vinegar that has been solidified thanks to an innovative technology. The production of this ball required more than 500g of grapes. A real concentrate of Modena balsamic vinegar! Get the best products for your breakfast, picnic, lunch or dinner at Olivenlunden 1830, on the first floor of Galleriet.

98 | byLIV

Olivenlunden 1830 is a gastronomic specialty shop for olive oil, balsamic vinegars, tapenade, and other Mediterranean delicacies

Olive oil balsamic vinegars tapenade pesto pasta herb salts from Provence risotto pepper from Madagascar pistachio cream from Sicily and much more… At Olivenlunden 1830 you will find great products for all occasions: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnic in the park... Come visit us and we will help you find the taste of summer!




c  AFK “Question everything but this statement” Photo by: Øistein Jakobsen  g  JOY “Fiskelykke” Photo by: Ekaterina Komysh 



ne of the artists who have colored the streets of Bergen is M.u.M, a graphic designer and mural artist from Chile, now living in Bergen. One of his most renowned works is The Mother, that you can view when you take the Bergen light rail towards Nygård.

– I like to paint colorful murals that usually spread messages of peace and love. What inspires me the most for sure is nature, fantasy and things happening on this planet that I think are important to create con-

the streets sciousness around, so that we can become a better society coexisting respectfully with nature, the artist writes to byLIV through an email, stating that he would like to remain anonymous. A WIDE VARIETY Street art has had a huge development in Bergen over the last years. Some say Bergen is

Text by: Martine Haugen

The streets of Bergen have become the city’s new art scene. Norway’s street art capital, which is difficult to determine as there is a lot of good street art in both Lofoten, Oslo and Stavanger. But what is so special about Bergen is that they have a lot of local and active street artists in the community today. – I feel that Bergen and its people are quickly opening up to, and enjoying graffiti.

AFK “Mother Cropped” Photo by: AFK

100 | byLIV

h  JOY Photo by: Ekaterina Komysh 

in galleries, taking on missions to decorate both hotels, companies, universities and hospitals.

g  M.u.M “The Mother” Photo by: M.u.M.

These last couple of four to five years, I’ve seen an interesting development of the street art movement, comprising throw-ups, pasteups, stencils, pieces and even amigurumis, M.u.M states, and continues: – Bergen has a wide variety of street artists, and dedicated street art collaborators in the form of photographers, bloggers, gallerists, entrepreneurs, collectors and general enthusiasts. All of them playing an important role in the promotion of Bergen as a street art reference for Norway and the rest of the world. QUESTIONING SOCIETY In the late 90’s, Banksy, who then was unknown to most people, came to visit Bergen. He stayed for three days, and in that time created 16 pieces in Bergen’s city center. Unfortunately, none of the pieces have been preserved. Even though his work is gone, he has still inspired new generations. AFK (Away From Keyboard) is another artist who has made his mark in Bergen. He’s an anonymous street artist who is known for his stencils inspired by politics, and focuses on social criticism. Most of his works can be found in and around Bergen’s city center. AFK is also part of a bigger street art community in Bergen, and has displayed his art at the gallery BART, among other.

HIDDEN GEMS You can find graffiti, paste-ups and stencils hidden on a lot of walls and corners both in and around Bergen’s city center. From Danmarks plass, and along the Bergen light rail, to Sentralbadet and Skostredet. A whole wall alongside The Faculty of Psychology has been painted to put light on all the children in need as the result of the war in Syria. The artist AFK has decorated the wall on a mission from PsycAid, and all the proceeds would go to Unicef ’s work in Syria. Skostredet is a charming street, known for its music and small niche stores such as restaurants, cafes, and interior and clothing stores. It is also one of the streets where you will find a lot of colorful street art. It started with a wall just across from the Literature house, and continued growing. In this neighborhood you will also find M.u.M’s piece called A troll in Bergen. FROM TRASH TO TREASURE The view on street art has changed, and street artists who traditionally made art in the shelter of darkness, are being accepted as artists with their own walls to decorate. Bergen municipality has also allocated money to street art projects. – But even with all this network and hard work behind it all, we are still far away from Berlin, Paris, Miami and even Stavanger. I feel that people’s mind has shifted drastically from associating street art with vandalism, to

JOY started making street art in Bergen back in 2013. His joyful, funny motives will make you stop and think. Since he started, he has grown a lot, and now sells his art

M.u.M “A troll in Bergen” Photo by: M.u.M.

101 | byLIV

appreciating it as something beautiful and valuable. What I feel needs to start changing now in Bergen is the bureaucratic system. Especially the communal cultural department, and the public roads administration. Both could do better in creating space for street art in the form of promotion, sponsorship and permissions, M.u.M says, and adds: – But let’s give it time. Until then, I know that my fellow artists, and myself will continue doing what we love the most! ▗

LOUIS POULSEN Design: Poul Henningsen. PH 5. Pendant. Available in several colors. NOK 6 895,-

&TRADITION Design: Verner Panton. VP3. Table lamp. Available in several colors. NOK 2 595,-

NORDIC HOM E Our Nordic home is defined by spaciousness and warmth. It has room for both classics and traditions but also creativity and cool young design. It has room for the extra special furniture, anniversaries and innovations. This diversity offers new perspective and shapes our future design history. Everybody is welcome in our home.

B E R G E N , B E R S T A D H U S E T · T L F 2 2 0 1 5 5 1 0 · W W W. I L L U M S B O L I G H U S . N O M O N D AY – F R I D AY 1 0 – 1 9 · S AT U R D AY 1 0 – 1 8 · S U N D AY C L O S E D

Earrings with pearls and crystals from MIss Mathiesen, Høyer 1199 NOK

Blouse from Minus, Emil 900 NOK osse at Bryggen 690 NO an F K

Woo l


sil k



b arf

us yS

The Lotus Tiny collection from Ole Lynggard Copenhagen. White moonstone, London blue Topaz, serpentine, grey moonstone and turquoise center stones set in 18k gold, Theodor Olsens Eftf. Juvelér 12 900 NOK

NATURAL BEAUTIES This dreamy colour palette is perfect for tan skin and salty hair.

Top from Gustav, Deguy 799 NOK

Textile shoes from Roots, Haaland Sko 299 NOK

Linen scarf from Mario Conti, Match 499 NOK Shorts from Redford, Match 499 NOK

Shoes from Linear, Din Sko 399 NOK

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Hand lotion, 75 ml, from Skandinavisk, Glass Thomsen 229 NOK

gizmo comfortable clothing for stylish women of all ages!

HALFDAN KJERULFS GATE 4 (behind police station) • 55 24 06 36 brands of classic Scandinavian design such as Bitte Kai Rand, Ivan Grundahl, Trine Kryger Simonsen, Masai, Bohéme and AJ 117, as well as Annette Görtz, Sarah Pacini, Black Label, Peruzzi and Save My Bag

Photo: BareVestland – Jonas Bostrøm

A taste of


Locally sourced grains, vegetables, meats, cheeses, berries and seafood characterises the Norwegian cuisine. Close relations with the farmers and the nature influences the kitchens in Norwegian restaurants. Here are some who embrace the traditions, but add a modern touch. Pingvinen  Vaskerelven 14

Bjerck Restaurant & Bar is located right on the square, across from the fish market. They have a varied menu, and offer both lunch, brunch, dinner and dessert. The kitchen is a mix of Scandinavian, European and American cuisine. Bergen is a city that influenced by the closeness to the sea, therefore a lot of this city's specialties have seafood as a main ingredient. Ph

: ot o

Pingvinen serves traditional norwegian courses such as meatballs, fish gratin and vegetable and meat stew. They also serve a menu of four dishes, that changes every day. Every thursday you can enjoy Norwegian potato dumplings (raspeballer).

Bjerck Restaurant & Bar  Torgallmenningen 1A


s ta

u ra


8 77

Pingvinen’s menu also includes appetizers and smaller meals, salads, soups and snacks. They serve food until 01:00 am. Their menu at nightime consists of soups, vegetable and meat stew, and cured meat served with potato salad. For more information, visit their website

For more information, visit their website

Spisekroken  Klostergaten 8 Spisekroken is a small and intimate restaurant that will make you feel right at home. Choose between a three course-menu, today’s three-course meal, or á la carte. They get locally sourced produce from Norwegian farmers, and change their menu often. Some of their most popular dishes consist of gourmet veal and baby goat. Photo: instagram: @christinelystrup

For lunch, try Bjerck’s mussels in white wine sauce, served with fries and tarragon mayonnaise, or their selection of Norwegian cheeses. After 16.00 you can choose from their dinner menu. Try Prinsefisk which is cod in cream sauce, a local specialty. Photo: bjerck restaurant

Bare Vestland  Vågsallmenningen 1 At Bare Vestland you can eat tapas from the western part of Norway, or let the kitchen surprise you with a sharing menu. No matter what you choose, local and seasonal ingredients are in focus, and the menu changes accordingly. For more information, visit their website Photo: BareVestland – Jonas Bostrøm

Spisekroken serve local produce and rustic food with a twist, accompanied by the right wine. For more information, visit their website

106 | byLIV

26 North Restaurant & Social Club  Bryggen 47

Lysverket  Rasmus Meyers Allé

Photo: Lysverket Bonjwing Lee

At Radisson Blu Royal Hotel i Bergen, right on the wharf, you’ll find 26 North Restaurant & Social Club. They offer dishes inspired by the Nordic countries and their culinary treasures. They use pure, local ingredients found in the fjords, farms, and forests of Norway to create a Nordic menu. For more information, visit their website

: ot o

ta g

ra m

For more information, visit their website

26 North’s Board from the fjords is a good way to enjoy a light meal alone, or shared in good company. You can also choose between several main dishes and desserts.

Ph Ins

Lysverket is located in the art museum KODE 4, right in the middle of Bergen. Here, you will find local seafood from the west coast that will tickle your taste buds, and also local beer. The menu also includes meat- and vegetable dishes. The restaurant offers a longer á la carte menu as well as set menus.

@ 26


b e rg e n

Photo: Lysverket Bonjwing Lee

Marg & Bein  Fosswinckels gate 18

For more information, visit their website

Restaurant 1877   Vetrlidsallmenningen 2

Bien Basar  Vetrlidsallmenningen 2 You can find Bien Basar at the historical Meat Bazar in the city center. The restaurant serves Norwegian dishes, served as small plates of food, like tapas. Their menu is perfect for sharing, or you can enjoy a meal all to yourself. At Bien Basar, you can try another authentic dish from Bergen, Persetorsk - a traditional cod recipe. Here served in a modern way.

107 | byLIV



For more information, visit their website


For more information, visit their website

In the heart of Bergen, at the old meat market Kjøttbasaren, lies Restaurant 1877. A traditional yet modern restaurant. Their courses are inspired by Norwegian food culture, and Western Norway’s agricultural traditions. Choose between a five- and threecourse meal. Their five-course menu consists of shellfish, fish, meat, cheese and dessert. They also have a sommelier who will design a set wine menu to accompany the meal. Ph

Photo: Bien Basar

Photo: Bare Restaurant – Jonas Bostrøm

For more information, visit their website

Bare Restaurant & Bar is located in Bergen Børs Hotel, a historic building from 1862. They describe themselves as a modern Nordic restaurant, and their cuisine is based on organic ingredients from farmers in the region. Depending on how hungry you are, you can choose between a full and a half menu.

Photo by Marg & Bein

Marg & Bein lies close to the concert hall Grieghallen. They offer authentic and rustic dishes, with a modern approach. The name means marrow and bone, and as the name implies they use parts of the animal that is often neglected. At Marg & Bein you can taste marrowbone, ox tongue and blood pudding - a traditional Norwegian dish.

Bare Restaurant   Torgallmenningen 2

s ta

u ra


87 7

WELCOME TO GLASS THOMSEN T h e d e si g n de st ina t io n in t he he a rt of Berg en . Fin d you r d esig n favou rite to take h om e . G l a ss T h o mse n is a f a mily-o w ne d d esig n an d lifestyle store. We offer a wid e ran g e of h o m e a c c e sso rie s a nd gif t s f ro m so me of Scan d in avia an d Norway’s m ost icon ic b ra n d s .












Åsane Storsenter Lagunen Storsenter Ve s t k a n t e n S t o r s e n t e r C h r. M i c h e l s e n s g a t e 6 A t +47 57 98 84 00

– Make sure to put Pink Fish on your foodie bucket list

From FJORD to FORK Ad for Pink Fish

Pink Fish is an innovative Norwegian fast-casual chain founded in 2017 by gold medal winner of the Bocuse d’or (World Chef Championship), Geir Skeie, and Ronny Gjøse , the company’s CEO, with an extensive background from developing F&B concepts.


he brand’s mission is to make seafood accessible worldwide by creating international flavors from Norwegian premium salmon that will tickle taste buds – while promoting sustainable living. With prime locations in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Singapore; Pink Fish restaurants are serving their guests Norwegian salmon from the fresh fjords with a world of flavors. In trendy and youthful bright orange facilities they welcome their guests to indulge in tasty and affordable dishes created by the Bocuse D’or winner himself. The diverse menu consists of a range of burgers, hot pots & soups, poke bowls, salads and wraps – vegan and vegetarian options are also avail­able. All dishes are inspired by the chef ’s many overseas trips and the menu has been split into three taste categories; Asian, American and European. In other words, deciding on what dishes to try can be a rather challenging task!

world of flavors to the salmon “The choice of salmon as the star of our menu is our most important sustainability decision. Of all the proteins we could have chosen, salmon is the most sustainable. The carbon footprint per kilo farmed salmon consumed is consider­ ably lower than in all comparable meats”, say the two co-founders of Pink Fish. Pink Fish only use ASC-certified salmon, which means it is produced in accordance with strict sustainability standards set by WWF and the farming industry – and it is only fed with feed free from antibiotics, GMO and palm oil. In addition, all packaging used is biodegradable and food waste close to zero, due to ordering and delivery routines tailor made to avoid produce expiring and all food is made to order.

The motto that Pink Fish lives by is “Good Food Fast”, which is why the fast-casual chain has an extensive focus on digital ordering solutions – making the customer journey from pre-ordering to picking up the meal a seamless experience. ▗ See you at pink fish!   @pinkfishrestaurants


h Co-founders of Pink Fish; CEO Ronny Gjøse (left), Chairman Svein Sandvik, and F&B/Concept manager Geir Skeie.

LIVE WELL - EAT SALMON Instead of bringing salmon to the world like Norway has been doing for almost two decades, Pink Fish wants to bring a whole new

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cityNEWS Wolford

A new place for art in Bergen

A new favorite from Bobbin Bikes

Summer necessities from Strømpedamen

This spring, François Deneulin og Chloé Krzywinski, – both art historians and enthusiasts – came together to offer the people of Bergen a new spot for discovering arts and crafts. At KD galleri in Jacobsfjorden inside Bryggen, you can see work and artistry from Norwegian and worldwide artists, in different medias and from different historical periods. The historic building at Bryggen exudes a warm and inviting athmosphere. Over time, there will also be an art workshop for children and adults at KD galleri, where one can learn about art history through practical and creative exercises. Visit KD galleri at Bryggen.

Now you can get these awesome balance bikes from Bobbin Bikes at Sprell. Bobbin Gingersnap Balance Bike is great for children from 2-4 years of age. The bike comes in several lovely colors, and include a shopping cart on the handlebar. Sprell recommends balance bikes for children learning how to ride a bike, because it improves the child’s balance from the beginning, and enhances motor skills and coordination. That makes the transition to a regular pedal bike much easier. Also, it’s so much fun and a nice way to get around! The bike costs 1599 NOK, and are in Bergen only sold at Sprell in Chr. Michelsens gate 5.

Strømpedamen has a wide range of high quality stockings, socks, hold in pieces and pantyhose’s for every occasion. This season, you’ll find gorgeous news from brands like FALKE, Wolford, Oroblu, Tif Tiffy and Vogue. The perfect basics is the finishing touch for the perfect summer skirt or dress.Visit Strømpedamen in Jon Smørs gate 2 and Markeveien 4.

Perfect basics from The Product The Norwegian brand The Product is redefining what good basics mean, in the simple Scandinavian way.They have no limited editions or seasonal collections, just one line of versatile everyday-wear for men and women to love and enjoy all year around. Think premium quality without breaking the bank. Super soft cotton and bamboo. Uncomplicated everyday essentials like T-shirts, sweaters, socks and underwear. Easy merino wool pieces, and some leather pants you’ll want to take dancing. Their philosophy shares common ground with the principles of social responsibility and eco fashion. The Product takes steps to lessen their negative impact on the environment. Get your basics at Mrs Capone, Telegrafen.

112 | byLIV

Sporty news from Napapijri Napapijri is branding itself as a brand for outdoor and adventure. The name is a variation of the Finish word “napapiiri”, which means Arctic Circle. Napapijri’s logo is the company’s name rendered in half-positive and half-negative block letters to suggest the North Pole and South Pole in graphic form. The flag of Norway is also employed to evoke the country’s extreme conditions, dramatic landscapes, and tradition of famous explorers. You’ll find Napapirji’s spring collection at Hans H in Strandgaten 12.

Technology and fun at Bergen Science Centre

We invite you to experience a creative summer in the compelling world of natural science, phenomena and technology. Explore exiting exhibitions VilVite is an exciting science centre with much to do and explore for children and adults. Everything can be touched, played and experimented with. It is easy to get carried away by the excitement and fun of science.

Enjoy creative workshops Join the workshops to take part in the creative challenges of invention and building. We offer variety and inspiration, while awakening curiosity and enthusiasm for science and technology.

Play for the day – learn for a lifetime!

How to get here

Take the Bergen Light Rail or a bus to the stop “Florida”. Open June 1st – 21st Mon-Fri 9-15 Sat-Sun 10-17

June 22nd – Aug 18th Every day 10-17

Ad for Julehuset

Christmas spirit all year round Yanne Bazin from France has managed the Christmas and souvenir shop Julehuset at Bryggen for eleven years now, and still finds the job rewarding. – It is very fun, and I get to speak to people from all over the world, she says.  Written by Vibeke Blich Photos by Emilie Gundersen


he shop Julehuset is one of four Audhild Viken-shops situated at Bryggen in Bergen. This particular shop has three floors, whereas the top floor displays Christmas-decorations all year round. In the two bottom floors you find more typical Norwegian souvenirs. – It’s a mix of souvenirs and a Christmas shop. From October to January we only have Christmas things in the shop. A lot of people come to us to buy their Christmas decoration every year, also the locals, Bazin says.

ALL YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS … Christmas tree ornaments are popular items among the visiting customers – regardless of whether it’s June or December.

– Ornaments with motifs of Bergen are extremely easily sold. Also, many customers ask for Christmas ornaments with a particular year printed on it, Bazin says. According to the manager, people often collect the Christmas tree ornaments, give them away as presents, or need new ones because an old one is broken. Many of the city’s locals have a tradition of visiting the shop every year to buy 24 small gifts for their children’s advent calendar, Bazin says. This time of year, there’s mostly tourists who visit the shop. Many of them don’t seem to lack the Christmas spirit as little Santa’s, angels and reindeers change hands over the counter ever so often. – We get new products every year. We have our own wooden production and also produce our own Christmas ornaments, Bazin explains. TRADITION IS EVERYTHING Julehuset opened in 1993. According to Bazin, little has changed since.

114 | byLIV

– The interior has changed a little bit, but the stairs and floors are crooked. People who come in from cruise ships, still feel like they are at sea when they walk in here, she giggles. Here, people from all over the world stop by. It tends to be crowded all day from May to August. According to the manager, up to 20.000 people come to Julehuset in just one working day. – During the summer we need a lot of employees at work. We are open from 9-23 as the cruise ship-passengers tend to shop late. Luckily, we receive a schedule of all the cruise ship arrivals so we can be prepared for anything! Bazin says. ▗

in Baz Yanne

Julehuset is located at Bryggen, in Holmedalsgården 1.

Vi er klar for vinteren!

Er du?

We have a wide range of sheepskin, down jackets, fur hats, leather jackets, woolen jackets and raincoats.

Vi har et stort utvalg av saueskinn, dunjakker, pelsluer, skinnjakker, ullkĂĽper og regnjakker.

NygĂĽrsdgaten 1a | Tlf: 55325418

Scrunchie from Marie Philippe, Match 59 NOK

Watch from Michael Kors, Gullsmed Gjertsen, Galleriet 2195 NOK

Dress from Selected Femme, Telegrafen 999,95 NOK

Parka from Swims, Hans H 2999 NOK

Waterproof loafers from Swims, Hans H 1399 NOK

YUMMY PASTELS Happy colours for the happiest season!

Blazer from Moss Copenhagen, Mrs Capone 1300 NOK

Sweater from Levete Room, Emil 1199 NOK

Scarf from Mala Alisha, Deguy 1699 NOK

Shoes from Superga, Urban at Sundt 799 NOK

Tote Bag from Maud, Høyer 2499 NOK

Small mail box from Bruka Design, comes in several colours, SmĂĽting at Bryggen 229 NOK

Sitting car for kids, from Baghera, Sprell 1399 NOK

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Nytt på Holberg ET TER ÅT TE






Vi setter ned prisen på mye av menyen fra kl. 20:00, kom innom å se dagens utvalg.

Ta med vennegjengen, eller kom å bli med på et lag.

Vi inviterer til økt kunnskap og en trivelig aften med leverandører fra kjente vindistrikt.


dd God mi

Holbergstuen er en institusjon i Bergen,


med tradisjoner tilbake til 1927. Her finner


våre velsmakende norske og bergenske spesialiteter. Om du trenger en pause på handleturen eller et skikkelig godt måltid – er det alltid verdt å ta turen innom Holbergstuen. HOLBERGS TUEN – A BERGEN CL A SSIC SINCE 1927 We take pride in serving locals and visitors excellent meals and drinks in a charming and nostalgic atmosphere. Ludvig Holberg, the considered founder of modern Norwegian and Danish literature, has given name to this unique establishment. Try our Bergen specialties.

Galleriet 2. etg / Torgalmenningen 6 Tel. 55 55 20 55



du nostalgi og god stemning, og får servert

gizmo comfortable clothing for stylish women of all ages!

HALFDAN KJERULFS GATE 4 (behind police station) • 55 24 06 36 brands of classic Scandinavian design such as Bitte Kai Rand, Ivan Grundahl, Trine Kryger Simonsen, Masai, Bohéme and AJ 117, as well as Annette Görtz, Sarah Pacini, Black Label, Peruzzi and Save My Bag




dress / Dry Lake hat / Echo sneakers / Tiger bottle / Sip by S’well

RETRO shorts and socks / Norse Projects shoes and shirt / Acne Studios

RETRO bag, top and skirt / Faithfull The Brand flip flops / Havaianas bag / Faithful the Brand loops / Cult Gaia hairclip / Sui Ava

HØYER jeans / Maud cardigan / Rodebjer top / Samsøe Samsøe shoes / Notabene bag / See by Chloe

HØYER pants / Acne Studios jacket / Wood Wood caps / Stone Island shoes / Monclair



outfit / Cubus shoes from KMB / Skoringen

outfit from Volt: shirt and t-shirt / These Glory Days hat / Tiger pants / Adnym bracelets / Saddler sneakers from Adidas / Skoringen

HAALAND SKO STRANDGATEN sandals for him and her from Birkenstock, Roots and Fitflop

MY BAG BERGEN STORSENTER Summer bag and silk scarf / Day

XHIBITION AVENUE college dress / Luxzuz shoes and bag / Bianco


MATCH GALLERIET shoes, fannypack and shorts / Jean Paul hat / Mario Conti shirt / Redford

EMILIE MARKEVEIEN jumpsuit / Inwear shoes / Unisa headband / Suzanna G

DEGUY GALLERIET top / PBO pants / Cambio hairclip and sweater / Tricot

shades / Tom Ford


KLØVERHUSET outfit / Day Birger et Mikkelsen

KLØVERHUSET outfit / Bertoni

HANS H shorts / Gant shirt / Stenströms seersucker blazer / Morris merino sweater / Stenstöms pocket square / Profuomo tote / Swims



If one ting says “new season”, it’s floral prints!

Long lasting comfort for long summer days

Summer news from Bitte Kai Rand

Winter is gone, and it’s finally time to freshen up 2019’s spring and summer wardrobe!

When thetemperature rises, breathable and comfortable footwear is essential. Ecco Flowt is the ideal choice. This elegant and modern design is made of a selection of exclusive Ecco-leathers, equipped with an Ecco Fluidform sole that secures optimal comfort that lasts, either you are going to the beach with your family or shopping in the city. The shoes are simple and sophisticated, and come in this season’s most beautiful colors. Find your favourite from Ecco at Haaland Sko, Strandgaten.

Gizmo carries clothes and accessories from the Danish designer Bitte Kai Rand. This season, she has made the combination of a bag and an inflatable pillow, which is useful when travelling or going to the beach. Carry along your things, and inflate the pillow if you need to rest your head. 300 NOK. This cooling linen summer dress is comfortable to wear and stylish in colour and shape. Comes in colours lime and royal blue. 2100 NOK. Find your favorite pieces from Bitte Kai Rand at Gizmo in Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4.

This collection of flower dresses from Marie Philippe is the perfect “go-to” for any occasion. Find your favourite and dress it up with wedges and classic earrings, or wear it to work with a timeless denim jacket and sneakers.Visit Match at Galleriet and Bergen Storsenter.

News from Nespresso Treasures hidden within Bryggen While exploring Bryggen, visit Susan Fosse’s delightful shop filled with her exclusive collection of timeless knitwear for men, women and children, all locally made.“Images of Norway”, Susan’s newest venture, includes beautifully made scarves, buffs, bags, pillow covers and other keepsakes using photographs she’s taken while walking along the West coast of Norway. Pop in and say hi! Website: Instagram: susanfoss. Address: Jacobsfjorden 6C.

VertuoPlus White ist he new Nespresso coffee system for a dark, full-bodied cup of coffee.Choose from five different cup sizes and a broad range of premium coffees. 2290 NOK. Perfect milk froth for your coffee recipe in just a few seconds! With Nespresso’s Aeroccinoyou can easily prepare a perfect latte or cappuccino. The milk frother can prepare both hot and cold milk.Aeroccino needs power supply. The maximum capacity if preparing milk froth is 120 ml (4 oz). The maximum capacity if preparing hot milk is 240 ml (8 oz). Diameter: 9 cm, height: 17 cm. 620 NOK. Get everything you need for the perfect coffee at Nespresso, on the 2nd floor of Galleriet.

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Jewellery from Julie Sandlau The Danish jewelry brand Julie Sandlau presents the amazing and sensual high summer line Poetry. The collection is created in true Julie Sandlau style; poetic and romantic. The gorgeous pear-cut cabochons come in new summer colors like coral red, jade green and milky rose. Poetry introduces ear rings, rings and pendants, and is a delicate interpretation of the Prime collection. Poetrycomes in both 22 karats gilded 925 sterling silver, and 925 satin rhodium plated sterling silver. Get the pieces at Gullsmed Gjertsen, Galleriet.


Walls with a

Some of the oldest buildings in Bergen have been preserved, protected, and gained new meaning.

Sources: Bergen byleksikon, Riksantikvaren and the company’s home pages

Photo by Bergen Børs Hotel, Thor Brødreskift

rich history Matbørsen/ Hotel Bergen Børs

Photo by Morten Wanvik

THEN: The Bergen stock exchange NOW: Hotel and restaurants



THEN: National telegraph and phone centre NOW: Shopping centre and office spaces

THEN: Indoor market place NOW: Restaurants and bars

The building Telegrafen lies in Starvhusgaten 4 in Bergen’s city center. The main facade is turned toward the Bergen light rail and the music pavilion.

Kjøttbasaren, the meat bazaar in English, is located in the beginning of Bryggen in Bergen. The building was approved in 1874, and designed by the Norwegian architect Fredrik Von der Lippe. Then, the building was called the city's bazaar, and was opened on the first of July 1877. It was the only one of its kind in Norway, and housed 44 stalls selling products, and 27 stalls in the basement.

Originally, Telegrafen housed the National Telegraph and Telephone service, and was completed in 1927 in a neoclassical style. It was drawn by the two architects Finn Berner and Anton M. Kielland, after the Bergen fire of 1916. Telegrafen is among the most architecturally distinctive buildings that was built after the fire, and the facade features brick with marble detailing. In 2002, the building was refurbished. Today, the shopping mall Telegrafen occupies the first floor, and the top three floors house office spaces. Today, the building is listed, and therefore protected.

Kjøttbasaren was originally constructed to control the trade that took place on the square, and to control the turnover of foods in regards to cheating and hygiene. In 1879, the city's library moved into the loft, and stayed there until 1917. Also, different municipal agencies have had their offices in the city’s bazaar over the years.

Børsbygningen i Bergen, the stock exchange building, was the central meeting place for business in the county of Hordaland in the 1800’s. Here, prices and exchange rates were noted, especially regarding grain and fish, and people could keep themselves updated on national and worldwide affairs through journals and newspapers. The stock exchange also housed a library. Børsbygningen, the stock building, was drawn by architect Franz Wilhelm Schiertz in 1862. In the period between 1918 and 1923, the Norwegian painter Axel Revold got the task to decorate the hall. The fresco painting was called Verket, and portrayed Bergen city center as a place for international trading. Since Bergen Børs opened in 1862, it has also – among other things – housed the city’s bank, offices, a bike repair shop, a furniture store, and the tourist office. Today, you will find a collective of restaurants on the premises. Matbørsen serves dishes inspired by the whole world, through different restaurant concepts. In 2017, the luxury Hotel Bergen Børs opened their doors, together with Bare Restaurant and Bar.

From 1894-95 the city bazaar was rebuilt after drawings by engineer Hans Sparres, and the name was changed to Kjødbazaren. In 1986, the building was conserved. The Meat Bazaar was completely renovated and reopened in the 1990's, and today it houses Restaurant 1877, Biblioteket Bar, Starbucks and Egon.

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You can ďŹ nd Nespresso boutique at Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 and Lagunen Storsenter, Laguneveien 1.



Bergen, Hordaland

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Bergen Matbørs

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Bien Basar

Den Nationale Scene

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Bergen, Hordaland

Bergen, Hordaland

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Bergen Harbor, Norway

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moodsofbergen Bergen, Hordaland

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Sunglasses for kids from Izipizi, Sprell 359 NOK

Lace Dress from Maud, Høyer 2699 NOK Knit from Camilla Pihl, Retro 1200 NOK

Sunglasses from Oliver Peoples, Krogh Optikk 3690 NOK

HIGH SUMMER Enjoy warm days and nights in light fabrics and fresh colours

Ecco Flowt, Haaland Sko 1200 NOK

G ne

re n

Thermo flask from Swell, 500 ml, Infinity 450 NOK

Straw bag from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, MYBAG 299 NOK


Flower pot from Ferm Living, Glass Thomsen from 379 NOK

io n f

ro m

S øs


Bathing suit for kids from Polarn O. Pyret 249 NOK

Dress from Katrin Uri, Zander 2399 NOK


Enamel cup from Muurla, comes in several designs and colors, Småting, from 169 NOK

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Safe and easy parking.


Bring home some treasures from Bergen based designers to commemorate your trip. Kathrine Nørgård

Photo by Kathrine Nørgård

Kathrine Nørgård is a Norwegian fashion

designer from Bergen.

Her dresses are very popular among Norwegian celebrities, and have often been seen on the red carpet. In 2015, Kathrine Nørgård opened her first store in Bergen’s city centre. – Focusing on functionality, quality materials and high technical workmanship, I aim

to create sustainable and classic garments with flattering cuts and delicate details that accentuate the female body in the best way possible, Nørgård says. Visit her store in Strandgaten 54, in the very cosy shopping street Gågaten.  kathrinenorgardofficial  @kathrinenorgardbergen

Norwegian Rain and rain out, but the sophisticated design makes the coats perfect for a walk in the city. The company writes: The philosophy is simple. Hard core functional and waterproof outerwear that does not compromise on stylistic preferences. The hi-tech is hidden.

Norwegian Rain’s design duo is Alexander Helle and Michael T. Nartey – known as

T-Michael. The latter also has his own brand under the same name.

Duo Norwegian Rain by David Pattinson

The outerwear from Norwegian Rain keeps wind

Visit one of their flagship stores at Tårnplassen in Bergen. Address: Christian Michelsens gate 1. There you will find both Norwegian Rain and T-Michael.  @norwegianrain

Lina L. Jordan – NORWAY STAMP Norway stamp scratch art card display

As a Norwegian visual artist based in Bergen, Lina L. Jordan started her local art & design brand NORWAY STAMP. Lina invites you to discover her world through her detailed, hand drawn illustrations, inspired by Norwegian life, nature and fairy tales. NORWAY STAMP features beautifully illustrated scratch art cards, postcards, cards,

and memory and colouring book. In Bergen, you can purchase these original design works at local stores like Illums bolighus Bergen, Galleriet and Norli, or through the online shop from NORWAY STAMP.  Lina LJordan  @lina_l_jordan

Shapes & Shadows Origami, and plays with light, shadows, shapes and colour to create beautiful paper lamps.

– I've always had a fascination with paper. It became a natural call both through my master's degree in visual communication at the Art and Design College in Bergen, and through my company “Shapes & Shadows”, to find ways to use this great and flexible natural material, she says.

– The reason why I have mainly developed lamps is that I decided early on that I wanted to develop products that people could use over pure art.

Photo by Shapes&Shadows

Annette Sandøy Kristiansen is inspired by

I am incredibly proud of ! All products are handcrafted by Kristiansen in her workshop at Bryggen. You can also find them at an exhibition in the store Heim (also at Bryggen).   Shapes&Shadows   @_shapes_and_shadows_

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Foto: Catharina Caprino

Great vision – good looks. Most Ray-Ban sunglasses can be adjusted to your sight. Ž | 800 57 644 BERGEN Xhibition | Lagunen


Mon-Fri 9-21 | Sat 9-18 | Tax Free Shopping | Free WIFI



Sunglasses from Maui Jim, Optiker Svabø 1717 NOK

These pieces are on our most wanted, and needed, list right now!

Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs, Krogh Optikk 2190 NOK Pouch from Save My Bag, Gizmo 200 NOK


Bikini from Calvin Klein, Infinity, top 550 NOK pants 500 NOK

Silk scarf from Days Like This 299 NOK

Bathing shorts for kids, from Polarn O. Pyret 249 NOK

Bag from Save My Bag, Gizmo 690 NOK

A NEW SUMMER WARDROBE FRESH TASTES Balsamic vinegar with pomegranate from Olivenlunden 100 ml 149 NOK 250 ml 249 NOK

Dress from Camilla Pihl, Retro 2000 NOK

Jumpsuit from Selected Femme 799,95 NOK

T-shirt from Days Like This 249 NOK

Balsamic vinegar with peach and apricot from Olivenlunden, 100 ml 149 NOK 250 ml 249 NOK

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Røst Bergen Bryggen 15, tlf 48 89 44 99 5.



1. Hand soap/body lotion from Fitjar from kr 219. Made in Norway 2. Bag from Und kr 499. Designed in Bergen 3. Bunad blanket from Fram Oslo kr 2189. Made in Norway 4. Tea towel from Fram Oslo kr 249. Made in Norway 5. Cutlery from Skaugum of Norway kr 799. Made in Norway 6. Dress from We Norwegians kr 1195. Designed in Norway 7. Earrings from Linn Sigrid Bratland kr 299. Made in Norway 8. Ring from Ulrikke Vogt Jewelry kr 1199. Made in Norway


9. Cheese slicer from Skaugum kr 349. Made in Norway


Summer news from Sprell

Visit Sprell Djeco Synthesizer 799 NOK

Chr. Michelsens gate 5 Visit their webshop:

Ladder game from Djeco 179 NOK Umbrella from Djeco 149 NOK

FUN AND GAMES Megamikado game 259 NOK

Sprell is all about quality toys, baby equipment and lovely interior pieces for your kids’ room. Sprell has handpicked the best design pieces made of natural materials – and made to last.

Night lamp from Mr. Maria 699 NOK

Ring game 199 NOK

Yedoo balance bike 1299 NOK

Game with tin cans from Buitenspeel 325 NOK

Play-tent from Djeco 899 NOK

Water game from Aquaplay 999 NOK

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AMANDASEKKEN Handmade leather backpack since 1974




L AG U N E N S TO RS E N T E R VESTKANTEN QU ALITY & SERVICE h a nsh b er g en w w w. h a n s h . n o EHa S T . ns H




Rain cap from Blæst, Aksdal i Muren 349 NOK

Rain gloves from Blæst, Aksdal i Muren 399 NOK

Goa serving cutlery in stainless steel, from Cutipol. Cake shovel, cheese knife, butter knife, salad server set and more. Get it at FabelFlora, Nordahl Bruns gt. 9.


s Boli

ghus each 299 NOK

NORDIC MADE Bring home gorgeous design pieces from designers up North.

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llu m k, I

Shooting stars earrings in 18K yellow gold with Lapis, from Ole Lynggard Copenhagen, Theodor Olsens Eftf. Juvelér 12 700 NOK

Dress from Camilla Pihl, Retro 2000 NOK

Shorts from By Malina, Infinity 1200 NOK Wrap top from Riccovero 999 NOK

Leather bag from the Danish brand Treats, MYBAG 1199 NOK

Pants from Minus, Emil 900 NOK

Trousers from Riccovero 1299 NOK

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Ă˜stre Murallmenningen 23

Fashionable rainwear from Bergen!



to our multibrand store located at Galleriet’s 2nd floor. We also have stores at Lagunen and Horisont.

OUR BRANDS Arnie says - 5 units - 2nd one - MbyM - By Malina - MAUD - Dante 6 - Calvin Klein - Saint Tropez - Asfvlt - Front Society - Dry Lake - Pia Tjelta - Echo - Swell - Quay Voluspa - Oroblo - Lakrids - Design Letters - Deborah Lippmann - Lily and Rose - Bon Dep Caroline Svedbom - Richmond and Finch - B-low the Belt - Jim Rickey


The Bergen Christmas Market in the heart of Bergen is open every day 10-21 from November 28th until December 22nd 2019.

Apply to be a market trader at the Bergen Christmas Market More information and application form on Bergen Christmas Market Marketing director: Thomas Ottesen Tel.: +47 90 98 14 14 E-mail: Facebook: @byjulemarked

Strandkaien 18 | Tlf: 55 23 23 90 |




Nygårdsgaten 1B, 5015 Bergen



Twisted Bergen


Scandinavian Arts and Crafts in the heart of Bergen

With passion for handmade products, third generation of the Hjertholm family have gathered a large selection of crafts from more than 60 small workshops; local, norwegian and scandinavian. Ceramics, glassblowers, textile and jewellery artists sell their craft in this beautiful shop on the floor of Galleriet shoppingcenter. You are guaranteed to discover unique items that you won’t find anywhere else. Hjertholm also leads brands like Røros Tweed, Ekelund, Hillestad, Scandinavian Surface and Bengt & Lotta. Hjertholm is located on the 5’t floor in the beautiful shoppingcenter Galleriet. On the same floor you will also find a nice cafe and toilets. Get a tax-free refund check on purchases above 315 NOK. Be aware that some items are not refundable

Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8, 5014 Bergen Phone: +47 55 31 70 27 Email: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 21:00 | Saturday 09:00 - 18:00 | Sunday closed


STRØMPEDAMEN Jon Smørs gate 2 •

Markeveien 4 a


Meet a typical Bergen type... The cod, your classic Bergen hipster. Independent and liberal, with an arty beard and dressed in warm, earthy colours. Like most people in Bergen, the cod likes to hold loud discussions but is a fairlyfriendly little character when you get to know it. At the Aquarium, you’ll meet more than 400 bearded, artistic, ice-cold, acrobatic and colourful characters. Or, in other words – just completely ordinary Bergen types. You could make friends for life when you visit the Aquarium. Welcome!






Monstera - serving set





Liv - Jubilee candle holder



Dobbel Rokokko

We live in a throwaway society. Use your silverware daily and it will last a lifetime.



As always our silverware is made by hand by our skilled craftsmen.

We are the oldest gold – and silver factory in Norway and have been producing silverware for 150 years.


Pinch - salt and pepper bowls

THE SHOP In the shop you can experience craftsmen at work, creating timeless silver cutlery, beautiful interior décor items and unique jewelry.

Arven, Sandbrogaten 11, 5003 Bergen / t: 55 55 14 40 / / Åpningstider monday - saturday: 10.00 - 16.00

Come together – enjoy crafty refreshments and local food … OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 13.00 Try our Tonight’s Special every day from 18.00–21.00 Price NOK 250

romance in the heart of bergen romance bergen

(including: bread, soup, salads and one hot dish)

Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En Clarion Collection® Hotel Havnekontoret ligger midt på vakre Bryggen i Bergen sentrum. En

perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri perfekt destinasjon for å feire kjærligheten eller ta en pause fra virkeligheten sammen. Med fri We look forward to welcome you! bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping.

bruk av hotellets relaxavdeling kan dere nyte steambad, badstu, trim og fullstendig avslapping. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. Vi anbefaler også en romantisk tur i Tårnet med 360 graders utsikt over Bergen by. Husk også at når du bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Husk også at når du bor på et Clarion Collection-hotell byr vi alltid på frokostbuffet, Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på Afternoon Sweets og Tonight’s Special - hver dag. De beste prisene finner du på CLARION COLLECTION CLARION COLLECTION HAVNEKONTORET HAVNEKONTORET

11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 BergenBergen Phone:Telefon: +47 55+47 60551160 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003

Telefon: +47 55 60 11 00 | | Slottsgaten 1, 5003 Bergen

gat S jø








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dvik s ve ie n

76 Big Bite.............. Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 77 Big Bite................. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 78 Bjerck................................ Torgallmenningen 1A 79 Colonialen 44........................ Kong Oscarsgt 44 36 Colonilalen Fetevare ............... Strandgaten 18 80 Colonialen Litteraturhuset ............................



............................................... Østre Skostredet 5–7

e ga t en




se t n

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tr ko s

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97 1

















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80 39


f en Telegra E nd es t asj o


n 5



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enn allm

en Vei t Eng




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B er g





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30 29









Torg e






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s te


s pl a s Tårn te ns g a e l e h M ic Chr. 43


103 Bergen Parkering, Nø s t e ByGarasjen.................................Fjøsangerveien 4 104 Bergen Parkering, Klostergarasjen........Vestre Muralmenningen 14 105 Bergen Parkering, Nordnesgarasjen..................... Nordnesgaten 46





g a t en



Ø vre




................................... Nedre Korskirkeallmenning 1

Magic Hotel Kløverhuset..... Strandgaten 13-15 Magic Hotel Solheimsviken.. Bøhmergaten 42 Nø ........ Småstrandgaten 3 Magic Hotel Xhibition. s te Opus XVI......................... ga Vågsallmenningen 16 t en Scandic Bergen City.................. Håkonsgaten 2 Scandic Byparken................. Christies gate 5–7 Scandic Neptun................. Valkendorfsgaten 8 Scandic Strand........................ Strandkaien 2-4 Scandic Ørnen...................... Lars Hilles gate 18




66 Det Hanseatiske Museum og Scjøtstuene.............................Finnegården 1A 67 Bergen Kino.......................... Neumanns gate 3 68 Fløibanen................. Vetrlidsallmenningen 23 A 69 Grieghallen....................... Edvard Griegs plass 1 70 Kode 1............................... Nordahl Bruns gate 9 71 Kode 2............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 3


....................................... Haakon Sheteligs plass 15

g ge

64 Akvariet................................. Nordnesbakken 4 65 Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum .............................

91 Hotel Havnekontoret ................. Slottsgaten 1 92 Hotel Norge by Scandic.... Nedre Ole Bulls plass 4 93 Magic Hotel Korskirken..................................

ie n

Art, Entertainment & Activities




61 Annes Hudpleie..................................Engen 4 62 Bodyshop........... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 14 63 Beauty Codes by Pia.................. Markeveien 10

68 41


94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102


a dk

Health & Beauty



58 Norli, Galleriet....................Torgallmenningen 8 59 Norli, Strandgaten..................... Strandgaten 1 60 Norli, Bergen storsenter............ Strømgaten 8





Br y

50 A. Lohne................ Galleriet, torgalmenningen 6 51 Arven....................................... Sandbrogaten 11 52 Krogh optikk........ Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 53 Optikus Mon.........Galleriet, torgalmenningen 8 54 Optiker Svabø........................... Strandgaten 18 55 Optiker Svabø.................. Vågsallmenningen Kulturhuset USF 10 56 Theodor Olsens eftf Juveler......................Chr. Michelsens gate 2B 57 Urmaker Gjertsen... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

81 Colonialen, Kranen............... Solheimsgaten 9B 82 Duggfrisk .......... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 83 Holbergstuen . Galleriet 2.etg, Torgalmenningen 6 84 Holy Cow..............Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 85 Lysverket........................ Nordnes Rasmus Meyers Allé 9 86 Nespresso............ Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 8 87 Pink Fish...............Galleriet, torgalmenningen 8 88 TGI Fridays.................... Nedre Ole Bulls Plass 4 89 Vista.................. Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 90 Wesselstuen................... Øvre Ole Bulls plass 6

Ø vr

Jewellery & Opticals

r f sg

38 Outdoor Bergen.......................... Markeveien 3

Food & Drink

n do

Sports & Outdoors


e Valk

36 Colonialen Fetevare ................ Strandgaten 18 86 Nespresso............ Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 8 37 Olivenlunden........Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

41 Berle................................................. Bryggen 5 42 Fabelflora......................... Nordahl Bruns gate 9 43 Glass Thomsen ........... Chr. Michelsens gate 6A 44 Hjertholm.............Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 45 Illums....................................... Strandgaten 20 46 Røst ................................................ Bryggen 15 47 Småting........................................... Bryggen 9 48 Sprell..................................C. Michelsensgate 5 49 Ting................................................. Bryggen 13

Kode 3............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 7 Kode 4............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 9 Norges fiskerimuseum......... Sandviksboder 23 VilVite.............................. Thormøhlens Gate 51

g t.


Home & Gifts

72 73 74 75

dt s

34 Twisted................................... Nygårdsgaten 1B 35 Zander....................................... Strandkaien 18

39 Platou.................................. Småstrandgaten 8 40 Sport 1.................. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3


.......................................Jacobsfjorden 6C, Bryggen



6 Aksdal......................Østre Murallmenningen 23 7 Amanda by Deguy............. Kong Oscarsgate 31 8 Deguy...................Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 9 Deguy ............... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 10 Emil.........................................Markeveien 8-10 11 Emil..................... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 12 Emil................ Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 13 Emilie......................................... Markeveien 10 14 Gizmo............................ Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4 15 Gullaksen.............................. Nygårdsgaten 1 A 16 Haaland sko .............................. Strandgaten 5 17 Hans H.......................................Strandgaten 12 18 Høyer.................................. Torgallmenningen 2 19 Infinity..................Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 20 Match....................Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 6 21 Match............. Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 22 Mrs. Capone.......... Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 23 My bag........... Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 24 Netty Underwear.... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 15 25 Netty Underwear................... Starvhusgaten 3 26 Polarn o pyret...... Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 27 Retro..................................... Olav Kyrresgate 7 28 Riccovero.............. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 29 Riccovero............... Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 30 Scabal........................... Chr. Michelsens gate 2B 31 Selected................ Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 32 Strømpedamen....................... Jon Smørsgate 2 33 Susan Fosse Knitwear....................................

S an

Clothing & Shoes

ai e n

1 Galleriet..............................Torgallmenningen 8 2 Kløverhuset.......................... Strandgaten 13-15 3 Sundt............................... Torgallmenningen 14 4 Telegrafen ............................. Starvhusgaten 4 5 Xhibition senter ................. Småstrandgaten 3


Shopping Centers

N ye

Fe s tn

City Map

s te

re T or g


Ves t 1 Galleriet..............................Torgallmenningen 8 2 Kløverhuset.......................... Strandgaten 13-15 3 Sundt............................... Torgallmenningen 14 4 Telegrafen ............................. Starvhusgaten 4 5 Xhibition senter ................. Småstrandgaten 3

Clothing & Shoes 6 Aksdal......................Østre Murallmenningen 23 7 Amanda by Deguy............. Kong Oscarsgate 31 8 Deguy...................Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 9 Deguy ............... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 10 Emil.........................................Markeveien 8-10 11 Emil..................... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 12 Emil................ Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 13 Emilie......................................... Markeveien 10 14 Gizmo............................ Halfdan Kjerulfs gate 4 15 Gullaksen.............................. Nygårdsgaten 1 A 16 Haaland sko .............................. Strandgaten 5 17 Hans H.......................................Strandgaten 12 18 Høyer.................................. Torgallmenningen 2 19 Infinity..................Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 20 Match....................Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 6 21 Match............. Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 22 Mrs. Capone.......... Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 23 My bag........... Bergen storsenter, Strømgaten 8 24 Netty Underwear.... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 15 25 Netty Underwear................... Starvhusgaten 3 26 Polarn o pyret...... Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 27 Retro..................................... Olav Kyrresgate 7 28 Riccovero.............. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 29 Riccovero............... Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 30 Scabal........................... Chr. Michelsens gate 2B 31 Selected................ Telegrafen, Starvhusgaten 4 32 Strømpedamen....................... Jon Smørsgate 2 33 Susan Fosse Knitwear.................................... .......................................Jacobsfjorden 6C, Bryggen

34 Twisted................................... Nygårdsgaten 1B 35 Zander....................................... Strandkaien 18

Delicasy 36 Colonialen Fetevare ................ Strandgaten 18 74 Nespresso............ Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 8 37 Olivenlunden........Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

Sports & Outdoors 38 Outdoor Bergen.......................... Markeveien 3


Home & Gifts 41 Berle................................................. Bryggen 5 42 Fabelflora......................... Nordahl Bruns gate 9 43 Glass Thomsen ........... Chr. Michelsens gate 6A 44 Hjertholm.............Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 45 Illums....................................... Strandgaten 20 46 Røst ................................................ Bryggen 15 47 Småting........................................... Bryggen 9 48 Sprell..................................C. Michelsensgate 5 49 Ting................................................. Bryggen 13


is t i

34 Kode 3............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 7 Kode 4............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 9 Norges fiskerimuseum......... Sandviksboder 23 VilVite.............................. Thormøhlens Gate 51

L ar Nyg

år d

sg a

s Hi lles

g t.

50 A. Lohne................ Galleriet, torgalmenningen 6 51 Arven....................................... Sandbrogaten 11 52 Krogh optikk........ Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 53 Optikus Mon.........Galleriet, torgalmenningen 8 54 Optiker Svabø........................... Strandgaten 18 55 Optiker Svabø.................. Vågsallmenningen 10 56 Theodor Olsens eftf Juveler......................Chr. Michelsens gate 2B 57 Urmaker Gjertsen... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8

Bookstore 58 Norli, Galleriet....................Torgallmenningen 8 59 Norli, Strandgaten..................... Strandgaten 1 60 Norli, Bergen storsenter............ Strømgaten 8

Health & Beauty 61 Annes Hudpleie..................................Engen 4 62 Bodyshop........... Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 14 63 Beauty Codes by Pia.................. Markeveien 10

Art, Entertainment & Activities 64 Akvariet................................. Nordnesbakken 4 65 Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum ............................. ....................................... Haakon Sheteligs plass 15

66 Det Hanseatiske Museum og Scjøtstuene.............................Finnegården 1A 67 Bergen Kino.......................... Neumanns gate 3 68 Fløibanen................. Vetrlidsallmenningen 23 A 69 Grieghallen....................... Edvard Griegs plass 1 70 Kode 1............................... Nordahl Bruns gate 9 71 Kode 2............................. Rasmus Meyers allé 3

81 Colonialen, Kranen............... Solheimsgaten 9B 82 Duggfrisk .......... Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 83 Holbergstuen . Galleriet 2.etg, Torgalmenningen 6 84 Holy Cow..............Galleriet, Torgallmenningen 8 85 Lysverket........................ Rasmus Meyers Allé 9 86 Nespresso............ Galleriet, Torgalmenningen 8 87 Pink Fish...............Galleriet, torgalmenningen 8 88 TGI Fridays.................... Nedre Ole Bulls Plass 4 89 Vista.................. Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 90 Wesselstuen................... Øvre Ole Bulls plass 6

år d

s va





85 69

s ta

s jo




t en



Bergen Storsenter




............................................... Østre Skostredet 5–7

Jewellery & Opticals

ung g

t en


Food & Drink 76 Big Bite.............. Kløverhuset, Strandgaten 13-15 77 Big Bite................. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3 78 Bjerck................................ Torgallmenningen 1A 79 Colonialen 44........................ Kong Oscarsgt 44 36 Colonilalen Fetevare ............... Strandgaten 18 80 Colonialen Litteraturhuset ............................






Shopping Centers


Lill 15

72 73 74 75


ig a


City Map 39 Platou.................................. Småstrandgaten 8 40 Sport 1.................. Xhibition, Småstrandgaten 3



t en






B y p ar k



ne n

rs g



s ca


y ba







K on

o n Kin


f en Telegra E nd es t asj o


r ke




e B er g


103 65

Hotel 91 Hotel Havnekontoret ................. Slottsgaten 1 92 Hotel Norge by Scandic.... Nedre Ole Bulls plass 4 93 Magic Hotel Korskirken.................................. ................................... Nedre Korskirkeallmenning 1

94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102

Magic Hotel Kløverhuset..... Strandgaten 13-15 Magic Hotel Solheimsviken.. Bøhmergaten 42 Magic Hotel Xhibition......... Småstrandgaten 3 Opus XVI......................... Vågsallmenningen 16 Scandic Bergen City..................Håkonsgaten 2 Scandic Byparken................. Christies gate 5–7 Scandic Neptun................. Valkendorfsgaten 8 Scandic Strand........................ Strandkaien 2-4 Scandic Ørnen...................... Lars Hilles gate 18



Parking 103 Bergen Parkering, ByGarasjen.................................Fjøsangerveien 4 104 Bergen Parkering, Klostergarasjen........Vestre Muralmenningen 14 105 Bergen Parkering, Nordnesgarasjen..................... Nordnesgaten 46






lf a

r ve

ie n

The equipment specialist Foto: Arcteryx

- for outdoor activities and adventures

Outdoor Bergen is the equipment specialist for outdoor activities and adventures. Our skilled employees provide expert guidance and the city’s best service when you need clothes, footwear or equipment for your next trip experience. We carry known quality brands such as Arcteryx, Norrøna, Mammut, Icebreaker, La Sportiva, Hoka, Scarpa, Asolo, Meindl, Osprey and Gregory.

Let’s make the wise choices for you, so you can focus on your next outdoor experience. Regardless of the weather. Outdoor Bergen is centrally located in Bergen’s best shopping area, more specifically on Markeveien 3. Stop by for a nice shopping experience!

Markeveien 3, next to Torgalmenningen. Phone +47 55 62 73 00 or OPENING HOURS 10-18 THURSDAY 10-19 SATURDAY 10-16

MEET SHOP EAT Opening hours:

Profile for Bergen Sentrum

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