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Left: Jr. Matt Ziesal and Bentley Middle: Benton teachers show off their dancing skills! Right:Would you be my friend if I wore this?!?

Mission: Creating a Culture for Growth! March Events in St. Joseph

Inside this Edition: Spring Sports are Kicking Off !

Who: Moila Shrine Temple Circus When: Friday, March 9 @ 7pm Saturday, March 10 @11am,1pm, 3pm, 7:30pm Sunday, March 11 @ 1pm, 5pm Where: Civic Arena Who: Mystery Dinner Theatre: Great Day for the Irish When: Saturday, March 17 @ 7:30-9:30 Where: Robidoux Landing Playhouse

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Did You Know?

34 million Americans ha ve Irish ancestry, according to the 2003 US Census. That’s almos t nine times the population of Ire land, which has 4.1 million pe ople.

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Pictured: Fr. Madisyn Reynolds and Sr. Syndey Wilkinson

Pictured: Sr. Keegan Cunningham

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March 2012  Sunday
























MSHSAA District  3-­ Winn.  @  Kansas  City (Debate)





Girls Soccer  vs.   Schlagle  @  Spring   Garden  MS-­JV/V 4:00pm



           ST.  PATRICK’S  DAY! 24



Boys Tennis  vs.   Bishop  LeBlond  (A) JV/V  4:00pm Girls  Soccer  vs.   Cameron  @Spring   Garden  MS-­JV/V 4:00pm

City Round  Robin-­ Benton  Host-­(H)  V TBA 26


Boys Tennis  vs.   Cameron  (H) JV/V  4:00pm

Savannah Invitational-­Golf  (A) JV/V  9:00am

Central Soph/Fr  Meet   (Track)  @  Central   3:30pm

Cameron/Savannah/ Benton Tri-­Golf  @   Cameron-­JV/V 4:00pm

Girls Soccer  vs.   Savannah  (A)-­JV/V 4:00pm

Girls Soccer  vs.   Lafayette  @  Spring   Garden  MS-­JV/V 4:00pm

Baseball vs.  St.  Pius   Girls  Soccer  vs.  Central   (H)  JV/V @  Spring  Garden  MS-­ 4:30pm/6:30pm JV/V  4:00pm Baseball  vs.  Maryville   (A)  JV/V  4:30pm




Baseball vs.   Smithville  (Conf)-­(A) JV/V  4:30pm Baseball  vs.  Maryville   (H-­DH)-­Frosh   4:30pm

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The History of St.

century, Saint Patrick’s Day turned into a holy day for Roman Catholics in Ireland. The first Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States was held in Boston by the Charitable Irish Society. However, in Boston, the holiday didn’t hold any by Devyn Auxier Catholic meaning because the thirteen Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated colonies were mainly Protestant. Instead, each year by a display of Boston held the the color green, beer celebration to pay One folklore says that St. Patrick was able to chase all snakes drinking (for those of respects to their out of Ireland where they then proceeded to drown in the age, of course), and the homeland of Ireland. playful act of pinching ocean. Celebrators of the those who are not holiday took part in a honoring the code of church service and a wearing green. Who dinner. In 1762, New knew through all of York held their these festivities, though, first Saint Patrick’s that the holiday started Day. After that, the out as a religious celebration tribute? spread like wildfire. St. Patrick’s Day pays Now, Saint tribute to Saint Patrick, Patrick’s Day is and the beginning of celebrated across the Christianity in Ireland. United States with This holy day is usually religion, alcohol, and celebrated by going to green clothing. church, and letting go of Pinching usually the meal constraints of punishes those who Lent. Saint Patrick’s don’t wear green. Day is celebrated across Many cities around the world by countries the United States such as Ireland, the celebrate Saint United States, Canada, Patrick’s Day in and Australia, just to their own unusual name a few. way. Seattle paints So who exactly was their parade route Saint Patrick? Saint green, Chicago dyes Patrick was born as the Chicago River Maewyn Succat in 375 green, and Savannah AD in Scotland. When dyes their downtown Succat was sixteen, he fountains green. At was abducted by Irish the Missouri raiders and auctioned as University of Science continued this path for forty years before a slave. Six years after he was kidnapped, and Technology, the alumni of the St. dying on March 17, 461 AD. Succat had a dream that God told him Patrick’s Board paint twelve blocks of the In the beginning, green was not linked there was a way to escape his slavery. A city green before their yearly parade. to Saint Patrick’s Day, but blue ship was waiting for him at the coast that There has been a lot of transformation was. However, by the 17th would take him from Ireland to of Saint Patrick’s Day from beginning to century, it became popular to Britain. Succat did escape, and upon his present day, but we should try not to wear green shamrocks on your arrival in Britain, he assumed the name forget the true meaning of Saint Patrick’s clothes in commemoration of the holiday. Patrick and shortly after became a priest. Day. After all, it’s all in the name. Why shamrocks? It’s said that Saint Eventually moving up the religious Patrick used shamrocks to explain the ranks and becoming bishop, Patrick Holy Trinity to the Irish. In the 17th

Patrick’s Day

another dream from God. This one told him that the people of Ireland needed him. So Patrick traveled back to Ireland where he started educating people about Christianity, reconstructing churches, and helping many people convert their religion to Catholicism. It is believed that

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The Lunchtime Battle by Emily Cox When choosing what to eat for lunch, making a healthy choice is really important. Not only that, but you want to like what you’re eating. School cafeteria food seems to be a growing, and controversial, issue in many high schools across the country. Many students have developed strong feelings about the quality and quantity of food we receive every day. Since no one is allowed to leave during lunch to go get their own food, this seems to have struck a nerve among students in several schools. The alarming question that students want to know is, “What is wrong and how can we fix it?” Junior, Sephra Pompa, of Benton High School said, “The food we get sucks.” When I asked her what was displeasing about the food she simply replied, “The taste.” Some students say it’s the lack of variety, while others say it’s the quality of food we get. The main problem is satisfying every single student’s tastebuds. The options are there, as well as all the components of the food pyramid. Other students are concerned about the amount of food we are served. Some students say they leave the lunchroom hungry, but are they really taking everything the cafeteria has to offer? Includes their fruits and vegetables? Junior, Lauryn Gilmore said, “How can they [school district] expect us to get a full course lunch, and eat it, in thirty minutes, when we have to stand in line and wait for ten? I am too rushed to eat, and on almost a daily basis I do not finish my lunch in time.” School is about education, and eating a healthy lunch keeps your mind sharp. A good lunch acts as brain food; a bad lunch does us no justice. Furthermore, schools should make it a priority to teach students healthy eating habits. Most students that I interviewed said they want healthy, unprocessed, fresh foods. With the price of lunch being high, many people are confused about why we are not being offered better choices. Another student (who wanted to remain anonymous) said, “The food is over priced. I could be going to get my own lunch and be paying half of what I pay a week here; at least I would enjoy what I am eating.” Is the school district feeding kids

with the idea of filling their stomachs because they may not be getting fed at home? Or are we being offered food with kid appeal just so we will eat? Many parents may not be aware of what their children are receiving for lunch. Families, who are kept from this knowledge may have a different attitude towards paying for their child’s lunch if they really knew what their kids were receiving. If schools are in the business of educating kids, shouldn’t they also be educating them on healthy eating habits, too? We have seen small improvements in Benton’s cafeteria recently. As many of you may know, we now have a salad bar located next to the milk cooler. Students, such as junior Kaelynn Burchett, said she enjoys the new addition and the healthy options it provides. During a CAMP Congress meeting, the idea of a salad bar was brought up and we can see the outcome as been positive. Maybe what we need is better communication between students and those that work in the food area. Lunch from a Different View... Every story has two sides to tell. Lets take a look through the eyes of the very people who cook and serve the food in our cafeteria. Our cafeteria ladies work very hard to make us happy and meet the demands that we request. Like any facility, they can only work with what they are given. The school district makes up the menu for the month, and the cafeteria is obligated to follow that. So maybe the problem is beyond them, a bigger picture. Now without trying to play the blame game, every employee has a boss and as an employee you have to do what that boss says. I’m sure everyone would agree to that. The district sets nutritional guidelines. Mrs. Debbie Harness, the head cook in our cafeteria, said, “Robin Rhodes is the Nutritional Service Supervisor, and he is in charge of doing the main menu, as well we, as managers, are provided with a list of things that I can serve, as well. These things I try to fix, is what I think you kids would like to have for lunch.” I took the time to ask Mrs. Harness a couple of questions that might capture your interest. Below is my Q&A with Mrs. Harness.

What is your attitude towards the lunch here at school? “ I think as high school kids, you students know what you like to eat. Not saying you don’t always like the "main" choices you are given. That is why I try to add what you like.” Where can students go to voice their opinions and ask questions, or make suggestions, that they have? “If any student is unhappy with what they are having, or is being served for lunch, you may express that feeling to myself, or Robin Rhodes, or to your CAMP Council.” What is it like being on the other side of things or, in other words, what other inside information can you provide us? “I love my job, and interacting with all the kids here at Benton. I have times when I wish I could just give everyone what they want, and that every student gets a hot lunch. That is what school nutrition is, a good hot lunch that everyone can enjoy and have. We do not like having kids, not having a lunch.”

Besides the new addition of the salad bar, can we expect anymore changes? “With the salad bar, which I think you students really enjoy, as well as the staff, yeah. We have also become eco-friendly by using real plates, and forks, which will help with saving the planet for our future generation. I would like to see, and we have started, with more fruits and veggies being offered. And with the new tables and chairs, thanks to Dr. Westfall, and hopefully more choice of what the students want to eat. I would like to make the cafeteria into a food court of some sort so students can get their lunch in a more timely manner. Keep in mind, we must go by the federal guidelines, and with that in mind, we will do the best that we can, Anything you students would like to talk to me about, please feel free to come and visit me anytime, my door is always open.”

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March Horoscopes



Communications from friends and relatives stuff your mail boxes this month. Short trips can be fun and functional and you’ll make many. Try to avoid a confrontation with a sibling on the 12th. You’ll see you’re own worst habits in this person and you may not like what you see. Time to make some changes. A nagging home problem will hang like a sword over your head until the 24th of the month. Fixing the problem until then will only make it worse so wait until then to make a move on it.

Your vacation takes center stage this month. Try to go before the 11th or after the 13th when pressure could come from your employer to stay on the 12th. Your career and job will still be there when you get back. There could also be interesting news regarding your position when you do get back. That information will set the tone for the remainder of the month. Changes will test your resolve but also allow you to contribute to your future wherever you are employed.



You cash situation looks so great this month. The money could be just pouring in. If there is a problem with this it will most likely occur on the 20th when a romantic interest or a child could make an outlandish demand for cash that you may well regret saying YES to. Also this month you may find yourself holding your tongue regarding something you know about, but are afraid to say. After the 24th, someone may take the pressure off and you’ll be able to breath easier then.

Jointly held assets are the center of attention for you this month. Changes and decisions will require some deep thought and major commitment on your part. One thing will be assured; the 12th will have the truth about these assets revealed for better or worse. These changes in fortune could have you looking for greener pastures at a distance. Some will appeal, some won’t. Best not to make any decision until after the 24th when Mars moves out of your House of Distant Matters and enters your House of Career. This could then be the deciding factor.

Gemini The Sun and Venus are in your 1st House of Self at this time giving you vitality and beauty to attract the opposite sex. Mercury will pass through this house as well this month and you’ll most like hear about how great you look. Pay close attention on the 12th, when meaningful relationship issues may require you to make personal changes for your partner. Financial upheavals settled down after the 24th.

Cancer This is a month to slow down and just take it easy. Part of you will want to go and the other part will want to stay and be still. It’s a tough call; just remember not to over commit on the job or to your friends. You’ll feel more like socializing after the 24th. Avoid an argument this month with a sibling. Pay attention to your health cues all month. A romance on the job could be taxing you in ways you’re unaware of and it could bring you some upsets.

Leo It could be safe to say that your friends could be planning ways to ruin your love life this month as a prank. Or it could be the other way around. Either way, be aware that there will be friction. You could also be feeling some restrictions that rub you the wrong way, too. Patience is a virtue. Don’t go ballistic until you have all the facts. After the 24th, it would be a good time for you to find a solitary outlet for you energies. This will allow you the room you need to work out your problems away from distracting influences.

Virgo Much is happening in your career sector this month. You could be the shining employee of the month and it may surprise you. Look for ways to improve you current career situation and put those plans into action around the middle of March. Learning to say No, as well as Yes, to your friends will be the people exercise you learn this month. After the 21st the emphasis will be on you friendships and the things you want out of life. It’s an excellent time to focus on those issues.

Sagittarius Your committed relationship boat sails on quiet seas this month until the 12th. On that day you both become mirrors for each other’s behavior and you may not like the view. Personal changes may be necessary to maintain that relationship past that day. Strong ones will weather the storm, weak ones will not. This will be for the best. There could be major issues over jointly held assets as well. Time to sharpen the pencils and get out the old calculator for an accounting. The urge to take a trip becomes overwhelming after the 24th. Time to hit the open road.

Capricorn The job scene is popping with excitement this month. New challenges and opportunities could be right around the corner. If you have any suggestions, write them down and hand them in to the boss. They’ll be well received. A long-term relationship issue could require your attention this month, as well. Patience is the answer as you work through the problems. The pressure is relieved after the 24th.

Aquarius Your romantic life is going to be a whirlwind this month. Avoid a major confrontation of the 12th, but take notes for later. There may be clues all month that don’t set right and those hard questions may need to be asked of your lover before month’s end. Employment issues have you torn in two directions this month. After the 21st there could be some resolutions made in this area. Then the 24th will find a complete closure on the matter.

Pisces The home front could have you picking colors and fabrics for a redo. This is an excellent time for home improvement projects, inside or out. Ideas seem to flow in during the last three weeks of the month. Be careful on the 12th not to neglect your career, as there could be some fallout there. A romantic partner could be giving you mixed signals all month. Be patient and wait this person out until the 24th. The reason for this flip-flop maneuvering will be revealed after that date.

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Countdown to March Madness By: Jered Ross The 2012 NCAA March Madness is less than a month away. Teams have been working hard all year for this one particular tournament. It’s the do or die month for some teams who have struggled during the season. It’s also the month for teams who have been successful this season. March Madness got its name because of all the shocking upsets and season ending games that occur. Teams across the country have their eyes set on two goals; the conference championship, and the NCAA National Tournament. March can be the month where tournament seeds can either go up or go down, no doubt number one seeds can fall to the 2 or 3 slot this month. The stronger conferences, such as the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big East, South Eastern Conference (SEC), Pacific 12 Conference (PAC 12), and the Big 12 Conference, have an outright bid to the big dance. Struggling team or not, if you win the conference title in one of these tournaments, you have punched your ticket to the dance. For the weaker conferences, if you’re on the bubble and struggling through the season, you have to win to keep playing, unlike the power conferences who can take more than 5 teams to the dance, depending on their season. Sixty-eight teams will make it to the big dance. Each team must get through the most difficult month in college basketball to become the NCAA National Champion. Upsets, heartbreaks, blowouts, and just old fashion wins are inevitable. Welcome, this is March Madness.

Giants Win Second Super Bowl in Six Years By Jered Ross touchdown. Bradshaw was the

Picture from: Google Images

The New York Giants have come a long way since the first game of the season, but look at them now, they are the Super Bowl champs. With a final count of 21-17, the Giants held New England to 83 rushing yards and no touchdowns on the ground. Tom Brady threw for 276 yards with one interception, and two touchdowns. No one from New England had 50 rushing yards. The Giants, on the other hand, rushed for a combined 115 yards. Ahmad Bradshaw had 17 carries for 72 yards and one

leading rusher for the Giants. Eli Manning threw for 296 yards and one touchdown, hooking up with Hakeem Nicks 10 times for 109 yards. Mario Manningham had 5 catches for 73 yards in the big game. The Giants, with seven losses on record, turned it around to become an outstanding season as they cap it off with a Super Bowl win. Another year teams will have to wait, but for now, the Giants can celebrate and enjoy the Super Bowl championship win. Final score for Super Bowl XLVI, NewYork 21, New England 17. Page 7

Homecoming Week in Review by Cheyanne Mast

Homecoming has come and gone, but students and staff will have lasting memories of the week thanks to everyone who came out and showed their spirit. To kick off Homecoming week, Student Council created a theme for each day so students, and staff, could show off their school spirit. Monday, February 6 kicked off the week with students dressing up as superheroes, and staff as the villains. Monday also held the student awards assembly to honor those students who have gone above and beyond during their high school career. Tuesday was “Sports Day”; freshman them was golf attire, sophomores were football players, juniors, baseball players, and the seniors dressed as basketball players. Another assembly was also held on Tuesday to introduce the senior guy candidates for Mr. BHS. This was the first year for Benton to hold a Mr. BHS contest, hosted by the prom committee. Candidates for the competition were, seniors Quinton Baldwin, Matt Sharp, Nick Zawdony, Will Sexton, Ryan Mitchell, Tyler Fredrickson, Trevor Brown, Dylan Lasley, Keegan Cunningham, Brad (Boo) Steltenpohl, Lucas Powers, Matt Cowles, Josh Scott, and our Mr. BHS winner, Seth Pfleiderer. Wednesday dress attire was, “Would you still be my friend if I wore this?” Students, and staff, were to dress as “embarrassing” as possible. I think it’s safe to say that a bit of nerd came out in all of us. Thursday was “Million Dollar Day” in which students and staff dressed as rich as possible. The “bling” was definitely brought out for this day. Friday was “Spirit Day”. Benton students and staff dressed up in Benton colors to support the Cardinals. The pep assembly, to get geared up for the big game, was also held that day. Entertainment was definitely the highlight of the assembly with the announcement of Homecoming Court, a dance performed by the boys Varsity basketball players and the Benton Cardinelles, a performance from the JV boys basketball players hosted by the Benton cheerleaders, and a surprise dance performance from a handful of the Benton teachers that put students laughter over the top. Also, Mr. Turner and Mrs. Roseberry were nominated as the “Most Spirited” for homecoming week. The Homecoming Court candidates chosen for royalty were freshman prince Trevor Stanton and princess Maleah Lankford, sophomore prince Simon Traster and princess Hope Gibson, junior prince Mike Sewell and princess Brea Lembke, and senior Homecoming King and Queen, Brad (Boo) Steltenpohl and Ella Lembke. Friday night the Benton boys basketball team played the Maryville Spoofhounds. After a close game, the final score was 52-50, Spoofhounds. Saturday night, Homecoming Week ended with a dance held in the Modis Gym at Benton. Thanks to everyone for making Homecoming week such a fun and memorable week! Page 8


Spring Sports Fever by Sami Kretzer The winter snow is melting, spring is right around the corner, and with that comes a new season of sports for Benton High School. This time of year begins new sports like, boy’s baseball, boy’s tennis, girl’s soccer, and track and field. Believe it or not, opening day is just around the corner. Here is the schedule of season openers: Baseball: 3/19-22/12 City Round Robin Tournament (Home) Track and Field: 03/23/12 (Home) Soccer: 03/20/12 vs. Schlagle (Home) Golf: 2/26/12 @ Cameron (Away) Tennis: 3/22/12 @ LeBlond (Away) With this new season comes new hopes and expectations. In particular, junior Paige Kneale looks forward to the competition on the soccer field, and her new teammates. “This soccer season I am looking forward to all the new players that I have heard about. Also, I am ready to possibly win districts, and getting back at Lafayette. Last year they knocked us out in the first round. Yes, it was a good and hard game, but we had it and should of pulled away with it.” Kneale went on to say, “This year I am looking forward to being the new forward and taking control of the game and keeping everyone up and aggressive.” The hopes are just as high for the track team who gained a new coach this year, Coach Allen. Junior Molly Gach, who runs the 400-meter dash, and 400-meter relay said, “It will be much more different this year because there is a new middle distance coach. We also lost two or three seniors so I have high hopes for our underclassmen runners to fill enough spots to have a relay team.” The team had few girl participants last year, so Molly felt she needed to add some encouragement. “All girls should come out if you are interested in track! It’s a lot of fun and is a great experience as a team!” For junior Jason Kalamon, this season means even more to him than most. This is his comeback season from his ACL surgery last year. When asked how he feels about being able to play this year after the long awaited recovery time from the surgery he said, “I’m so ready for the season to begin! This is what I’ve been looking forward to since before I even had my surgery. It’s been a longawaited return but all the effort I spent making my knee stronger will be worth it, I feel. It’s been a bummer having to sit out my other sports seasons but I’m glad I get to come back to my favorite one!” The district-wide sports schedule for spring season may say “Spring”, but what few seldom understand is the amount of time and effort many spring athletes invest during the off season to achieve the upper hand on the competition that is ever growing. Some athletes spend more time working on their game, or pushing themselves further than they do during the actual season. “The amount of effort and practice you put into your sport directly results in how you perform and how you do. Never cut yourself a break. In the end, that extra mile could have been what made the difference.” said junior Kain Ellis. If you’ve got that fever for spring sports, don’t be afraid to give it a shot! There is still time to get involved and be apart of Benton athletics. Be sure to show some support for the Cardinal spring athletes by cheering them on and supporting their season!

Senior Spotlight by Sami Kretzer Q: What position do you play and what is your batting position? A: “I’m an outfielder and lead off batter.”

Brad (Boo) Steltenpohl

Q: What is your favorite memory from your high school career? A: “Hitting my first home run on senior night my junior year.” Q: What’s your favorite thing about baseball and the team? A: “That you’re able to fail half the time and still be counted as great.” Q: What’s your most memorable game of all the seasons you have played? A: “When I pitched and we beat the number four ranked Savannah at Phil Welch.” Q: Will you miss home games or away games the most? A: “Home games because the atmosphere at our home games are amazing.” Q: How do you feel the team will do this year? A: “If we don’t make a run for state it will be a huge disappointment.” Q: What will you miss most about Benton baseball? A: “I will mostly miss the guys and the experiences that I’ve received.” Q: What are your plans for college? A: “I’m not for certain on whether I would like to continue playing, or get right into my education. Q: Have you been offered any scholarships? A: “I have been offered a very good scholarship for baseball. With my ACT score I should receive some for academics.” Q: What do you plan to major in college? A: “Finance or business management. I love money and being the boss.” Q: How do you prepare for a game? Any rituals? A: “I like to keep it simple and just stay loose” Q: Many baseball players are known to have superstitions, do you have any? A: “If I play good with a certain pair of socks on they will be worn the next game also.” Q: Gatorade vs. PowerAde? Preference in color? A: “Blue Gatorade” Q: Favorite baseball quote? A: “In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted, if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.” ~Tom Seaver Q: What’s the best advise you have ever been given? A: “Never be afraid to fail.” Q: What would be a piece of advise you would give to your underclassmen teammates? A: “Don’t be lazy and work hard. Then you can be the one on time during crunch time.”

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Want to Improve Your ACT Score? by Keegan Cunningham Many students at Benton High School have been concerned about their ACT scores. To solve this problem, Benton started created an ACT Academy for students. This is the second year for the academy, and is simply a way to help students raise their ACT scores. Last year the academy was only offered to seniors, but this year it has been expanded to allow both juniors and seniors to take advantage of the course. Like all great things, there are requirements to get into the academy. 1) You must have previously taken the ACT, or are currently signed up for the next test. 2) You must have a parent or guardian’s permission. 3) You must have an outstanding attendance record. If you meet these requirements, and you want to raise your ACT score, or you just simply want to be more prepared for the test, consider looking into the ACT Academy. Junior, Sami Kretzer, attended the academy this year. “I had a 21 on the ACT

and I wanted to raise it up to at least a 23. I have learned a lot from the academy, and it has taught me how to manage my time during the test.” The Academy is an all day class that takes place in a classroom right here at Benton. What’s the downside, you might ask? While this is an amazing opportunity, the academy is all day, which means students will be missing their classes. Being apart of the academy does not excuse students from work missed while in the academy. However, the academy does teach you great test taking strategies, helps you understand every section of the test, and makes you feel more confident. Mrs. Steeby, a Benton counselor said, “I think the academy is off to a great start and it is helping students get better.” As the academy is well into its second year, the Benton community hopes to see this new program as it progresses and continues to raise the students ACT scores. To register for the ACT Academy, contact your counselor in the counseling office.

Wearing green is a big part of St.Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns are a big part of St.Patrick’s Day, as well. Leprechauns were originated in text in the 17th century as lubrican in “Dekker’s The New Whore”. In Chicago, the city dumps green vegetable dye into the Chicago River. In 1962, they poured 100 pounds of the green dye into the river. That was enough to make the river stay green for up to a week afterwards. Now, the city only uses about 40 pounds to prevent any environmental damage.This amount only lasts several hours after it is put in.

New School Schedule for 2012-2013 By: Keegan Cunningham As you may have heard already, the 2012-2013 school year at Benton High School is going to have a new schedule. This new schedule will give students and teachers an extra week off during Christmas break, and a full week of spring break giving us a total of 21 days out of school instead of the 17 that we currently have. However, we get out of school on May 22 instead of May16. We also have less early outs and no more half days throughout the year. Here’s what some of our very own students and faculty have to say about this change. MRS. COX COUNSELOR

“I like it better because Christmas break and spring break never seem long enough. I would like an extra week. And as we have seen this year, you can’t guarantee any snow days. It allows more time to travel to see family.”


“The schedule doesn’t matter to me, I’m here all year anyways. However, I like the fact that the days out are during the holidays. It gives me a chance to spend more time with my family.”


“The new schedule doesn’t bother me. Throughout my sixteen years of teaching, I have learned to get used to new schedules; just go with the flow. However, I am excited about having a full week of spring break.”



“There’s really not much of a difference. We’ll still have about the same amount of days. They are just redistributed throughout the year. I do like it better, though, because we have a longer break over the Christmas and spring holidays.”

“I like the new schedule because we get a longer break during the holidays. However, I don’t like the fact that school gets out on a later date. I would like to have a longer summer.”

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*Must present valid high school student I.D. card. Level 1 tanning. Upgrades avaialable. Not valid with any other offer. 14 & 15 years of age must have parental consent.

See store for details. Expires 2/29/12

1815 N. Belt HWY. - St Joseph, MO 64506 No Appointment Tanning • Open 7 Days a Week •

Student Achievement Awards by Devyn Auxier On January 26, Benton High School held an academic awards assembly to honor students who have made academic accomplishments throughout their high school career. Teachers were asked to nominate students who fit into specific awards categories such as, Most Improved Student, the Citizenship Award, and the Leadership Award. There were also awards for students with a GPA of 4.0, 3.75-3.99, ACT Excellence, ACT Superior, and Perfect Attendance. For Most Improved Student and the Citizenship Award, a student was chosen from each grade and awarded certificates to Taco Bell and McDonald’s. Most Improved Student awards were given to freshman Lane Beers, sophomore Robert Brendle, junior Heavin Gast, and senior Stormy Monroe. The Citizenship Award went to freshman Bryson Waitkoss, sophomore Shelby Lasley, junior Courtney Moeck, and senior Charles Thornton. Lastly, the Leadership Award was given to one girl and one boy from each grade. Those given the award were freshmen Tanner Dredge and Faye Shannon, sophomores Tyler McNutt and Dani Hughes, juniors Mike Sewell and Lindsay Williams, and seniors Colby Bradford and Jessica Ball. The ACT Excellence Award was given to students who got an ACT score of 30 or higher. These students were seniors Jessica Ball, Lauren Johnson, and Miles Redman. The ACT Superior Award was given to those students who achieved an ACT score of 27-29. Students awarded were seniors Ellen Aberer, Kari German, Colleen Prendergast, Tyler Rich, and juniors Tisha Branstetter, Jacob Dudley, Marissa Dasta, Michael Sewell, and Caleb Wacker. Many students were given awards for having a GPA of 3.75-3.99, but there was a fairly small group of students awarded for having a GPA of 4.0 (GPA’s are not weighted). These students were seniors Jessica Ball, Gail Bunge, Amber Guyer, Lauren Johnson, Ella Lembke, Sierra McNutt, juniors Marissa Dasta, Jacob Dudley, Molly Gach, Sean Sherlock, Andrea Wahlert, sophomores Lindsay Williams, Sydney Hawkins, Spencer Miller, and freshmen Matthew Peek, Lacie May, Jackenzie Todd, and Chaz Verduzco. There was also a long list of students who received an award for Perfect Attendance. Benton High School is proud of our students and their success and should be a big motivator for each and every student to do all they can to achieve such greatness. Congratulations students!


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Arts and Entertainment

Prom Season is in Full Swing by Emily Cox Prom is an elaborate event that teens attend during their junior and senior year of high school. It can be one of the most memorable nights of a teenager’s life, and to get ready for it takes a lot of organization, preparation and excitement. Teenage guys attending prom usually pay less for the event than girls. Guys have the cost of renting a tuxedo and shoes, the prom ticket, a corsage for their date, and dinner. Girls attending prom usually have to pay more because they have the cost of their prom dress, which nowadays runs between $100-500. In addition, each girl pays for the cost of her prom ticket, a boutonniere for her date, getting her hair and nails done, and a few other additional expenses on things such as accessories. Cutting corners for many teens going to prom is important. On average, Americans spend $6.6 billion dollars on prom annually. A typical girl spends about $250.00-$400.00 on a dress; boys typically spend $80.00$180.00 on a tuxedo. The price of dinner

and a ticket to prom ranges between $60.00-$80.00. There are also other expenses to consider such as transportation, and prom pictures. So as you can see, the price of prom for a teenager can quickly rise. The average couple has spends from $800.00 to $1000.00 total on prom costs. For many that may seem like a lot of money to invest into one night. Every high school junior and senior dreams of attending their prom. The glamour, the glitz, the dressing up, and the memories, but prom is becoming more and more expensive. Is this four or five hours of fun worth the price? To some, it might seem like the people who spend the most money will have the most fun, but when it comes right down to it, everyone will have a dress, and a ride, and it does not matter how much everything costs once everyone is at the venue and having fun. It is the prom itself, not the money spent, that will be remembered.

St. Patrick’s Day Facts The actual color of St. Patrick’s Day is blue. In Chicago, the rivers are dyed green. In Seattle, there is a ceremony where a green stripe is painted down the roads. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest number of leaves found on a clover is 14. A rainbow has 7 easily distinguishable colors. Both rainbow and number 7 are symbolic for luck around the world. In slot machines, triple 7’s mean you’ve hit the jackpot...your own “pot of gold”.

BHS Debate Team Competes by Mrs. Michaud

Left to right: Freshman Baylee Schubert, freshman Crystal Carter

On Saturday, February 18 Benton High School competed in Smithville’s drama and debate tournament at Smithville High School. After three rounds of competition, freshmen Baylee Schubert and Crystal Carter represented Benton as finalists with their duo piece, both bringing home medals. Congratulations to both students. Benton will compete next in the MSHSAA District competition in Kansas City, MO. on March 16-17

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Choosing the Right Career by Daniel Stephan It can be hard to go into the work force and actually enjoy the work you will be doing. Enjoying your job is a hard task to accomplish for some people. Will you be one of those people? Will you wake up every morning and be excited to go into work and start your day? Or will you be one of the many who dread going into work each day? The absence of bad does not ensure good, it only insures there will be no bad; you have to make your own good. When looking for a job, try to focus on the positives, not the negatives. If you are just searching for things you don’t want in a job you will be turning down every job that comes your way, and neglecting all the benefits that a specific job could offer and benefit you the most in the long run. The first step to getting the job that is right for you is to know your

wants and preferences. If you don’t understand what you want then the employers won’t understand it either. You have to make sure you can clearly verbalize what makes a job worth having, and what it must have to offer to be the job for you. Continuing on with the first step, you should research all of the possibilities that are being offered to you before making your decision. If you are interested in two jobs with similar benefits, look at the longterm goals; investigate what each company can offer you, and possibly your future family. If you can’t find the one job that makes you look forward to coming in on Monday, keep looking. The world will not end if you are not succeeding in your search. It’s easier to get a job when you have a job, so don’t feel bad about leaving one job for another, or looking while you have one, just be smart about it. According to statistics, around 15% of the population switch jobs annually. If you are in need of a career immediately, don’t fret it, get a job that allows you to keep working until you find that perfect job. When you’re on the lookout for

the right job for you, be sure to keep in mind your long-term goals, I can’t stress that enough. If you get a job that ‘floats your boat’ and keeps you interested, make sure that you look at where that job will take you. What I mean by that is, if your job wants to move you to a different location, and you have a family and friend system set up where you live, you have to be ready to go where they want you to go. Finding the perfect job isn’t always easy, but it is attainable. One just needs to be patient and smart about it. There’s a job out there for everyone, but a career is work you want to be able to have and enjoy for life. It’s never too early to start considering what is the right fit for you.

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Arts and Entertainment

March Music Releases By Leetha Rowe March 5 Giants by The Stranglers Secret Symphony by Kaite Meula March 13 My Children, My Bride by My Children, My Bride Anarachy, My Dear by Say Anything Incurso by Spawn of Possession Torture by Cannibal Corpse March 19 London by Apologies, I Have None March 20 Trespassing by Adam Lambert The General Strike by Anti-Flag Generation Freakshow by Feeder En Vivo! by Iron Maiden Port of Morrow by The Shins March 26 Happy to You by Miike Snow Glassheart by Leona Lewis Now 81 by Various Artists MDNA by Madonna Lillie: F-65 by Saint Vitus Seven Deadly by UFO Kids in the Street by The All-American Rejects Nine Lives by Deuce March 27 Scrappy Happiness by Joel Plaskett Amaryllis by Shinedown Vulnerable by The Used Noctourniquet by The Mars Volta Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now by Justin Townes Earle

Recommended Reading for March Vampire Academy Written by: Richelle Mead Reviewed by: Leetha Rowe

“The obvious heir to the Twilight throne.” -The Daily Beast This story is no ordinary vampire tale. Mead has done her homework on Romanian folklore and Orthodox Catholic saints, and she uses it to weave a unique and mesmerizing mystery with a whodunit ending that even the most skilled detectives will not predict. With social angst that every teenager can appreciate and sexual tension that leaves Stephanie Meyer''s Twilight looking like a children''s book, this little gem is sure to be a hit.—VOYA “I rate this book four stars because of the dangerous adventures Rose and Lissa have to go through, and the forbidden love Rose must resist.”

“Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies...”

Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess, has a rare gift of harnessing the Earth’s magic. Rose Hathaway, Lissa’s best friend, has a powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through her. Rose is dedicated to protecting Lissa from the Strigoi who want to make Lissa one of them. Lissa wants to run away, and Rose is all for it. After two years of freedom, Lissa and Rose get caught and dragged back to St.

Vladimir’s Academy, the school for vampire royalty and their guardians-to-be, hidden away deep inside the forests of Montana. What the academy doesn’t know is the Strigoi are close and that is the reason Lissa and Rose left in the first place. Rose cannot let her guard down and must resist the temptations of forbidden love or else the evil undead will make Lissa one of them...

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Arts and Entertainment

March Movie Releases By Leetha Rowe

March 2 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Project X (2012) Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie The Assault (2010) Black Butterflies (2012) Last Days Here Snowtown Boy (2012)

Recommended Reading for March The Iron King Written by: Julie Kagawa Reviewed by: Leetha Rowe

“Take Labyrinth, crash it fullspeed into The Neverending Story, and mix well with The Matrix, and that's just a taste of the wildly imaginative ride you'll go on when you read THE IRON KING.” ~Saundra Mitchell.

March 9 John Carter Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Silent House (2012) Bully Jiro Dreams of Sushi Footnote (2012) The Decoy Bride Friends with Kids (2012) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012) Sound of Noise

I rate this book 5 stars. The adventures Megan has to go on and the deals she is willing to make to get her baby brother back are amazing.

March 12 Being Flynn March 16 21 Jump Street (2012) Jeff Who Lives at Home Casa de Mi Padre Butter (2012) The Kids with a Bride Seeking Justice The FP (2011) March 23 The Hunger Games The Raid (2011) Detachment (2012) Brake (2012) March 30 Wrath of the Titans Goon Mirror Mirror (2012) The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

“Meghan Chase has a secret destiny-one she could never have imagined.”

Meghan Chase’s hopes her16th birthday will just be like all the wonderful stories, songs, and poems that have been written about turning that age. She wants to find her true love and have the stars shine down on her while her handsome prince carries her off into the

sunset. But that isn’t what happens; just the opposite, in fact. Her little brother goes missing and she finds out the friend she thought she knew all her life is hiding a big secret. If that isn’t enough, some mysterious “things” are after her.

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Legacy Stables God First, Horses Second 2012 Summer Camps Jamie & Tammy Noll 7765 N.W. Hwy NN Stewartsville, Missouri 64990 (816) 424-6309 (816) 294-3651

Boarding, lessons, camps. It can all be found at Legacy Stables

No horses! Ride one of ours!

All ages and experiences welcome.

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