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st the in a g a g Day 12 6: n li e v ra t n e has be ip h s r u O ! y a news is D y d o p o G . s h O Hap t n o m for six s a e s y ic d n a s d landing e b l il w howling win e w w o r r o last. Tom t a le is w e n a d to build d e e n we foun e W . s e li p p r new su o f k o lo d n a le is GOLD! e s to the r u o c f o d n a , of food s n o t t e g , ip h s w e an Captain Lok

Yo Ho Yo Ho! I am Captain Lok. I have found a new ship for our pirates. It is called USS Misssouri and located at Pearl Harbor on Oahu. The ship is bigger the one that we have now. It has better facilities and cannons. So our crews can have a bigger and better living place for sailing.

To be a good navigator, I have to use stars to figure out their latitude, so we could sail from east to west fairly easily. Makapuu Point Lighthouse is the perfect location on Oahu to stargaze. It faces to the ocean and has a big field. It is easier for me to look at the stars to figure out where should we go next. Navigator Ironhook

island, we is th on g in ay st e ar e w le hi W r ship. ou or ch an to e ac pl a nd fi to need for us e ac pl l fu er d on w a is ay B a Hanaum d the sea is because it is a good haven an our ship. or ch an to gh ou en p ee d d an calm shes and fi h it w im sw to go n ca s ew Our cr the beach. have a relaxing afternoon at tswain Red oa B

To provide meals for hundreds of crews on the ship for the journey, I have to look for and refill food supply for the ship. I found a huge pumpkin patch and corn field on this island. The price is reasonable and easy to store on our ship! Cook Ber ry

look for a Captain Lok assigned me to island. is th on ay st n ca e w at th e ac pl ay and The place needed to be far aw dden cave hidden. Kaneana Cave is a hi ean. We not and it is very close to the oc t we can bu , ve ca e th e d si in ay st n ca only put our Gold inside too! Cabin Boy

My job is to look for gun powder and material to make cannon balls. I heard Stairway to Heaven has the materials that we are looking for. Although it is closed because of the danger and the cessation of stair maintenance, I hope we can find what we need there. Master Gunner Wright

to display d he is bl ta es is m eu us M p ho Bis tifacts ar n ia ai aw H of on ti ec ll co e rg the la also the of the royal king family. It is history al ur lt cu d an l ra tu na t os m re fo build ld ou sh e W c. fi ci Pa e th in e ut instit r our our own pirate museum to hono ection inside Captain Lok and put our coll journey. e th g in ur d d un fo ve ha e w that n Adam Musicia

To build a great relationship with the governor here, we should visit ‘lolani Palace. It is the official residence of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the museum of the king’s collection . How would be nice if we could build a palace like this and we can live in a nice place forever. Cooper Blood

The Pirates' Journey on Oahu  
The Pirates' Journey on Oahu  

A group of pirates just discovered a new island during their sailing. This book is about their adventure and exploration on this island.