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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly!

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly!


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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly!

Introduction Hey Guys! I have created this Report specifically for guys like YOU who are in your 30’s and beyond and desperately want to lose fat, get fit and feel healthier all while enjoying a ‘Manly’ lifestyle. Let’s keep it real chaps you can still have your pint and drink it! However, this Report is definitely NOT for posers! You know the sort, they live in the gym, eat vast amounts of chicken and wear their ten year old kids tight tshirt! (Very manly!) ……..I am talking to you as a trainer in my 30’s (alright closer to 40, back off!) and want you to take this ‘Man-Made Fitness Report’ seriously. I promise not to ever Bullshit you and want to deliver this information in a way that I think needs to be said. *Warning: Any Sensitive Susan’s should close this Report now. Good! Now that’s sorted lets ‘continue Mr Bond’…….. The ONLY way for guys like YOU to enjoy a healthy ‘Manly’ lifestyle is by implementing the following steps. All of the dedicated dudes that have followed this Report and put it into action have seen and felt the difference in a very short period of time, now it’s YOUR turn to man up.

Pursuing manliness,

Ben Lewis Founder of Man-Made Fitness

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #1- DON’T Be A Sugar Daddy! Unless you want to be known for your sweet tooth you need to lessen the sugar you consume (OK sweet cheeks!) You know foods such as cakes, biscuits, sweets, sugar-sweetened drinks and crisps that always hide in your kitchen cupboards saying ‘eat me’ because you just happen to walk in and find them! Well NO more Jack! Does this mean I think you should count calories? What a load of shit! (That’s your answer) Leave that to the girls who eat lettuce all day then binge on a cream cake to get their fill for the day! I simply want you to know that you should reduce your sugar intake so that you can eat more of the good stuff to keep you satisfied for longer, that’s what we all want, right man!

Below is a manly meal list which shows how you can choose tasty and healthy food, whether you’re eating in with your kids or dining out with the missus! Actually if you’re like me then you don’t need a menu, ask the waiter for it rare withOUT the fat trimmed off! (Protein hit problem solved)

Impressive Manly Meals

Unimpressive Big Belly Meals

Salmon with sweet & spicy rub Chicken pot pie Steak (Fat & Juicy) Pork tenderloin with apple salsa Sweet potato spinach & sausage Chicken enchiladas Asian tuna salad

French Fries Hamburger Pasta with cream sauce Pizza with processed meats Canned soup Breakfast burrito White breads and wraps

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #2- Lose The Booze Or Lose Your Manliness! In small amounts, alcohol may give you confidence and help you feel less inhibited. I’m sure we’ve all been there using that Dutch courage to chat up girls and dance like a god! Heck you’re probably even reading this and going out tonight! Well, let me tell you something of vital importance that I found through my research that YOU NEED to be aware of. Studies have shown that alcohol actually reduces testosterone levels which can lead to loss of libido and reduce sperm quantity and quality. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system which means it can make it difficult for some men to get, and keep, an erection (the infamous ‘brewer’s droop’) let’s face it lads no-one wants this! Alcohol reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. Simply because we can’t store alcohol in the body, our systems want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and this process takes priority over absorbing nutrients and burning fat. So, now you know the facts what are you going to do about it……..? To start with ensure you know the ‘ABV’ alcohol by volume as this is the percentage of pure alcohol in your drink. Some lagers are 3.5% and go up to stronger 6% lagers which are far more detrimental to your body if your aim is to get fit and healthy and not suffer from all the above side effects. There are ways in which you can cut down like opting for a bottle not pint and not going out at all (yeah like that’s going to happen.) Ultimately, we all know booze is crap for us and I for one won’t stop drinking beer and don’t want to tell you to stop enjoying it either. Just be mindful of what you drink and how often, I’m sure it would keep the missus happy in more ways than one.

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #3- ‘Steaks’ Are High Bet On Protein! I’m sure you’re aware that bodybuilders absolutely love protein, so does this mean you have to pile it in like a power lifter to your diet? No not at all, but it is essential for muscle growth and repair of muscle tissue which plays a very important role for anyone undertaking an exercise routine. (Nudge, nudge, no I’m not talking about gambling lads just making sure you get the hint!) Lean protein is the way to go and this is found in sources such as turkey, chicken breast, oily fish, tuna, eggs, steak and nuts amongst others. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, which means that calories from protein tend to keep you feeling full longer than calories from carbohydrates. This can be very helpful in controlling your food intake and managing your weight (wink, wink!)

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #4- Breakfast Is For Champions After a good night's rest (unless you’ve got young kids) your blood sugar, or glucose levels, are very low since you've been asleep without a meal for 6-10 hours. Your body is basically running on empty in the morning. Chowing down on a good meal at breakfast time will 'break the fast' and replenish those glucose levels. Glucose is your body's source of energy but do try to resist those quick fix breakfast bars on the go as the amount of sugar in them will send you into shock! (Literally!) Now, I realise breakfast time for you may be stressful with kids running around wanting to be fed and the missus yelling ‘I’m going to be late, where are the bloody car keys!’ But you need to start looking after yourself so just remember your body’s like your car, if there’s no fuel in it you can’t run on empty! This will only make you cranky as the day goes on and can often lead to poor nutritional choices and lack of energy. Below is an example of tasty breakfast meals to kick start your day. Morning fuel for champions:      

Banana Nut Pancakes Eggs With Breakfast Salad Fresh Or Frozen Fruit Smoothie Meat Omelette Steak & Eggs (Real men eat meat for breakfast!) Scrambled Eggs With Diced Bacon & Avocado (MMMmmm!)

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #5- Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat! This may sound controversial but fat really is your friend. Guys simply do not eat ‘real food’ anymore and it’s not your fault either! Supermarkets are stocked with processed foods that last weeks, months, hell even years! Just do me a favour and go into your fridge and pick out the so called ‘low-fat’ margarine spread and look at that complicated list of ingredients, doesn’t it look like something out of a chemistry class? Yikes! Scary right? If we are advised by these ‘experts’ (cough ahem!) to eat a low fat, fat free and reduced fat diet then why are statistics showing us higher rates in obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes? I know (hand up) because these low fat diets don’t bloody work!! Do you think primal man ate anything low fat? Of course not he’d be turning in his grave if he knew! As humans we are designed to eat real, natural, unprocessed food which tastes so much better, enjoy!

Jog on! I’m Low Fat!

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #6- Drink Like A Fish (No, not alcohol lads!) Water is your body’s most important nutrient. It’s involved in every function within the body and makes up two-thirds of your total body weight. Water helps you to maintain body temperature, metabolise body fat, aids in digestion, lubricates and cushions organs, transports nutrients, and flushes toxins from your body. Aim to drink 3 litres of the wet stuff per day and you need to drink more if you exercise, if you’re overweight or in a hotter climate. If you’re not used to drinking water then you will feel bloated at first and it may feel like hard work but you need to persist and simply get on with it as it is essential to keeping you healthy and for feeling great.

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #7- Carry On …………! Everyman should go and see (dare I say it) the doctor, there I’ve said it now so before you start moaning and declaring you’re fine and as strong as an ox, let me just ask you one thing, how do you know……..? …….Seriously, I mean for some reason seeing the local GP for us blokes in our 30’s and over is an experience that we all want to avoid right, but at what cost? All it takes is a quick check up to ensure you’re staying on top of your game. The risks of high blood pressure and heart disease increase with age and the modern man has added stresses at home and at work, so for 10 minutes of your time isn’t it better to know what kind of health your body is in? After all you probably partied hard in your 20’s didn’t you? I mean really enjoyed yourself and put your body through its paces (like in the movie ‘The Hangover’) well then, it’s especially important that you know what state it’s in!

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #8- It’s All In Your Head! Since turning 30 and over have you ever felt less able? People constantly reminded you that you’ve hit your peak (cheeky gits!) Lost your hair, motivation and your drive to look as good as you did in your 20’s? Well it’s all downhill from here guys……. ……Yeah right! I’m here to tell you that’s Bullcrap! Don’t ever think that way it’s only a number, you CAN look and feel great as an old git! Oops my bad I meant as a young chap. You see it is all in your head, it’s how you think and how people treat you on a daily basis. Well today is the day when you are going to say to yourself ‘Fook it! I’ve had enough of feeling down and I will do something about it.’ Start by taking action and implementing one step of this Report at a time then you’ll realise that to get to where you want to be is achievable and very rewarding.

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #9- Girls Do Diaries Men Do Journals! This manly step isn’t for everyone it is only for those of you that seriously want to change their eating ways from bad to good, Oh and look better, feel better and perform better! It will separate the men from the boys! When filling in the Nutritional food journal (below) it is important to include everything that you chomp and guzzle (eat and drink.) The benefit of a food journal is good for getting perspective on what you’re eating so you can’t brush it under the carpet or kid yourself about the amount of crap you’re eating! One look at your journal and you’ll be aware of how much fast food and processed crap you’re regularly piling in! I bet you this will serve as a ‘wake up’ factor alone. (It bloody well should too!) The benefits of highlighting what actually goes in to your body is essential. So when you start to change to healthy alternatives your sweet tooth (fat tooth) will have lessened by reducing the sugar in your diet and you will feel more energetic as a result of being sensible but realistic. Remember to add good fuel in your body and the outcome will be plenty more miles! C’mon lads go the extra distance and ‘Man-up’ to the truth your family will appreciate it.

You can print out the food journal as many times as you need it!

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly!














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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! MANLY STEP #10- Make Training More Fun If you’re anything like me this is a MEGA important point as there’s no way I will do any boring workout! Even going to the gym I won’t do the same mundane routine (unlike the posers) because it simply sucks and doesn’t work! Have you ever noticed the same guys that run outside at the same time with the same partner and look the SAME! Bloody hell they need a damn good wakeup call! Apart from getting shin splints and cramps what is it doing for them?! Do you want to know what the definition of insanity is…………? ………..It’s doing the same thing day after day expecting different results! Right, I’ll calm down now (deep breath!) Look, the last time you exercised may have been at school! On that point why did PE teachers make you run around in your pants if you forgot your kit! I hope it wasn’t just me right guys? Guys………..? ……..Anyhoo moving on……. You may even play footy once a week but the truth is guys that is NOT going to get you in great shape and feeling healthy in your 30’s and over. Working out should be fun, it should be varied with functional movements and most importantly it should get YOU results! Research shows that you're more likely to stick to a workout program if you train with others rather than going solo. Also researchers note that you're more likely to push yourself much harder. This is what ‘Man-Made Fitness’ is all about so why not head over to our Facebook page and get more ideas about how you can get in great shape as a 30 plus guy - Remember chaps fitness is NOT about posers and meatheads! It’s about training with like-minded guys that have the same goal as you in an ego-free environment.

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! BEEFY BONUS MATERIAL HEALTHY EATING • All movement is fuelled by energy which is provided by the breakdown of food and drink. • A well balanced diet is one that supplies you with the optimum amount of energy and essential nutrients. • This involves consuming the correct amount and types of food each day. • Healthy eating is more about self-restraint and pre-planning than food science. It is generally common sense as to which foods are good and which are bad. • An easy way to control your diet is to use the ‘everything in moderation’ principle.

WEIGHT LOSS – EXPLAINED! • In simple terms weight loss is a result of consuming fewer calories than that is required by the body. This must take place on a day to day basis to be effective. Under these circumstances the extra calories that are required are taken from stored body fat, thereby reducing weight, increasing muscular definition and improving body shape. • Remember lads, fancy fashionable diets DO NOT WORK it’s a combination of a well-planned diet and exercise plan!

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 Bull- Cardio is better for shaping up than weight training.  Truth- To transform your physique, you must train with weights.  Bull- Weight training is only for young athletes.  Truth- People of all ages should be weight training.  Bull- Muscles grow while you’re working out.  Truth- Muscles grow while you’re resting and recuperating  Bull- You should count every calorie you eat.  Truth- You should count ‘portions’ not calories.  Bull- You need to drink water only when you’re thirsty.  Truth- Your body needs more water than its telling you.  Bull- People who overeat lack willpower.  Truth- Overeating is a natural instinct.

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10 Manly Steps To Lose Your Beer Belly! Final Word! Well, that’s it guys I really hope you enjoyed my Report and are able to put the 10 manly steps into action to lose fat and improve your health as a 30 years young and over guy! It’s been a pleasure to write it, just ensure you do something with it!

Pursuing manliness,

Ben Lewis Founder of Man-Made Fitness

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10 manly steps to lose your beer belly