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Arts and entertainment for the Eastside February 2012

The knot

Falling in love is easy; planning the perfect wedding takes work

Be Mine

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with champagne and locally-made chocolates

We love spas Relaxing is easy at these hotspots

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THE scene

2 | | february 2012

The musical that changed everything. A remarkable cast and an extraordinary collaboration with the reowned choreographer Donald Byrd and Spectrum Dance Theater bring this classic to vibrant life.


(206) 625-1900 GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE: 1-888-625-1418 photo by Mark Kitaoka




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Inside Story


Mark Malijan, photo

Three cheers for

real love

Let me be clear, I’m not walking down the aisle anytime soon. My left hand is still bling-free, except for the occasional glittery nail polish. While I would love to go to Hawaii or Mexico ASAP, it certainly won’t be on a honeymoon. While The Boy and I will soon celebrate our fourth year of happily holding the rope at both ends, so-to-speak, others are getting ready to actually tie the knot. After all, it’s winter – wedding-planning season; not to be confused with wedding-ceremony season (spring and summer). I’ve been learning a lot about what it takes to plan a wedding from my lovely colleague – Brianna Butterfield. Brianna, an advertising/sales representative with a journalism degree, eloquently shares her story of planning a classic, outdoor affair, where she will wed the love of her life, Paul. The story is on pages 10-11. You don’t have to be getting hitched anytime soon to appreciate a good romance, and all the juicy details of someone else’s wedding. I certainly loved hearing about the cupcake tasting, the gorgeous Luly Yang gowns, and the surprising proposal in Brianna’s story. But what I really appreciate is how she talks about the difference between a wedding and a real relationship. Often, I think we are seduced by the pretty pictures in magazines, the myths of overly-simplified happily everafters. Real life isn’t like that. Whether it’s getting through a fight or planning a wedding – relationships take a lot of hard work. Of course, those tougher moments will be intertwined with moments of bliss, too. The trick is to find the person who can handle love’s challenges, as well as its rewards. Those are special people. Hold on to them.

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Relax, already! Good things are waiting for you

A Bellevue chocolatier impresses


The art of champagne


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It’s an American whirl

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Former MTV host, Pauly Shore


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How to look picture-perfect

The truth about wedding planning


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Get primped, pampered, healthy – all at the same time



ore than three years have now passed since the beginning of the economic recession — three years in which families and businesses throughout the region have found themselves cutting back in order to stay afloat. Yet, at spas throughout the Puget Sound, customers keep coming, plunking down sometimes hundreds of dollars for a manicure, a facial or an aromatic message. “Gosh, today it’s packed,” says Bill Schultheis, co-owner of Bellevue’s Yuan Spa, on a Saturday morning two months after its grand opening this fall. “We’re seeing a ton of repeat guests. If we provide something that is needed in our society with an authentic energy, people will respond.” To Sun Lee, owner of Olympus Spa in Lynnwood, it all makes perfect sense. Spa-going, he says, is an excellent way to maintain one’s health. “The body has to stay healthy in order to do anything,” Lee says. “People are spending even $100 on vitamins … Despite the economy, you have to take care of your health.” Most spas in the area focus on both beauty and relaxation, offering a bevy of facial and hair treatments, waxing, massages, manicures and pedicures. Chains such as Gene Juarez and Red Door may have more specialized offerings, such as reiki therapy, milk baths or shiatsu massages. Both Yuan and Olympus market themselves a hybrid of Western technology and Eastern tradition — Chinese in Yuan’s case, Korean in Olympus’. Lee goes into great detail describing Olympus’ “radiant heat energy rooms” adapted from Korean tradition, while Yuan encourages its guests to go through its “hydrotherapy cycle.” First-time goers may find the spa experience somewhat alien. Secluded in rooms of pools and indoor waterfalls, where the standard uniform

YUAN SPA, Bellevue

OLYMPUS SPA, Lynnwood is a spa-provided bathrobe (or, ahem, even less), people may feel vulnerable without their clothes, and without their cell phones (most businesses

enforce strict policies against cell phone usage). Massages often require that the visitor remove all his or her clothing, though Gene Juarez says that “careful draping procedures are observed at all times.” Whatever a new spa-goer has to get used to, Schultheis says the spa experience is tailored to the visitor’s comfort level. “We’re just inviting them to participate and experience a comfort level that is right for them,” Schultheis says. “So many times I hear women say, ‘It’s such a comfortable feeling to be one with my body and with other people’s bodies and not have to be this certain image.’” [more SPAS on page 5]

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A unique collection of modern and traditional designer pearl jewelry and accessories.

OLYMPUS SPA, Lynnwood [SPAS from page 4] There are numerous spas in Bellevue and the surrounding area. Here is a sample:

Yuan Spa

1031 106th Ave.NE, Bellevue 425-449-8788 All day Thursday, women only in bathing pools, steam and sauna rooms; spa treatments open to co-ed

Red Door Spa The Shops at The Bravern, 700 110th Ave. NE, Bellevue, 425-455-3700 Sun | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Mon | 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Tue-Wed | 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thurs - Fri | 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat | 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Gene Juarez 550 106th Ave, NE, Suite 105, Bellevue 425-455-5511 bellevue.aspx Mon - Wed | 9 a.m.- 9:30 p.m.; Thurs - Fri | 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Sat | 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sun | 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Olympus Spa 3815 196th St. SW, Suite 160, Lynnwood 425-697-3000 Women only spa Mon - Thurs | 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Fri - Sat | 9 a.m. to midnight; closed Sundays

Lee says spas help maintain, not only visitors’ physical health, but also mental and emotional health by providing a place to relax alone or with their friends. “Mentally and psychologically, it brings out unity” when clients visit in groups, Schultheis says. “It’s a special location where they can get together, where they find the space and time to enjoy their relationship.” Sherry Quintal, business manager of Frenchy’s Day Spa and Beauty Boutique in Seattle, says people would be surprised how non-intimidating the spa experience is. “I would say men [in particular] are apprehensive, then they come back,” she says. “They have a preconceived idea of what it’s like, and it isn’t that way; it’s comfortable, friendly.” While Frenchy’s specializes in cosmetics and beauty treatments, Quintal added that the emphasis isn’t on trying to be beautiful. Customers experience beauty, but the caring, come-andbe-pampered atmosphere lets them know they don’t have to work hard at anything here, she says. Except, maybe, trying to relax.

Traditional Tower Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Cherry Blossom Freshwater Keshi Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

Crocheted Freshwater Pearl Rope with Turquoise Necklace

at The Bravern

Frency’s Day Spa 3131 East Madison St., Suite 103, Seattle 206-325-9582 Mon | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tue | 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Wed | 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thurs | 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Fri - Sat | 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sun | 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

425-449-8332 700 110th Ave. NE, Ste. 162 Bellevue, WA 98004 Located next to Neiman Marcus and Brooks Brothers RED DOOR SPA, Bellevue

THE scene

6 | | february 2012

Think of u s as your “to-do” pit crew.

e ave n

Here’s to you—the list-making, multi-tasking powerhouses who keep households running strong. You’re setting the pace, and we’re keeping up—bringing you new stores, more choices and a friendly place to cross every last “to-do” off every last list.


Shoes, clothes, beauty. Check, check, check.

ne 8th


february 2012 | | 7


Made with amoré Bellevue shop makes buying chocolates personal again BY CELESTE GRACEY The man stepped into the little chocolate shop with a greater interest in addressing the shopkeeper than sorting through which of the 40 bonbon flavors to take home. The tradition has been a bright spot in his recent weeks, which have been spent working through his mother’s death. Brenda Archuletta, owner of Amoré Chocolates on Main Streeet in Bellevue, encouraged him warmly, before stacking his hand-dipped favorites on a scale. He lingered until there was little excuse to stay, smiled and made his way back onto the street. Amoré is teaching people how to make chocolates personal again, not just for the customers who find Archuletta’s shop, but for gift-givers who are looking for something more than typical assortments from grocery store shelves. Scanning piles of Pomegranate, Guinness and Rum chocolates ($2.50 each), Archuletta counted the varieties she had for sale for the day, 38. By allowing customers to handpick chocolates, each piece becomes a thoughtful decision. In her shop of unexpected concoctions, such as a Margarita bonbon with tart lime and a hint of tequila, it’s easy to be a playful giver, she said. “It’s more personal than a packaged good.” White-framed windows give passersby a view into the kitchen, where one of the two dippers swirls chocolate with bare fingers atop a granite counter. Two tall glass cases take up about as much of the shop as the small floor for customers to stand. “The first one is on the house,” is the typical greeting. The freebee encourages custom-

ers to try new varieties, and invites the occasional child in for a visit. Amoré tries to sell its chocolates within a week of making them, as opposed to similar shops that will keep them for a few months. The crisp outer shell breaks into creamy chocolate centers. The soft and stringy caramels are made in-house, dipped and topped in a variety of flavors. Try them straight, without the chocolate covering. The shop also has a number of vegan truffles made with coconut milk. For those picking out chocolates for a loved one, Archuletta has a few tips – know if they like dark or milk, if there are any allergies and most importantly, dislikes. Knowing what your loved one dislikes is more important than knowing what they love. BRENDA ARCHULETTA, owner of Amoré Archuletta opened Amoré about eight years ago, when her husband encouraged her to start Chocolates. CELESTE GRACEY, photo her own business. They had two friends who had experience in truffle making, and were interested in working for her. More familiar with baking superb cookies than chocolate, it was a learning process, but it’s since been a test in creativity. So far the shop has come up with about 80 different varieties of chocolates, many the result of customer requests. “I never would have thought that I was this creative,” says Archuletta. Amoré Chocolates is located at 10149 1/2 Main St., Bellevue. 425-453-4553, Hours vary, open by 10 a.m.

r u o n i o J

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Crack some bubbly, no matter the season BY NAT LEVY

Just because it’s not New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean the season of celebration has ended. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re not too far away from the Mom/Dad/Grad triumvirate that kicks off many a summer party. This specialized wine uses only three grapes in its production – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Initially, no wine grown outside France’s champagne region was allowed to use the name. But a number of international treaties allow growers in the U.S. and other countries to sparingly sport the name champagne. Few, if any, wineries in Washington call their products champagne, instead opting to name them sparkling wine. Now that you know what you’re getting into, it’s time to pick up a local bottle of bubbly in preparation for your next big celebration.

Domaine Ste. Michelle, Paterson Wines from Columbia Valley nearly swept the sparkling wines category at the 2011 Seattle Wine Awards. Paterson-based Domaine Ste. Michelle made a particularly strong showing with its variety of affordable sparkling wines. Most of the Domaine Ste. Michelle wines can be found for $12 or less. At that price, they are wines to be enjoyed virtually every day of the week. But they also are among the most versatile and food-friendly wines on the market. For

fans of dry varieties, like me, the Blanc De Blanc is a great call. It comes from 100 percent Chardonnay groups, and goes well with a nice cheese spread.

Treveri Cellars, Yakima Another Columbia Valley sparkling wine specialist, Treveri Cellars has something for everyone. Treveri Cellars has picked up endless awards from local tasters, but the ultimate compliment came a few weeks ago. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal chef tasted the wine late last year and loved it so much that it became the official drink of White House holiday parties. These offerings are available at most of the Seattle area’s Whole Foods stores. If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for you.

Mountain Dome, Spokane This Spokane institution is the largest family-owned winery in the Pacific Northwest. Though a small enterprise when it opened in 1984, Mountain Dome has slowly built a national reputation. Its wines can be found in more than 27 states and growing. The price is right, too. Mountain Dome’s nonvintage Brut is the cheapest of the selection, pricing out at about $15. Other wines are priced as much as $35 to $40. If you’re looking for a great sparkling wine without losing that mom-and-pop feel, Mountain Dome is your place.

february 2012 | | 9

Style Watch

How to be as pretty as a PICTURE at the


Rose Dennis


t’s the time of year when calendars start to fill with fundraisers and galas to attend. Whether the attire is business, cocktail or black tie, we should plan ahead to find the perfect dress to wear. Updating an outfit that we already have in our closet with new accessories always works. With “color” being one of the big trends for spring, purchasing brightly-hued shoes and handbags in pink or yellow (the new neutral) will make you look up-to-date. Colorful prints are also in fashion, and will freshen up any look. Fortunately, in our area it’s acceptable to be seen in an outfit more than once, and it’s OK if it wasn’t just seen on the runway in Paris or New York. Whether you decide to wear something new, vintage, or pre-existing in your closet, make sure that it fits properly and accentuates your body silhouette. As our body shape changes, it’s important to conJACQUELYN JAECH at the Fred Hutch Gala in December 2011. Duell fisher for Team structively look at yourself in front of a full-length mirror and see if you look the way that you want to. Photogenic © 2012 Most events will have a professional photographer taking photos to document the event, which adds importance to looking great on the red carpet. Have your hair and makeup professionally done to accent your look. Knowing how to pose is also important: If you decide to have one hand on your hip, be sure that all of your fingers are close together, with your other arm down. If you feel selfconscious about your arms, cover them with long sleeves or a shawl; if your thighs or calves bother you, by all means, wear a longer dress. Never hold a beverage glass; try to cross one leg in front of the other and smile! Rose Dennis is a Greater Seattle style icon. Singled out by numerous publications, she’s been crowned as Seattle’s Best Dressed, a Signature Style Uptown Girl and as a reigning tastemaker.

Save $30

Any Cleaning Scheduled for two or more hours • All Services are Guaranteed! • Dependable and Thoroughly Trained • Licensed, Bonded & Insured

425-454-2916 Because we know you have better things to do than clean your house!

A Celebration of Taste

Chef Kaspar Donier has been serving exceptional Northwest Cuisine for over 25 years. Family owned and operated, our passion is to provide creative, fresh cuisine and superior service. Visit us to see our spectacular venue or our website to learn more about our full service off site catering. Kaspars Special Events and Catering can will create a fabulous event for your group of 10 to 2000.

19 West Harrison, Seattle, WA

Where the food matters


10 | | february 2012


Tying a knot that lasts While love comes easily, a bride-to-be learns that planning a wedding comes with its own set of challenges

BY Brianna Butterfield Engagement photo by Sarah Costa, all other images by Chad Coleman In a room of people I didn’t know, he looked like someone worth talking to. It was that smile – the kind that lit up his whole face. Of course he could have my phone number when he asked for it. A college party in September, right before the start of my sophomore year at University of Washington – not the time or place I expected to meet my future husband. But that’s how I met Paul Prigge. I didn’t actually fall in love until Halloween, though. I made our costumes: Adam and Eve. While I was dressed fairly modestly, Paul’s getup included a pair of green boxer briefs with some leaves sewn on a few key areas. He was the first guy to appreciate my off-the-wall ideas and quirks. From our sophomore year on, we helped each other find jobs and take on more of life’s responsibilities. After we graduated from college, we knew that, through good and bad, our relationship stands the test of time. TAKING THE PLUNGE Three years after that college party where we met, Paul had planned a night on the town to celebrate our Sept. 22 anniversary.

I could tell something was going on when he took me to the Lake Union docks where Seattle’s most upscale yachts are stored. This spot was special for us. After one of our late-night jogs years years earlier, my adrenalineloving boyfriend had persuaded me to jump in to those icy waters. While Paul, an engineer, is very mechanical and orderly in how he operates, he thrives on adventure. He makes me take risks and jump out of my comfort zone. It’s something I appreciate – even when it means jumping into freezing water, for a second time. When he emerged from the water, something wasn’t right, he looked so anxious. I asked him what was wrong, but he simply led me to the end of the dock. Before he could pull the diamond ring out of a series of plastic bags in his pocket, I pulled him in close. As his eyes filled with tears, he pulled away from me, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course – I said yes. THE KNOT By the next week, I was being asked what type of flowers I wanted, and if we had set a date. Paul and I realized then that having a wedding and getting married are two completely different things. We are lucky to have loving, supporting parents who make the process easier, but still, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It’s a full-time job; we’ve jumped in, headfirst. SEPTEMBER CEREMONY We wanted the wedding to reflect both of us, so this meant an outdoor ceremony, and a fun, nighttime reception. After looking around, we chose a September wedding in Camas Meadows, Camas (close to Vancouver, where I’m from, and Ridgefield, we’re he’s from). We will be married on their pristine golf course under a white gazebo. Additionally, we were sold on the reception tent complete with chandeliers, tulle-draped ceilings and hardwood floors. We know our friends and family will have an unforgettable night celebrating there with us.

Click here to view more photos


february 2012 | | 11

DESIGNER DREAMS Working in downtown Seattle during college, I often walked by wedding dress designer Luly Yang’s pristine window displays. I never imagined I would be trying on one of her works of art only a few years later. I fell in love with Ms. Yang’s gorgeous creations, but it was actually the veil that made me feel like a bride for the first time. White and Navy I am not the girl who’s been planning her wedding since she was 8. My instincts, however, told me I wanted a classic look. So, after thumbing through countless bridal magazines and developing an addiction to pinning wedding inspiration links on, I was able to make a few key decisions. The bridesmaids will wear navy, and all the flowers, a mix of hydrangeas, peonies, and roses, will be white. To add some sparkle, we’ll have gold and silver detailing on the cake, wrapped around the flowers, and throughout the reception tent. Bringing all of these details to fruition is why this has become a full-time job. CUPCAKES What could be more exciting than sampling 10 different mini cupcakes from the delectable Trophy Cupcakes shop? Not much comes to mind. Paul and I had the delight of attending one of Trophy Cupcakes’ wedding events. Paul may have tried to finish all 10 of them, with little success. Among nibbling, we fell in love with the lemon and snicker doodle. In fact, it’s likely that one of our friends will be hauling 300 mini cupcakes down to Southwest Washington for the big day.

(above) Brianna butterfield in a Luly Yang gown. Butterfield works in Bellevue as an advertising/sales representative for the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter. (Left) Butterfield with her fiance, Paul Prigge. (Top right) Butterfield and her bridesmaids try on dresses at Nordstrom. (Bottom right) A tasting at one of Trophy Cupcake’s wedding events was included in Butterfield’s preparation.

THE END The stress of planning a wedding is worth it when the result is a marriage between two best friends. Our timeless, traditional choices are even more fitting, because we want to be able to share these moment with our closest friends and family for years to come. I can’t wait.

12 | | february 2012 CLOTHING Tracy Gail Custom Dress and Tailoring 10129 Main Street, Suite 106B, Bellevue, WA tracy@ We listen, exchange ideas, then design your custom couture gown. We also do precise alterations to existing gowns, including bridesmaids and moms for the perfect fit. Belltown Bride 2505 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 206-443-2050 Exclusive bridal boutique carrying couture wedding dresses and accessories for sophisticated brides. Superior customer serve and dress - shopping experience. Appointment only.


Pzazz Hair Design & Beauty Supply Crossroads Mall 425.746.8702 15600 NE 8th St. Bellevue, WA • Named one of the “Top 200 Salons In the Nation” by Salon Today Magazine. Professional hair & skin care services; microdermabrasion, waxing.

JEWELRY 700 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 425.449.8332 A specialty pearl jewelry store emphasizing unique designer pearl jewelry and accessories. The selection includes many limited edition pieces.

J. Lewis Jewelry We offer the latest in designer fashions for weddings and prom! 900 108th Ave Ne, Ste 104, Bellevue, WA 425-454-7772 • “Specializing in beautiful fashions, La Belle Reve will dress the bride and her bridal party fabulously from head to toe.”


Maggiano’s little italy®

Banquet Sales 425-519-6490 10455 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA www. “One Special Day. Memories that last a life time. Celebrate at Maggiano’s Banquet facilities to host your perfect special occasion. Kaspars Special Events and Catering 19 West Harrison, Seattle, WA 206.298.0123 Taste Kaspars delecatable food, view our spectacular wedding venue, meet our professional wedding specialists and start planning the most important celebration of your life!

GIFTS 10149 1/2 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 425-453-4553 Hand made on the premises. From the classic Seriously Dark Truffle to the Margarita Truffle and the Salted Coffee Caramels. It’s not just Chocolate...It’s Amore.

10575 NE 12th Street Bellevue, WA 425-455-2204 Custom designer and manufacturer of fine quality diamond and colored stone jewelery. Diamond brokers GIA/EGL certified. Gemologist and designers on staff.

The Bellevue Jewelers 321 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 425-462-8001 We make everything anytime all the time! Wedding rings, pendants, rings. bracelets and repair. Original jewelry says “You’re one of a kind.” Open 7 days a week.

INSTRUCTION 1407 132nd Avenue NE #7 Bellevue, WA 98005 425-453-7436 Affordable dancing and classes in waltz, swing, salsa, tango, and more. Onsite childcare during public dances.

INVITATION The Bravern - 700 110th Ave NE Bellevue, WA • 425-455-3665 When planning your wedding, the invitation is the first impression. Let us help you select the perfect style to make this very special day exactly as you have dreamed.



The Cameo String Quartet 425-485-8380 • Have you always dreamed of having an elegant string music at your wedding? Then let us create the perfect ambiance to popular favorites.


Vancouver, WA • 360-635-1688 I approach my photo sessions the same way I approach my life... with a heart wide open and a mind full of curiosity.

VENUES 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 425.519.0770 BAM’s stunning architecture and dazzling exhibits create the perfect backdrop for a wedding as unique as your love. 601 North 59th Streeet Seattle, WA 98103 206.548.2590 A leader in conservation, Woodland Park Zoo’s 92 beautifully landscaped acres features some of the most unique venues to host your wedding ceremony or reception. 222 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 206.802.0015 Teatro ZinZanni is the place to celebrate. We encourage any occasion you wish to celebrate the moment with laughter and song, dinner and dreams. 2125 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA • 206 654-5005 Experience unrivaled elegance and luxury. Soothing surroundings are complimented by spectacular city views and the privacy of the entire event space, including a romantic outdoor terrace.

The Cameo String Quartet

february 2012 | | 13



Unique Photo Booth Rentals A Photo Booth can make any event special, we rent to: • Weddings • Anniversaries • Mitsvas • Sweet 16s • Birthdays • Corporate Events • High School Events

Have you always dreamed of having elegant string music at your wedding? Then let us make your dream come true . . . • Elegant, upbeat style View videoclip • Friendly and professional in our online ad • Prompt response • Reasonable rates Call Jennifer 206-453-5969

Any Party you want to make special

Turn up the romance! Call to book our booth: 425-223-5862

wedding dance lessons & choreography

Harmony Ballroom

Check our online ad of our photo booth in 572710

Call Em at 425-453-7436


1407 132nd ave nE #7

Maggiano’s l i t t l e i t a ly ® •


Wedding Events & Special Occasions

We accommodate parties from 14 to a maximum of 325 guests. Tours are available by walk-in or appointment. e-mail or call 425.519.6490

10455 NE 8th St. Bellevue Lincoln Square-FREE Validated Parking 425.519.6476 •

14 | | february 2012


Nightlife for February What’s happening here, there and everywhere

Bake’s Place

Showbox SODO

4135 Providence Point Dr. S.E., Issaquah, 425-391-3335

1426 First Avenue, Seattle, 206-628-3151

2-03: Butch Harrison & Good Company

2-02: Excision 2-10: Mutemath 2-25: Rebelution


Benaroya Hall

More: php

200 University Street, Seattle, 206-2154800

Snoqualmie Casino

2-02/05: Bond and Beyond – 50 Years 2-11: Andre Feriante – In the Theater of Love 2-18/19: Seattle Women’s Chorus – Shot Through the Heart 2-22/23: Itzhak Perlman with Seattle Symphony 2-24: Celebrate Asia

37500 SE North Bend Way, Snoqualmie, 425-888-1234

2-02: Herman’s Hermits 2-10: Tony Orlando 2-12: Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds More:


Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Sixth Avenue & Lenora Street, Seattle, 206-441-9729

2-01: Kim Wilson’s Blues All Stars 2-0708: Bobby Broom and The Deep Blue Organ Trio 2-09/12: Tower of Power 2-23/26, 2-29: Pete Escovedo Latin Jazz Orchestra More:

El Corazon Seattle 109 Eastlake Ave., E., Seattle, 206-381-3094

2-01: Evolove 2-04: The Toasters 2-18: Anvil 2-27: Every Avenue/We Are The In Crowd More:

Emerald Queen Casino 5700 Pacific Highway East, Fife, 253-594-7777

2-03: Styx 2-17: Natalie Cole

A whirlwind of circus, comedy And cAbAret feAturing An internAtionAl cAst served with A multi-course feAst.


Kirkland Performance Center

Natalie Cole

2-11: Brad Paisley 2012 Camobunga World Tour


The Tractor Tavern

McCaw Hall 321 Mercer Street Seattle. 206-733-9725

2-07/08: Shen Yun Performing Arts 2012 Tour More:

Neptune Theatre 1303 NE 45th Street, Seattle, 206-781-5755

2-04: Los Campesinos! 2-09: The Jayhawks 2-11: Stone In Love – Journey Tribute Band 2-17: Damien Jurado More:

Paramount Theatre 911 Pine Street, Seattle, 206-467-5510

2-10: 24th Annual On Wings of Hope Benefit 2-28: The Fray More:

2-11: Alpha Yaya Diallo


2727 East D Street Tacoma. 253-272-3663

2-14: Jake Bergevin – My Funny Valentine

350 Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland, 425-893-9900

Want more? Check these out

Tacoma Dome

2-01: Graveyard Radio, Moscow & Sandrider 2-04: Grand Hallway, Laura Gibson & The Devil Whale 2-09: Blvd Park & Nettle Honey 2-13: The Tallboys 2-15: The Grizzled Mighty, Sundries & Mystery Ship 2-27: The Tallboys

Triple Door 216 Union Street, Seattle, 206-838-4333

2-01: Teitur with Aunt Martha 2-04: Soul Salvation, Ruthie Foster & Paul Thorn 2-05: John Cruz 2-10: John Gorka 2-14: Sinatra At The Sands 2-16: Andy McKee & Anthoine Dufour 2-22: Wonda Shepard w/Jill Cohn 2-23/24: Sandra Bernhard 2-25: Massy Ferguson with The BGP More:

Chop Suey, www. ColumbiaCity, Crocodile Cafe, El Corazon, www. Key Arena, www.

Moore Theatre, Nectar Lounge, Neumos, Pantages Theatre, The Tractor Tavern,

february 2012 | | 15


The Weasel himself

Former MTV host and ‘90s movie star, Pauly Shore BY GABRIELLE NOMURA

A career in entertainment was virtually pre-ordained for Pauly Montgomery Shore, also known by his alter-ego “The Weasel.” At age 4, he sat on the lap of Elvis himself; Shore’s father, comedian Sammy Shore, opened for Elvis during the early ’70s. Around the same time, Shore’s parents opened The Comedy Store on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, giving their son the rare opportunity to hang out and be inspired by such rising talents as Robin Williams, David Letterman and the late Sam Kinison, who became Pauly’s mentor. Before he starred in beloved cheesy ’90s movies, “Encino Man,” “Son-in-law” and “Bio-Dome,” he was an MTV host sensation, rising to national attention during a strong four-year run on the TV network.

scene: Describe your standup in one word. PS: Laid back.

scene: Do you stay in touch with any of your costars from

some of your most well-known films such as “Encino Man” or “Bio-Dome”? Sean Astin, Brandan Fraser, etc.? PS: I try to, but they won’t return my calls.

scene: How rude! PS: No, I’m just kidding. I just did a show with Andy Dick in the fall (Shore co-starred with Dick in the film, “In the Army Now,” 1994). No one really stays in touch with other actors. If you bump into them, you say hi and have fond memories of those times together. But working on a movie is kind of like a circus, where you just get together with these people for a limited time, then move on.

scene: What is your favorite movie you’ve made and why? PS: “Son in Law” really took me out of the teeny-bopper genres and put me into mainstream awareness.

scene: You gained national attention from 1989 to 1994,

anal and by-the-books. Then my stuff just kind of came out of nowhere and broke the mold. I was Californialaid-back going into an East Coast establishment. I knew then that my style was either going to really take off or it was going to suck. Thankfully, it didn’t suck.

scene: You mentioned that your standup style was laid

back. Does that have to do with your West Coast roots? PS: No, I mean, I’m 43 now. I’m a lot different now than I was back then. Back then, life was more of a party. Now, it’s pretty stuck up, it’s good and it’s bad. Luckily I’m not divorced, I don’t have kids who hate me or anything. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but I think I’ve come out on top.

scene: What’s one thing people would be surprised tp learn about you?

PS: I like to go to the Russian-Turkish bathhouse and relax with the Jews. Do you think people would be surprised by that? I’m not sure.

scene: Tell me about the relationship between you and the audience during your routine on stage.

as an MTV host, and even had your own show, “Totally Pauly” at one point. Describe what MTV did for your career.

PS: It’s like I’m a lion tamer, and the audience is a big lion you have to keep grouped together, or I’m a doctor who goes in there and operates on the audience.

PS: When I came on to the MTV scene at the time, they were very East-Coast based, not stuck up, but kind of

Pauly Shore will perform at the Parlor Live Comedy Club on Feb. 9-11. For tickets, go to

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It’s an

“My Thailand” Thailand Island Country Until Feb. 5

American Whirl

“Personal Spaces” Separation Anxiety Feb. 8 - Mar. 11

Art in Bellevue

425.283.0461 On the Hyatt Courtyard

Make it a day to remember with a professional bridal styling service. From classic to contemporary, formal to casual, our expert staff can create a polished look for your special event. Join us for Customer Appreciation Day as we celebrate 22 years of style!

Sat. Feb 11th 9:30-9:00 20% OFF all retail including Dermalogica, Moroccan Oil, Tri, Pureology and many more. Gift Basket giveaways every hour 10am - 5pm. ($100 value & up)

Crossroads in Bellevue


StoneDance Productions and The Theatre at Meydenbauer Present:


SHOP boDieS of work

Spectrum Dance Theater Adam Barruch Dance Northwest Dance Project The Stone Dance Collective SANDSTROMMOVEMENT MOVE: the company Jason Ohlberg

Khambatta Dance Company Penny Hutchinson Bellingham Repertory Dance

Dancer: Emilee Putsche of The Stone Dance Collective Photo: Gabriel Bienczycki, ZebraVisual

Saturday, February 11, 2012 7:30pm Sunday, February 12, 2012 3:00pm

Special Film presentation by


11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

Tickets on sale now 1-800-838-3006

Visit our website at

scene the

Stone Dance Productions is an associated program of Shunpike


y daughter “Sistafoo” is not a good girl, not in the classic sense of the word. Her greatest girly-girl deficit has been her failure to adopt all things Mattel – including that busty icon Barbie. Instead, Sistafoo prefers the recycle bin, an obsession with a game called Minecraft, the boob tube. Then there’s an eclectic army of dusty stuffed animals she carefully stages across my bed as they participate in the crisis du jour – impending natural disasters, domestic crises such as homelessness or parental abandonment, and her favorite, a need to recover from some sort of sickness, or injury requiring the best medical nurturing and advice she can muster. A few months ago, I noticed a seismic shift to her play patterns. Sistafoo began to allow her previously ignored motley crew of naked baby dolls to mix with her population of stuffties. Around the same time Mattel started courting my nostalgia for the dolls I played with and collected as a child. This was no accident. Mattel has moved into the neighborhood and wants Sistafoo’s attention and business because she just turned eight, the minimum recommended age for American Girl dolls. Like any good salesperson they went after their most important ally, me, Sistafoo’s gatekeeper. I am ashamed to say it worked. I succumbed and the day before Thanksgiving, I made HEIJA NUNN reservations for tea and dragged two seven year girls and a guy to the new American Girl store at Alderwood Mall. Each kid got to borrow a boy or girl doll to sit next to them at the table while we feasted on tasty tea sandwiches and bagels, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, lemonade, root beer and decent coffee. Then we explored the store. While I entered the store with a cynical ‘tude, I emerged with a begrudging budget allegiance to Mattel. Before we arrived, I had Tweeted a snarky but sincere question wondering if American Girl would sell me a set of mixed race Bitty-Baby twins. My cynicism softened when I learned the answer was: “Of course!” When I guffawed at the price of dolls and plastic, a well-trained salesperson turned it into a value proposition explaining the generous return policy, quality guarantee and special services available including a doll Spa that offers hairstyling in a salon environment and, ear-piercing, body treatments and facials complete with cucumber slices for sleepy eyes. There’s even a doll Hospital for when your doll needs a little tweak. The flat rate fees are a healthcare model to envy: the same price to fix a stubbed toe or replace a lost leg entirely. Plus you get to keep the realistically detailed hospital gown and bracelet! On the way home Sistafoo bitterly agonized over which doll to ask for from Santa, because none of the “just like me” dolls look just like her. Fortunately Santa sorted things out and chose American Girl Molly for Sistafoo. She arrived properly dressed, with her hair styled in two neat little braids. Two days after Christmas, Sistafoo stripped her of her clothes and released her unruly mane. They’re both very happy together, particularly since Sistafoo also received an American Girl wheel chair, crutches, and a “Feel Better” kit that includes several casts, bandages and other medical supplies. These days, when she is not playing Minecraft or vandalizing the kitchen table with paint, she can be found surrounded by needy animals, naked babies, and her new favorite friend Molly playing what can only be described as Munchausen’s Syndrome by Dolly. Lucky for Mattel, we’re self-insured. Unlucky for us, they’re not afraid of over-billing.

loud & about


Wanna say Hiya to Heija? Follow her on Twitter (@Heija) Friend her on Facebook or relax, sit back, and silently judge her life in the flickering glow of your computer screen at her blog The Worst Mother in the World (

THE scene

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TICKETS ON SALE NOW - $49 THE NEW EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: • Washington Beef Bistro • Wine from Around the World • Artisan Food “Shop” • Featured Wine Region: Oregon • Stella Artois VIKING Demo Stage • 6-7-8 Audi Lounge + Oyster Bar & Bubbles • Fonté Coffee Lounge • Beer and Cider Exhibit • Live Music • Sip Northwest Distillery Row • Chef Prepared Gourmet Bites

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425-957-1077 425-614-0007 5 minutes from Microsoft Across From The Cinema At Crossroads Mall

15600 NE 8th | Bellevue

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Out & About

Best of


Top picks in arts, entertainment, activities Wednesday, 2-1 to Sunday, 2-12

‘Cavalia’ at Marymoor Park This show is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects. Conceived by Normand Latourelle and often labelled an equestrian ballet, ‘Cavalia’ is a moving tribute to the relationship between men and horses throughout history. The animals express themselves, often completely free, in all their splendour, nobility and strength. Times vary. 6046 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond. 1-866-999-8111,

Thursday, 2-2 to Sunday, 2-5

Bellevue Civic Theatre presents ‘Hay Fever’ at the Theatre at Meyenbauer Center Beloved British Playwright Noel Coward sends the audience on holiday with the eccentric, and somewhat self-absorbed, Bliss family. The four Bliss family members spend the weekend in their country home and, unbeknownst to each other, have each invited a romantic prospect. As the unsuspecting romantic prospects begin to arrive and family members each discover the increasing number of guests, the Bliss family lives up to its name as the “quiet weekend” comes to an exhausting and hilarious finale. Times vary. 11100 NE Sixth St., Belleuve. 800-838-3006.

Thursday, 2-2 to Sunday, 6-10

‘¡Caliente!’ at Teatro ZinZanni Unleash your inner jalapeño at this show, where Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez (a.k.a. El Vez) return to Seattle to create the new characters Tres and Cinco, a brother-sister team who electrify the circus tent with Latin flavor. Times vary. 222 Mercer St., Seattle. 206-802-0015,

Friday, 2-3

‘Tao: The Way of the Drum’ at the Moore Theatre Athletic bodies and contemporary costumes meet explosive Taiko drumming and innovative choreography in a show that has critics raving about TAO’s extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina. The troupe offers a young and modern take on a traditional art form. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. 1932 Second Ave., Seattle. 1-877-784-4849, ‘Chop Shop: Bodies of Work’ at the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center Now celebrating its fifth year, Chop Shop is the only annual contemporary dance festival held specifically for the Eastside. This event serves up a unique sampling of contemporary dance from leading national and international award-winning dance makers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Show times: 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 11 and 3 p.m. Feb. 12. 11100 NE Sixth St., Bellevue. 206-799-6004,

omen’s Consignment Clothing and Accesso W d n E ries igh


137 106th Ave NE | Bellevue, WA 98004 562516

Wednesday, 2-21 to Sunday, 2-26

STG Presents ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Paramount Theatre “Be our guest” to this Disney-inspired family favorite. Times vary. 911 Pine St., Seattle. 1-877-784-4849,

Playing now until Sunday, 3-25

‘The Odd Couple’ at Village Theatre One of Neil Simon’s most recognizable and timeless comedies, ‘The Odd Couple’ has been entertaining audiences for nearly 50 years. Coming together as a last resort, two roommates are out about to enter into a hilarious battle of wills that will lead to sheer mayhem and laugh-out-loud comedy. Times vary. 303 Front Street North, Issaquah, WA 98027. 206-802-0015,

Saturday, 2-25

Saturday, 2-11 to Sunday, 2-12


Northwest Dance Project from Portland, Ore., is one of 11 regional and national dance troupes that will perform for Chop Shop: Bodies of Work, the acclaimed dance festival and the only event of its kind to take place on the Eastside. The festival is Feb. 11-12 at the Theatre at Meyenbauer Center. COURTESY PHOTO

Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6:30 PM Sat 11 AM - 5 PM • Sun 12 - 4 PM

‘Stars on Ice’ at KeyArena The Emmy-award winning tour includes innovative choreography, music and stunning costumes, featuring skating superstars Sasha Cohen, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Ilia Kulik, Kurt Browning and many more performing live. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. 305 Harrison St., Seattle. 1-800-745-3000,

THE scene

Eastside O ptions Both affordable and luxury homes available!

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Vuecrest : West Bellevue : $1,875,000

• Luxury Rambler • 3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 3,390 SF Home • 14,346 SF Lot • • Impressive city views • Generous great room • Spa-like master suite • Gorgeous landscaping •

Lancaster : Bellevue : $675,000

• Pristine Rambler • 3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,710 SF Home • 13,515 SF Lot • • Slab granite kitchen • Spacious master suite • Corner lot • Entertainment deck •

Gated Estate • Bridle Trails

Exquisite Estate • Bridle Trails

Sprawling Rambler • Bridle Trails

Updated Rambler • Bridle Trails

Inviting Craftsman • Bridle Trails

Northwest Retreat • Bridle Trails

Daylight Rambler • West Bellevue

Contemporary Gem • Houghton






Beth Billington Coldwell Banker Bain 425.450.5208




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Showroom hours: 9:30 to 5:00 Monday – Saturday In-Home Decorator appointments available daytimes Monday through Saturday and evenings Monday through Thursday.


Arts and entertainment for the Eastside