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belen alfaro

who I am... Girl. Spanish. 20-Something. Curious, friendly, energetic, extrovert, worker, tireless...

I’ve been always fascinated with the factors that affect humans in making decisions. This is probably why I choose this career. Being an Account Planner gives me the opportunity to study and understand how factors such as culture, age, sex, nationality, social rules, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics etc. influence people’s decisions.

Account Executive at GAPS Comunicacion. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations - University of Navarra. Trained in San Francisco, U.S.A.

...more about me I was born on January 2nd 1985 in Pamplona, Spain. 1985 is probably the year that helps me remember why five is my lucky number. Pamplona is a very small, well known city, all over the world due to the “San Fermin” festival and the “Running of the Bulls”. I am the youngest of five siblings, three brothers and a sister, and I am glad to be the “little one”. In 2001, America was awaiting me. I spent a whole year in Kentucky with a real American family (I know, everybody asks why Kentucky…). I did things that I had never done before, such as play basketball like a “professional”, even though, I was sitting on the bench almost the whole time. Another “chapter” in my life took place in 2003, when I started college. I graduated from the University of Navarra, Spain, and my major was Advertising and Public Relations. In 2006, I got my first job at an advertising agency. The agency was called ALTRAFORMA and is in Barcelona. I worked there for four months in the Account Department. That experience helped me improve my advertising skills and learn from some of the best Advertising “gurus” in communication back in Spain. For a year and a half I worked in GAP’S COMUNICACION, until I decided to quit and come to San Francisco. I gained experience and learned how things can work in a real agency and in real life. My position was in the Account Department. I consider myself a very dynamic person and that is the reason why I enjoyed working there. I had to give so much of myself because there were clients waiting for my help and collaboration. When you work hard, good things finally come your way and that’s exactly what happened.

Please, have a seat

let me tell you what I believe in... *Family *Simplicity *Love *Food

*Dreams *Friendship *Animals...well, not really *Santa Claus

*Music *Ambition *Effort *Time

*Opportunities *Smiles *Travel *Goals

But what I really believe in is in PEOPLE,

They are just like you and me, made of bones and flesh. They have feelings and when they need it they cry. I like to watch them, to see how they act or what makes them move or choose one thing or another. They give you conversation, they trust you and you can trust them. They give you company and love. They are smart and they think by themselves. They make you happy and sad, they give you their own opinions and they can help you. But the best part is that I am one of them!

Case Studies

durex What’s wrong? Durex is stuck in a challenger position in the US, as Trojan largely dominates the condom category.

What they need? A buzz generating awareness campaign to increase their market share.

What did I do? I took to the streets to see how people felt about condoms in general. What did I find? Those suckers are weird, uncortable and kill the mood! “OMG the worst moment is when a guy is putting on a condom and you don’t know where to look or focus your eyes” Summer, age 23. “I never want to bring up using a condom because I feel like the girl will think I am a player, and I am worried that halting this hot sexy moment will keep us from actually having sex” Clint, age 26.

What I found? People don’t like to halt the moment to put on a condom. They feel that it is a mood killer.

big Idea

Durex removes the “awkward moment� of pausing sex to put on a condom.

Creativity Print

Packaging Easier to open and better to not kill the mood.

Durex, the less awkward condom

Coasters Coasters in a bar would provide ample fodder for conversation as well as plant the seed of the Durex brand in the minds of the consumer.


Hand prints on bathroom walls in bars demostrate that by using the new Durex condom you could have sex anywhere, anytime and without any awkwardness.


Durex, the less awkward condom Regular sex VS the joy and ease of using a condom that helps you get to sex, faster and with out the awkward “pregnant� pause. Durex, the less awkward condom

Johnnie Walker What’s wrong? Global Liquor Icon, Johnnie Walker, is facing declining whiskey sales through out the company and especially with Black Label whiskey.

What they need? Johnnie Walker needs the next chapter of their existing and over arcing “Keep Walking” Campaign.

What I found? Steve Jobs drops out of college in 1972

JFK joins the military in 1941

Barack Obama proposes to Michelle in 1991

If they hadn’t taken those decisions they wouldn’t be who they are today

when someone has the OPPORTUNITY to CHANGE they have to make DECISIONS and they might have to take some RISK in order to PROGRESS

big Idea

Without risk there is no progress. Take the gamble.

Creativity Manifesto Unblocking Your Path Safe never takes the lead. Safe never allows you to feel what life really is. Safe never inspires man to do or be anything. We abhor safe. Momentous occasions require more. More doing. More pushing. More action. Less safe. We recognize ourself in all the risk takers. All the envelope pushers. Everyone who takes a gamble to get what they really want. Because in order to keep walking, we must risk unblocking our path.

Media Blueprint

Ambient advertising technique such as bus wrapping, liquor store takeovers and UCG contests incentive.

Mobile Application: Partner with and sponsors some sort of “risk and Johnnie Walker moment tab.

Traditional Print

Interactive Banner Ads: On websites such as,,

POP: Brand manifesto printed on special edition Black Label bottles.

Banner Print Your long time girlfriend gets offered a job in Europe.

Listen to common sense

Follow your heart

The house you move into comes with company car.

Apply for an international drivers lincece

Cruise the town

While out driving, you get pulled over. Admit your mistake

50 dollar hand shake

Congratulations. You始ve finally taken a gamble.

PayPal What they need? To energize teens to sign up for a PayPal Student account and then ask their parents to activate it.

What I found? TEENS




Teens need privacy to discover who they are.

Parents occasionally need to ‘spy’ to ensure a safe journey to adulthood.

First bra, first concert, hair growth-shaving, acne, first car, sex experience, first drink...

Embarrasing moments for teens. They need their own space to discover themselves.

big Idea

PayPal invites your parents to understand how your privacy works.



- teens text the lockbox to activate lock for their next purchase. - if they have used all the locks they will get a text suggesting they log on to their account to unlock an earlier purchase. - teens gets a WARNING text when the lockbox is clicked/ unlocked by the parent.

PayPal launches “Lockbox” feature that protects Teens privacy from prying parents.

- Whenever they want, parents can click the locked box and unlock it, but in doing so an automatic warning text will be sent to the teen informing them of the change in privacy settings.


For the eyes or the addressee only.

Trust is a dish best served trustworthy.



thank you

Belen Alfaro

Email: Phone: +34 619 957 690


This is a little part of me. I made this book when I used to study at the Miami Ad School in San Francisco. This work shows how I think and...