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Beekeeping for the Alleviation of Rural Poverty

At the Apimondia Congress in Canada in 1999, African nations were called to work, to use beekeeping to alleviate poverty among rural communities. Beekeeping development methods must become sustainable and harmonise with the culture and aspirations of the people. Towards this end Apimondia's Standing Commission for Beekeeping for Rural Development appointed two Co-ordinators. Their task is to help ensure a strong representation of beekeeping from all African nations at the next Apimondia Congress taking place in Durban in September 2001. It is a great opportunity to show to the world what we have and what the future progress must be.

Kwame Aidoo — B&D’s Correspondent in Ghana  

Apimondia vane Standing Commission or Beekeeping for Rural Development

Co-ordinators for Africa Eastern and Southern Africa contact Liana Hassan E-mail nyuki-njiro@cybernet.co.tz

Northern and Western Africa contact Kwame Aidoo E-mail safeucc@gh.com

Asian apiculture association

If you want to know more about Apis cerana japonica there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion at the 5th Asian Apicultural Association Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March 2000.

Details in What' s on, page 11

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