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Bee Gilmore Jr. Senior Scrapbook

Chapter 1: Family/Friends/Teachers Tree 1.) Yatter Rodriguez (Mom) - Moms influences me to strive for nothing less than utter success. She wants me to climb the rungs of success. My mom sparked ambition in me that nobody has ever evoked. 2.) Kash Sanders (Girlfriend) – Kash is positive about almost everything I say negative. She makes me want to do nice things and before I do anything stupid, I think of her. Kash balances me out. 3.) Tamika Champagne (Work Manager) – Tamika is the opposite of what I want to be when I grow up. She influences me and motivates me to be better than her. Even though she doesn’t do anything positive, I take her negativity and turn it into fuel for success. 4.) Brian Gilmore Sr. (Father, evidently) – Recently, my father went back to school for his associate’s degree and furthered on to obtain his bachelor’s degree. My father is a hardworking man who’s the only one of six kids to even finish high school. He makes me feel like anything is possible. 5.) Katrina Napoleon (Aunt) – My aunt, Katrina, is the one person who’s always in the back of my mind telling me to do what I have to do in order to succeed. She attended LSU and has always told me to finish school and not stop until I have degrees on top of degrees. 6.) Ms. Bonnie Laigast (Teacher) - Ms. Laigast subliminally disrespected students in the class with intelligence insulting expressions. Even though she never disrespected me directly, it makes me want to make her eat her words. Ms. Laigast makes me want to be better than she has ever been, and I will. 7.) LaVonte White AKA Cent (Brother) – LaVonte and I have been friends since middle school and he’s a person that I can depend on. LaVonte and I have both made plans for our future together and he makes me keep striving even when I feel I have nothing to strive for. We feed off of each other. Chapter 2: Who I AM My name is Brian Gilmore, but I prefer Bee. A person that has a major influence on my life is Ms. Zilich. Ms. Zilich is a teacher who was in charge of an annual college tour, “Zillapalooza”. Ms. Zilich took us to numerous colleges out of state and gave us an in-depth experience I can remember for the rest of my life. She proved that anything that we want to do can be done if we work towards it. I’m thankful for Ms. Zilich because she not only took us outside of Louisiana to colleges, but she took us out of the box to view other options and wake us up in a fun and interesting way.

Chapter 3: How do you measure life? 1. Experiencing Hurricane Katrina 2. Surviving a car accident that could’ve killed me and my family. 3. Attending Zillapalooza and seeing things that I’ve never seen before. 4. Getting a job and realizing that money doesn’t grow on trees. 5. Going to a Kanye West concert and getting motivated to have more fortune than him. 6. Almost getting robbed with my brothers who’ll never run away on me. 7. Finding a girlfriend and realizing that life is about more than wanting money. 8. Finally getting comfortable with real friends who I can tell anything to. 9. Seeing Karr alumni that let life pass them up. 10. Coming to the conclusion that people come and go. Chapter 4:

Chapter 5: I’ve learned that 1. My parents try to give me the best things. 11 2. My father has been through a lot in life and still keeps living life. 13 3. Girls are crazy. 17 4. Teachers try to make students make goals that cannot be achieved. 17 5. I can do anything by myself. 10 6. I am the inspiration to a handful of people. 16 7. Greeting a person for one morning can change their whole day. 15 8. Not all white people are racist. 8

9. Girls have it hard in life. 17 10. If success was easy, there wouldn’t be such a thing. 16 Chapter 6: An Important Place At my house, I have a lot of items that I cherish and amenities that I can’t live without, but being at home makes me want to have more than what I really want. My house isn’t small, but I want bigger. When I’m in my home, I just realize that my parents actually worked for everything in the house, including the house. Nobody gave them any of the couches, beds, or televisions; they worked. I’m grateful for what I have, but I just don’t want to settle for ordinary and coming home tired. I also know that I have to work really hard for what I want to have when I get older. Chapter 7: My definition of success. My definition of success is interpreted by achieving the goals one has set for their self. A person can have all of the money in the world, but if they didn’t finish what they started or did what they wanted to do, they are not successful. Success isn’t defined by the amount of money or fame a person has, but by their self-satisfaction and gratitude shown to their self. Chapter 8: Tattoos on this school.

Senior scrapbook