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will also intervene if they find students breaking the Code of Conduct. We want all students to enjoy their time at College. We therefore strive to make all environments and activities that you may experience as safe and free from risks as possible. Accidents at College If you have an accident or injury whilst on College premises (however slight) you should report it either to your lecturer or at the main reception. The College will provide support as necessary for any injury you may have sustained. If you encounter a situation/ environment that you believe to be unsafe you can report this via Moodle – just click on the ‘accident waiting to happen’ link. Fire Safety Fire is a major hazard in College. Please refrain from bringing materials or substances to College which are a known fire risk. This includes candles or lighter fuels. If you are proposing to use flammable materials in a project please check with your lecturer first. On discovering a fire: ·· close all doors between you and the fire but do not put yourself at risk ·· warn others - tell a member of staff or, if there is no one available, sound the nearest alarm ·· leave the building immediately and in an orderly manner - follow any instructions given to you by staff and DO NOT USE THE LIFTS 45

Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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