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Please note – if you are on a course validated by the University of Bedfordshire or the University of Northampton, your course manager will have decided what referencing scheme they want you to use in your assignments. It is essential that you follow the guidelines given by your course teachers regarding the correct referencing scheme for that unit. It is your responsibility to consult your course or unit handbook and check what scheme you should be using in your assignments. Failure to follow the correct guidelines could result in you losing marks for your assignment. You can find more information at: University of Bedfordshire: guides/a-guide-to-referencing/referencing The University of Northampton: https://

In the body of the text: ·· Referring to someone else’s work, using either quotations, paraphrasing or just incorporating their ideas into your own work, all require a reference to be inserted at the end of the sentence or where the use of a source begins/ends. ·· This should be in round brackets and include surname of author and date of publication. ·· A direct quotation also requires the inclusion of a relevant page number. 16

Higher Education Student Handbook 2016-17  

Bedford College

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