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“GRA helped us reduce inventories and improve operating cash flow by $12 million within 12 months whilst improving stock availability in stores. All the more impressive considering we were growing rapidly but experiencing tough retail trading conditions at the time. Pleasingly, we’ve been able to sustain and improve on these results since then.” Peter Birtles, Group Managing Director & CEO Super Retail Group GRA is one of Australia's largest, expert consulting firms specialising in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We offer consulting, professional services, supply chain systems, training & education and benchmarking across a broad range of industries. For the last two decades, we have worked with over 200 organisations to turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage.


GRA can define optimal supply chain strategies and structures, design high performance facilities and embed best-practice operating processes and systems. We are results-focussed with proven approaches for quickly delivering sustainable improvements in working capital, cost and service level performance. We provide clients with a sustainable competitive advantage by significantly improving margins, asset efficiency and supply chain responsiveness. Our team GRA was founded in 1997 and is Australia’s premier specialist supply chain consulting firm. Our team has extensive commercial supply chain and logistics experience across a broad range of industries and at all levels of the process, both strategic and operational. Having worked within industry as practitioners to implement supply chain initiatives, we have first-hand insight into our clients’ requirements and challenges. This makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients achieve their goals. Our unique approach The single most important factor in achieving sustained success from a solution is the effective management of the culture - in other words 'the people'. Recognising this, GRA has developed a unique approach to assist our clients with effective change management. We use techniques, including coaching, mentoring and performance measurement, to ensure people understand and embrace the new disciplines. Importantly, our approach is practical. We work hands-on and side-by-side with our clients through the implementation process to transfer knowledge, upskill our clients’ teams and ensure sustainable results are delivered. As a result, new behaviours are adopted and embedded in the business culture to ensure ongoing business improvement success. GRA is uniquely positioned in the supply chain consulting market to offer successbased fee arrangements, where our remuneration is linked to our client’s realisation of actual, documented improvements. We guarantee results and aim for a minimum 3:1 ROI for work undertaken, with typical returns ranging from 10:1 to 30:1.

What should our supply chain strategy be? What does our optimal supply chain look like? How do we optimise our inventories & service levels? Do our procurement practices stack up? Are there opportunities to improve our transportation routes? What should the layout, fit-out & operating practices of our facitilies be? How are we performing relative to other organisations? What organisational structures & capabilities do we need to deliver the benefits? (Performance measures, people, processes, systems)? How do we up-skill our team, build capability and deliver results?

“GRA made sense of the complex issues hampering our supply chain operation. They identified a clear strategy and road map to move towards best practice. They get the technical and process side, but also the importance of people and engagement in the whole demand planning process.” Erin Roberts, General Manager – Supply Chain Comvita New Zealand


GRA Consulting specialise in supply chain and logistics strategy, planning & execution. We advise and consult in areas such as defining optimal supply chain strategies & structures, best practice S&OP implementations, embedding high performance demand and supply planning processes, inventory optimisation, enhancing supply chain technologies, warehouse and transport optimisation as well as organisational structure and design. GRA consulting use a proven change management methodology to ensure that the results achieved are embedded and sustained throughout the organisation.

Professional Services GRA

offers a wide range of Professional Services that can provide your organisation with resources or capabilities as an ongoing part of your business. We can provide proven supply chain experts with the right knowledge and practical, hands-on experience in a variety of areas from supply chain planning support right through to expert project management. Our proven resources can become part of your team, and we work with you on an on-going basis to deliver desired business outcomes.


GRA Benchmarking allows you to measure your performance against best-in-class companies and industries to identify improvement opportunities. Through our advanced Supply Chain Strategic Review process we diagnose and analyse supply chain performance and benchmark it against industry best practice. Our benchmarking data is collected from a wide range of industries and sources to deliver a true best practice standard that is practical and relevant to your company and industry.






GRA's Systems division implement and support a number of best-ofbreed solutions. GRA also provides other technical services such as designing and implementing performance reporting and management systems, data migration solutions, as well as a range of other technical solutions.

GRA has partnerships with: GAINS - Forecasting, Optimisation & Planning GAINS is a sophisticated 'best-of-breed' demand, inventory and supply chain planning and optimisation system. Llamasoft Supply Chain Guru An advanced Supply Chain Network Optimisation tool that enables companies to model, optimise and simulate their supply chain operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability, and risk mitigation. Ariba Procurement The global leader in procurement and spend management software solutions to deliver superior procurement results.

Education & Training GRA have partnered with the Supply

Chain Business Institute to deliver formal Short Courses, tailored Corporate Training and Executive Symposiums that have been developed using the experience and insights gained from decades of supply chain experience across multiple industries and organisations. The education and training offerings have also been developed based on our experience authoring and delivering university level Masters Courses in Supply Chain. GRA also has a team of Coach Mentors whose primary role is to work side-by-side with clients at the planning and execution levels to ensure processes are embedded, new skills are learned, knowledge is transferred and that any new disciplines become regular behaviour. Our Coach Mentors are experienced industry practitioners and have spent 15-30 years in supply chain and planning.




Strategy Developing and Designing the optimal supply chain structures and frameworks that best supports the business' service proposition, whilst minimising costs and capital. Aligning the supply chain to the business strategy to deliver the maximum value to the business, customers and key stakeholders. Activities include:

Planning The assessment, enhancement and development of best practice end-to-end supply chain planning that synchronises the people, planning and systems to drive the right business outcomes. GRA uses proven change management methodologies to ensure that processes are embedded to deliver sustainable results. Activities include:

○ Supply Chain Strategy & Design ○ Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) ○ Supply Chain Network Planning & Optimisation ○ Demand Planning ○ Organisational Structure ○ Customer Collaboration Design & Change Management (CPFR) ○ Outsourcing & 3PL Strategy ○ Inventory Optimisation ○ Strategic Sourcing ○ Replenishment Planning ○ Supply Chain Technology ○ Production Planning Strategy ○ Transportation Planning ○ Supply Chain KPI & Policy ○ Warehouse Planning Development ○ Private Equity Due Diligence & Value Creation

Execution Delivering the maximum possible benefit from your supply assets and infrastructure. Ensuring key interactions and handoffs throughout the supply chain are optimised and synchronised with the business. With our approach we work handson and side-by-side with you throughout the implementation process to transfer knowledge and up-skill teams. Activities include:

○ Warehouse Operations Review ○ Facility Design & Layout ○ Transportation Routing & Freight Optimisation ○ 3PL Tendering Process & Negotiations ○ Technology & Systems Implementation ○ Training & Education

“The current S&OP process was not delivering consistent service levels to our customers and was directly impacting our customer engagement. GRA conducted a full review of our end-to-end demand and supply process encompassing people, processes and systems, delivering a fact-based deep-dive analysis which identified service level and inventory performance improvement opportunities. GRA also built capability within the organisation on the importance of S&OP and its role in managing the business. This enabled senior leadership to fully engage in the S&OP process to drive an issues based, KPI driven S&OP process with clear ownership of the forecast and other key areas.” Demand Strategy & Planning Director and S&OP Transformation Programme Manager Lion Dairy & Drinks

In the last two decades GRA has helped over 200 companies across multiple industries identify combined savings of more than 10 billion dollars in value. Typical results we achieve with our clients are: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

● ● ●

increased service levels up to 99.9% 20-40% inventory investment reduction 5%-20% spend management savings the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements improved return on capital employed (ROCE)) improved debt to equity ratios 10-15% reduction in supply chain costs & improved operating efficiencies improving both fixed asset (facilities) and current asset (working capital) efficiency improving profitability by reducing fixed and variable operating costs such as manufacturing, storage, distribution, inventory, transportation, procurement and labour improving supply chain responsiveness improved relationships with suppliers and customers integration of business goals and operational practices

“GRA helped us improve morale and productivity almost immediately while giving us a roadmap for strategic planning as it relates to our warehouse operations.” Larry Fells, Managing Director, Liberty Medical Pty Ltd

“GRA did a fantastic job in analysing our future stock needs and proposing a warehouse solution.” Greg Williamson, General Manager of Supply Chain, Amcor

“The team at GRA have helped to both identify and quantify the areas where we should apply focus to deliver better landed costs for our members.” Steven Johnston, CEO, ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd “They were very pragmatic in their approach and provided the right balance of guidance ensuring that we still owned the process for ultimate success.” Shaun Ladhams, Business Planning Manager, Quiksilver

“We saved $14 million in six months… here are the graphs. We’re used to being promised these kinds of numbers; we’re just not used to having them delivered.” Wing Commander, Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) “To date the benefits are being delivered. GRA acted in a very professional manner and delivered on our expectations.” Chris Wigg, Group Planning Manager The Laminex Group

Our clients

Apparel ○ Fantastic Holdings Limited ○ Globe International ○ Kathmandu ○ Quiksilver ○ Super Retail Group ○ Wesfarmers Automotive / Aerospace ○ Cummins Engine ○ Honda Australia ○ Peter Stevens Importers ○ Monza ○ QANTAS ○ Repco ○ Royal Australian Air Force ○ Super Cheap Auto ○ TJM ○ Toyota Australia ○ Volvo Truck Australia ○ ZF Group

Construction & Building ○ Cement Australia ○ CSR Gyprock ○ Grace Construction Products ○ OneSteel ○ Parchem ○ Smorgon Steel Australia ○ Transfield Services Food & Beverage ○ Bonlac Foods ○ Bonland Dairies ○ British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) ○ Cadbury ○ Fosters Australia (Carlton & United Breweries) ○ General Mills ○ Lion Dairy & Drinks ○ Murray Goulburn ○ National Foods ○ Nestlé ○ Sara Lee ○ Scalzo Food Industries ○ Snap Fresh ○ SPC Ardmona

Retail ○ Babies Galore ○ Boating Camping Fishing (BCF) ○ Fantastic Holdings Limited ○ Godfreys ○ Goldcross Cycles ○ Lagardère Services (Newslink Retail) ○ Mitre 10 ○ Officeworks ○ Reece ○ Repco ○ Super Cheap Auto ○ Super Retail Group ○ The Perfume Connection ○ The Spotlight Group ○ Wesfarmers Defence ○ Australian Aerospace ○ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) ○ Royal Australian Army ○ Royal Australian Navy

Health & Pharmaceuticals ○ APL - A Zuellig Pharma Company ○ Baxter Healthcare ○ Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2) ○ Comvita ○ Liberty Medical ○ ProVision ○ Sigma Pharmaceuticals ○ Symbion Pharmacy Services (formerly Mayne Health) ○ Wesfarmers Services & Technology ○ Allegro Private Equity ○ Catalyst Investment Managers ○ Cognos ○ Ericsson ○ Honeywell ○ IBM ○ KPMG ○ Monash University ○ RMIT ○ United Laboratories ○ Wollongong City Council

Mining & Resources ○ Angola LNG - SOMG ○ Hunter Valley Coal ○ Rio Tinto ○ Western Power

Manufacturing & Distribution ○ Actrol ○ Alesco ○ Amcor ○ Aperio Group ○ Atlas Specialty Metals ○ Australia Post ○ Australian Envelopes (Envotec) ○ BASF ○ Bosch ○ Cadbury ○ Corporate Express ○ CPI Group ○ GWA Group Limited ○ Lion Dairy & Drinks ○ Martin Brower (McDonalds Distribution) ○ Micador Group ○ Murray Goulburn ○ Parchem ○ SPC Ardmona ○ TDG Logistics ○ The Laminex Group ○ Wesfarmers

“Sales and profits are up, and Damaged & Dated is down. The sales team is engaged and enthusiastic about the S&OP process. It’s a nut we’ve been trying to crack for two years, and we’re finally seeing some green shoots.” Paul Foster Sales Director – Convenience & Food Service Lion Dairy & Drinks

Results & Value

We’ve Walked The Walk

Powerful Supply Chain Optimisation

Two Sets of Footprints

Unique end-to-end analysis

Our customers are our partners. We work together to provide sustainable, tailored solutions to achieve desired outcomes and real results. GRA offer a minimum 3:1 return, with typical returns ranging from 10:1 to 30:1. Moreover, GRA is uniquely positioned in the market to offer success-based fee arrangements, where our remuneration is linked to our partners’ realisation of actual, documented improvements.

GRA take great care to ensure that we have an appropriate blend of industry experience. We have extensive commercial supply chain experience across a broad range of industries and at all levels of the process.

Our service offerings are complemented by a range of powerful and proven supply chain optimisation toolsets and performance reporting toolsets. This enables us to find greater sustainable opportunities faster using fact-based analysis that enable our clients to act with confidence.

The single most important factor in achieving the sustained success of a solution is the effective management of the culture – in other words, 'the people'. If people issues are not effectively addressed, there is no chance of ongoing success and any investment in technology will be wasted.

We provide a powerful and unique combination of skills and tools, and we are the only firm in Australia with this end-to-end analysis, design & delivery capability.

Having implemented supply chain management initiatives within industry as customers, GRA has first-hand insight into our partners’ requirements and challenges. This perspective makes us uniquely qualified to help our partners achieve their goals.

GRA has developed unique approaches to assist our partners with effective change management. We use techniques including extensive coaching and mentoring, coupled with appropriate performance measurement, to ensure that people understand, embrace and enjoy learning the new disciplines. We work side-byside with our partners during the implementation process.

“After undertaking a broad diagnostic, GRA identified some great opportunities for our business (relating to both working capital and profit improvement). The GRA team worked effectively with management to prioritise the key areas of focus in terms of inventory reduction, freight cost optimisation, distribution network structure and broader organisational processes such as S&OP. Importantly, the review focused on opportunities that are deliverable and actionable” Andrew Coventry, Portfolio Director Catalyst Investment Managers Pty Ltd

GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd 110 Jolimont Road East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002 Tel: (03) 9421 4611 Fax: (03) 9663 0579

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GRA is one of Australia's largest, expert consulting firms specialising in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We off...