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The Style Of The Street

Cont ents yoBStyle Girl Latest Trends To Aid Your Street Style BoyslriG Style

Latest Trends To Aid Your Street Style

A Love Story Tights

The Essential Item To A Girls Wardrobe

Unique Style

Cameo Interviews With Twenty-Something’s

Nike Air Max The Street Style Shoe

From Retro Rags to Retro Riches

Rebecca Tunstall Interviews Miles Freeman On His Recent Venture, DOS.

Rebecca Tunstall Interviews Miles Freeman On His Recent Venture, DOS.

From Retro Rags to Retro Riches The Street Style Shoe

Nike Air Max

Cameo Interviews With Twenty-Something’s

Unique Style

The Essential Item To A Girls Wardrobe

A Love Story Tights Girls

Latest Trends To Aid Your Street Style




Latest Trends To Aid Your Street Style



Cont ents

Editors Letter

The streets have found a new style. I find myself craning my neck to check out the quirky individuals prancing down the street. Nike air maxes, velvet, denim in all shapes and sizes, leather and piercings seem to be the key pieces to make you stand out this season. Rolled up sleeves and trousers, Beanie hats, Desert shoes and buttoned up shirts are producing a new kind-of man. In this volume DIS.TINCT looks into five individuals who have established their style and are setting the trends. We also look into the clothes that are making street style relevant. DOS clothing aims to connect retro styles with new trends and bring the fashion designs of the 80’s and 90‘s inline with the present day, we interview Miles Freeman the brains behind the brand. Tights are a major piece in every girls wardrobe, with Henry Holland, ASOS and Pretty Polly creating hosiery from outside the box, DIS.TINCT will show some of the best designs to aid your style. This volume is all about the people behind the style, where they get their inspiration and how they make it their own. Jump into a world were quirky and unique is the only way forward and you will never want to leave.

Editors Letter

Girl yoBStyle The Style That Will Cement You In The Streets

Girl yoBStyle The Style That Will Cement You In The Streets

Tie-Dye Jumper Vintage

Skinny Polo Crop Topshop

Match Point Lace Up Black Mono Canvas Office

Knitted Colour Block Jumper Topshop

Cross Spike Ear Hangers Topshop

Quilted Leather Rucksack Unique Topshop

Disco Pants American Apparel

Spike Necklace Topshop Blanker Contrast Jacket Moto Topshop

Cream Glitter Lace Trim Topshop

Traditional Fairisle Hat Topshop

Speckle Roll Sleeve Mini Dress Topshop

Medium Fur Collar Topshop

Camo Army Jacket Topshop

Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans Moto Topshop

T-Shirt Kids Of The Universe

Green Double Layer Tube Skirt Topshop

Oversized Biker Boutique Topshop

Spike Bear Cluster Headband Topshop

Oversized Paint Flower Shirt Topshop

Nike Air 1 Office

Crosses Ear Cuff Topshop Fur Lined Parka Topshop

Boy lriGStyle The Style That Will Cement You In The Streets

Boy lriGStyle The Style That Will Cement You In The Streets

Nike Air Safari Obey Edger Shirt Urban Industry

Brixton Hat

Cycling Team 1989 Dos Clothing

Orange Downfilled Eska Puffer Penfield

Diamond Supply Co. Urban Industry

T.Neck Jummy Twisted Multi Folk

Knitted Pocket Shirt Folk

Brogue Desert Boots YMC

Lars Gordan SandQuist

Rainmac Purple Folk

Younger Belt Multi Folk

Wash Vintage Skinny Jeans Topman

My Yard Trashed T-shirt Urban Industry

Burgundy Ultra Skinny Smart Topman

Nike Blazer Leather

Fourstar Belson Plaid Urban Industry

203 Series Uniform Wares

A Love Story

A couples style bounces of one another, a well dressed suited pair is not to be missed.

When Jake...

met Sarah.

The Boy

The Girl








Photography Rebecca Tunstall, Models Jake Wood and Sarah Curle ,Assistant Jessica Karan

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, And there’s something, That I love about you.


The Essential Item To A Girls Wardrobe

Henry Holland Henry Holland


ly Pol tty Pre

Kaleidoscope Bright Pinks and Bright Blues Patterns and See Throughs Whirlwinds and Swirls A Pattern for Girls

Unique Style

Cameo Interviews With Twenty-Somethings!


each blonde hair tied in a topknot, weighed down with golden jewelry, Lauren Normyle stands in front of her large cupboard. Pulling out item after item from big Adidas jumpers to cute floral Topshop trousers, she epitomizes individuality. It is evident that Lauren doesn’t follow trends, she wears what she likes. With big jumpers and oversized shirts, ‘Tomboy’ springs to mind but teaming up such items with big, bling jewellery and her cute persona, makes heads turn when she walks into a room. Lauren is always caught reading blogs from Fashion Toast, Alice Dellal to Lilly Melrose, “I enjoy seeing what’s new and what I can adapt to my style to try and bring something that no one else seems to be wearing.” With her style icons Mary Kate Olyston, Cara Delevingne and Alice Dellal, you know this girl is never going to have to worry about looking stylish.

Sitting there in her Adidas Air Maxes (she never takes them off!) Lauren talks me through her favorite pieces. “Denim dungarees, they’re loose, comfortable and beautifully faded. I love this H&M Versace skirt teamed with my extra large shirt, tucked in and topped off with a wide black belt and boots, I feel great!” I know what you’re thinking this is really wacky and crazy, however with Lauren’s personal touches, these outfits look like they’ve been styled by a professional. She shows me another favorite, a black dress worn on her 22nd birthday. It was a ballerina, high necked dress that had Lauren’s name written all over it. Her favorite shop is Topshop, “It’s affordable for the student purse.” Styled with quirky pieces from here, there and everywhere she shouts high-street fashion. Lauren’s magpie approach creates an iconic style, a quirky fashionista who stands out in the crowd.

Lauren Normaly


recent inhabitant of London, Josh Abdelfatah, an actor and musician, is sitting on his sofa in an oversized denim jacket, skinny jeans and black trainers. As I walk through the door he lights up a ‘roll-up.’ His style is classic, smart, rocky, independent and British. He avoids branded clothing, big prints and logos. He gets his inspiration from actors and musicians. He enjoys scouring magazines, newspapers and the internet to steal bits of style to make his own. Josh talks me through his favorite pieces and pulls out a Branda Biker Jacket, something you’d see on the back of a Harley Davidson. The jacket makes a statement, a boy not to be messed with; his battered brogues look to have been on many adventures judging by the holes. He frequently sports a navy Cashmere scarf, clearly demonstrating a softer side to his character. He admits “my favorite piece changes from week to week.” Josh clearly has a love of fashion and rock and roll, it radiates around him and throughout his style. He likes to make a statement and show his individuality. “What you wear shows who you are - what you’re about.” You immediately get this aura from Josh. Josh and I leave his pokey London flat to take a walk through Shoreditch. His stride is confident, you would never know he was a Yorkshire boy.

Josh Abdelfatah

Tanny Mount


anny Mount has a ‘girl next door’ image, which oozes modern-retro. Her long dip dyed hair floats over a vintage denim jacket, underneath a cute dress is teamed with quirky tights and trainers. She is a picture of beauty. “My favorite items are a sheepskin coat, my Chelsea boots and Nike Air Maxes.” In the corner of her wardrobe is a bright orange canvas rug sack, which she uses when she cycles to class. And then I see the bike, in the corner of her student room, a baby blue Raleigh Stow-away, it fits perfectly with Tanny’s image. Having lived in New York for a year, Tanny has uncovered many underground designers and vintage shops, one being Shenaz Engineer, a young Aussie, based in New York, whose designs can inspire any girl. “Students can’t quite afford to shop designer,” so Tanny really appreciates the uniqueness vintage clothes can add to a wardrobe. Tanny’s inspiration comes from style icons like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, “I love seeing what they are wearing and doing. I also follow blogs including Bill Cunningham and Topshop.tumblr.” Her love of Suitcase and Nylon magazine, Urban Outfitters and Deep Blue, a vintage shop in Newcastle, brings together a whirlwind of style; Tanny makes it work every time.


s soon as you meet Jake, you are drawn to his dress sense. My eyes travel from his chiseled face to the bright yellow, blue and red retro t-shirt. His style is natural, functional and bold. Classically-inspired with an occasional twist, the wacky t-shirt was ‘pinched’ from his best friend’s Dad and makes a real statement. Jake’s street style is certainly individual, he picks up idea’s from all over. He has a surf -board image which wouldn’t look out a place on Bondi Beach or Newquay Harbor. You can tell he never tries too hard. His innate style just happens! Rolled up trousers with deck shoes and a Hawaiian shirt are top of the list. Ebay is his favorite shop and he spends hours looking for items that are cheap and “one-offs.” When he gets the opportunity he loves rooting through his friend’s parent’s wardrobes, hence his collection of old shirts. “It’s recycling in every sense of the word, very environmentally friendly!” His relationship with fashion is “Yin-yang, love-hate - fashion can both amplify and conceal your personality simultaneously. Dipping into a times past can create a confident persona, and helps you feel good about yourself.” Jake has got this off to a T!

Jake Wood


graduate of Textile Design, Vanessa Lunn welcomes me into her flat situated in White Chapel, London. Her bright red hair tied with a big spotty ribbon tops her model like figure. She is wearing a vintage black and white stripped skirt, which is teamed up with a cream blouse with pin tuck detail. As she rummages through her wardrobe trying to choose some footwear, it’s a toss-up between 80’s brogues or red pumps. With a hint of 1940’s, she encapsulates East London Fashion. She has an alternative style with a changing palette, colour and texture mixes a portrait image, which is striking and head turning.

There isn’t a vintage shop Vanessa doesn’t know about in London, her favorites being Beyond Retro and Mint Vintage. “Looking in charity shops is one of my favorite past times, finding little treasures once owned by someone else. They have a history all of their own and I love imagining how they were once worn.”

Vanessa’s wardrobe bulges with all her unique finds. I spot a polka dot cropped jacket and matching knee length skirt - her Gran’s. She is clearly a stylish lady, “She loves the thought of recycling her clothes.” With style running in the family, Vanessa continues to pull out item after item that belonged to this lovely lady, now in her ninety’s. It’s a vintage-lovers heaven! If you are ever walking down Brick Lane on a weekend, look out for Vanessa, she’s likely to be riffling through the vintage shops before popping into one of her favorite wine bars with friends.

Vanessa Lunn Written by Rebecca Tunstall

Nike Air Max

The Street Style Shoe

Nike Air Maxes are the icing on the cake when it comes to street style. A fresh pair of ‘creps’ are the essence to any wardrobe. Their unisex designs are capturing the eyes of many. Nike have evolved the Air Max from a basic shoe to a fashion statement. With leopard print, neon colours and metallic it is always exciting to discover the ‘new’ trainer.

Distinct Have Illustrated There Favorite

xaM riA ekiN

eohS elytS teertS ehT

Snow Leopard


Pink Leopard

Blue Leopard


Neon Black

Wal kT he Str eet In

W le le alk Th y t Sty S e St n n I I t ree eet t In tree S Str S e Sty e tyle h h le kT kT Wal Wal

Illustrations By Rebecca Tunstall

DOS Clothing From Vintage Rags To Retro Riches

Miles and his friend Jake decided to use their creativity and create DOS

gnihtolC SOD sehciR orteR oT sgaR egatniV morF


n a very wet Wednesday afternoon I made my way to ‘World Head Quarters,’ a bit of a grungy nightclub in Newcastle, to be fair! The old run down building left little to the imagination. Peeling paint work and a smell of damp greeted me as I entered the lift to the third floor. Expecting a scene out of a 90’s horror movie, the doors opened onto a sterile looking room, set for business and ready for action.

Miles’ Freeman the brains behind DOS clothing, came bouncing towards me, with his neatly combed back hair, fitted retro jumper, black jeans and Vans shoes, he instantly makes me feel welcome. “The shoot’s going to be fun,” he wasn’t kidding! His well chosen models are fellow students and they are grouped around enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Their amateur awkwardness soon disappears as a relaxed party atmosphere develops and the banter starts flying!

Miles meticulously guides the models into various poses ensuring the clothing looked at its best. I am soon aware of DOS’s specific look - the girls naturally beautiful, their minimal makeup, their Nike Air maxes and Flat Forms. The good looking boys have a retro edge. Their trousers are rolled up and on-trend, altogether picture perfect. With a lot of giggling and music to set the scene the shoot epitomized DOS. Miles is running backwards and forwards apologizing for not paying me more attention. He jumps up from the sofa to direct the models throwing in Skate boards and cute Beanie hats for the girls. I look on at a student who has turned into a business man, he knows exactly what he wants.

Wanting to earn some money to help supplement their loans Miles and his friend Jake decided to use their creativity and create DOS. It was clear from the start that they both loved wearing retro clothing; Miles tells me that his wardrobe was bulging with unworn retro jumpers and t-shirts. What a waste of money you might think, especially as he wouldn’t think of wearing them. “It was my collection, priceless and unique.” I can see the glint in his eye; his ‘collection’ is his passion and has been the inspiration behind his present designs. “They have definitely caught on and turned into a huge success, it’s unbelievable what we’ve done.”

The collection that I am looking at is screaming ‘sporting success,’ after our great Olympic summer the boys have created an amazing collection they deserve to be proud of. They have shown how sport has evolved from the 80’s and 90’s in a stylistic way. This collection fits together like a slot machine win. The pastel blue, yellow and pink alternative graphic designs will make any Tom, Dick or Harry look cool not to mention the Jan, Fran and Mary’s of this world. Miles explained about the colour palette for the collection. Inspired by an 80’s and 90’s softmore baseball team jumper. The soft pastel colours and unusual designs make you feel like you’re wearing something unique. They wanted to create something that made people feel ahead of the crowd, something that would make others want to follow. DOS is certainly instantly recognizable – its colours and retro graphics are its brand identity and definitely stand out against heavy competition. What I love about this brand is that it isn’t unisex - DOS - the brand wants the consumer to decide. To start with DOS targeted male consumers, but now girls are knocking on the door and have cottoned on to the unique and quirky clothing line. They want a slice of the cake. From avid Facebook and Twitter stalking, I’ve noticed the girls are munching through slice after slice, they’ve eaten the entire cake and seem to be over- taking the boys on the consumer front. The girls 2012 ‘street style’ is breaking boundaries; I can understand why DOS clothing is so appealing. I leave the shoot thoroughly hooked! Jumping feet first into the DOS bubble I buy my first DOS 1984 sweatshirt. The soft fluffy cotton inside is comforting on a cold day, I feel wrapped in retro yet stylish enough to stroll into Shoreditch on a busy Saturday afternoon, fitting in without a stir. The future for DOS looks exciting; Miles or Jake never imagined they could channel their creative energy into this inspirational -company in such a short space of time. Their mantra is quality, quick turnaround and the personal touch. Their sideline idea is making money – they’ve turned retro vintage jumpers into good quality affordable garments for the 20-teens.

Written By Rebecca Tunstall

Photos Supplied by DOS Clothing

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