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What is


was founded in 2008 as a web-based exchange for surplus construction materials. works to connect construction with the community through the redistibution of reusable and surplus materials to community groups, charities, schools, as well as others from the trade and the general public.

was created by a construction company, and so has been built with the users in mind. Put simply, offers a number of services, designed for different types of organisation and individuals. These services have all been designed to help the construction industry divert surplus and re-usable construction material away from the traditional waste stream, and into projects where they are required.


Why reuse? In 2008, the construction industry recycled over 60% of its waste. This is fantastic, and is certainly much better than sending material to landfill. However, recycling often ‘down-cycles’ materials into product of a lesser value, and uses a large amount of energy and resources. By practicing the waste hierarchy, products are redistributed or reused wherever possible before recycling. Reuse not only benefits the environment, through less waste sent to landfill or to the energy and resource intensive process of recycling, it also benefits the local community through the redistrubtion of materials into projects in need. In an increasingly competitive world, this ticks a lot of boxes for existing and potential clients.

‘‘recipro has helped us to save valuable resources in our vital refurbishment works, resulting in a fantastic facility for local young people’’ Tony Berry, Rampworx


The UK construction industry throws away ÂŁ1.5 billion

worth of surplus construction material every year

‘‘We would like to thank recipro who have

helped in providing a sustainable and cost effective supply of materials for the development of the new, first class clubhouse for the local community.’’ Graeme Atherton, Warrington Rowing Club

What can be re-used? The general rule to stick to is to ask the following question: ‘can this item be used for its original purpose’? If the answer is yes, and the material isn’t hazardous, out of date, damaged or contaminated then it should be fit for reuse. Examples of materials re-used through the service include bricks, blocks, tiles, carpets, timber, windows, bathroom fittings, insulation, doors, plumbing fixings, unopened paints, floor coverings, fencing and so on.


Services Basic membership operates a free to use website for smaller organisations in the construction industry who want a simple, effective method of reducing their waste. By uploading details of any surplus or reusable material to the visible to other members who could use these materials.

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You can browse, search and enquire about available materials simply by visiting the website and logging in. If you can’t find what you require, why not register a ‘Search for Me’, and let the website search for the materials you require? Just enter your ‘wish list’, select your area and will email you automatically when you get a match! To get started, simply visit and register for free!

‘‘Recipro is a great, easy to use tool which

helps me to reduce my costs as well as do my bit for the environment. I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the construction industry.’’ Tony Lynn, General Builder

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Services Continued... Managed service For larger construction projects, this level of membership allows for collections of surplus material from site and into our city reuse cardiffcentres, from where materials are redistributed into community projects, charities and other recognised good causes. can then provide certified reporting on the social and environmental impacts of the project, to demonstrate the positive outcomes of the project. For more information, please email or call 0844 225 3000.


Services Continued... Site clearance For clients who would like a project membership style service, but on a one off basis, the Site Clearance is ideal. Any reusable or surplus material is collected at the end of a project, and city cardiff redistributed into the third sector via our Social impact and environmental reporting is then deliered back to you to demonstrate the positive outcomes of the project. Supplier membership Suppliers of product into the construction industry can also benefit from . Any end of line, slow moving or returned stock can be posted onto the website, either publically available or prioiritising community projects. Again, this service utilises the city centres cardiff as a distribution hub for material, and Social Impact and environmental reporting is provided. For more details on both of these services, please email or call us on 0844 225 3000.


14% of waste in a skip is actually unused, brand new material which could be redistributed or reused

The construction industry produces 24% of all the waste in the UK

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Recipro is a web based exchange for surplus and reusable construction material. This brochure details the various services offered by Recip...