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NEW FASHION T HEE nations favourite street styles. T he hottest hairstyles this season T he best make-up for every skin tone. .

B ehind this seasons photo shoot. What is fashion styling? The most asked questions.

What is fashion styling?

A fashion stylist is someone that creates a personal look for a specific person. They are wholly responsible for the look that they create, and therefore they are very open minded and understand the differences between peoples personal styles. Under the spectrum of fashion styling comes along with many different job roles; such as window dressing, personal styling, catwalk stylist, stylist for photoshoots and a personal shopper. Having a job in any fashion industry is very demanding. Working as a fashion stylist you have to have many skills such as; patience, good networking skills, attention to detail, motivation, good client base, communication skills, portfolio of work, artistic, creative flare, experience of working in the fashion industry, understand different body shapes and sizes, have an extensive knowledge of trend forecasting and the most important skill that a fashion stylist should have is an open

Outfit styled by Kelvin Barron

Types of areas a fashion stylist can work in? Fashion stylists can work in many different areas; such as editorial, commercial and personal. Becoming an editorial fashion stylist is complex, this is due to the high demand in the industry for the best. Many fashion stylists take months in advance to book. Therefore, they have to be passionate and dedicated to every single customer.

What makes a fashion stylist? Do you have an eye for detail?

Do you have a strong portfolio of work to back your ideas within an interview?


Are you hardworking?


Yes Do you have any . experience of working Are you able to depict within the fashion someone's tastes and industry? desires through their personality ? Yes.


Do you have an artistic flare? No.


Do you understand what colours to choose to suit the wide variety of skin tones? You have some of the main elements to becoming the most successful fashion stylist!




Different types of styling. Commercial fashion styling.

Show styling

“involves organizing events and fashion parades. This could involve public “commercial styling is mainly speaking/comparing, working incorporated with advertisement, this is where the stylist would dress backstage at fashion parades, selecting models, organizing the running order, someone for a billboard sign or selecting garments and/or accessories, photo-shoot, to find the best style selecting the venue, developing the for the company or organisation. event concept, dealing with the media, Commercial fashion stylists also photographers, and PR companies.” style clients for fashion runways and events. But their job description covers a wide range of skills such Editorial Styling as; styling models or “involves conceptualizing and organizing actors/actresses for advertising the photo shoots for the pages in commercials, film clips, industrial fashion magazines and other media and educational videos. This could publications. This may also involve involve anything from selecting the selecting items to appear in fashion wardrobe items to coordinating the product pages for magazines and shoot - selecting the location, writing articles on personal style, models, makeup artists and even fashion trends etc. Here you will find the photographer.” yourself working closely with photographers, art directors, designers, artist managers, and fashion Wardrobe Styling “involves working on film, television, editors. Print assignments include fashion magazines, publicity shoots, concert or theatre productions. album covers, advertising, and movie Developing the look and/or posters.” selecting the wardrobe items for the actors/actresses, musicians/performers, dancers or television personalities (i.e. newsreaders). Wardrobe Styling is often considered a form of Show Styling.”

Merchandise Styling

“ involves creating displays of products in retail stores or for photo shoots, this can also be called a window dresser.”

Job adverts within styling. To be lucky enough to get a job within the fashion styling industry you have to be very talented, and fit a strict criteria. The internet is a good source to find where the free fashion stylist jobs lie, not only that but they tell you the requirements for the job that you are looking at. As previously mentioned there are so many different areas within fashion styling, every area requires a different skill and passion. Websites such as give all the details of where the job opportunity lies, what experience you need as well as qualifications. They also describe what type of person they want, which attributes they are strongly looking for. Just typing fashion stylist jobs opens a wide range of opportunities. Any company can advertise on whichever website like the one blow, this add is concise but detailed and it tells you exactly what qualifications and attributes you need, and also how much you will be paid per year. This add was founded on

Just typing fashion stylist jobs opens a wide range of opportunities. Any company can advertise on whichever website like the one blow, this add is concise but detailed and it tells you exactly what qualifications and attributes you need, and also how much you will be paid per year. This add was founded on, £20,000 a year - Part-time •Styling for our photography shoots for our on line magazine and external magazines. This is an important aspect of the role. •fashion experience either in a fashion retail organisation or related organisation. •Experience of working one to one with customers •A love and knowledge of fashion. •To have experience creating a styled environment for fashion shoots for magazines. •Ability to demonstrate excellent customer service and a real understanding of fashion are essential. •A fashion or related degree is desirable it is not essential. •Good written and spoken English and an eye for detail. •Job Type: Part-time •Salary: £20,000.00 /year •Job Location: Oxford OX1 •Required experience: Sales Retail Assistant: 1 year

The skills of a successful stylist. To be a successful stylist you need confidence, self belief and a creative mind-set. You also need to be understanding of different styles, and other peoples style preferences; not everyone will have the same taste in clothes as you!

Kelvin Barron is one of the most recognisable fashion stylists, he has worked with designers such as; Kim West, Michelle Keegan, Noelle Reno and Tolula Adeyemi. I really like his work because of his contemporary style, I also like the way that he has a different style for every different customer, and all of his work suits the person that he is styling. Kelvin Barron uses materials that would not typically be seen in everyday life. His outfits consist mainly of leather or latex, which creates a very sexualised look about his styling. is styling has been shown on red carpets, and has been televised, this is because of his connections with a vast amount of celebrities.

Kim West- latex fashion

Kelvin Barron

Kim West- latex fashion. Styled by Kelvin Barron.

Leslie Fremar Leslie is a very sophisticated and popular fashion stylist she has worked with clients such as; Ruth Wilson, Jennifer Connelly, Charlize Theron, Nicola Peltz. most of her collaborations portray a smart and casual look.

I really like Fremar’s work because of how casual and modern it is, I also think the way that she styles her outfits are very affordable and practical. Personally Leslie Fremar is one of my favourite fashion stylists. "The dress Karl designed was a masterpiece — an iconic dress for an incredible moment.“Leslie Fremar on Julianne Moore's Oscar dress

RACHEL ZOE Rachel Zoe has worked with celebrities such as; Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Gabrielle Union, Megan Fox and Lucy Hale. The majority of her collaborations have been shown at events and on red carpets, her styling is mainly evening wear and dress wear. I particularly like the way that she styles the clothing, she is extremely good at what she does, Rachael can depict a body type and garment by just looking at her client, which is entirely experience and talent based. I

"I wish them the very best in this next phase of their career.�— Rachel Zoe on studio directors Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, who struck out on their own.

KATE YOUNG Kate young has worked with celebrities such as; Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Selena Gomez her style is focouced mainly on evening wear and sophistication. I really like the way that she changes the style of garments for every different client that she dresses.

Most of her styles have been seen on the red carpet and at fashion events such a London fashion week. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez have been styled by Kate Young for her world tours and concerts.

Petra Flannery Petra Flannery is a well known and very popular fashion stylist; not only has she worked with the most recognisable celebrities her work has been seen on catwalks and events. Flannery has styled such celebrities as; Gwen Stefani, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Saldana, Claire Danes, Mila Kunis, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Flannery’s work is very sophisticated to look at, I like the way she portrays every client differently.

“I really try to individualize my clients. I concentrate on their particular fashion persona.”

Hairstyles to suit your face shape. A round face shape suits a short hair cut, but you can get away with a medium length cut, this emphasises your neck length and stops the attention from being drawn to your fuller cheeks.

A heart shaped face suits a short hair cut, it emphasises your perfectly shaped jawline and chin, and lets be honest everyone wants a high definition jaw line. It also suits long hair, but don’t forget to get a full fringe with it as well because this is where the attraction lies with the hair cut.

A long oval face shape suits layering between the sections of your hair, not noticeable layers but you definitely need help with the shape and bounciness of your hair. A wavy more 1950’s style is also a great hairstyle for you.

Hourglass shaped bodies.

The hourglass figure is Tips for your hourglass shaped body: round and curvy with a • wear mostly V-shaped • .Use light scarves in winter to tops or tops with a deep cover your open V-neck. well-defined waistline, neckline. • Wear darker colours on top fuller hips and chest and generous thighs. This • Look for dresses that fit to make your boobs appear your boobs and smaller means the hourglass elongate your waist. • Pencil skirts that fit well are figure is unlike the body • Get a coat that ideal for the hourglass as shapes of most highlights your waist they accentuate your supermodels and and features. wonderful curves. • Wear single-breasted • Choose shoes that consequently the jackets that are pictures in the fashion accentuate your curves, like tailored. shoes with rounded toes, magazines are mainly • Choose shirts that peep toes or bows. ‘idealist’ body types. accentuate your chest. Celebrities such as Kim Make sure the shirt Kardashian, does not have buttons Marilyn Monroe, and all the way to the top, Beyoncé have hourglass this can cause gaping. figures. • Little fitted jackets that tuck in your boobs will look great on you.

h o u r g l a s s

Cross over crop-top £30- Zara

Bodycon dress £55- River Island

V-neck shirt £22.99 - New-look

Mom jeans £24.99 New-look V- neck top £99- Ted Baker

Apple shaped bodies.

Key points for your apple If you have an apple-shaped body, shaped body: then your body is "top heavy," 1. 1.Draw attention away from meaning you have a wide torso, your middle, DO NOT wear broad shoulders, and a full bust, anything that gathers around waist, and upper back. Applethe waist. shaped bodied women also tend 2. Emphasize your bust! This is to have thinner arms, legs, and the keyset of points. hips, and tend to gain weight at 3. Show off your legs, length is their waistlines. The apple shape important, it also shows the is most commonly known as length of your body rather ‘curvy or busty’. Celebrities than the width. Rosie O'Donnell and Adele are 4. Pay attention to the cut of apple shaped women. your top, breast/ chest are the best asset of an apple shaped body. 5. Choose the right material, make sure it’s not too clingy.

A p p l e

Laced dress £49.99- New-look

Burgundy laced dress £49.99 New-look

Wrap dress £29.99 – New-look

Cold shoulder dress £24.99 – New-look


The pear shape loosely describes curvy women. A pear shaped woman is normally more curvaceous around the hip and thigh area and tends to be less full around the bust area. Pear shape women tend to have a curvier bottom half than their top. Celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and Jenifer Lopez all have pear shaped bodies.

Tips for a pear shaped body.

1. Tops with fitted waists. 2. Off the shoulder boat neck tops. 3. Embellishments around the bust or shoulders. 4. Tops with large sleeves. 5. Draw your attention to your upper body. 6. Emphasise your waist! This is your best asset.

P e a r

Crushed top £40 - ASOS

Mini skirt £19.99- New-look

Cold shoulder ribbed body £18- ASOS

• 1. FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in No. 2. This barely there buff gives pale skin a fresh sheen. $58; buy online now at • 2. CONCEALER: Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat in No. 1. Its light-reflecting pigments banish dark circles without looking obvious. $40; buy online now at

1. EYE SHADOW: Stila in Kitten. A glimmering champagne just dark enough to create eye-opening contour. $18; buy online now at 2. BLUSH: Benefit in BallerinaPink. For the most delicate flush, swirl on this soft petal hue. $28; buy online now at

1. LIP LINER: MAC in Subculture. This creamy neutral shade defines lips without looking cartoonish. $13; buy online now at 2. LIPSTICK: Yves Saint Laurent in Venus Rose. A sheer take on bright pink gives lips that just-bitten look. $30; buy online now at 3. LIP GLOSS: Estee Lauder in Honey Glaze. Bestows a subtle, toffeecolored shine without being sticky. $18; buy online now at

Fair / light

MediuM / Fair

1. EYE SHADOW: Nars in Corfu. This pearlescent beige cream is so sheer and blendable, it's nearly impossible to overdo. $21; buy online now at 2. BLUSH: Nars in Orgasm. Peachy pink with a dusting of gold, it delivers a feminine sun-kissed flush. $25; buy online now at

.1.FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in No. 4. Golden yellow undertones dress skin in a smooth, flattering glow. $58; buy online now at 2. CONCEALER: Cle de Peau Beaute in Beige. One tiny dot counteracts bluish shadows and red spots. $70; buy online now at

1. LIP LINER: MAC in Spice. The reddish brown hue warms up lips but is versatile enough to work with any lipstick. $13; buy online now at 2. LIPSTICK: Givenchy in Beige Shine. A swipe of this creamy peach gives lips a polished look with just a hint of color. $27; buy online now at 3. LIP GLOSS: Nars in Chelsea Girls. This earthy nude is not too pink or too brown-the perfect partner for a dramatic eye. $24; buy online now at

1. FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in No. 8. Evens out skin and imparts radiance without a trace of muddy brown or orange. $58; buy online now at 2. CONCEALER: Cle de Peau Beaute in Ocher. A yellowy beige that's slightly lighter than your skin can tackle undereye shadows. $70; buy online now at

1. EYE SHADOW: Estee Lauder in Copper Penny. A metallic brown brightens eyes without being overly sparkly. $18; buy online now at 2. BLUSH: Kevyn Aucoin in Tansoleil. A swoosh of vibrant pink from your apples to your cheekbones gives pretty definition. $24; buy online now at 1. LIP LINER: Rimmel London in Tiramisu. This warm caramel looks like your own lip tone, just a little richer. $3; visit for stores. 2. LIPSTICK: Clinique in Black Honey. An ultra-sheer berry gives just the right amount of vampy drama for day or night. $14; buy online now at 3. LIP GLOSS: Nars in Turkish Delight. To really make lips pop, slick on this white-based pink. $24; buy online now at

MediuM / dark


1. FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in No. 11. A warm chocolate-colored base with just enough red to counteract ashiness. $58; buy online now at 2. CONCEALER: Bobbi Brown in Chestnut. This extra-hydrating cream won't make skin look dull. $22; buy online now at

1. EYE SHADOW: MAC in Embark. Trace it along the bottom lashes to make eyes appear bigger. $15; buy online now at 2. BLUSH: MAC in Raizin. Deep burgundy undertones give dark skin an alluring glow. $18; buy online now at 1. LIP LINER: MAC in Chestnut. Use it to line and fill in lips, then top with clear gloss for a really natural look. $13; buy online now at 2. LIPSTICK: Lancome in Brick House. Most reds tend to look pink on dark skin; this chocolatecherry hue won't. $25; buy online now at 3. LIP GLOSS: Chanel in Bubble Plum. A pigment-packed violet gloss that delivers a beautiful punch of color. $27; buy online now at

Styling for a fair complexion. do’s •Dark colours. • grey. •Brown. •Burgundy. •bottle green. £40- grey jeans. £45crossbody bag. £60- velvet shoes.


•Pastel colours ( they’ll wash you out) •Red •Natural •Sand colours

total outFit £157 £12- burgundy cami top.

Styling for a Medium to dark complexion. do’s

• • • •

Pale beige Bolder shades of purple White Baby pink/ blue £180- shirt.

total outFit £944 £625- sweater. £90- jeans. £49- shoes.

don’ts • Yellow • Green • Brown • Olive

Styling for a dark complexion.


•Bright colours. •Deep green (emerald and jade). • cobalt blue. •Kaki green. £29- swedster.

total outFit £260 £195- shoes. £36- jeans.

don'ts •Browns •Navy •White •Peach •Neutral

kiM kardashian Kim Kardashian is one of the most I think I have made an outfit that the public recognised women in todays society, her eye could she her wearing; I stuck to the high styles and life choices have been critised end brands with expensive prices. I really like deeply throughout her years. Spending the way that I have depicted her style most of her time in the public eye; even the throughout these clothes. To complement her most casual of outfits are high end brands hourglass figure I chose a short waist-ed and cost large amounts of money. Using jumper to emphasise her small waist; I chose Polyvore I put together this casual outfit boyfriend cut jeans to emphasise her designed for Kim Kardashian; as you can hourglass figure, the accessories are to see the pricing of this outfit is very complement the outfit, and give the finishing extreme, £25,121 is more than most peoples stylish touches. annual earnings! Creating this look for Kim Kardashian’s body shape was challenging.

Total outfit cost: £25,121

Rolex watch £23,815-

Ripped jeans £45-

Fendi sunglasses £195 –

Jumper £501-

Shoes (Christian Louboutin) £565-

cara delevingne different angles within the media, but I

Cara delevingne; a well known model was overwhelmed by the amount of criticism she received regarding her looks. After a whirlpool of negative comments and untrue allegations, the positive comments followed shortly after. Her first main appearance was the Sister by Sibling runway at London Fashion Week fall 2013, this is where she started to be noticed for her supermodel like build. Delevingne’s style is portrayed from so many

particularly like the outfit that she is wearing below. Using Polyvore I put together an outfit that would be seen in the public eye; as something that suited her. I used affordable labels, and created a style that I think would go really well with her on screen personality. To complement Cara’s body shape I shave used garments that will emphasise her hips and bust, emphasising her tall physique are the high top converse trainers, these elongate her legs and show the full length of her body.

Total outfit cost: ÂŁ314.12

Customer profile Sophie, is a 21 year old aspiring model, has a varied style, her outfits can change from depending what mood she is in. her everyday style is casual/ comfy but she still likes to look stylish. Anything that is floral, minimalistic, bold or alternative she loves. Sophie's styles change to complement the up coming fashion trends, she is aware of the changing fashion style around her and has a very keen eye for detail. Throughout Sophie's wardrobe there are many well known labels to be seen. Sophie's budget is flexible because of her aspiring portfolio to model. Sophie likes named brands such as Vivienne Westwood and. Moschino. Her favourite shops are River Island, Zara, Ted Baker and Top-shop, she also likes shops like New Look and Primark for cheap accessories.

Jessica (Jessie) 22years young! Has a very stylish look, a Celine bag with subtle casual clothes has given her the best style with all the practicalities. ( London UK)

Cool hunting

Lizzie, a 26 stay at home mum seriously rocks the jeans and bulky scarf look, lovely and casual and ideal for the cool upcoming breezes. ( Liverpool UK)

Kelly, a very practical fashion wearer says she is more of an affordable shopper. She likes chunky scarf's and to be practical with the weather. (Leeds UK)

Cool hunting

Zara is a student and describes her look as ‘indie’ not only has she got great style she also has great taste in footwear, check out those Stella McCartney’s. ( Manchester UK)




Firstly I zoomed closer into the of this image although I don’t image, I wanted the focus to be think I will use it for my covering on the model and not on the hay image, I think it looks edited, bale, I like the contrast between whereas I want a natural looking the pale neutral colours and the cover. bright vibrant colours from the I like the shadowing effects flower and shoes. Using coming from the top right and Photoshop was easy, I corner of the edited image, I experimented with lots of think it creates depth within my different tools to create this final models face, and complements image. The main things that I her facial structures. changed were the contrasts and brightness's, I also added a pale film layer over the top of the original image. I like the outcome




Using mainly the colouring tool, I changed and brightened certain aspects of these images, I found the unedited picture very plain and although it portrayed a sophisticated look I don’t

think it did the model any justice. I love the way the black and white negative effect turned out. I think it creates a very dramatic look and feel throughout the image, I also like the way that I creates almost a silhouette of the flower.


When I initially took this photo in the shoot room I automatically thought that it was the one, I love the composition of the image and how it flows, almost in a circular motion, it is a very good picture for the eyes to be drawn to. The original image was very dark and dim. I changed this element of the picture by using the brightness tool, I then added warm undertones to the extremely bright parts of the image, this helped create shadows and shape within the body and


I love the minimalistic look that this image has created. The main feature that I wanted to portray way natural beauty, I wanted the focus to be on the headshot of this image. I instantly knew that this image was going to be my covering photo, I fell in love with the raw image, but the edited version really gives the model justice of her photogenic talents. The contrast between the white undertones and the flower creates an

interesting focal point within the image. If I were to change anything about this image I would change the colour of her nail varnish because I think it draws attention away from the flower.



I like the way that I have completely changed the colours and details within this image, I think it creates a very editorial look. These images are very different and unusual, I like this but I don’t think it would make a good ELLE covering page therefore I don’t think I would use this for my covering page. The raw image is really interesting, I think the contrast of the colours and the pose that my model is in creates a sophisticated look.




fashion magazine.  
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