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May 2020 | Issue 3

Natural, Bountiful, Beautiful

Natural, Bountiful, Beautiful Nature, Preserved Dark Skies, Bright Ideas, and A Passion For The Outdoors Seizing The Day Palmer Lake Villas Staying Fit At Bay Creek In Favor Of Local Flavor

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As spring forges ahead, our blooming Eastern Shore landscape continues to offer daily inspiration. The world is, indeed, full of many beautiful things. At Bay Creek, we continue to be energized by the natural landscape around us and excited about what the future holds. Most notably, the newly designated 350-acre Nature Preserve will continue to be enhanced as Preserve Communities and AvidTrails® partner to create new walking and hiking areas, bringing new access to waterways and once-hidden scenic spots. It’s just one of the many elements bringing the re-imagined vision for Bay Creek to life. Bay Creek and Cape Charles are a bit of a ‘treasure within a treasure’. We’re more thankful than ever for our hometown of Cape Charles. With a population of just over 1,100 people, yet sporting amenities you would expect to find in a much larger town, Cape Charles is a perfect blend of small town charm with uptown sophistication. That, along with easy access to a vast network of local goods, produce and seafood, and a breathtaking natural landscape make this an incredible place to call home. With sights set on many bright days ahead, and hopes for health and happiness for all who read these words, we invite you to enjoy this, the latest edition of the Bay Creek Soundings.

Nature, Preserved:

How Bay Creek residents are finding wellness, joy and inspiration in nature All nature is doing her best each moment to make us well—she exists for no other end. Do not resist her. —Henry David Thoreau

Jane Edwards and Lou Neudorff Jane Edwards and husband, Lou Neudorff, have been residents of Bay Creek since 2012. Originally from Connecticut, and having spent some time living in a studio co-op in Manhattan, they enjoyed vacationing on the Eastern Shore for many years. It was on one such vacation that they discovered Bay Creek. They completed construction on their Bay Creek residence in 2014 and their vacation destination has now become ‘home’. Here, they’re closer to family and closer to an abundance of nature, enjoying the outdoors in a variety of ways. “Lou walks for about an hour every day and plays 18 holes whenever he can,” says Jane. Lou’s consulting business allows him to work from their home. “We both enjoy walking a lot,” says Jane. “And we find that a walk can be nice for some alone time, too.”

How do you measure happiness? On the map, Bay Creek measures a little over 1,700 acres. But no ordinary acres, these—they encompass lush forests of old-growth pines, sandy beaches along the Chesapeake Bay, pristine tidal creeks meandering through the community and Bay Creek’s 350-acre Nature Preserve. And while the natural wonderland of Bay Creek is sizeable in acreage, the joy it affords those who live among it is significantly greater. Immeasurable, perhaps. With the recent designation of 350 acres in Bay Creek as a protected area, opportunity for enjoying nature has grown greater still. Scientific studies have long shown correlations between being in nature and wellbeing, both mental and physical. But why overanalyze it? Anyone who has felt that gentle, brightening surge of contentment as they walk through the woods or by the vastness of the Bay knows: it’s only natural. We spoke with some of our Bay Creek neighbors who find happiness among the trails, byways and preserved natural areas that grace the community.

But more often than not, they ‘hit the trails’ as a trio: Jane, Lou and their distinct dog, Nonnie, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, or ‘PBGV’. When it comes to being active outdoors, “Having a dog makes a difference,” says Jane. “She wants to keep going and so…we do!” And while they all enjoy getting out for fresh air and exercise, Nonnie’s preferred outing by far is a drive in the golf cart. The scenic streets, trails and cart paths of Bay Creek take them past woodlands, fairways, and the Nature Preserve, all teeming with wildlife. But Jane and Lou don’t have to leave their home to enjoy nature. “Even though we’re in a neighborhood, we see wildlife everywhere,” says Jane. Nestled in Bay Creek’s ‘Signature’ neighborhood, their home backs up to the #10 fairway of the Palmer course. In the mornings especially, the native wildlife is plentiful there. “We see herons, egrets, rabbits, foxes, deer…” say Lou and Jane.

May 2020 | Issue 3

As president of the Garden Club of Norfolk, Jane’s interest in conservation led them to plant their yard with more trees and perennial bushes, to attract even more wildlife. Though they enjoy Bay Creek as it is now, they’re looking ahead, too. “We’re looking forward to easier access to the creeks,” Lou says of the new access points for small boats in the Nature Preserve that will accompany the creation of Bay Creek’s Base Camp in the near future. Will Nonnie enjoy canoeing as much as being chauffeured in the golf cart? They’ll have to wait and see. As for enjoyment, Jane and Lou truly appreciate the uniqueness of their Eastern Shore home—the beach, the waterfront, Cape Charles and its coastal charm. “Our home is about a half mile from the Bay,” says Jane. “On a foggy night, we can hear the fog horns… it’s magical.” Terry Carney and Nansey Cardone Terry Carney and his wife, Nansey Cardone, enjoy living on the Eastern Shore. Nansey can often be found at Love Letters, their eclectic and stylish gift and clothing shop on Mason Avenue in Cape Charles. Bay Creek and Cape Charles have a lot of what the couple enjoys. “We both enjoy gardening and I like playing tennis and golf. We’ll take the golf cart to the tennis courts, beach and golf course,” says Terry. “We enjoy sitting on the beach, riding bicycles, there’s a lot to enjoy. The beaches, two harbors, it’s all very accessible.” Terry enjoys photography and often finds himself outdoors, taking in the scenery and sometimes taking photos. His exploration of Bay Creek’s Nature Preserve offers plenty of subject matter for his photography. And though it’s “just a hobby,” according to Terry, he does enjoy capturing special moments while out and about in the Nature Preserve and beyond. “Flora, fauna, the fog on the creek, the clouds and the sun,” says Terry, “or the sunset on a crisp clear day,” he explains, is easily to see on his walks in Bay Creek.

Terry and Nansey enjoy kayaking here, too, where it’s not too windy and just right for an easy excursion. Terry also takes advantage of the natural bounty of the waters fishing. “You can catch croaker, flounder, and speckled trout off the rock jetties,” he says. Then there’s the joy of walking the beach. “We see people on the beach looking for sea glass and shells. Never too many people, there’s always plenty of room.” Why do Terry and Nansey find themselves getting outdoors so often? Mystery solved: their three Golden Retrievers, Scout, Clue and Watson absolutely love it! “We take the dogs to the beach and they love getting in the water, of course,” says Terry. “And in the summer, we’ll often take them to Plantation Creek.” Terry’s exploration with his dogs—and sometimes his camera—have led him further afield, too. The Nature Preserve is full of special spots and vistas to be admired. “There’s an area that overlooks Plantation Creek that’s just beautiful,” Terry says of one of these hidden treasures. As the Nature Preserve is enhanced with low impact access to these ‘beauty spots,’ more casual explorers and trail walkers can pause to take in those inspiring views. In the meantime, Terry, Nansey and the Golden crew plan to continue to enjoy Bay Creek’s abundant natural recreation areas, beaches and trails that lie just beyond their own front door.

Maggie Deuel and Jim Liepman The word, ‘walkable’ is bandied about a lot these days. It’s usually meant to suggest convenience or proximity. But for those who truly love to walk—for the exercise, the enjoyment, or the social aspects—‘walkable’ becomes another thing entirely. Enter Maggie and Jim. From their home on the pond in Bayside Village, they enjoy 270˚ views of a natural wonderland they call home. They know ‘walkable’ well—Bayside Village itself is a pleasure to walk with its colorful homes and Victorian charm. Maggie and Jim walk three to four miles at a time, usually three or four times a week. This is where even the most scenic of communities might offer a challenge— and where Bay Creek comes through with flying colors. There’s so much walkable area and it’s so diverse, a daily walk can offer a new experience each time. “Sometimes I walk with a group of ladies. We’ll walk the length of the beach. There’s never a crowd,” says Maggie. And for trails, “There’s a larger course, about three miles long, and then a 1.3-mile course, with fitness stations throughout.”

Lately, Maggie, Jim, and their neighbors are enjoying Bay Creek’s trails in an inventive way. “We’ve been having little social gatherings on the trail,” Jim laughs. “We all drive our golf carts to a specific spot where there’s beautiful scenery—Plantation Creek or one of the ponds—and gather at a distance.” Among these many scenic acres, there’s plenty of room to enjoy the beauty of nature and each others’ company responsibly. At their Bayside Village home, Maggie and Jim are treated to daily natural splendor and an incredible array of wildlife. Their backyard is the #2 hole of the Palmer course, and the number one place for early morning bird watching. “When you get up in the morning, you hear birds,” Maggie says. Blue herons, egrets, ospreys and other native birds abound. “We also have fish and families of turtles in our pond,” she says. With the Nature Preserve and so many gorgeous places to explore here, staying active and connected with nature is a ‘walk in the park’ for Maggie, Jim, and all their Bay Creek neighbors and friends.

Out on the trails, there’s plenty of space and solitude. “Sometimes we see people running with their dogs,” Maggie says. “Sometimes you may only meet one or two other people on your three-mile walk.” “When we want to do a really beautiful walk, we take the nature trails. We’ve biked it, walked it, and there are different paths to take,” says Maggie. “We’ve seen a family of red foxes on the trail, birds, turtles, deer… it’s amazing.” Alongside the Nature Preserve, there will soon be more opportunity for enjoyment. “Once they build Base Camp, there will be kayak launches, a firepit…there will be gathering places for families,” Maggie says. And she’s right—in progress now, Bay Creek, partnering with Avid Trails®, will be adding gathering areas, activity stations and engaging trails that make the most of this rare preserved property.

Ron and Sherry Wrucke Living on the Jersey Shore, and riding the train into New York City for work every day for 30 years must seem a lifetime ago for Ron Wrucke, who, with his wife, Sherry, have owned in Bay Creek since 2000. “We were one of the first to buy a homesite in Bay Creek,” says Ron.

May 2020 | Issue 3

Their new home in The Signature offered the lifestyle they wanted. “Compared to where we were, Bay Creek was so beautiful. It isn’t crowded, and it certainly is a lot more peaceful!!,” he says. You could say Ron has an eye for the exceptional. An accomplished photographer, Ron has a talent for framing a subject and capturing its essence. When he and Sherry began living on the Eastern Shore, he had immediate access to beautiful landscapes, sunsets and wildlife to photograph. “There’s wildlife everywhere. I’ve always had a camera and always taken photographs. Now it’s all right in my backyard,” says Ron.

“It’s nice to get out, too—I go out my door and in five minutes I’m in no man’s land,” says Ron of the expansive natural areas of the community. “Seclusion is, by itself, wonderfully conducive to wildlife,” Ron explains. It’s that kind of ‘convenient seclusion’ that offers privacy and peace just moments from acclaimed golf, the beach and other things Sherry and Ron enjoy. When it comes to getting outdoors, Sherry and Ron have a lot of options. They both love playing golf. “Lately, when we feel like we’ve been cooped up inside for too long, we’ll say, ‘let’s get out of the house’ and we just hop in the golf cart, and we go.” And for a couple who were no strangers to crowds and bustle in their pre-retirement life, the serenity of the fairways, trails and Nature Preserve here are another affirmation of their choice to move to Bay Creek.

“When I go on a field walk, Bay Creek’s woodlands and conservation areas are very special,” says Ron. “There are amazing views of Plantation Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. You inevitably see eagles, ospreys, herons and egrets hunting for food; there is much to appreciate,” Ron explains.

Bay Creek’s private beaches are a frequent destination for the Wrucke’s, too. “We see people at the beach all the time picking up sea glass… we enjoy the beach and it’s so accessible,” laughs say Ron. As accessibility goes, the future of the community is very bright, indeed. With the lands of the 350-acre Nature Preserve in permanent conservation, Bay Creek neighbors will be able to easily connect with nature. “The trails will help a lot,” says Ron of Bay Creek’s plan to create walkable paths to photo-worthy views and spaces in the Nature Preserve. Ron’s passion for photography and nature is evident. With the eye of an artist, he details the natural wonders he and Sherry see in the community and in their own back yard. “In the fall, there are bushes that the monarch butterflies love. This area is full of ospreys, woodpeckers, songbirds … it is a photographer’s paradise.” he explains. Scenic areas full of wildlife mean Ron is always just a shot away from his next incredible photograph. Best of all, Sherry and Ron are still enjoying the uncrowded, natural beauty of the place they chose to call home nearly two decades ago. “It’s beautiful,” Ron says of Bay Creek. “It’s a wonderful place to hang your hat.”

Dark Skies, Bright Ideas, and a Passion for the Outdoors

Outdoorsman, Jim Baugh gives us an incredible, new perspective on our Eastern Shore home.

When you think about our amazing Eastern Shore, ‘one-ofa-kind’ comes to mind. With its unique barrier islands, bountiful waters, and delicate natural habitats, it’s an area like nowhere else in the world. It’s also the home of another one-of-a-kind: veteran television producer, photographer, musician, and award-winning filmmaker, Jim Baugh. With his show, Jim Baugh Outdoors, spanning three decades, exploring the wild and wonderful outdoor adventures in Maryland, the Outer Banks, Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, Miami and down to the Florida Keys, he’s a master of telling a great story and captivating imaginations.

His award-winning short film, “The Milky Way Galaxy, Our Home” is one such incredible story. Highlighting four never before published dark sky sites right here on the Eastern Shore, the four-minute film utilizes Jim’s photography taken over four months and his time-lapse video spanning four years. Weaving four years of footage and thousands of photos together to share the wonder of the Eastern Shore night sky with the world sounds like an enormous endeavor. But for Jim, it’s a way of life. Jim has seen a lot in his decades advocating for getting outdoors. So when he says the Eastern Shore area is unique, that’s certainly saying something. His work in astrophotography—photography of celestial events and the night sky—shows just how right he is.

“The Eastern Shore of Virginia is the place for nightscapes and stargazing,” says Jim. When he began the detailed process of looking for dark sky sites on the Eastern Shore, he was excited by what he found. Before he moved to Cape Charles with his wife, Donna, in 2013, the only time Jim was able to really see the night sky was when he was out on a boat. His dark-skyfriendly location of Cape Charles has changed that. He suspected the Cape Charles area might have potential for ideal dark sky sites— so he set out to find them. He began by using satellite imagery to find what looked, to his trained eye, like possible spots. “At night, I’d take our dog, Jazz, out to the darkest locations to check them out,” he remembers. He found several of these in the Cape Charles area.

May 2020 | Issue 3

His latest photo release several days ago is a testament to his dedication. His photos of Cape Charles’ King Neptune statue and the iconic LOVE sculpture beneath the Milky Way are absolutely awe-inspiring and…eye-opening. This is, in part, because many of us have never seen the night sky of Cape Charles captured this way. “If you’re going to be filming astrophotography on the Shore,” says Jim, “Cape Charles is probably the best central location.” Knowing our hometown is home to several exceptional dark sky locations—now identified and captured by Jim—is exciting. Showing people something new is what Jim Baugh is all about. A lover of all things outdoors, his life’s work has been sharing the joy of being in nature with others. With his show now based at Oyster Farm at Kings Creek Marina, he’s using his trademark energy and passion to showcase the natural attractions of the Eastern Shore. What inspires the man whose films, footage and photos inspire so many others? In short, it’s the glory of nature. “When we can get people outdoors, to enjoy it, they start to care about these places,” explains Jim. The beauty of a message like this is that it isn’t an admonishment to ‘save the environment.’ It’s an invitation—to make the great

outdoors a part of your life and experience the genuine thrills and joys that come from that. The rest, Jim explains, takes care of itself. From his home studio, Jim has an incredible place in which to observe our area’s stunning natural resources. “I started to notice how much the sun moves every day,” he says. The dramatic movement of the shadows of the trees as the sun passes over caught his attention. “The sun sets in different parts of the sky at different parts of the year,” Jim explains. His photograph, Sunset at the Concrete Ships, is the result of his keen sky observations. “This was taken during the winter solstice,” Jim says. That, he explains, was the rare time he was able to capture the setting sun at that specific position in the sky. And though producing his stunning

photos and films often requires a winter solstice, a new moon, four years of footage, or an all-night, once-in-a-season exposure, his championing of Cape Charles and the Eastern Shore’s outdoor paradise is an everyday thing. Jim’s endeavors are part of what makes Cape Charles special—and we’re glad he’s sharing his talents and passion for the outdoors here in our special corner of the world. His vast show archive and new show episodes, alike, take viewers on a deep dive of the natural resources, lifestyle and flavor of waterways, the sea, the shore and more. And his fine art photography of the Cape Charles and Eastern Shore area are reminding us that we live in an incredible place—just waiting to be explored.

Watch the Skies: If you’re feeling starry-eyed, here are a few areas to try for night sky observation and astrophotography on the Eastern Shore. On a clear night, it can be spectacular! • The area around Magothy Bay Natural Preserve • Red Bank Boat Ramp | County Rd. 715, Marionville, VA • The Greater Wachapreague area | Accomack County • Most areas along Seaside Road heading north from Cape Charles • The Town of Cape Charles Watch the award-winning documentary, “The Milky Way Galaxy, Our Home” a short film by Jim Baugh highlighting four never before published dark sky sites. The locations are Magothy Bay, Wachapreague, Cape Charles, and Red Bank. Jim Baugh’s show has broadcast over the years on The Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel, the Family Channel & NBC Sports and is now on Amazon Prime. You can see more of Jim Baugh’s work at

May 2020 | Issue 3

Seizing the Day:

At Bay Creek, today’s new construction sets the stage for a lifetime of great tomorrows These families and couples are putting down new roots in the quiet, bayfront haven that is Bay Creek—where inspiring lifeenhancing experiences will greet them every day.

At Bay Creek, there are many things to appreciate— the incredible Eastern Shore weather, good neighbors, the boundless, great outdoors and more. We believe in looking ahead here. Whether it’s the new amenities in progress or new friends who will soon be joining us as neighbors— we’re thankful to have a bright side upon which to fix our gaze. It is with excitement and gratitude that we share the latest construction update. Right now, Bay Creek is experiencing new construction and welcoming new families and couples from all over the country. These new home starts are exciting and diverse: representing a range of home styles across a variety of homesites—from bayfront, bayside, and creekside, to golf course and forested settings.

Meet Dr. and Mrs. Turner, Wisconsin natives, and longtime Charlottesville, Virginia residents. After several years of joining family for vacations to Cape Charles, the Turners decided to make it home. In the summer of 2018, they discovered Bay Creek and soon purchased a homesite in Bayside Village. Today, they are living in their newly completed home, where breathtaking water views and Bay breezes greet them daily.

Why now? People have always been drawn to Bay Creek for its unique lifestyle. And now, more than ever, people seek an alternative to the fast pace of highly populated areas—for retirement, for a vacation home retreat for family, or both. The character and lifestyle of Bay Creek with its wide open, natural spaces, small town charm and active, waterfront lifestyle are especially alluring.

Bay Creek is alive with activity, with new homes taking shape across our lush woodlands, fairways, waterways and shores. Builders are busy. The scene is active and the mood is energetic. And best of all, each underconstruction home represents something much bigger: a longheld dream becoming reality, a family retreat coming to life, a life’s work richly rewarded, and a new friend and neighbor at Bay Creek.

Featured Real Estate: Palmer Lake Villas

We are excited to unveil plans for the new Palmer Lake Villas, one of the most anticipated new home enclaves ever offered at Bay Creek. Designed and crafted by highly respected Beacon Custom Homes, this limited edition of thirty Villas will be nestled along the 12th and 13th holes of the Arnold Palmer Signature Course, offering absolutely gorgeous views of both golf and water. These homes were masterfully created to appeal to both full-time residents as well as those desiring a carefree and low maintenance second home. The main level is beautifully designed to offer main level living at its finest, with three bedrooms and an wonderfully open living area all blending harmoniously into approximately 1,823 square feet of interior living space. An optional 4th bedroom with full bathroom on the upper level is available as well as an option to enclose the outdoor covered porch into a sunroom, the perfect spot to sit and take in the fantastic views of the Palmer Signature golf course. Inside are all the features you’d expect to find in a Bay Creek home – hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless kitchen appliances, craftsman trim package, 9’ to 12’ ceilings on the main level and much more. Priced from $399,000 to $499,000, the first release of Villas is anticipated to be available for purchase in July via a special priority reservation program. For more information, please contact our Discovery Center at 757.331.8742 or email us at

May 2020 | Issue 3

Staying Fit at Bay Creek The health and wellness experts at Bay Creek are pleased to bring you workout videos to enjoy at home! The latest videos let you stretch with Bay Creek’s talented Life Center Coach, Austin Brady, and get a total body/cardio workout led by our amazing aerobics instructor, Jill Anderson. Members can also join us every morning for a live “Good Morning Stretch” class on the Life Center Activities page. We forward to seeing friends and neighbors at the Life Center soon. Until then, be safe, be well, and enjoy these videos from the Bay Creek fitness and wellness pros.

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In Favor of Local Flavor The incredible bounty of the sea and shore is just one of the many ways the Eastern Shore provides for its residents. Here in Cape Charles, adventurous and skilled local shoremen pull in tasty oysters, hard and soft shell crabs, flounder and more. Area farms abound with locally grown produce—fruits, vegetables, local honey. Local breweries and wineries craft a variety of spirits and experiences. Here’s our guide to the local farms, restaurants, breweries, seafood markets and more who offer up the freshest flavors on the Shore. Enjoy!

May 2020 | Issue 3

Premier coastal living on Virginia’s Cape Welcome to Bay Creek on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Surrounding the charming town of Cape Charles, Bay Creek is the perfect place for families to create a legacy amidst the natural beauty, adventure, relaxation, and endless memories of beach life on the Chesapeake Bay. Encompassing 1,720 acres of picturesque coastline—Bay Creek features nearly two miles of private beachfront, 27-holes of Palmer & Nicklaus golf, and a newly designated 350-acre preserve area with plans for trails and a waterfront Base Camp.

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