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Canon has recently announced the PowerShot Canon G12 premium compact, successor to PowerShot G11 introduced to the market this past year. Inheriting the majority of the core features of the G11, the latest camera receives the improvement of an EOS-style front control dial, Hybrid IS (image stabilization) especially for close-up work, and 720p HD video recording. Additionally, it provides multi-aspect ratio shooting and SDXC card compatibility. Below is a brief list of the new Canon G12 features:

The Canon G12 now supports HD (High Definition) video capture at 720p resolution and 24 fps (frames per second) and includes full stereo audio. The inclusion of the HS System and Digic 4 processor enables taking pictures with larger ISOs while having outstanding image quality - permitting users to shoot first rate images in all conditions. This extended ISO range allows users to shoot darker scenes with no need of using the flash or employing a tripod - capturing correctly exposed pictures using only available light. A brand new EOS style front dial offers swift and convenient access to settings in the course of shooting. Users may either prioritise the front dial or rear multi-control dial as the primary method of controlling the camera, or use a combination of each. To compliment the capture of level horizons, the PowerShot G12 also includes a new electronic level functionality. Using information from the camera's acceleration sensor, an on-screen indicator allows users to see if the camera is level, working in both horizontal or vertical orientations to confirm level photographs of portrait or landscape scenes. Multi-Aspect shooting in 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 16:9 and 4:5 formats also makes it possible for photographers to photograph according to their subject as well as the expected use of the photograph The PowerShot Canon G12 includes a brand new High Dynamic Range (HDR) shooting mode, permitting capture of high contrast scenes closer to the way they appear to the human eye. When photographing with a tripod, the PowerShot G12 takes 3 alternative exposures of the scene before analysing and merging images in-camera to generate a single image. The completed picture records highlight and shadow information closer to the way the photographer sees it. Convenient, wireless content transfers are based on Eye-Fi connected capabilities, enabling remote uploads to picture sharing nternet sites such as CANON iMAGE GATEWAY. The camera features a dedicated Eye-Fi component contained in the User Interface, and disables the auto

power-down function while the Eye-Fi card transfers data.

The Canon G12 is a significant upgrade for digital camera users wanting to move up to the next level in their picture taking capabilities or for current G-series owners wanting add some of the new features to the already well rounded functionality of their current G-series camera.

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==== ==== For more information on Canon Powershot G12 please check out; ====

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