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Beaux Arts Bath


Across the Land of the Ever Young

Acrylic on Paper 64 x 76 cm.

Stewart Edmondson

A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.’ -John Muir Born in 1965, Stewart Edmondson grew up in Yorkshire in a fell-running, dale-walking family. With his father a printer, and the paintings of his great-grandfather adorning the walls of the family home, materials for painting and drawing and the inspiration to use them were ever-present. Nevertheless painting was not regarded then as a viable career, and Stewart qualified with honours as a landscape architect. He was subsequently involved with the Wildlife Trust, introducing children to the natural world through hiking and camping expeditions. ‘At the time I thought this was the most important thing in the world I could be doing’. This view was to change three years after having moved to Devon, when in 1998 Stewart’s life altered dramatically when he was struck by a truck whilst walking in Australia. Over the year it took to recover, he realised fully the necessity to paint, an emotion that has been strengthened by the birth of his child Luis in 2002. He remains charged with passion for the moors, tors and river valleys that surround his home on Dartmoor. In fact the vast majority of his work is done within a mile of his front door, in situ, at the mercy of the elements with only the occasional use of a portable fisherman’s hut for protection. The wilder the winter, the better for me’, Edmondson claims. It’s usually pretty fast and dynamic, which is a way of responding to the often rapidly changing light and conditions of painting outside. Painting outside and using as much paint as I do – it can be wild – the wind and rain tend to move it around when you throw it onto the paper. It can be harsh out there, up on the moor – but I love it. My studio is just a place for looking at finished work and tidying it up. It is fantastic working outside – you’re not totally in control because of the weather and the raw inspiration of the place. Ink and water can get blown over the paper. At first it can look chaotic, but I work with that – I love that unpredictable aspect. For me it is all about allowing something that is beyond my control to come through – allowing the place, the wind, the weather directly into the painting. If I felt I was fighting against the elements it wouldn’t be very enjoyable, but I just relish the chaos’. Selected Exhibitions Beaux Arts Bath 2009 to 2016 Solo Exhibition Beaux Arts Bath 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 London Art Fair, Islington, London 2009-2015 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London 2013-2016 20/21 Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London 2011-2015 Dart Gallery 2006-2015 Gallery Tresco 2008-2009 Awards 2007 Elected Academician – South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts 2005 Art in Devon Prize, SW Academy Summer Open Exhibition

The Shores of the Mighty Sea Acrylic on Paper 89 x 105 cm.

At the Corner Where the River Shimmers Acrylic on Paper 63 x 66 cm.

Imagine Their Song Acrylic on Paper 14 x 38 cm.

Something Stirring Acrylic on Paper 92 x 94 cm.

Not Contained by Man Acrylic on Paper 75 x 83 cm.

Sgorr Morr, Rum Acrylic on paper 61 x 65 cm

Among the Wild Things Acrylic on Paper 16 x 353cm.

Where the Light Runs Acrylic on Paper 80 x 85 cm.

Breathe in the Vast Horizon Acrylic on Paper 47 X 48 cm.

With the Moon Pool Acrylic on Paper 75 x 79 cm.

By the Bright River Acrylic on Paper 67 x 80 cm.

The Sound to Skye Acrylic on Paper 48 x 55 cm.

Where the Salmon Run Acrylic on paper 69 x 70 cm

A Cathedral of Birdsong Acrylic on Paper 96 x 97 cm.

Up by Hern’s Place Acrylic on Paper 62 x 68 cm.

A Lost Breeze Blows the Woods Awake Acrylic on Paper 88 x 90 cm.

With the Wind and the Waves Acrylic on Paper 60 x 64 cm.

The Brilliant Tangle Acrylic on Paper 44 x 52 cm.

Through the Meadow Tangle Acrylic on Paper 59 x 64 cm.

To Start Point Acrylic on Paper 88 x 89 cm.

Camas Sgiotaig - the Silver Beach Acrylic on Paper 51 x 52 cm.

Their Songs Never Cease Acrylic on Paper 28 x 39 cm.

Back Cover: Across Rum Sound Acrylic on Paper 89 x 90 cm. Front Cover: I have Heard the Big Music Acrylic on Paper 97 x 98 cm.

Beaux Arts Bath 12/13 York St. Bath BA1 1NG 01225464850

Beaux Arts Bath

Stewart Edmondson - New Paintings  

Catalogue to accompany the exhibition 'Stewart Edmondson -New Paintings' at Beaux Arts Bath, March 2016

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