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CONTENTS Volume 1 | Issue 1 February– April 2014


Behind the Lens 7 This Issue’s BTL Team Get to know the team that made our cover photo shoot simply beautiful!

On the Cover

Who are the Beauties of the TBLG? BBU! Founder Shunte Davis introduce the Total Beauty Ladies Group members and the group’s mission.

Beautifully Being Me 9 Industry Spotlights Fashion Blogger Shalanda Turner Runway Coach Jesus Walks Vendor of the Month Florence Cruz

BBU! Style 20 Make Me Over– Bring Out Your Inner Bombshell

22 Getting Gala Ready 24 We Want That! Editor’s Pick 25 Gifts for Him Editor’s Pick


The Whole U!



28 Live Life by Faye Carter 29 4 Staycation Ideas 30 8 Purse Exercises 31 Reader’s Lounge 32 How to Get the Party Started– Super Hostess Tips

In Every Issue 3 BBU! Staff & Contributors 4 In the Community 6 We Asked You Answered 14 A Visual Story– Editorial 33 Connecting OVER Food-5 Ladies & a Fork 34 W.O.W Moments by Shunte Davis 35 Vendor Directory

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CONTRIBUTORS This issue’s talented crew of contributors sharing their expertise and life experiences. Amburlee Price

Faye Carter

Jesus Walks

Edrina Newman

Beauty Expert “Make Me Over” Page 20

Life Coach “Live Life” Page 28

Runway Coach “The Bolded Beauty” Page 14

“8 Purse Exercises”


Fitness Guru Page 30

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Look no further for fun events in and around the city of Houston. Our event production company, the Total Beauty Ladies Events, has an entire roster of events to support our 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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April 12, 2014 Black & White Masquerade Ball 2nd Annual Gala

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4 | February-April 2014

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Photo Bombed!



The Spot: Boudreaux’s CafÊ Purpose: 2014 Meet & Greet


Brunch with the ladies was awesome. I must say we got 2014 off to a great start!


I had a great time listening to the ladies share their stories of how they started with their business: they had an interest, they researched, they learned, and they executed their plan. Awesome! Thanks to Alana, I even learned how to email pictures from my iPad and make a dropbox. Today was a good day. -Carla


The Spot: BBU! Launch Party Purpose: Group Outing Celebrate our TBLG Members and the launch of BBU!


The Spot: Loaves & Fish Soup Kitchen Purpose: Community Outreach to help feed the homeless.

We Asked U Answered What Is One thing You

Love About Yourself?

“I love my willingness to accept who I am, flaws and all. I love my inner beauty and my strengths to know that deep inside of me there is a special place that no one can touch. I protect my self-esteem!” Jessica Wren

“I love my personality. I get along with everyone and just love meeting new people.” Lisa King Houston, Texas

“I Love my southern charm. It allows me to be fierce with a smile on my face and love in my heart,” Tracy Oats Bell Beaumont, TX

Austin, Texas

“I love my hair. It is the natural me and I love my free flowing hair.” DeNeka Dove Houston, TX “I love my heart and positivity in all situations.” LaJean Perry Houston, TX “I love my "humble confidence"; it highlights and makes everything from spoken words to my actions shine! It's contagious and helps to motivate others.” Tasha Armstead

Houston Texas

“I love my dad who passed away when I was eight, gave them to me and they make my smile just a little brighter!” Mary Williams

“I love my strength. The strength to overcome obstacles and not become another statistic.” Liz Marie Houston, TX

Clinton, MS

“I luv my shape. I believe my shape can inspire others to get in shape & stay in shape.” {Smiling} Drexel Long

Houston, Texas

“I love my ambition, my got get it attitude.” Dee Moore

Houston, Texas

“I love my legs.” Erselette Baxter Houston, Texas “Inner strength to push forward positively, smile, sense of humor, oh and dancing….homegirl can get down lol!” Xo Jenny Lynn Hickle

Houston Texas

THE NEXT QUESTION: “What’s your spring wardrobe must have? Tell us at or email us at Your response could be featured in the next issue! Follow Us Online WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BeautifullyBeingUmagazine


6 | February-April 2014

Behind the Lens

Right to Left: Erselette, Shunte, and DeNeka


y Beautiful Family Inc. founders, Shunte Gamble-Davis and Wendell Davis, took a bold step late last year as they proceeded to follow their vision of publishing Beautifully Being U! quarterly in replace of its yearly debut. With their ladies group growing strong, they made sure the first cover photo was the perfect introduction for their movement, Beautifully Being U!, by spotlighting two very inspiring Total Beauty Ladies Group members DeNeka Dove and Erselette Baxter. After make-up, hair, and wardrobe styling the ladies made every moment count even in between looks. -BBU! Magazine

Center Stage Photo Shoot Stylist Liz Marie knew this was “The One� from the moment Editor in Chief Shunte tried on its black counterpart. Get this dress page 35

Enjoying the Moment!



Manya Posey

Amburlee Price

Inspire Bridal and Beauty Lounge

Hair by Amburlee

How did you get your start? I have always known I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I naturally had a love for styling hair and doing makeup. I love the creativity in it all. After receiving my cosmetology license in Santa Monica, California, I was hired at Carlton Hair International where I started my extensive cut, color, and styling training, and assisted 2 master stylists. Carlton for me was like hairstylist boot camp. It really shaped the professional perfectionist I am today! I later moved on from Los Angeles to San Jose, California where I was promoted to Master Stylist at Alchemy Hair Studios. On November 2013, I opened Hair by Amburlee - The Ultimate Beauty Lounge.

How did you get your start? I wanted to be a hair stylist since I was a freshman in high school. I was ALWAYS complimented on my healthy, uniquely styled coif. Because I attended a college prep high school, I was unable to pursue my cosmetology education at the local vocational school. When I finally did enroll in a cosmetology program, I was working full time, which meant I had to attend school only part time. It took me two years to finish the program, but I have been active in this profession for almost 20 years now.

What one trend are you liking? The crimson matte red lip!

What advice would you give someone starting out in your profession? My advice to aspiring cosmetologists is to do your research first! With that said, it is crucial for an up and coming stylist to stay at the top of his or her game via continuing education. Also, finding a niche (something that you are great at and can specialize in) really helps when you are marketing your business. Finally, I would say to learn and exhibit the best time management skills you possibly can. This will be yet another way to set yourself apart from stylists who keep their clients waiting for hours on end.

How do you define beauty? I think a woman is most beautiful when she is confident and happy. She glows from the inside out. She is comfortable in her own skin.

Definition of Beauty I define beauty as an inner experience. It is inspired by a person's own positivity and can be seen outwardly and become a powerful asset.

Website: Facebook:

Website: Facebook:

What advice would you give someone starting out in your profession? My advice would be to get as much education as possible. The industry is always changing and evolving so you need to stay updated. Practice your craft often and always push yourself to the limit because that is how we get better.


Behind the Lens Photographer Roderick Lightfoot Tell us about your company. RL Studio incorporates a passion for photography and an understanding of light and composition to create stunning images for every client. How did you get your start?

What advice would you give someone starting out in your profession? Find your passion. Realize your shortcomings and more importantly your associated genius.

Through the shooting Music Videos. What inspires your photography? The beauty, creativity and uniqueness of the universe. In the world of photography, how do you define beauty? That which invokes pleasure as its defined by the absorption and deflection of light.

What photography services do you offer? Although, we specialize in fashion and beauty photography. Our company offer services to three aspects of the Visual Arts including; Graphic Design, Video, and Photography. How can our readers contact you?



Elizabeth Dimopoulos

JoAnna MilesJones

L Marie Online Boutique

X-quisite Designs How did you get your start? My business started just based on my fashion sense when it came to jewelry and handbags. I started buying bags for myself wholesale and every time I went out someone would ask where I purchased my handbag. It happened so frequently I would order multiples and sale to friends and a business formed. What advice would you give someone starting out in your profession? Don't give up and continue to push. How do you define beauty? Beauty comes from within. What one trend are you liking? I am liking the faux leather trend a lot right now and also the bright and airy colors that are being used in makeup.

Our Favorite Piece! Galore Necklace


How did you get your start? One day I just decided I wanted to turn my childhood dreams into something real. Growing up I used to draw sketches and had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. I never took advantage of pursuing a career so by opening my own boutique I created an outlet to disperse my vision on style and fashion. How do you define beauty? I believe beauty starts within oneself. When you feel good about yourself it reflects in your attitude. This can be contagious. When you do things out of the kindness of your heart, you inspire others. When you treat people with respect, those around you take notice. What advice would you give someone starting out in your profession? Don’t wait for permission to follow your dreams. You must first believe in and support yourself. Don’t let others discourage you, this is not their journey. What one trend are you liking? Colored lips. I like the fun new colors all the cosmetic companies are coming out with. I personally am not bold enough to wear the black, blues or oranges. I tend to stick to a nice red glamorous lip or a deep vixen berry.


8 | February-April 2014

Beautifully Being Me! Spot lighting Inspirational Industry Leaders “We all have a gift that can enrich this world. When we share our gifts we all benefit.� Shunte Gamble-Davis


“At the same time I saw that a group of fashion bloggers in New York had organized a NY Fashion Blogger picnic and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if all the bloggers I’ve met could get together for coffee or something?” So I organized a little coffee shop gathering and that was the start of Houston Fashion Bloggers. We are now in our 3 rd year and close to 90 members. The members consist of women AND men who blog on fashion, beauty, hair, & lifestyle in and around the Greater Houston area. “

How do you define beauty? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I also define beauty as someone with a beautiful soul and personality.

What is your wardrobe staple item? “Vests. I love adding vests to ensembles. Not only do they add a big of edge to my look, but they also help mask unflattering areas, and for me that would be my stomach!”

What is your personal style?


Company: Live Life in Style Tell us about your company. “I actually own 2 companies. I’m the content creator for my personal fashion blog, Live Life in Style and I’m the founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers. Live Life in Style was created in 2010 as an outlet for me to showcase my personal style through outfit of the day (OOTD) posts. I was inspired by Jessica Quirk’s What I Wore blog, and thought it was a neat idea to dedicate a site to outfits to talk about why I chose to wear certain pieces and how I put them together. Before I started my blog, friends and family always came to me for style advice, so I thought why not blog about it? Since then, my blog has evolved to include coverage of local & national fashion events, interviews, & product reviews; in addition to my OOTD posts. I have taken up the position of Style Editor for and for Hat Trick Magazine. I created the Houston Fashion Bloggers back in December 2011 on accident. For a long time I didn’t know other fashion bloggers in Houston existed but near the end of 2011 I started to run into a few more at fashion events. “

“It’s hard for me to definitively describe my personal style. My tastes change as I evolve and get older. However, I do have a base style that would be my default fall back and that’s Modern, Classic, and Trendy (MCT). I tend to steer away from vintage clothing and I stick with modern cuts and designs. I do confess that every now and then (ok, more like all the time) I wear fun fascinators & even modern cuts that are inspired by clothes past (think drop-waist dresses). I would also say classic, because I keep in stock classic, wardrobe stables that every woman should have in their closet: Black pumps, cardigan, pencil skirt, LBD, white button down, knee-high boots etc. And last but not least, I would say I’m trendy, because I do incorporate trends into my outfits if I like them. I’m not a slave to trends, but if I like something, and it flatters my shape, then I’ll wear it.” We love your Blog and fashion knowledge! How can our readers follow you?

Website: Facebook: livelifeinstyle Instagram: livelifeinstyle

Pinterest: shasie

10 | February-April 2014

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? “ I’m a Chemical Engineer by day and I work as a Project Engineer in a regular 95 during the week. “

JESUS WALKS Runway Coach


How did you get your start? “I walked shows as a little boy and as a high school student, but it was all fun with no grasp of what I could accomplish as a model. Showtime came, I got on stage finally taking the idea of modeling rather seriously at an adult level for the first time and I haven’t turned back since!”

How do you define beauty? Beauty relates to strength, determination, independence, persistence,, faith and love.

We love your work. Tell us about your career as a runway coach. “I have been recognized as Houston's leading Runway Coach having been credited for over nine agency signed models in the Texas, and United States market, two locally aired commercial models in the Houston market, one agency represented model in the New York City market, two models that are or have appeared on major network television in the United States market (including an Emmy nominated show). I’ve also been credited for one agency signed model in the Los Angeles market, one winner of the Miss USA Pageantry system, one Houston contestant featured on America's Next Top Model, dozens of Houston Models who made Houston Fashion Week runway model appearances, and countless other models that have transitioned all throughout the national grid since 2001!”

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received? “There was a point when I was a little kid growing through an identity crisis. It seemed everything that I wore and did just was not socially accepted. A saying my mom always told me then, sticks with me even till today: “You can’t please all of the people, all of the time. You can only please some of the people, some of the time.” That basically said, each time I get dressed, or do anything in life, it’s recommended that I face the facts that everyone is not going to like or accept what you are doing or have on. When you can accept that fact, and stop trying to impress them all, you save yourself from great disappointment and energy. “ Email: Facebook: iamjesuswalks.RunwayCoach Instagram: @iamjesuswalks

What ONE word best describes your style? “Passionate” 11

TBLG Member Spotlight

Who are the Beauties of the TBLG?

The Total Beauty Ladies Group is a community of over 100 female members founded by BBU! Magazine Editor in Chief Shunte Gamble-Davis. This group is on a mission to give back. The TBLG would like to spotlight DeNeka Dove and Erselette Baxter for their commitment to community outreach and for being a source of positivity and leadership within the group.

DeNeka Dove Hometown Austin, Texas Words to Live By No matter how big or small no one person can do it all! Tell us about you I am a mother of one daughter who has matured me greatly. I enjoy learning, promoting community involvement, and seeking enlightenment. I enjoy attending church at Higher Dimension where I serve in ministry opportunities. I am an advocate of positive mental health, self-care, beauty, and building relationships.

What is the best advice you've ever received? Do what you can with what you have to bless those who can not. Why is giving back to the community important to you? I have always had a giving heart and loving spirit as a child. others.

Erselette Baxter Hometown Houston, Texas Words to Live By Shoot for the stars!

Tell us about you I am the newly elected Glam Ma of one beautiful grandson and a dynamic mother of three. My educational background consists of a Bachelor's in Accounting in 1994 from Grambling State University and a MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2005 with a concentration in Human Resources.

What is the best advice you've ever received? The tenets that have molded me into the woman I am today: 1. How not to use my tongue when someone offends me, but use my paper and pen. 2. How to be a lady all the times and not sway my morals for a season or for someone else ‘s reasons 3. Planning is very important so I can maximized my time (career, extracurricular activities, kids, education etc..

Throughout my life, numerous mentors and supporters have guided me in the right direction, which in turn has inspired me to have a eager spirit to serve and work in the community. What is the best beauty advice you've ever received? Minimal is always better. I accentuate some of my best features. . I have a love for fashion and beauty, but I never want to overdo anything. Just enough is just the touch versus overkill. {Laughs} How do you define beauty? I have a shirt that says, “Beauty is defined by me”. I create my happiness and beauty. It comes from within. My spirit and attitude definitely plays a big part in how I dress and garment myself. If I feel happy and vibrant, it is reflected in how I walk, talk as well as how I dress myself. Beauty to me is within reflected outward.

Why is giving back to the community important to you? While I was growing up, it was my community that helped me go further in life. Now, I see it as my call to duty to enrich the lives of those around me, so that they may pay it forward. What is the best beauty advice you've ever received? Less is Better, Drink Water, and Basic skin care How do you define beauty? BEAUTY originates in the heart. It is your compassion for others and your strength to empower others. Beauty is genuine and a mirror of your integrity. Beauty transcends status, but it is a microcosm of humility, sharing your knowledge and kindness around you.

12 | February-April 2014

BBU! Vendor Spotlight

FLORENCE SMTIH Company: Tru’ Essence Oils Her Story “I was born and raised in upstate NY. I relocated to Houston 8 years ago with my family. I am a full time Nurse and the proud owner of Tru’ Essence Oils for the last three and a half years. I am a devoted Woman of God, wife, mother and business woman. My husband and I have a combined total of 7 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am very active in my local church where I am the director over the Business Ministry and Mime dance Ministry. I have a great passion for helping others and I believe that is how I connected with the TBLG because I adore what they are doing.” Her Company “Tru’ Essence Oils was birthed out of a desire to smell and feel amazing without the harshness of chemicals and skin irritation that can come from using perfumes with alcohols. We offer uncut body oil fragrances for men and women, we also carry nourishing body butter, moisturizing body wash and foaming bath salts in every scent that we carry. We do favors for weddings, birthdays or any special event.” Her Vision “Our goal is to expand by starting create your own perfume mixing parties, where family and friends can get together and create their very own unique signature fragrances. “ 13

Favorite Fragrance Cashmere Mist by: Donna Karen


Definition of Beauty “Beauty is being totally confident in the person God created you to be flaws and all!” ●●● Find Tru’ Essence Oils Online Instagram: truessenceoils101 Website:

The Bolded Beautiful A Story of Alana

The visual story of Alana and the security she finds in the beauty and strength of her bold. 14 | February-April 2014

Model: Sanya Ismail Editorial provided by The Whole IXHouston's Elite Fashion Photography & Portfolio Development Team Photography: Jared Pierson of Full

Frame FX

Designer: Viet Kent Nguyen Collection: 3D Votex Jewelry: Rasheeda of Golden Divine Touch Jewelry Make-Up: Sasha and Simone of Double

Dutch Inc.

Hair: Jarad of One Touch Glam Squad Stylist: Chris of Chris Avery Styles Videography: Qasim of Q Shot You Photoshoot Manager: Ashlee of Full

Frame FX


16 | February-April 2014


Beautifully Being U! Magazine

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18 | February-April 2014

BBU Style !

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be U!

Bring Out Your Inner Bombshell Getting Gala Ready We Want That! Gifts for Him

“Fashion is a voice that can be used to express the inner you without saying a word.” Shunte Gamble-Davis


BBU! Style/ Make Me Over

Bring Out Your Inner Bombshell Love is in the air and Beauty Expert Amburlee Price has you covered for this season of romance. Whether you are going out with your new beaux or the girls, these 5 beauty tips are sure to bring out your inner bombshell.

Flirty Falsies Longer lashes are the biggest trend right now. It’s no wonder Lash Bars are popping up all over Houston. To get your vanity lash fix for your big night DIY style, try brushing on 2-3 coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara on the top and bottom of your lashes in Blackest Black. It also has a proven Gro-Lash Complex to help your lashes grow faster and longer. For best results, apply mascara starting closest to your lash line and wiggle the brush back and forth as you go up. (Shop

Winged Liner Finish your flirty lash look with winged liquid liner. This look is still dominating the runways this season. Winging it out will elongate the eyes and give the effect of longer lashes. Start with a thin swipe of liner from the inner corner of your lash line to the center, then slightly angle up to create a thicker line towards the outer lash line extending it out about ¼ of an inch. I recommend trying Sephora’s Smart Liner. Its super fine felt tip also features an ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable and simple for anyone to master the winged look. (Shop

20 | February-April 2014

Sexy Skin Sexy skin is smooth, soft, and touchable. To remove dry dull skin and bring out your natural glow, exfoliate with a brightening sugar scrub from head to toe. No need to make an appointment to the spa. Try a homemade Honey Citrus Sugar Scrub and pamper yourself at home. Mix 1teaspoon of honey and ½ cup of olive oil. Then add 1 cup of sugar and 2 teaspoons of fresh citrus zest. Mix well and massage gently in circular motions a small amount onto the face for 30 seconds. Leave on for 15 minutes and apply the remainder of scrub over the body. Rinse with warm water to reveal smooth glowing skin. You can also use this as a lip scrub for the softest most kissable lips.

The Perfect Kissable Pout Whether you are a natural minimalist or a makeup addict, the perfect pout is the finishing touch to your makeup look. I love lip colors in rose and fuchsia pink, raspberry, orange, and crimsons this season. For a light and sexy glossy pout, try Victoria’s Secret lip glosses in Heartbreaker and Too Hot. For the perfect longest lasting red lip, try Sephora’s cream lip stain in Always Red. It dries very matte and wont crease. If matte isn’t your thing, swipe on Cole Colors Lip Jubilee in Fire Engine and your seductive pout is bound to get noticed all night long. (

After a long night of wining and dining or partying, we have all been guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on. Your skin will thank you when you remove your makeup with all the additional dirt and oil accumulated throughout the night. My current love is pore purifying Pineapple Enzyme Hawaiian Facial Cleanser by Alba Botanica. This gentle cleanser easily washes away dirt oil and the most stubborn makeup. As a backup plan, have Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes handy. These wipes will remove your makeup and leave your skin refreshed. You can find both of these items at your local HEB. Model Blair Francois Make-Up & Hair by Amburlee Price Photography by Priceless Photos


BBU! Style/ Fashion Guide

Getting Gala Ready We are back on our mission of creating the perfect Gala outfits fit for a fashionista.

Bold vs. Gold Everything that Glitters IS gold!

22 | February-April 2014

Bold vs. Gold


Our picks for the perfect Saturday look!

Not your Boyfriend’s Jeans ($198; lagarconne. Com)

Grown yet Girlie ($49;

We Want That! Slip into Something Sexy ($98;

Tender Reminder Expressions Bracelet ($15;

Total Knock Out! MAC Lipstick (Shop

24 | February-April 2014

BBU! Style/ We Want That!

GIFTS FOR HIM Take the guessing out of gift buying this season! Buy him the gift he really wants!

By Wendell Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Talking about grown and sexy, Jean Paul Gaultier has been keeping is sexy since its debut in 1995. It is an audaciously masculine cologne thanks to the rich smells of mint and Artemisia, the ladies love. In fact the ladies love it so much, their making it a unisex cologne for them to wear too! With its multifaceted bouquet, it can be worn appropriately as a evening cologne for the distinguished male (Shop

The Pebble Smart Watch More than just a watch, it’s the first smart watch for the sophisticated gentlemen. Its slim and sleek that blends seamlessly and actually looks like a watch. The pebble supports both iOS and Android, but how that support works is wildly different on each platform. It manages everything; emails, text, music, games, you name it. With more apps coming, it will definitely be the do -itall watch that packs a bang with a little punch on your wallet. ($150;

The Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Bluetooth headphones $249 I have used both in-ear and over-ear headphones, but Beats by Dr. Dre wireless Bluetooth headphones are by far the best I have used. These headphones offer exactly what I was looking for. It has no wires allowing me the option of having my phone in my pocket or charging yet still able to control the volume and track song selections from the headphones. A few great also include, a long battery life, an optional wire you can use, easy to pair to any bluetooth device. These make a great gift. ($249;

The PS4 is my pick of the next-generation consoles The gift that keeps on giving, that’s right the PlayStation 4. Not only is it a hundred dollars cheaper than its rival, has beautiful graphics, a blazing interface, and near-perfect controllers makes it a worthy successor to the PS3. With its 500GB hard-disk drive and front loading 6x blue ray drive you won’t be missing out on any entertainment. With more and more titles coming out along with streaming game play available, one can only say WOW!!! ($399;



Did you know that you will receive 15% off your mask from our sponsor Vivo Masks? Receive your discount code when you purchase your Black & White Masquerade Ball Gala tickets. Get your tickets online at

WIN A MASK!!!! One lucky Gala Guest will win a custom mask from our sponsor VIVO Masks!!

Hashtag #TBLEGalaReady 26 | February-April 2014

The Whole U!

Inspiration | Travel & Relaxation | Health & Wellness | Connecting “Live Life to the fullest, for you only get one to live.�

Shunte Gamble-Davis


The Whole U! /Inspiration

Live Life Millions of people throughout the world made New Year’s resolutions in hope of solving their problems or bettering their situations, but most often resolutions are short lived and all hope is gone.

Does that sound like you?


Forgiveness is yet another powerful tool for us to truly live life! I’ve come to realize, when we forgive we literally set ourselves free. When we have unforgiveness embedded in our hearts, we are the one’s who become imprisoned. Have you ever notice that the person we are holding a grudge against are happy go lucky?

Most times, it’s because they have moved on from the situation, while we are all bent out of shape. Can you see the picture now? Forgive and be set free!

What would happen if we exchange the term resolution for lifestyle? When the word resolution is substituted for the word lifestyle our actions become a daily way of living. This daily way of living, will in turn mirror our attitudes and values. When we strive to exercise love, offer forgiveness and live life to the fullest, we plant the seeds of lifestyle we are striving to have.



Live life to the fullest! This year take risks and be adventurous. Dine at restaurants other then the norm. Take a leisure cooking class or a wine tasting class. Get a degree. Visit new places out of your city or state. Married couples, you too can spice-up your relationships. Single people be whole in yourselves and live life. If you’re facing cancer know that you’re not alone; your Maker will never leave or forsake you. 2014 is the year to get going, get out, and live life to the fullest.

One might ask “What’s love got to do with anything?” Everyone needs love. The true essence of love offers patience and kindness to others. It does not envy, does not disrespect, hold grudges, nor is easily angered. Love protects and trusts. Love hopes and perseveres. Sound familiar? Well it’s true! Love produces a joy that material things cannot offer. It is a choice that yields great return. It creates spaces within our lives to be loved, it renews hope, and can positively affect ones outlook on life.

Faye Carter

28 | February-April 2014

The Whole U! /Travel & Relaxation

4 Staycation Ideas


hat is a staycation? Glad you asked! As self proclaimed “The Traveling Duo”, we absolutely LOVE the chance to tip-toe away from our busy lives. Between full-time careers, 3 kiddos, and long to-do lists any time to unwind and reconnect is priceless. Staycations are our first vacation must. A staycation is a trip planned in your very own city or within short driving distance. This makes it the perfect getaway. No plane tickets to buy, no planes to catch, no time spent waiting for your luggage, and definitely easier on the wallet. Here’s a few of our favorite staycation ideas.


Lover’s Lane

The Spot: Myer Bed & Breakfast The Breakdown: If a peaceful and romantic getaway is what’s been missing, look no further. Centrally located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, Meyer Bed and Breakfast includes private cottages overlooking Cypress Creek which makes perfect for fishing, canoeing, and picnicking. Lounge along the poolside or find a nice cozy spot under a nice shade tree, there are unlimited relaxing options just for you. The Website:


The Getaway

The Spot: The Hotel Valencia The Details: The esteemed Hotel Valencia is an impressive choice among San Antonio hotels. This contemporary luxury hotel, located on the River walk, is hip and fun. With 213 luxury rooms with complimentary internet, designer Egyptian cotton linens, ebony credenzas, faux mink throws, 42” flat-panel televisions, and a spa on site, this top of the line hotel will have you rested and rejuvenated, The Website:


Fun in the City

The Spot: Magnolia Hotel The Details: Located in the urban core of downtown Houston this spot is the pure definition of a staycation. With accommodations like a billiards room, library, full bar, and food from Magnolia's signature restaurant, it will be hard to become home sick. With complimentary American breakfast buffet, evening reception, and bed time cookie buffet; you’re sure to feel like VIP. The Website:


Never Left Home

The Spot: The Houstonian The Details: Right in your back yard! When talking about a resort or hotel, there’s nothing like the Houstonian. With first-class comfort along with casual elegance and attentive service not only will this spa and fitness club make you feel brand new but will offer you an unforgettable experience. The Website:

By Shunte & Wendell 29

The Whole U! /Health & Wellness

8 Purse Exercises Burn Calories While You Sit and Look Cute!


omen you don’t always need to stand up or use weights to workout and burn calories! Most of us carry big purses weighing an average of 7-10 pounds filled with things such as keys, jewelry, make-up, and more. Fitness Guru Edrina Newman shares a few tips on how you can utilize your purse to help you burn calories while you sit and look cute.

1 2 3

Purse Arm Curls– Hold your purse by the straps in your hand and curl the purse up and down on each arm. Do 3 sets of 12 on each arm.

Purse Throw-Ups- With both hands throw your purse above your head and catch it. Do 3 sets of 12.

Purse Crunches. Place your purse on the ground in front of you. Fold your body over in front of you and grab your purse with both hands and put it on your lap. Once you placed it on your lap, reach both hands above your head, bring your arms back down, grab your purse and place it back on the ground and start over again. Do 3 sets of 15.


Purse Side Twists- Sit on the edge of your chair, grab the ends of your purse, twist your waist by taking your purse from the left to right sides of your hips. Do 3 sets of 20.

5 6 7 8

Purse Leg Lifts- Place the handles of the strap around your left ankle and lift your leg straight out, up and down for 10 on the left and switch for 10 lifts on the right. Do 3 sets of 12 on each leg. Purse Circles- Take your purse and make big, full circles above your head with your purse. Do 10 circles to your left and 10 circles to your right. Do each side 3 times.

Purse Triceps Dips- Take your purse to the back of your head, grab the straps with both hands and your elbows as close to your face as you can. Lift the purse up and down for 2 sets of 12. Purse Chest Pass- You will need a partner for this exercise. Sit about 5 feet across from your friend and chest pass your purse back in forth 20 times. Do 3 sets.

Let’s Get It! Edrina Newman CEO and Fitness Guru Lady of Essence Fitness (713)271-LADY

30 | February-April 2014

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Reader’s Lounge Road to Restoration Author Janice Workcuff

Road to Restoration Through the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Walking on by Faith provides hope, new perspective and insight into ways of overcoming the many challenges of living with cancer. It touches mind, body, spirit and soul of everyone who reads it. Road to Restoration also includes an effective reference guide containing informative resources and educational information. As a learning tool, it gives powerful information to enlighten and educate women regarding a cancer diagnosis. Road to Restoration is one woman's testimony of determination and perseverance. It provides inspiration by offering personal reflections from a 26-year breast cancer survivor and 14 other courageous survivors and their families and friends about how the cancer diagnosis affected their lives. Available At:


The Whole U! /Connecting: Super Hostess Tips

SUPER -Hostess- Tips How to Get the Party Started!


tart a Guest List. Sounds like a no brainer huh? Guest lists are so important. I love to go BIG including my guest list but sometimes a big crowd isn't the best. Tip: Tailor your guest list to the theme and location size.

ick your theme. Let your creativity flow on this one! Your theme will set the tone of the party. Tip: Know your guests. Invite those who will enjoy your theme. Grumpy guests are the quickest way to shut a party down. ind your venue. Make sure to pick a place that will offer enough space for your guests to feel comfortable. Tip: Small venue, small guest list. Big venue, Big guest list.

ick your menu. Yummy food and tasty drinks are a sure fire recipe for happy guests. The Golden Rules: Having more than enough won’t hurt. No time to try a new dish, try catering from your favorite restaurant or host a pot-luck. o something special. Let your know that you appreciate their attendance. Offer them handmade favors on their way out! My Favorite: Personalized Wine Glass Tags

et the party started! You’ve done all the work now it’s time to enjoy yourself and your guests. Tip: Start preparing the week of your event (or sooner). This will alleviate stress and anxiety as you work to have everything perfect.

By Shunte 32 | February-April 2014

Connecting -OVER- Food Banana Cake

By Celeste Gordon Celeste’s Cakes –N– More

DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 9’’ x 12” baking pan with non-stick baking spray , and line with wax paper. 2. Sift flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, allspice and salt together, in a medium bowl. 3.In a large bowl, cream oil with sugar and egg: beat until creamy. 4.Beat in mashed bananas, lemon juice and vanilla. 5. Add buttermilk, alternately with flour mixture to banana mixture; beat until well blended. 6. Pour batter into prepared pan. 7. Bake for about 45 minutes or until lightly brown. Test with a cake tester or toothpick in the center, should be clean. When cool remove from pan and wax paper, and its ready for icing!

CAKE INGREDIENTS 2 ½ cup All-purpose flour 2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground allspice ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup vegetable oil 1 ½ cup sugar 1 egg 1 cup of 2 large mashed ripe bananas 2 tablespoon lemon juice 1 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup buttermilk



ne bite and I was HOOKED. Ok! Truth moment, I was actually hooked before my food even arrived. My first visit to Max’s Wine Dive was amazing! From the moment I walked, in the atmosphere reminded me I was in deed on a mommy break. Complimentary valet, beautiful people, a huge selection of wine, finger licking food choices, and a friendly wait staff made this visit well spent. SO it was only right to share this fab restaurant with the besties AKA“5 Ladies & a Fork”. Since I had already dined there less than 2 weeks before, I was able to share yummy details about the dish I tried. We enjoyed our meal SO much, we decided we would get together every other month and try a new restaurant. They joked about me adding our outing to the magazine...hee hee I DID!!! -Shunte

5 Ladies & a Fork

3 ounces reduced fat cream cheese, softened 2 teaspoon milk ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 ¼ cup confectioners’ sugar Beat all ingredients together, until well blended. Can also add nuts to this recipe, and eat without the icing as bread! Yum


W.o.W. Moments

W.O.W. Words of Wisdom

““Never be afraid to be the person you were created to be.” -Shunte-


ever be afraid to be the person you were created to be. I am often asked how do I do it all. Though the seasons in my life change, my response is always the same. “God.” With a fulltime career, three kiddos, and a hubby my hands are pretty full, however I constantly strive to unearth new treasures within myself. Looking back the journey has been full of challenges, set-backs, ups & downs, but looking forward the journey is a blank canvas for me to design. My steps are ordered yet my forward movement is what enables me to move closer to my vision. When I feel myself becoming fearful, I know it is time to stop, reflect, and pray. Most times, I can find worry lingering around and weighing my soul down with fear. Other times, I understand I am wired to naturally feel concerned when faced with new situations. However, never do I let fear stop progress. Over the years, I have made mistakes, excelled, discovered new talents, and capacities to preserve. I have learned to push through my fear and rely on faith. I challenge you to be the person you were created to be; positive, purposed, destined for greatness. When you feel fear slowing your steps of progress, use that time to stop, reflect , and access.

Shunte Gamble-Davis

Photograph by RL Studios 34 | February-April 2014

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