BEARINGNEWS Magazine September Issue

Page 104


A Virtual Future

for Industrial Exhibitions? As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep much of the world in lockdown, countries have adopted strict travel regulations and people continue to socially distance. This has led to industrial and manufacturing exhibitions worldwide to either be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Some may be relieved by the trade show hiatus, but despite how frantic they can be — they remain the best places for bringing industry professionals, experts and thought leaders together to learn, network, collaborate and work with each other. This poses the question; how will companies continue to promote themselves, network and sell their products in such a way that only exhibitions allow? The answer is innovation, a natural bi-product of necessity. As the events sector has had no choice but to adapt, many trade shows are planning to become virtual and in turn, companies within the bearings industry are looking to become more digital. Will this emerging world of virtual events be a part of the ‘new normal’, or, when the threat of COVID-19 has dissipated, will we go back to the massive industry events that we’ve become accustomed to?


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