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Shoes for Bare Feet and how they are made

A photo story

Human feet are amazing We humans balance our entire bodies on a collection of tiny bones, day after day, step after step, putting stress on so many muscles and joints. We have evolved the perfect mechanism that society has turned into an object of decoration. Pinched toes, raised heels, even cracking and re-setting bones was once in fashion. This is the story of shoes made for bare feet. No silly bumps on the inside to push the foot to grow any way other than it was naturally meant to grow. And no thermal forming plastic to pinch the toes in front or hold the feet stiff like prisoners. The wearer determines the final shape. Shoes are meant to protect, not constrict.

An extreme example of purposefully deformed feet. (via chinese foot binding)

To make a pattern, first you must have a form to follow. We choose a perfect basic shape that fits a wide variety of feet. Flat on the bottom, wide and round in the front. Restricting foot growth is not only harmful for the feet, it can affect the way a child walks and runs.

You can draw any pattern you like on a 3-D model, but the hard part is flattening it out. The computer helps visualize the idea, but it takes a human to make the final pattern.

There will be lots of: erasing paper wads ripped stitches to get a final pattern

Components are cut. Soles are glued together It takes a lot of time and heavy equipment to make all of these parts

A quick stamp with some gold foil adds a nice touch

There are dozens of colors to choose from. Magenta - Lavender - Bright Green - Sunny Yellow even Gold, Silver, and Metallic pink and all the usual brown, black, white, gray, navy

From the leather the pieces are then cut out and sewn together,

Turned inside out, glued, and left to dry.

Then attached to the midsole. Got to make it match!

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Natural crepe rubber adds just the right bounce

Carefully pressed flowers add just the right flounce

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Shipped daily around the world for children’s growing feet.

Genuine Leather Making extraordinary shoes in USA since 1985

Shoes For Bare Feet  
Shoes For Bare Feet  

A short photo story on shoes for Bare Feet and how they are made. Brought to you by the American manufacturing company, Bear Feet. www.BearF...