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Bullying around the St. Louis area



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Ilibagiza To Visit UA The Election: Romney vs. Obama


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Brazilians: Catch them if You Can



Phone Evolution UA Girls Get Crafty Diving Deep During Spirit Week


Having Fun in the Fall



Saturday Night Live: Season 38


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Editor-in-Chief Meg Vatterott Leads Young Newspaper Team Senior Meg Vatterott is involved at UA in many ways. She is Bear Facts editor-in -chief; she runs cross country and track, and she‟s in NHS. Meg is involved outside of UA as well. She‟s worked two jobs, saving lives as a lifeguard or selling fried pies at a fried pie shop. Meg likes to hang out with friends, listen to music, or run when she‟s not at school or on the track. At home Meg has an older sister that also attended

UA and a dog named Buddy. Meg said her dog is , “a Chesapeake Bay retriever which isn‟t really common and is unique about him.” Over the summer, Meg went to Spain with her fellow UA sisters. The trip was ten days, and they visited five cities. Meg tells said, “It was really busy. We did a lot of the tourist stuff like going to the palaces, museums, monuments, and we did a lot of shopping.” Meg is also there for her underclassman if they need her! Her advice to underclassmen. “Have fun! Be involved in a lot of things like try a lot of clubs or try a new sport!” Meg is your well rounded UA girl! Abigail Krafft Bear Facts Writer

Editorial Policy Bear Facts welcomes all student and faculty letters and feedback. Bear Facts is a news magazine published seven to eight times a year by the Journalism class of Ursuline Academy at 341 S. Sappington Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122. Bear Facts is distributed to the students, faculty and staff of Ursuline Academy. As a student-written and edited high school news magazine, Bear Facts will strive to perform three functions; 1. To inform readers thoroughly and accurately of all events and issues found to be relative and interesting to the students, staff and community. 2. To provide a public forum for students‟ opinions through its editorials and letters to the editor. To entertain readers with focus and features items. Editorials do not necessarily reflect the opinions of individual students, the newspaper adviser, school administration and faculty members.

Bear Facts encourages readers to share comments, suggestions or complaints by submitting letters to the editor. In order to be considered for publication, letters to the editor must include the author‟s signature. Names can be withheld only at the request of the author and with the approval of the editorial board. The editors reserve the right to edit letters for clarification or for space limitation. Libelous or profane letters will not be published. The newspaper staff urges all Ursuline Academy students and co-workers to use the “Letters to the Editor” as a public forum in the spirit of freedom of speech and press.



URSULINE ACADEMY’S LEADERSHIP FOR DIVERSITY TEAM WELCOMES IMMACULEE ILIBAGIZA On October 26, Ursuline Academy‟s Leadership for Diversity Team will host speaker Immaculee Ilibagiza.

Immaculée Ilibagiza is a living example of faith put into action. Immaculée's life was transformed dramatically during the 1994 Rwandan genocide where she and seven other women spent 91 days huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor's house. Immaculée entered the bathroom a vibrant, 115-pound university student with a loving family - she emerged weighing just 65 pounds to find her entire family had been brutally murdered (with the exception of one brother who had been studying out of the country). Immaculée credits her salvage mostly to prayer and to a set of rosary beads given to her by her devout Catholic father prior to going into hiding. Anger and resentment about her situation were literally eating her alive and destroying her faith, but rather than succumbing to the rage that she felt, Immaculée instead turned to prayer. She began to pray the rosary as a way of drowning out the negativity that was building up inside her. Immaculée found solace and peace in prayer and began to pray from the time she opened her eyes in the morning to the time she closed her eyes at night. Through prayer, she eventually found it possible, and in fact imperative, to forgive her tormentors and her family's murderers. Immaculée's strength in her faith empowered her to stare down a man armed with a machete threatening to kill her during her escape. She also later came face to face with the killer of her mother and her brother and said the unthinkable, "I forgive you." Immaculée knew, while in hiding, that she would have to overcome

immeasurable odds without her family and with her country destroyed. Fortunately, Immaculée utilized her time in that tiny bathroom to teach herself English with only The Bible and a dictionary; once freed she was able to secure a job with the United Nations. In 1998, Immaculée immigrated to the United States where she continued her work with the UN. During this time she shared her story with co-workers and friends, who were so impacted they insisted she write it down in book form. Three days after finishing her manuscript she met best selling author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who, within minutes of meeting her, offered to publish her book. Dyer is quoted as saying, "There is something much more than charisma at work here - Immaculée not only writes and speaks about unconditional love and forgiveness, but she radiates it wherever she goes." Immaculée's first book, Left to Tell; Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust (Hay House) was released in March of 2006. Left to Tell quickly became a New York Times Best Seller. To date it has been translated into seventeen languages worldwide. Immaculée's story has also been made into a documentary titled The Diary of Immaculée. She has appeared in numerous media including 60 Minutes, The CBS Early Morning Show, CNN, EWTN, The Aljazeera Network, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsday, and many other domestic and international outlets. She was recently featured

in Michael Collopy's Architects of Peace project, which has honored legendary people like Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama Immaculée has received honorary doctoral degrees from The University of Notre Dame, Saint John's University, Seton Hall University, Siena College and Walsh University. She has been recognized and honored with numerous humanitarian awards including: The Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Reconciliation and Peace 2007; a finalist as one of's "Most Inspiring People of the Year 2006," and a recipient of the American Legacy's Women of Strength & Courage Award. Left toTell has received a Christopher Award "affirming the highest values of human spirit," and been chosen as Outreach Magazine's selection for "Best Outreach Testimony/ Biography Resource of 2007." Immaculée has written five additional books in recent years - Led by Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the

Rwandan Genocide, Our Lady of Kibeho, If Only We Had Listened, Visit from Heaven, and The Boy Who Met Jesus. She has also signed a contract with MPower Pictures to produce a major motion picture about her story. Today Immaculée is regarded as one of world's leading speakers on peace, faith, and forgiveness. She has shared her universal message with world dignitaries, school children, multinational corporations, churches, and events around the world including a testimony to over 200,000 people in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October 2011.

THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE Over 800,000 people died in 1994 in the Rwandan genocide. This struggle was rooted in the frustrations of the minorities, Tutsi‟s, and the government run majority, Hutu‟s. President Habyarimana was on a plane that was shot down on April 4,1994 and violence erupted. There was no one left to fight this injustice in power, as all were killed immediately. Tutsi and people suspected of being Tutsi were killed in their homes and as they tried to flee at roadblocks set up across the country during the genocide. Entire families were killed. Women were systematically and brutally raped. It is estimated that some 200,000 people participated in the perpetrat i on of the Rw a n d a n g e no ci d e ( Immaculee‟s entire family was a Tutsi and she is the only survivor aside from her brother who was studying in the States dur-

Map from

ing this time. Her story that she shares will be eyeopening and humbling. Standing alone at the end of the genocide, Immaculee had no one to turn to, except God. Maggie Eggleston Bear Facts Writer



The Election

Barack Obama Abortion “Today [Jan. 22, 2011] marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women's health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters. I am committed to protecting this constitutional right. I also remain committed to policies, initiatives, and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption,” Obama said. Similarly, a representative of Romney commented, “Mitt Romney is pro-life. He believes it speaks well of the country that almost all Americans recognize that abortion is a problem. And in the quiet of conscience, people of both political parties know that more than a million abortions a year cannot be squared with the good heart of America.” Overview: Obama supports pregnant women‟s choices and promotes adoption but has decided to keep the government out of families‟ decisions on abortion. Romney however is firmly pro-life man.

Capital Punishment Obama commented: “While the evidence tells me that the death penalty does little to deter crime, I believe there are some crimes-mass murder, the rape and murder of a child-so heinous, so beyond the pale, that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment.” Romney agrees with Obama‟s views; as a representative said, “Governor Romney has been a consistent supporter and advocate of the death penalty for convicted killers.” Overview: Both Obama and Romney believe that the death penalty are legitimate forms of punishment for convicted criminals. Photos from: files/administration-official/ao_image/ President_Official_Portrait_HiRes.jpg , -donkeyrepublican-elephant.jpg , and http:// WashingtonPost/Content/Blogs/election-2012/Images/ Romney_2012_0f377.jpg

Mitt Romney

Standardized Testing


Obama commented on the subject, “One thing I never want to see happen is schools that are just teaching to the test. Because then you‟re not learning about the world; you‟re not learning about different cultures, you‟re not learning about science, you‟re not learning about math. All you‟re learning about is how to fill out a little bubble on an exam and the little tricks that you need to do in order to take a test.” Romney also said on the matter, “We looked at what drives good education in our state, what we found is the best thing for education is great teachers, hire the very best and brightest to be teachers, pay them properly, make sure that you have school choice, test your kids to see if they are meeting the standards that need to be met, and make sure that you put the parents in charge.”

Obama was somewhat neutral on the morals of euthanasia when he said, “I am in favor of palliative medicine in circumstances where someone is terminally ill ... . I'm mindful of the legitimate interests of states to prevent a slide from palliative treatments into euthanasia. On the other hand, I think that the people of Oregon did a service for the country in recognizing that as the population gets older we've got to think about issues of end-of-life care...” Romney openly said, “I think the decision of Congress to get involved was a mistake.”

Overview: Obama feels that standardized tests don‟t always teach students about the real world. Romney stressed the importance of good teachers and responsible parents rather than focusing on the standardized test.

Overview: Both candidates are relatively neutral about the topic. Info

from: view.source.election.php?sourceID=11134 and view.source.election.php?sourceID=11142 Abby Blaes Bear Facts Writer



Most girls thought it was lucky to be could be to create international connections hosting a student from our sister school in to bring global aspects. and a class from GerBrazil, colloquially as known as Piedade. Did many did a project with some UA students they realize that the teens in Ilheus were just through email. About that time, a teacher like us? They love movies and music; their from the Piedade contacted and asked if two favorite song being “If I Catch You” by Michel teachers could visit.” In that visit, relationTeló. The ten UA girls who went to Brazil in ships were then formed between the two the spring of last year were immersed in this schools, prompting the trip for our girls in world, and the nine students who came from the spring. Those girls made many wonderBrazil were immersed in ours. 2012 marks ful memories, but they were most affected by the start of Ursuline Academy St. Louis bethe bright Brazilian culture. coming a permanent part of the global UrsuFor us, America is just an ordinary line network. place, no big deal. But for many Brazilian Ursuline has people, America is a over 150 sister schools once in in a lifetime worldwide. For Dr. chance to experience Michalski, it was imsomething extraordiportant that we have nary. But our culture is relationships with so different from those schools on a theirs. The Brazilian global level. The culture is very aniPiedade students visitmated and the people ing here to the Ursuline there are so welcomgirls traveling to Ilheus, ing. They have a more was the result of the relaxed approach to hard work of both Prinlife. Living in a big city cipal Michalski and like St. Louis, we have a Mrs. Rogan of Mission less relaxed way of Ananda, Luzia and Lucas K. pose at the zoo. Effectiveness. life. “I‟ve had an One of the students, interest in globalizing the schools since I was Camila, said that one of the bigger differences at SLUH. But it was the school from Gerbetween our two cultures was the food. What many...” Dr. Michalski said. “My first year we have everyday, she said, is what they eat here, I was contacted by an Ursuline school on the weekend. And, where Piedade was in Germany, and I made contacts with them, located, there were no big shopping centers and it sparked the idea how important it like malls or We come from a sheltered part

All eighteen host students and Brazilian exchange students jump for joy at the Grand Basin in front of the Art Museum. of town, while in Brazil, you see the poverty more and sometimes the public services stop working. And yet, the culture there is stunningly beautiful. Something that stood out about their culture was the warmness they showed toward us-about 500 strangers- and each other. They did what any teenager does; laugh and joke around with friends and listen to the newest songs. While their culture may be different from ours, at the roots, we are alike. Ursuline St. Louis and Ursuline Piedade both took away from this several things. The Brazilians learned about baseball and the proper way to bargain shop in the mall. We took away the understanding of a whole new culture, and friendships that will last forever were made. As Ursuline girls get older, we need to know that the world has gotten smaller, and we need to be prepared for that. Those relationships that are made on an international level will help us with that. Truly, Ursuline Academy was lucky to have such an awesome group of students come to visit us.

The Brazilians and nine UA girls enjoy the Arch grounds.

Piedade students and nine Ursuline girls visit Mayorâ€&#x; Slayâ€&#x;s



Evolution of Mobile Phones


hat would you do if you had to carry around a two pound phone nicknamed the “brick?” Most of us today would not like this idea considering most people have their phones attached to their hands. In today‟s world, our cell phone does everything for us; phone calls to anywhere in the world, texts, internet, camera, games, music, calendars, etc., and we take these features for granted. .We are living in a society where we want everything instantly, at the touch of a button, and phones are constantly evolving.

y Meg V Photo b

g Vattero tt

Photo by Meg Vatterott


Photo by Me

The second generation of cell phones were much smaller and had a wider range of phone-tonetworking systems. In 1993 the first text message was sent. The first generation mobile phone weighed about two pounds and would only work in a small area for a very small amount of time.

Number of phones in use today around the world: that is one cell phone for every two people.

Percent of the population who will send a text message today.

The third generation mobile phones are much faster than the second generation. They also have several new features such as camera, GPS, internet, music, etc.

The fifth generation of the iPhone has a lighter, thinner design. The screen is bigger, and it has ultra-fast wireless. It has an A6 chip that helps performance and graphics, and the camera now shoots panoramic images. The fourth generation of cell phones is very similar to the third, except it is much faster, has more space and has a slimmer size and shape.

Emily Price Bear Facts Writer



UA Girls Get

With growing in popularity among Ursuline students, many girls are becoming inspired to “do it yourself.” There‟s something about having an item that you made on your own that these girls love. The best thing about these crafts is that they can not be found in stores; they are unique. Here are some fun crafts found around the halls of Ursuline Academy that anyone can try!

MAD FOR MONOGRAMS BEAUTIFUL BINDERS Senior Molly Berra found websites that can make your school binders a little less boring for no cost at all! Each website offers a different design:



Seniors Anne Laschober and Sarah Basler created this fun monogrammed artwork as a birthday gift for a friend. Basler explained, “We got the idea on Pinterest, but we added her monogram as a special touch. We glued the crayons onto the canvas then slowly waved a blow dryer over them for a few minutes. It got messy so we had to go really slow. To get the lettering to stand out, we put masking tape down in the shape of her monogram. then we simply peeled off the tape and those areas were not covered in crayon.”

Senior Meg Brady added a personal touch to her plain white phone case. Instead of buying an expensive monogrammed case, she created her own for under $9! “I ordered the case off for 52 cents! I then ordered the monogram for 8 dollars off Then I applied the monogram and added a layer of clear nail polish to adhere it better. I love it, and it‟s a great way to personalize inexpensively!”

WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T BE A FASHION DESIGNER? BLEACHED BASICS You may be surprised to hear that senior Rachel Garozzo got her shorts at Wal-Mart! Let‟s just say they did not look like that when she purchased them. “Making dip-dyed shorts can take some patience, but they are totally worth it! They are easy to make and so much less expensive than buying shorts. All you have to do is buy a pair of mom jeans from a place like Goodwill. You should cut them in a V angle at the length you want them. Then you take a bucket filled with half bleach / half water and dip the ends of the shorts in. Make sure they don't fall all the way in by holding them in place with clips. It takes around 25 minutes for the ends to bleach. Then all you have to do is wash them, and they are ready to wear!”


HOMEMADE HIPSTER Senior Olivia Durbin created a fun twist to the everyday tie-dye shirt. “I took a white t-shirt and tie-dyed it with many colors. Once the shirt dried, I cut off the sleeves and created a V-neck. Then I cut up the bottom of the shirt to make a fringe effect.”

19% of all women on the internet use Pinterest

of teens would rather browse on Pinterest than Facebook.

STYLISH SODA TABS You may often see senior Emily McFerron sporting this edgy, homemade bracelet through the halls of UA. McFerron has already received countless compliments. It was a gift from a friend, but this accessory is super easy for anyone to create. McFerron explained, “My friend made it for me, and she basically stranded together two layers of soda can openers by looping stretchy string through the holes. I like it because it is comfortable!”

Meg Vatterott Bear Facts Editor


14 Melanie Burton-2016 „‟I had left-over hair dye from a previous costume. Some coconut shells, a nude tank top. Everything was just lying around the house!‟‟

Darling it‟s better down where it‟s redder, in Merci!!

Madeline Steinlage, Lindsey Pyatt -2016 Lindsey– „‟I just took mermaid fabric from Kelly Grant and Grace Myers –2013


Joan fabric and wrapped it around my waist. Then I kinda did the same thing for the top and just pinned it.‟‟

Madeline– „‟I just found a pretty blue shirt

Monday! Lindsey Pyatt, Jill Hubert, Anna Schmitz2016

and my swimsuit top, and my leggings are my tail!‟‟

Tropical Tuesday Mary Keathley, Emily Vogt-2013 Emily Vogt– „‟It doesn‟t take much to dress spirited. When I think tropical, I think hula girls so I dressed like a hula girl.‟‟

Bridgid Chura, Lauren Schaeffer, Caroline Adams, Melissa Simpson-2016 Caroline Adams-‟‟I guess I just wanted to go all out for tropical Tuesday...I don‟t really know where my idea came from?‟‟ Lauren Schaeffer– „‟I bought most of the stuff; the hula skirt was in the basement, and I just used an old swimsuit top.‟‟ Brigid Chura- „‟I thought if I wore that outfit I would look tropical, and that was the only thing I had that looked tropical.‟‟

Anchors Away Wednesday

Maddie Stadler

Sarah Winter, Sara Sindelar, Sydney Slazinik, Rachel Gallo

M a d e l y n Kemper– „‟my idea was to be a sailor. I found the jacket in my closet that I think I wore to a Jonas Brothers concert.‟‟ Haley Stelzer–Monahan, Lauren Schaffer 2016 Lauren – „‟My brother had the shirt, and I had the shorts; the hat and the fanny pack were in the basement.‟‟ Haley– „‟I got my clothes from Goodwill and my idea came from being on vacation with tacky tourists.‟‟

Lexi Warner– „‟I just went through my parent‟s closet and tried to find something tacky, and then just threw it all together.‟‟ Maria Cantalin-‟ “All my ideas were found right in my parent‟s closets.‟‟

-2015 Kristen Ringkamp, Gina Parisi, Natalie White, and Grace Myers. –2013 Kristen Ringkamp- „‟My ideas were of just ugly clothes from my Mom and Dad that they had in their closet.‟‟ Gina Parisi- „‟I wore a floral shirt, khackis, a visor and the ugliest pair of shoes I could find in my mom's closet! I also wore binoculars and a fanny pack with a map!‟‟

Claudia Wingbermuehle Bear Facts Writer



Fun In The Fall Have you ever wondered what there is to do in St. Louis during the fall? Well have no fear. Bear Facts writer Abi Krafft is here to inform you!

Pumpkin Patches BOO! Halloween is coming, and do you have your pumpkins yet? Why go to the boring store like Aldis when you could go to a pumpkin patch!! A lot of pumpkin patches have more than just pumpkins; some have games, mazes, hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin decorating and food. A couple places to visit are Stuckmeyers or Eckerts.

Haunted Houses As Halloween approaches, Iâ€&#x;m sure youâ€&#x;ve heard the obnoxious advertisements on the radio for haunted houses. As annoying as those commercials are, the places they advertise are actually really good places to go for fun with some friends. Some are mazes that people have to make their way through while trying to dodge the ghouls that may be lurking. A couple of haunted houses in St. Louis would be The Darkness or the Lemp Mansion. Be sure to check out junior Kelly Flynn on The Darkmess Scream Cam as she goes through The Darkness at

Pumpkin Carving:

Parties Are you a social butterfly? Or maybe you like to hang out with just a few friends. Well, whatever the case, Halloween parties are always a fun way to spend your fall weekend. One type of Halloween party is a costume party. Costume parties are fun for people who haven‟t quite grown out of dressing up, and they are a fun way to be something you‟ve always wanted to be for a night. For activities during your ghoulish event, you could do things like watch a scary movie, play games or just hang out! Don‟t forget the music! Abi Krafft Bear Facts Writer

If you‟ve visited a pumpkin patch or you just have pumpkins lying around, pumpkin carving is a fun, messy way to spend time with your family or friends, and Bear Facts is here to help! Step 1: Find a pumpkin. A good carving pumpkin is usually tall and fat because it gives you more space to make the face. Step 2: Carve a hole in the top of the pumpkin around the stem making sure that you carve a small triangle in the side for the candle to vent. Step 3: Gut your pumpkin! Make sure you get all the gooey insides and seeds out of your pumpkin and that it is hollow. Step 4: Draw your face. Sharpie works best for this. You want to draw your face before you carve it because if you don‟t like it no big deal: just change it. You‟ve not cut into your pumpkin yet. Step 5: Carve your pumpkin! Be careful when cuting into the pumpkin; it can be difficult so take your time and follow what you‟ve drawn onto the pumpkin. Step 6: Enjoy! Once you‟ve carved your pumpkin, get a tealight candle and put it in the middle of your pumpkin and put the top on and enjoy! If you want to do a pattern or you want your pumpkin to say “Happy Halloween,” you can usually find a pumpkin carving booklet with pattern designs and how to‟s at your

local store. Photo credit> Above: www.howstuff Left: Savannah Edwards. Othe Page:

Tina Meier pictured with SADD club president Mary Seise ‘13.

What would you do?

Would you stand by and watch, or would you

jump in and help? Bullying is a big problem in today’s society. Most people don’t even realize it’s bullying. What would you do? Imagine the excitement of a young mentally challenged girl coming home after she had just found out that she was nominated for homecoming court. Imagine the disappointment when she finds out that it was all a cruel joke being played by her classmates. That’s exactly what happened to a 15 year-old girl at Pacific High School (about 45 minutes away from Ursuline). According to KMOV, her classmates had planned to throw eggs at her during the homecoming parade. They had only nominated her as a cruel act of bullying. Her parents kept her home from school the following Monday and Tuesday and they were planning on keeping her home from the parade but they decided to let her go. On a related topic, kids in the Ladue school district nominate the “ugliest seniors” for homecoming court. They make lists naming who they’d nominate. This has been a tradition for quite some time. The school is addressing the situation with an iron fist. They say they will not tolerate activities like “The List” anymore. On September 26, 2012 Tina Meier came and spoke at an all school assembly. She spoke about her daughter, who, in 2006 committed suicide at the age of 13. She had been bullied over the internet. This common occurrence is called cyber bullying. The United States is number 38 on a list of 107 countries listed in order of their suicide rates. Every 13.7 minutes someone dies

by suicide each year. All of this can be prevented if people would just speak out and not sit by and watch. Bullying is one of the worst things someone can do to another being. All people deserve respect and need to be treated fairly. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they need to be ostracized, it means they need to be embraced and loved like everyone else. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” - Confucius Claire Schneiderhahn, Bear Facts Writer

aj or ur m o f re re a The ng: yi bull cal si -Phy l ba -Ver t irec ying -Ind Bull r e -Cyb

s of type

Ursuline students act out scenes of bullying in the hallways.

90% of 8th grad 4th th p or rou ers te gh of b d bein have reully g vict ing. ims

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

o wh ple so o e o p ld 0 o 1 o of f sch g. ut 1 o out o ullyin b p dro use of a c e b

Cyber Bullying consists of: 1. Text message bullying A bystander can help by spending time with the person being bullied. Simple acts such as talking to them or sitting with them at lunch can make a huge difference.

2. Bullying using pictures of videos on a mobile phone 3. Phone call bullying through mobile phones 4. Bullying through e-mail 5. Bullying through chat-rooms 6. Bullying through websites

Suicide rates in kids ages 10-14 have grown over 50 percent in the last three decades.

Leading Ladies in Sports Jean Woodward and the dance team did a marvelous job during Fall Festival. With 5 performances under their belt, the dance team is gearing up for the Fox High School Pom Showcase on Nov. 15. Lead by 6 seniors, they are looking forward to the upcoming basketball season when they are scheduled to perform at six games.

Our leading lady for field hockey this month is Katie Richter. This girl shows great determination and team work. Head out to watch the Bears take on the Markers in field hockey today as the make up their Oct. 17 rivalry game that was postponed due to weather. Our leading lady for volleyball is Julia Harvey. Ms. Harvey summed up her season in three words, “ Fun, Exciting Stressful.” Send up prayers for our Volleyball team, they’re going to be playing in state this week.

After returning to state for the 6th consecutive year, the UA golfers finished 7th at state. They will graduate 4 seniors on var-

On your mark, get set, Go!!! Our leading lady this month for cross country is Meg Brady. Stamina is important in Cross Country and Ms. Brady has a lot of it.

GO BEARS!!! In Pep Rallies we have seen our lovely Cheerleaders perform. And we have also seen Christina Muller perform. Her great spirit helps pump up a crowd.

The highlight for the season was the success of double team Brooke Chelew and Paige Salthouse.

Varsity softball finished 8-11 and 2-1 in the MWAA White conference. UA lead the conference with 6.6 runs per game. Jake Bowers coached the team in his first year. Yes, we know this is not a picture our UA bears.

St. Louis Teams are Taking Off

The World Champion Cardinals are once again deep into the playoffs. Going in to Wednesday’s first home game of the NLCS, they are tied one game a piece with the San Francisco Giants. They lost horribly Monday to the Giants. Many of the UA girls think the Cardinals are going to win it all this year. However is this the beginning of their losing streak? We’ll see in the next game on Wednesday.

A good portion of the girls in the UA community, do not think the Rams are going to the Playoffs. They chose to say no because of the Rams’ past record. They lost all their games except for 2 last year. Their record has not been good so far, and even though they are winning, the fans faith in them is very little. For every game that they win, they turn around and lose a game. Will this win, lose situation get them to the playoffs or will they strike up their old losing streak?



Saturday Night New Cast Members This season is Jay Pharoah‟s third season, but it is his first season being a regular cast member. He is known for his accurate and hilarious impersonations. Considering it is election time, “Saturday Night Live” does many political skits, and Pharoh oftentimes plays Barack Obama.

Jay Pharoah Taran Kilam joined the show when Pharah did, so this is his third season as well. He started in the comedy business young, staring in “Stuck in the Subarbs” and “The Amanda Show” on Disney and Nickelodeon. He is known for his impersonations as well and his charming yet wacky humor. Ironically, his birthday is on April Fool‟s day.

Taran Killam This is Cecily Strong‟s first season on “Saturday Night Live,” and so far she is doing great. So far on the show she has played stereotypical Latino characters to a dramatic level and interviewed on the “Weekend Update” with Seth Meyers. She has not been featured much yet, but there have only been two episodes, so one could only hope to see more of this talented comic.

Cecily Strong

Live: Season 38 Old Cast Members This year is Fred Armisen’s 11th season, right behind Seth Meyers who has been on twelve seasons. He is a talented actor and comedian whose performances and skits look and feel so natural. He is a gifted impersonator and also dabbles in the music business.

On his 12th year on “Saturday Night Live,” Seth Meyers is still going strong. He started out as a young, goodlooking guy, performing skits, and transformed into the sole anchor of The Weekend Update, as well as the head writer of the show. This is his sixth season as both the head writer and the anchor of the “Weekend Update.”

Seth Meyers

Photo Credits:

Fred Armisen

Like Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson has been in the industry of comedy since he was younger. He played Kenan in the hit Nickelodeon show “Kenan and Kel.” This season will be Thompson’s tenth season on “Saturday Night Live.” This year he ties with a former cast member for longest running African-American cast member. Kenan often plays roles which the public would not expect an African-American male to play, making it ironic and enjoyable for the audience.

Kenan Thompson We miss you, Kristen Wiig!

Margaux Wilhite Bear Facts Writer

Music Lover’s Top Picks From pop to electronic to folk, we have got the hottest tracks from every music type. Do you usually listen to rap? Try our alternative pick. Leave your musical comfort zone and explore new genres, and you may even discover a new favorite song.

1 2 3

Track: Die Young Artist: Ke$ha

Track: Blow Me (one last kiss) Artist: P!nk

Track: Gangnam Style Artist: PSY

Track: Diamonds Artist: Rihanna

Track: Red Artist: Taylor Swift

Track: Too Close Artist: Alex Clare

BEST MONTH EVER It’s safe to say that October has been a pretty good month! Instead of highlighting the best and worst of this month, we have two winners for having the BEST MONTH EVER!




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HOTTEST COUPLE OF THE MONTH CHUCK AND BLAIR Can you believe it’s the last season of “Gossip Girl?” For those dedicated viewers, we are sure you are rooting for this power couple to end up together in the end.

Our home baseball team made its way into the playoffs! Their destiny depends on these few upcoming games. Keep up the good work, Cards!

Our favorite students from our sister school in Brazil are living the life as they travel around the United States. We wish them safe travels for the rest of their journey.


Meg Vatterott Bear Facts Editor-in-Chief

October 2012  

Volume 8-Issue 1