Adventure Park Insider Fall 2020

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Build your fan base during the pandemic by connecting with your audience.


BY NATHAN ANDREW, Digital Marketing Director, Blend Marketing

nies that treat social media like their website’s announcement banner— we’re closed for repairs this Sunday; here are some updates to our COVID policies; the season ends next Saturday, etc. • The “I don’t know what to post” Camp: Then, there’s the company that will share anything and everything— we spotted a deer on our property!; here’s a funny cat meme; we’re so excited that Hamilton is now streaming on Disney Plus! etc. And sometimes, this company will go months without sharing anything at all.

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Telling your brand story, as Kerfoot Canopy Tour does in these examples, will build your audience. Grab your phone and open up Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Look through the last few things you and some of your closest friends posted.

story. This is why we open Facebook and Instagram, to share our stories, and learn from and be entertained by the stories of others.

If your social media feeds look anything like mine right now, you’re probably seeing smiles accompanied by gorgeous backdrops from recent adventures with loved ones, shots of homemade crusty sourdough bread or other newly discovered quarantine hobbies, and perhaps a shared post about something you or a friend found funny, inspiring, or just worth sharing. And then there’s the political gobbledygook, but we’ll scroll past that.

Now take a quick look through the five most recent posts from your adventure company’s Facebook or Instagram. If it’s like many (most!) of the adventure parks I’ve seen, the approach probably falls into one of three camps:

Each of these posts tell a story—your

• The Needy Camp: Companies that only post on Facebook when they need something—we’re hiring guides, we have an upcoming sale and want to drive purchases, we have extra spots on the 5 p.m. tour, etc. • The Announcement Camp: Compa-

There’s good and bad in each of these camps. But the core issue is the same for each: they’re not telling a consistent and engaging brand story. Let’s look at how to tell your brand’s story in a way that’s engaging and aligned with the reasons your brand exists in the first place. But first, let’s ponder a few reasons why brand storytelling needs to be a core part of your digital marketing strategy. WHY BRAND STORYTELLING IS CRUCIAL RIGHT NOW There’s a massive opportunity to reach people (for free or low cost) with relevant, compelling content. Americans now spend more time on the internet than ever before. We spend an average of 2+ hours a day on social media alone. If you printed out what the typical American scrolls through on social media in a given day, it would cover nearly three football fields. And if that’s not enough, the average American office