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There are far too many stories associated with these photos so I thought it best to keep it brief. Not all of these photos are new. A few have been published, while others have become lost to the depths of the internet. However, all of them represent some of my favourtie memories of skating in New Zealand. I am not sure how many years will pass before I make it back. With that in mind I felt that I should share these photos to thank all the guys that put in work and felt that i was worthy of capturing it. Thanks heaps to all of NZ skating for the many good times! - Bear

Brian Haycock - Fs Bluntslide

Seamus Peters - Fs Smith

Alex Cossio - Nose Manual

Mikey Gibson - Bs 5050

Scott Rishworth - Nose Manual Up and Around

James Finnerty - Bs Noseslide

Above: Flynn Gough - Ollie Right: Flynn Gough - Switch Crooked Grind

Above: Tomoaki Saegusa - Bs 5-0 Left: Tiaan Watene - Switch Crooked Grind

CW from left: Elijah Robertson Heelflip, Fs Crooked Grind, Heelflip

Max Gillies - Nose Manual

Phillip Andresen - Bs Lipslide to Switch Fs Nosegrind

CW from Upper Left: Joel Charlsworth Tre flip Mark Coulston Nollie Fs Nosegrind Umberto Skinner tre flip Tim Schmidt Fs Flip

Tim Schmidt Switch Bs Noseblunt

Mohi Paul - Fs Bluntslide

Left: Simon Thorp Gap to Bs Crooked Grind Right: Deen Rakich Switch Bs Tailslide

Adam MacLennan Fs Flip

Left: Adam Wharekawa Fs Ollie Right: Andrew Morrison Bs Tailgrab One-foot

CW From Left: Jack Moon - Fs 5050 Jack Moon - Fs Boardslide Jack Woodrow - Fs 5050 from behind the benches

CW From Upper Left: Jo Whanga - Bs 180 Nosegrind Edwin Massold - Bs Tailslide Edwin Massold - Bs Bluntslide

Left: James Kingston - Kickflip Upper Right: James Kingston - Bs Smith Grind

Above: James Kingston - Fs Tailslide Right: Dan Kaspar - Switch Bs 180

Above: James Kingston Gap To Bs Crooked Grind Left: Dan Kaspar Bs flip

Left: Dan Kaspar Switch Varial Heelflip Right: Dan Kaspar Switch Fs 180

Above: Maxium Habanec Bs Bigspin to Fs Boardslide Lower Left: Maxim Habanex Wallie Bs Lipslide

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CW From left: Maxium Habanec Nollie Pop Shuv, Kickflip, Alley-oop Fs 180

Cw From Upper Left: Ilja Maran Fs 5050 Ilja Maran Fs Boardslide Roy Forner Fs 5-0

Cw From Upper Right: Lenard Barrington Fs Nosegrind Kayne Prior Fs Smith Grind Kayne Prior Tre Flip

Kayne Prior Bs Crooked Grind

Kayne Prior Bs Smith Grind

Cw From Upper left: Nick Lister Switch Kickflip Nick Lister Fs Flip Reuben Baker Fs 180 Nick Mitchel Bs Noseblunt

Nick Lister Ollie


A collection of skateboarding photos from New Zealand.


A collection of skateboarding photos from New Zealand.