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The BEACON Newsmagazine The official student publication of Ateneo de Zamboanga University Volume 68, Issue 6, Ateneo Fiesta Special Issue

The shrieks during the arrival of Ateneo de Manila University’s athletes in the opening ceremonies, the chase at their buses going from and to the Fr. Eusebio Salvador, S.J. campus, and the ambush photo shoots while they were prepping in the comfort rooms were some of the countless instances when Zamboanga’s Ateneans literally went insane. More than the absurdity, what caught the attention was the under-appreciation of non-AdMU athletes and the blatant disregard of sense of community, which in some sense, was the exact reason why JAM 2012 was hosted. In a statement by Ateneo de Naga University’s basketball coach Nilo Ayo, “JAM is something to look forward to every two years, to play with our Ateneo brothers.” But the question now is: did the AdZU community also feel the same—that the celebration of JAM was for friendly competition and appreciation for what other Ateneo schools and our very own athletes had to offer? The total disregard of the recognition of AdNU athletes upon the arrival of AdMU basketball players in the covered courts was insulting. It manifested fanaticism which has gone to the extent of deliberate impudence not only against the AdNU athletes, but also against all those present in the opening ceremonies. Moreover, basketball matches between any team and AdMU have been testaments to an apparent Manila Complex. Many amongst the crowd mocked and belittled non-AdMU contenders, especially during the heated basketball match between AdMU and AdZU where some booed and yelled, “Mga nuay chance!” and “Ya huga pa kamo (Referring to a 98-49 score between AdMU and AdZU)?” In the name of competition, it is conceded that there will always be the victor and the defeated, and that recognition of the best and the brightest amongst all team will always be there. However, trash talking and deliberate efforts to undermine any underdog are essentially tantamount to raising one’s arms to surrender in hopelessness, defeat and impossibility. At least in the eyes of the underdogs, beyond the trophies and medals, what they have proven to the community was their integrity by fighting and delivering a good match even when they are dragged to the losing edge. In the name of sportsmanship, beyond the discouragements from some members of the audience are athletes from all Ateneo schools shaking hands and sharing stories. The honor of landing first is nothing to the honor of raising another who has fallen to the ground. The underdogs competing against the seasoned athletes and at the end of every match, learning from them is something beyond compare. What others could have done was showing support to both teams in the arena and employing equal appreciation to all teams regardless of region. The mockery did not achieve anything. It demoralized some of the underdogs especially when such came from their fellow Ateneans, their fellow schoolmates. Mockery, likewise, did not necessarily impress the Manila brethren and those deemed gods, rather it set an impression of what Zamboanga’s Ateneans really are.

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No, I’m sorry. But I’m not talking about the supporters of Kiefer Ravena. It was that time of the year again. Booths were in place, game faces were on, and the Ateneans contained that kind of excitement which only comes once in a hundred years. Preparations were crucial, not only by the committees, but by each department competing for the most coveted prize of all. As the AtFest week began, I don’t know about you, but I did feel some kind of tension, partly good and partly bad. It was like you can see fire in every pair of eyes playing and performing in the different AtFest events. Attending the different shows and events, one can sense that hunger for victory. Each sport was crucial, each event well-supported. It was like each organization knew there was little room for mistake, as it will cripple them in some way to reach victory. In a competitive arena, there will always be two sides: the performers and players, and the ones behind them—the supporters and cheerers. From the opening program itself, the cheers of the students representing their own organization could almost reverberate throughout the entire MPCC. The loud support continued to the different events and venues evident to boost the confidence of the competitors. And while the athletes and performers are considered the main act, here’s why I’d like to give some props to the cheerers. Support is a huge thing. When your department is down by 20 points in a basketball game, who is there to take things for a turn? Those people cheering you on and shouting your

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name. It may seem such a little thing to do, insignificant even, but those cheers and claps go a long way. It rekindles something in your athletes and suddenly brings them back to their A-game. In fact, support is not even only limited to those cheering on the day of the events. Support is a thing that retroacts way before AtFest while everyone is pulling hairs in preparation for it. Those random errands, presence in practices, and sleepless nights in order to finish making the props – those are pieces of support. Indeed, this year compared to all other years, I have witnessed the greatest support system each department had from their students. At the end of the day, when all the awards have been given, these same supporters do not really get anything tangible. In fact, they are the same people cheering for all their representatives who have won. They may not be the ones receiving the medals, but the greatest award they can have is to share in the glory of success they are most definitely a part of. Because in one way or the other, they have contributed to achieving that. So to all the cheerers and supporters out there, the next time someone asked what event did you participate in during AtFest, tell them “I’m an all-around.” And let us never undermine our cheerers and supporters, for they are the ones who will never fail to shout another cheer or stretch their throats for the morale of their representatives.

When our alma mater was to turn a century old, the school administration promised a lot of revelry throughout the year. When the July celebration lapsed, Ateneans then focused their attention to the forthcoming December celebration which was to transpire in the duration of the Ateneo Fiesta. Because this event is truly a significant milestone for the university, students anticipated the school to plan out the best feast they could realize. Hence expectations raised and needed to be met. Meeting expectations is one of the most challenging things people face at some points in their lives and fortunately for the school administrators, all the right elements that could help them achieve their objective were present and fruitful enough to yield a fiesta distinct from that of past celebrations. Let us examine some of the things which made this year’s fiesta exceed Ateneans’ expectations. First, the university took the initiative to inculcate new programs and activities in the fiesta slate which called for extensive student participation and encouraged students to quit idling themselves out. Some of the new activities integrated by the school included the Street Art Competition, the Show Choir Competition, the Zumba aerobics session and the Designer’s Night. Everyone was, especially non-athletes, given a room for involvement.

Ateneans sports entertainment of a high caliber, inspiring our very own athletes through their display of athletic prowess. Lastly, there was always something new each day that seemed to draw Ateneans to go to school. Everywhere, from the MPCC to the backfield, to the Brebeuf Gymnasium, to the Centennial Quadrangle—there always was sheer festivity and celebrations. This year, students seemed to be much more involved than in previous ones. The Ateneo Fiesta is a celebration, and each celebration demands that every second of it be cherished and savoured with mingling and having fun. If the university cements the identity of the fiesta as a truly festive event where everyone will be given the chance to actively participate, then what can be expected of succeeding fiestas is that apathy and complacency with the student body will be thrown out of the window.

Second, there was star power, or something of that sort. Ateneo Fiesta kicked off with the Jesuit Athletic Meet where athletes from the different Ateneo schools convened to compete in athletic activities. Students’ expectations were met by this in such a way that the Ateneo, even for just a small period of time, was teeming with new faces: people who gave our local

ATFEST 2012 | 5

AAO and High School’s grand slam wins in Table Tennis Championships

On December 3 this year, fifteen heterogeneous groups composed of students, faculty, and staff from the different schools and colleges took on the challenge of using chalk, charcoal and water-based materials as their media as they sketched their works on the road between Brebeuf Gymnasium and the College Building.

After a long battle towards victory, the all-boys’ team of the High School Department and the all-girls’ team of the AAO reigned supreme in this year’s Table Tennis—Team Championships in men’s and women’s category, respectively.

Joyce Nono and Rochele Felizarta defeated Nursing Angels’ Meenahdee Imlan, Euscelle Grace Limen, Clarice Ann Sali and Kristel Berberio. High School’s Steffany Delos Reyes, Rean Payuran, Theresa Toribio and Keyna Cajeras bagged third place.

High School Table Tennis prodigies Justin Anni, Quimson Ezekiel, Roger Payuran and John Paolo Patiño bested the AAO Tigers’ Jestoni Pueblo, Ryan Jen Billoner, Jericho Kier Nono and John Roy Patiño in the heated men’s division championship on December 4, this year. Grade School’s Jules Delos Reyes, Giob Samong, Gabriel Tubanza and Kevin Follero finished third in the competition.

Meanwhile, under the Table Tennis—Singles Championship, AAO and High School also triumphed and were renowned as victors in the men’s division and women’s division, respectively.

On the other hand, the AAO Tigresses clawed the women’s division championship as Bon Nikka Jumangit, Mary Joy Fernandez, Jenika

AAO’s Jestoni Pueblo outranked Grade School’s Jules Delos Reyes and Reymhart Portunova who placed second and third, respectively; while High School’s Keyn Cajeras crushed AAO’s Bon Nika Jumangit and CSIT’s Fritzielyn Ann Marban who also finished second and third in the competition.

With the theme, “Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence, Spirituality and Citizenship,” each entry was judged based on the following criteria: Theme - 50%, creativity - 25%, and Impact - 25%. A group composed of members of the SALT Community bested all other groups and were awarded first place in the Street Art Competition. Meanwhile, a group composed of CSIT students and alumnus placed second, while the Nursing group placed third. The first placer received a cash prize of Php5000.00 while the second and third placers also received special edition Ateneo Centennial items. Meanwhile, all participants were given Php 500.00 as consolation prizes. The Street Art Competition was not included in the official medal count for the AtFest 2012.

by the Communication Arts Department On December 8, some artists from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University journeyed back home to display and auction their works in the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago. In accordance with the day’s theme as “Faculty, Staff and Alumni Day”, the works which were showcased in the said event were notable crafts by certain Ateneo alumni. Father President Antonio F. Moreno, S.J. then gave the opening remarks after which Ms. Sandra Jamiro Photo taken from http://www. of the Communication Arts Department delivered a - ADZU GALLERY Presents Works of Alumni Artists speech congratulating the artists for their masterpieces and works of art. (Article)

Afterwards, the artists were asked to line up to be introduced before the audience. After the program, the exhibit was officially launched through the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. “I feel that I have taught them well and they have learned,” says Jamiro. She then mentions that some of them have become established painters in the country and are now working for publishing companies. She later stresses how some of the artists are also her colleagues in outdoor painting. The exhibit will go on until January 19, 2013.

HS and NAO placed first in Standard Chess On December 6, the College Physics Laboratory became a heated battlefield of wit, strategy and concentration as the High School Department and the Nursing Academic Organization triumphed among all participants in the championship round of Standard Chess in men and women’s category, respectively. After a long match, the all-boys’ team composed of Tobias Eleazar Y. Go, Dominic Ma. Andrew G. Camins, and Kenny D. Dacuba, of the high school bagged the championships for the men’s division. Meanwhile the ladies of the Nursing Academic Organization (NAO) who were Yasmeen L. Jaranilla, Erika Joy H. Lim, and Louise Sta. Teresa, also won the championship round in their division. The game was supervised and monitored by Tournament Manger Angelo Camins, Arbiter Akin Adil and Arbiter Roel Antes. The champions and the runner-ups were awarded right after the championship match.

Nursing seals ATFEST debate title Nursing Angels’ Danielle Nuribe Jajurie and Almira Misah won the most coveted inter-department debate competition: The 2012 AtFest Debate Championship. The final round of debate witnessed finalists from NAO, AAO, High School and CSIT spar with the motion: “This house will ban all celebrities who have been accused of domestic violence from the entertainment industry.” NAO successfully bested three other finalists from CSITAO, High School and AAO who ranked second, third and fourth place, respectively. Aside from the debate championship, individual recognitions

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were also awarded. Opposition Whip from CSITAO, Fatimah M.Z. Ahamed Kabeer, was awarded Best Speaker of the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, Member of Opposition also from CSITAO, Mark Anthony Cabilo, was also awarded Best Speaker of the Tournament. The championship match was held in the Campion Lecture Hall last December 5. It was participated by different departments which include Nursing Academic Organization (NAO), Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO), College of Science and Information Technology Academic Organization (CSITAO) and the High School Department. The said competition was organized by the Ateneo Debate Union and the Languages Department of School of Liberal Arts.

ATFEST 2012 | 7

The beauty of fiction is that imaginations can run wild in creations that can defy even the Laws of Physics. No wonder animé and comic-based movies are big hits to the general populace. But do you know what is even more beautiful? Turning fiction into reality, well, as real as it can get and for some the way to do so is through cosplaying. Cosplaying is a reminiscent of what people do during Halloween, minus the Halloween part. Donning get-ups of fictional characters and portraying them, cosplay events have just begun to penetrate the Zamboanga sphere as it was only a few years ago that the ever first cosplay event was held in the city. Supposedly the third, as of present count, is the 1st Causeplay organized by Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s Campus Ministry and Scholarships Office that was held on December 6 at the Campion Lecture Hall. What made this particular event unique is that it was done for a special cause. Participants were asked to pay a certain amount as registration fee – Php50.00 for those of ages 12 and below and Php100.00 for those ages above 12, to which the proceeds will serve as additional financial support for the Ateneo Love Drive and Pan Kada Dia Program. The allure of getting to dress up as your favorite character and to help many proved to be successful as a number of students and alumni joined the event. The event consisted of parlor games to which both cosplayers and viewers took part of, a parade around campus where characters from noted Japanese animations such as One Piece, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Shakugan no Shana and the like were seen and the main part of the program where the cosplayers were asked individually to portray their character in a stage play.

Given that the participants were of different ages, the judging was separated into two categories – the Kids Category and the Adults Category. The main awards were adjudged on both costume and character portrayal. However, special awards were given for those who had the Best in Costume and Best in Stage Play separately. An award was even given to the youngest cosplayer of the event, Catherine Lim, who is only four years old. The “1st Causeplay” was met with mixed reviews from both the organizing team and the participants. One of the spectators who refused to be named said that the event was problematic in regards to “order presentation, crowd control and space.” Meanwhile, ZM, a third year Nursing student who was cosplaying Cloud from Final Fantasy, commented that it was “not organized” and suggested that maybe in the chance that there will be a similar event in the future that separate changing rooms could be allocated for the males and females. Despite the negative views due mainly to a lack in organization, they were overshadowed by the purpose of the event. Veronica Manuel who won third place in the Adults Category as Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess and a Nursing alumna said, “It’s awesome.” Maureen Pioquinto, a fourth year Management Accounting student may not have been one of the cosplayers but took the time nonetheless to attend the event as part of the audience, shared this particular sentiment, “I like the idea that it’s for fund raising.” Even first time cosplayer Jelygene Deloy who cosplayed Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! and a fourth year Business Administration student noted that the benefits from the event was two-fold, both on the part of the cosplayer who was given the opportunity to enjoy and express himself and on the part of the beneficiaries who are aided by the monetary support from the event. And that as they say, makes everything worth it in the end.


1st – Acel Fabian cosplaying as Luffy 2nd – Arby Fernando cosplaying as Karate 3rd – Ramon Ledesma cosplaying as Sasuke 4th – Angela Angeles cosplaying as Belle Best in Costume – Tracey Solaran cosplaying as Mirana Best in Stage Play – Angela Angeles cosplaying as Belle

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1st – Jethro de Guzman cosplaying as Ironman 2nd – Mark Ongchua cosplaying as a samurai 3rd – Veronica Manuel cosplaying as Belldandy 4th – Miralam Tillah 5th – Angelica Dingal cosplaying as Sakura Best in Costume – Jethro de Guzman cosplaying as Ironman Best in Stage Play – Yelrine Buisan cosplaying as Shana Photos by: Frances Grace Florendo

ATFEST 2012 | 9

AdZU bags five second places in JAM 2012 Ateneo de Zamboanga University bagged five first-runner up titles in five sporting events during the recently-concluded Jesuit Athletic Meet on December 2, this year.

JAMming in Zamboanga’s Ateneo A packed MPCC, a swarm of loud screaming fans, Ateneo athletes standing proud and tall – all for one reason, the Jesuit Athletic Meet (JAM) 2012. As the Ateneo de Zamboanga University celebrates its centennial year, our school was privileged enough to host this annual sports event that gathers the best athletes from the different Ateneo universities to celebrate excellence, sportsmanship, and the spirit of brotherhood among all Ateneans.

Out of the eight official sporting events housed by JAM 2012, AdZU team was able to place second-best in five sports which include Basketball--College Division, Volleyball--High School Division, Table Tennis--Singles, Table Tennis--Team, and Chess.

As many of the athletes and coaches are strangers to our city and our school, the opportunity of hosting this year’s JAM has its own surprises and perks. But this opportunity is not without a price.

Meanwhile, Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) finished as best performing university with the most number of championships.

Rumor has it that sizzling hot comments spread like wildfire all over the social media about the impressions of athletes from other Ateneo schools toward Zamboanga City and AdZU itself. From this year’s JAM allegedly being branded as a “barrio fiesta” up to the “bulletproof vest” fashion, let us snub these rudeness and take a real peek into the up for grab impressions, expectations and preparations of the six Ateneo institutions.

AdMU Team successfully sealed the five wins out of the eight sports. They were followed by Ateneo de Davao University which garnered a total of three sports championships. JAM 2012 has been commenced with various sporting activities championship matches in badminton, chess, football, volleyball, table tennis, and basketball. The event ended with an awarding ceremony of all winners and runner-ups in each of the sporting events.


Champion: Ateneo de Manila University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Cagayan—Xavier Unversity

Behind the scenes

Chairperson for the JAM 2012, Mr. Erwin Pelayo, says that they primarily sent a letter for an initial organizational meeting involving all the Ateneo universities last September 5. Ateneo de Manila University, Ateneo de Davao University, Xavier University, along with our very own present during the meeting finalized six sport events namely basketball, football, chess, badminton, and table tennis to be participated by the Ateneo athletes. Ateneo de Naga University and Ateneo de Cebu—Sacred Heart School, though not present during the meeting, were sent the minutes to ensure the flow of information.


BASKETBALL —High School Division

VOLLEYBALL—High School Division

Champion: Ateneo de Manila University 1st runner up: Sacred Heart School—Ateneo de Cebu 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Cagayan—Xavier University

Champion: Ateneo de Davao University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Manila University

Pelayo adds that constant communication was kept through all the participating Ateneo schools by sending them details, requirements, and updates monthly in relation to JAM 2012. He wanted to make sure that everyone was properly informed of the events to transpire in the duration of the meet.


BASKETBALL—College Division

Meet the coaches

Champion: Ateneo de Davao University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Manila University

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He points out that he and his team are taking their preparations seriously because he noted that this year’s JAM is very much competitive considering the new and several recruits coming from other Ateneo schools. “We’ve been preparing since the summer. Alam namin na malalakas ang mga kalaban namin, yun na nga, since recruits are coming in...” Even though competition is high and extreme, Coach Miguel emphasizes that, “it’s not all about winning, it’s [on] how you play the game...”

His companion and fellow athlete, Jayson, gave quite an impression, “Ini-expect ko na maganda ang mga facilities nila dito so yun nagexpect ako ng sobra!” he laughs. But then he still finds the facilities here in AdZU to be satisfactory.


Champion: Ateneo de Manila University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Davao University 2nd runner up: Sacred Heart School—Ateneo de Cebu

On the other hand, Ateneo de Davao University’s very own Coach Miguel Solitaria expressed his excitement of being part of this year’s JAM as a first time head coach of the AdDU Blue Knights.

Ralph Manalo, a high school student and chess competitor from AdMU articulates his desire to win in this year’s JAM. He admitted being a little bit scared of being here in Zamboanga but eventually, he found the place and the people to be friendly.


Champion: Ateneo de Manila University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Cagayan—Xavier University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Davao University

He also made mention that, “JAM is something to look forward to every two years, to play with our Ateneo brothers. The preparation, yes, it’s there but it’s really more of being here and such, placing the Ateneo tradition with everyone...” Lastly, he also gave a thumbs up to the organizing committee and exclaimed that AdZU is doing “a good job!”

A big bang on impressions

Photos by: Frances Grace Florendo


by John Xyrious Q. Dela Cruz and Jam Camille F. Quintanes

Champion: Ateneo de Davao University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Davao University

Champion: Ateneo de Manila University 1st runner up: Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2nd runner up: Ateneo de Davao University■

Coach Nilo Ayo of the Ateneo de Naga University College Basketball Team shares his elation of being a first time visitor of Zamboanga City along with most of his players.

One high school participant from Ateneo de Cebu highlights his impression about Zamboanga as a dangerous place, but later claims that such stories seemed to be not true. He finds AdZU a striking and a safe haven. Athletes from other Ateneos are not that “arrogant” as one may think of. Kenneth of AdDU expresses his sincere intention of making new friends during his stay here in Zamboanga, especially with other fellow Ateneo brothers and sisters. Matthew Lagonera from our very own AdZU High School Baskteball Team proudly shares their tough preparations of engaging into practices every day, even during weekends. He also admitted that along with his teammates, intimidation is a normal reaction. “Matatangkad sila,” he admits in awe, yet he stands firm that their goal is to emerge as victors in this year’s JAM.

ATFEST 2012 | 11

Cha chatocha the top Story by Sarah Gail C. Galvan Photo by Frances Florendo

Defying tradition in former Ateneo Fiesta celebrations, the 2012 Dance Sports Competition was set during the beginning part of the fiesta. As it is, the change in schedule meant that students from the different academic organizations got to fill the Multi-Purpose Covered Courts and scream their head off in a show of support for the participants much earlier than customary, on the 1st of December to be specific. As the event should have started promptly, the fact that the Jesuit Athletic Meet (JAM) was still ongoing as of that time led to a delay for the court to be used and prepared for the competition. One viewer commented, “Super delayed. Pero tiisin na lang ang paghintay para ma-support namin ang contestants namin.” That goes to show that all the schools and colleges alike are not lazing it out this Ateneo Fiesta as the coveted title of being the “Centennial Champions” is really up for grabs. Going with the accustomed for the program flow, the competition is divided into two categories – Modern Standard and Latin American disciplines. Attired in formal garb, the women in flowing gowns and the men in tuxes showed their grace and class through the Waltz, Quickstep, and Tango. Interestingly enough, four couples from two colleges were the only participants for this particular category. The two came from the Nursing Academic Organization (NAO) while the other two were from the Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO). It was a fierce battle between the two biggest, in population and determination, competitors in this year’s Ateneo Fiesta. Although the Angels dominated the 2nd and 3rd places for the Modern Standard category, the Tigers landed the top spot – their claws firmly entrenched in the 1st place. Moving on to the later category of the Dance Sports Competition, the Latin American discipline had seven couples participating from five different academic organizations particularly NAO, Education Academic Organization (EAO), AAO, Management Academic Organization, and the College of Science and Information Technology Academic Organization (CSITAO).

Ateneo Fiesta games go cyber By: Neilson Nick dlS. Alinsañgan The inclusion of DotA, Starcraft 2 and Counter Strike competitions in the Ateneo Fiesta placed video gaming on a new platform. A series of cyber games have been held for those who wanted to experience the thrill of competitive gameplay without the inconvenience of sweat and muscle-flexing. Just September of this year, The International Dota 2 competition was concluded. This event had DotA fans all over the world on their toes as they vouch for their favorite teams. Being an educational institution, one might expect Ateneo not to consort with video games. This AtFest, however, it seems like Ateneo is also following the trend of cyber gaming. This recognition that AdZU gave to the gaming community had Atenean gamers thrilled. What was once a pastime is now an Ateneo Fiesta event. We all know the notoriety video gaming possesses, and this has mostly been the debacle among schools and parents. Many researches have attempted to link video games with violent behavior. These researches arrived to different conclusions and thus making the issue still open to debate. Others have argued that video games

could cause serious mental degenerations, though this may be true when video games are played excessively, but after all, too much of anything is indeed harmful. Contrary to what most believe that video games are just bouts of mindless button mashing, all for the glory of digital violence, most video games require skills, strategy, and concentration. Several DotA players said that they require coordination and teamwork, and that playing is more of a social experience. “Winning a match is a matter of outwitting your opponent, video games are thus more like mind games”. Video games in fact could boost some skills such as hand-eye coordination, the ability to focus, and even problem solving skills. Some even improve social skills since most games now require players to work with one another in achieving game objectives. Amidst all these benefits, however, regulation must still be observed. What then will be the future of cyber gaming in Ateneo? Surely this is the first step, and maybe next year these games would no longer be hosted by third party organizations and the right of hosting will be transferred to none other but to the Ateneo.

Photos taken from

Characteristically tinged with sensuality and passion, the dancers’ clothing can be best termed as risqué with women in short and skin-revealing outfits and men with their notoriously v-neck and fitting shirt and pants. Moving to the beats of Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, and Jive, the contestants wowed the crowd with their splits and leaps – a display of flexibility that one may quip as no normal person can just do. No one was backing down and the three that emerged as victors for this specific category were the couples from the EAO in 3rd place, NAO in 2nd place, and AAO in 1st place. As the cheers resounded for all the competitors of the two categories, it was clear that the centennial celebration had higher standards than past celebrations as quality judges namely, Herr-Ann Francisco, Janice Canada, and Marvie Guinto, were invited. The music used for the competition were also met with positive views as people commented on the fact that remixes of modern songs were used rather than those of the old which led to the energetic and fresh vibe in the MPCC that night.

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Spirits were high and the conclusion of the competition discreetly signified that the battle may be over for dance sports with the Tigers roaring the loudest, but the war was far from over as the Centennial Ateneo Fiesta had more to offer.

ATFEST 2012 | 13


TIGER by Keith Joshua Dumpit and Kelvin J. Culajara Photos by Frances Florendo

The Centennial Champion seemed to have been very wild and fierce in its approach this year. Yes, as wild and fierce as tigers, the ardent members of the Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO) have been definitely eyeing the title more than ever. “Being labelled as this year’s Centennial Champion is more than an honor, but a legacy that will remain over time,” says Angelo Enriquez, the Governor of the AAO. Four years have lapsed since the AAO last bagged the AtFest championship title. But in this year’s edition, aside from having clawed the over-all championship, AAO also swooped major awards even to the extent of bagging both categorical championships in sports and contests. Enriquez believes that the coordination and passion by the students, and the motivation by the faculty members are what led to the Ardent Tigers claiming the throne once more. Accordingly, he himself saw how determined his constituents were this year in all events encompassed in the fiesta that he was “inspired to give them the motivation and leadership that they deserved.”

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One of the most compelling controversies during the AtFest was AAO’s obtainment of 305 points in the twenty four events in swimming, which, eventually lost the hope of some at defending the championship. In a quick interrogation with Vice-Governor Milarose Barraca, she said that as soon as the notice about the change in medal count system was released, the officers affirmed to maximize involvement in all contests and sporting events so as to increase the probability of placing at least third in every event. Realizing that bronze and silver already mattered, it was essential to assure that AAO’s contestants and athletes placed in the top three in each sport or contest. Meanwhile, Enriquez was vehement in stating that the greatest strategy was to employ the right persons in the right jobs. “[We have] selected point-persons who have expertise in particular events and delegated the responsibilities to them.” Enriquez said that the officers entrusted leadership even to certain point-persons, and that the officers just checked on them every once in a while. Accordingly, through this, the central government of the AAO gets to see the bigger picture and prioritize equally the needs of all its athletes and contestants. As for sport activities, the AAO Sports Coordinator Imar Dee Reyes also delegated responsibilities to point-persons who were knowledgeable of the technicalities, rudiments and nature of their respective sports. The task of the Governor and the officers comes in

to ensure that proper budget has been allocated to the athletes and to secure updates about the practices. It has been an inevitable problem every AtFest that the individual activities of the students conflict with their activities for the fiesta. But Enriquez responds to this, ”By giving the point-persons full control of sorting out practice schedules to ascertain no schedule conflicts arise, or if there are, they are minimized.” When asked about the management of resources employed in the duration of the fiesta, Enriquez said that, “[We have] exhausted all means to raise funds in order to give them the best that they deserve.”

ATFEST 2012 | 15

by Keith Joshua Dumpit Singing voices echoed from the Brebeuf Gym on a Monday night as the inaugural Ateneo Fiesta Show Choir competition took course. The competition was fierce as all academic organizations, as well as the high school unit, put into display their gleefully wicked talents and vie for the honor of being the inaugural winner for this seemingly new addition to the AtFest activities list.

gleeky Tigers win inaugural show choir competition


WHEN CHOOSE TO SYNERGIZE by Kelvin Culajara, photo by Frances Grace Florendo

Not so surprisingly, each academic organization had their own gimmicks to merit audience impact and to be memorable long after they have performed. Some highlights from the event were the Bongga Ka Day! number by the School of Education, the dramatic dance piece accompanied by theatrical music rendered by the School of Liberal Arts, the buko segment delivered by the College on Nursing and the costumes and Edge of Glory rendition by the Accountancy Academic Organization.

A-T-E-N-E-O Ateneo! Anyone hearing this cheer will definitely have the chills for it only signifies that the Nursing Synergy is just around the corner, always ready and poised to claim and fork the cheerdance championship! It has been four years of undefeated reign as Ateneo’s best cheerdancers, and for this year, they have eventually proven that the Kingdom of Heaven ultimately conspires for them. Renowned as the best over the Ardent Tigers Pep Squad and the Management Academic Organization’s pep squad in this year’s Cheerdance Competition is a testament of their caliber in Ateneo’s first century! “We are happy and proud for ourselves and for our [Nursing] Department,” says Synergy cheerdancer Erwin Brussett. “We’ve worked hard for this! This [championship] is for us all in the department.”


Before the actual announcement of the winners, one student commented that her ultimate bet was the Synergy, and that even at the onset, she had the intuition that Synergy will triumph in this year’s competition.

Nonetheless, this competition mattered to each academic organization as they did with other activities as well, for upon winning first place, 30 points will be awarded, 20 points for second place and 10 points for third place. The competition was difficult, as each team had to find balance between voice and choreography and to prevent themselves from being overpowered by the background.

“Malinis ang stunts, except sa dalawang ladies na nahulog. Pero the stunts are complex, the choreography is intense, tapos ang synchronization is tight.”

Yet everything seemed to have paid off. All entries gave decent performances, but some may have been competing neck and neck based on audience reactions. After seven musically entertaining performances, the verdict was decided upon and the winners revealed.

Winning the cheerdance was no joke for the Synergy. Brussett claimed that there were a lot of bumps along the way as they prepared for the competition, but they have essentially outshined the odds until they have perfected their routines. “Literally, nag-start kami from scratch kaya hindi naging madali for us to win this.”

In third place was the School of Education, whose musical blending and comic timing made them a worthy placer. In second place was the College of Nursing, whose unique mix of costumes, music and solo performances brought them to where they were in the competition. Finally, in first place was the Accountancy Academic Organization, whose consistency and pitch perfect timing made them this AtFest’s show choir champions.

Accordingly, what made winning quite like passing through the needle’s hole is the fact that they had to adjust to more difficult stunts which were unusual to them before. Brussett claimed that the newer stunts introduced to them raised the bar of cheerdancing, far beyond the conventional stunts and moves which have been familiar to many Ateneans.

In addition to having their academic organization awarded with 30 points, the gleeky tigers were set to perform again on the Grade School Night, on December 4. The Ardent Tigers were rejoicing the victory, but with much more activities pitting the academic organizations with one another, can they keep the momentum?

Moreover, aside from the support system by their faculty and alumni, the most crucial factor was the quality of trainings to which Brussett said he “had no regrets for being trained by our alumni”. “Binigay nila ang best nila sa amin,” says Brussett as he attributes his trainers as seasoned in the rudiments of cheerdancing and in the art of disciplining members. The recipe to 4-peat cheerdancing success? “It’s the bond,” says Brussett.

“When committed ka sa ginagawa mo, lahat gagawin mo para gumaling ka kasi gusto mo. Lahat gagawin mo para mabalanse lahat nang mabalanse, gaya ng academics.” “Actually, before the practices, makikita mo mga ilan na nag-aaral for the next class. Kahit mahirap pero nakayanan. Kaya masarap ang feeling ‘nung nanalo!”

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To him, the bond is what kept the group strong and committed to each practice just to deliver quality performance. “It’s the bond that made us easier to discipline one another. Kasi hindi ka na mahihiya o mag-hesitate na pagsabihan ang isa kung may mali sa ginawa o kung pasaway during practices.” But amongst all factors, Brussett said that the ultimate recipe to winning the cheerdance is dedication which manifested in them as they practiced even as late as 12:00 midnight or more.

ATFEST 2012 | 17

“10, 9, 8, 7…” The countdown for the Centennial Year’s Fireworks show was blaring from

the backfield’s center stage as hundreds upon hundreds of Ateneans, from all batches that have travelled around the world, came together for one spectacular Alumni Homecoming. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” No one would have guessed that the fireworks would fly up from the sea of trees past the backfield. In seconds, heads turned as people scrambled to get a look as the array of colors danced through the night sky. With necks craned, blue-blooded Ateneans feasted their eyes on a majestic sight; a perfect end to a day and a glorious beginning to a Homecoming still underway.

Back Home How Ateneo has lined up various activities in celebration of its 100 years of moulding men and women of God and for others is highlighted by its Centennial Alumni Homecoming. For the Centennial Jubilee Homecoming, the honorees are those of the following batches: Diamond Jubilarians– Batch 1952 of the grade school and high school; Golden Jubilarians– Batch 1962 of the grade school, high school and college; Ruby Jubilarians– Batch 1972 of the grade school, high school and college; and Silver Jubilarians– Batch 1987 of the grade school, high school, college and graduate school. Aside from this year’s honorees, different batches have likewise joined the merry making as they witnessed various entertainment from

Story by Angelique Anne P. Miranda Photos by Frances Florendo

the different organizations as well as a special opening presentation from the Major Chords who sang “Vamos a Zamboanga”. The University Concert Band also played musical pieces including “Hail, Ateneo, Hail!” As a tradition, all graduates from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University gathered during the Ateneo Fiesta to reminisce their years in the community where they were taught to be of service to God and others. This is the time where “eagles come back to their nest”. Highlighting the celebration is the much-awaited colourful fireworks display which lasted for about four minutes that gave each and every member of the Ateneo community a wonderful experience of the homecoming.

December 7, 2012 – A memorable day for the Ateneo community extending its profound celebration for the Centennial Year. The euphoric display of fireworks has brightened up the night as Ateneans crowded around buffet tables, telling stories of years and memories past. Beyond all these, seeing the colors of the firecrackers dancing before their eyes was a perfect time for a perfect moment to be remembered. It’s as if the different colors, the different shapes and spirals represented the successes of the Ateneo in its one hundredth years excellence, spirituality and citizenship. A four-minute display of dazzling lights, festive colors and assorted shapes said it all for the entire Ateneo. As tradition, the honorees donated a generous sum to pull off such a wonderful display of fireworks. The fireworks display not only did give people entertainment and some eye-candies to

Colors In The Night Sky Story by Christianne Dawn Sicat and Aseya Khadija Calo, Photos by Ana Angelica Zamora (Foreground) and Frances Florendo (Background) fancy about, it also arose within those present a sense of nostalgia, achievement, and the warmth of being back home. Inside all those spectators, and all those who were lucky enough to have watched, even just a glimpse of the show flowed a sensation, a feeling of pride. Minute after minute, the blood boiled hotter than ever as the colorful display covered the entire pitch-black night sky with a veil of sparkles and glitters that brought even the stars to shame. A DSLR camera couldn’t even record half of what was happening, for the fireworks blanketed the entire sky above the backfield. You’d have to see it to believe it. Once, in the midst of it all, a single speck of light would shoot up from the trees in the backdrop and explode into a big, supernovalike firecracker, then from inside it, green and red colors would run around from all directions and fade away into the blackness, as if their blazing tails were being chased by those behind them. Another one, upon explosion, would leave its trails behind and let them fall to the ground like those silver dust particles found in Hogwarts, making it look like shimmery power, or the stars themselves, falling to the ground in a million little star dusts.

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As the spectacle came to a close, a big puff of smoke remained; a memory of a very loud and psychedelic night that added to the festive cheer of being around for a century, of celebrating the Centennial Alumni Homecoming and Ateneo Fiesta. No other show could top that, and should there be one, be it known that behind it all is a crafty and proud Atenean, with blue blood flowing through their veins as the years are still yet to come.

ATFEST 2012 | 19

Jumpstarting the Ateneo Fiesta Celebration Story by Paola Cananea Photos by Frances Florendo

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It’s the second day of December and the heat is unusually unbearable. That’s not something anyone will appreciate, especially when it’s a Sunday – a day when practically almost everyone is out spending time with their family and friends. But in the Ateneo grounds, the heat from the festivities was, fitting enough to say, warmly welcomed by Ateneans. The third day of the Ateneo Fiesta marked the end of the Jesuit Athletic Meet but it also kicked off the formal celebration of the Centennial Ateneo Fiesta. University President Fr. Antonio Moreno officially proclaimed the Ateneo Fiesta open in the opening program held in the same day.

The Street Dance Competition mirrored the city’s famed Hermosa Festival and it was a feast of lively colors, harmonized moves and cultural sounds. The colleges that emerged as victors were the Management Academic Organization (MAO), Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO), and the Nursing Academic Organization (NAO), bagging first, second and third place, respectively. After the walk around town, everyone was in a rush to secure themselves a seat at the Multi-Purpose Covered Courts for the awaited Pop Dance and Cheerdance competitions. The pop dance competition followed and each group showcased a mix of modern tunes and popular dance moves. The list of winners ranking from third place to first place is: NAO, AAO and SLA.

Ateneans literally stayed true to their colors by donning their respective organization shirts – each of which representing the college’s insignia and their own interpretation of the centennial theme: “100 Years of Excellence, Spirituality and Citizenship.”

Expectations were definitely high as the night progressed and came the most awaited part – the cheer dance competition. Four academic organizations: MAO, NAO, AAO and the High School Department, had the audience standing up with their toe touches, cartwheels, university cheers and for some, comedic add-ons, but as it goes, MAO placed third, AAO placed second and the Nursing Angels kept their championship title for the fourth straight year.

If someone was to paint a picture of this day, one canvas will definitely not be enough. The town was jam-packed as the afternoon started off with the parade along with the Street Dance Competition. It was weeks’ and for some even months’ worth of practices and every student finally had their own moment to cry out cheers and dance for their respective academic organization. ‘

It was a night well spent for Ateneans but it was only the start. “We waited a hundred years to celebrate this fiesta” were the words of University President, Fr. Antonio F. Moreno, SJ. It may take one look to realize that the statement is as obvious as it can get. But the words also carry with it a meaning which will make any Atenean realize just how ground-breaking this Ateneo Fiesta celebration is.

A Parade of Colors

ATFEST 2012 | 21

Outside the box By: Keith Joshua Dumpit

Those dirty little things we call

Isaw By Kelvin J. Culajara

“Ibalik na ang Isaw, please lang,” quips one student interviewed.

For some reason, the sale of Isaw was banned from the school premises during last year’s AtFest. Some say that it was because of health reasons, and that the administration perceived it unsanitary. Meanwhile, some say that it was because of the massive amount of accumulated sticks which were often difficult to pick from any corner, including the drainage along the buildings. I certainly, certainly do not remember any memo issued by Fr. Moreno about its ban, nor do I recall any official statement issued by the University Infirmary. Maybe I just missed those parts, but as of presswork, nobody was able to give a straight and hard answer about its ban. As of this writing, only those regular chismosas were insistent of its veracity, but I shall declare it unverifiable lest some official affirms of its ban after reading this article. But for this article’s sake, let us assume that it’s actually banned. Although some students interviewed were quite insistent of Isaw’s presence in the menu of one of the stalls near BC Building, but if you’d look at most stalls which serve barbecues or any inihaw na hotdog or inihaw na saging, you wouldn’t find even a single stick of that little piece of heaven. What keeps it away in most stalls’ menus when it is, in fact, just an inihaw na bituka, like anything else sold? Quite questionable, right? “Wala’y lami jud. Wala’y pulos ang piyesta kung wiz Isaw!” “Sh*t, maka-miss ‘bya ang Isaw. Oo no? Parang wala na [ang Isaw].” “Eeww, you’re eating [Isaw] not even thinking that it’s where the chicken’s p**p passes through?” Why are Isaws really that charming? And why is it that for most Ateneans, the disappearance of Isaws is like the loss of an oxygen tank in the life and spirit of AtFest? The lady who remarked the third line above might not even realize that it must be the p**p which makes Isaws quite exotic and… tasty? “I love its texture, especially how the flavors of its slightly burnt parts

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Giving does not necessarily have to put on an overt form to be noticed. Sometimes, it becomes much more meaningful when everything is concealed in a small package, like in a four-sided shoebox.

Not everybody’s typical idea of a gift, but a shoebox containing school supplies waiting to be used transcends our notion of the effects of gift-giving. Showy, pricey presents give temporary happiness, but that kind of glee can never surpass the happiness brought upon children from remote areas whose scholastic journeys have gotten a major push.

mix with the richness of the rightly-cooked parts and its oils and juices,” says one Atenista who was a self-proclaimed foodie. “I think what makes it quite special for the Ateneans is the fact that it’s not everyday that you get to eat grilled intestines.” The richness of the flavor, the moistness, the fusion of smooth and coarse textures as it passes through your tongue, and the almost extraordinary crisp of its charred exterior are what draw many to this craze. Topping it with sweet and spicy sauce wouldn’t be a bad choice as well, as the concoction fuses with its flavorful juices which will definitely give you a delightful and orgasmic oomph in every bite. But, amongst all notable remarks was about its being “economical” that gives you a slice of temporary bliss with just Php1.00! Considering that Ateneo Fiesta draws almost everyone to spend more than the usual, Isaw has almost always been everyone’s savior when left hungry but with few coins left in the pocket. “It’s very cheap yet very tasty. Pwede naman na gawing ulam kapag nagbaon ka ng rice <laughs>, or pwede naman na gawing finger food kahit Php5.00 na lang pera mo for the day.” Meanwhile, for some, Isaw has become a valuable and sentimental delicacy especially for a group of friends who just want to munch while enjoying the various sceneries in campus. “…But among all things I miss, iyong company, bond and friendship formed whenever me(sic) and my friends do foodtrip,” says one senior. “Isaw is a food meant to celebrate camaraderie, friendship and bond. They are like little morsels meant to be shared with your friends.” “There is something more to it than just grilled innards. It’s a ‘friendship food’. Can hotdogs, barbecues and even Chicken Inasal replace Isaw? Certainly not. They can’t be easily shared unlike how we do with Isaw”. Photo taken from

for the students to understand what Operation: Shoebox really is about,” Sucaidal says. Social media were also employed to publicize the project, as Operation Shoebox has a Facebook page and a Twitter account and utilizing publications such as The BEACON to advertise its cause. Collection of shoeboxes is still ongoing as the ABECS had set up a table at the Bellarmine-Campion Lobby to entertain donations. Thus, a definite number of donations cannot be determined as of the moment, but they are still targeting at least 2,012 donations. As with the number of contributions, the recipients of the shoeboxes are also undetermined. Sudiacal said, “We already have a shortlist of the recipient schools but we will finalize it by next week.” She explained that the number of shoeboxes is instrumental in determining who the recipients will be.

Indeed, gift-giving is best served during this month. As Ateneans ignited by Magis and selflessness throughout 100 years, go grab a shoebox, buy some school supplies, wrap them up and be ready to make someone’s Christmas one of his or her best ever.

Identified as a part of the Institutional Outreach of the Centennial Jubillee of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, the Operation Shoebox was commenced once again by Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ, Assistant to the President for Formation, with Ms. Dorothy Joann Lei Labrador as facilitator. Asked about how different this project is compared to last year’s, Kier Luanne Sudiacal, a member of the Ateneo Blue Eagle and Centennial Scholars (ABECS), said “this year’s ADZU Centennial OpShoe is institutional, thus [the] Grade School, High School and College levels are working toward a common goal, which is to gather 2,012 boxes to be given after AtFest to the adopted communities of the said units.” As to why this project is always implemented come Ateneo Fiesta time, Sudiacal responded by saying that because this season always gathers Ateneans together, the target market becomes greater in number, hence more donations. She added that the month itself, December, is instrumental in the achievement of their objective, that is, to give children not just mere gifts, but opportunities to be able to get closer to their dreams. After all, December is traditionally accepted as the month of gift-giving. Various measures have been taken up to have this project known to the whole Ateneo community, even extending outside of it. “We invited different schools to participate in the said project, then we conducted campaigns to those schools which accepted our invitation

Photos by Imaje

ATFEST 2012 | 23

By John Xyrious dela Cruz

This year’s festivity was accompanied by sheer terror and distress when Typhoon Pablo entered the Philippine territory and ravaged most towns and cities in Northern and Central Mindanao, particularly, the Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental as it left hundreds of people dead, thousands of families displaced, and billions worth of agriculture and livelihood destroyed. The emergency alarms of every Ateneans were on red alert as they hoped that no rain would fall during the fiesta week, because as soon as it rains, the Ateneo would transform into a mermaid’s lagoon, and it’s the worst thing that could happen during the AtFest. Of fear and anxiety The Pablo advisory sent a message of fretfulness to the athletes, to the organizing committee, to the booth vendors and of course, to the pool of excited students. Even before it started to rain cats and dogs, a glimpse of what would have happened when the rain falls was already predicted by the students. “Well, at first I was scared kasi rare lang na bagyuhin ang Zamboanga. With that, I know na ma-cancel ang mga events because it is implied na with the situation on hand,” a nursing student said. Most students were having a foregone conclusion that when it rains, some sporting events would be cancelled eventually, and some parts of the campus would be engulfed in rainwater, thus watering down the spirit of festivity in the centennial celebration. But it seems prayer was not enough because it actually rained on the first few days of the AtFest. Some conclusions were proven right and some were proven wrong. “I thought

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ma-cancel ang events and bahain ang ADZU. Lalo na iyong muntik na hindi matuloy ang game ng football,” says an ADLIV volunteer of El Consejo Atenista. Meanwhile, others remarked that they lost appetite at participating in the activities even after the rainshowers. “Nawalan na ako ng gana pumunta ng school noong kaunti lang ang mga taong pumupunta.” But it was a good thing of course that the rain was not that wild and tempestuous, and the Ateneo Fiesta was still able to push through without any more hitches. Pushing through Clearly, the threat of a Pablo Invasion was not really a false alarm, but it was more of a mild taste of the wrath of nature. Just imagine the glee and the animated delight of everyone when the rain abruptly stopped in two days. “Siyempre, masaya and relief naramdaman naming sa Consejo [kasi] pinagpaguran kaya namin ang AtFest,” Fernandez stated, referring to the El Consejo’s efforts in preparing and organizing the Centennial Ateneo Fiesta. A football athlete remarked that he felt relief that the field wasn’t that flooded that the matches were still able to push through. “We were even told that football might be cancelled if the downpour of rain persists. Buti na lang it stopped, and the field was ‘okay’ for playing.” Every Ateneo Fiesta, everyone is praying and hoping that such revelry will be blessed with a fine weather. And honestly, we are lucky to be able to experience just a slight inundation of rain during this year’s AtFest. Who would have thought that aside from the hot and citrus sweats of Kiefer Ravena, a cold and uneasy fall of rain could drive the entire student body into a whirlpool of frenzy and uneasiness? But still, unlike Kiefer, be it a false alarm or not, rain in general is clearly off the list of invites during the Fiesta week. photo sources: (foreground) wb/satellite_up.html (background)

The Cute and Not-so Cute By Jam Camille Quintanes and John Xyrious dela Cruz Photos by: Frances Grace Florendo and Windel Opinion

This year’s Ateneo Fiesta was full of memories not only because it was grand, but mainly because of various events which filled its roster. As some memories come and go, there will always be those that are distasteful, abhorrent, hilarious and even those which humanity should learn from; and this is where we are stating the faintest obvious.

The cute?

Was the presence of JAM athletes a blessing or a curse? It seemed that some girls had already decided that upon themselves that indeed, it was a blessing that these ‘demigods’ came to visit and showered them with light and excitement. But also during the event, the most noticed scene was how the ‘girls’ seemed to have lost themselves upon the mere sight of these athletes. And this is where the problem came in. The opening of JAM was held in the MPCC and started off with a recognition and introduction of the six participating Ateneo schools. During the acknowledgement of Ateneo de Naga University, a lot of people started to scream upon the arrival of AdMU basketball players which interrupted the supposed recognition of AdNU athletes, and deliberately ignored the message of then-presenter Fr. Antonio F. Moreno, SJ. What’s with the progesterone rush? What makes them so special that some got lost of themselves as they drifted into ecstasy upon mere sight of them? The fact that girls were swarming the entrance of the rest rooms in the MPCC with their cameras and smart phones taking a photo or two of them as soon as they came out was ridiculous. What a shame for officials to call security just to be able to calm and control the situation. What a shame for some to be running after the bus like a herd of paparazzi, and worse, crowding around them right after their game knowing that they were very much tired and exhausted. For some, JAM 2012 highlighted not the celebration of AdZU’s one hundred years, nor did it focus on the value of friendly competition and sportsmanship. It highlighted the fact that in just one minute, some Ateneans could lose their sensitivity and respect to other people and even ignore the

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ATFEST 2012 | 25

call of the circumstance if faced with who they venerate as ‘panty creamers’. Yes it is conceded that it is AdZU’s first time to host such an event, and that JAM is the only chance fans could finally meet their idols. But then again, anyone should bear in mind that sensitivity and self-control come with affection and idolization. Moreover, the preservation of values is something everyone should have kept in mind. Ateneans boast of excellence in their actions and decisions? Prove it further, since the actions of most turned out to be otherwise of what you claim.

Definitely ugly

The AtFest week proved to be a celebration of different reasons. And where there is celebration, there are people, and where there are people, well, there is trash. Actually, The BEACON is very much troubled if the Solid Waste Management policy was lifted during the AtFest, like how the ban on smoking was lifted during the Alumni Homecoming? Anyone who comes very early to school would see mounds of trash piling almost anywhere—from the kiosks to the dilapidated bins and even to the faintest corners in campus. Now we ask: was the management just being complacent about it? What happened to the penalties sanctioned by the university in terms of violation of waste management protocols? What happened to the Php100.00 fine against violators? Where was the Office of Student’s Affairs in matters when waste violation was very, very prevalent during the AtFest week? If more stringent measures are to be taken, then by all means do it. If the monitoring scheme has to be improved for better collection and disposal, then please be our guest to make these things happen. We can never head anywhere with this if we continue to do a poor job of initiation and implementation. We have to start somewhere. Conversely, like the many programs and events, participation is key. Anyone cannot expect something to get done by watching it from a bird’s eye view. Success is measured by how we, as one community, are brought together by our convictions. This is just another step into proving we are truly part of something, and not merely existing around the campus. And like the many other things we do in school, our reward is not measured by points but by the kind of message we are trying to impact to the world. You can do something about it. Do not wait until your own trash haunts you back in your sleep.

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ATFEST 2012 | 27

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