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Worldwide acclaimed liquid glass sealant from Germany

PERMANON PLATINUM Probably the best car sealant in the world

Lasting protection & shine Nano Technology Easy Application Reduced maintenance time

Multi-Purpose Value for Money Eco-friendly Worldwide acclaimed

How Permanon Platinum works

A non - permanoned car Contaminants

Car surface under microscope

Pores & capillaries on seemingly smooth surfaces become visible

Contaminants are easily embedded into these capillaries/pores & multiply

Contaminants stay embedded even after surface is cleaned, replicating & contaminating again

A permanoned car Contaminants

Car surface under microscope

Once applied, Permanon's nano particles seal up surface capillaries & pores

Virus and bacteria are unable to embed into the car surface, preventing them from growing

Contaminants are easier & faster to remove, improving overall cleanliness of the surface with less effort

Applying Permanon Platinum




One product to protect them all Permanon platinum can protect any non-porous surface you can think of, shielding them against contaminants.

Tyre rims





Car body


Value for money For less than $8 per month, your car gets protected with the following: Globally acclaimed german liquid glass sealant Used and supported by companies like Lamborghini Sydney, Dupont, Jotun and Boeing 12 to 18 months* of surface protection Paint Protection System (PPS)** Easier to remove and clean aggressive contaminants+ Tyre Rim Protection reduces brake dust adhesion Plastic headlight protection Resist pH 1 - 11 substance damage to paintwork High temperature resistance of up to 300째C Improved windscreen/mirror clarity Improves clarity (water repellent)++ No juddering effect on windscreen wipers Decrease maintenance time Allow shedding of contaminants easily Easy application. Spray, spread & wipe off^ * ** + ++ ^

Based on 120ml Permanon usage in Singapore's climate Provides gloss shine & protect paintwork from UV dulling effect & aggressive contaminants Insect fouling, bird poo, carbon fouling etc Improved vision as water is repelled effectively during heavy rain Based on electrostatic bonding, immediate bonding without need for curing & baking

Permanon Platinum vs Waxing^

Permanon Platinum


            

   

^ *

Protects paintwork from ultraviolet dulling effect and aggressive contaminants Provides glossy shine & slick feel upon application Aggressive contaminants easier to clean and remove Applicable to all car exterior and interior (non porous surface) No juddering effect on windscreen wiper Tyre rim protection. Reduce brake dust adhesion Extremely water repellent on entire car body & windows/windscreen Protects plastic headlights Immediate bonding without the need of baking and curing Easy maintenance by just rinsing with water Resist pH 1-11 substance damage to paintwork Resist temperature up to 300°C Each application can last a few months to a year*

Comparison against the result of using a single waxing product depending on application areas


       

Why Permanon Platinum is the best Worldwide critically acclaimed car sealant from Germany Used and supported by companies like Lamborghini, VanDutch, ACS Germany, EW facilities services, Centro Federale di Trieste, DuPont, Jotun & Boeing.

We get Permanon Platinum direct from Permanon GmbH, Germany An established brand equates to reliability, for you and your car.

Product specifications easily avaliable for your reference Know what makes Permanon Platinum the best, no secrets! Reference materials and specifications are available on

Superior technology

Permanon Platinum bonds immediately without delay (based on electrostatic bonding). The nano particles seal up microscopic surface capillaries/pores to create a smooth, shiny and impenetrable surface, repelling water, dust, contaminants and bacteria. Contaminants are easily cleaned off without stains or marks just by rinsing or wiping, reducing the time and effort spent on cleaning and maintaining your car.

No catch-22s

Unlike certain solvent-based sealants requiring days to cure (during which it must be dry) and eventually etching themselves into the paintwork, Permanon Platinum is a coat of armour on top of your paintwork, protecting it without damaging it.

Easy application of industry standard protection

Simply spray, spread and wipe. Unlike certain DIY sealants, Permanon Platinum is designed to be easily applied by you without the need for special equipment or skills, yet providing results that are equal if not better than professional grade applications.

Applicable on almost any surface

Permanon Platinum can protect any non-porous surface with the same level of protection, not just on cars. No other sealant is so widely applicable yet maintain the same amount of protective power.

Unparalleled multilayered protection

Permanon Platinum does not integrate into the underlying material, hence allowing you to add on multilayered protection to enhance the protection without touching the original surface. Our Fusion X3 solution is specially formulated to enhance Permanon Platinum’s durability and strength.

Multi-purpose surface sealant

Boats & yacht Durable gloss retention properties (Tested by Jotun) Easier maintenance (up to 50% faster), reducing maintenance cost Protection against acidic minerals, organic contamination Resistant against grease, oil, fuels

AIRCRAFT Platinum protective coatings conforms to Boeing's D6-17487 standard High gloss surface protection Easy to use, spray on and wipe off Significantly reduces aircraft cleaning time (up to 50% faster)

hotels & buildings Major savings in exterior and interior maintenance cost (1ml can cover 1 sq metre) Contaminants/dirt are easier and faster to remove. Improves overall hygiene by reducing virus and bacterial build up in pools, spas, lifts & washrooms Easy to use and reduces cleaning time significantly Material surfaces are protected, thus extending in-service life cycle

households Reduces the need to use aggressive and potentially more hazardous cleaners Contaminants/dirt are easier and faster to remove. Improve overall hygiene by reducing virus and bacterial build up in furniture, kitchens, toilets, toys, door knobs, floor tiles etc Ease of application, spray on and wipe off Reduces cleaning time significantly

Permanon application service No time to DIY? Engage us for all your protection needs! All our application specialists are professionally trained to ensure that your car is perfectly protected at the end of the session.

what you get

1. Shampoo

2. Claybar

3. Protection

Full exterior cleaning using BrilliantShine 2in1 Shampoo

Full claybar service to remove embedded contaminants

Full exterior application* of Permanon Platinum

why engage us



1. Convenient

2. Trusted

3. Specialists

We come to you, saving you time and money

Trusted by many satisfied customers across Singapore

Specialist applicators of Permanon Platinum and Brilliantshine**


Permanon Platinum application for car surface, windscreen and tyre rims at NO EXTRA COST


As specialists, we understand our products completely, allowing us to maximise protection for your car

97661548 (Jerry), 93472184 (Jonathan)


iShine Platinum Kit @ $85 1x120ml Permanon Platinum Sealant (Aircraft Grade) 1x120ml BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Cleaning Shampoo 1x180ml spray bottle 1x Applicator cloth

You can DIY easily!

Simply spray, spread and wipe. Unlike certain DIY sealants, Permanon Platinum is designed to be easily applied by you without the need for special equipment or skills, yet providing results that are equal if not better than professional grade applications. *Each kit can be used for around 12 to 18 months (depending on usage)

Why choose Permanon Used and supported by thousands of companies, individual references and testimonials such as:

Lamborghini, Australia


EW facility services, Holland


VanDutch, Holland


ACS, Germany

Centro Federale di Trieste, Italy Check out the testimonials of satisfied customers at Watch our videos now at For more information, refer to

Ready to protect your car? Visit to check out our store locations For technical or sales support, please contact 93472184 / 97661548

Sole distributor for Permanon GmbH

Permanon Platinum brochure  

Permanon Platinum - The smarter & easier way to protect & shine your car

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