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September 2010


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Kylie, age 8

Every Child Deserves Theater / Secrets to Fearless Parenting / The Leap to Middle School / Beauty Mirror iPhone App for Tweens / September Calendar of Events


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

THERAPY 2000: The North Texas leader in home-based therapy for children

We treat children for. . . Feeding & Swallowing Disorders (including the need for Vital Stim Therapy) Cerebral Palsy • Neurological Disorders • Down Syndrome Developmental Delay • Sensory Processing Disorders and many others A comprehensive hearing screening is administered to all children admitted for speech therapy services. To obtain physical, occupational or speech therapy services for your child, call THERAPY 2000...

214-467-9787 or 877-626-7003 •

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North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


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Volume 8 No. 9


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All Humans Are Born With Musical Potential


Arts of Collin County Serve Fine Art Students



Things We Enjoy Word Search


Two Cars Fun Math Problem


Enrichment Guide


Tye Dye T-Shirt Craft


Every Child Deserves Great Theater


Alexandria's Book Review


Kids in the Kitchen


Great Tips for Getting Art Supplies Organized


Emma’s Restaurant Review


Labor Day Fun Facts


The Leap to Middle School


Family Resource Guide


Festival Word Scramble


Beauty Mirror iPhone App for Tweens


September Calendar of Events


Great Reads for a Quiet(er) House


Do as I Say, Not as I Do


School More of a Challenge Than Expected?


Secrets to Fear-less Parenting


Mothers and Teenage Daughters Learn Healthy Living Having Fun

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North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

Note from the Publisher

Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

We all Need Time to Play

As I write this month's column, I am still on vacation in Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia where my husband's family has cottages on the coast. The ocean is out the window and the air is cool and beautiful. We have been here for two weeks and this has become one of my favorite places on earth in the ten years we have been coming here. The photos are of Brad and I's canoe trip up the river early one morning, a bonfire on our beach and beach art I made. Tonight is our annual lobster boil, always a fun feast. For the past two weeks we have spent all of our time outside, doing a variety of crafts, hiking, swimming, cooking and eating. Every meal is like a picnic! We are all tan and relaxed after two weeks here. I have been more creative, written more in my journal and played with my kids more than the last six months put together. Check out our tie-dying adventure on page 13. The focus for this issue is on the arts and we have some fun articles and events coming up, including the North Texas Kids Reader Day at the Dallas Museum of Art. See page 7 for details! We even have a great

article on getting your arts & crafts supplies all organized at home by Sorted Out owner, Tonia Tomlin. I am sad to think that summer has gone by so quickly and by the time this magazine is printed, we are a week into the new school year, wondering and worrying what this academic year will bring for our kids. Some of us have children starting school for the first time, some of us are watching our kids grow up, start middle school or enter high school. Transitions can be tough on everyone. While on vacation this summer, we have three generations of Brad's family here, including a dozen of the youngest generation, ranging in age from ages 4 to 18. We have a group all in the 8 to 12 category and it has been interesting watching them navigate the changing dynamics as they grow up. It has been so much fun watching this pack of kids playing soccer on the beach, playing house under the trees and pretending to be dolphins in the ocean. They have so much freedom to play and be creative here. There is no television or computer. They play cards for hours. Thinking about


Minette Riordan

returning home to the schedules and the busy-ness of our daily lives makes me even more grateful for the down time we have had here. As we move into fall, think about how you can carve out creative playtime, downtime and electronicsfree time for you and your children. I have enjoyed the time as much as the children and will post some of my art work and musings on the North Texas Kids blog this month. This type of time frees the mind to roam, to soar, to dream and to feed the crab you caught in the ocean. You can also find a great article on our blog by Dr. Caron Goode about the power of imaginative play and why it is so important to our children's development. I am excited about all the Fall entertainment at the Eisemann Center Family Theatre series, Dallas Children's Theatre fall series and the great activities at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Nature and Science, the new Sci-Tech Discovery center in Frisco and a host of other fun venues. Check our calendar for upcoming events and make sure to check the online calendar for new updates.

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Brad Dobson

Don't let the world pass you by, go play!

North Texas Kids. Materials will not be returned.

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on the cover of NTK. North Texas Kids loves kids’ art. Feel free to send us your child’s Masterpiece. We are looking for covers that are unique, bright and colorful. Each child that appears on our cover receives $50.00 along with his/her picture and

Kylie is from Sachse, Texas and is eight years old. She likes to

story in the paper. Submissions may be digital or print. Email pictures to

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North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


15% off a catering order of $50 or more

Sit back and let the cow cook for you! expireS


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972-473-6100 LakeSide Market Suite 588 5809 Preston Rd. Plano, TX 75093

School more of a challenge than expected? Signs point to when to have your child tested for learning differences


Ft. Worth

817-737-7177 Chapel Hill Shopping Center 4601 W. Freeway Ft. Worth, TX 76107

Purple Cow at The Village in Fairview Now Open!

Do you know the Cause of your child’s learning struggles?

Call today to get the answers you have been looking for!

Plano/Park Cities 972-267-8900

by Sarah Jayroe The first day of a new school year should be an exciting time in every child’s life. There are exciting books to read, science experiments to perform and art projects to create. There are clubs to join and sports teams to cheer on. Don’t forget, of course, all of the new friends to make. The lifelong love of learning is beginning to blossom. Unfortunately, this is not the sentiment for all students. For some students, going back to school can be a time of dread. Anxiety, uneasiness and feelings of low self worth can set in and, unfortunately, can have lasting repercussions. These are the students that have a feeling that something is “off” or that they are “different.” These students may not grasp academic concepts like their peers. How do you know if this is simply a phase or possibly something more? Could this uneasiness in your child be caused by an undiagnosed learning problem? When it is time to have your child tested for learning differences? Dr. Jen Rawley, Psy. D., is asked this question a lot. Dr. Rawley meets with students and parents daily both at Dallas Academy, where she serves as a clinical diagnostician, as well as in her private practice. Dr. Rawley says “parents come to me frustrated. They do not know why their child is not reaching their capabilities in school. Parents do not know what to do or what the ‘next steps’ for their child should be.” Dr. Rawley highlights signs in children that parents can be on the lookout for that may demonstrate an undiagnosed learning problem. Dr. Rawley advises parents to seek help if their child demonstrates a variety of these issues in a multiple settings.

Frisco 972-432-6544 6

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


All students have some back to school anxiety, but students with undiagnosed learning differences may be more nervous than most children. They may display a feeling of dread and anxiety at the thought of getting back into the classroom.


Teachers are sending notes home to parents indicating behavior issues. Boys often display a pattern of disruptive behavior in the classroom. Boys will often interrupt the class and act out, both of which can be early warning signs of a learning difference. Girls tend to become more introverted and shy. This is one of the reasons that boys are often diagnosed before girls. Boys’ behavior typically makes them stand out in the classroom while girls’ behavior tends to make them hide away.


Grades are dropping or their grades do not reflect their capabilities.


Students that display hyperactivity and cannot sit still.


Students that need to be told multiple times to complete a task.


Students who are constantly forgetful and lack of organization skills which go beyond typical kid clutter.


Students who forget to turn in homework assignments, even if it has been completed.


Students who suffer from frequent and debilitating procrastination.

If a parent is concerned about any of these problems in their child then it may be time to contact a pediatric psychologist to complete a comprehensive psycoeducational evaluation. This evaluation will include an interview with the parents to obtain background information regarding the child, a review of teacher and school feedback and a one-on-one observation of the child by the psychologist. The psychologist will conduct a full battery of assessments that can include intellectual, achievement, emotional processing and personality functioning tests. The examiner will then provide the family a full written report along with an explanation of results, recommendations and referrals. Dr. Rawley explains “we want to make sure that parents are armed with knowledge when they have this testing completed. They should know what the next steps are, whether academic or medical referrals are needed, to reach their child’s fullest potential.” Dr. Rawley says that knowledge is power. “The more information parents have on their child’s unique learning style and the options and opportunities available, the more their child can achieve.” Children should love learning. Giving students the proper tools to reach their own success will create lifelong learners.

Our Heart is in Caring for You!

Specializing in Pediatric Home Healthcare

3 Main Offices • Dallas 214-637-1300 • Addison 214-623-5900 • Fort Worth 817-698-9500 Services available in Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant, & surrounding counties

Now hiring for RN/LVN Full Time & Part Time positions specific jobs are posted on

Sarah Jayroe is the Director of Public Relations at Dallas Academy. Dallas Academy is a private, 1-12 grade school in the Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas. Dallas Academy specializes in working with students with diagnosed learning differences.

North Texas Kids Reader Day at the DMA...

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Offer valid on September 21 only. Visit the Living Room, make beautiful art with your kids or take a self-guided tour of one of the exhibits. This is a great activity to do with your children who are home schooled or with your preschoolers. There is something for everyone!

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Birthday Party Fun! We do it all for you, so relax & enjoy


+ tax

for up to 10 children $6.10 for each additional child

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Allen McKinney Plano Richardson

Party includes: Happy Meal , Cake, Ice Cream, Decorations, ®

Party Favors, a Host or Hostess and a Gift for the Birthday Child.

To make reservations: Visit or call our birthday party hotline at 972.985.9285.

Now Available 7 days a week! No deposit required. Locally owned and operated by Chuck and Julie O’Reilly

Secrets to Fear-less Parenting by Patti DeNucci Days before I wrote this article I was at a rented lake house with my family in Central Texas. Moments after we arrived, our son and I went down to the dock to investigate where we’d be cooling off for the next few days. Right away he began noting which cliff overlooking the cove would be most suitable for a thrilling jump into the water. The options were of heights equivalent to jumping off the roof of our home. As a mother (and someone nervous about heights in general), I was not happy about this. Yet, other than saying, “Make sure the water is deep enough,” I held my tongue. After all, our son is now 18, not 8. Later that afternoon, swimsuits on, I found myself doing something unexpected. I was following our son, scaling the rocks baked by the blazing Texas sun and littered with prickly burrs. Feet blistered and bleeding, we peered over the edge into the sparkling water below. My more fearful side was on Maximum Red Alert. My braver side countered, “We are SO doing this!” Our son jumped first. I followed with a shriek. Later we’d do two more cliff jumps, including one off the higher cliff across the cove. Was it scary? Absolutely! But exhilarating and empowering as well. (And, just so you know, the water below was 15 feet deep at the very least.) Best of all, our son seemed impressed that his mom was gutsy enough to do something new and exciting. (Though he still gives me grief about how loud I screamed.) Have I always been one to do crazy things like this? Not a chance. I’ve learned some secrets about letting go of the many fears that have surfaced since our very active and adventurous son was born in 1992. Here are just a few, which I hope you will consider. Fear of imperfection. Trust me on this. Trying to be a Perfect Parent, keep everything 100% under control, and ensure that everyone and everything is totally safe, clean, and happy at all times is the direct route to stress and unhappiness. As much as you love and cherish your children and want everything in their world to be just so, there are many benefits of imperfection. Sanity preservation is one of them. Fear of having a life. Our son has always been a top priority in our lives, and we take our parenting role very seriously. However, we knew from the start we needed roles beyond Mom and Dad to feel fulfilled as human beings, as married partners, and as professionals. Fear of other caregivers. Blessed with extended family as well as good friends and other caring resources, we discovered we weren’t the only adults capable of caring for, playing with, teaching, and loving our son. What freedom that has been for all of us. Fear of self care. Hats off to Oprah who made famous the phrase “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” It may initially sound selfish to make self care a priority, but how can you be an attentive, loving, and healthy parent if you are chronically deprived and depleted? If you allow yourself to be consistently last on your list of priorities, the long-term consequences could be dire for your child. Fear of fear itself. To love a little person so tenderly, completely, and fiercely as we do our children can really catch us off guard at first. But experts will also tell you that fear is very the emotion that prevents us from loving them completely. That said, as you experience the day-to-day choices, challenges, and anxieties that come with being a parent, pause and ask yourself whether it’s fear or love that has the wheel. Simply checking in on this from time to time may be enough to pull you back to letting love rule. Fear of new experiences. We are not our children and they are not us. They are unique and individual, which means they may show interests and inclinations that reach far beyond our own interests and comfort zones. (Jumping off cliffs for example.) We can be better parents and far more interesting people and keep ourselves forever young in spirit if we nudge ourselves to stretch a bit and adopt attitudes of curiosity, exploration, and adventure. By demonstrating to your child that you are open to being a life-long learner and adventurer, you will strengthen your bonds and inspire your child to keep doing the same. Patti DeNucci is a writer, speaker, connector, and consultant who lives and works in Austin, Texas. She is one of 40 entrepreneurial women featured in the new book Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom by Mary Ann Halpin. The book launched in Dallas in July. You can reach her at patti@denucciandcompany. com or visit


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

The Medical Center of Plano Introduces New Program: Mothers and

foundation for a Lifetime of learning

Building the

Teenage Daughters

Learn Healthy Living Having Fun The Medical Center of Plano (TMCP) has launched a new program for middle-school age girls and their mothers that provides them with information on the importance of healthy lifestyles and good health. The program was set up by TMCP to further their involvement in the education of all women in the community on leading healthy lives. The new “Spirit Girls” program will be held the third Sunday of every month in the Auditorium at 4001 West 15th St. at 2pm. The afternoon will consist of a health professional’s presentation addressing the issues being faced by these young girls and their mothers. The presentation will be followed by separate breakout group sessions for both mothers and daughters. The girls will work on monthly craft projects or activities while the mothers attend discussions lead by facilitators on the west side of the Auditorium. The first presentation took place in August and was titled, “Be Cool for School.” Led by a professional from the Women’sLink Support Services department, the presentation dealt with the issue of school bullying. In light of the presentation and newly learned information, the girls undertook a craft project to promote their individuality and own unique characteristics while the mothers had their own discussion led by the Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Women’sLink Support Services. On Sunday, September 19, the presentation topic will be “Body Art or Body Smart” led by Dr. Sara Gondol. The program will open the discussion of tattoos and body piercings to both the young ladies and their mothers. TMCP is excited to reach out to women of all ages with their unique health education programs. For more information or questions, call Ginny Robinson at 972.519.1588.

“Some schools are expensive and outwardly beautiful, but when you scratch the surface, they’re nothing but day care. Carpe Diem couldn’t be more different. Here, my children (ages one and four) not only have fun, they really learn from professional educators.“ – Gayle Boone

“Being able to communicate with our baby through Baby Sign language has such a calming effect. No more frustrating “I don’t know what you want!” moments! I only wish I knew about Baby Sign when my first child was this age.” – Laura J. Ballard, PMP

“The experience my son, my husband and I have had at Carpe Diem is about as perfect as it gets. I never have an uneasy feeling or doubt that my child will be treated well, educated, and most of all loved. This truly is a wonderful school and what I consider a gift from God.” – Judy McCall

Carpe Diem - Allen 873 Junction Drive, Allen, Texas 75013, 972.396.0909 Carpe Diem - Frisco 5570 Warren Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034, 214.619.0699 Carpe Diem - Richardson 271 Renner Parkway, Richardson, Texas 75080, 972.664.0203 Carpe Diem - Southlake (Now Open) 300 Randol Mill Road, Southlake, Texas 76092, 817.431.2549

get 1 free Month of tuition* *Offer expires September 30, 2010. This offer is not for currently enrolled children. Tuition discount is only for the Allen, Frisco, and Richardson locations only. One discount per family. Coupon is good for one time use only and must be submitted at time of enrollment. Child must be enrolled for six consecutive months. The free tuition will be deducted on the seventh month. If multiple children are enrolled, the oldest child’s tuition will be deducted. No adjustments to prior enrollments. Not valid for cash.

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Achieving Your Child’s Goal,

One Step at a Time

Pediatric Services we provide: PT, ST, OT and Case Management We see kids in the Dallas and surrounding areas. Call today to have your child evaluated! Treat for the following but not limited to:

Speech Delay • Autism Developmental Delay Cerebral Palsy • Down Syndrome Learning Disability • Dysphagia

9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 790 Dallas, TX 75243


Bring the family to

Every Saturday & Sunday Kids under 12 receive FREE admission

Have a new art experience every weekend! Visit the Tower Gallery on Level 4 and see The Living Room, an installation by artist Jill Foley. Families of all ages will enjoy decorating the space with their own creations. Check our program calendar for upcoming workshops and events.

Opening August 22: African Masks: The Art of Disguise Family initiatives are funded by Catherine and Will Rose and the Pollock Foundation Education Endowment Fund. New family learning experiences are supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Museum’s Gateway Gallery Endowment Fund, the Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Hobson Endowment Fund, the Betty Moroney Norsworthy Education Endowment Fund, and the Karen and Richard Pollock Education Endowment Fund provide a permanent source of support for family and community programs. Annual support for family and community programs is provided by The M. R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation, the Junior League of Dallas, and the Donor Circle membership program through leadership gifts by an anonymous donor and the Dedman Foundation. Promotional support provided by Radio Disney and North Texas Kids. The Dallas Museum of Art is supported in part by the generosity of Museum members and donors and by the citizens of Dallas through the City of Dallas/Office of Cultural Affairs and the Texas Commission on the Arts.


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

Ever y Child DESERVES Great Theater! Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) announces an extraordinary lineup for the theater’s 27th season for YOU. There are world premieres, regional premieres, a dynamite month-long teen festival, musicals and colorful stage adaptations of award-winning books that you can enjoy with your family all season long. Robyn Flatt, DCT’s Executive Artistic Director, states, “We value and take great pride in the fact that we have always offered quality theatrical experiences at affordable prices. The 2010-2011 Season is filled with great entertainment without a great price.” Ms. Flatt continues, “DCT is a major thread in the cultural fabric of our city and a gateway to the arts, energizing the lives of thousands of children and citizens each year. Every child deserves great theater and the most economical way to experience it is by becoming a Season Subscriber!” DCT’s 2010-11 season includes several exciting premieres. Renowned children’s author and illustrator Steven Kellogg has agreed to allow DCT’s award-winning resident playwright, Linda Daugherty, to adapt his brand new book from a vibrant illustration into a magnificent, three-dimensional stage setting. Summer fun will ensue with the WORLD PREMIERE of The Pied Piper in the most joyous musical re-telling of the well-known fable. Another WORLD PREMIERE production is a holiday winter’s tale by Kathy Burks Theater of Puppetry Arts in their breathtaking adaptation of The Snow Queen, incorporating elements of Japanese Bunraku Puppet Theatre with the Czech Black Theatre tradition they have mastered. Additionally, the holidays ring in Joy and Glee with the REGIONAL PREMIERE of Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! DCT offers audience pleasers for every age. Launching the season with Miss Nelson is Missing!, the younger ones will laugh wildly as they learn a lesson or two about the golden rule. Teens have their fun in The Curse of Castle Mongrew, a comedy in the style of Jane Austin meets The Adam’s Family. When a young girl falls in love with a boy and learns his secret of immortality, it’s the heartwarming stage adaptation of the award-winning novel, Tuck Everlasting. DCT is proud to be a leader in the development and commissioning of plays for and about young adults. Out of DCT’s dedication to illuminating the challenges facing adolescents, DCT presents a quartet of plays in repertory. Two must-see professionally produced productions include dont u luv me? (just in time for National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month) and hard 2 spel dad. Staged readings and teen productions of The Secret Life of Girls and Eat (It’s Not About Food) will also take place. These indepth explorations will continue DCT’s practice of offering enlightening post show discussions. When DCT’s acclaimed National Tour makes a hometown stop after traveling from coast to coast, it’s the return of the barnyard blockbuster, Giggle, Giggle, Quack. Finally, the Season showcases plays based on the not-so-traditional fairy

tale. Everybody knows the story of the three little pigs, but when A. Wolf defends himself on trial claiming he didn’t kill anyone, reporter pig, Magill, is hungry for the truth. This topsy-turvy rock show is The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Secondly, Kathy Burks and Company stage The Frog Prince in the sophisticated style of a Noel Coward comedy of manners. Both hilarious stories allow the audience to decide the ending! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to engage in a very lively, live-theater finale! Because every child deserves great theater, over the course of the year, DCT will distribute over 10,000 free tickets to disadvantaged youth to all these shows. Annually, 69,000 students receive deeply discounted tickets to weekday matinees, and Arts-in-education classes enhance literacy learning for thousands of students in Dallas area schools. Did you know that less than 60% of DCT’s costs to produce professional theater and education programs comes from ticket sales? The remainder comes from donations. This is why DCT Season Subscriptions help DCT stay afloat, and also provide the best value for DCT patrons. By subscribing, you help support quality family entertainment, as well as provide low-income students with opportunities to visit DCT. In return, you are rewarded with great theater at the lowest prices! Benefits include priority seating and savings of up to 45%. Despite these challenging times, DCT is committed to great theater and great family experiences. DCT’s sole mission is to bring the power of live theater to a multi-generational audience in an affordable manner. Subscribing to DCT is a family journey within reach! DCT exists for its audiences and endures because of them. Audience patronage enables DCT to survive. Begin the journey today and ensure the future of your family theater. Season Subscription packages may be purchased by calling Dallas Children’s Theater at 214-740-0051. Packages range from $56 for 4 plays up to $154 for all 11 productions. For more information visit




















Personalized pediatric therapy as unique as your child. If you have questions about your child’s development, Our Children’s House at Baylor can help. Whether your child has a mild delay or serious ongoing therapy needs resulting from injury, illness, or developmental delay, our pediatric specialists have the expertise you need. We offer a comprehensive range of services, but we tailor a treatment program just for your child. Thousands have trusted their children to our care. You can too. • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Speech-language Therapy • Specialty services* include Feeding Clinic, Orthotics Clinic, NICU Follow up Clinic, Sleep Lab, Sensory Integration Therapy, Developmental Evaluations, Swallow Studies (not all services are available at each location) For a physician referral or for more information on Our Children’s House at Baylor, call 1.800.4BAYLOR (422-9567) or visit us online at







Physicians are members of the medical staff at one of Baylor Health Care System’s subsidiary, community or affiliated medical centers and are neither employees nor agents of those medical centers, Our Children’s House at Baylor, or Baylor Health Care System. ©2010 Baylor Health Care System OCHBAY_38 NTXK CE 8.10

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Time to Signup for Fall Music Lessons (Flexible Schedules/Billing by the Lesson) Private Lessons & Classes for All Ages, 6 months to 100 years Drums, Voice, Violin, Guitar and Piano Musikgarten Classes: 6 months to 5 yrs


Introductory Lesson with this ad! SW Corner of Preston Rd. and Forest Ln. 11661 Preston Rd., Ste. 136 • Dallas, TX 75230 • 214-369-7772

Great Tips for getting art supplies organized! by Tonia Tomlin Organizing your kid’s art work and supplies can be very frustrating. Consider these tips when kids’ paper work and art projects end up in the middle of the island in the kitchen.

1. Set up a communication center in the kitchen so papers and art have a

drop zone. Teach your children which file or bin to put their folders in right when they get home from school.

2. Hold your children accountable for the above tip by posting a reward

system for following their responsibilities. Showing kids’ organization from an early age will follow with them throughout school and college. Congregation Anshai Torah Preschool Call today about our 2010/2011 school year programs! Baby & Me Baby & Me and Parent/Me classes for ages 4 months - 18 months Hebrew Immersion Classes Preschool Hours 9:00-1:00 Full Time Hours 7:30-6:00

g• vin Lo

Learning • Lau

gh in g

Preschool / Early Childhood 12 mos-age 5 • Full/part time Tot Shabbat • Mini-Minyan Pajama Havdallah • Music Program Computers • Hebrew Holiday Programming Parent Education • Spanish

For more information, contact Faith Retsky, Early Childhood Director at 972-473-7718 or

3. Art drawings need to have rules. The facts are we can’t save

everything. Keep one portfolio per child per year.

4. Use tin cans (like the ones at Michael's) to organize pens, pencils,

markers and scissors. Makes for easy clean up and low maintenance.

5. Consider using magazine bins for construction paper and coloring

books. Viola! Cluttered messy stacks turn into vertical upright space.

6. The sterilite 3 drawer organizers from Target are a great solution

for additional storage. Use these bins for stickers, embellishments, and other small intricate art items.

Tonia Tomlin is the Founder and President of Sorted Out™ and Sorted Out Publishing.

Tonia is an author, publisher, speaker and mother of twin girls. She has been featured on HGTV’s, Mission: Organization, and is the author of the book Chaos 2 Calm: The Moms-of-Multiples’ Guide to an Organized Family. www.

Have Some Math Fun!!! Just a reminder to Follow us on

Facebook and Twitter!!

2 Cars Problem: Car A and Car B travel along a stretch of highway, both going the speed limit – 55 mph for the first 50 miles, then 65 mph for the second 50 miles. They start at the same time, but Car A makes a 15 minute stop

during the first 50 miles and Car B makes a 15 minute stop during the

On Facebook, search for North Texas Kids magazine.

second 50 miles. Who gets to the 100 mile mark first? Thanks to Dan Parker at for this fun problem! The answer is: They both arrive at the same time. (They both went the same speeds for the same distances and both stopped for the same amount of time; it makes no difference that they stopped at different times.)


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

Tie-dyed T-shirts We were in Nova Scotia this summer for our annual trip to visit my husband's family. I always do one fun craft with all the kids (anywhere from 6 to 8 kids ranging in age this year from 4 to 12.) It can be a challenge to find something for everyone. Painting rocks is still a favorite activity! This year, we decided to tie-dye t-shirts. We found a local fabric store and bought some nice fabric dyes (Dylon was the brand) as we wanted to get brighter shades than Rit dyes offer. T-shirt on left created with multiple small twists of shirt tied with rubber bands. Other t-shirt uses bulls-eye pattern.

You can see from the photos some our outstanding results! We used the basic instructions from and I have copied them here. They were easy to follow! This would make a great fall or spring birthday party activity, too. Definitely a great outdoor project!

Materials: • Plastic tablecloth or garbage bags and tape • 100-percent-cotton T-shirts • Buckets or dish tubs (4-quart minimum) Enough for each color of dye • 2 or more colors of fabric dye (available at Walmart, Michael's or Hobby Lobby) • Salt (1 cup per dye bath) • Rubber bands, marbles and/or coins • Sealable plastic bags • Latex gloves

Instructions: 1.

We decided to keep this as simple as possible, we used shirts and rubber bands. But there are other fun techniques to be found on the website.


Set up a dyeing station: Set it up outside if possible. Cover the work area with a disposable plastic tablecloth or a few garbage bags and tape your cover in place. Have a trash can and some paper towels nearby as well as a large bowl of soapy water for the kids to rinse their hands. Most importantly, keep some extra white T-shirts on hand to allow for mistakes or in case some grown-ups want to get in on the fun.


Make the dye baths: Prepare the dyes according to the manufacturer's directions. If the directions don't already call for it, dissolve 1 cup of salt in hot water for each dye bath and add it to the bath to help set the dye.

Prepare the tees for dying. Soak them in water so they are easier to work with. Roll the tees up tightly. If you start from the center of the t-shirt and make a tube from there, you get a nice bulls-eye with this pattern. If you do a horizontal or vertical tube, you get beautiful stripes. Space the rubber bands out and get them as tight as possible. For videos on how to do this, visit



Dye the shirts, make sure everyone is wearing latex gloves as some of the dyes can be irritating to the skin. Each section of the shirt between rubber bands can be dyed a different color or they can all be one solid color. Letting the shirt soak for at least 15 minutes per color allows for richer colors.


Washing and Drying Instructions: 1. Allow the T-shirt to set in the plastic bag overnight. Put on the rubber gloves and rinse the shirt, starting with warm water and then cool, until the water runs clear. Remove the rubber bands during rinsing. This is permanent dye, so be careful not to get any of it on your clothes.

2. Wash the shirt by itself in the washing machine with cold water to avoid shrinkage. It's a good idea to run the washer again with warm water and some soap to make sure that no dye is left in your machine.

3. Hang up the shirt to dry or dry it in the dryer on the coolest setting.

4. After your child wears the shirt, wash and dry it separately once more in case the dye is not completely rinsed out. North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


School... k c a B to Environment That Teaches THE JOY OF LEARNING

Academic Success • Personal Discipline Family-Friendly Policies

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Visit our beautiful new facility. In ground pits & trampolines, same great programs.

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Parent & Tot • Kindergym • Girls & Boys Classes Team Program • Tumbling • Parties • Special Events • Camps

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• Degreed Montessori-Certified Teachers • After School Programs, Summer Camps • Mulit-Cultural Environment • Vegetarian Menu • Family Run Since 1994 • Computer Lab • Foreign Languages • Yoga & Music Classes Children’s House Montessori Infant - 3rd grade 601 S. Fountain Gate Allen, TX 75002 972.359.0909

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Do the words “math homework” strike fear in your child…or you? What if we told you that we can change that fear into better grades and higher self-confidence, and eliminate the frustration, tears, and fights over math homework? Discover how a better understanding of math can change your child’s attitude. Before you know it, your child could be crazy about math. Mathnasium of Plano 3115 W. Parker Rd, Ste 560 Plano, TX 75023 972-519-0340 2 n d - 1 2 + G RA D E S • S TA R R / TA K S , SAT, A C T, G E D P R E P • H O M E W O R K H E L P

Brain Fitness Program Do you want to improve your Brain, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving Skills? You will be guided through a complete brain fitness program that is fun but challenging. Training helps you think more clearly and quickly, remember names, where you put your keys, avoid distraction, increase concentration, multitask and make quick accurate decisions.

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Come In, Cool Off & Get Fit! It’s Always Cool at The Ice at Stonebriar Centre

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greatc las se&sactivities!! Gotta Dance!

Home of the Plano Metropolitan Ballet

Is Your Child Impacted by Autism? Fall Enrollment for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

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PreBallet/Tap, Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Dr.Chad E. Weinzetl, CCSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician 4140 Legacy Drive, Suite 324 Plano, TX 75024 469-241-9665

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We specialize in Sport Taekwondo and Traditional Korean Martial Arts for all ages: 4 to adult.


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Home of 2010 United States Olympic Team Member & 2008 Junior World Champion.

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c r ! e ! a t e n ! ! r a le Every Little Girl Loves a Horse!

Riding Lessons Horse and Tack Supplied Candee Carlson 469-853-5718 by appointment only

Back to School with TOPS’ Healthy, Child-Friendly Recipes Busy schedules, including work, school, extracurricular activities and more, often cause healthy eating to fall to the wayside. Kids can end up munching on pizza, snacks, and junk food too frequently, instead of freshly prepared, well-rounded meals. As the school year approaches, it’s important to consider nutritious meal and snack options for children, and one of the best ways to implement healthy eating into their diet is to make the food fun and tasty and easy for parents to prepare. Consider following the recipes below to help your child eat right (and have fun while doing it), says TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the nonprofit weight-loss support organization: 1.



Popcorn-Banana Mix


Berry Delicious


Mix together popcorn and banana chips in a large bowl.


Add fresh berries to yogurt.


Add additional treats, such as dried berries or nuts, for greater variety.


Top with granola for an extra, nutritious treat.

Fruity Faces


Banana Hot Dog


Use a fruit that can easily be cut in half, such as a grapefruit or orange.


Peel a banana and place it between a slice of whole wheat toast.


Halve the fruit and adorn it with a cluster of grapes, representing hair.


Top with peanut butter or chocolate.


Add three grapes - two for the eyes and one for a nose.


Use two strawberries as ears.


Blueberries make the smile.


Fruit or Vegetable Skewers a.

Place a variety of fruits or vegetables on a skewer and enjoy.

Icy Delight a.

Blend together two cups ice, one cup juice, and one and one-half cups assorted fruit in a blender. Add more juice if necessary.


Pour into individual cups and place in the freezer for at least three hours.


When ready to taste, remove from freezer and let sit on counter for a few minutes to thaw. Makes four servings.

Whether parents make these recipes for lunch, after-school snacks, or post-sports treats, children will appreciate their silly nature while eating well - and they can satisfy the adult palate, as well. TOPS Club Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the original, nonprofit weight-loss support and wellness education organization, was established more than 62 years ago to champion weightloss support and success. Founded and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TOPS promotes successful, affordable weight management with a philosophy that combines healthy eating, regular exercise, wellness information, and support from others at weekly chapter meetings. Visitors are welcome to attend their first TOPS meeting free of charge. To find a local chapter, view or call (800) 932-8677.


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

! ! e c n e i r e p ex Key Note



Pl a


rite Place

e nc

Music Studio

avo sF ’ o


Open House on September 4, 2010 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Free trial lessons for piano students by appointment only

3 Dance

NOW ENROLLING Fall Classes Begin August 16

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Location: West Plano, Parker & Independence

Ages 12 months – Pre-K

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For those of us who use to dance who’d like to dance again, or those just looking for another form of exercise.

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When busy lives meet big responsibilities…

Transitioning Tweens...

With so many demands on your time, some things just have to wait. But don’t put off talking to a State Farm Life Insurance Company agent about life insurance – it may be the most important thing you ever do.

The Leap to Middle School by Amy Egan

Ann Dunham Ins Agcy Inc Ann Dunham CLU CPCU LTCP, Agent 2301 W Parker Road, Suite 1 Bus: 972-596-4809 Fax: 972-867-3183


Tamara Murphy, Agent 4504 Legacy Drive, Suite 200 Plano, TX 75024 Bus: 972-943-9555 Fax: 972-943-9562

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) • Bloomington , IL

Alexandria’s Book Review Miss Spider’s Tea Party

A Review by Alexandria Battle By David Kirk 32 pages • For infants or children in preschool Scholastic, Inc. (February 2007) David Kirk, the author of this month’s book review, is not only a talented author but the “finest bug poet” in New York, and a maker of toys and art for young children. He grew up in the suburbs of central Ohio and learned about insects, robots and painting. His love for both has brought us a great series about a very courteous spider, and a television series in which she stars. Miss Spider is quite a gracious host, and her only wish in the world is to drink tea with her bug companions. She cries out to the fireflies, the bumblebees, and countless others to come and join her. But all the bugs, knowing nothing of Miss Spider’s harmless nature, fear she means to eat them and all crawl or fly away as fast as they can! Poor Miss Spider! All she wants is some guests at her lonely home. But no matter how hard she tries, or how many places she sets (be it seven, eight or


eleven), no one dares to approach her or at least tell her why they won’t join her tea party. All until the arrival of one little moth… Read on to find out if Miss Spider ever gets the pleasure of serving tea and being a real hostess (no spoilers from me, as always). I also recommend the rest of David Kirk’s books about Miss Spider, such as Miss Spider’s Wedding and Miss Spider’s ABC—I will be reading them alongside you.

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

Whether your school district transitions students from elementary to middle school in sixth grade or seventh, it can be a difficult time for kids, and parents, as well. There are the obvious adjustments like a larger school building, use of lockers, loads of new faces, unfamiliar teachers and different rules. And the entrance into middle school usually brings about new pressures to wear the right clothes, say the right things and fit in with certain groups. Many childhood experts see this as the most difficult time, socially, for most kids. I have heard it referred to as the time to "eat or be eaten." So what can a parent do to help alleviate the pressure their children may experience during this time of life? There is no magic bullet that will ensure your child goes from elementary school into middle school experiencing no stress. However, if handled well, many of these experiences can end up being beneficial life lessons in the long run. As a parenting coach I often recommend the following formula. The most important tip I give to a parent with a stressed child is to listen to him/her. Truly hear what he has to say. As difficult as it may be, resist the temptation to placate him with pat answers like, "things will work out fine….just give it time." (This is actually a great way to push your child away.) Then, rather than come up with your own answers to his problem, simply authentically hear what he has to say. Believe him and acknowledge his feelings. Then ask him what he thinks his options are. Each time he comes up with an idea, ask him how he thinks that will work for him. If he is struggling to come up with anything, offer some of your own ideas and again, check to see how he feels that might work for him. If he comes up with a plan or decides to use one of your ideas, wish him luck and let him know you will be thinking of him and pulling for him as he goes off to school. By authentically listening to him, he feels heard. He also feels like you (at least somewhat) understand what he is experiencing. By not throwing out advice right away, he hears that you trust his judgment. Both of these tips help create a climate where your child feels safe and supported. If your child continues to feel stressed after the first few weeks of middle school and you have taken the above advice, call their school counselor. He/she will undoubtedly have helped many students through similar circumstances in the past. If you are not comfortable going to the school counselor there are some fantastic therapists that specialize in working with the unique issues of middle and high schoolers. (A friend of mine took her seventh grade daughter to one of these therapists and the relief her daughter felt was almost immediate.) And take heart. Most transition periods help to prepare us for life. They are just a little easier to muddle through when we have the right kind of support.

Amy Egan, LLC, Parenting Coach/Consultant.

New iPhone App Inspires

Tween Girls To Be Positive! Q. Who is Isabel Rasmussen? I am a Bay Area native, I received my undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies at UW and my Green MBA at Dominican University. Three generations of women in my family raised me until first grade; amongst them I was taught how wonderful it was to be a girl. In my tween years I was confronted with many of the social challenges other girls face and my self confidence dwindled. I think it was going from being so proud of being a girl to struggling so much as a girl as well as reading of all the struggles that women had endured over centuries that motivated me to take the educational steps I did. My passion is to empower women and to use innovative business strategies to do it.

Q. How did you come up with the concept for Beauty Mirror? About a year ago I started thinking about creating an iPhone application that

would help girls and women replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Beauty Mirror comes from a place of frustration with fairy tale lessons of beauty as well as hope in girls finding power within by redefining beauty.

Q. Why did you choose to focus on the tween market for this app? Girls often become insecure about themselves as their bodies start to transform

The University of Texas at Dallas & School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Resources for Parents Resources & Referral Program

Infant Development Program

• Free consultations for parents with concerns about a developing child or adolescent

• Low-cost developmental screenings to identify delays in children’s language, motor, cognitive, or social development

• Referrals for a wide array of services from an extensive database of child and family resources

• Immediate feedback, including screening results, recommendations for home activities, and referrals to therapeutic programs

Contact: Cynthia A. Frosch, PhD

Contact: Emily Touchstone, PhD

Phone: 972-883-4827

Phone: 972-883-3632

Catch the latest news on child development at :

and I thought that introducing the practice of seeing yourself as beautiful at the beginning of puberty would be very beneficial.

Q. What do you hope girls will learn from this experience? When I ask teen girls when they will use Beauty Mirror, I always get the same

response: “When I am sad or angry.” How beautiful would it be if every daughter,

niece, mother and grandmother carried around a list of what made her beautiful and

reviewed it whenever she began to doubt her greatness. I want girls to remember their greatness no matter what is going on in their lives so that they never forget they are worth loving, worth paying attention to, and worth investing in.

Q. How do you imagine Beauty Mirror being used? I imagine girls using it when they need a reminder of how great they are. It is also

a great tool for parents. I picture a girl climbing into the car or closing the front door arriving home from school, and having a look of discouragement on her face. Mom or Dad see this and say, “Hey sweetie, looks like you had a hard day, do you think looking at your Beauty Mirror would help?”

"As a counselor, I try to help clients achieve a sense of wellness and empowerment

at the end of their sessions. I have tried getting them to write down things they would like to remember on note cards or post-its but those often get lost in the mass amounts of paper that surround us every day. So, what better way to keep in touch with your

place of beauty than to have it on your phone. I am recommending Beauty Mirror to

my clients so that they can have beautiful wellness reminders that are easily found on their phone any time of day. This app is a great tool for both individuals seeking to

use your pots And pAns for more thAn Just cooKing mAc And cheese. Once you’ve made music with your infant, toddler, or preschooler in one of our joyful, research-based classes, you’ve got the ingredients to bring the fun home. Just add a few pots. Pans. Spatulas. And you’re ready to move, sing, and satisfy your appetite for fun.

have reminders of their positive aspects as well as a tool for therapist to give to their clients to encourage empowerment." - Tessa Burns BA, MC Owner and Registered Provisional Psychologist for Serenity Now Wellness Centre, Calgary, Canada

Interested in finding out more? You can order the Beauty Mirror application

through iTunes on you computer or smart phone. Visit their website for more details at

(972) 267-4452


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Emma’s Kid Friendly Restaurant Review Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers 2550 Preston Road • Frisco, TX 75034 • 214-436-4677 Visit: for more locations

This time I went to Freddy’s with my friend Grace, her sister, Emma, and their sitter, Marissa. Freddy’s is an old-fashioned 50’s style diner with lots of red booths and chairs and pendant lights. It’s also an ice cream place with frozen custard and other frozen treats like shakes, and malts. Grace, Emma, and I all got the plain burger. It was pretty good. The kid’s meals come with fries and a fountain drink. The fries were very thin cut and very good. The kid’s meal choices also included cheeseburger, chicken fingers or grilled cheese. Marissa had the chili dog. She said it was yummy, and it also looked very messy! Lucky for us, they were

handing out balloons that day. And after we ate lunch, we each got a frozen treat. Grace and the other Emma got vanilla ice cream and I got a chocolate shake. Marissa skipped dessert. Freddy’s is a cute little diner located in Frisco near the Stonebriar Mall. They also have locations in Euless and Highland Village. Visit their website at www. for more details. Emma Bonin is a sixth-grader at Haggard Middle School. She lives in Plano with her mom, dad, and brother, Jack. She is an avid soccer player and enjoys swimming, computer games, baking, getting together with friends, and taking care of her two mini-schnauzers, Pepper and Prince.

Great reads for a quiet(er) house... Back-to-school means Mom can find time to read. Why not make a fall/winter reading list for yourself or a new book club?

Stan’s Leap by Tom Duerig:

The makers of TV’s Lost should have read Stan’s Leap and filmed the show on Henderson Island, a real place in the South Pacific that’s 5,000 km from anything else. If stranded there, one might never be rescued. Tom Duerig’s story explores what happens when people must learn to live together without modern tools and amenities, and with little hope of ever seeing friends and family again. Clashes arise between faith and science, older and younger generations, unfamiliar cultures and levels of selfishness. But did the world really forget them for 20 years?

The Drawing Lesson by Mary E. Martin: How far will a desperate artist go to push a rival genius into a creative abyss from which he may never return? Through this battle of opposing wills and philosophies, Mary E. Martin shares one man’s personal struggle with the unintended consequences of his past, the dark side of his psyche and his future. Reviewer Simon Barrett says, “The art world may seem a strange choice as a setting, but The Drawing Lesson works in a wonderful way.” Reunion in Carmel by Tim Comstock:

Unbridled terror visits an idyllic vacation town in Reunion in Carmel, the new mystery novel from Tim Comstock. Police officer Will Kempton moves his family to a California tourist town after 14 years as a hardened New Jersey detective. But when a string of gruesome murders rattles the quiet town and comes too near his own children, Kempton must draw on skills he thought he’d left behind to track down the killer. As he unravels clues and battles rigid local politics, Kempton wonders if his past may have come back to haunt him.

Ashes by Audrey Peyton: The radio suddenly arrests Kit’s attention: The world is slowly being reduced to ashes. In the next 100 days, almost all human, plant and animal life disappears from Earth. Who could commit such evil? And how? Answers come too soon for three survivors when greed and brutality disrupt the fragile peace they’ve established for themselves. Inspired by her childhood during the London bombings of World War II, Audrey Peyton’s Ashes will grip you until the stunning end. Insignificant Moments by Jeremy Asher:

For 27-year old Jaye Logan, life has been full of neglected opportunities and missed chances: unadventurous career, only one serious girlfriend. On the day he decides to climb a mountain and seek something better in life, something better finds him—in the form of a beautiful young woman he rescues. In typical Jaye fashion, he lets this girl of his dreams slip through his fingers. Reeling from disappointment, he sends a simple yet heartfelt e-mail about the key to life winging into the ether. Author Jeremy Asher’s inspirational novel Insignificant Moments follows Jaye and his e-mail as they begin affecting the world. The book speaks to the profound impact a single moment can have on our lives and in our hearts.

Cooking with Healthy Girl: What goes better with reading than a snack, or a shared dish at book club? Mandy Potter got started on her quest to find healthier ways to cook the food she loves when she struggled to lose weight following the birth of twins. Dieting didn’t work, and she couldn’t find many of the ingredients so-called “healthy” cookbooks called for. She researched ways to make the dishes she’d grown up with taste the same, yet have fewer calories, and less fat, sugar and cholesterol. Cooking with Healthy Girl contains 239 pages of recipes, everyday staples, and a complete four-week menu. All these books are available at and For review copies or more information, contact Hannah Shaner at 20

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

NTK Family Resource Guide North Texas Kids is committed to bringing you the resources you need to simplify your life and raise happy, healthy kids!

Seeking Counseling? FREE 30 minute consultation Serving Children, Adults, Couples, and Families Insurance Accepted

Anisha Shah Licensed Professional Counselor

Locations McKinney 214-585-0584 Lewisville 469-549-4200

Watch us LIVE online!

Would you like a fresh perspective on your child’s Academic progress?

Scraptions by Christy

• assessments • advocacy • parent training and workshops • behavior consults • social thinking classes

Where the Only Limitation is the Imagination! Visit our website for more information or call 972-816-3100

“Scrapbooking your way to creative memories.”

10% off Custom Scrapbook Design Call Now for Details!


Schedule your scrapbook event today! Perfect for bridal/baby showers, birthdays, and any special event.


First Lesson Free and Convenient! Piano lessons in YOUR home. My method includes classical training, learning to play your favorite songs by ear, and lots of fun!

Call Nancy

847-414-5574 Referrals available upon request.

Advertise Your Business Here for $99 a month.* Call us at 972-516-9070 to reserve your space today! *Price valid for full year contract only. Ad design fee $25.00.

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Sports Scoop

“Do as I say, not as I do” by Mike Kravik

he could give the other half of his sandwich to a homeless

person. As I became older, we

no longer received Highlights magazine but I would find

copies of it in a pediatrician’s

waiting room. Even as a

When I was six or seven

years old, our family had

subscription to a children’s

magazine called Highlights.

teenager, I’d casually pick up

Highlights and catch up on the adventures of G&G.

Goofus & Gallant have never

The magazine, still flourishing

aged since 1946. They spend

had more than one billion

Work your imagination a little

remember too many articles

ever became parents? You’re

stood out but in every issue

sons have been bugging you to

cartoon section detailing the

First of all, kudos to both

today, started in 1946 and has

eternity at the same young age.

copies published. I can’t

bit. What if Goofus & Gallant

within the magazine that ever

there. Let’s also imagine your

there was a black and white

learn how to play golf.

adventures of a couple of

for getting their sons on the

and Gallant.” Typically, the

together. That’s an important

situation but would react

that kids can play for their

it a miserable experience for everybody involved.

Gallant would spoon-feed the experience to his son and show patience along the way. A couple of hours here and there when the sun was going down and the course wasn’t crowded. He’d stress the importance of etiquette but also be sure to give pointers when appropriate in a way that’s not condescending. When his son made a nice shot, he’d shower him with compliments. If his kid was getting beat down by a round and having a tough day, he’d pat him on the back and give him the option to pick up and sit in the cart while dad finishes up.

young boys named “Goofus

golf course to spend 4-5 hours

boys would be put in the same

step. Golf is not only a sport


entire lives but it is also a

mean or mischievous look on


the wrong choice while the

who would act resentful about

make the correct choice.

proceed to take it out on his

would leave a mess, not put

son would never want to do

I’m not overly proud of doing

slam the door before going

his son about the game and

I cursed!). The way I solved that

the afternoon torturing small

would spend the entire round

for each time I cursed.

might eat half of his sandwich,

little thing he did wrong and

Goofus Moments on a golf

the dishwasher and and then

good. Instead of quality time

2005 on a family vacation in

Goofus, who always had a

his face would always make

treasure trove for potential life Goofus is the kind of parent

My son started riding in the cart with me when he was four years old and we’ve played a lot of golf together over the years. For the most part I feel like I’ve been more like Gallant but there have definitely been some Goofus moments. I will plead guilty to very occasionally

angelic Gallant would always

having to do this and would

After eating lunch, Goofus

kid in such a way that his

his plates in the dishwasher,

it again. Instead of teaching

(sometimes I didn’t even know

outside and spend the rest of

the etiquette required, Goofus

issue was to give him a dollar

animals. Conversely, Gallant

criticizing his son for every

carefully place his dishes in

complain that he wasn’t very

course for me happened in

find a way to go downtown so

spent with his son, he’d make

Colorado. Team Kravik (my son


North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

cursing in front of him while playing which is something

The Queen-Mother of

and I) took on Team Johnson (brother-in-law and nephew) for a few sheckles and a lot of smack. I was having a tough round and we were getting thumped. My frustration began to mount and after a particularly bad shot on the back 9, I not only hurled an expletive but my 7 iron as well. Throwing that club felt soooo good for the first three seconds and then I realized what I had done. When I got to the cart I told my son how wrong I was and to never do what his father had just done. Five years later that vacation is now referred to by some in the family as “the time Uncle Mike threw his golf club.” I did it so I’ll wear it but I still feel bad about not only losing all semblance of poise but throwing the club was a braindead moment that I wish I could take back. Golf is a game filled with life lessons and I learned a tough one this past summer when the two of us hit the links. My son, now 15, would occasionally drive the ball farther than me. The first time he did it I was a little bit in shock. He smiled at me and said “Get used to it.” I doubt that’s something Gallant’s son would have ever said to his dad but I appreciated it because Goofus wouldn’t have been on the course with his son.

NTK Calendar of Events

Looking for Something to Do in Your Own Backyard or Around the Metroplex? You Will Find it Here! Find these events and more online at

September 2 Thursday Moms & More Monthly Meeting: support and activities for parents and kids in Wylie and the surrounding communities. Please call for more info: 469-361-6468. www.wyliemomsandmore. org - Thu Sep 2 10am to 11am

3 Friday The Promise: Spend a night under the beautiful autumn evening sky, and experience the birth, life, words, death, resurrection, and triumphant ascension of Jesus Christ through The Promise. For tickets or more information call 254-8973926. - Texas Amphitheatre, Glen Rose - Fri Sep 3 to Sat Sep 4 First Friday Women’s Event: Harkins Theatre, Southlake Town Center. Admission is free. Arrive early to ensure seating. Childcare is provided through Harkins Theatre for a fee by reservation only. Contact the Play Center at 817-310-0245 two days prior to the event to reserve your child’s place. firstfridaywomen. com - Southlake - Fri Sep 3 11am to 12pm

4 Saturday Centennial Medical hosts First Saturday Q&A: The first Saturday of every month, professionals from Centennial Medical Center will present a free question and answer session at Stonebriar Centre. - Stonebriar, Frisco - Sat Sep 4 12pm to 2pm

5 Sunday Family Past Times at Dallas Heritage Village: The 1st Sunday of the month is free admission day at the Village. Pack a lunch and bring the whole family for historic fun. Participate in themed activities for everyone to enjoy. - Sun Sep 5

6 Monday SummerFest Wonderland Adventure at Gaylord Texan resort: Alice’s Wonderland Adventure. And a slew of activities will take their cues from Lewis Carroll’s classic story. Art displays in the resort’s atriums, strolling entertainers in character and weekend breakfast buffets with Alice and friends. Grapevine - Mon Sep 6

7 Tuesday La Leche League: Whether you breastfeed for a day or a year, or plan to breastfeed, come join us at the First Presbyterian Church in Lewisville [1002 Fox St]; 7PM; call Julie 214-929-8908, Bridget 972-317-1648, Laura 972436-8383, or Fanny 972-535-5159 for more info. - 1002 Fox St; - Tue Sep 7 7pm to 8pm

9 Thursday Freedom Run: 5K/1M, 214-871-8297 www. - City Hall Plaza, Dallas Thu Sep 9 6:30pm to Thu Sep 9 7:30pm

10 Friday Movies on Main: In Front of the Library: 4000 Main Street - Fridays in September 10, 17 &

24 - Dusk. Grab a blanket and head out for an unforgettable evening of cinema under the stars on Main Street! These free events will have open seating available at 6:30 pm, and the movie will begin at dusk. Sept 10th: Astro Boy, Sept 17th: G Force, Sept 24th: Princess and the Frog. - Main Street, Downtown Rowlett - Fri Sep 10 Car Seat Fitting Station: Centennial Medical Center Frisco, 1-877-228-3628. 2nd Friday of the month. Parents will be assisted with installation of the car seat and educated on proper securing of child. - Frisco - Fri Sep 10 12:30pm to 3:30pm XLV Countdown Live From Cowboys Stadium: Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the road to Super Bowl XLV on Friday evening, September 10! A great evening of fun for the entire family, and a special concert performance by Tim McGraw. www.northtexassuperbowl. com/ - Cowboys Stadium, Arlington - Fri Sep 10 7:30pm to 9:30pm

11 Saturday Irving School Foundation 1st Annual 5K Run/ Walk: 5K, - Trinity View Athletic Complex/Irving Riverbottoms, 200 S. Wildwood Dr, Irving - Sat Sep 11 9am to 10am Pipedreams for Kids: a fun filled old fashioned Saturday afternoon matinee at the neighborhood theater. There will be silent films, audience participation and music. Contact Barbara C. Brown, 972.442.6932 - McKinney Performing Arts Center, Courtroom Theater 111 N. Tennessee St. - Sat Sep 11 1pm to 3pm

13 Monday Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA General Meeting: GLECPTA is a support organization for moms of infants, toddlers and preschool-age children that offers monthly meetings (with great speakers!), playgroups, children outings, holiday parties and adult activities. Contact Meghann for more info on joining at: - Flower Mound - Mon Sep 13 Second Monday Family Fun Nights at Josey Ranch Lake: Come to the library for a night of games and crafts. Meet up with other families and enjoy the free fun! For all ages. www. - Carrollton Public Library, 1700 Keller Springs Road, Carrollton, Texas 75006 - Mon Sep 13 7pm to 8:30pm

14 Tuesday

Newcomer Friends of Greater Plano: Join us at one of our regular program meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. SMU-in-Legacy, 5228 Tennyson Parkway, Plano. Look for our signs! (West of Preston Road on the SE Corner of Tennyson & Democracy) www.newcomerfriends. org - Plano - Tue Sep 14 9:30am to 11:30am

16 Thursday

GrapeFest: A grape stomping good time awaits you at GrapeFest. Exciting weekend activities include: GrapeStomp, Central Market Culinary Pavilion, Live Music on six stages, Great Food, Arts & Crafts Booths, Carnival & Midway Games, The Grapevine Vintage Railroad Mini-Excursions, KidZone, Ice Carving,

ItalianCarFest, Champagne Cork Shoot-off and more. - Historic Grapevine - Thu Sep 16 to Sun Sep 19

17 Friday Dallas Children’s Theater presents Miss Nelson is Missing!: Enjoyed by ages 5 and above. This classroom comedy is for unruly children everywhere who take advantage of their teacher’s good will and must face the most terrifying of substitutes - Miss Viola Swamp! DCT Box Office: 214-740-0051 - Rosewood Center for Family Arts, 5938 Skillman Street, Dallas - Fri Sep 17 to Sun Oct 24 Plano Balloon Festival: Gracing the skies over Plano will be 65 hot air balloons, on the Festival site attendee’s will be entertained by the concerts and community acts, the Kids Fun Zone, and tantalizing food vendors. Visit for prices and parking information. Kids under 36” Free. - 2801 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano - Fri Sep 17 to Sun Sep 19

18 Saturday Celebrating Grandparents and History: This market day there will be a classic car display where market visitors can vote on a People’s Choice Favorite. There will also be local representatives from organizations that offer activities that grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together. - Old Town Lewisville Farmers Market - Sat Sep 18 Dallas Green Festival: Join us for the 3rd annual ‘Dallas Green Festival,’ an educational event aimed at raising awareness about being eco-friendly with the City of Dallas and featuring the Green Grass Generation. Exciting Attractions include a Smart Car Rally, Mass Butterfly Release and Tagging, Outdoor Recreation Zone, Food and Music, Classes for Adults and Kids, Whole Lifestyle Demos, Fun, Educational Activities for Kids, Recycled Arts and Crafts and Face Painting! Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas - Sat Sep 18 ECPTA Yard Sale - over 20 families: The Coppell/Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA will be hosting a Yard Sale open to the entire community. 8am until Noon (rain or shine!). www. - First Baptist Church of Coppell (590 S. Denton Tap) - Sat Sep 18 Fiddle Contest: The Friends of the Allen Public Library and the Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association will host a Fiddle Contest. calendar. - Allen Public Library - Sat Sep 18 Flights of Our Fathers Fly-In: The BFTS museum is hosting a Fly-In to honor the WWII British pilots who trained here and the American officers and civilian staff who assisted with that training. All day happenings include Parachute jumps; hot air balloon, static plane demonstrations; plane rides. Adults - $5.00; Car - $10.00 Contact Freda Freeman. 972-524-1714 - Terrell - Sat Sep 18 Wild West Cowboy Round-Up: Discover “how the west was fun!” Chuckwagons will be serving up authentic cowboy grub from dutch ovens for those with “wild” appetites. Activities for those Little Buckaroos include pony cart rides, hay mazes, face painting and more... - Garland - Sat Sep 18 2nd Annual St. Jude Walk-a-Thon at Grapevine Mills Mall: Face painting, free carousel rides, balloon makers, and cotton candy for the kids. Registration for the event is $25 per person and children under the age of 12 will walk for free. Contact Jennifer Goble at 972-724-2606 - Grapevine Mills Mall - Sat Sep 18 8am to 10am Oktoberfest 5K & Tom Thumb Run for the Children: 5K/1M, 214-987-4662, - Addison Circle Park, Addison - Sat Sep 18 8am to 9am Race for the Children: 5K/1M. - 151 W. Church St, Lewisville - Sat Sep 18 8am to 9am Ecofest Arlington: Environmental education, classes, kids activities, music - Levitt Pavilion/ Founders Park - Sat Sep 18 10am to Sat Sep 18 10pm Fall Harvest Festival at the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum: Bring your family to learn about the history and traditions of the fall harvest and play exciting autumn games. Cost: $15 for Residents/$20 for Non-residents. Fee is per family, up to 5 people. Register by September 11. - A. W. Perry Homestead Museum, 1509 N. Perry Road, Carrollton - Sat Sep 18 1pm to 3pm

24 Friday McKinney Oktoberfest 2010: This familyfriendly event kicks off on Friday, September 24 and will continue through Saturday, September 25. McKinney Main Street, supporting sponsors and the shops in downtown McKinney will host non-stop activities in the heart of our great city. - Historic Downtown McKinney - Fri Sep 24 to Sat Sep 25 State Fair of Texas: The State Fair of Texas has called Fair Park its home since 1886. The 277-acres are transformed into a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, aromas, food and fun for 24 days each year. - Fair Park Fri Sep 24 to Sun Oct 17 Lewisville’s annual Western Days festival: live country music, arts and crafts vendors, gunfight re-enactments, trick ropers, Tailwaggers Ranch, antique car show, national tamale-eating championship, and longhorn cattle drive. Children’s activities include a petting zoo, children’s playland area, facepainters, sketch artists, TootallTex, and more. Free general admission with ticket. Friday, 5 p.m. - 10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. - Old Town Lewisville - Fri Sep 24 to Sat Sep 25

25 Saturday 25th Annual Pecan Festival: Vendors, 5K Run, Hometown Idol, Bake-Off, Children’s Area, Community Stage, Main Stage, Car Show. www. - Mansfield - Sat Sep 25 Dallas Bead Market - All the Beads you Need: Public Welcome, Admission & Parking FREE JEWELRY AND BEADS /Retail & Wholesale, Beading Classes. Vintage German Beads,

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Swarovski, Findings, Clasps, Vintage Beads, Gemstones, Silver, Lampwork, Jewelry, Glass Beads, Books, Seed Beads, Tools PMC, and more. The Richardson Convention Center 411 W. Arapho, Richardson, TX 75080. September 25 and 26 -Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-4. Curious George Live!: Live stage musical that will delight your whole family! Curious Bring your family on this loving, happy adventure with the one and only Curious George, coming soon to your hometown! $16-$35. Visit - Grand Prairie - Sat Sep 25 to Sun Sep 26 Front Street Festival: Enjoy a day of food, music, art and classic cars. 817.460.4001, - 201 W. Front St. Arlington TX 76011 - Sat Sep 25 North Texas Earth Science Fair: Scouts & Scouters in Uniform Welcomed! Teachers and Students Wanted! Fun for All Ages! Dallas Zoo’s Nature Exchange, Dealers and Vendors, Identification Booths, Demos, Local Clubs, DPS. 10:00AM to 5:00PM Both Days. Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute, (Building H). - Brookhaven College Campus, 3939 Valley View Lane, Farmers Branch - Sat Sep 25 to Sun Sep 26 Sweet Repeats Kid’s Consignment Sale: The sale benefits Trinity MOPS, 1st Baptist Mckinney MOPS, TeenMOPS, and other non-profit groups. Questions? Email - McKinney - Sat Sep 25 6th Annual Heroes for Children 5K Run/Walk: presented by WFAA will be held at the Shops at Legacy. Steve Stoler will be the emcee. David Chicken, a children’s entertainer will perform, and there will be bounce houses, and other fun activities for the entire family. Visit website for registration and other details. - Plano, Tx Sat Sep 25 7:30am to 9am Fall Kid Fishing Day: Free for ages 16 and younger. Information: 972-237-8100 - Mike Lewis Park, 2600 Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie - Sat Sep 25 1pm to 4pm Smithsonian Museum Day & Family Funday: A variety of activities for families will take place as the Arts Center kicks off ticket sales

for Genghis Khan: The Exhibition. - Dupree Lobby, Irving Arts Center - Sat Sep 25 2pm to 5pm

28 Tuesday Shrek the Musical: Presented by Dallas Summer Musicals. Single ticket prices range from $29-133.50 and will go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday, July 26. Tickets will be available at www. or by calling 214-631-ARTS (2787). - Fair Park, Dallas - Tue Sep 28 to Sun Oct 17

Ongoing Classes and Support Groups Arlington Everyday. Stay at Home Moms in the South

Arlington area - we offer friendship, activities, and support! Our families would love to meet yours! Friday Night Open Skate, Every Friday. Come have fun hanging with your friends on Friday Nights. Games, music, friends, concessions and much more! Elzie Odom Recreation Center,


1601 NE Green Oaks Blvd. 76006. 7 pm - 10 pm $10 entree fee. For ages 13 and under, parents must sign child in at the door and verify their age. For more information call 817-459-6434.

Carrollton AW Perry Homestead Museum 1509 N. Perry Rd 972-466-6380. Free Admission and Tours, Mon - Sat 10 - 12 & 1 - 5

Dallas Lakeshore has FREE crafts for kids on Saturdays. Located just north of the Galleria on Dallas Pkwy (13846 Dallas Pkwy ) 972-934-8866 for more information. Dallas Arboretum. Mommy & Me Mondays 10am - 2pm. 10am - 2pm: Tiny Tots Tuesdays presented by Children’s Medical Center.

Dallas/Casa Linda Glaze Days! Saturday and Sundays. Pottery Painting for all ages. Drop in Saturdays 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and Sundays 1:00 pm to 4 pm. Cost is the price of items chosen plus tax!

DFW Playin’ Around Town hosts events throughout the Dallas metroplex during the mid-day hours Monday through Friday. All events are open for parents and their immediate family to attend, at NO CHARGE.

Flower Mound Storytimes for all ages. Located at 3030 Broadmoor Ln, Flower Mound 75022. Visit the Town of Flower Mound Web Site for more information. Registration not required. Color Me Mine is a paint it yourself ceramic studio. Kids Pizza Night is held every Friday night from 6:30-9 for kids ages 6 . Drop off your kids for a night of pizza, painting, movies, and more! PAINT ME A STORY! (Age 2-6) Our most popular activity for preschoolers has returned! We read a story and do a related paint project once a week. These are easy and fun projects for the little ones that make great keepsakes for years to come. We are also happy to schedule your private group PMAS event! Call to reserve your spot! 972.899.9911

Flower Mound/Highland Village Friday - Flower Mound 6 - 10 pm Saturday - Highland Village 6 - 10 pm Excite! holds parents night out so that your children can enjoy their evening with friends and activities. Visit or call 972874-9663 Flower Mound 972-874-8500 Highland Village

Frisco Tuesdays are Half Price Games - enjoy all midway games at half price! Wednesdays are Kids Eat Free (one free kid’s buffet* with the purchase of one adult buffet at regular price. *Kids 10 yrs. & under) Frisco Public Library Youth Services Programming. For more information on all programs call 972-292-KNOW or visit Fridays at 1pm - Preschool storytime is hosted by Adventure Kids Playcare. Each week we will read stories from your childhood. Friday Nights - Parents’ Night Out & Kids Fun Night Out! Call 972.668.5990 to reserve your child’s spot or call with questions. Frisco location: 2831 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 110 (corner of FM 423 and Eldorado Pkwy)

Grapevine 1st Wednesday of each month 4:30 p.m. Rain-

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

forest Cafe is hosting the Grapevine Mills Mall Kids Club storytime. Contact 972-539-5001 for more information. No reservation required.

Highland Village Join us for Storytime for Children every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00 AM, Spanish Storytime for children, every Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Barnes & Noble - 4100 Deer Creek, Highland Village 972-966-0099

Irving JumpSTART Stories and Art. The Irving Arts Center and Irving Public Library now offer FREE family storytimes at the Arts Center on the first Thursday of every month (through December) at 10 a.m. Stories are followed by a fun craft. Call (972) 252-7558 x221 for more info.

Little Elm Storytimes for all ages. Located in the Town Hall building at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy 75068. Contact 214-975-0430 or visit www.littleelm. com to verify changes.

Mansfield Mansfield Public Library has weekly storytimes for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

McKinney Second Saturdays Downtown McKinney is a celebration of the arts and the community with live entertainment, spirits, and food. 972-548-7830 7 PM-10 PM Arani Bellydance is a mom duo teaching beginner classes to ladies of all ages and sizes in downtown McKinney. Have fun, rediscover your curves, and shimmy like you mean it! Weekly classes are held Mondays at 1pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8pm. Call Raena at 214-6843966 for more info!

(214) GO SKATE Meetup Group for the Entire FAMILY. This is a fun and exciting meetup group for couples and families to fulfill all of their social needs! Baylor Medical Centers provide ongoing classes in Irving, Frisco, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Classes include Baby Care Basics/Infant Safety and CPR, Prepared Childbirth Class, Infant/ Child CPR, Car Seat Safety and SIDS Class, Breastfeeding Class, Sibling Class, Baby Care Basics, Cesarean Birth Class. 1-800-4-BAYLOR Drama Kids International is designed to develop students speaking skills, presentation abili-

ties, acting skills and confidence. 214.592.4066.

Wylie Visit Rescued Exotic Cats. We invite you to visit our sanctuary on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-6pm.

Support Groups All FREE divorce support emails Allen MOMS CLUB OF SE ALLEN Allen Early Childhood PTA MOMS Offering Moms Support - Northeast Allen Club Heart Link Network

Anna Area North Collin County Moms Group www. Arlington MOMS Club of North Central Arlington www.


Carrollton Carrollton Early Childhood PTA

Story Times Plano Public Library System Schedules are available at any PPLS library or on our website

Collin County Collin County Moms Meetup group moms.

Friday nights 7-10 pm. Plano Sports Authority brings Martial Arts Parents Night Out to Plano! Open to all PSA Families and you must rsvp in advance at 972-208-3817 or 6500 Preston Meadow, Plano 75024.

Autism society of Collin County Self-Advocacy Group For Teens ascc2/join

Plano Storytimes: Every Tuesday Toddlers at 9:30am Preschoolers 10:30am Contact Cody McMahan at 972-612-0999. At Barnes & Noble, Preston & Park 2201 Preston RD, Plano. All events are free and open to everyone


Autism society of Collin County com/group/ascc2/join

Coppell/Valley Ranch Coppell/Valley Ranch Early Childhood PTA Dallas Moms Club of Dallas: North Central Chapter Dallas Dyslexia Information Group La Leche League of Dallas Dallas/Collin County Free Parent Helpline

Groove Kids, Every Sun & Wed. Absolutely free to kids newborn thru 6th grade - Groove Kids is the place to be to have fun, hang out with Christian friends, enjoy Bible stories, cool music, and more! (Call for directions 469.450.7437)

Dallas/Plano/Frisco Far North Dallas Early Childhood PTA www.

University Park

Farmers Branch My Place early intervention play & communication groupno website given

Storytime for 4-5 year olds, Wednesdays at 3:45 pm, Story Time for Preschoolers, Thursdays @ 10:45 am - University Park Public Library - 6517 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite 110.

Various REGISTER TODAY for Kids First Ice Hockey Program. A totally FREE, get-acquainted program that offers boys & girls, ages 4-8, the opportunity to ‘try’ the game of hockey at NO CHARGE.

Denton Denton Area Mothers of Multiples damoms.

My Place early intervention play & communication group classes

Fort Worth Its My Heart Support Group Frisco Frisco Cares Children’s Clinic Frisco Early Childhood PTA Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath


SAT Prep Course

Garland Garland Area Early Childhood PTA www.

Richardson MOMS Club of Richardson West

Grapevine/Colleyville MOMS Club of Grapevine-S/Colleyville-S

Post Partum Depression Support Group www.

Lake Highlands Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA Lewisville Greater Lewisville Special Education PTSA First Baptist Church of Lewisville MOPS Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village

Rockwall MOMS Club of Rockwall tx5/rockwallmoms Various RISE Adventures Wylie Moms & More

Please visit our online calendar for complete descriptions and

Greater Lewisville Mothers & More www.

McKinney DivorceCare and DivorceCare 4 Kids www. La Leche League of McKinney MOMS Club of McKinney East Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group MOMS Club of McKinney Central Homemakers and CEOs

Murphy/Sachse MOMS Club of Murphy/Sachse murphy_ North Coppell MOMs Club of Coppell - NORTH North Dallas Mocha Moms of North Dallas North Dallas Mothers of Twins Club www.

North Richland Hills Asperger’s Support Meeting Autism Support Meeting Plano Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group Mothers and Others Plano/Collin County branch of the AAUW CHILD & FAMILY Guidance Center www. Collin County Early Childhood PTA Plano Kiwanis Club plano La Leche League of Plano web/PlanoTX.html MOMS Club of Plano North Central chapter MOMS Club of Plano-North MOMS Club of Plano Central momsclubplano_ Collin County Homeschool Playgroup. Free diagnostic scoliosis screenings Support and Activities for Food allergy Education Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers

up-to-date listings. We add new events on an ongoing basis.

Submitting Events Our calendar of events is free to the community. All events must be submitted online and will appear in print and on our website. Go to and click on the submissions button to add your event to our calendar. We reserve the right to edit submissions and give priority to family-focused events.

by Gila Vinokur Yup that’s right! Not a select, talented few but all humans. Nurtured simply from birth (or even in utero) a baby will develop the skill to match sounds and beats the same way that he would match phonemes to the language that he is immersed in. Eventually your baby will start to babble, then make two sound words (diphthongs) like Ba, La, Do, Me and then he will make complete words, even understand the meanings of the words. So too with music, immersing your baby in a rich musical environment well help nurture the ‘already existing’ neural pathways that she was born with. When babies aren’t exposed to a rich musical environment the brain will prune away these pathways that aren’t nurtured and that is why we have adults think they aren’t musical. The first year of a baby’s life is when they inculcate the most musical information from their surroundings. However babies don’t express too much, so the general consensus is to wait until a child is older and then give him a formal musical experience. In reality babies do express a large amount of musical behaviors but as parents we aren’t in tune (excuse the pun) to these behaviors, so they go largely unnoticed. Also, it is the informal musical experience, where babies, toddlers and preschoolers are encouraged to explore and play as they see fit, that provides the most optimum learning experiences.

Here are some tips for you to play with at home:

Festival Word Scramble doof ________________ disrnk _______________ oppcron _____________ tticke ________________

It is fun to have a variety of music, you don’t only have to have classical music to ‘stretch your babies brain”. Importanly, though, turn off the cd player and make the music yourself, with your most important instrument ever – your voice. 1. Exaggerate you mouth and facial expressions while singing to your baby, and look right into her face. Put you baby on her back, bend over her, and get really close. Infants tend to be riveted to their parent’s faces, so sing with a smile and an animated expression. 2. Sing to your baby often. This is done for the same reason that you speak to your baby before she can talk. The ear is completely developed very early (before the 3rd trimester). Your baby loves to hear you sing. 3. Incorporate music-making into your everyday activities. Sing songs during diaper changing, while taking a bath, a walk, or while pushing your baby on a swing. Sing a lullaby before nap and bed. Make up words about what your baby does to songs you already know, and include you baby’s name often.

nfu ___________________

4. Allow some silences after songs to give your baby time to mentally process what she just heard. Imitate you baby’s cooing and gurgles. This encourages her to vocalize more. Make up new sounds. Have a cooing, singing dialogue. You will hear your baby sing a whole lot more!

sdcrow _______________

5. Listen for cooing and crying on a particular pitch. Mimic his sound on the same pitch. You need to be a careful listener to match his pitch.

otudsie _______________

food, drinks, popcorn, ticket, outside, fun, crowds

Little Elm Little Elm Epilepsy Support Group


Irving irvingHOMEschoolers

All humans are born with musical potential

Gila Vinokur is the director of Music Together Dallas and a specialist in early childhood music education. If you have any questions for her post them on the discussion board at the Music Together Dallas facebook fan page. North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •


Arts of Collin County Poised to Serve Fine Arts Students North Texas’ family-focused community is home to more than 50,000 fine

arts students in grades 7-12, and within the Allen, Frisco and Plano school

districts, for every student that participates in sports; two participate in fine arts such as marching band, orchestra, choir, theatre, speech, visual art, drill team, color guard and dance.

It is no secret to college recruiters that students who participate in fine

arts programs are more likely to score higher on standardized test scores, possess critical thinking skills, have great personal discipline and have

an appreciation for the world around them. These characteristics make

them appealing candidates for excellent colleges and the corporate world. In today’s global economy, the arts influence people’s understanding of

other cultures, unique means of expression and in the interdependence of work in the arts within the broader worlds of ideas and actions. The arts

within schools are the key component to 21st century learning skills such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking which comprise the creative work force.

In building a place for future generations to appreciate and practice

the arts, the Arts of Collin County recognizes the needs to serve upcoming

from a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, 100+ acre arts park featuring a world-class

2,100 seat performing arts hall, educational classrooms, outdoor performance meadow, sculpture garden, and additional future phases of artist studios,

small theater and more. It is located where the Owner Cities meet (Allen, Frisco and Plano), at the intersection of Sam Rayburn Tollway (Hwy 121) and Exchange Parkway just one half mile east of Custer Road. Winding throughout the Arts Park, the six city hike and bike trail will connect Allen, Frisco, McKinney and Plano to White Rock Lake in Dallas. Limited venues, high costs and travel prohibit many student and community groups from attending events or performing in Dallas, Fort Worth or other larger area venues.. With the Arts of Collin County located within 15 miles of every area school and neighborhood, artists and audiences will enjoy art, nature, culture and the spirit of community – right in their own backyard. Students will benefit from specialized master classes and programs taught by leaders in their field that are drawn to the all encompassing arts environment created by the Arts of Collin County. With over 90% of the funds already committed, we need parents, citizens

generations. North Texas students are highly motivated to express themselves

and businesses to contribute financially to ensure this rare opportunity

and independent programs. Music, dance and visual art studios are rapidly

and will leave a legacy for future generations. Imagine the possibilities – be a

through the arts and more than ever are participating in fine arts in schools

happens. The Arts of Collin County initiative is like no other in North Texas

expanding throughout the area to meet this demand. Yet these students do

part of it.

not have adequate facilities to perform and master their art.

Soon, families throughout Denton and Collin Counties will be minutes

Please get involved and donate today! Donations are accepted online at


Mention this ad for a 1st time discount on any of our services.

Look on our website for more great coupons for residential and commercial services.

Let us give you the GIFT of time. Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Construction Cleanup * Insured & Bonded * Restaurants * Schools * Malls * Churches

* Private Residences * Apartments & Condos * Office Cleaning - Large or Small * Nursing Homes

* Any Type of Construction Cleanup * Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Carpet Cleaning * Day Porter Services * Construction Laborers



Member: BBB, Plano Frisco & Dallas Chambers of Commerce

References Provided Upon Request 26

North Texas Kids  •  September 2010  •

Minority/Women Owned Business


Welcome TWO LIVE CONCERTS! Contemporary Hawaiian Superstars!

Willie K The House of Blues Dallas, TX Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 8:00 P.M

Henry Kapono The House of Blues Dallas, TX Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010 8:00 P.M.

Tickets on sale NOW at

A Halloween Extravaganza! At the Plano Centre Saturday, October 30, 2010 from 10am to 4pm FREE Family Expo benefiting the programs of CITY House

A Free Event for the Whole Family!

New & Improved Costume Contests for All Ages Beginning at 2pm On the Main Stage Live Entertainment • Arts & Crafts • Trick or Treating Bounce Houses • Face Painters • Over 100 Family-Friendly Vendors

Watch our website for more up-to-date details: Vendors wanted! Register online today! Proceeds of this event will benefit the programs of CITY House.

North Texas Kids September 2010 Issue  

The September 2010 Issue of North Texas Kids Magazine

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