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2 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce continued on a path toward fiscal sustainability in 2012, even as we enhanced our advocacy


A fiscally stable Chamber means better business and programming efforts. A major focus of our work here has been to create a financially sustainable model for the organization, and we are now finishing our third year in that effort. This year, we budgeted $10,000 for reserves, and I’m pleased to report that we were well ahead of that goal as 2012 drew to a close. After ending 2009 without reserves and with a projected loss for 2010, the Chamber has had three positive years financially. While the gains are not overwhelming, they’ve been good enough so that we will be establishing a separate reserve account in early 2013. This did not come easily in the midst of a recession. The Chamber has cut expenses, reducing the size of the staff

by 20 percent. Dues have risen modestly. And we have built our events, with higher attendance and broader sponsorship helping the bottom line. We’ve also been helped with some modest growth in overall membership, but transformative growth has proven a stubborn goal. We’ve signed about 400 new members in three years. Our membership sponsor these past two years, FairPoint Communications, has been especially helpful with this effort. But in that same time, we lost nearly as many members, as businesses went under and others couldn’t afford even modest dues of less than $300 per year. As a result, we’ve grown slightly over the past three years with membership hovering just above 800.


Celebrating accomplishments and the Bangor Region in 2013

And, from an operations standpoint, one big piece of work remains. After leaving the building we had owned in Bass Park to make way for the new Cross Insurance Center, the Chamber moved into temporary space owned by the city near Bangor International Airport. We are still working with the city and other stakeholders to develop a permanent home, and expect 2013 to be the year when we settle on a plan. Having a sound fiscal and operational base from which to work is unglamorous but necessary work. Without that foundation, we wouldn’t be able to focus on our core mission. Still, the Chamber does not exist to turn a profit or sell services to businesses. Its mission is “to promote and enhance a


Advancing the BRCC mission, one business at a time

As we enter 2013, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce kicks off the year by celebrating the accomplishments of leaders in our community at its annual awards dinner. Each person honored is deserving in his or her own right. But what we really celebrate each January is the vibrancy and energy of the Bangor region itself. The good work of the people we honor make it all possible, of course, but we shouldn’t lose sight of their ultimate accomplishment: a vibrant, caring community that has more good ahead of it than behind it. Think about all that the region has to offer: We have terrific schools, colleges and universities. We have world-class medical care. We have affordable homes and an admirably high home ownership rate. And now, Bangor has become an entertainment destination that will soon boast not only a resurgent downtown, a full casino and exciting outdoor concerts, but Maine’s finest arena and convention center. None of this has occurred by accident. Community leaders have stepped up and made good things happen. And among those leading organizations has been the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. I’m pleased to tell you that, as I assume the chairmanship of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the organization has an engaged board and an energetic staff. Often, as was the case with securing voter approval for the new arena, the Chamber’s role is as a partner among many working to make the region better. That can obscure the drive and determination of the organization as it pursues its mission “to promote and enhance a vital, healthy business environment.” But rest assured, the Chamber is making a big difference in our community.

We have stepped up our advocacy with local, state and federal officials. We have expanded our events. We have enhanced our programs. We have worked closely with other economic development entities on a range of projects. And of course, we have rebuilt our financial and staffing foundation to give the organization stability. Looking ahead, we still must find a permanent home for the Chamber following its exit from Bass Park to make way for what will soon be the Cross Insurance Center. This is not an easy challenge. The Chamber is financially sound, but like most nonprofits, it is hardly flush. Still, we will work closely with the city and other partners to find a suitable long-term headquarters. But even as we undertake this important task, we can’t lose sight of our mission. Nor should any of us forget how special this region is, and how amazing it can become. The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce stands ready to do its part in making our community all that it can be.

vital, healthy business environment.” To that end, after working hard to win approval of the new arena complex in Bangor, we’ve turned our attention to raising our profile in Augusta and with our federal delegation. We have worked to expand our networking and business resource services We’ve grown our events and sharpened our programs. And we are working in cooperation with our economic development partners to grow the region’s economy. As an organization, we still have much to do, but I can report that the state of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce is sound, and that the organization will continue to be the voice of the region’s business community for many years to come.

It has been an eventful six years as a director of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, and as I finish my term as board chair, I’m pleased to report that the Chamber is in good condition with membership and finances stronger than in many years. To pursue our mission, “to promote and enhance a vital, healthy business environment” the Chamber needs a solid foundation. In recent years, the Board of Directors’ has made creating that foundation a priority. Today, the organization is running in the black and overall membership is growing. We do have one piece of unfinished business with respect to finding a permanent home. The Chamber vacated its building in Bass Park to make way for the new Cross Insurance Center and since has been housed in temporary quarters owned by the city near Bangor International Airport.

To be sure, this is a challenging task, but we are working closely with the City of Bangor, our member businesses and other potential partners to create an appropriate home for the city’s largest business trade organization. Even as we’ve worked to make the Chamber a strong institution, we haven’t stepped back from our role as the voice for the Bangor region’s businesses. Over the past year we have advocated for a lower income tax in Augusta to help small business and encourage growth. We pushed hard for state bonds investing in transportation, R&D and higher education, and while not all of these won approval, they remain priorities. Closer to home, the Chamber worked to keep our local workforce investment board in place as the means for overseeing the use of federal dollars for worker training in our area. While concerns have been raised about the workforce training system generally in Maine, our region has done a good job connecting the needs of businesses with the training effort, and that message has been carried to Augusta. And our events and programs continue to help the region grow. Our programs promote workplace wellness, provide leadership training, encourage young professionals and connect businesses and educators. And of course we are excited that the new Cross Insurance Center is nearing completion. The Chamber was an early and consistent leader in advocating for replacement of the Auditorium and Civic Center, and the organization will work to make sure this incredible asset is fully leveraged. That work will be undertaken as part of our ongoing work through the Mobilize Eastern Maine network dedicated to regional economic development. This year I complete my second and final three-year term as a voting member of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Both within the Chamber and in our region it has been an eventful time. And I can happily say that both the Chamber and the region it serves have come through this period of change with a bright future ahead of them.

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Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Issues of Impact

An important part of fulfilling the Chamber’s mission “To promote and advance a vital, healthy business environment” involves advocating for public policy that will help our region prosper and grow. Rather than react to what policy makers propose, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce seeks to define its agenda and bring it forward. “Issues of Impact” outlines the policies that the Chamber believes will most help its members. Drafted in the Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee, the document was endorsed by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Health Care Health care remains a chief concern among employers as a significant cost of doing business and a driver of public-sector costs. To that end, the Chamber supports:

• Continued implementation of federal healthcare reform legislation. Maine should take proactive steps to maximize support for the following: aid to small businesses and their employees to obtain affordable coverage; the development of modern healthcare information systems; and the development of healthcare delivery models, such as accountable care organizations, that could reduce the cost of providing care to Maine citizens. At the federal level, we support close monitoring of unintended consequences and perverse incentives that may arise with implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and corrective legislation should be pursued accordingly. At the state level, the Chamber urges there be close monitoring of recently enacted insurance reforms to ensure they are working as intended. The Maine Bureau of Insurance should encourage private insurers to create products that align with the accountable care organization model. • Maine should continue to resolve the MaineCare hospital debt as a funding priority, addressing more than $450 million in past due MaineCare payments over the past four years. • The Healthy Maine Partnerships are vital to Maine’s public health infrastructure and should be integrated with local schools, business wellness initiatives, and local primary care providers. Restoring recent cuts to these programs should be a funding priority in 2013. • Efforts to sustain the Dorothea Dix

Psychiatric Hospital including new uses for the facility to strengthen the overall financial performance of a facility critical to the care of people in our region who are experiencing serious and persistent mental illness.

nomic health and quality of life. Without an educated workforce and diligent efforts to develop the pipeline of workers that businesses need to compete globally, the region cannot succeed.

• Promotion of private sector support of R&D/commercialization with fixed, short-term (4-16 weeks), paid, business learning experiences for qualified college and university students.

• Public transportation that serves the needs of the region’s population, young and old, enabling them to live, work and play in our downtowns and other centers of commerce.

To that end, the Chamber supports:

Energy The Chamber endorses an energy policy that makes the goal of lowering the cost of power and fuel paramount. With this as a priority, it also makes sense to pursue strategic investments in alternative energy. Policy makers should bear in mind that many, though not all, conservation initiatives can be the least expensive means for meeting our energy needs. To that end, the Chamber supports:

• Continued discussion of creating an energy corridor through Maine that will benefit Maine citizens and ratepayers as well as exploring whether Canadian power can be a source of less-expensive energy for Maine. • Development of natural gas supplies in the northeast United States and eastern Canada. • Regulatory reforms that lower transmission and delivery costs for businesses. • Research and development of offshore wind generation, bio-fuel manufacturing technologies, and geothermal systems as well as the application of alternative energy in transportation. • Development and deployment of energy conservation and efficiency techniques and strategies, including those of the Efficiency Maine Trust as well as policies that encourage business to upgrade old, inefficient boiler systems.

Taxes The tax burden on Maine businesses is too high and Maine’s tax structure discourages growth. Maine cannot continue using an outdated and antigrowth system of taxation.

• Better alignment of educational opportunities and private sector needs. • Improved access to post-secondary education through affordable financial aid and expansion of transfer agreements among high schools, the Maine Community College System and four-year institutions. • A detailed analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the University system, community college system and Maine Maritime Academy, with the goal of finding structural efficiencies to ensure maximum value. • Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of K-12 education systems and recent consolidation efforts in the state, including charter schools, with an emphasis on “best practices” among Maine K-12 schools, particularly those identified as “high performing and efficient” by the state. • Expanded access to early childhood education programs as a funding priority. • Continued regional control of a fair share of state and federal workforce development funds so as to assure the ongoing success of workforce development programs in the Bangor region. • Support for the integration of returning veterans into the community and our regional workforce.

Research and Development/Commercialization The future of the Bangor Region’s economy is tied closely to investments in research, development, and commercialization and should be advanced by productive public and private partnerships.

Regional Collaboration Regional collaboration offers the opportunity to use public, private and nonprofit resources more effectively, but Maine’s long tradition of local control places a high value on local-decision making. Still, the possibilities for regionalization remain tantalizing. To that end, the Chamber supports:

• A continued emphasis on regional, public-private economic development efforts, including the creation of a shared vision among those entities looking to grow the economy of the Bangor Region. • Further collaboration among higher education institutions in our region. • Cooperative efforts among regional health care providers to improve quality and cuts costs through the Bangor BEACON and the resulting accountable care organization, including furthering community and workplace wellness. • Efforts by local governments to seek collaborations, affiliations, and where feasible, consolidation of services: even those services seen as the traditional province of municipalities. • An awareness and discussion of the impacts of substance abuse and the crime that surrounds it with eye toward solutions with a practical positive impact on the region.

Transportation Transportation is a key component of economic growth, and as such the Chamber supports making investments in our transportation infrastructural a priority.

Broadband development

Broadband capacity is now a critical component to economic development and is emerging as a strength within the region. This technology holds the promise of eliminating geography as a concern with respect to economic growth. Further, the industry mix here (research labs, factories, educational institutions, and biomedical firms) requires strong broadband connections to be successful. To that end, the Chamber supports:

• Efforts to leverage our assets to bring “data centers” to our region. • Economic development strategies that target companies with a high demand for bandwidth. • Public policies and investments that will allow for greater penetration of high-speed broadband in our market, especially ultra-high-speed connections used by technology companies.


The Chamber regards housing as a critical social and economic issue directly affecting economic development. By encouraging the creation of affordable, quality housing and by achieving higher home ownership rates, the community creates a more stable workforce and enhances quality of life. The Chamber also recognizes the problem of chronic homelessness to be a multifaceted one. To that end, the Chamber supports:

To that end, the Chamber supports: To that end, the Chamber supports:

• No increase in, and ideally a reduction of, the overall tax burden for Maine people and businesses. • Tax policies that encourage regionalization. • Maintain and build on the progress made toward lower state income taxes. • Tax reform that will reduce the volatility of tax revenues. • Continued scrutiny of state spending and government efficiency.

Education and Workforce Development Educational opportunity and achievement are essential to the region’s eco-

• Execution of the state’s 2010 Science & Technology Action Plan calling for “an environment where science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship stimulate Maine’s economy” as well as the goal of R&D activity equaling 3 percent of gross state product by 2015. • Adoption of a $50 million 20132014 bond package that would further enhance Maine’s R&D/commercialization infrastructure. • Fully leveraging the work of the Blackstone Accelerates Growth initiative aimed at improving the prospects for scalable, growth-oriented businesses in our region.

To that end, the Chamber supports:

• The development of a major Maine East-West transportation link through Maine. • The development of the Sears Island cargo port and further development of the Port of Eastport. • The expansion of air service into and out of Bangor International Airport. • The preservation and expansion of a commercial freight rail system in the region. • Approval of a transportation bond package of not less than $50 million in 2013 to fund the above-mentioned priorities.

• Affordable housing initiatives from local, state and federal governments that maximize assistance for low-income families and first-time homebuyers and also allow seniors to stay in their homes longer. • Support for land-use and other policies at the local and state level that reduce development costs. • Banking regulations that support sound mortgage lending practices.. • A realistic and comprehensive strategy to combat chronic homelessness by marrying housing with the services needed to support at-risk individuals through the Maine State Housing Authority and Department of Health and Human Services.

This publication is a product of the Bangor Daily News Special Sections Department and BDN Maine. BDN Maine Writers: Debra Bell, David Fitzpatrick, Brian Swartz | Additional writing: Dale McGarrigle and committee chairs | Photography: Debra Bell, Brian Swartz. Additional images supplied by award winners or the Chamber | Advertising Sales: Linda Hayes and Heidi Martin | Layout: Debra Bell. For more information on BDN Maine Special Sections, call Advertising Director Towle Tompkins at 207-990-8212.

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Membership Committee

Bangor Region Leadership Institute (BRLI)

Energy and strength in 2012

Impacting the Bangor community in meaningful ways

By Betsy Vickery, Membership Committee Chair

By John Canders, BRLI Chair

Membership in 2012 saw a resurgence of energy and interest from our existing members and a piqued interest from new members. In 2012, we signed on over 100 new members who are now seeing the benefits that the Chamber has to offer. Unfortunately, due to the economic climate, we did see a significant number of businesses close or shave down budgets to bare bones in order to keep the doors open. Kate Grover joined the Chamber as the Director of Membership in April. Kate has continued working closely with me and with the Chamber Committee to get her arms around our important mission of “promoting and advancing a vital, healthy business environment.” The committee has approved a new welcome packet that we will hand out to new members. In addition, a new member to member discount program will be part of the welcome packets. Again, this year, FairPoint has graciously and generously sponsored our Membership Drive in 2012. The first 50 new members that joined after November 8, 2012 will have a $100 credit on their account for their membership dues, all on FairPoint’s tab. We want to thank FairPoint and our local contact, Rich Bilodeau for their continued support of our Chamber and its members. 2013 will be a dynamic year for our Membership Committee. We will be going on the road to visit our communities that are part of our Chamber outside Bangor and Brewer. We have 19 other communities that make up our strong membership. They

The Bangor Region Leadership Institute continues to be the region’s premier leadership development program. The members of the Steering Committee, Chamber staff, and program volunteers ensure that the program’s participants receive the leadership skills and support that they need to impact the greater Bangor community in positive and meaningful ways. The members of the Class of 2013 represent different businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. In partnership with the Bangor Public Library and Penobscot Theatre Company, class members spent time learning about those non-profits and helped them solve some pressing problems. These partnerships not only present an opportunity for the class to make a positive contribution to our community, but also facilitate the development of leadership and collaboration skills among the class participants. The members of the BRLI Steering Committee and many of program’s alumni continue their efforts to plan events and activities for BRLI participants, graduates, and support-

Photo courtesy Bangor Region Leadership Institute

ers. Among these are the Alumni Breakfast, the BRLI Laugh-In, and the Graduation Dinner. I was honored to present the first “Gary J. Creaser Volunteer of the Year Award” to Edward Troscianiec (’10). This award was created in memory of Gary Creaser (’99). The purpose of the Creaser Award is to recognize a BRLI graduate who (1) volunteers time, energy, skills, and knowledge to support the continued success of the program; (2) shows, through personal actions, the quality

of BRLI through demonstrated stewardship within the organization; (3) serves as a role model epitomizing volunteerism as a key component of leadership; and (4) fosters the growth of future volunteers. BRLI remains a successful program that continues to benefit our community. I look forward to working with the Steering Committee and program volunteers in 2013 and anxiously anticipate the results of the Class of 2013’s non-profit projects.

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Building Bridges

Wellness Council of Maine

Forging alliances between educators and business leaders

Enhancing wellness in Maine’s businesses is just good business

By Angela Marcolini, Building Bridges Chair Fostering connections between our region’s educators and business leaders is imperative in driving the workforce of our community forward. That’s exactly why Building Bridges exists. Designed to support interaction between educators and businesses around career paths and employment opportunities, the program connects two important sectors to increase teachers’ awareness of our regional economy and opportunities in each of its industries. In 2012, we forged stronger and increased relationships between our education and business communities. From January to May, 18 educators joined the Building Bridges program and toured 19 businesses and organizations in the Bangor Region. The industries featured ranged from customer service to construction; energy to financial services; municipal government to healthcare; precision manufacturing to social services, and so much more. Each of the 18 participants were able to connect with business leaders in all of those industries, learn the ins and outs of the business, job opportunities, and skill and education requirements. Upon completion of the program, those educators left more knowledgeable on the Bangor Region than ever before, and had valuable information to pass on to their students to help them prepare for the workforce. Building Bridges took its mission further this year by holding its first Bridge The Gap conference at John Bapst Memorial High School in November. A group of 20 or so educators attended to connect with business professionals on an industry specific basis, and discuss how to best prepare students to enter the workforce. Attendees also heard presentations from EMDC on the need for soft skills in the workplace, and from Dr. Mohamad Musavi of the University of Maine on science and engineering education. The program will continue to fortify relationships between our business and education communities in 2013. Thank you to our Steering Committee members and the business community for making Building Bridges such a success.

Photo courtesy Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce

By Rick Lyons, Wellness Council Chair The Wellness Council of Maine’s mission to advance and promote good health among employees statewide was felt strongly across Maine in 2012. We sustained a membership of 115 businesses and organizations, held successful and informative events, presented Well Workplace Awards, and sharpened the focus on Maine’s small businesses. In 2012 we also said goodbye to Willow Sherwood, out executive director for almost two years. We thank Willow for her tremendous work in moving the organization forward and advancing workplace wellness throughout Maine. This organization would be nothing without its members. We are grateful to each and every one of them for their support and shared vision of creating a healthy workforce. Three of our members, Sebasticook Valley Health, Millinocket Regional Hospital and Mayo Regional Hospital, received Well Workplace Awards this year. Sebasticook received a Platinum Well Workplace Award while Millinocket and Mayo each received a Gold Well Workplace Awards. These awards recognize businesses and organizations that offer outstanding employee programming to improve health. This past year was host to two very successful events: the Small Business Workplace

Photo courtesy Wellness Council of Maine

Wellness Conference and the annual Workplace Wellness Leadership Symposium. The Small Business Conference provided a comprehensive overview of how to build a workplace wellness program and how to access free or low-cost community resources to businesses with 50 employees or less. The Leadership Symposium, headlined by Dr. Steve Aldana of Well Steps, also included networking and sharing opportunities, presentations and exhibits geared toward assisting attendees with information on workplace

wellness, and earned attendees HR credits. In 2013, the Wellness Council of Maine will partner with the National Wellness Institute. This partnership will offer members effective tools and resources for implementing workplace wellness programs. The Council will increase its focus on small businesses, including how to help with worksite wellness plans. The Council remains committed to its members and helping Maine’s workforce be the healthiest it can be and looks forward to 2013.

Fusion: Bangor Strengthening the power of community through young professionals By Jessie Logan, Fusion Chair What a year it has been for Fusion Bangor. I’m honored to have led this organization in 2012 with an outstanding and dedicated Steering Committee. Fusion was very active throughout the year attending and hosting a number of events that brought together young professionals in the Bangor Region and strengthened the community. In June, Fusion members traveled to Saint John, New Brunswick to attend “Triple Fusion,” a networking event where members of Fusion Saint John, Fusion Halifax, and Fusion Bangor could connect and learn about each other’s organizations. In Bangor, Fusion’s monthly Noontime Networks brought authors, performers, and U.S. Senate candidates to Bangor for members to connect with and hear from. Fusion also took Noontime Networks on the road, for tours of the Bangor Opera House and the Maine Public Broadcasting Network studio. Volunteerism was another strength, evidenced by the Downtown Proud initiative. Stemming from Fusion’s success in the Arena Yes campaign. Fusion believes pride and involvement in the Bangor Region’s downtowns is essential to retaining and attracting business owners and residents. Fusion’s focus is on encouraging downtown

community pride and enhancing their attractiveness while connecting them with the Fusion demographic: young people. We held a “Downtown Proud Open House” where downtown Bangor businesses stayed open late to bring visitors into area downtowns. Fusion hosted clean-ups for Fireball Run, KahBang and on the waterfront. Fusion members also planted over 500 bulbs for the Pink Tulip Project in downtown Bangor. In November, Fusion held its first successful Awards Extravaganza that rocked the Bangor waterfront in a warm, packed tent on a chilly evening. We recognized businesses and individuals with our Downtown Proud Vitalization Award (Betsy and Zeth Lundy, owners of Central Street Farmhouse), Innovator of the Year Award (Eric Mihan, owner of Bangor Wine and Cheese), and Fusion Leadership and Vision Award (George Kinghorn, director and curator for University of Maine Museum of Art and president of the Downtown Bangor Partnership), all of whom are making the Bangor Region a great place to live, work and play. We ended 2012 on a high note with a proclamation from the City of Bangor recognizing Fusion’s work helping connect young professionals, advocating for downtown Bangor, and working to create a fun, vibrant, and stimulating community.

Photo courtesy Fusion:Bangor Fusion members plant bulbs in downtown Bangor for the Pink Tulip Project.

There is even more to come in 2013: New networking and professional development events in the evenings, a continuation of Downtown Proud, and the launch of Fusion Sports. The Steering Committee looks forward to more energy and growth and we hope you will all be along for the ride.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 7

Congratulations, Andy Hamilton, winner of the Arthur A. Comstock Professional Service Award. Thanks to all of your hard work, the Bangor business community is better than ever. Everyone at Camden National Bank would like to congratulate Andy Hamilton, as well as the entire slate of Chamber award winners who work tirelessly to enhance the well-being of our business community throughout the entire Bangor region. The Arthur A. Comstock Professional Service Award was created in 2009 and recognizes an individual who embodies Arthur’s generous spirit, while donating his or her expertise to both the Chamber and the community at large over an extended period of time. Its namesake, Arthur, was a prominent banker in the Bangor region and retired from Camden National Bank in 2010.

r -


Member FDIC

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Golf Committee

Debates 2012

Chamber Challenge 24th Annual Golf Tournament

House and Senate debates hosted by the Chamber

By Cathy Maher, Golf Committee Chair The Chamber Challenge Golf Tournament was held on September 14 at the Bangor Municipal Golf Course. We are proud to say we had a very successful year and maximum turnout for the event. The golf committee members were Cathy Maher, Danielle Burke, Tracy King, Sunny Somers, Bud Bruns, Earl Black, Amy Kenney, Karen Cole, Kate Grover and Rob Jarvis, who all worked

together to ensure the success of the tournament. A “special thanks” to our major sponsors, FairPoint Communications, and Airport News & Gifts by Stellar Partners, Inc. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, businesses and volunteers that have every year participated and supported the Chamber with this event. We are looking forward to 2013 and will be in “full swing” by February getting ready for another Chamber Challenge.

Photos courtesy Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce


CES INC Congratulations 2013 Award Winners!

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In 2012, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce hosted a pair of political debates in October. The Gracie Theatre was the stage for a Senate debate and the Second House District debate took place at the Four Points by Sheraton. A pre-debate reception was held for Chamber members to network and mingle.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 9


Business Action Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee

Growing the local economy remains a priority

Lobbying, policy agenda, education mark 2012 year

By John Simpson, Biz Action Chair

By Dennis Marble, Committee Chair

At the top of each agenda for a meeting of the Chamber’s Business Action Committee is a reminder of the group’s stated purpose: “The Business Action Committee is charged with advancing the Chamber’s tactical initiatives in promoting growth and development in its service area, including the Chamber’s collaborative efforts with other economic development entities in our region.” In short, Biz Action, as we call it, works on economic development matters. That’s a big topic and a tall order, and no one organization holds responsibility for the region’s growth. As such, the Chamber pursues two avenues to promote and advocate for regional economic development. First, we work closely with other economic development entities such as Mobilize Eastern Maine. That effort brings together private business, nonprofits and public agencies concerned with the region’s economic wellbeing and to build upon the region’s strengths – the assets we have now – rather than chasing industries that likely wouldn’t come to Maine anyway.

Second, and just as important, Biz Action focuses on discrete, achievable deliverables that will help the region grow and directly benefit our members. One such effort is focused on helping local start-up companies with high growth potential identify sources of angel and venture capital financing. That has led to an initiative just underway to create a Bangor chapter of the Maine Angels investment group that is currently based in the Portland area. We’ve also tried to keep in close contact with the City of Bangor’s planning efforts for the Main Street corridor and waterfront, and to assist when appropriate. Additionally, it is our plan in 2013 to sponsor a half-day seminar aimed at helping area businesses take advantage of opportunities that will come with the opening of the Cross Insurance Center, which will be Maine’s finest arena and convention center. Business Action means just that: We want to take action to help our local businesses and grow our local economy.

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce continues to be both visible and active in its role as an advocate for the region’s businesses community, a function overseen by the Governmental Affairs Committee. It was a busy year both in terms of our direct lobbying of public officials and with events aimed at helping connect our members to the world of politics and policy. BRCC President John Porter made several trips to the State House in Augusta when the Legislature was in session during the first half of the year. There he actively lobbied on behalf of the Chamber on issues ranging from taxes and the state budget – including efforts to slash Bangor’s share of General Assistance funds – as well as proposed bonds for transportation, R&D and higher education. The Chamber also advocated on behalf of the region’s Local Workforce Development Board, arguing that a proposal to eliminate local worker training oversight in favor of a statewide model would hurt the good work being done in our region. In addition to this work, Chamber members got to share their concerns directly with

lawmakers from the local, state and federal levels at our Saturday Hot Stove events. From January through April, this special Saturday morning forum at Eastern Maine Community College was an excellent way to grab the attention of the men and women who represent us. In 2013, Hot Stoves are planned from 8 a.m.10 a.m. on Jan. 12, Feb. 9, March 9, April 13, and May 18, at EMCC’s Rangeley Hall. Also, as we’ve done in years past, the Chamber sponsored debates in 2012. This year, our forums for U.S. Senate from Maine and the 2nd Congressional District in Maine drew wide attention from the media and set a standard in terms of content and quality. And of course, we once again laid out the Chamber’s public policy agenda for 2013 in extensive terms in our Issues of Impact statement, which was approved by the Board of Directors in December. Advocacy is a core function for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, and its Governmental Affairs Committee takes that work seriously. We expect the Chamber to continue to be an active and effective voice for the region’s business community in 2013.

Know-how is supporting the communities

where we live and work.

People’s United Bank congratulates the 2013 Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce award recipients!


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10 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

Hundreds of members went to Business After Hours, meeting up with friends and colleagues and networking to make new connections in the business community.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 11

The Business Expo, held in May at the Bangor Civic Center, included exhibitors, seminars, a networking lounge, and an area for tasting samples from restaurants.

12 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

Norbert X. Dowd Award for Community Service

Vigue: ‘It’s not about me ... it’s about the people I work for’ By David M. Fitzpatrick BDN Special Sections Writer

If there’s one thing you can be sure of if you talk with Pete Vigue, it’s that he won’t accept any award on his own merits. In 2007, when he won the BRCC’s Community Service Award and the company he captains, Cianbro, won the Business of the Year Award, Vigue wouldn’t take the credit. It was no different when he won the prestigious Norbert X. Dowd Award for Community Service this year. “I’m humbled by all of this, but it’s not about me,” Vigue said. “It’s about the people that I work for, and that’s the people in this company.” Cianbro is an employee-owned company, and Vigue is always adamant that no awards for him or Cianbro would ever happen without the commitment of those people. “When I receive this award, it’s on their behalf,” he said. “Regardless of what it is that I do every day, it comes as a result of them — and my family. I just try to do my best, and they make it happen.”

“I believe the opportunity here in Maine far exceeds our ability to comprehend what the future can look like.“ Peter Vigue, Cianbro president

Photo courtesy of Cianbro Peter Vigue, president of Cianbro, believes it’s the people that make the company’s success story.

Vigue’s personal ambition first brought Cianbro to the Bangor Region, which he sees as a powerful nexus and one whose growth he wants to help happen — in the name of building a stronger economy and help-

ing the community at large. Cianbro first came to Bangor when it partnered with Eastern Maine Healthcare to build the new parking garage and facility at its Bangor hospital. Following that came the EMH facility on Whiting Hill in Brewer, which in part helped spur the fast-forward development of the Wilson Street corridor. “We did that and I thought ‘This is a great way to show our confidence in the Bangor region,’” Vigue recalled. That confidence has never wavered. Cianbro redeveloped the former Eastern Fine Paper property in Brewer, creating a world-class modular manufacturing facility and returning jobs to a location that had provided them for well over a century before the paper company closed. Cianbro followed with the Hollywood Slots Hotel & Raceway, a major economic force in Bangor that ultimately made the new Cross Insurance Center, which will replace the old

Bangor Auditorium, possible — and another job Cianbro has been building, on budget and ahead of schedule. To be fair, Vigue doesn’t have a dedicated love affair just for the Bangor area; he’s firmly focused on Maine as a whole, and the northern half of the state in particular. That’s one reason Vigue says the Pittsfield company has ignored courting from politicians elsewhere to relocate to their states. That’s never happening. “We’re from Maine,” Vigue said. “And I believe the opportunity here in Maine far exceeds our ability to comprehend what the future can look like.” It can be difficult to consider Maine a viable economic engine in the future, especially with Forbes declaring Maine the worst state to do business in Dec. 2011. “I’m not going to complain about it,” said Vigue. “I’ve tried to clearly do something about it and not complain — there’s enough of that to go around.” Working in 41 states, Cianbro has

four facilities in Maine and facilities in six other states. Twelve years ago, during a lull in Maine construction, Cianbro landed a project building the largest cement plant in North America. Of the 1,400 people working on the project, 75 percent were from Maine. “Our crews worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 10 and a half months, [with] over 2 million work hours without a lost work day, completing the project ahead of schedule,” Vigue said. Vigue states the choice to give Mainers the jobs was an easy one, and it paid off. “It gave me a clear understanding of the quality of the people in our company and in this state,” he said. Later, in an effort to bring projects to Maine, we developed the concept of “Exporting our knowledge and our skills,” geared toward creating jobs for Mainers, showing the world Mainers can compete, and bolstering Maine’s economy.

Congratulations Peter Vigue, winner of the Norbert X. Dowd Award. It’s the dedication of business people like you that make our communities so strong.

Thank you Peter, for committing your time and talent to serve others. We’re proud to share your dedication to helping Mainers achieve their dreams.

Member FDIC

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 13

Business of the Year

WBRC: Making a difference while building the community By WBRC Architects/Engineers

of the wood-heavy downtown. What resulted was a newly rebuilt downtown featuring fire-resistant masonry. WBRC WBRC Architects/Engineers has designed many of the new buildings. been named the Chamber’s Business of the Year. Stephen B. Rich, president Many remain today, including the company headquarters on Central Street. and CEO, couldn’t be happier. “I like to use a little elevator speech: “We’re all just really, really honored,” I refer to us as a young startup firm, Rich said of the WBRC staff. “When I announced the award to the staff, eyes and then I roll into a line that we’ve only been around for 110 years,” Rich widened and smiles came on people’s said. “But that makes us a legacy firm faces. Folks here work really hard to — we’re in the area for the long haul.” make a difference in the community, By the 1940s, WBRC added enboth on and off the job. To have it gineers to its architects to become a recognized is just wonderful.” full-service company. And the alwaysYou can’t go very far in the Bangor progressive firm hired the first woman region without seeing a building architectural graduate from MIT: WBRC helped create. The firm has Gertrud Eberson. She was also the first designed dozens of Bangor Savings Bank locations, has completed as many registered female architect in Maine. Today the firm is owned by nine prinprojects for Hannaford, as well as the Brewer Community School, Hampden cipals who all have an active role in the Academy, Cross Insurance Center, and company. In 2002, WBRC opened an office in the Offshore Wind Laboratory at the Sarasota, Fla., and five years ago added University of Maine. a Portland office. Today, the company WBRC started in Bangor in 1902 works in 17 states and two Canadian as Thomas and Crowell, a partnerprovinces and its three offices comship of two Bangor architects. Busimunicate using high-tech connectivity ness doubled as a result of the Great that makes it as easy as if they were all Fire of 1911, which destroyed much

in the same office. “Technology has evolved since I came here 25 years ago,” says firm principal and commercial/civic studio director Rob Frank. “3-D design, laser building scans, and video conferencing has certainly changed how we do things.” As a company, WBRC embraces charitable causes such as Champion the Cure Challenge. In addition, its 62 employees are no stranger to community involvement. Members of the WBRC team serve on the boards of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, the Bangor Y, Eastern Maine Healthcare Services, Bangor Symphony Orchestra to name a few, and also volunteer for everything from coaching soccer to community theatre to animal rescue. “[We] let our staff know that we appreciate when they step outside to participate in the public venue,” Rich said. “I’d like to think it’s that combination of what WBRC does, both in our work and in the community, that prompted the Chamber to choose us for this wonderful award.”

“Folks here work really hard to make a difference in the community both on and off the job. To have it recognized is just wonderful.“ Stephen Rich, president and CEO

Photo illustration courtesy WBRC Architects/Engineers Four architects and five engineers are the principal owners of WBRC. They are (from left): Doug Whitney, Dick Rollins, Rob Frank, Steve Rich, Paul Brody, Mike Pullen, Al Bromley, Ray Bolduc, and John Poulin.

14 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

Community Service Award

Hammond Street Senior Center: A community service gem By Dale McGarrigle Special to the BDN Because of their dedication to the community, the Hammond Street Senior Center has been awarded the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s Community Service Award. Executive Director Kathy Bernier said the Center’s staff and members are thrilled with the honor. “We are so ecstatic to be honored in this way,” Bernier said. “It means so much to us when we’re presenting ourselves to our various communities.” According to the Chamber, the Center was a logical choice not just because of the work it does for area seniors but because of the ways the Center gives back to the community. The Center is a free resource offering all-inclusive access for seniors ages 60 and older to create, recreate, exercise, share expertise, learn new skills, and socialize. Partners of seniors aged 55 and older can also take part in activities at Hammond Street. “For seniors in the Greater Bangor Region, ‘Hammond Street’ is the place

“[Seniors] offer their community a wealth of life-learned knowledge, practical skills, creative insight, and hours of enthusiastic volunteerism.“ Kathy Bernier, Executive Director to meet,” the BRCC stated. “Rather than living in the past, its members are creating more wonderful memories for themselves and actively planning for their future. Best of all, membership is free so all seniors can enjoy the benefits of the socialization and programming their Center has to offer. Senior citizens can offer their community a wealth of life-learned knowledge, practical skills, creative insight and hours of enthusiastic volunteerism.” It’s not unusual to find the senior center in the middle of downtown activities. During the Downtown Countdown, the Center serves as a place for visitors to warm up, be entertained, or play games. It was host to an authors’ reception and the keynote speech were during the 2012 Bangor Book Festival. The Center also holds an annual food drive the week prior to Thanksgiving to benefit the Bangor homeless shelter. Senior volunteers do mailings

for the Penobscot Theatre and join in parades, either with a float or on foot. Members also frequent downtown businesses and restaurants. Center seniors also use their resources to benefit the greater community. From fundraisers to growing fresh produce, the Center is part of a strong downtown pulse. The Center, now in its 14th year, serves several functions for its 2,000 members, most drawn from towns in a 25-mile radius of Bangor. “The Center provides area seniors with a place to come feel welcome, to be socially active and mentally alert and connected to the community,” she said. There’s something for everyone on the three floors of the former bank. On the first floor, there’s a lending library inside a former vault, a media room, a dance studio, a gift shop and a cafeteria where games of bridge, cribbage, poker and Bingo happen.

The second floor has an art room, fitness center, pottery studio, and access to the rooftop gardens. The top floor hosts a computer lab, exercise room, game room with pool and shuffleboard, and an art studio. Funding for the Center comes from various sources including big fundraisers like its annual play, a Big Band dance, and the Basket Case event. Its annual capital campaign draws sponsorships from area businesses and contributions from a dozen area towns. That’s one of the reasons the Center’s seniors give back through community service. “Seniors like to feel connected to the community and in doing things that are community-based or -community supported, they feel a sense of belonging,” Bernier said. “Contributing to the community [puts] the Center in its best light, which in turn garners community support. So, it is a win-win situation!”

Photo courtesy HSSC A senior has fun in the exercise room at the Hammond Street Senior Center. The Hammond Street location enables local seniors to learn new skills, have fun, and be creative.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 15

Non-Profit of the Year Award

Children’s Miracle Network raises awareness and funds By Dale McGarrigle Special to the BDN For helping to ensure that the children of our region have access to high quality local healthcare, EMHS Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has been named the Nonprofit of the Year by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. “EMHS Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is celebrating 25 years of raising funds, keeping 100 percent of those funds local, all dedicated to help kids at their most vulnerable point in their young lives,” the Chamber noted. “Using the national CMNH brand, this is very much a local program, telling the myriad of stories through the experiences of children and young families facing health-related challenges and crisis. To date, this single program has raised more than $10 million over 25 years.” Michael Crowley, president of EMHS Foundation, the local affiliate of CMNH, was excited about the Chamber award. “To be considered and then select-

“We tell the story of our services through our patients and their families,” Crowley said. “It is their stories that make the program real to our donors.“ Michael Crowley, EMHS Foundation president ed, is such an honor,” Crowley said. “Knowing who has been a recipient of that award in the past increases the honor. It’s humbling.” In 2012, the $535,000 raised by EMHS Foundation CMNH supported 125,000 pediatric visits at EMHS member organizations including Eastern Maine Medical Center, Acadia Hospital, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital (Greenville), Inland Hospital (Waterville), Pathfinders: Support for Grieving Children (a program of Eastern Maine HomeCare), Sebasticook Valley Health (Pittsfield), and TAMC (Presque Isle). “It’s not a stretch to say that all children who receive care at an EMHS hospital benefit from CMNH,” said Josh Scroggins, director of EMHS Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “CMNH support has

helped to purchase highly-specialized equipment, support outpatient clinical services, provide wellness education and essential therapies for children with behavioral and mental illness.” Most recently, EMHS Foundation CMNH contributed $500,000 to the EMMC Raish Peavey Haskell Children’s Cancer and Treatment Center in Brewer. The annual telethon which airs each June on WABI-TV5 is the most visible part of EMHS Foundation CMNH’s fundraising activities. A highlight of the event is the participation of “Miracle Families” who share how donations to EMHS Foundation CMNH have enhanced the care of a sick or injured child they love. “We tell the story of our services through our patients and their families,” Crowley said. “It is their stories that make the program real to our donors. They are why we’re here 25 years later and growing.”

In addition to individual donors, corporate sponsors and local businesses provide generous support to EMHS Foundation CMNH. Scroggins cites Walmart/Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, Dairy Queen, Circle K, TD Bank, and the Bangor Chapter of Credit Unions among them. Furthermore, local groups have often sponsored creative fundraisers of their own to support the cause, like Battle of Maine at Huard’s Karate, UMaine BearFest, and Log-A-Load for Maine Kids golf tournament. EMHS Foundation CMNH has evolved through the years to become a grassroots effort. Said Crowley, “Currently, there are more than 500 volunteers supporting fundraising events in 45 central, eastern, and northern Maine communities.” Scroggins added, “It’s local people making local donations helping local kids.”

BDN file photo by Julia Bayly The Children’s Miracle Network named Kylie Pelletier of Frencvhille the 2012 Maine Champion. The Dr. Levesque School first grader was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2010 was presented a special medal from the Miracle Network. Pictured with her is younger brother Ryan and mom Sherri Pelletier.

16 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

Arthur A. Comstock Professional Service Award

Building on a family legacy of public, professional service By Debra Bell BDN Special Sections Writer

BDN Photo by Debra Bell Andy Hamilton, an attorney at Eaton Peabody in Bangor and uses his professional experience to make a difference in the community.

Did You Know...

When Eaton Peabody’s Andy Hamilton first learned he had been selected to receive the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s Arthur A. Comstock Professional Service Award, he wasn’t sure why he was chosen. But one look at his resume and it’s crystal clear. “I think it was because I give all my waking hours to the community or the office, and I do whatever I can as a priority for my family,” Hamilton said. “I’m very pleased that my colleagues thought I was worthy. It’s a wonderful statement to [receive an award named for] someone as dedicated and focused on his fellow humanity as Arthur Comstock.” The importance of professional service started under his mother’s tutelage as a child in Caribou. That’s where his mother, Elizabeth “Betty” Hamilton, taught him the importance of being a public servant. “She was an incredible public servant and was very involved in the community,” Hamilton said. “She was the first woman mayor in [Caribou] and a wonderfully gracious lady.” Hamilton also credits his grandfather and great-grandfathers with creating a culture of respect, professionalism, and community service. Professionally, Hamilton leads Eaton Peabody’s Economic Development and Governmental Relations Practice Group which enables busi-

St. Joseph WorkWell: Committed to Workplace Health and Safety

“We do our best when we can speak through our organizations and bring people together.“ Andy Hamilton ness owners to advance economic development in Maine. He also serves on the BRCC’s board, co-chairs Mobilize Eastern Maine, is board chair of the United Way of Eastern Maine, is on Unity College’s board, and has served on the board of the Boy Scouts of America. As the chair of the Economic Development and Governmental Relations Practice Group, he and the other members of the group are focused on community and business. “Every member of the group — four core attorneys and a group of consult professionals — love their communities,” Hamilton said. “They love giving of their time and usually we can find our way to projects where there are public and private partnerships.” A complementary component of his professional work is his participation in Mobilize Eastern Maine and the United Way of Eastern Maine. Both organizations are focused on improving the outcomes for people in eastern Maine. Mobilize

Eastern Maine tackles economic development and job growth, while United Way of Eastern Maine works to mobilize the caring value of people. “We do our best when we can speak through our organizations and bring people together,” he said. Being a member of those boards and organizations is part and parcel of being a good community steward, he said. Upon joining the Chamber board, Hamilton said an observation from George Peabody drove the importance of community and professional service home saying “You get out of it what you put into it.” That’s why between Eaton Peabody and Mobilize Eastern Maine, added to his service on myriad community boards, sets Hamilton up as a good community steward. “Bangor’s a special place,” Hamilton said. “You can get involved [in the community] pretty quickly.” But contributing is an important part of the reason Hamilton was chosen for the award. And it’s a personal honor that’s in line with his philosophy on working and giving back. “There’s an ethic of service that I think overrides my perspective of both practice law and community is servant in best sense of the word,” Hamilton said. “You’re here to serve our fellow woman and man and not for myself. As long as you remember that, you’ll do just fine over course of the day.”

Showing appreciation

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To Learn More, Contact:

St. Joseph WorkWell Occupational Medicine

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900 Broadway, Building 1 l Bangor, Maine 207.907.3010 Sponsored by Covenant Health Systems l Founded by the Felician Sisters

Photo courtesy Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Happy Chamber staff getting ready for Membership Appreciation Day.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 17

Bion and Dorain Foster Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Brewing up success is part of Geaghan Brothers’s legacy By Debra Bell BDN Special Sections Writer The hallmarks of a good beer include a welldeveloped body, a balanced taste, and a delightful finish. Those same qualities make Geaghan’s Pub, and its year-old Geaghan Bros Brewing division, a mainstay in the community. It’s also the reason Geaghan’s is the 2013 recipient of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s Bion and Dorain Foster Entrepreneurship Award. “Geaghan’s has managed to accomplish something rare in the business world: it has preserved and strengthened a family-owned business for three generations, despite the fact that the business is in a highly competitive field,” said BRCC President John Porter. The restaurant was started by John and Arline Geaghan in 1975. The corporate name is “Timka” in honor of their children Tim and Kathy who passed away at an early age. Today, through three generations of ownership, Geaghan’s has turned into a bustling pub and community hot spot. Today, the pub and its associated brewhouse are run by brothers Larry, Pete, and Pat as well as Larry’s son, Andy. Focusing on the needs and wants of their customers is the main reason for the pub’s success, the brothers said. “This is really their restaurant,” said Peter. “We’re just here to serve them.” That dedication to service required several “game changing” moments through the years. But the biggest moment came from the decision to start a microbrewery. Andy’s return to the family business was the starting point to revitalizing the business. “We started to research ways to grow,” Peter said. “We didn’t want another restaurant and didn’t want to add seats. That’s when Larry said ‘why not brew beer?’” It seemed like a natural outgrowth, they said. “I thought that we make soup, we make chowder, and we make bread, so let’s go get a pot, set it up in the kitchen and let’s make beer,” Larry said. But it wasn’t as simple as that. They turned to researching what it would take to add beer to the menu. “I came back into [the business] seeing from outside perspective what they had already built and what they had already created,” Andy said. “They’ve been very focused on doing the day to day piece. That’s why the reputation is what it is and why the foundation is there.”

“This is really [the community’s] restaurant. We’re just here to serve them.“ Peter Geaghan That foundation and in-depth research yielded a concept that was augmented by hiring awardwinning brewmaster Jason Courtney. Courtney is the recipient of a 2002 Great American Beer Festival Brewmaster of the Year award in the brew pub category, World Beer Cup medals, and multiple Great American Beer Festival medals. “A little brew pub in Maine doesn’t get to work with somebody like that every day, especially when they already have well established reputation,” Andy said. With that, Geaghan Bros. Brewing was born. The new year ushered in the 100th batch of beer brewed at the Main Street location. And the brewery isn’t a one trick pony. It’s the proud brewer of 8 “Bangor Series” brews including their best selling Smiling Irish Bastard, Bangor Brown, The Refueler (which is much loved by the Maine Air National Guard), and Capt. Kool named after Molly Kool, the female licensed sea captain on the east coast. “Innovation and entrepreneurship have been the keys to this unusual success,” Porter said. “[Geaghan’s is] not content to just be a neighborhood watering hole, it has established a reputation as a place for great food at fair prices. And in recent years, the addition of a microbrewery has set Geaghan’s apart in an evermore-competitive Bangor restaurant industry.” And their response to winning? Honest modesty. “We never saw it coming,” Larry said. “We were kind of in shock. We’ve been here 37 years and it has never been about awards. We’re the ones who are quick to give accolades [to our employees]. But this is the ultimate attaboy and we really appreciate it, especially coming from our peers.” Andy echoed that sentiment. “When I first heard, I was like ‘yeah.’ We’ve done a lot and it’s been a heck of a year,” he said. As we processed it and read about what [the award was about], we’re entrepreneurs that lift up the community and it rings true. The brewery project is one thing I’m proudest of is when it comes to the involvement from other businesses.”

BDN Photo by Debra Bell The Geaghan family is full of entreprenurial spirit and their new brewhouse was the logical next step. Pictured in the brewhouse are (from left): Larry Geaghan, Peter Geaghan, Andy Geaghan, Head Brewer Jason Courtney, and Pat Geaghan.

18 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

Catherine Lebowitz Award for Public Service

Former Senator Richard Rosen serves all citizens of Maine By Brian Swartz BDN Special Sections Editor

Being named the 2013 recipient of the Catherine Lebowitz Award for Public Service holds special meaning for former State Senator Richard W. Rosen of Bucksport. “I’ve known Kay my entire adult life,” Rosen explained. “She maintained a positive, upbeat, always-stayengaged spirit. She never let anything hold her back” from expressing “her commitment to service. “I always admired that,” he said. Rosen has deep roots in Bucksport, where his family has owned Rosen’s Department Store at 72 Main St. for 103 years. He serves on the volunteer board for the Bucksport Regional Health Center and as board president for Northeast Historic Film, “an organization dedicated to the preservation and access to the moving image heritage of the Northeast.” This non-profit organization also operates the Alamo Theatre, a Main Street landmark in Bucksport.

“I appreciated the trust of the voters to hire me to represent them at the State House. It’s been a great privilege.“ Former Senator Richard Rosen Some years ago, Rosen and other Bucksport residents “started a group that would take action” on local issues. This informal organization evolved into the Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. “They do a terrific job serving a multi-town area,” he said. Rosen also serves on the board of the Retail Association of Maine (formerly the Maine Merchants Association), “the organization that works to advance and support the retail community in the state.” He has just completed four terms as a Republican state senator from Senate District 31; his wife, Kimberley, has just termed out of the Legislature after four terms as the representative from House District 40. Before joining the State Senate, Richard Rosen also served three terms in the House. “As a married couple, it was won-

derful to do that,” working together “as a team to represent our constituents,” Rosen said. “I absolutely enjoyed” being a legislator, he said. “I appreciated the trust of the voters to hire me to represent them at the State House. It’s been a great privilege.” During a recent BRCC breakfast meeting, “it was a complete surprise” for Rosen to learn that he will receive the public-service award. “On a personal level, it’s very meaningful to receive an award named for Kay Lebowitz.” For Rosen, commitment to public service came early in life. “I don’t think there was ever a time when our parents set my brothers and I down and explicitly told us, ‘This is what we have to do,’” he said. “They were very involved in

the community. “I recognized early on from the way they lived their lives that you find a path to participate in the community and somehow serve your neighbors,” Rosen said. Although he has left the Legislature, Rosen still works in Augusta. On Dec. 6, 2012 he “was appointed by the governor (Paul LePage) as the director of the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management,” he said. “This is a new office that has charge of achieving the long-term economic goals and objectives of the state,” Rosen said. His office has also been charged with looking “at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state services” and performing “policy work for the governor.”

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BDN Photo by Brian Swartz Richard W. Rosen of Bucksport will receive the Catherine Lebowitz Award for Public Service from the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce.

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 19

Volunteer of the Year

A committment to volunteerism nets award for Kathryn Hunt By Brian Swartz BDN Special Sections Editor

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce has named Kathryn A. Hunt its 2012 Volunteer of the Year. A principal and senior consultant at Starboard Leadership Consulting in Bangor, Hunt has been involved in volunteerism for many years. “It is an ethic,” she said, explaining her commitment to volunteerism. “We choose our ways to be involved.” For the past 13 years, Hunt has volunteered with the Bangor Region Leadership Institute, a leadership-development program conducted under BRCC auspices. Thirteen years ago, Eastern Maine Technical College President Joyce Hedlund invited local business and civic leaders to help “develop a solution to the leadership void in the community,” especially pertaining to the volunteer boards of many non-profit organizations, Hunt said. She then worked at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the

“Being able to work with [Bangor Region Leadership Institute] … is an incredible privilege for me.“ Kathryn Hunt

University of Maine. An experienced facilitator, Hunt had conducted many workshops on different topics, including leadership. Asked to review the proposed BRLI curriculum, she “was soon asked to facilitate” the initial BRLI training. Hunt has been a volunteer facilitator with BRLI since then. She estimated that she devotes some 12 days per year to BRLI, which according to “is designed for outstanding individuals who desire to sharpen their leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of the region’s economy and community networks.” With classes averaging about 26 students per year, BRLI training begins in September; the 2012-13 class

will graduate next May. The training encompasses nine day-long sessions held the first Thursday of each month at different locations in the greater Bangor area. Training is done by local presenters, including Hunt. “I do a lot of teambuilding exercises” that help students “to forge personal bonds with each other,” she said. Students meet local business and civic leaderships and learn about the many regional volunteer leadership opportunities that are available. “Hundreds of people have graduated from BRLI by now,” Hunt said. “There is a strong alumni association.” Graduates are often recruited to bring their expertise to local non-profit boards. Hunt has enjoyed her long affilia-

tion with BRLI. “Being able to work with that program … is an incredible privilege for me,” she said. The principals at Starboard Leadership Consulting, which is an affiliate of Rudman Winchell Counselors at Law, “see it as important that I participate in BRLI,” she said. A Bangor resident and the mother of two children, Hunt teaches Sunday School at All Souls Congregational Church in Bangor. She is serving her eighth year as a Maine Humanities Council trustee. Hunt chairs the Good Will-Hinckley Board of Directors, which has overseen that Fairfield school becoming “the first charter school of Maine,” she said. The school currently enrolls 50 students.

BDN Photo by Brian Swartz Kathryn Hunt is the recipient of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s Volunteer of the Year award.

20 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

2012 Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Membership

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Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 21

Early Bird Breakfasts 2012 A retrospective look at what Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce members learned in 2012 February: Issues of Impact

October: Bond Issues

A look at the Chamber’s lobbying priorities in 2012 was followed by a panel discussion among Augusta insiders. Peter Gore, vice president with the Maine State Chamber, and Eric Russell, State House reporter with the Bangor Daily News, gave their insights into state politics.

The Chamber highlighted its support for state bond proposals for transportation and higher education. University of Maine economist Todd Gabe discussed the economic impact of the proposals. Dana Connors of the Maine State Chamber, and Action Committee of 50 chair, Bob Zeiglaar, talked about transportation investments. And John Rebar of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension explained the benefits to higher education.

March: The Arts A panel of leading voices in the region’s arts scene explained the connection between culture and economic vibrancy. John Rohman moderated the panel, including: Bari Newport, Penobscot Theatre; David Whitehill, Bangor Symphony Orchestra; George Kinghorn, Downtown Bangor Arts Collaborative, and John Patches, Collins Center for the Arts.

April: University of Maine System James H. Page, the new chancellor of the state’s public university system, shared his vision for higher education in Maine in the 21st century.

May: Dow Air Force Base, 44 years later A look at how the base, which was turned over to the City of Bangor as an airport and Air National Guard outpost more than four decades ago, has shaped the region’s economy. Historian David Bergquist, Col.

Photos courtesy Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce

Doug Farnham from the Air National Guard and Jim Apostolides, general manager of the General Electric plant in Bangor, gave their perspectives.

June: Bangor’s Entertainment District The emergence of Bangor as a destination for entertainment is transforming the region. Alex Gray of Waterfront Concerts, John Osborne, general manager of Hollywood Casino and Doug Higgons, whose company, Global Spectrum, will manage the new Cross Insurance Center, offered an insightful take on Bangor’s future.

July: 21st Century Manufacturing A panel of manufacturers explained how specialized and precision manufacturing is emerging

as a key component of our region’s economy. Deb Neuman of the Department of Economic and Community Development led a discussion among Andy Fitzpatrick, Hinckley Yachts; John Karp, Maine Manufacturing Enterprise Partnership; and Tim Magoon, Old Town Canoe.

September: Pulp & Paper Industry Our fall Business Revolution series kicked off with a look at the role that the paper industry still plays in our economy. To the surprise of some, a panel that included George McLaughlin of Great Northern Paper, Keith Van Scotter of Lincoln Pulp and Paper and Bill Cohen of Verso Paper, explained that papermaking has a bright future in Maine despite some challenges.

November: The Future of Alternative Energy How will wind and other alternatives fit into Maine’s energy future? Dr. Habib Dagher, who runs the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine, and Jeremy Payne of Maine Renewable Energy Association discussed the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

December: Gov. Paul LePage

Maine’s chief executive addressed a packed crowd at the final installment of the Business Revolution series. Gov. LePage gave particular focus to the Forbes magazine ranking of state business climates, lamenting Maine’s poor showing in the survey.

Grow your business: Join the Chamber

Photo courtesy Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce

As a Chamber member you’ll have visibility and credibility in the community and access to resources that will help you expand and manage your business. We can enhance your marketing through our communication channels, provide practical howto information through seminars and programs and give you access to shared purchasing, including our ChamberBlue health insurance.

Grow your influence

Grow your network

Grow our community

The Chamber offers the best opportunities in the region to meet new customers, future employees and trusted suppliers. Our Business After Hours, Early Bird Breakfasts, the Business Expo, golf tournament, awards dinner and other events put you in touch with the region’s business elite. And being an active Chamber member, serving on committees or volunteering, will enhance your reputation in the community.

Your Chamber membership supports programs that serve young professionals, build leadership capacity, bring educators and business people together and promote employee wellness. More importantly, by being a part of the Chamber, you are signaling your support for a more vibrant and sustainable community, something your colleagues and customers will recognize the minute they learn you are a member.

Your Chamber takes seriously its mission to influence public policy on behalf of the region’s businesses. We are a visible presence in Augusta and work with elected officials at all levels of government on behalf of our members. We work tirelessly for sensible regulations, fair taxes and smart public investments that allow our economy to grow.

22 | Bangor Daily News | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report


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Congratulations to all Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce award recipients and nominees. • 1-888-853-7100 Member FDIC |

Equal Housing Lender

Stuff Fine Chocolates & Confections • Sweetest Thing • Swish

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Insurance: Whitehouse Agency • United Technologies Center • United Way of Eastern Maine • University Credit Union • University Inn/Academic Suites • University of Maine • University of Maine Alumni Assn. • University of Maine Augusta at Bangor • University of Maine Foundation • University of Maine System • UPS

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Members as of Jan. 1, 2013

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 23

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Staff Contact us:

Board of Directors, 2013

Michael Ballesteros

Mary Brooks

Susan Chaar

Dan Dauphinee

Renee Kelly

Jerry Livengood

Dennis Marble

Courtyard by Marriott

University of Maine

John Simpson Consultant


Bangor Gas

Lee Speronis

Husson University

Northeaster Log Homes

Rod Black

Eastern Maine Community College

R.T. Ziegler Financial Services

James Gerety

Andy Hamilton

Julia Munsey

Steve Rich

Bangor Mall/ Simon Properties

Eaton Peabody

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Oxford Networks

Suzanne Spruce

Marion Syverson

Eastern Maine Healthcare Services

Address: 208 Maine Ave., Bangor, ME 04401 Telephone: 207-947-0307 Email: Online:


Norumbega Financial

John Porter

Karen Cole

Kate Grover

President and CEO

Executive Vice President

Director of Membership Services

Matt McLaughlin

Marcia Baker

Martha Talbot

Program Coordinator

Administrative Assistant



Betsy Vickery

Office Mascot

W.S. Emerson

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, 2013

John Porter BRCC CEO and President

M. Jane Irving

Andy Sturgeon

Dan Tremble

John Simpson

Betsy Vickery

Dennis Marble



Past Chair

Business Action Commitee Chair

Membership Committee Chair

Governmental Affairs Cmte. Chair

Bangor Savings Bank

Sewall Co.

Fairmount Market/ Ground Round


W.S. Emerson

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report | Thursday, January 24, 2013 | Bangor Daily News | 24

2013 Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Report  

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce's annual report coincides with their annual dinner and awards night. Read about what the BRCC is doing...