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A monthly review of must have, worthy of looking or just plain interesting apps that are relevant to the design industry.

For those readers who enjoy a Podcast, or alternatively have never tried, here are some recommendations for your listening pleasure.


D E S I G N I N G B U S I N E S S – 3 P I LOT E D E P I S O D E S

Wallet heaving with store and loyalty cards? Woolworths, Myers, Anaconda, BCF, super cheap auto. Essentially any card with a bar code on it is generally compatible; can quickly and easily be scanned and held electronically on your phone. Whenever you need one simply open up the app, select your card and it’s all ready for the shop keeper to scan. A great space saving app to get the often or rarely used cards out out of your wallet and always available. Another handy feature allows you to check what deals are on offer by any of the store cards – so you can decide if it’s worth a trip to the shops or not. For me just getting them out of my wallet is worth the free price tag!

Designers must balance two careers – talented designer and relentless entrepreneur. While many designers own their own firms, they are faced with a myriad of challenges within their work. In this threepart series, BDAV speaks with leading design experts on how to tackle unique business problems. From looking at navigating the world of technology to building professional connections, Designing Business will unpack common business challenges and provide tips on how to run a seamless and successful design firm.

CINDER Is you phone loaded full of contacts some of which you can remember or are so old you really don’t need them anymore. Dread the task of going through them all and deleting? Cinder is here to help – offering a quick and efficient sorting – either delete or flag for delete interface. So you can very quickly and brutally work through all your contacts decide who goes and who stays and who is likely to go and you just want to think about it for a moment. So if your contacts list is getting out of control and you need a quick way to tidy things up. Definitely look up cinder.

JUST PRESS RECORD Need a personal assistant to help you in meetings? Just press record could be the cheapest option. For a small cost this app will record meetings and conversations at a press of a button (also compatible with a[pole watch). From there you will of course have the recording but you also ask it to transcribe into written words ready to file! Sounds too good to be true? Maybe – I haven’t tried it so can’t vouch for it – but sounds really handy if you don’t fancy taking notes…and it works.

– Building powerful connections. Design guru Peter Jackson – a leader in design and expert in networking. Peter will discuss how to network, increase your clientele and build stronger client relationships. – Tackling HR challenges. HR expert and award-winning designer Dina Malathounis. Dina will detail the key management tools she learnt while managing a team of 600 at one of the major banks before her career flip to a building designer. – Navigating technology and project management. Small business entrepreneur and tech guru Todd Pearce. Todd will delve into technology and project management tips for running a seamless design business.

W O O D S O L U T I O N S T I M B E R TA L K S – 1 7 FA S C I N AT I N G E P I S O D E S Join the thousands of people who have already listened to engineer Adam Jones as he chats to international and Australian design and build professionals. Subscribe to the WoodSolutions Timber Talks series wherever you find your favourite podcasts.

If any other members use or know any new or interesting websites, tech or apps, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share it with the other members.

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Intersect, May 2019  

Monthly journal of the Building Designers Association of Victoria, featuring news and information of relevance to building design and associ...

Intersect, May 2019  

Monthly journal of the Building Designers Association of Victoria, featuring news and information of relevance to building design and associ...

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