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September 2013 20411 Douglas Crescent Langley, BC V3A 4B6 p: 604-533-2232 | f: 604-533-5405 e: |

Aboriginal and Cultural Ministries

Women2Women Andrea Critchley

Edgar Lapeciros

Native Pastors/Leaders Summit I hope that everyone is looking forward to our BCYD Native Pastors/Leaders Summit this Fall. This year’s summit will be held on September 26-28 at Terrace Pentecostal Assembly (3511 Eby Street, Terrace), with our theme, Sent to Succeed (Isaiah 55:10-11). Our guest speakers this year are, PAOC BCYD District Superintendent Rev. Ken Russell, and Evangelist Rev. Leonard John. Everyone is invited to come to our special “Concert of Prayer” starting at 3 pm on the 26th to pray for the summit, our churches and pastors. For the first time, this year registration will be required for everyone attending summit. Registration will be by donation to cover the costs of the summit. Freewill offerings will also be taken during the evening services. To register for the summit, contact Rev. Dan Starlund, p: 250-615-3105, e: For more information visit

International Pastors/Leadership Summit Our first ever International Pastors/Leadership Summit was held on July 19-20 at the Chinese Pentecostal Church in Vancouver. The theme of the Summit was, Hope of the Nations (Matthew 12:21). We had great attendance for the summit, with about 90 people for each of the two evening services, and an average of 22 attendees for the Saturday workshops. To make the summit available for more people to attend, the next Summit will be held in the Fall or Winter. The venue will also move to White Rock. We thank God for the unity of our International Pastors and Churches. Revival is coming. All Nations for Jesus! Please consider joining us next year. Contact the District Office for more information.

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Aboriginal and Cultural Ministries 1

“PURE” Women's Conference 2013 We want to personally invite you to join us in a life-giving weekend for women! Our theme PURE, is to encourage you and refresh you in Christ and remind you that you are His Bride! You will be inspired by personal testimonies, the power of God's Word and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to prepare yourself to live a life for your Bridegroom. This weekend will include guest speaker Caroline Reimer, worship leaders (Amy TeBulte and Phil Spoelstra), breakout speakers, and many treats and gifts from our various sponsors! (Special breakout for Prince George with Jarod Monds: How to protect your marriage from a husband’s perspective.) Our partners (Blessings Bookstores, Gospel for Asia, and others) will be at both locations to add to this special weekend. Our intent is to make you feel like a Bride! We want to dedicate this time to remind and refresh ourselves spiritually as the bride of Christ with beauty, blessings, laughter, and community. Girls ages 12 and up are also invited. Investing in the next generation continues to be a priority for W2W. We will have special speakers at each location who will inspire and challenge our girls from a young age to plan and live out a life of PURITY for Christ! Amy TeBulte and will join us in Prince George, and Charmaine Findley will be at our Surrey event. Download the poster/postcards for your groups and friends, or church website at: Please encourage your women to come and be refreshed. In the busyness of our lives and schedules, it is easy to pourout and not take the time to fill-up. Women give out so much on a regular basis to others and God is asking us to give Him time to refresh, refill and rejuvenate us, so we can continue to be a blessing to those around us. Take this time to invest in your relationship with your Bridegroom, your first love! Looking forward to worshipping and coming together!

Women 2 Women 1 BCYD Global Workers 2 District Superintendent 2 Next Generation Ministries 3 University Christian Ministries 3 District Clergy Care Coach 4 Assistant Superintendent 4 Happenings Around the District 5 District Calendar 6

BC Yukon PAOC District @bcydist

Register Today! This conference is for you, His Bride!

BC/Yukon District and our Global Workers WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

Kirsten Arding (Europe)

Sheldon & Anna Armitage (Europe)

Dan & Mardell MacTavish (Romania / Spain)

Pascal & Caroline Bergeron (Haiti)

Bill & Linda Mercer (Mozambique)

Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio (Zambia)

Phil & Judy Bowler (Senegal)

Len & Marilyn Mittelstaedt (Tanzania)

Steve & Kathy Bowler (Malawi)

Rainer & Elizabeth Mittelstaedt (Sri Lanka)

Dave & Connie Buzikievich (East Africa)

Nelson & Lisa Monteiro (Brazil)

Dawn Ellwyn (Tanzania)

Christo & Sarah Emmanuel (Indo-Asia)

Peter & Arlene Paluch (Europe)

Tom & Laura Fodor (Brazi)l

Jeremy & Candace Postal (Canada)

Gerald & Pat Golbeck (Africa)

Karen Reed (Canada)

Bapu Desai & Frank Juelich (Prem Sewa Shikshan Sanghsia)

Joel & Avin Reimer (Cambodia)

Racheal Komant (Rwanda)

Jonathan & Vera Willoughby (Sri Lanka)

BCYD Global Worker Updates Kirsten Arding Kirsten is now serving in Eurasia, as a personal assistant to the Director of Mission Europe as well as the Short-term Missions Co-ordinator of the region. Pascal & Caroline Bergeron The Bergeron’s are preparing to leave for Haiti in 2014. They will work as emergency relief and development workers with ERDO, to find creative ways to meet basic human needs, develop sustainable economies and revitalize community life and equip capable leaders.

Frank Juelich / Bapu Desai Frank and Bapu are visiting many of you as they travel across Canada. Thank you for your hospitality! Nelson & Lisa Monteiro The Monteiro’s are in BC until January! Nelson and Lisa are serving in Brazil, working with One27, a local church based institute that works to bring holistic transformation to children and families in needy communities. Nelson and Lisa can be reached at

The Result of “One Great Idea” Ken Russell, District Superintendent Levi Strauss came to America in 1847. In 1853 he opened a wholesale business in San Francisco and began making sturdy work pants for miners. In 1872 a key event occurred. A Nevada tailor wrote to him suggesting he make some work pants “with rivets to reinforce the seams”. Levi Strauss knew a good idea when he heard one. He hired the tailor Jacob Davis, and in 1873 the company began producing riveted blue denim jeans and jackets. As of the year 2003, Levi Strauss & Co. is the world’s largest clothing manufacturer. Their product is so popular that the brand name Levi’s is often used to refer to any pair of blue jeans; like Coke is sometimes used to refer to any soft drink, Kleenex to any tissue, and Band-Aid to any bandage. Levi Strauss was willing to take advice from a Nevada tailor, and one great idea produced huge success. Stale Christianity and spiritual boredom has hindered the mission of many churches across Canada. Repetitious discipleship, routine worship, and cyclical programs have demotivated believers from missional experimentation and innovation. Most of us don't attend “Mega Churches” who have a budget and staff for weekly productions, so we must accept the fact that missional creativity and innovation is possible for everyone, not only the affluent. Let’s explore five myths about missional creativity and innovation: Myth #1. Creativity is only used during a worship service. Wrong! Creativity and artistic expression during corporate worship is important, but they aren’t mutually exclusive from the missional priorities of a church. Fresh expressions of human imagination must be deployed in every part of church life and ministry. Creativity is the ability to see things from a different perspective and show that vantage point to other people (especially non-believers). Jesus, in His parables, showed true creativity. He saw the Kingdom of Heaven from several different perspectives and helped illustrate that to various people. A good story or visual illustration is the perfect manifestation of creativity.

Joel & Avin Reimer Joel & Avin work in Cambodia and are back in BC for a couple months awaiting the birth of their baby in September!

Myth #2. Creativity is expensive. Wrong! While creative churches like Willow Creek and Lakewood Church have pretty big budgets for media, technology, and production; there are many churches that do amazing things with little to no money. Missional creativity and innovation is about “Ideas” not “Money”. Creativity isn’t about fancy gadgets and technology. It isn’t even about facilities or physical resources. It’s about using fresh ideas to present the gospel, so that ordinary people would be introduced to Christ. It’s about pushing through the resistance and limitations of your current routines so that people would hear, see, feel, touch, and smell the beautiful fragrance of Jesus Christ our Savior. Myth #3. Creativity is time-consuming. Wrong! Creativity is not time consuming, but it does require some extra thought and the use of your imagination. Anything that’s worth doing requires an investment of time, energy and ingenuity. My father drilled this saying into my head, “Kenneth, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Creativity is not time-consuming, but it does require good planning and diligent implementation. Myth #4. We don't have any “creative” people in our congregation. Wrong! You would be surprised how many creative and innovative people attend your church, right now. Often, these innovators remain silent in church because they don’t want to assert themselves or push their creative ideas. But if you begin deploying creative ideas in your church, they will come out of the shadows. These creative volunteers will show up early and stay late to help make events at your church come alive with originality, vision, passion and artistry. Myth #5. Only young people are creative and innovative. Wrong! Creativity is not limited by age or generational boundaries. While it may be true that some of us “older people” are more prone to developing patterns and routines in life, older people can be very imaginative, enterprising and resourceful. As someone once said, “There’s nothing ‘new’ under the sun; ‘new ideas’ are merely rebranded and repackaged concepts of the past”. Missional creativity requires the ability to re-invent and re-try evangelistic concepts of the past.

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Next Generation Ministries Next Generation Ministries Director

NGM: Dessert Night Fundraiser | November 7, 2013

Ben Johnson


As you are planning your Fall calendar, please save the date for November 7, 2013 for our annual Next Generation Ministries’ Dessert Night Fundraiser at Christian Life Assembly in Langley. This year’s theme will be, LEGACY + LIGHT. We will be celebrating the past 50 years of Next Generation Ministries in our District as well as sharing some exciting vision for our future. We really hope you will be able to be there in person.

Children, Preteen and Family Specialist Caroline Durocher-Bergeron

RSVP tickets can be confirmed at

Youth Alpha Film Series September 1st is the launch of the Youth Film Series. NGM is calling all of our District youth ministries and local churches to consider coming on board with this amazing opportunity for the Gospel. We want to reach the next generation with the good news about who Jesus is, and what He has done. Alpha’s Youth Film Series is 12 episodes designed to engage high school students in some of life’s biggest questions. It was filmed all over the world in cities like London, New York, Vancouver, and Jerusalem. It’s Alpha for a new generation. More than 20 million people around the world have experienced Alpha. It is one of the best tools available for people to explore and share their faith. The film series is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to create the atmosphere, invite friends, and be fully present during each session. Every episode has breaks for discussion, and shows a variety of youth and young adults from around the world speaking their minds about faith and God. This will set the stage for honest and open dialogue. By registering your course, you will have free access to ALL of our materials for planning, training, promoting and running Alpha with your group. If you have any questions about the Youth Alpha Film Series, please let our NGM office know and we will be more that happy to get you set up with this amazing FREE resource.

SPARK 2013 SPARK is an amazing conference for preteens that is focused on reaching grades 5-8 (ages 9-13). This is NGM’s tenth anniversary of producing SPARK and want to see you and your group there! We have been blown away by both the fun and spiritual impact these weekends bring as kids come and experience God and develop friendships. It has definitely been an event where students grow deeper in Christ, as well as an event they love to invite their friends to. Our theme for 2013 is, GO. It’s the Father’s heart to equip and send His children out in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in His love and grace. Our desire is to raise up young world changers and Historymakers; preteens who dare to live their faith for God and answer His calling to “GO and make disciples” (Matt 28:19). Join us on November 22-23 at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly for an exciting and impactful weekend. With speakers Chris Luff, Ben Woodman, Connie Jakab and Evan Allnutt, your students will be inspired and challenged, while connecting with friends from across BC. For more information, accommodations and to register, visit We hope that you are able to come and bring a group of preteens with you. Dream with us for preteens and believe that God can ignite amazing things in their hearts, NOW!


John Engels



LOWER MAINLAND: Over 200,000 post secondary students will be converging on BC campuses in September! Help connect students you know through our online campus locator at or contact our campus staff and volunteers listed on the right. Please pray with us:  For good connections with first year and new students who are arriving on campuses.  Students would take the opportunity to follow Jesus right where they are.


Seth Greenham Kailei Hines


Arthur Howard Kristen Hession Tyson Beesley Melanie Seow


Calvin Weber

John Engels

Lucas Mitchell Jordan Miller

UFV Kwantlen


Campus Ministries | Sunday, October 20, 2013 Sunday, October 20th is a suggested date for an opportunity for our local churches to highlight what is happening on BC’s post-secondary campuses. For media downloads, please visit our BCYD website:

Addison Lacasse


Jessica Penman


Jabin Postal


If you would like a campus rep to come share at your church service, please contact John Engels p: 604-533-2232, e:

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Matt Duffy James Perreaux Kyle Dyck

home and so I could see why they were concerned. “Well,” I began, “we have had this problem over the past two years and now it is worse.” They thought I was serious. I said, “All the clothes that we have hung in the closet off the master bedroom in the last two years are shrinking.” They were relieved that I was only joking, but then they became concerned that I would remain as one of their customers.

Physical Health - What’s a Boomer To Do? Jim Caruso, District Clergy Care Coach “May God Himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together spirit, soul, and body - and keep you fit for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ.” 1Thess. 5:23 Yes, we the Baby Boomers are taking centre stage in North America. We are the generation that populated the post World War II era, actually we were the first new population of the postwar era and then we began to populate it. We are retiring earlier than any other generation before us and with far more resources than any other generation. You might remember the ad on TV from the investment company that guaranteed a healthy income in our retirement years. Freedom 55 was the benchmark, but it is interesting that for many Boomers, it is actually Freedom 50 and for others Freedom in the late 40’s. So what do we do with this new found freedom? Well, we want to travel, eat, golf, eat, visit family, eat and build our dream home and eat. We are kind of like adolescent adults who want to do their own thing, and now we have the money and freedom to accomplish that. The problem with this new found freedom and indulgence is that our waistline is also expanding, as is the lineup at the doctor’s office and lab for our blood work. We know that a well-rested, exercised and fed body completes a balanced lifestyle and God is interested in your body continuing to be healthy as we head into these years of freedom. The body is more than the vehicle that transports the spirit and the soul; it demands machine-like maintenance. Scripture reminds us that, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If then your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” (Matt. 6:22). My wife and I are enjoying this dream although we are not retired. A few years ago we bought a house, a nice house, a house we could have used raising our kids, but at that time it was a house that we could not afford when we were raising our kids. I drove in to our modular home park the one day, (actually it is not a park, but a modular home estate), you see we owned a modular home, not a trailer; the difference is that they took the hitch and the taillights off after they delivered it. In actuality, it is an excellent home built to the same standard of any house built in any subdivision in our community. But we had a problem in our house. We contacted the sales people and told them that we had a problem with our closet off the master bedroom. I watched as their face dropped and their smiles disappeared, We never had a complaint about our

It is obvious the reason for the shrinking clothes was not the dark closet off the master bedroom, but the brightly lit kitchen housing the fridge and stove. This is another challenge that the Baby Boomer faces, not only are there a large numbers of us, but many are large in numbers. Obesity, diabetes and heart problems are overloading, (maybe not the best choice of words), but just the same, it is a large problem for our health care system. I, myself look forward to getting down to my perfect weight of 200 pounds; it worked well for me in Grade 2 and I have been trying to diet and exercise to connect with that weight again ever since. My wife put me on a diet a while ago. She said that I will lose 10 pounds a month; she figures that in two and a half years I’ll be completely gone. The idea of living for a long time is possible for the Baby Boomer. Health science has created all the spare parts that we need when our original parts wear out. Teeth, hips, knees, kidneys, lungs and hearts can all be replaced quite easily today. Vitamins, medications and exercise will also help us live longer. Sharon Promislo, President of Enhanced Learning & Integration Inc., Vancouver, suggests that, “If we want to help our body attain and maintain a state of emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing, it makes sense for us to do all of the following: moderate the stressors in our lives, eat right, sleep right, manage our time, exercise, and do brain/body balancers designed to give our system a chance to naturally manufacture the appropriate bio-chemicals necessary for a balanced state.” In one of the churches we pastored over the years, we had an elderly woman in our congregation. She would be turning 99 the following Sunday, but had fallen and was in the hospital the day before her birthday. She said, “Everyone wants me to live until I am 100 years old, but it is so boring.” The dream for many Boomers is to live forever. However life does not last forever on Earth, and while we are here, it need not be boring. Life does go on forever in Heaven, and in Scripture there is no indication that it is in the least bit boring. So get out and enjoy your Boomer life while you prepare yourself for the coming dinner with Jesus and the saints, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (PS: There are no dark closets in heaven with shrinking clothes.)

Assistant Superintendent, Dave Solmes @solmes_ SHOUT OUT! Today I want to give a Shout Out to our District church planters and church multipliers. Here is the news: Across our District of British Columbia and Yukon we see many families who are carving out new ground for the Kingdom of God. In the last few years church leaders have relocated to begin a cooperative journey of multiplication. They have moved to new neighborhoods, across the country, and some have moved across the oceans gripped with a great desire to see people from British Columbia, Yukon and the world evangelized and discipled. I give a shout out to them for their continued faithfulness and desire to be used by God. They have chosen a hard path, not because there is not something else they can do, but because they feel compelled by the Great Commission. Over the last 100 years, someone’s imagination was stirred and steps of faith taken to plant the 190 or so existing churches we have within our district. We benefit from their vision and determination. I pray that we would acknowledge and bless those same types of leaders who are in our ministerial ranks today. Perhaps this month you could call one of our planters, take up a home missions love offering for their kids going back to school, partner by sending some workers and musicians, consider a sponsorship for the next 12 months from home missions budget, and finally, simply pray that God would provide all they need to thrive. 2014 Upcoming Events:  District Day of Prayer for Church Multiplication: Sunday, March 23, 2014  Church Multipliers Retreat: May 30-31, 2014


FORTH COMING Our District Church Multiplication Launch Networks will:  be facilitated by church planters  work strategically in cooperation with existing pastors and church boards  teach core competencies of church planting  provide assessment and coaching for planting teams

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Happenings Around the District Transitions:

 Jerry Weekes:

 Jillian Anonby: Appointed as Community Youth Pastor of Logan Lake

Pentecostal Assembly and Highland Valley Baptist Church (Church on the Hill).  Freddy Batres: Called as Lead Pastor of Templo Betesda, Abbotsford.  Rod Bitterman: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Central Pentecostal Assembly, Chilliwack.  Dan Donkers: Appointed as New Generations Pastor of Richmond Pentecostal Church.  Joseph Dutko: Transitioned from New Generations Pastor to Christian Education Pastor of Richmond Pentecostal Church.  Richard Fox: Concluded as Prayer Ministries Pastor of Bethany Tabernacle, Whitehorse.  Dennis Helset: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Chetwynd Gospel Tabernacle and was called as Lead Pastor of Ocean View Christian Assembly, Port Alice.  Donna Henning: Concluded as Assistant Pastor of Point Grey Community Church, Vancouver.  Dustin Huguet: Concluded as Youth Pastor of Seaview Pentecostal Assembly, White Rock and was appointed Next Generation Ministries Pastor of Ladner Christian Fellowship, Delta.  Lester & Patricia Markham: Appointed as Prayer Ministry Directors of the BC/Yukon District, PAOC.  Alicia McCormick: Concluded as Children’s Pastor of Coquitlam Christian Centre.  David McCormick: Concluded as Assistant Pastor of Coquitlam Christian Centre.  Jack McNeil: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Summerland Pentecostal Church.  Lucas Mitchell: Transitioned from Youth Pastor to Assistant Pastor of Surrey Pentecostal Assembly.  Robert Mitchell: Called as Lead Pastor of Island Gospel Centre, Bowser.  Mark Moody: Concluded as Assistant Pastor of First Avenue Christian Assembly, Chilliwack.  David Nadon: Appointed as Assistant Pastor of Bethel Tabernacle, Ladysmith.  Angela Olson: Will conclude as Lead Pastor of Burnaby Christian Pentecostal Church (December 2013).  Anita Parks: Appointed as Congregational Care, of Seaview Pentecostal Assembly, White Rock.  Keith Parks: Concluded as Discipleship Pastor of Bethel Pentecostal Assembly, Mission and appointed as Senior’s Pastor of Seaview Pentecostal Assembly, White Rock.  Steven Pederson: Concluded as Youth Pastor of Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle, Williams Lake and was called as Lead Pastor of Watson Lake Community Chapel.  Cliff Siebert: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle, Quesnel and was called as Lead Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle, Vernon.  Rachel Siebert: Appointed as Youth Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle, Vernon.  Jesse Skarra: Appointed as Youth Pastor Chemainus Pentecostal Church.  Dwight Soleski: Reappointed as Lead Pastor of Pentecostal New Life Assembly, Castlegar.  Sarah Tilley: Appointed as Children’s Pastor of Burnaby Central Christian Assembly.  Beverley Tripp: Concluded as Chaplain of North Fraser Pretrial Correctional Center.  Henry Washington: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Burns Lake Pentecostal Church.

Concluded as Lead Pastor of Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Salmo.  Dennis Williamson: Concluded as Lead Pastor of Trinity Pentecostal Church, Fernie.  Ruben Valeny: Concluded as Field Pastor of Living Waters Church, Fort Langley and was appointed as Youth Pastor of Gateway City Church, Kamloops.

Churches in Pastoral Transition:  Alert Bay, Glad Tidings Church (Aboriginal)  Atlin Christian Assembly  Burnaby, Central Christian Assembly (Cantonese)  Burns Lake Pentecostal Church  Chetwynd Gospel Tabernacle  Chilliwack, Central Pentecostal Assembly  Fernie, Trinity Pentecostal Church  Kitamaat Village, Haisla Pentecostal Church (Aboriginal)  Prince George, Hart Pentecostal Church  Princeton Pentecostal Tabernacle  Quesnel, Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle  Salmo, Crossroads Christian Fellowship  Summerland Pentecostal Church  Surrey, Revival Church (Korean) Regional Pastorates:

 Anahim Lake Chapel & Bella Coola Pentecostal Assembly (Aboriginal)  Port Clements, Cedarview Community Church & Queen Charlotte, Bethel Assembly

visit our website for other ministry opportunities (

Memorials:  Paula Ann McIntyre passed into the presence of her Lord on July 25

after a ten year battle with cancer. She served in ministry with her husband Shane in Australia, and after moving to Canada in 1993, in Vancouver and Trail. Paula is survived by her husband Shane, Daughter Eleasah, son David, Parents Rod and Pam Lihou, sisters Diane Marks (Dave) of Brisbane Australia, Janice Lenaduzzi (Paul) of Brisbane Australia as well as nieces, nephews and other relatives. A memorial service was held at Gateway Christian Life Centre, Trail on July 31, 2013.

Births:  Joseph & Mel Bott are happy to announce the birth of their son, Caleb Jeremiah born July 22.

 Steve & Kristie-Ann Pederson are happy to announce the birth of their son, Aiden Cole Pederson born June 28.

 Matt & Amber Price are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Zala Mateja born July 23.

Prayer Ministries, Les & Pat Markham We are the newly appointed BCYD District Prayer Directors and because we know prayer is vitally important, we have accepted this opportunity. We are currently looking into ways that we can enhance prayer ministries in the District which include ways to use the District website as well as other social media tools. As well we will also be meeting with our Cluster Leaders at our BCYD Cluster Leadership Retreat (Oct 7-9, 2013) to promote prayer at the District level. You will soon receive a three question survey for your input to help us know how we can best serve you and your church. You can reach us via email,

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District Calendar SEPTEMBER 2013 20-21 BCYD: Women2Women Conference, Prince George 23-24 BCYD: District Leadership Team Meetings 26-28 BCYD: Native Pastors/Leaders Summit, Terrace 27-28 CLA: Church Conference, Langley

(November 2013 continued…) 7 NGM: Dessert Night Fundraiser, Langley 10 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church 22-23 NGM: Spark Pre-teens Conference, Abbotsford 25-27 BCYD: District Leadership Team Meetings

OCTOBER 2013 3-5 God’s Garden Church Conference, Victoria 5 BCYD: The Worship Clinic, Victoria (postponed) 7-9 BCYD: Cluster Leadership Retreat, Stillwood Retreat Centre 18-19 PAOC: Global Summit, Langley 18-20 Grand Forks “Awaken” Youth Conference 20 BCYD: University Ministry Sunday, District-Wide 21-23 BCYD: Licensed Ministers Network #2, Stillwood Retreat Centre 25-26 BCYD: Women2Women Conference, Surrey 25-26 Campus Fire Conference, Surrey 25-27 Glad Tiding’s Adore Conference, Victoria

DECEMBER 2013 4 Summit Pacific College: Christmas Banquet (by invitation only)

NOVEMBER 2013 1-3 WPBC Alumni Reunion 1941-1973, Abbotsford 2 Summit Pacific College: Dinner & Auction


2014 Jan 17-19

BCCM: Emerge Retreat

Feb 21-22

Glad Tidings’ Illuminate Conference, Victoria

Mar 10-12 Mar 23 Mar 21-23

BCYD: Conference on the Ministry, Abbotsford BCYD: District Day of Prayer for Church Multiplication Summit Pacific College: More.14, Abbotsford

Apr 25 Apr 28-May 1

Summit Pacific College: Graduation Ceremony PAOC General Conference, Saskatchewan

May 16-18 May 30-31

NGM: Historymaker, Chilliwack BCYD: Church Multipliers Retreat, Abbotsford

September 27 - 28 Christian Life Assembly, Langley

November 22-23, 2013

Youth Conference

PENTECOSTAL CRUSADERS REUNION November 2, 2013 Braeside Pentecostal Camp, Paris, ON For more info and to register, please contact Ken Powell:

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada

FALL TRAINING EVENTS Cranbrook | Castlegar | Grindrod


ALUMNI REUNION 1941-1973 (North Vancouver Campus)

November 1-3, 2013 Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford

RSVP: 1-800-293-3717 | For additional resources, visit:

For more info and to register, contact: Pat Markham:

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? What are the evident characteristics of a person fully devoted to following Jesus? LIKE JESUS helps answers these questions and is a tool that can be used for personal and small group study and a good resource for a preaching series. The LIKE JESUS writing team is comprised of Dr. Jeff Beck, Dr. Rob Bedard, Dr. Chuck Coats, Dr. Mick Nelson, and Dr. Michael Wilkinson. Limited supplies are available, order your copy today by email to

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September 2013 bcyd fellowship news  
September 2013 bcyd fellowship news  

BCYD September Fellowship News