Bcm world march 2016

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BCM Ukraine:

Speaking Unchanging Truth to an

Ever-Changing Nation By: Lisa Biegert


hile BCM ministry in the Eastern European country of Ukraine has existed since 1993, political circumstances have recently changed, re-shaping ministries to meet needs of the Ukrainian people in their present circumstances. Because of ongoing conflict with Russia, some ministries such as the Mariupol orphanage have required temporary relocation. Also due to the conflict, outreach to soldiers and refugees

has become a priority. Ukrainian youth continue in need of guidance, discipleship, and mentoring, which has opened doors for youth centers and additional camps and Bible clubs. Church plants are blossoming, and new opportunities arise regularly for BCM Ukraine’s fifteen full-time missionaries to reach their compatriots. Read on to catch a glimpse of what God is doing in and through BCM Ukraine.