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ANNUAL REPORT June 2018 - 2019

“This organization sifts through the hype and actually does education and lobbying. I have relied on BCAction’s support of evidence-based research so that we can make the best decisions for our own care.

I think you will find that people who have been affected by this disease resent the organizations making a pink buck. I am grateful for Breast Cancer Action for blowing the whistle.” – Judy

Dear Friends and Supporters Our work over the last year has demonstrated, once again, that Breast Cancer Action is not your average breast cancer organization. Breast Cancer Action and its members consistently and fearlessly challenge the breast cancer industry and its business-as-usual practices that, despite billions of dollars spent, have not changed the fact that too many people continue to die of the disease. In 2019, the number of breast cancer deaths is expected to reach 42,260 in the U.S. alone. We call out breast cancer industry practices, and we mobilize our members to action on legislation and federal policies that impact people living with or at risk of breast cancer. This is exactly what we did over the last year – from calling out mammoth automaker Ford Motor Company for prioritizing gas-guzzling vehicles that emit breast cancer-causing chemicals, to pushing the FDA to make sure women are informed about breast implant risks, to working side by side with the ACLU to prevent an end run around the 2013 Supreme Court ruling banning human gene patents. Today our work is more critical than ever given growing policy and environmental threats to public health. Our members and supporters know that we look past the rhetoric—and see through the pinkwashing!—to talk about what’s really going on. And we provide the tools to take action and help change the status quo. Breast Cancer Action is the watchdog for the breast cancer movement and we remain constantly vigilant. We’re poised to mount a rapid response to both threats and opportunities, and our track record reveals our outsized impact, thanks to our engaged and activist membership. By connecting the dots across issues, we bring together people affected by breast cancer with the wider social justice movement in order to address and end the breast cancer epidemic once and for all. Our independence ensures that the information we provide is always unbiased and focused on the needs and interests of the people directly affected by the breast cancer epidemic. We couldn’t do this work if we took money from corporations that profit from or contribute to breast cancer. Thanks to your support, we don’t have to ever compromise our commitment to women’s health. YOU make our work possible. Thank you,

Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

Peggy Huston, Chair, Board of Directors





As a trusted watchdog for the breast cancer community, we’re always prepared to

mount a rapid response to keep both our members and the general public informed. We’re known for being well-prepared, well-informed, and agile. We engage our national members, helping them understand key breast cancer issues and providing them with ways to contact decision-makers to ensure their voices are heard— whether by email, text, social media, or direct action. This year we took the lead, in partnership with the ACLU, to block a bipartisan Congressional effort that would have undermined the 2013 Supreme Court ruling against patenting human genes. Our Executive Director met with top staff in the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Kamala Harris to inform them of the effort and urge them to oppose it. We also encouraged our members to reach out to their Congressional representatives and urge them to resist any attempts to undermine the limit on gene patents. We’re poised to respond to new developments should the proposed changes in the bill language move forward.


Through our long-standing participation in the Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition, we supported testimony at the FDA hearings on breast implants that focused on the link between implants and a rare form of cancer, Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Together we called on the FDA to take strong action to ensure that anyone considering breast implants be informed of the risks and potential harms. Breast Cancer Action has long worked to uphold high, patient-centered approval standards at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and we evaluate new breast cancer treatments to assess whether they help people live longer or feel better. Too often, companies push experimental drugs for early approval even before they have been shown to be effective for patients. We write blog posts analyzing new treatments, send comment and testimony to the FDA, and are a go-to resource for the media reporting on new studies.


CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND THOUGHT LEADERSHIP • We attended and spoke out at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS). We believe that research should center patients’ interests and concerns, and we report back with daily blogs from the conference. Additionally, our executive director was one of the top five Twitter influencers for SABCS, providing real-time commentary and critical analysis of the breast cancer research presented to thousands of participants and observers alike.


As a respected authority on breast cancer, Breast Cancer Action frequently

weighs in with opinion pieces and serves as an expert source for journalists around the country on important breast cancer topics. This year, we received coverage by respected local and national media such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, Grist, Vox, WKYC, KPIX and more. We also wrote frequent blog posts and reached out daily to our large Twitter and Facebook audiences with information, analysis, and ways to take action—after all, our motto is “Do something besides worry.”

• We participated in the American Association of Cancer Researchers’ first ever Conference on Environmental Carcinogenesis in North Carolina. In addition to getting updates on the latest science, our executive director provided our perspective and challenged some prevailing assumptions through questions and comments both at the mic and in real-time Tweeting. Many other attendees told us they appreciated the fact that we were keeping researchers accountable to real-world change. • We were invited to “Healthcare in the Era of Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges,” organized by the New York Academy of Sciences. As the focus of precision and personalized medicine increasingly looks to big data for answers,we push past the hype and call for important privacy, ethical, and equity protections.

In our role as a thought leader, we participated in a number of events and conferences across the country. • Breast Cancer Action was featured at a Lunch and Learn at the North Carolina Institute of Medicine organized with the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities. We were joined by local officials, decision makers, and community leaders.





DISRUPTING PINK RIBBON CULTURE We provided a platform for our members to call out Walgreen’s “Battle Beautifully” initiative, which


Our 2018 Think Before You Pink® campaign, “Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer,” called out automotive giant

Ford Motor Company’s flagrant pinkwashing. Ford’s cars produce exhaust that increases the risk of breast cancer, while the company touts its “Ford Warriors in Pink” program. Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer was endorsed by over two dozen environmental, women’s health and consumer groups, and received wide media coverage. We delivered 45,000 petitions to Ford’s worldwide headquarters in Detroit. While there, we spoke at a press conference outside the North American International Auto Show, and co-led the protest during the presentation by Ford’s chairman.

included a deeply problematic promotional video. In a blog post for our website titled “Now Walgreens Wants us to Battle Beautifully,” Brandi McFarland, one of our members, described the campaign as “… offensive, triggering, and insulting. It’s minimizing and demeaning one of the hardest things anyone can go through in their life, implying I should somehow have the energy to do yoga and wear makeup when I’m on the edge of death.” The piece received a powerful response and our work and the voices of our members resulted in a win: Walgreens removed a video about the campaign from Facebook, modified their language, and reduced advertising and their use of the “Battle Beautifully” slogan.

“I absolutely LOATHE this commercial.

Thank you, Brandi for telling it like it is for so many of us who have/had breast cancer… This commercial was so offensive to me that I changed drug stores and I am no longer a Walgreens customer.” – Vicky

“I find this ad shockingly insensitive as a suffering, bald, stage IV victim of cancer.”

– Linda

The Social Innovation Academy spotlighted our Think Before You Pink® campaign as one of “8 Social Innovation Movements

That Went Viral.”







Since our founding 29 years ago, we have worked to identify and eliminate the root causes of breast cancer. Too

often women are shamed and blamed for their breast cancer by the mainstream focus on individual lifestyle choices and behaviors. We work for broad systemic change that addresses breast cancer as a social justice issue and a public health crisis, because the evidence shows that environmental exposures outside of our individual control are increasing the risk of breast cancer. The rapid expansion of fossil fuel production in the U.S. in the last decade threatens to expose millions of people to chemicals that may increase the risk of breast cancer. That’s why we took a leadership role in Brown’s Last Chance, a coalition of more than 750 environmental, social justice, faith-based, health, labor, and community groups that called on California’s Governor Jerry Brown to take strong action to protect public health from the harms of fracking and dangerous drilling in his last year in office. Using the Global Climate Action Summit as an opportunity to bring a global spotlight to our demands, we worked with our coalition partners to escalate the pressure on Governor Brown. We hosted public forums

and webinars, and sent emails and postcards to encourage members to sign the petition to Governor Brown. We gathered thousands of signatures. Our executive director risked arrest in Sacramento by standing with members of frontline communities demonstrating outside the governor’s office. We led a contingent of local members at the Rise for Climate Jobs and Justice March. And we collaborated to lead a mass-action at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, action that received widespread media coverage. As a leading voice in the movement, Breast Cancer Action helped connect public health with environmental concerns about fossil fuels. The campaign successfully changed the conversation about Governor Brown’s legacy and highlighted the need to focus on fossil fuel supply, not just demand and consumption. Building on the success of Brown’s Last Chance, we worked with the leadership team to pivot to California’s incoming Governor Newsom, renaming this powerful and diverse coalition, The Last Chance Alliance (LCA). LCA, which today includes over 800 member groups, is putting pressure on Governor Newsom to end fracking and dangerous drilling. Breast Cancer Action is a leading health organization in the Alliance.





For nearly three decades, we’ve been a leading voice calling for compassionate, culturally competent, evidence-based, affordable breast cancer treatment for everyone. Breast Cancer Action has been advocating for passage of the Lymphedema Treatment Act since 2014. Lymphedema is a painful disability that is a side effect for one in five people treated for breast cancer. The Act would require coverage of medically necessary supplies that aren’t covered by Medicaid or most insurance plans. This year we stepped up our efforts in response to procedural changes in Congress, and called on our members to urge their representatives to support the Act. This year we hosted a webinar, At Cancer’s Margins: Sexual and Gender Marginality in Cancer Health and Experiences of Care. The webinar identified barriers to breast cancer care and treatment experienced by gender and sexual minorities, and offered recommendations for improving care.

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Breast Cancer Action is and always has been an important, evidence-based resource for people living with and at risk of breast cancer. Newly diagnosed

people and their loved ones can count on us to provide balanced, understandable, compassionate information about breast cancer research and treatment options. And we push for a research agenda and health policies that are responsive to the breast cancer communities’ needs and interests.

Breast Cancer Action looks past the hype to independently evaluate new breast cancer drugs. This year, in addition to many other treatment topics, we wrote a series of articles about atezolizumab (Tencentriq), the first immunotherapy drug for breast cancer approved by the FDA. Atezolizumab was unveiled with fanfare, but we cautioned that it was expensive and has serious side effects. We offer information that can’t be found elsewhere, including our new What You Need to Know About Metastatic Breast Cancer info sheet, which counters common myths about breast cancer that metastasizes, or spreads beyond the breast to vital organs. We also provide one-on-one information and resources free of charge to anyone who needs it. We don’t provide medical advice, of course, but our experienced and compassionate staff fields hundreds of calls and emails a year from people who’ve just received a cancer diagnosis (or their caregivers), and are looking for information about possible treatment options or complementary therapies, free of industry influence. A breast cancer diagnosis brings countless deeply-personal and lifechanging decisions, and we believe that everyone deserves unbiased, understandable, patient-centered information to decide what is best for them.

“Treating each other with respect and kindness is not a given in today’s world. When organizations practice these

behaviors it makes others feel better. I am appreciative of the mission and philosophy of Breast Cancer Action for espousing these virtues. Thank you for being a compassionate resource.” – Antonia


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THANK YOU DONORS & SUPPORTERS Includes gifts $250 and above between July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. Please contact Development Manager Lopa Pal at lpal@bcaction.org for errors or omissions. $25,000 and up  The 11th Hour Project: A Program of the Schmidt Family Foundation / Lesbians for Good of the Horizons

Foundation / Woodtiger Fund / 1 Anonymous donor $10,000-$24,999

 Dr. Sarah Douglas / Ambassador James C. Hormel

and Michael P. Nguyen / Karen Klein and Ben Golvin / Debra and Andrew Rachleff / Angela and Samuel Schillace / The Watson Trust at the East Bay Community Foundation / Barbra Wiener / Laure Woods $5,000-9,999  The Coleman Family Foundation / Cowles Charitable Trust / The Gaea Foundation / Peggy Huston / Rachel Morello-Frosch and David Eifler / Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris / Jan Sobieraj / Local Independent Charities of America § / Mike Vanni / Jane and Stacey Zones / 1 Anonymous donor $2,500-4,999  Donna Brogan / Butler High School / Chevron Corporation § / Donna Dubinsky and Len Shustek / Hallie Cohen / Karen D. Glikman, Jerene DeLaney, M. C. Duboscq, Glikman Associates / Dorothy Geoghegan / Janet Hendricks / Sue and Kurt Jaggers / Mechanics Bank / Paulette Meyer and David Friedman / Ginger Oros/ The Peleh Fund / Dorothy Polash and Kevin Edwards / Valerie and Michael Russell / Marjel Scheuer / Julia Shaw / Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson / Karen Tate and Charles Krenz / Taubert Memorial Foundation / Stefanie Trenchard / The Winston-Salem Foundation / Zeno Levy / 2 Anonymous Donors $1,000-2,499

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We refuse corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to breast cancer. Your gift is essential to supporting our work to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer. Thank you!



By phone: Please call us at 415-243-9301 or 877-2STOPBC toll-free

Monthly Giving: Join the Susan Stone Circle of monthly donors to sustain our work over the long haul.


By mail: Breast Cancer Action 275 Fifth Street, Suite 307 San Francisco, CA 94103

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Online: Go to bcaction.org/donate tomake a secure online donation.

Barbara Brenner Rapid Response Fund: Support BCAction’s ability to quickly respond to emerging issues in breast cancer.

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Start a “Don’t Pink for Me” Page: Tell your friends and family “Don’t Pink for Me” and ask them to make a donation to BCAction in your honor instead. Stock Donation: Transfer a gift of stock or other securities to BCAction. Susan Claymon Advocacy Fund: Support BCAction’s ability to advocate for systemic change.


TAKE ACTION Breast Cancer Action works on a range of issues, including advocating for less toxic, more effective, more affordable treatments for women living with and dying from breast cancer; ending our exposures to toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer; and taking a stand against corporate pinkwashing. We work to see that every woman has access to evidence-based, affordable, culturally competent healthcare and we work to eliminate the social inequities in breast cancer outcomes. Our power is in our members. Take action at bcaction.org. GET UPDATES Make sure you don’t miss any of our action alerts on important campaigns to help address and end the breast cancer epidemic. Sign up for updates at bcaction.org/signup.

WEBINARS We host free webinars featuring topic experts who offer independent, unbiased information on important breast cancer issues, including mammography screening, health inequities, and environmental links to breast cancer. Check out our free webinars at bcaction.org/resources/webinars. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Get your daily dose of truth-telling news and analysis about the latest issues in breast cancer. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/BCAction and Twitter at twitter.com/bcaction. MAKE A DONATION Breast Cancer Action will never take corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to breast cancer. Your support makes our work possible and keeps us independent. Donate online at bcaction.org/donate.

Board of Directors FY 2018-2019 Paris Adkins-Jackson Abigail Arons Sharon Barrett Mary Ann Burg Amy Cho Laura Hamasaka Peggy Huston Gail Kaufman 275 Fifth Street, Suite 307 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-243-9301 Toll free 877-2STOPBC (877-278-6722) bcaction.org thinkbeforeyoupink.org

Channte’ Keith Karen Klein Yamini Ranchod Belle Shayer (emeritus) Lee Ann Slinkard Nicole Villaluz Staff FY 2018 – 2019 Joyce Bichler, Deputy Director Zoe Christopher, Resource Liaison, Volunteer Program & Office Manager Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director Kira Jones, Communications Officer Kristen Keller, Office Associate Lopa Pal, Development Manager Rebecca Saltzman, Deputy Director Katrina Semich, Development Associate Chantelle Thomas, Development Events Coordinator Tony Van Houten, Database and Membership Manager

Support our work at bcaction.org/donate © 2019 Breast Cancer Action

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