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winter & spring 2021 | issue 6


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winter & spring | 2021

introduction Welcome to our winter / spring edition of Bluebird Days. We are excited for our upcoming holiday and ski season. The snow forecasts are looking very strong this year, so let’s plan on some great powder turns this spring. We are also thrilled to welcome our visitors who had to postpone ski trips earlier this year. This should make for a vibrant winter and spring season for Crested Butte. Nordic skiing will be very popular this season, with natural social distancing that occurs with the sport. Bluebird has created a new partnership with Crested Butte Nordic, a vital athletic and recreational center which hosts 50 kilometers of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails near town. They were instrumental in shining a light on our valley during the Covid crisis, extending their season, offering free equipment and lessons and promoting a positive outlook through outdoor activity. Please enjoy perusing our exclusive property listings and the feature story on Dr. Duane Vandenbusche, a local legend and the State Historian for Colorado. It’s not often that the storyteller gets interviewed, but it was one of the most special visits for our magazine to date. Finally, Bluebird will potentially double our sales from last year. Who would have thought following this pandemic, we would have a boom of this proportion? We are extremely grateful for the support of our community and our clients. Cheers,

Bud Bush Principal

On The Cover: “Nordic Friends” by Xavier Fane


issue 6


winter & spring events Crested Butte Mountain Resort Opening Day November 25th Make your reservation and kick off the winter season! To purchase lift tickets, go to

CB Nordic’s Thanksgiving Camp November 26th - 29th This Nordic Ski Camp offers intimate group clinics with personalized coaching that caters to all ability levels. To sign up, visit

Light Up Nights Begins November 27th Celebrate the holiday by watching businesses light the town simultaneously at 6pm. For more information visit

CB Mountain Theatre & The Center Present The Grinch December 17th-21st Get in the holiday spirit with this classic story presented as a play. For more information visit

12th Night Bonfire January 6th Warm up and recycle your Christmas Tree at the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce’s bonfire held at the 4-way. For more information visit 4

CB Nordic Center’s Alley Loop Marathon February 6th This Nordic race starts and finishes in the heart of downtown CB, winding through snow covered streets, alleys and bridges. Register at

Gothic Mountain Tour February 28th Get in shape with this backcountry ski race that travels around Gothic Mountain and finishes with a party in a backcountry yurt. For more information visit

Mountain Words Literary Festival Writer-in-Residence Program March 8th-April 11th Find your creativity as The Center for the Arts hosts the Mountain Words Literary Festival. Visit

Grand Traverse March 27th-28th A 40 mile backcountry ski race that climbs over 6,800 vertical feet from Crested Butte to Aspen. For more information visit

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Closing Day April 4th Enjoy the sun, music and costumes. Sunday is the last day to ski or ride on the resort for the season!

Experience Colorado's best cross-country skiing and snowshoeing Naturally Distant, Naturally Beautiful







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winter & spring | 2021

market snapshot We are elated to report that life as we knew it before Covid is resuming in the Crested Butte area! Our county has been deemed one of the safest in the state. The town experienced a busy summer, and the real estate market is booming. Most sectors made up for lost business from the spring. Restaurants opened outdoor seating and retailers experienced thriving sales as visitors flocked to our area for a welcome respite from lockdown this spring. Our municipalities’ building permit and tax revenue exceeded budgets. Overall, we are grateful that this rebound has reinvigorated our people and our businesses. Experienced realtors who have been practicing for decades indicate that this selling season has eclipsed the spike in sales that occurred when the ski resort last sold in 2004. Our real estate market is thriving and year to date sales are overtaking the activity from last year. Sales volume in the Crested Butte vicinity is up 30 percent over the previous year at $207 million. Bluebird leads the market with over 34 percent of total sales activity. The average selling price in the north valley is peaking above $785,000. Properties selling over $1 million are peaking as well. Sales are up over 50 percent from last year with $145 million in volume. Bluebird leads the luxury market in sales with 53 sales over $1 million year to date. In summary, sales are increasing, prices are rising and the inventory of available homes is being absorbed at a record pace. Historically, visitors make several trips to the area and shop for properties over several seasons. This summer, buyers are coming to town and surveying the listings and committing to purchase the best available property at the time. There is definitely more urgency in the market, as purchasers are accelerating their plans to live life the way they envision – in a beautiful place like Crested Butte.


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We are driven by successful results for our clients and leading market share in our region. Our mission is to professionally procure the sale of a property on your behalf at the best price, as efficiently as possible, in a smooth and seamless transition.

market leader Bluebird leads the market with an average of $13.1 million in sales per agent, making up 34% of the total market share in area sales volume, and totaling $98 million in luxury property sales thus far in 2020.




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*Per CREN MLS, October 2020


winter & spring | 2021

crested butte life photography by meyvn creative


issue 6



winter & spring | 2021


issue 6



winter & spring | 2021




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issue 6


by bud bush

here are lots of stories, but what about the storyteller? These stories have to come from somewhere, and how do they subsist through the ages? Well, this is a story about the best storyteller in our region, Dr. Duane Vandenbusche. Many of us have been fortunate enough to hear fascinating historical recaps from Dr. Vandenbusche about heroic expeditions from mineral extractors to mail carriers or the inventions of extreme snow skiing jumps and descents that originated in the Gunnison Valley. Duane Vandenbusche is an accomplished historian, professor, author, lecturer and track coach, but he is also a genuine and charming man who pervades love and a kindly willingness to share his knowledge and experiences.

early life Duane was born to Belgian immigrants and raised in St. Nicholas on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a dairy farm, a locale he refers to as the second most beautiful area in the United States. Can you guess his number one destination? Here’s a hint: he arrived in the Gunnison Valley in 1962 to work at Western Colorado University and never left. He was the second person from his community to attend college, and he credits his parents for his determination and work ethic. Following his undergraduate work at Northern Michigan University and graduate degrees from Oklahoma State University, Dr Vandenbusche recollects, “I arrived in Gunnison around Labor Day in 1962. The first night I happened


in to the Coach Light for a glass of beer and noticed a picture of a ski jumper over the bar. I said to the bartender, that looks like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or even Escanaba.” It turns out both Duane and John Grodesky were from the same town, so it was a sign that this was the place to be.

coach and mentor Starting as a history professor, Vandenbusche’s role evolved to include coaching track, earning twelve national titles in cross country and producing four Olympic runners. Early on, Dr. Vandenbusche helped the track team on the sidelines by clocking the runners. His continued hard work and dedication was noticed and he was quickly assigned to head coach. Dr. Vandenbusche brought women’s track, cross country and skiing to the Gunnison Valley at Western in 1982. He grew up with five sisters who were all good athletes, but they could only be involved with cheerleading. Duane always thought this was unfair. Once given the green light at the university, he recruited female athletes from all over the country. He treated the women just like the guys. It was a level playing field where everyone received the same stipend, the same room allotments and the same workouts. Duane reflects, “Women are tougher than men. Try giving birth. I had a female athlete return to me after twenty years, and she said, ‘Coach, you kept us safe.’” She was grateful for an equal opportunity and for being made to feel comfortable and confident in her athletic endeavors.

winter & spring | 2021

health and life Dr. Vandenbusche is 83 years old, but he could probably take down someone half his age. He is in excellent physical shape with short cropped hair, military posture and a steady twinkle in his eye. He listens intently and speaks with confidence and authority. His work out with weights takes place three times a week and he enjoys mountain biking and powder skiing for outdoor exercise. “On the farm, we didn’t have to work out. We were always bailing hay, moving grain or shoveling something.” He chose the Gunnison Valley and stayed here for those reasons, and because it wasn’t as cold and wet or as windy as Upper Michigan – and the sun shines a lot. All the good practices don’t provide any guarantees in life – remember expectations? How to handle cancer and divorce. In 2015, Dr. Vandenbusche was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s B Cell Lymphoma. He was given 65 percent odds by his doctor. Following six chemotherapy sessions and a couple of positive PET scans, he was gaining strength and skiing within a couple of months. “No one actually beats it. At the time I had 78 good years and a great life. My mental attitude was very important. If I stayed upbeat, I might be able to come out of it ok,” he remembers. At 29, Duane was briefly married for about a year. “Some people should not be married. I’m too independent. I like to come and go, and do the things I need to do.” Smiling he adds, “I’ve had many magnificent girlfriends, and I have remained friends with all of them.”


Coach Vandenbusche was steady and consistent with his students and athletes. There were three rules to follow in this order: 1. Be a good person, 2. Be a good student and 3. Be a good athlete.

Those episodes are history, and speaking of history, Dr. Vandenbusche loves to talk about history, especially history repeating itself. He says that the coronavirus will later be seen as a “blip in the radar.” Comparing recent misfortunes to the great depression and World War II, he concludes, “All we have to do is stay home, wear a mask and social distance. Those people didn’t eat. They starved. They went off to Europe or the Pacific for years and some never came back. No BMW’s (bitching, moaning and whining).”

He emphasized a quote from Great Expectations by Landon Jones, “The greater the expectations, the greater the disillusionment when the expectations are not met.” He emphasizes that hope and heart are the true sources of encouragement, where expectations are stifling. One of his favorite quotes is from Immanuel Kant, “There are truths of the heart that are greater than truths of the mind.” Vandenbusche told his athletes to follow their heart, follow their conscience and do what is right. “Two thirds through a race, your body may tell you that you need to slow down. Your heart will tell you there is more where that came from and you need to keep going.” He taught with praise, encouragement and reward, which was instilled with a sound work ethic by his hard-working farming parents. He recognized progress and achievement in anyone, not just the winners. “I was never a yeller or a screamer. The loudest sound coming from me was [clapping sound] the sound of applause.”


issue 6


Also, regarding repetitions in history, he suggests that the US should stay out of the Middle East. “We can’t impose our way or change their way.” He states the importance of science in advancing society, “Following the Renaissance and the acceptance of science and Greek and Roman learning, Western civilization took off.” Closer to home, Dr. Vandenbusche reflects on the most significant historical references from the Gunnison Valley, “It was probably the coming of the railroad— bringing goods to market from the farmers, ranchers and miners and the delivery of inbound supplies. The mining of coal was significant. And, the marble from nearby Marble was mined for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.”

philosophy From heart to history to home, Duane also acknowledges his spiritual foundation. “I guess I am a Pantheist [the universe and God are one in the same]. I am religious; I say my prayers every night. I was raised Catholic. A lot of things we don’t know we will never know. The French philosopher Rene Decartes says, ‘The universe can be explained by mathematics. All we have to do is find the numbers.’” Looking forward, Dr. Vandenbusche reviews the big picture regarding societal progression. With 7.5 billion people in the world, we have to be concerned with running out of water, land and food. And with climate change, some areas of the world are becoming uninhabitable. Populations are relocating. “We need right now a war on behalf of science, like the New Deal. We need to implement alternative energy sources and focus on food, water and population control and to address climate change. It’s the Malthusian Theory: food production goes up arithmetically, population goes up geometrically. In other words, food supply can’t keep up with the population, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride.”

It might be a little mind boggling, but at the other end of the scale, in contemplating his place in the world, Dr. Vandenbusche quotes Isaac Newton, “I see myself as a little boy walking along a beach now and then picking up a pretty stone while the vast ocean of unexplored knowledge lies in front of me.” He continues, “The pretty stones were calculus, the reflecting telescope and gravity in that quote. We don’t know anything.” Dr. Duane Vandenbusche has recently been named the Colorado State Historian, the first time the designation has been awarded to a resident of the Western Slope in its 95-year history. The post will blend well for Dr. Vandenbusche and his continued lectures, webinars and podcasts. He often speaks without notes, reciting names, dates and events in a remarkable way as if he was reading from an encyclopedia. “I’m just a poor old simple country boy who grew up in modest circumstances in the second most beautiful area of the United States in a Belgian farming community. Everyone’s last name started with a ‘V’. Everyone was off the boat. We grew up with no expectations but a lot of hope.” Quoting an adversary, Maurice Richard from the Montreal Canadians hockey team, he concurs, “Some days were good days and some days were bad days but there was never any day that I didn’t try my best. And that is the creed that I live by.”


Start your morning in the research lab and end your afternoon on the ski slopes. Western Colorado University delivers career preparation and a full liberal arts, engineering and computer science curriculum to 3,000 intellectually adventurous students in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

100+ academic tracks 7 graduate programs 17 | average class size

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Lenni & Bill Burke /


“Our giving in the Gunnison Valley is greatly enhanced when we partner with the Community Foundation. The CFGV team helps identify needs by working closely with local nonprofits and other organizations in the community. Our contributions leverage the Foundation’s knowledge and expertise to enable us to have a stronger impact. We’re delighted to have such a true community partner!”

Planting Seeds for a Brighter Tomorrow! Since 1997, the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley has been “Here for Good.” We use today’s dollars for today’s needs while developing, stewarding and preserving permanent resources for the future. CFGV’s ability to connect people and their passions with philanthropic goals to make a lasting impact on the Gunnison Valley is what truly sets us apart. Last year, we managed 85 funds and granted $787,469 to make our incredible community an even better place.

Are you “Here for Good”?

We look forward to starting a relationship with you today to make a lasting impact on the Gunnison Valley for years to come!

cfgv’s mission: to strengthen and enrich the community through engaged philanthropy, thoughtful grantmaking, strategic education and collaborative leadership.




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winter & spring | 2021

bluebird associates Meet the best and most experienced real estate brokers in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley! Bluebird associates live a culture of keeping the interests of our clients our highest priority by delivering exceptional marketing and focusing on successful results. Happy clients are a result of attentive listening, diligent care and making the transaction a pleasant and lasting experience.


issue 6


Joel Vosburg The Mountain Office Team Joel is a family man with two grown kids who love to explore the mountains and go on world adventures with him due to growing up in Crested Butte. With a big heart for real estate and service, Joel is a partner in the Mountain Office, a 30 year market leading team. He has served as Titan Booster Club President and is currently on the board of Living Journeys, a cancer support group in our community. “Joel provides truly tremendous service and has impeccable knowledge about the real estate market in the CB area.” Mickie Bragalone “His knowledge and expertise are exceeded only by his sound judgment and wisdom. We trust him, and we value his personal friendship and professional service.” c 970.209.1581

Cynthia Wolff Cynthia has been involved in real estate her entire life! She even had a real estate license her senior year of high school as her family owns a well-established brokerage in Houston. After graduating from Tulane, Cynthia attained her law degree from Louisiana State University and specialized in real estate. Enjoying life in Crested Butte for over 17 years, Cynthia loves the outdoors including hiking, skiing, and wildflower tours. She has competed in ten marathons and relays approaching 200 miles. In addition, Cynthia is community minded. She has served on the Mt. Crested Butte Metropolitan Planning Commission, the board for the Center for the Arts, and she is a current board member of the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley. Cynthia has two daughters who have who have chosen to now call Crested Butte home.

c 970.901.8184 22

M King

winter & spring | 2021

Dalynn Trujillo Dalynn is passionate about her family and athletic activities including golf, hunting and mountain biking. As a youth, she was a nationally ranked BMX racer! Her clients appreciate her persistence and dedication as well as her fun energy. Dalynn has been selling real estate for 18 years and has lived in Crested Butte for 29 years. While working for Prudential Real Estate, Dalynn won the President’s Circle award 3 years in a row, which is given to the top 7% of the 44,000 real estate agents licensed with Prudential. “Dalynn was wonderful to work with… [she] knows the market top to bottom, is very professional and incredibly responsive… our experience with Dalynn was amazing, I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

W Munginger

“It was a pleasure to work with Dalynn Trujillo… she is professional, pleasant and c 970.596.3397

equipped with a unique expertise… my recommendation is sincere and wholehearted!”

A Reid

Joe Summerville Joe has a passion for the outdoors which brought him to Crested Butte many years ago. Like other Crested Butte locals, he had planned on being here for one ski season which now has transpired into several years. Joe’s appreciation for helping others has landed him in the real estate industry. Providing a top level experience to clients is his highest priority. Joe’s creative thinking process, detailed market knowledge and an innate desire to help others make Joe a great choice for all of your Crested Butte real estate needs.

c 970.901.0950 23

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Jenna May Jenna’s passion for adventure and travel landed her in Crested Butte in 2015. After graduating from The University of Texas, she biked 4,600+ miles to Alaska to raise money for cancer research. Passionate about cultures outside her own, she pursues learning and societal experiences to strengthen her understanding of all people. Through hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence, she is in the top 15% of producers in all of Gunnison County and has experienced the fastest sales growth rate at Bluebird. “Jenna takes the extra steps to make certain that all aspects of the deal have been taken care of and provided us with much peace of mind.” Brett P “I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a strong agent in your corner.” c 970.901.3601

Andrew K

Lisa Lenander Lisa’s love for downhill skiing is what brought her to Crested Butte in 1983. Many of her clients have become friends and ski, golf and hiking partners over the years. Lisa is a conscientious professional who enjoys helping her clients navigate the local real estate market. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Gunnison/Crested Butte Association of Realtors and the Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce and currently serves on the Mt. Crested Butte Planning Commission. “Lisa’s kindness and expertise has made this a wonderful journey. She has played such an integral part in our adventure, and we are forever grateful!” TJ and Neil

c 970.209.1603 24

winter & spring | 2021

Jenny Knox Jenny has been a local real estate expert for over 20 years, as a broker and as the owner of a successful title operation. Working with a multitude of buyers, sellers, attorneys and lenders has provided her with experience in strategic areas important to representing clients as a real estate professional. She is very active in our community, and receives a lot of joy in seeing friends and clients fall in love with the year-round beauty of Crested Butte. “Our experience working with Jenny was excellent… with her guidance, finding and purchasing our condo was a breeze. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jenny again or recommend her to anyone looking for property in the area.” Katy W “It’s been my pleasure to work professionally with Jenny Knox in the Gunnison valley for almost two decades. Her local knowledge of the Crested Butte / Gunnison real estate markets and her professionalism are second to none.”

c 970.596.3402

Bill P

Rich Kelley Hailing from Minnesota, Rich Kelley brings over a decade of real estate experience to the Gunnison Valley. An avid outdoorsman, he is also a member of the Crested Butte/ West Elk Hockey Association and a volunteer for Adaptive Sports Center. As a dedicated Bluebird Broker Associate, Rich is deeply committed to delivering exceptional service to his clients. “I played College Hockey with Rich Kelley and it was fun to work with him on a professional level. Rich’s enthusiasm on the ice translates well to his high energy ‘get it done’ approach in real estate. Rich did a great job in advising us on the sale of our home and helped us purchase a lake home as well. He offered great staging ideas, followed up promptly with interested buyers and was willing to hold frequent open houses, which were well attended. Very happy with everything that Rich did for Deb and me!” Bill and Deb Kennedy

c 970.452.9854 25

issue 6


Charlie Farnan The Mountain Office Team A third generation Colorado native from the Denver area, Charlie graduated from Western State Colorado University. He remains active in his lifelong passion of teaching skiing, including 15 years as Ski School Director. A partner of over 30 years with the Mountain Office, he is currently selling Crested Butte’s finest neighborhoods including Smith Hill Ranches and Aperture. Charlie has a lifetime of friendships from years of working with buyers and sellers. He is a master of connecting people in a harmonious way. “Your knowledge and follow through was exceptional…we look forward to our next purchase with you.”

Rick Rodd and Debra Schnick

“…in the process learned as much about the area as he has decades of experience.” c 970.209.0609

Dan Estey Dan is a top producing professional and an avid mountain bike rider. Having moved from Boulder, Dan has logged miles from CB to as far away as New Zealand. Dan is a native of Maine and has a business degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. Known for his attention to detail, he is also an expert in and owner of investment properties. “…very professional and helpful on the entire sales process of our house and very easy to work with.” Richard and Brad Ferree “In over 40 years of buying and selling real estate, Dan Estey is by far the best agent with whom we have ever done business.” Deb Besemer

c 303.913.2357 26

Doug and Debbie McQueen

winter & spring | 2021

Maggie Dethloff In 1987, Maggie moved to Crested Butte from Winnetka, Illinois with skiing on her mind. Over 34 years later her love affair with the mountains continues. A topproducing broker in Crested Butte, Maggie emphasizes that it’s always about the people. Her motto is “I like to know everything about everything.” Maggie enjoys time with her grown kids, reading a good book, playing hockey, hiking and all that CB has to offer. Whether volunteering or serving on local boards, giving back to the community is very important to Maggie. She is currently the Membership Chair of the local Rotary Club and serves on the Crested Butte South Metro District Board. “Maggie, without exception, is one of the finest, smartest, honest, straightforward, and incredibly competent real estate brokers I have ever dealt with...”

Chuck C “Maggie is a very professional Realtor... She is an expert in market conditions and trends... Never pushy, always patient and knows exactly what her client’s needs and desires are. ” c 970.209.7880

Heart Woodranch

Corey Dwan Crested Butte Collection Team Leader Being a market leader means constantly evolving and investing in the future. Corey has been expanding his team’s presence over the last few years, and together, they have positioned the Crested Butte Collection as a leader in the local real estate market by ensuring all clients benefit from exceptional customer service and combined expertise in real estate, marketing and local knowledge. “Corey and his team are the only ones in the Gunnison Valley to consider representing you...They are extremely well connected in the area and often even have a buyer or a seller in mind before any transactions are made.” Brett and Katie Hubert “We are so glad we worked with Corey and his team... We originally reached out to several Realtors, but Corey was by far the most knowledgeable and responsive in the valley.” Carl Tucker

c 970.596.3219 27

issue 6


Trevor Bona There isn’t much Trevor doesn’t love to do. He is a true outdoor enthusiast. Trevor is also a professional drone pilot and a partner with Bluebird for aerial media. His friendly nature and passion for real estate shows through his lasting relationships with his clients. “Trevor was without a doubt, the right agent for us! We were immediately comfortable with Trevor, as it was clear from the beginning he wasn’t trying to just sell us any property, but that he was actually passionate about wanting us to find exactly what fit us and our vibe, and love it! Trevor’s ability to be so accommodating to our changing minds, extensive knowledge about all facets of the Crested Butte market, and hands on approach throughout the entire purchase process were imperative to the success of our search as ‘out-of-towners!’” Sarah R

c 970.319.5092

Jana Barrett Originally from Oklahoma, Jana has lived in the area for more than 35 years. Jana, her husband and 2 sons have truly enjoyed the great outdoors. From waterskiing to snowskiing and even hunting, Jana has experienced it all. Jana is a top producer with 30 years real estate experience specializing in unique properties throughout the valley. Jana’s expertise ranges from new construction to high-end luxury homes and ranches, from one end of the valley to the other. Jana really enjoys all the interesting people she meets along the way, while working with them to find their dream property. “Jana is delightful to work with and goes above and beyond what you would expect from a Realtor, recommending improvements, coordinating deliveries and helping to stage the condo in my absence.... Jana is a real pro and I highly recommend her services.” Ray Casey

“She is extremely personable and attentive....She was great to work with and we highly recommend her. She is the type of person you will remain friends with after your house is sold!” Bill & Monica Hahne

c 970.209.9510


winter & spring | 2021

Diane Aronovic Diane is a proud mom who loves the slopes and appreciates the diverse fabric of our community. As a former Wall Street trader, Diane is well versed in handling complex and sophisticated transactions. Her knowledge and expertise in the valley serve her clients well. “I would recommend her to any client who seeks a capable realtor with a great personality, wonderful sense of humor, and an unwavering can-do attitude.” Fred Paladino “Diane was exceptional and we highly recommend her. She did a masterful job and handled a delicate situation with ease…..We highly recommend Diane to anyone who is looking for real estate anywhere around Crested Butte.” Bobby Martin

c 970.209.0405

Karen Allen A 40 year resident, Karen feels Crested Butte is an incredibly beautiful and special place to live, work and play in every season. With 20 years as a real estate professional, Crested Butte continues to give her great pleasure to introduce her customers to a lifestyle that is both rich and rewarding, many of whom become good friends in the process. “She always made us feel like we were her top priority. We never felt pressure from Karen…only optimism, positive thoughts and support.”

Robert Welch and Shawn Zarecki

“We can’t imagine anyone going that extra mile for you more than Karen Allen!” Drew and Jill Grimes

c 970.209.2668 29

issue 6


office staff Kristin Fitzgerald Marketing Coordinator Kristin, originally from Oklahoma, had a love for the mountains at a young age and decided to move to Crested Butte after college. Kristin studied Graphic Design at John Brown University and specializes in brand strategy and social media marketing. You can usually find Kristin with her dog Rusty hiking in the beautiful Crested Butte backcountry.

c 918.606.8820

Jennie Barry Office Manager Jennie arrived in the Gunnison Valley in the fall of 1997. After graduating from Western Colorado University, she moved to Denver where she met her husband, Brian. In 2011, they returned to Crested Butte and Jennie joined the team at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. After 5 years in the Group Sales office, she decided to pursue a career in Real Estate. In 2017, Jennie became the office manager at Bluebird Real Estate. Her love for real estate inspired her to obtain her Real Estate License and Global Relocation certification. Jennie continues to expand her capabilities and truly enjoys being a part of the dynamic Bluebird Team.

c 970.275.0223

Bud Bush Principal Bud & his wife, Nancy, met when they were in high school chemistry class together in Houston, before settling in Dallas to raise their two boys. Bud enjoys everything outdoors as well as writing music and poetry. He sold real estate and managed several real estate offices in Dallas for nearly thirty years, prior to founding Bluebird. Bud is driven by creative marketing, inspired agents and happy clients. c 970.922.8550 30

This is the Place The space, views and privacy of a mountain home in a convenient location. Aperture is adjacent to the Town of Crested Butte with access from Gothic Road and Eighth Avenue and is only 2.5 miles from Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Year-round outdoor recreation, the Victorian charm of nearby Elk Avenue and exceptional neighborhood amenities are all at your fingertips. Homesites from .32 to .96 acres starting at $1,100,000. Build up to 5,000 sf home + 750 sf accessory dwelling. Only 23 homesites with a limited number still available.

Charlie Farnan

Joel Vosburg



issue 6


featured properties Enjoy previewing Bluebird’s listing portfolio and picture yourself taking in the views from one of these spectacular properties! From tranquil ranches to ski condominiums and premier mountain estates, Bluebird delights in “bringing dreams home” for you! See more photos and complete property details at

12 Timberland, Mt. Crested Butte, 9 BR, 10.5 Bth, 3 Car Gar, 7,111 SF, Spacious living areas, breathtaking views, access to the Homeowner’s ski trail, glassed in hot tub room to entertain all your guests, $4,000,000, Charlie Farnan and Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692 32

winter & spring | 2021

mt. crested butte

30 Belleview Drive, Mt. Crested Butte, 7 BR, 7.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 6,161 SF, Perfect for a big family or multiple families, 30 Belleview Drive is completely furnished with top of the line finishes throughout the entire property. Take in the sunset and incredible views on one of the five separate decks or beautifully landscaped hot tub and fire pit area. One of the finest luxury homes in Mt. Crested Butte! $3,999,000, Dalynn Trujillo, 970.596.3397 33

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8 Summit Road, Mt. Crested Butte, 4 BR, 5.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 5,707 SF, Custom-crafter timber frame home offered tastefully furnished. The unrivaled panoramic views extend as far as the eyes can see from down valley around to Mt. Crested Butte, $3,800,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 34

winter & spring | 2021

87 Anthracite Drive, Mt. Crested Butte, 4 BR, 6 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 4,919 SF, Elevator, Situated in a beautiful and mature aspen grove, enjoy the privacy, evening alpenglow, views, and close proximity to the ski slopes, $3,250,000, Jenna May, 970.901.3601 35

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20 Whetstone Road, Mt. Crested Butte, 6 BR, 5.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 4,267 SF, .77 acres, Located within walking distance to the bus, this spacious home enjoys big open views of the ski mountain & down valley. Great rental potential! $2,450,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

25 Cinnamon Mountain Road, Chalet Village, 4 BR, 6 full baths and 4 half baths, 1 Car Gar, 4,935 SF, Single family or duplex, total rental flexibility, fractional ownership available, $1,995,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 36

41 Cinnamon Mountain Road, Chalet Village, 4 BR, 2.5 Bth, 3,024 SF, Classic A-frame on an oversized Mt. Crested Butte lot, $1,199,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

winter & spring | 2021

crested butte rural / gunnison

4 moon ridge

4 Moon Ridge Lane, Moon Ridge Ranch, 4+ BR, 5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 5,711 SF, 2.68 acres, Tastefully appointed and meticulously maintained this spacious home is offered furnished. Spectacular views and extensive outdoor living make this home ideal for entertaining. Ride or walk to town on the convenient bike path, $3,490,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 37

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66 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Red Mountain Ranch, 4 BR, 4.5 Bth, Wine Cellar, 2 Car Gar + Barn w/ Caretaker Apartment, 6,968 SF, 35 acres, Custom finishes & tastefully appointed, this luxury home enjoys a peaceful & quiet setting and is offered furnished. Take in the majestic, mountain views from your expansive deck, $3,490,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 38

winter & spring | 2021

1472 Gothic Road, 4 BR, 3.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 3,523 SF, 7.28 acres, Surrounded by 140 acres of protected open space, this home takes you back in time. Fashioned after the original ranch house and overlooking a private pond, this beautiful home enjoys majestic views in every direction along with a quiet, peaceful setting. A paved driveway, water rights, barn/garage with caretaker apartment, $2,995,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880, Dalynn Trujillo, 970.596.3397 39

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10 Moon Ridge Lane, Moon Ridge Ranch, 4 BR, 3.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 2,494 SF, 1.33 acres, Located in Crested Butte’s most private and desirable neighborhood, $2,395,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

450 Oversteeg Gulch Road, Red Mountain Ranch, 3 BR, 2 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 1,680 SF, 35.11 acres, Custom built guest home, quiet seclusion, commanding views and national forest access, $1,199,999, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 40

7271 State Highway 135, Mitzel’s Green Acres, 3 BR, 2 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 3,571 SF, 1.76 acres, Raised ranch style home, minutes from Gunnison, $499,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

winter & spring | 2021

crested butte south

251 Neville Way, Crested Butte South, 4 BR, 3.5 Bth, 3 Car Gar, 5,680 SF, 1.28 acres, Perched high above Crested Butte South on 3 lots, $1,275,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

121 Cement Creek Road, Crested Butte South, 4 BR, 3 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 2,496 SF, Potential to rent lower level as a separate unit, $825,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

2445 Bryant Avenue, Crested Butte South, 3 BR, 2.5 Bth, 2 Car Gar, 2,308 SF, Newly built with a contemporary flair, the views will wow you! $818,400, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 41

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crested butte area condominiums

9 Hunter Hill Road, Black Bear Lodge Condos, Unit 209, Mt. Crested Butte, 3 BR, 3 Bth, Heated garage parking, 1,607 SF, Top floor, corner unit with vaulted ceilings, $825,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

721 Gothic Road, Out Run Condos, Unit P2, Mt. Crested Butte, 3 BR, 2 Bth, 1,264 SF, Beautifully finished condo within walking distance of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, $650,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 42

92 Aspen Lane, High Valley Condos, Unit 1B, River Bend, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 1,069 SF, 2 minutes from Downtown Crested Butte, No short-term rental restrictions, $529,000, Jenna May, 970.901.3601

winter & spring | 2021

620 Gothic Rd, Lodge at Mountaineer Square, Mt. Crested Butte, Ski In/ Ski Out, air conditioning, heated underground parking, Unit 404, 1 BR, 2 Bth, 889 SF, $535,000, Charlie Farnan and Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692 Unit 408, Studio, 1 Bth, 532 SF, Studio deluxe unit with balcony, refreshed with new carpet, furniture, bath and fixtures, $449,000, Charlie Farnan, 970.209.0609 Unit 510, Studio, 1 Bth, 400 SF, $327,953, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

400 Gothic Road, Wood Creek Condos, Unit 505, Mt. Crested Butte, 3 BR, 3 Bth, 1,197 SF, Across the street from Condo Shuttle and short walk to the ski slopes, $525,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581

12 Snowmass Road, Axtel Condos, Mt. Crested Butte, Ski-in /Ski-out, Unit 314, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 560 SF, $425,000, Unit 319, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 476 SF, $355,000, Charlie Farnan and Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692 43

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6 Emmons Road, Grand Lodge Condominiums, Mt. Crested Butte, Hotel with base area location and indoor/outdoor pool, Units 252 & 254, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 791 SF, $299,000, Unit 280, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 480 SF, $199,000, Unit 519, Studio, 1 Bth, 395 SF, $169,000, Unit 307, Studio, 1 Bth, 395 SF, $163,000, Unit 363, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 436 SF, $161,000, Unit 375, Studio, 1 Bth, 443 SF, $160,000, Unit 176, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 435 SF, $160,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 Unit 563, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 436 SF, $199,000, Unit 257, Studio, 1 Bth, 445 SF, $169,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581 Unit 580, Studio, 1 Bth, 487 SF, $179,000, Trevor Bona, 970.319.5092 Unit 575, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 443 SF, $179,000, Diane Aronovic, 970.349.6691

11 Emmons Road, Emmons Condos, Mt. Crested Butte, Ski-in / Ski-out,

251 Slate River Drive, Powderview at the Greens Condos, Skyland, New exterior,

Unit 328, 1 BR, 2 Bth, 681 SF, $425,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

Unit 2, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 854 SF, $405,000, Jenna May, 970.901.3601

Unit 323, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 560 SF, $350,000, Jenna May, 970.901.3601

Unit 3, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 854 SF, $375,000, Unit 4, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 854 SF, $375,000, Lisa Lenander, 970.209.1603

104 Pitchfork Drive, Mt. Crested Butte, 2 BR, 2 Bth, 912 SF, Local, affordable, deed restricted property, $365,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581 44

11 Hunter Hill Road, Mountain Edge Condos, Unit 306, Mt. Crested Butte, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 695 SF, Exceptional views of Mt. Crested Butte, $345,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

110 Pitchfork Drive, Unit A, Mt. Crested Butte, 1 BR, 1 Bth, 622 SF, HOA dues include heat, $189,900, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

winter & spring | 2021

mt. crested butte land

63 Cinnamon Road, 2.88 acres, Low density/ multi-family property or build your dream home with large guest house and garage that is ski-in/ski-out with amazing views and easy access to the base area and ski lifts! $3,200,000, Dalynn Trujillo, 970.596.3397

TBD Marcellina Lane, Villas at Mt. Crested Butte, 10 acres, 19 duplex or single family lots with amazing views of Crested Butte Mountain and ski area. All utilities are installed and the road is newly paved. Excellent development opportunity, $2,950,000, Charlie Farnan and Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692 45

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800 Prospect Drive, Prospect at Mt. Crested Butte, .94 acres, Surrounded by evergreen trees, views toward the Elk Mountain range, $599,500, Charlie Farnan, 970.209.0609

1 Summit Court Road, The Summit, .76 acres, Ski-in access with incredible views of town and valley, cul-de-sac location, $395,000, Charlie Farnan and Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692

37 Belleview Drive, Chalet Village, .51 acres, Build your dream home with spectacular mountain views on this level lot located on a quiet cul-de-sac! $335,000, Cynthia Wolff, 970.901.8184, Dalynn Trujillo, 970.596.3397

Overlook at Mt Crested Butte 1 Peakview Drive, .78 acres, Commanding views from this Mt. Crested Butte homesite, $335,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

38 Ruby Drive, Elk Run Estates, .57 acres, Secluded location in Aspen trees on a private access drive in Elk Run subdivison, $256,900, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581

5 Peakview Drive, 1.07 acres, Incredible views of the entire valley, $199,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 46

winter & spring | 2021

crested butte land

Aperture, the premier residential community bordering the Slate River and recreation path, with panoramic views of the neighboring mountains. Homesites range in size from 0.32 - 0.96 acres, surrounded by over 13 acres of open space. Walking trail and HOA pavilion completed summer of 2020. Easy walking distance to historic downtown Crested Butte across the Aperture Bridge, pictured above. Visit or call for current pricing, Charlie Farnan & Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692

422 Sopris Avenue, Crested Butte, .14 acres, One of a few remaining building sites in town. Level, ready to build and one block to Elk Ave, $849,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 47

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rural crested butte land

TBD Highway 135, Crested Butte, 111.4 acres, This elevated acreage enjoys 360Ëš views of the entire valley, no covenants, development potential, can subdivide with county approval, $2,950,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

Skyland 948 Ridge Road, 3.64 acres, This oversized lot in the Skyland area has incredible views, nestled in the aspen trees and overlooking the #3 fairway at the Club at Crested Butte and borders National Forest Service land. Building plans by Dan Murphy are offered with the sale, $1,395,000, Dalynn Trujillo, 970.596.3397 657 Ridge Road, 1.74 acres, Mature trees and majestic views of the valley and surrounding mountains, $997,000, 662 Country Club Drive, 2.1 acres, Located on a quiet cul de sac with easy trail access, $332,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 468 Country Club Drive, .73 acres, Unobstructed views to the golf course, $218,000, Karen Allen, 970.209.2668 48

winter & spring | 2021

530 Phoenix Way, Smith Hill Ranches, 35.95 acres, Beautiful view of the Slate River Valley, minutes from town and the ski area, utilities in place and water well drilled, $995,000, Charlie Farnan & Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692

1 Wright Ranch Road, 6.3 acres, Unobstructed views of Crested Butte Mountain, Gothic Mountain, Whetstone Mountain, and even Paradise Divide! Incredible options on this unique parcel include opportunity to build a main home, guest home, detached barn for storage all within minutes to town and within close proximity to the golf course as well, $799,000, Jana Barrett, 970.209.9510

665 Red Mountain Ranch Road, 36.14 acres, Breathtaking views, borders National Forest, $695,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

1383 Lariat Road, Lot #19, Danni Ranch, 36.25 acres, Build your dream home at the edge of a large aspen grove and national forest lands and fishing access on the East River. Pre-drilled well. Owner financing considered, $695,000, Jana Barrett, 970.209.9510

506 Nicholson Lake Ridge Road, Alpine Meadows, 1.64 acres, Peaceful & private setting with mature trees overlooking private Nicholson Lake. One of the most coveted subdivisions in the valley, $680,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 506 49

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725 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Red Mountain Ranch, 35.1 acres, Private yet easy-to-access homesite bordering a beautiful aspen forest, Incredible views of the valley and surrounding mountains, $600,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581

1626 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Red Mountain Ranch, 35.6 acres, building site nestled among mature aspen and pine trees, $395,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

342 Larkspur Loop, Larkspur, .24 acres, Unobstructed panoramic mountain views, $279,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

788 Lower Highlands Road, Crested Butte Highlands, 15.41 acres, Rare acreage offering, ready to build. Bring the horses! $369,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

61 Slate Lane, Meridian Lake Park, .34 acres, Quiet cul-de-sac, Mt. Crested Butte and down valley views, $199,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880


winter & spring | 2021

Crested Butte South 612 Zeligman Street, .46 acres, Unique fence-line location with expansive & unencumbered views, $199,000, 285 Neville Way, .44 acres, Panoramic views in the upper reaches of CB South, $159,000, 32 Watters Court, .4 acres, Down valley views & north to Paradise Divide, $159,000, 10 Huckeby Way, .5 acres, Over-sized Building site in active community with many amenities, $149,000, 246 Anderson Drive, .33 acres, Quiet neighborhood, gently sloping homesite, $125,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880 504 Anderson Dr, .49 acres, End of the street with great views overlooking CB South and the surrounding mountains, $169,500, Charlie Farnan, 970.209.0609 247 Anderson Dr, .33 acres, Nicely wooded lot with beautiful aspen trees and a great building site adjacent to open space, $164,500, Jennifer Knox, 970.596.3402 492 Zeligman Street, .36 acres, Unobstructed views of Whetstone and Red Mountains, excellent all-day sun, open space and views to the west, $159,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581 876 Zeligman Street, .34 acres, Incredible southern exposure with commanding mountain views, $115,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

305 Meadow Drive, Meridian Lake Meadows, 1 acre, Excellent views of Mt. Crested Butte, elevated building site adjoining open space, $159,500, Charlie Farnan & Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692

61 Appaloosa Lane, Buckhorn Ranch, 0.17 acres, Elevated home-site, $119,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

Acme Mining Claim, 9.84 acres adjoining National Forest and Copley Lake, $127,500, Charlie Farnan & Joel Vosburg, The Mountain Office, 970.349.6692 51

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almont / gunnison land

156 Rainbow Run, Lot 4, Gunnison, 3.26 acres, Excellent fishing and hunting property with private fishing on 2 miles of the Gunnison River, $710,000, Joel Vosburg, 970.209.1581

TBD W Denver Avenue, Gunnison, 14.28 acres, Irrigated meadow, build up to 3 houses, $695,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

15 Castle Road, Lot 15, Star Mountain Ranch, 40 acres, Castles, Anthracites & Carbon Peak views. 375 common acres with fishing/hunting access, $250,000, Jana Barrett, 970.209.9510 52

20 Paul Place, Mitzel’s Green Acres, Offering 1.75 acres on 2 lots-build on one and have your horse on the other. Elk and deer in your backyard during the winter months. Southern exposure, $150,000, Jana Barrett, 970.209.9510

115 Evelyn Lane, Mitzel’s Green Acres, 1 acre building site overlooking Leaps Gulch and the Gunnison valley. Situated on a knoll for optimum wildlife (elk and deer) viewing during the winter months. Horses allowed, $89,900, Jana Barrett, 970.209.9510

winter & spring | 2021

commercial land and office space

327 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, 862 SF commercial space, 4 BR, 2 Bth & 1 BR, 1 Bth remodeled apartments, 3,160 SF total, $2,495,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

Lots 19-23, Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte, Commercial lots in the heart of Crested Butte, Offered for $1,000,000 or $200,000 each, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219

Treasury Liquors / The Store & Deli, Mt. Crested Butte, 2 successful businesses, premium location and only liquor / convenience store on the mountain, $400,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

301 Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte, 3 Second floor office spaces, solid rental history, Unit 6C, 318 SF, Unit 6D, 338 SF, Unit 6E, 424 SF, $400,000, Maggie Dethloff, 970.209.7880

214 Sixth Street, Ore Bucket Building, Crested Butte, Unit 5, 707 SF, Commercial space, Incredible view of Mt. CB, $355,000, Unit 6, 332 SF, Commerical space set up as two massage rooms, $169,000, Corey Dwan, 970.596.3219 53

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winter & spring | 2021

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