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2016 UPPER SCHOOL GRADUATION Processing out of the Nicholas Athletic Center to the traditional sound of bagpipes, the Class of 2016’s wide smiles spoke fittingly to the ceremony that had just marked the end of their journey at BB&N. Student speaker Zachary Horwitz ’16 addressed his classmates with signature humor, summing up their tenure at the School in a series of anecdotes. Although his words drew laughter, they were imbued with hard-gleaned lessons. After listing a multitude of activities and academics that had filled the graduates’ careers, Horwitz noted, “Our memories of BB&N will consist largely of the people here…and the experiences that we have enjoyed with them.” While Horwitz focused on time spent at BB&N, Keynote speaker Brian Kavoogian (founder of Charles River Realty Investors, and father of Sarah Kavoogian ’16) focused his remarks on the future, more specifically how he would approach college now given the chance to do it all over. Citing college as perhaps the easiest place in the world to encounter new people, Kavoogian encouraged the graduates to meet as many different people as possible: “There will never be a more comfortable environment to share and understand different viewpoints than on a college campus.” Kavoogian also stressed the importance of trying new things. “Have the confidence to move beyond your comfort zone to pursue subject matters in which you think you might be interested… and feel free to change your mind,” he told students. In her remarks, Head of School Rebecca T. Upham relished one last opportunity to address what she termed a very “connected” class. Referencing the graduates’ inclination to “move beyond personal concerns and lean toward supporting others around them,” Upham discussed what makes a community, and how essential “civility” is to making a community function.

Katherine Mayer ’16 and Marin Lang ’16 proudly display their diplomas.

“Civility insists on fundamental respect…. Without civility, communities—large and small—fragment,” said Upham. “That is why your teachers, advisors, and coaches have been so adamant on this point.” Upham encouraged students to carry their habits of mind and civility into the world with them: “In these contentious times, I ask…that you take the civility cultivated within this School and spread it. Spread it to your communities. Spread it to your college campuses. Spread it among friends, and practice it with those you think of as adversaries.” Following the awarding of diplomas, the ceremony closed with two outstanding musical performances by the Chorale and a studentcomposed jazz band. Congratulations, Class of 2016!


Adria Alexander ’16 receives her diploma from Head of School Rebecca T. Upham.

BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016  
BB&N Bulletin Summer 2016