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In Memory of Robin Hurley William G. Hurley

In Memory of TQ Moy Frank F. Chin ’54

In Memory of Hector Umaschi Marina Bers

In Memory of David L. Kasdon ’63 David L. Kasdon Trust Fund

In Memory of C. William Mulcahy III ’68 David E. Pascucci ’68

In Memory of John H. (Doc )Walters, Jr. Edward M. Alt ’67

In Memory of Anne Reitmayer Kennedy Douglas M. Haigh ’64

In Memory of Ryan C. Neff ’89 Courtney and Donna Neff

In Memory of Sandy Wang Michael Wang

In Memory of Christopher Kern ’99 Edward and Bernadette Bourget Anna J. Conrades ’99 William Droste ’99 Michael Ellis ’99 Joseph P. Kennedy III ’99 Matthew R. Kennedy ’99 Sheila Rauch Kennedy Diana F. MacPhail Jonathan Tracy ’99

In Memory of Mary Newmann Henri Andre

In Memory of Patricia Cassidy Warner Eugene D. Warner

In Memory of John B. Petropoulos Julia Petropoulos Coupland ’93 Chris Kauth and Lynda Dugas Melissa Renn Richard W. Rowe ’70 Ted and Lynn Trodden

In Memory of Paul Watkins ’45 George Hansen, Jr. ’45 and Ellen Hansen

In Memory of Charles Reifer Sandy Reifer

BB&N greatly appreciates the

In Memory of Eugene Kinasewich Christopher P. Mosca ’75 In Memory of Edgar H. Knapp Edward C. Bursk, Jr. ’50 In Memory of Beatrice Leeds Ronald and Wenda Ashford Tamara Ashford ’86 Kimberly Konigsberg Mark Leeds ’83 Marylu Simon and Judy Zimmerman In Memory of Laura Levis Sharon E. Krauss In Memory of Judith Ann Lippard Joshua J. Lippard ’87 In Memory of Julie Longfield Bill and Anne Longfield In Memory of Samuel Malignanni Lorraine Malignaggi In Memory of John E. McKeigue III Don Berk ’68 In Memory of Margaret McKeigue David E. Pascucci ’68 In Memory of Daniel Meltzer Altair L. Peterson ’03 In Memory of E.Vincent Merry, Jr. Lee T. Archung ’72 Tamara W. Ashford ’86 In Memory of Khadijeh Milani-nia Siamak and Wei Baharloo In Memory of Kenneth A. Moskow ’79 Shelagh Lafferty Moskow

In Memory of Hartley J. Rogers, Jr. Campbell Rogers ’78 In Memory of Bess Rosenzweig ’09 Melissa Alvarez ’11 In Memory of George E. Serries Michael W. Kahn ’74 In Memory of John H. C. Sindall James McLendon ’62 In Memory of Peter Steffian ’54 Amy F. Steffian ’80 In Memory of Craig B. Stonestreet ’49 Robert Duggan Leigh P. Hogan Paul G. Kirby ’52 and Claire Kirby Charles A. Morrissey ’52 John P. Stonestreet ’84 and Leslie Stonestreet Peter and Ann Tower Jonathan Uhrig and Jennifer Stonestreet Uhrig


generosity of alumni/ae, parents, and friends who contributed goods and services to the School that were used to enhance academic programs, offset budgeted expenses, or as ticket donations to faculty and staff in appreciation of the important work that they do every day. Emily Pond Clarke ’64 Stephen T. DeAngelis John P. Grinold ’53 (dec.) Harpoon Brewery William Keravuori and Jennifer Epstein Keith G. Moskow ’79 David and Jocelyn Sand Rick Weinhaus

In Memory of John H. Storey ’68 David E. Pascucci ’68 In Memory of Elizabeth Stowe Stephanie Shires Hooper ’61 Alice Medalia ’72 In Memory of Alice D. Thompson ’52 Jean Dupee Lloyd-Rees ’48 In Memory of Patricia Blevins Till ’44 Amy Butcher Ben Butcher Jonathan Butcher and Helen Frady Derek Till Jeffrey A. Zinn

Sophia Li ’22, Lea Newport ’22, and Abigail Rabieh ’21 perform at the Middle School Winterfest.



BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17  
BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17