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In Honor of Tillie Fischoeder ’25 and Coco Fischoeder ’26 Elinor R. O’Neil In Honor of Ronan Fitzgerald ’19 and Tristan Fitzgerald ’22 Tim and D’Jamila Fitzgerald In Honor of Lucas A. Fried ’17 Barbara Fried In Honor of Nell Brown Fusco ’17 Kevin G. Barbera ’57 and Mimi Barbera In Honor of Hillary Galle ’22 Ron and Karen Bellamy In Honor of Cecelia Galligan ’17 and Maeve Galligan ’20 William and Barbara Murray In Honor of Jennifer Gatti Kim Blair and Kimberly Allen-Blair Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan In Honor of Katie Gayman Michael Grill and Hillary Brown Peter and Jen Manganella Michael and Irene Theodore In Honor of Lily Gelb ’29 Steven Olitsky In Honor of Henry Goodman ’20 and Charlotte Goodman ’23 Richard and Linda Silverman In Honor of Nathaniel M. Gorton ’56 and Family Slade Gorton and Company, Inc. In Honor of Lucy Greenup ’24 Richard and Carolyn Jacobus In Honor of Shannon Griffin ’17 Robert and Katie Griffin

In Honor of Margaret Hardy ’61 Ian Arnof and Sunshine Greene James Donovan ’61 Kate Champion Murphy ’81 Jun Zhang and Wenfang Liu In Honor of William Patrick Harris, Jr. ’15 William and Kathleen Harris In Honor of Ross Harrison ’17 Joan Crothers Keith and Marilyn Harrison In Honor of Callie Heppner ’27 Gloria Heppner In Honor of Jeffrey M. Hodess ’97 Jonathan K. Brudnick ’15 In Honor of Leigh P. Hogan Kwok-Kin Wong and Naomi Simon In Honor of William Hritz Chris Kauth and Lynda Dugas In Honor of Rachel C. Jamison Sam and Alexandra Epee-Bounya In Honor of Meena Kaur Winston Yao and Jing Zhang In Honor of Lukas Kauth ’17 Francis and Dorothy Robinson In Honor of Somers Kellogg ’29 and Thayer Kellogg Kenyon Kellogg and Amanda Outerbridge In Honor of Andrew Kellogg Peeler ’17 Donald and Catherine Peeler In Honor of Kaeghan Kelly ’10 Graeme Blackman ’10 Peter and Kim Munch In Honor of Janna Kerpelman Richard and Antoinette Kennedy

In Honor of Kathy Gruning Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan Joseph and Laura Impemba

In Honor of James Kilzer ’17 Henry and Michelle Nasella

In Honor of Stephanie Guilmet Jonathan and Barbara Foot

In Honor of William Kim ’20 Jean Potter

In Honor of Peter K. Gunness Henri Andre Bernard and Lotte Bailyn Althea Cranston Dianne J. LeBlanc Brian Reasoner

In Honor of Jean Klingler Charles and Betsey Gifford In Honor of Allison Kornet David and Kay Kane Kanapath and Anushya Murale In Honor of Sharon E. Krauss Karol Monsalve


In Honor of Rob Leith Chris Kauth and Lynda Dugas Jonathan and Barbara Foot William and Virginia Foote Mayya Geha ’92 Alexa Bryn Horwitz ’12 Brenda Herschbach Jarrell ’85 and Kevin A. Jarrell W. Timothy Mackey and Carol Lee Rawn Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Torsten and Beebe Wiegand In Honor of Julian Li ’20 and Sophie Li ’22 Ann Pottinger Saab ’52 In Honor of Zhihan Li Bin Zhao and Hui Hu In Honor of Jackson Lifford ’17 Jean J. Lifford In Honor of Mark C. Lindberg John and Mary Heveran Jennifer Lebowitz London ’86 Peter Piccirillo and Stella Pang In Honor of Ellie Loughlin Karol Monsalve In Honor of Louise Makrauer Layne and Kimberly Ainsworth Ben Grossman ’98 Christopher W. Mackey ’12 Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan Cecile Roucher-Greenberg Torsten and Beebe Wiegand In Honor of Ben Mallinger ’16 and Ella Mallinger ’19 Bernard Mallinger In Honor of Ali Mattia Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan In Honor of Emily McKinley ’18 and Katie McKinley ’18 William and Susan McKinley In Honor of Zachary McLeod ’10 Gregory Faxon ’10 Paul Gallagher, Jr. ’10 Kara Lehman ’10 In Honor of Beth McNamara Chris Kauth and Lynda Dugas Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan Nick and Tricia Winton In Honor of Daniel Medwed ’87, Jonathan Medwed ’90, and Mili Medwed ’25 Howard and Mameve Medwed In Honor of Caroline Meliones Kenneth and Victoria O’Regan

BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17  
BB&N Report of Giving 2016-17