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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED At BB&N, Middle School is a time to celebrate, a joyful moment when your

limitless energy and curiosity. Every day brings life is filled with

new discoveries about the world, your friends, your talents, your interests, yourself. Like you, BB&N’s Middle School is unique and unexpected.

Where else can you study in a mansion filled with just 7th and 8th graders (oh, and teachers who truly care about your success)?

It’s a quirky, inspiring campus where you can be yourself, try new things, discover new talents, push yourself to your limits (and exceed your own expectations).

your home base

It’s an intellectually dynamic learning community that’s also fun, supportive, kind, and zany — just like you.


In the world of BB&N, Middle School is a home base from which you will explore amazing opportunities.

Our rich curriculum includes history, English, math, science, visual and performing arts, and a foreign language (French, Spanish, or Latin). What happens next is up to you.

Middle School is a time for testing your abilities, discovering who you are and where you’re headed. BB&N blends structure with

creative spirit. We aim for success but don’t expect perfection because we know that learning, when it’s done right, can be messy (and should be fun).


BB&N is a safe place to try things, to make mistakes and pick yourself up and regroup. This is how students build confidence, resilience, and independence.


challenging academics

As a BB&N Middle Schooler, you’re an active participant in the full-contact sport of learning: Design a marble roller coaster to learn about the laws of physics Lose yourself in a book in the Middle School Library Compete in the Middle School History Bee or Geography Bee Perform your poems to celebrate National Poetry Month Discuss A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a Shakespearean actor Write screenplays and shoot films on campus

Classrooms here are lively. You’re expected to dive in head first, take charge of your learning, dig deep, express an opinion, be interested.

COMPANIONS FOR THE JOURNEY Because BB&N’s Middle School is a self-contained world,

everybody arrives as a new student. Together, you merge into the bustling corridors of 80 Sparks Street, forge a class identity, and take responsibility for shaping the life of your school.

Helping you build skills for navigating the challenges of adolescence: Social and Emotional Wellness

Eighth Graders take the lead in the school-wide assemblies which begin each week.

Multicultural Programs Sexuality and Relationships

community service can take you around the corner or around the world — on a service-learning trip to Belize or Costa Rica or to cook lunch for the residents of Duley House in Cambridge. advisory is your support network, a place where you meet one-on-one and in groups with your faculty advisor to discuss anything from your studies to what’s happening in your life.

Weekly meetings that focus on such issues as individual and community conflict resolution, healthy lifestyles, values and decision-making

a welcoming community

Your grade’s foyer is your place to check in each morning, connect with friends and teachers, and keep the day rolling along smoothly.

Join in, try everything —


Middle School is the time to discover

what you love to do — and do it.

Everybody tries everything here. That’s how a student who’s always loved soccer discovers that he also likes theater. Don’t limit yourself because you think you’re bad at something. Here, it doesn’t matter — just try it.


fall sports – Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Volleyball

winter sports – Basketball, Fencing, Hockey, Wrestling

spring sports – Baseball, Crew, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis

clubs & leadership opportunities Leadership Council Technology Club Chorus Science Club Community Service Club The Spark newspaper Jazz Band Affinity Lunch Chamber D-Squared diversity group Literary Group BB&N Players

BB&N’s vibrant arts program allows you to explore the full range of visual and performing arts — from ceramics to the eighth grade play, jazz band to improv comedy.

beyond the classroom

Middle School athletics emphasizes physical fitness for all — and expands opportunities for exciting competition against teams from other schools. You’ll have access to the spectacular Upper School athletic facilities.

EMBRACE NEW OPPORTUNITIES Your campus begins with a

victorian mansion at 80 Sparks Street, a Carriage House with a two-story art studio, a dedicated science building, a spacious Library Learning Commons, and many light-filled foyer areas to get down to work.

Our location gives us a unique opportunity to connect to some of the most exciting research anywhere in the world.


Research labs at Harvard, MIT, Northeastern History and math excursions to Boston Partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts

Your Middle School campus is a cozy oasis at the center of one of the world’s most intellectually vibrant cities. This world will infuse your sense of yourself and your possibilities as you begin to explore it.

your campus, the world

] But it doesn’t end there. As a BB&N student you’re connected to the unlimited learning opportunities of Harvard Square, Cambridge, Boston, and beyond.


It is impossible to capture the unique spirit and energy of Buckingham Browne & Nichols in a publication. Visit our campus, meet our students and teachers, and explore our amazing facilities.

Middle School 80 Sparks Street Cambridge, MA 02138 phone: 617-800-2336

BB&N is a community of learners that sets the bar high in an atmosphere of challenge and support that brings out the best in a spectacularly bright, energized, and enthusiastic student body.


Please join us. We would love to know more about the journey you’ve embarked on.

ADMISSION Our Middle School serves 165 students from throughout the Greater Boston area.

BB&N students come from 90 communities and from a diverse range of racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. There is no single BB&N “type.” We take pride in the diversity of backgrounds, talents, and interests of our students.

You’ll find details about our application procedures and deadlines at

TUITION & FINANCIAL AID Find up-to-date information about the cost of a BB&N education at

We work with families with demonstrated financial need to help them meet the cost of a BB&N education. On average, 24 percent of Middle School students receive financial aid each year.

BB&N Middle School Viewbook  
BB&N Middle School Viewbook