BBMC Yearbook 2021

Page 82

Mine Closure Planning – a key part of the ‘S’ in ESG Renee Wall, Director, Wall Planning & Environmental Consulting

Photo: Betty Seeney


SG is proving itself to be an important corporate evaluation tool across all industries. It’s also an increasingly popular (and necessary) focus in the resources sector. Meeting Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria is fast becoming what sets competition apart and entices investors to provide critical financial backing for projects. 80

BBMC Yearbook 2021


ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL, GOVERNANCE Investors are increasingly seeking out companies that rate highly in terms of ESG; that is, the measurement of a company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance impact, adherence, and ethic. The reputation and transparency of a company has become an important part of the decision of investors in a world that is now scrutinised and discussed to the nth degree, on social media or in the 24-hour news cycle.

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