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Strong Demand For Synthetic Filaments From Paint, Cosmetic Brush Makers

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July/August 2016



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BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY ABCO Products Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 ACS Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Algoma Mop Manufacturers . . . . . . . . . . . .28 American Brush Manufacturers Assoc. . . . . .28 American Select Tubing, LLC . . . . . . . . . . .28 Amerwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 AST Filaments LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Atlas Comercio Exterior Ltda . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Atlas Graham Furgale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Birdwell Cleaning Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . .30 Bizzotto Giovanni Automation srl . . . . . . . . .30 Bo-Buck Mills, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Bodam International Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Borghi s.p.a. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Boucherie USA Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 G.B. Boucherie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Briarwood Products Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Brosses Lacasse Inc. / Norman Brush Inc. . .36 Bruin Plastics Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Brush Fibers, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Brushes Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Caddy Supply Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Canwil Textiles, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Carlisle FoodService Products . . . . . . . . . . .36 Carolina Mop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Charles E. Green & Son, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .36 Chongqing Global Bristles Mfg., Co., Ltd. . . .36 Continental Commercial Products . . . . . . . .38 Corona Brushes, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Creative Poly, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Crystal Lake Manufacturing, Inc. . . . . . . . . .38 Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 CWP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Deco Products Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Delamo Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Deligh Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 De Long USA Corp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Distribuidora Perfect S.A. de C.V. . . . . . . . .40 DKSH Switzerland, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Don Leventhal Group, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Dorden & Co., Inc., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Draper Knitting Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Dreamscape Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 DuPont Filaments - Americas, LLC . . . . . . .40 Emsco Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Epic Resins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Evansville Association For The Blind . . . . . .42 F.M. Brush Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Felton, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Fibratexsa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Fili & Forme SRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Filkemp - Industria de Filamentos, S.A. . . . .42 Filmop USA, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 FIMM Italia S.p.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Fuller Brush Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Fuller Industries LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 G.D.F. di De Franceschi Gabriella & Co. . . . .43 Garelick Mfg. Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Gift Sales Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 PG 6

2016 Golden Star Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .43 E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Gover, Horowitz & Blunt Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . .43 GSC Manufacturing, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Gunn Brush Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .43 Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Hahl Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Haviland Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Hayco Manufacturing Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Hill Brush Company, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 HIMESA Hilos Y Mechas S.A. de C.V. . . . . .44 Hoge Brush Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Hoge Lumber Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Indian Bristle Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Industrial Brush Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Jason Mills, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Jersey Jerry Broomsquire, The . . . . . . . . . . .45 Jewel Wire Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Jieda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Jones Companies, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 K.R. Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. . . . . . . . . .45 Keystone Plastics Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 La Crosse Brush, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Laitner Brush Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lambskin Specialties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lanoco Specialty Wire Products, Inc. . . . . . .46 LC Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Leistner Weruzeug GMBH . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lemieux Spinning Mill, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lessmann GmbH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Libman Company, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lighthouse Louisiana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Line Mfg. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Lola Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Loos & Co., Inc. Jewel Wire Division . . . . . .47 M2 Professional Cleaning Products LTD . . . .47 Magnolia Brush Mfrs., Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Malish Corporation, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Marion Brush Mfg. Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Paul Marsh LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 M-B Companies, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 MBK Maschinenbau GmbH . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 MFC, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Michigan Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . .48 Mill-Rose Company, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Milliken Machine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Milwaukee Dustless Brush . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Monahan Filaments, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Monahan Partners, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Thomas Monahan Co., The . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Monterey Mills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Moonsoft International, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Mount Joy Wire Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Nation/Ruskin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. . . .49 Newell & Sons Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49

INDEX Nexstep Commercial Products . . . . . . . . . . .49 Norshel Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Northeast Ltda. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Northern Wood Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .50 Nyco Products Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 O’Dell Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Osborn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Paint Brush Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Patrick Yarn Mills, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 PelRay International, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Perfex Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Pferd Milwaukee Brush Company . . . . . . . .50 Plasticfibre S.P.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Pogliani SRL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Precision Brush Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 PMM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Purdy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Quickie Manufacturing Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Reit Price Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Remco Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Rol-Brush Mfg., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. . . . . . . . . . . .52 Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc. . . . .52 Sanderson MacLeod . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Schaefer Brush Mfg., LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH . . . . . . . .52 SDI Wholesale, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Shanghai Jiasheng Products Co., LTD . . . . . . . .52 Shanghai Yi Heng Daily-Use Products Co., Ltd. . .52 Shurhold Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 SIBO Engineering s.r.l. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 S.M. Arnold, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Spiral Brushes Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 St. Nick Brush Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Stainless Steel Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 StaticFaction, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Sunlarge Industries Private Limited . . . . . . .53 Super Sweep Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd. .53 Tanis Incorporated (Tanis Brush) . . . . . . . . .54 Thomas Textile Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Tucel Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Unimac S.r.l. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 United Rotary Brush Corporation . . . . . . . . .54 Vonco Products, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Weiler Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Whitley Monahan Handle Co. . . . . . . . . . . .54 Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Wolf Filaments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 WOMA (Wood Machinery Daniel Koehler) . . .55 Wool Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Wooster Brush Company, The . . . . . . . . . . .55 Worldwide Integrated Resources . . . . . . . . .55 Young & Swartz, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Zahoransky AG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Zahoransky USA, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .55 Zephyr Manufacturing Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Strong demand for sy synthetic filaments FROM PAINTBRUSH, COSMETIC BRUSH MAKERS By Harrel Kerkhoff | Broom, Brush & Mop Editor

atural and synthetic fiber and filament are key ingredients in the production of brushes and brooms. Fiber/filament comes from different raw material sources and features various sizes, colors and characteristics. Due to the importance of fibers and filaments, demand remains high throughout many regions of the world. Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine recently interviewed several wellknown suppliers/manufacturers of fibers and filaments to learn how their businesses have fared thus far in 2016, and to find out more about projections for the near future.


s a market leader in synthetic filaments during the past 75 years, DuPont Filaments’ products are widely used by customers manufacturing toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, abrasive brushes and paintbrushes all over the world. “Demand has been steady across the region in all these four segments, especially in the paintbrush and cosmetic brush segments,” said James Chi, DuPont Filaments global market and product manager. “As people are increasingly selective with their paintbrushes as important tools, we are able to demonstrate performance differences with our Tynex®, Chinex® and Orel® filaments,” Chi said. “The cosmetics industry is also demanding filaments featuring specific performance. For example, with the combination of softness and skin-cleaning ability, DuPont’s Supersoft® performs especially well in sonic facialcleaning brushes. In addition, our Natrafil® mimics high-end animal hair and offers comparable performance in powder pick-up and release capabilities pertaining to powder and foundation brushes. “We see the trend toward greater demand for synthetic filaments continuing. DuPont Filaments is working to capture this growth, with products that include science and research.” James Chi Abrasive filaments are also produced by the company. These items are needed for professional industrial applications, including deburring and polishing. Chi added that DuPont is known as an innovative material science company. “We invented the material known as nylon and first used it in filaments. Being recognized as a leader in innovative synthetic filaments, DuPont enables brush manufacturers to address emerging trends and meet evolving consumer expectations,” he said. “More importantly, we are proud of our product quality while remaining a global filament supplier. DuPont Filaments has manufacturing sites in the U.S., the Netherlands, India and China. This enables us to provide high-quality products and stable supply to customers all over the world.


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“We are keeping strong and long-term relationships with our global brand partners in different brush segments, and some of our local customers are becoming more international. In addition to stringent product standards, they need sophisticated supply-chain solutions — sometimes tailored to specific countries or regions — to work with their own production and channel requirements. Since DuPont is a global company, we are experienced in multinational operations, and we can fulfill customer needs most efficiently. Meanwhile, our sales force and technical support team are spread across the U.S., Europe, India, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and South America, allowing us to provide on-time service to customers on the ground.” Product innovation is also important for officials at DuPont Filaments. Chi said the company focuses on consumer market trends and continues to build up its new product development pipeline to meet additional consumer needs. “For example, Tynex® Brilliance Pro, which has been recently introduced, has the rare combination of visual attractiveness, softness and oral care performance. This provides toothbrush designers and brand owners more options,” Chi said. “We have also introduced Herox® Binchotan (charcoal) filaments as well as Herox® Link to broaden our toothbrush filament portfolio.” He added that the management at DuPont Filaments remains optimistic about future growth of the company’s different market segments. “Asia Pacific has been, and will continue to be, a great growth area for us across all segments, while we are capturing growth in selective U.S. and European segments as well,” Chi added. DuPont is a science company dedicated to solving challenging global problems, with a portfolio of products and services in more than 90 countries and a history of over two centuries. Inventions include Vespel®, Corian®, Kevlar®, Tyvek®, Sorona®, and many other well-known brands and solutions that meet the ever-changing market needs of diverse industries. “Particularly for filaments relating to the brush industry, our first commercial production began in Arlington, NJ, in 1938. In 1948, the filaments plant was moved to Parkersburg, WV, and since then has expanded several times over the years,” Chi said. “Outside the U.S., we started toothbrush filament production in Hilcote, England, and moved the production to Landgraaf, in The Netherlands, two years later. We also have manufacturing facilities in Madurai, India, and Wuxi, China, commencing respectively in 1996 and 2004. The Wuxi plant is now our center for toothbrush filaments.” Contact DuPont Filaments in North America at 1-302-999-4592, through email at James.Chi@dupont.com, or by visiting www.dupont.com/filaments.

roviding natural fiber and animal hair for brush and broom production continues to be the main focus for Brush Fibers, Inc., an Arcola, IL-based supplier of tampico, palmyra, coco, arenga, bassine, hog bristle and horse hair. Brush Fibers also supplies foam and solid plastic brush blocks as well as stapling wire. The company has multiple warehousing facilities in North America and a centralized headquarters in Arcola, which is located in Central Illinois. In


BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Chris Monahan

addition, Brush Fibers has its own fleet of trucks and can combine orders with sister company, Monahan Filaments, (also located in Arcola) to reduce shipping costs for customers. “We provide one-stop shopping opportunities with both companies. Brush Fibers supplies all natural fibers, stapling wire and brush blocks, while Monahan Filaments produces synthetic filaments,” Brush Fibers President Chris Monahan said. “Warehouse space has been increased for both Brush Fibers and Monahan Filaments in Arcola to better hold

blanket orders. “Extrusion is a continuous process, so the lowest pricing and costs come from larger volumes. We are able to pass along these savings to customers, and give them the ability to place larger blanket orders that we’ll hold domestically for release.” Monahan added that this helps customers better meet the challenges brought on by foreign competition. Brush Fibers’ product lineup includes hog bristle. The company is the exclusive North American distributor of this bristle for DKSH Brush & Apparel Ltd., of Zurich, Switzerland. “Hog bristle is mainly used to make paintbrushes and some specialty items. We have a warehouse in New Jersey for this bristle,” Monahan said. “Hog bristle fits in well with Brush Fibers’ current lineup, and DKSH has decades of experience sourcing bristle from the very best facilities in China. We also have the fine leadership of Ian Moss, who manages our bristle department.” The various natural fiber materials provided by Brush Fibers are used to make brush and broom products found in different markets, such as

retail, household, janitorial/sanitary and industrial. These products include angle and push brooms as well as car wash and industrial brushes. “Business at Brush Fibers has been steady. Natural fibers is a mature market, however, and under pressure from imported finished brushes,” Monahan said. “We have seen some relaxation in the Tampico supply, and it continues to improve. There is still some backed-up demand working through the market. “A consistent policy of efficiently shipping products within 24 hours, and keeping a large stock of inventory at competitive prices, provides many opportunities at our company,” he added. “Customers appreciate this effort, which includes our ability to place quite a few different orders in one shipment to save on freight costs. Customers are also able to call us anytime with questions or service needs. We work quickly to solve problems.” As a domestic fiber supplier, Monahan said he sees encouraging signs within the industry. This is partly due to certain U.S. manufacturers focusing more on purchasing raw materials “at home.” “The gap between the United States and overseas is getting smaller,” Monahan said. “I feel the U.S. business climate is improving. “There continue to be challenges, such as finished brushes arriving in the United States from overseas, but hopefully brighter days are ahead for everybody. The growth of our company mostly tracks the U.S. brush manufacturing industry. U.S. brush companies seem to be more than holding their own against foreign competition, and the economy is improving. ‘Made in the USA’ is popular again.” Contact: Brush Fibers, Inc., 202 N. Oak St., Arcola, IL 61910. Phone: 217-268-3012. Email: chris@brushfibers.com. Website: www.brushfibers.com.

lso experiencing solid demand over a broad spectrum of markets is Monahan Filaments, of Arcola, IL, according to Chris Monahan, who serves as Director of Sales & Marketing for the synthetic filament producer. Among the items provided by Monahan Filaments are nylon 6, nylon 6.6, nylon 6.12, PBT, PET, PPS, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. These products are used in brush and non-brush applications for industrial, oral care, construction, foodservice, paint, agricultural, automotive, janitorial and cosmetic markets. “Our sales efforts are backed by solid customer service and quality assurance departments, as well as a strong production workforce in Arcola,” Monahan said. Monahan Filaments began operations in 2007 with the acquisition of assets from Specialty Filaments, of Middlebury, VT. The Middlebury plant was closed in November 2009, and now the complete focus is on operations in Arcola, with cooperation from partners in Canada and Asia. Like its sister company Brush Fibers, customers of Monahan Filaments can benefit from one-stop shopping and combined shipping opportunities that are available from the two Arcola-based businesses. “Combining orders is very beneficial. This can further save on freight costs, which continues to be important,” Monahan said. “We also have made great strides at the Monahan Filaments’ production facility in Arcola. Production officials here continually keep a close eye on quality control.” Officials at Monahan Filaments are also looking at pa t@monahanp par tners .c om increased recycling avenues. For instance, the company 200 N. Oak , A r c ola, IL 61910 regrinds its own product waste. Meanwhile, such 217-268-5754 2 filaments as PET are made from recycled plastic bottles. “We all benefit from improved U.S. recycling


THE ART T OF THE BROOM O Monahan Pa artners Proud Sponso or of the 2016 Nattional Craft Broom Com mpetition

Sept. 9, 10, & 11 Arcola Broom Corn n Festival

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BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

rates. This can open more avenues of growth for a company such as ours,” Monahan said. “Of course, at the end of the day, especially at the retail level, a lot of business is driven by price. This is especially true in the very competitive high volume world. “Overall, it’s been a good year thus far for both Brush Fibers and Monahan Filaments. There have been upswings for both companies. We see a continued shift to more U.S. manufacturing, and a slow general improvement in the economy.” Looking ahead, Monahan added that the global business community continues to become more connected each year. Various types of global challenges also remain, especially from Europe and Asia. “There does seem to be a greater push by people to do more business in the United States. This is a positive. Monahan Filaments helps this progression by providing quick production lead times,” Monahan said. “It’s imperative that we, at Monahan Filaments, continue to watch our levels of production, product quality and customer service. “Additionally, we have been successful in helping our customers manage their own filament inventories. It helps that there is an excellent workforce available in Arcola, one that shows true Midwestern values and work ethic. As a company, Monahan Filaments has become very experienced and knowledgeable in the past few years since the business was moved to Arcola. We pride ourselves on being the largest domestic brush filament extrusion manufacturer, and look to continue growing within the industry and with our customers.” Contact: Monahan Filaments, LLC, 215 Egyptian Trail, Arcola, IL 61910. Toll free: 888-833-1097; Phone: 217-268-4957. Email: info@monahanfilaments.com. Website: www.monahanfilaments.com.

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ne of the relatively new companies in the North American filament supply marketplace, Mattoon, IL-based AST Filaments works hand-in-hand with well known suppliers Filkemp and Plasticfibre. “AST Filaments maintains inventory for all of our cust-omers to ensure quality and quick delivery of product as needed,” AST Filaments Sales Manager Dustin Maninfior said. Among the filament products that the company supplies are all types of nylon, polyester, poly-propylene, SAN, styrene, polyethylene as well as abrasive nylon filaments with SiC, AO, ceramic, and diamond grits. AST was founded in August 2012, with a focus primarily on producing metal handles for the broom, brush and mop industries. After nearly four years of continuous growth, AST announced the acquisition of Carolina Filaments on Feb. 29, 2016. “With this addition, we at AST Dustin Maninfior Filaments look forward to continued growth, and the opportunity to provide customers with products and solutions for many years to come,” Maninfior said. The company’s filaments are used in such market segments as industrial, floorcare, agricultural, automotive, food service and jan/san. “We are experiencing a strong demand for all filament products at the present time,” Man-infior said in early July. “Business has been strong from the start after ac-quiring Carolina Filaments earlier this year. “We are a customer service-driven company, and while this is nice to say, it is really a requirement of being successful in any business. AST Filaments responds immediately to customers, and offers solutions to


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meet their different requirements. Our company’s challenge to remain competitive echos that of our customers. We work to bring innovation to customers, helping them develop new products and stay competitive.” Maninfior said he’s optimistic not only for his company, but also the industries for which it serves. “There are always challenges, but we feel that by working closely with our customers, that success will follow,” he said. “I’m very optimistic about the possibility of continued success.” Contact: AST Filaments LLC, 4005 Dewitt Ave., Mattoon, IL 61938. Phone: 217-234-7300. Email: dustinm@astfilaments.com. Website: www.astfilaments.com.

pportunities and challenges with natural and synthetic fiber/filament continue to keep officials at PelRay International busy. This includes stocking a type of natural fiber that PelRay officials hope will make a comeback in popularity, as well as taking the reins of a long-time broom corn supply business located in the Southeast. Although its name has changed since the company’s beginning, PelRay International, located in San Antonio, TX, has a history that spans 100plus years. It has evolved from a broom corn trading company into a fullline natural and synthetic fiber/filament supplier. Today, PelRay International supplies such natural fiber material as natural and dyed tampico from Mexico, palmyra from India, union fiber (a blend of tampico and palmyra), and broom corn and yucca fiber from Mexico. According to PelRay International President Bart Pelton, most tampico and palmyra fiber is used in brush production, while certain longer-length palmyra fiber is also used to produce some types of natural brooms. The majority of raw material PelRay International supplies for natural broom production, however, is broom corn


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that is grown in various parts of Mexico. “There are still a number of companies that manufacture broom corn brooms in the United States and Canada. Therefore, the supply of broom corn is an important part of our business,” Pelton said, “along with the less expensive yucca fiber, also known as beargrass.” Adding to its mix of natural fiber for broom makers, PelRay International will be stocking African broom fiber, also sometimes called African broom grass. Bart Pelton “We last imported this item in the early 1980s, when broom corn became very expensive. It’s been popular among Mexican broom makers for the past few years. They have started using some African broom fiber due to the current high cost of broom corn,” Pelton said. “We believe some of our customers in Canada and the United States may be interested in it as well.” The key characteristic of African broom grass is its round, straight natural fiber. It can be used as a replacement for broom corn hurl, due to its round shape and because it does not kink. “The drawback is that African broom fiber does not have a brush tip. There is just a straight tip at the end, like a monofilament,” Pelton said. “The upside is the current cost of the fiber compared to Mexican broom corn.” When interviewed in early July, Pelton provided a rundown on the availability of broom corn as well as yucca, tampico and palmyra fiber. He noted that July and August are key months for broom corn production in Mexico. This is when the country’s main crop, grown in the Torreon region, is harvested. A second harvest in Torreon takes place in the fall.

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AUTOMA ATIC TWISTING MACHINE M FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CLOSE ED END TWISTED BRUSHES. Bru ush ends: round loop or loop oop with other shapes,

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closed d end. All types of fiber: synthetic, natural, metallic. Me etal wire or plastic coated wire.




TELESCOPIC POLES Our Multipurpose Telescopic Extension Poles are ideal for use with Brushes, Brooms, Bulb Changers, Paint Rollers, Squeegees, Strip Washers, and countless other tools.

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“At the moment (as of early July), it looks like the first broom corn crop from Torreon will produce around 400 to 500 tons, which is smaller than what we had hoped, although it’s in line with expectations,” Pelton said. “The good news is this projection is much larger than last year’s crop from Torreon, which was devastated by aphids. Another piece of good news is that this year’s Apatzingan region in Mexico produced 300 tons of broom corn. This has helped fill the gap from the lack of broom corn harvested in 2015.” Mexican broom corn prices, however, are expected to remain high in the near future. “We were hoping to see a bigger crop in 2016, which could lead to a drop in prices. However, I don’t think there is going to be enough Mexican broom corn available to bring prices down,” Pelton said. “The Mexican peso has declined some in value against the U.S. dollar, which has helped keep the broom corn prices from further increasing. In summary, there will be new Mexican broom corn available; it’s just not going to be cheap.” He added that the aphid problem that plagued Mexican broom corn farmers last year appears to have subsided in 2016. “Many Mexican farmers learned their lesson and sprayed crops against aphids during the recent growing season. This appears to have worked,” Pelton said. Another issue that has caused big concerns over the past few years in Mexico has been security problems experienced in certain parts of the country. This has made it harder for broom corn professionals to promote the planting of broom corn in Mexico, and to estimate how much crop to expect from year to year. “The good news is that security has improved in a lot of areas near the Mexican-U.S. border as well as in such Mexican cities as Monterrey and Cadereyta Jiménez. However, you still have to be careful when traveling in these areas, and some of the broom corn growing regions, such as Torreon, are not as secure,” Pelton said. “There remains a reluctance by many broom manufacturers and processors to travel to the Torreon growing region. This is due to the threat of kidnappings and robberies. There have been similar problems in the Apatzingan region of southern Mexico.” Pelton also reported on the state of yucca fiber from Mexico and the southwestern part of the United States. This fiber is also used by many broom makers. He said that there are not as many processors working with large volumes of yucca fiber right now, but that prices for the fiber have remained steady. “The processors still working with yucca fiber have done a good job keeping their prices steady and reasonable,” he said. As for tampico fiber, Pelton explained that after a lengthy shortage of the material in Mexico, more fiber is now available for brush production. “Lead times for tampico are much shorter than before. They are now in the range of one month or so, and some processors have had to cut back on production due to lack of orders. An inventory correction is taking place,” Pelton said. “It will probably take six to nine months before tampico markets normalize.” There were no major issues reported by Pelton regarding palmyra fiber from India. “Orders seem to go out on time, availability is good, and pricing is fairly steady. There is enough competition to keep palmyra prices in check,” he said. PelRay International imports plastic filament as well — such as PVC and polypropylene — used in many types of cleaning-related products. “We keep the most popular lengths that customers seem to run out of first, and can bundle plastic filament with other items to save customers money when ordering,” Pelton said. Adding to its customer service capabilities, PelRay International recently acquired longtime broom corn supplier R.E. Caddy & Company, Inc., from Richard Caddy, who has retired after many years in the industry. The business is now known as Caddy Supply Company, and has a warehouse in Orangeburg, SC, containing broom corn, other broom supplies and mop yarn. BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

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“We now supply the industry from two warehouses — Orangeburg and our main facility in San Antonio. This should help our customers, particularly those located in the eastern part of the United States,” Pelton said. “It will shorten the transportation time of products to our customer base.” He added that two new employees have also begun work for PelRay International. Brian Gartman will be manager of Caddy Supply Company, while Bart and Patsy Pelton’s daughter, Katie Pelton, will work in sales as part of her new role as vice president of business development. “Katie has a business degree from Texas Christian University and has been working outside of the brush, broom and mop industry for the past five years,” Bart Pelton said “However, she is quite familiar with our business, having grown up in this line of work. She has been to Mexico to look at broom corn, visited Brazilian handle suppliers and been to yarn mills in Southeast Asia. Katie has also attended several American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) conventions. “I feel she starts out with a good familiarity of our business, and is also up-to-date with technology and management. She put together the new Caddy Supply Company website www.caddysupply.com, where customers can order quantities of broom corn and other broom making supplies.” Looking ahead, Pelton said he will continue to concentrate on helping PelRay International shorten its lead times with customers. “We also have some younger management people at this company who understand the need for shorter lead times, and who are working hard to meet this challenge. We have increased our inventory as well,” Pelton said. As an importer of various raw materials and supplies, he added that well publicized delays experienced at several U.S. ports on the West Coast a few years ago have subsided. However, there are still many delays when transporting items from Mexico to the United States. “It sometimes takes several days for a truck to cross that border,”

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Pelton said. “Another concern I have is recent rhetoric coming from politicians pertaining to various free trade issues. I believe that for this country to remain strong, free trade has to also remain strong. It helps so many U.S. businesses.” Overall, Pelton added he is optimistic about the future of the industries that involve PelRay International. “People still need mops, brooms and brushes to clean. I’m sure there will continue to be a good market for these products. It’s not a highgrowth market, but it’s a steady market,” Pelton said. “I have been encouraged, after visiting several customers, to see that they have purchased new machinery and/or are changing their factory layout to improve productivity.” Contact: PelRay International, LLC, 4511 Macro Dr., San Antonio, TX 78218. Phone: 210-757-4640. Website: www.pelray.com, www.caddysupply.com.

elebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016, PMM (Proveedora Mexicana de Monofilamentos), located in Mexico City, Mexico, continues to specialize in the production of syntheticallyengineered plastic monofilaments. These products are made from various types of nylon (6, 6 plus, 6.6 and 6.12), polyester (PBT), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). They are available in a wide range of calipers, profiles and colors. “Our best sellers are nylon filaments for such major markets are toothbrush, cosmetic brush and medical application brush production,” PMM Sales Manager Dennise Silva said. “Overall, business at PMM has been very good and continues to keep us busy. “We are adding two production lines at our facility in 2016. Also, construction is almost complete on a new building that will feature an additional 17,000 square feet.”


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The company’s different monofilaments are mainly used to make toothbrushes, interdental and cosmetic brushes, medical brushes and for industrial brush applications. “We work hard to serve markets that are completely different with our traditional combination of excellent quality, good service and competitive pricing,” Silva said. She added that the company’s product line continues to grow and develop. This

PMM Sales Team

is due, in part, to the flexibility of PMM representatives as they adapt to customers’ new specifications. According to Silva, PMM has a specific sales policy that enhances its operation. “Punctual deliveries and strong service are key factors to our success,” she said. “Even though PMM was founded in 1976, the company is full of young people. They bring new ideas and have helped us evolve into an innovative and creativity center. Included is an impeccable sense of quality and an international perspective. “The combination of quality products, good service and fair prices has helped PPM prosper. We are also in the process of increasing the company’s production capacity. There is always a desire to offer customized products to our customer base. Nothing is standard at PMM.” A key element in the company’s corporate culture, Silva added, is the drive for joint achievement with customers. “This is the ‘secret ingredient’ that transforms good into outstanding,” she said. “PMM has demonstrated to our customers that they can trust us. We are here to help with their R&D projects, and to support them PMM Quality Assurance Team everyday with a smile, consistent service and the quality of our products.” In general, the U.S. market that PMM serves is having a great year, according to Silva. “Many U.S. companies involved in the different industries we serve (toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes and industrial brushes) are growing and adding products to their catalogues,” she said. “In response, PMM remains focused on providing shorter lead times, and helping customers with their new product development.” Contact: Proveedora Mexicana de Monofilamentos (PMM) at the company’s toll free line for the United States and Canada: 1-877-202-9320. Email: pmm@pmm-mex.com. Website: www.pmmbrightline.com.

n 2015, Hahl-Pedex was purchased by Serafin Private Holding GmbH. Serafin is a family-backed group of medium sized companies. With a history of 150 years, Serafin was founded with the goal to set up a diversified group of industrial companies, with combined revenue of 1 billion euro. Serafin GmbH has combined Hahl-Pedex with Nextrusion GmbH, a German monofilament company that Serafin also owns and has two additional manufacturing

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locations in Germany. Combined, there are now seven manufacturing locations involved with the overall group — four in Germany, and one each in the United States, South Korea and China. The name of the combined companies was changed to Perlon “The Filament Company,” in April 2016. “Our company has four manufacturing locations worldwide that supply the brush and broom industry. They are: Hahl Inc (United States), Hahl GmbH (Germany), Pedex (Germany) and JV BBC-HahlPedex (South Korea),” Hahl Inc. Sales Director-North America Terry Hogan said These locations currently produce the following products for the brush Terry Hogan industry: synthetic bristle, nylon (6, 6.6, 6.10, 6.12), polyester (PBT and PET), PEEK, PPS, polypropylene as well as abrasive fiber Abrafil (nylon 6.12) and Hahlbrasif (nylon 6) with grit fillers AO, SC, ceramic and diamond. “At Perlon, we are always looking for ways to expand our business through product innovation, custom stock programs and competitive pricing,” Hogan said. “We are continuing to grow, and are focused on developing products that meet different market requirements. This strategy has helped the Hahl Group become a leader in technical/industrial applications for bristle and abrasive products around the world. “Our products are used for many applications in the brush market. These brushes are predominantly found within the technical brush segment, dental brush segment as well as the professional cleaning

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market. Our company carries products that meet the challenges found in a wide range of application requirements.” These requirements include high heat, anti-static, conductivity, metaldetectable, and hot/wet/alkaline properties; solvent resistance; and deburring, finishing and polishing capabilities. “In 2015, Hahl-Pedex introduced its Multi-Fil product line, which creates an opportunity for brush manufacturers to improve cleaning with ‘wide-face’ brushes and new applications. This new line includes bristle variations of abrasive, Bilon® and multifilament products. In the future, it’s expected Multi-Fil products will be custom-formulated to meet specific customer requirements,” Hogan said. “These are just a few of the solutions that we can provide for brush applications.” He added that Hahl Inc., also meets many customer needs with its generic list of stock items. For individual orders from this stock program, the company can sell as little as one box (50 pounds) or an entire stock quantity (up to 2,000 pounds). “In addition to our generic stock items, Hahl Inc., manages many custom stock programs for individual customers. This enables our company to offer shorter lead times, and improve manufacturing efficiencies,” Hogan said. “Our customers are then able to better meet the delivery requirements of their own customers, without increasing the value of raw material inventory.” According to Hogan, the primary markets for Hahl Inc., are commercial, industrial and technical in nature. “These markets have been very busy for our business thus far in 2016,” Hogan said. “As always, product quality, service and price will remain the most important requirements at Hahl Inc., in 2016 and the future.” Contact: Hahl Inc., 126 Glassmaster Rd., Columbia, SC 29072. Phone: 803-359-0706. Email: customerservice@hahl-pedex.com. Website: www.perlon.de.

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ibers and filaments needed for the production of various types of brushes and brooms come in numerous forms, many of which are supplied by Distribuidora Perfect, S.A. de C.V., of Mexico. Along with natural fiber tampico and palmyra, the company continues to provide such fiber/filament materials as polypropylene, rice root (Zacatón fiber), Fiber Ixtle of Lechugilla, horsehair and union fiber. Also available are various types of fiber that are bleached or colored. Jorge Samuel Ripstein Distribuidora Perfect was founded in 1946 as a brush maker for the Mexican market. It remains a specialist in producing such products as paintbrushes, paint rollers, power brushes and scrub brushes. The company began processing tampico fiber, which is grown in Mexico, approximately 34 years ago, and started selling the material to other companies 15 years ago. Today, Distribuidora Perfect supplies both natural color and dyed tampico. The company can also combine this fiber with other materials such as palmyra, bassine, rice root and polypropylene. Distribuidora Perfect’s Jorge Samuel Ripstein, owner of the company, feels tampico fiber has several essential qualities. This includes having a “good memory,” meaning the fiber will bounce back to its original shape after becoming bent. Other benefits include a long life, good absorption and abrasive features, and being able to withstand high temperatures. “We have seen solid demand for tampico fiber, rice root and union fiber. I feel this is due to the high level of quality that is


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present with these materials,” Ripstein said. The company’s natural fiber Ixtle Of Lechugilla is used as raw material for industrial-use brushes, including those used to groom animals and clean vegetables. It’s also used in the glass, steel and phosphor paint industry, along with making ropes, bags, spheres and as filler for the manufacture of mattresses and cushions. In Mexico, this fiber is also used to weave woven bags, belts, etc. Distribuidora Perfect’s various fiber/filament offerings can be found in brushes that are designed for a variety of uses such as polishing, washing, scrubbing, water proofing, painting and other chores. Ripstein added that Distribuidora Perfect has been busy thus far in 2016 due to the various products it supplies. Company representatives also continue to work on shorter lead times along with quality customer service. This includes attending tradeshows, visiting clients and providing samples. It has also acquired new machinery for processing fiber. “We spend a lot of time talking with clients and checking on their needs,” he said. “It’s also important for us to use new machinery and technology as well as expand our product offering. For example, we now supply wood blocks for a global marketplace.” These blocks can be stapled with natural fiber including tampico. “It’s our goal to supply wood blocks to manufacturers around the world. We see many opportunities to reach markets in different continents,” Ripstein said. He added that by offering different and new products, Distribuidora Perfect will continue to benefit from a healthy list of customers. “I feel the future is very good for all natural fibers, in particular, since the world has placed a greater awareness on the environment,” Ripstein said. These type of fibers, he added, naturally decompose over time once their productive lives are finished. Despite current challenges found in certain parts of the world, Ripstein remains optimistic about the future.

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“Part of this optimism is due to the large amount of fiber/filament material currently available in Mexico. This allows us to extend our market reach,” he said. “We also work hard to maintain a cordial relationship with each customer, and provide new blends that involve synthetic filaments and natural fibers.” Contact: Fabrica de Brochas Perfect SA de CV, Calle Cuatro # 32 Fracc Ind Alce Blanco Naucalpan Estado de México, C.P 53370 México. Phone: 5255 55762444 Ext. 514. Email: rrk@brochasperfect.com.mx. Websites: www.brochasperfect.com.mx, www.perfectfiber.com.mx.

unlarge Industries Private Limited is an Indo-U.S. professional business group, based in Bengaluru, India. The group has diversified its activities into the manufacturing of synthetic monofilaments for industrial and technical applications. “We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in place for the production of synthetic monofilaments for the brush industry,” Sunlarge Managing Director Dr. Rakesh Koul said. “This includes polyester, polyamide, polybutyleneterephthalate, polypropylene, polyphenylene sulphide, thermoplastic elastomers, PBS and copolymer monofilaments. We are equipped to produce monofilaments in diameters ranging from 0.08mm to 5.00mm.” The company’s SAIMOFIL Monofilaments brand is used in the production of industrial, oral care, household and vacuum cleaner brushes as well as tennis strings, ropes, embroidery work, geotextiles and for the technical textile industry. “We have a continuous improvement philosophy at Sunlarge, while our SAIMOFIL brand, which is supplied globally, has been very successful during the first half of 2016,” Dr. Koul said. He added the company’s core strength revolves around its technical expertise and proven track record. An experienced staff, with many people having more than 25 years of experience in the field of synthetic monofilaments, works to ensure the company provides quality customer


service and products along with competitive pricing. “We believe that quality and commitment are the lifeline of every business. Therefore, Sunlarge is committed to satisfying our customers by manufacturing and supplying products to their satisfaction the first time, and every time. This involves continuous enhancements in quality, and providing added service during the post-sale,” Dr. Koul said. “The Sunlarge group has been promoted by professionals who are well qualified Dr. Rakesh Koul and have a rich experience in their specific core areas. Our mono-filaments division was created in 2013, and production started in 2015 with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bengaluru. “Our company produces monofilaments for the brush and technical textile industry under one roof. Sunlarge is well equipped to cater to the demands of all customers, and is also open to possible joint ventures with leading monofilament manufacturers. We are focused on expanding our manufacturing strength, and expect to achieve growth across different geographies with a spotlight on emerging markets.” Dr. Koul added that the organization surrounding Sunlarge has been built to properly react to future industry problems by addressing consistent quality and product diversity issues. “Having a flexible production facility in place helps. Sunlarge produces multiple products, allowing it to better face the different challenges that often arise,” he said. Contact: Sunlarge Industries Private Limited, Email: rakesh@sunlargeindustries.com, and rakesh@tecsolinternational.com. Website: www.sunlargeindustries.com.

Royal Paint Roller Royal Paint Roller — a name known in the industry for over 45 years for top quality products, fine service and competitive prices. Manufacturer of paint rollers in ALL SIZES—from Slim Jim to Jumbo 21¼4” I.D. in VARIETY OF FABRICS—including lambskin, kodel, lambswool, synthetic blends & “Lint Free” woven line. Also a complete line of frames, trays, paint brushes & painting accessories for the professional and Do-It-Yourself markets. Specializing in private labeling at competitive prices.

ROYAL PAINT ROLLER 248 Wyandanch Avenue West Babylon, N.Y. 11704 Tel: (631) 643-8012 • Fax: (631) 253-9428 PG 26

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ABCO Products Corp. 6800 N.W. 36th Ave. Miami, FL 33147 USA Phone: 305-694-2226 Fax: 305-693-4410 Products: A vertically integrated manufacturing company providing physical cleaning products to maintenance markets. Full line provider of brooms, mops, dust mops, brushes, squeegees, and handles, including 100 percent corn brooms, and a variety of push brooms. Mops include cotton, rayon, blended and specialty application products. 05 ACS Industries, Inc. Scrubble® Products Division One New England Way Lincoln, RI 02865-4247 USA Phone: 401-769-4700 Fax: 401-333-6088 Web Site: www.scrubble.com Products: ACS Industries, Scrubble® Products Division, manufactures a complete line of professional cleaning products including scouring pads, sponges, scrubbers, all types of wet and dry mops, upright corn and synthetic brooms, push brooms, microfiber mops and a full line of hand held brushes for commercial and foodservice use. The ACS Cyclone® Floorcare line includes floor pads, non-woven floor pads, steel wool pads, octagon floor pads, Cyclone-D™ diamond pads, rectangle pads and sand screen disks. 14 Algoma Mop Manufacturers 813 Rabas St. Algoma, WI 54201 USA Toll Free: 800-216-3478 Fax: 920-487-3478 E-Mail: sales@algomamop.com Web Site: www.algomamop.com Products: Wet mops, dust mops, microfiber products. Mops manufactured are made by people with disabilities in Algoma, WI. The PG 28

company offers a full line of mops and microfiber products. Custom manufacturing capabilities are available. Most of the products can be private labeled with company information. Algoma Mop serves wholesalers, distributors, schools, universities, hospitals, laundry and linen services, janitorial contractors, restaurants, correctional and governmental facilities. Purchases help train and employ people in obtaining their personal independence and employment goals. 13 American Brush Manufacturers Assoc. 736 Main Ave., Suite 7 Durango, CO 81301-5479 USA Phone: 720-392-2262 Fax: 866-837-8450 E-Mail: info@abma.org Web Site: www.abma.org Company Officers: David C. Parr, Exec. Dir. Products: The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) was founded in 1917 to assist North American brush manufacturers and their suppliers by enhancing industry knowledge, providing a variety of networking opportunities, and promoting profitability for its members. ABMA strives to promote and strengthen value for its members to be the preferred and innovative source for broom, brush and mop products worldwide. ABMA provides an industry freight and transportation guide and newsletter, industry statistics, ANSI safety standards, ASTM packaging standards, leads generation, the AzBMA Annual Convention including the Finished Goods and Suppliers Display, classifieds on the association Website (www.abma.org), discounted freight program, employees screening program and merchant services program. ABMA also serves the industry as its voice in Washington, D.C., and provides member services to a common group that individual members of the group may find difficult or impossible to manage alone. The

Association is comprised of manufacturers and suppliers who seek to constantly expand and improve the North American broom, brush, mop and roller industry. Membership is open to brush making manufacturers and component, machinery and service suppliers worldwide. 16 American Select Tubing, LLC 4005 DeWitt Ave. Mattoon, IL 61938 USA Phone: 217-234-7300 Fax: 217-234-7033 E-Mail: sales@astubing.com Company Officers: Mark Maninfior, General Manager Products: Metal handles for broom, brush and mop industries. Available in 21mm, 22mm, 15/16”, 1”, and 1-1/8” diameters, and lengths ranging from 24 to 60 inches. Plastic and powder coatings, as well as all fitments, are available. Also a producer of extension handles from 32” to 72”. 14 Amerwood 801 CR 2943 Evant, TX 76525 USA Toll Free: 800-4-HANDLE (442-6353) Fax: 254-471-3044 E-Mail: wayne.amerwood@centex.net Company Officers: Wayne Pringle, Evant, TX; Brooks Giles, San Pedro Sula, Honduras (brooks.giles1@gmail.com) Products: Honduran pine and hardwood handles and dowels; New Orleans warehouse. 14 AST Filaments LLC 4005 DeWitt Ave. Mattoon, IL 61938 USA Phone: 217-234-7300 E-Mail: dustinm@astfilaments.com Website: www.astfilaments.com Company Officers: Dustin Maninfior, Sales Manager BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Products: Filaments including all types of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, SAN, styrene, polyethylene as well as abrasive nylon filaments with SiC, AO, ceramic, and diamond grits. AST was founded in August 2012, with a focus primarily on producing metal handles for the broom, brush and mop industries. After three-plus years of continuous growth, AST announced the acquisition of Carolina Filaments on Feb. 29, 2016. AST Filaments works hand-in-hand with well known suppliers Filkemp and Plasticfibre. 16 Atlas Comercio Exterior Ltda Rua Alfredo Klimmek, 258 Sao Bento do Sul, SC 89280-334 BRAZIL Phone: +55 47 3633 7323 Fax: +55 47 3633 7323 E-Mail: info@atlascomercioexterior.com.br Web Site: www.atlascomercioexterior.com.br Products: Complete line of wooden broom handles from Brazile. Taeda/Elliotis pine, eucalyptus and hardwood are available. 15 Atlas Graham Furgale 1725 Sargent Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R3 CANADA Phone: 800-665-8670 375 (Unit 1) Britannia Rd., E. Mississauga, ON L4Z 1X9 CANADA Phone: 877-501-0083 Website: www.agfurgale.com Products: Cleaning items including brooms, brushes, dust and wet mops, dusters, handles and squeegees. 16

Birdwell Cleaning Products, Inc. P. O. Box 1388 Burleson, TX 76097 USA Toll Free: 800-722-8006 Fax: 817-447-6059 Web Site: www.birdwellcleaning.com Products: Birdwell manufactures a complete line of push brooms, angle brooms, concrete finishing brooms, deck brushes, acid brushes, roof brushes, counter dusters, dish brushes, bowl brushes, nail brushes, animal care brushes, bar-b-que grill brushes. 14 Bizzotto Giovanni Automation srl Via Buonarroti, 67 35010 Paviola di S.Giorgio in Bosco (Padova) ITALY Phone: +39 049 9451067 Fax: +39 049 9451068 E-Mail: info@bizzotto-automation.com Web Site: www.bizzotto-automation.com Products: Bizzotto is a supplier of totally customized machinery for different industrial sectors. It focuses on a complete partnership with the customer, that expresses itself in the capacity to understand the needs of the customer and provide that customer with “made-tomeasure� solutions. The Bizzotto Company supplies automatic and semi-automatic machines (totally controlled by programmable logics on PC or on numerical control centers, with man-machine interactive and supervision systems) for the handle, broom and brush industry, as well as complex automations for the assembly of particular products. Bizzotto is specialized in three main sectors: Handle Machinery Sector: Sanders, chucking machinery (i.e. doming, tapering, tenoning, threading, end boring, cross boring, etc.), painting machinery (lacquering), labeling systems and packing machinery for the production of wooden handles. Complete machinery lines for the production of metal handles, starting from the flat steel or aluminum band coil, including painting lines, machines for assembling the various plastic inserts (hanger tips, thread inserts, mop inserts, tapered inserts, etc.), boring, deforming and cutting, as well as labeling systems and machines for packaging with the use of different systems, even robotized; Woodworking Machinery Sector: Profiling and shaping machines, boring and tapping machines, sanders for the production of broom and brush blocks, paintbrush handles and similar items; and; Industrial Automation Sector: Customized machinery for the preparation, positioning and assembly of particular products and accessories for the cleaning industry (mops, floor scrubbers, detergent dispensers, velvet lint brushes for clothes cleaning, adhesive lint brushes for clothes cleaning, toothbrush/accessories etc.), automotive industry and the kitchen appliance industry. 16 Bo-Buck Mills, Inc. P. O. Box 692 921 E. Blvd. Chesterfield, SC 29709 USA Phone: 843-623-2158 Fax: 843-623-6849 Web Site: www.bobuckmills.com Products: Narrow fabrics (polyester and cotton). The company was founded in the early 1950s, and has been continuously operating as a manufacturer of narrow fabrics. It has supplied trim/binding to the mop industry as well as other specialty industries for many years. Capable of manufacturing a wide variety of colors, finishes, and patterns. Features include in-stock programs for immediate releases. 11

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BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Bodam International Ltd. 903 Cirelli Court Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA Phone: 410-272-9797 Fax: 410-272-0799 E-Mail: bodam@bodam.com Web Site: www.bodam.com Company Officer: Carlos Petzold, President Products: Borghi broom and brush manufacturing equipment – stapleset, anchor-set, twisted-in-wire, manufacturing machinery for all types of brooms and brushes. Also, trimmer, flaggers, cutters, strip brush machinery, mop manufacturing machinery and injection molds are available from Borghi (www.borghi.com); Boucherie broom and brush manufacturing equipment – staple-set, anchor-set, twisted-in-wire, manufacturing machinery for all types of brooms and brushes. Also, trimmers, flaggers, cutters, and injection molds are available from Boucherie (www.boucherie.com); Carnevali Dino trimming units – Motorized clipper heads, monofilament hank cutters, metal wire hank cutters, rotary cutters, specialty cutters for abrasive materials such as grit brushes (www.carnevalidino.com); Techno Plastic monofilament extrusion lines – equipment and knowhow to produce broom and brush monofilaments for PP, PET, PS, PBT, SAN and many other types of polymers. Techno Plastic also produces lines for manufacturing PET strapping and for concrete reinforcement monofilaments: (www.technoplastic.it); Unimac power brush manufacturing equipment and metal handle manufacturing equipment – Unimac produces machinery and technology used to manufacture twisted knot power brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, wafer brushes as well as quality control equipment for power brushes, machinery to convert wire from spools

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to cut-to-length bundles as well as equipment for crimping wire to be fed into power brush machinery. Unimac also specializes in complete production lines or specific-use machinery to produce fixed metal handles that are either powder coated or plastic coated, as well as equipment for extension handles (telescopic handles). Unimac’s tubemill can also be used in other applications to produce tubes for other products (www.unimac.it) 16 Borghi s.p.a. Via Cristoforo Colombo, 12 Loc. Cavazzona Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) 41013 ITALY Phone: +39-059-953-3911 Fax: +39-059-953-3999 E-Mail: info@borghi.it Web Site: www.borghi.com Company Officers: Paolo Roversi, Sales Manager Borghi is partners with Boucherie of Belgium forming the Boucherie Borghi Group. (www.boucherie.com) Products: Staple-set/anchor-set brush manufacturing machines of all types; trimmers, flaggers and finishing machinery for brooms and brushes; twisted-in-wire brush manufacturing machinery; strip brush manufacturing machinery; mop manufacturing machinery; injection molds; and, specialty machinery for automation, packaging, etc., of brooms, brushes and mops. Borghi is known as a leader in staple-set and anchor-set brush manufacturing machinery, sometimes referred to in the brush industry as “drilling and filling” machinery. Borghi also has many decades of experience in producing equipment for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes. Borghi also offers production solutions for mop manufacturing and various types of injection molds. Borghi not only provides the mold itself, but also helps with product design, prototyping and testing the injection molds for plastic parts. Understanding that customers need a continuous renewal of their product lines, and that this takes time between the various phases of engineering and development, Borghi is able to offer a prompt response to these needs. Borghi is a strong partner with the know-how to help customers to develop new ideas for injection molded products, in absolute privacy. Borghi not only provides technology for brooms and brushes, but with Borghi’s engineering capacity and technical manufacturing strength, requests for automation have been met with the realization of machinery for special types of paintbrushes, paint-roller assembly, and many types of mops. Furthermore, Borghi has been producing machinery for manufacturing strip brushes since 2004. The company’s strip brush manufacturing machine, model BS30, produces strip brushes at speeds reaching up to 100 feet per minute. Able to work with a variety of raw materials, Borghi’s strip brush machinery gives customers the versatility to produce many sizes and types of strip brushes. The key reason Borghi can offer this type of equipment is due to the company’s design, which makes it easy to run strip brushes and change-over from one product to another; and allows even the novice to produce top quality strip brushes with tight tolerances at very high speeds. Borghi also goes beyond just providing equipment to produce “the product.” It provides specialty machinery to automate packaging and other requirements that a given product may require before it is completely finished and ready to go into the warehouse or out the door. Borghi’s flexibility in offering custom solutions is what keeps its level of technology fresh and cutting-edge. Contact Borghi s.p.a. or one of its agents. For machinery sales in the USA and Canada, contact: Bodam International Ltd., 903 Cirelli Court, Aberdeen, MD 21001, USA. Telephone: 410-272-9797; Fax: 410-2720799; E-mail: bodam@bodam.com; Web site: www.bodam.com; BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Contact: Carlos Petzold, President. For technical support and spare parts in the USA and Canada, contact: Borghi USA, Inc., 903 Cirelli Court, Aberdeen, MD 21001, USA. Phone: 410-272-9797, Fax: 410-272-0799, Email: info@borghiusa.com; Contact: Matt Tompkins or Eric Juarez. Borghi s.p.a.’s partner companies, Unimac s.r.l. and Techno Plastic s.r.l., are located along side of Borghi, in “The Brush District.” Unimac produces machinery and technology used to manufacture twisted knot power brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, wafer brushes as well as quality control equipment for power brushes, machinery to convert wire from spools to cutto-length bundles as well as equipment for crimping wire to be fed into power brush machinery. Unimac also specializes in complete production lines of specific-use machinery to produce fixed metal handles that are, either: powder coated or plastic coated, as well as equipment for extension handles (telescopic handles). Unimac’s tube-mill can also be used in other applications to produce tubes for other products (www.unimac.it). Techno Plastic offers equipment and knowhow to produce broom and brush monofilaments for PP, PET, PS, PBT, SAN and other types of polymers. Techno Plastic also produces lines for manufacturing PET strapping and for concrete reinforcement monofilaments: (www.technoplastic.it). 16 Boucherie USA Inc. 8748 Gleason Rd. Knoxville, TN 37923 USA Phone: 865-247-6091 Fax: 865-247-6117 E-Mail: sales@boucherie.com Web Site: www.boucherie.com G.B. Boucherie Stuivenbergstraat 106 8870 Izegem, Belgium Phone: ++32 51 31 21 41 Fax: ++32 51 30 54 46 E-Mail: info@boucherie.be Company Officers: John Williams, President Boucherie USA Inc., has been selling Boucherie brush machines, sophisticated multi-component injection molds and packaging equipment in North, Central and South America for more than 30 years. In May 2014, G.B. Boucherie and Borghi Spa (www.borghi.com) merged into the BoucherieBorghi Group. The joint programs of these two companies cover a large scope of brush making, and the sales and service network gives worldwide coverage. In addition to Boucherie USA, Borghi USA and its team support the Boucherie customers for household and technical brush machines. Boucherie Products: Tufting machines for PG 34

brooms; household, industrial and personal care brushes, and toothbrushes. Boucherie’s Anchor Free Technology has now been reengineered to allow for the production of household and industrial brushes without the use of anchors or staples. The filament and block can be of different materials, and triple fiber-boxes for three different fiber colors are available. With two filling heads running continuously at 630 RPM (1,260 tufts per minute), the output is increased. In many indoor broom models, the block requires a mere 50 percent of the weight in polypropylene of a regular brush block. Additionally, there are savings in filament waste since no trimming is needed, and there is no wire. In this world of high energy costs and petroleum based materials, such savings cannot be considered trivial. The TCU-CNC machines are capable of handling brushes from nailbrushes to 24-inch brooms with special modifications possible to run 36-inch brooms in two operations. The modular concept, which permits a machine to be reconfigured for vastly different brushes, has now been well demonstrated. Moreover, these machines are available from being manually loaded all the way to fully automated production cells, equipped with fully automatic handle feeders and industrial robots. The TCU-CNC range of machines has been further extended by the introduction of the TCUT/CNC and the TCA-CNC. The TCU-T/CNC machine, with long stroke filling tools that are lined with a carbide and sturdy carousel with heavy-duty support in the drilling and filling stations, is designed for arduous applications with drill sizes up to 12 mm, and the use of heavy vegetable fibers. The TCA-CNC machine has short-stroke anchor filling tools, and will make smaller brushware like dish brushes at a speed of up to 1400 tufts per minute. The newest refinements to the TCU line of machines are a faster indexing of the turret, higher speeds and a wider range of automation options. The single-header SCU will handle disk brushes as well as plate brushes, and can be converted to a household brush machine in a matter of minutes. Toothbrush Production Lines and Work Centers: Boucherie has developed a variety of toothbrush manufacturing equipment. Production machines range from the very affordable TB3-A/CNC, through the TB3-TS and TB3-FS, which are economically priced, full production lines for less demanding applications, to the highly automated and sophisticated TB3-FM and TB3-FM/L. All of these single header machines now run at continuous speeds up to 1,000 tufts per minute. For the highest production, Boucherie offers the double-headed TB32-Flexi cell,

which can make up to 70 brushes per minute when the two filling tools run in parallel, or for complex brushes with two different hole sizes when the filling tools run sequentially. This flexibility is built into the concept of the machine, and can be used effortlessly. Since the introduction of the Flexi concept, TB35Flexi cells with up to five filling tools have been built and delivered for a total output of up to 5000 tufts per minute. Anchorless Toothbrush Production Lines and Work Centers: In the field of machinery for the oral care industry, with the introduction of the AFT/CNC machine, Boucherie clearly established a leadership position in anchorless technology, but with the new AMR machine, Boucherie is making a giant step to bring anchorless toothbrush production to more toothbrush makers. The AFT/CNC is the first machine for tufting toothbrushes without using anchors. Block tufts, strip tufts and various combinations of tuft angles widen the range of design options for the toothbrush heads. The AFT/CNC features automatic handle feeding, Windows-based CNC controls, and pre-end-rounding of bristles. No trimming is required. AFT technology may now be used to manufacture toothbrushes with tapered filaments. Available too is a less automated version of this machine: the AFT/SD line, in which the handle and bristle infeed are accomplished manually. The AMR machine also features Boucherie’s in-line pre-end-rounding system, and will make the brushes that are now manufactured on complex anchor-set production cells at a reduced cost, with a higher end-rounding quality, and at least at the same speed. The AFT-IMT is the world’s first commercially available in-mold technology for the production of toothbrushes, according to Boucherie. Pre-end-rounded filaments are picked and arranged in their final configuration prior to being transferred into a mold where the brush head and handle are over-molded to produce the finished product. IDM Machine: The IDM is a compact carousel machine for the high-speed production of inter-dental and mascara brushes. It is now possible to produce up to 65 high quality brushes per minute, even while using the smallest wire sizes, since the brush remains in the same clamp throughout the whole production process. The IDM is available in versions with spool feed of the nylon, or with fiber boxes for pre-cut filaments. An integrated vision system for the automatic inspection of finished brushes is also available. Injection Molds: Boucherie produces single component molds, multi-component molds with manual or automatic transfer, and multicomponent, high cavitation, valve gated, hot BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY runner stack molds. Boucherie molds are used to produce a wide range of consumer, medical and engineering products. Packaging Machines: Form, fill and seal blister packaging machines are available in heat seal and high frequency seal versions for toothbrush and personal care brushes. They may be operated as stand-alone machines or integrated into one or two tufting machines. 16 Briarwood Products Co. 2900 Bradwell Ave. Cleveland, OH 44109 USA Phone: 216-398-1107 Fax: 216-398-1075 Web Site: www.BriarwoodProducts.com Products: In addition to an existing line of OEM plastic cleaning tools, Briarwood Products offers CamLock™ Threaded Tips, designed to keep brush and broom handles from loosening or coming unscrewed during use. Handles coming loose from the tool to which they are affixed have been a long time industry problem. Patented CamLock™ Threaded Tips actually make it more difficult to unscrew a handle than to screw it on initially. The CamLock™ Tips can be purchased already assembled onto the handle of choice or sold separately. In either case, the “cam locking” mechanism creates a tight union between the handle and brush, broom or other tool that will not unscrew during normal use. 06 Brosses Lacasse Inc. / Norman Brush Inc. 107 Authier St. St-Alphonse-de-Granby, QC J0E 2A0 CANADA Phone: 800-940-2829 Fax: 877-375-8442 Web Site: www.brosseslacasse.com Products: For over 50 years, Brosses Lacasse Inc./Norman Brush Inc. has specialized in the manufacturing and refurbishing of custommade industrial brushes. The company’s customers cover a wide range of industries. Some specialities include cylinder brushes, twisted wire brushes, block and belt brushes, strip brushes, rotary brushes, maple product brushes, spiral wound brushes, and track and switch brooms. 15 Bruin Plastics Co., Inc. 61 Joslin Rd. P. O. Box 700 Glendale, RI 02826 USA Phone: 401-568-3081 Toll Free: 800-556-7764 Fax: 401-568-0019 E-Mail: sales@bruinplastics.com Web Site: www.bruinplastics.com Products: Since 1964, Bruin Plastics Company has been a producer of industrial textiles. Bruin provides mildew and rot resistant VCM® (vinyl PG 36

coated mesh) for wet mop head bands in a variety of colors, slit to a customer’s specific width requirements. 14 Brush Fibers, Inc. 202 North Oak St. Arcola, IL 61910 USA Phone: 217-268-3012 Fax: 217-268-3245 E-Mail: chris@brushfibers.com Company Officers: Chris Monahan, President; Alicia Leal, Customer Service Manager; Jaye Roberts, Controller Products: Vegetable fibers: Tampico fiber (natural white, black, grey, bleached, patent, union), palmyra fiber, palmyra stalks, bassine, sherbro piassava, sherbro/stalk mixes, rice root, coco fiber and arenga fiber; Wire: Card wire, staple wire– galvanized and copper coated (pay off packs, spools, reels); and bristle (hog hair). Also offered are horse hair, horse hair mixtures, foam and solid plastic brush blocks. Established in 1979, Brush Fibers, Inc. is a supplier of a full range of brush filling materials to brush manufacturers around the world. Brush Fibers offers customers a comprehensive line, serviced from its Arcola warehouse, supported by warehousing facilities in North Carolina and Montreal. 16 Brushes Corp. 5400 Smith Rd. Brook Park, OH 44142 USA Phone: 216-267-9080 Fax: 216-267-9077 Web Site: www.brushescorp.com Products: Twisted-in-wire brushes of all materials and sizes for industrial, medical, automotive, plumbing, bottle, textile and government. The company supplies both standard and custom engineered brushes and can accommodate any size order. 14 Caddy Supply Company P. O. Box 365 Cordova, SC 29039 USA Phone: 803-829-7072 Toll-Free: 866-345-6851 Fax: 336-378-6047 E-Mail: sales@caddysupply.com Web Site: www.caddysupply.com Company Officers: Brian Gartman, Manager; Katie Pelton, Sales Products: In March 2016, Caddy Supply Company became the new name of R. E. Caddy & Company, Inc. Originally founded in 1958 by Richard Earl “Tip” Caddy, Sr., the business still maintains a complete inventory of raw materials for companies and artisans who manufacture or craft brooms, brushes and mops. Some items offered include various types of wire, Mexican broomcorn and yucca fiber, all types of handles including USA grown, wet mop hardware and handles, sewing twine, nails, knives and sewing

needles. Inventories are maintained for quick turnaround of orders, which can be placed online at the company’s e-commerce store. Caddy Supply Company is committed to providing excellent customer service to meet all production needs. 16 Canwil Textiles, Inc. 1520 University Dr. Auburn, GA 30011 USA Phone: 678-985-5434 Fax: 678-807-2818 E-Mail: sales@canwiltextiles.com Web Site: www.canwiltextiles.com Products: Fabrics: 9x9 vinyl mesh, poly knit mesh, nonwovens, polyester twill. All fabrics available for dust and wet mop manufacturing. Custom slitting available. 14 Carlisle FoodService Products 4711 E. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73131 USA Phone: 800-654-8210 Fax: 800-872-4701 E-Mail: customerservice@carlislefsp.com Web Site: www.carlislefsp.com Products: Sparta brush and brush accessories, wet and dry mopping products, EZ Snap Floor Care, waste and material handling products. 15 Carolina Mop 819 Whitehall Rd. Anderson, SC 29625 USA Phone: 800-845-9725 Fax: 864-225-1917 E-Mail: info@carolinamop.com Web Site: www.carolinamop.com Products: Mop buckets, wet floor signs, squeegees, dust pans, and carpet bonnets. Carolina Mop carries a full line of wet mops, dust mops, brooms, brushes, and handles. 05 Charles E. Green & Son, Inc. 625 3rd St. Newark, NJ 07107 USA Phone: 973-485-3630 Fax: 973-485-6150 E-Mail: sales@charlesegreen.com Web Site: www.charlesegreen.com Company Officers: John V. Green III, President; Rebecca Green Sullivan, Vice President; Caitlin Green, Vice President Products: Paint brush ferrules, roller components, Milliken Machines, Milliken spare parts, brush pins, plastic handles, wood handles, steel stamps, industrial knits, and general metal stamping. 16 Chongqing Global Bristles Mfg., Co., Ltd. No. 17 Fuxing Road, Bafu Town, Jiulongpo Dist. Chongqing 401329 CHINA Phone: +86-23-67600529 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Fax: +86-23-67600379 E-Mail: indnet@ckbristle.com Web Site: www.ckbristle.com Company Officers: He Feng Products: Semi-finished products, cut bristles, natural white/black/brown boiled/unboiled bristles, bleached white/black bristles, mixed bristles, dyed bristles, solid tapered filament and min-hollow filaments. 16 Continental Commercial Products 305 Rock Industrial Park Dr. Bridgeton, MO 63044 USA Phone: 800-325-1051 Fax: 800-327-5492 E-Mail: marketing@contico.com Web Site: www.continentalcommercialproducts.com Products: Continental Commercial Products provides janitorial and floor care cleaning products. CCP offers a full line of conventional and microfiber mopping equipment. In addition, it stocks a full line of brooms, brushes, and floor squeegees for any cleaning application and setting. CCP’s variety of wet mops includes premium antimicrobial blends to disposable mops. Earth Mop, Jean Clean mop, and Action Pro mops are examples of Continental’s commitment to using recycled fibers. CCP’s domestic manufacturing facility also produces mop buckets, wringers, receptacles, floor signs, dust pans, and janitorial carts. Custom manufacturing capabilities also available. 15

Corona Brushes, Inc. 5065 Savarese Circle Tampa, FL 33634 USA Phone: 813-885-2525 Fax: 813-882-9810 E-Mail: info@coronabrushes.com Web Site: www.coronabrushes.com Company Officers: Benjamin Waksman, President; Albert Waksman, Vice President Products: Corona makes professional quality painting tools such as brushes, rollers, and frames for architectural and industrial coatings. Each paint brush and roller is handmade using Corona’s specifications and formulations. Corona is a third generation family company, established in 1961. 16 Creative Poly, Inc. 620 W. Lincoln Ave. Rochelle, IL 61068 USA Phone: 815-562-9002, 866-304-BAGS Fax: 815-562-8551 E-Mail: creative@rochelle.net Products: Creative Poly, Inc. is a manufacturer and printer of crown top (rounded corners), straight-edge, and custom shaped broom sleeves. Other items manufactured include mop and brush bags, reclosable zipper bags and wicketed bags. Creative’s printing department has the capabilities to print both line print and process print items to the customers’ specs. Printed rollstock can also be supplied for automatic packaging machines. 08 Crystal Lake Manufacturing, Inc. P. O. Box 159 Autaugaville, AL 36003 USA Toll-Free: 800-633-8720 Phone: 334-365-3342 Fax: 334-365-3332 Web Site: www.crystallakemfg.com Products: Brooms (broom corn, blended and plastic), mop heads, deck mops, dust mops, dust mop frames and handles, broom handles, complete line of handles, industrial and household wedge mops, industrial and household mopsticks, angle brooms, lobby brooms, whisk brooms, sponge mops, push brooms, and utility brushes. Handle private label requirements. Manufacture to specifications. 04 Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. 270K Duffy Ave. Hicksville, NY 11801 USA Phone: 516-597-4888 Fax: 516-597-4889 E-Mail: culicover-brush@aol.com Web Site: www.culicover-brushes.com Products: Floor brushes, garage brushes, counter dusters, radiator and window brushes, truck brushes, street brooms, corn brooms, baseboard and bi-level brushes, deck scrubs, hand scrubs, masonry brushes, wet and dry mops, broom and mop handles, dustpans, squeegees, hand set boars hair brushes. 14 CWP 3871 West 150th St. Cleveland, OH 44111 USA Phone: 216-252-1190 Fax: 216-252-6205 E-Mail: info@cwptechnologies.com Web Site: www.cwptechnologies.com Products: All kinds of floor brushes. Primarily vacuum cleaner brushes

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BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

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Our Facility is 9001 : 2000 Registered Keeping Deco A Leader In The Field

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY and attachments, floor machine brushes and janitorial cleaning brushes for tile and grout as well as hard floors and carpet. 14 Deco Products Co. 506 Sanford St. Decorah, IA 52101 USA Phone: 563-382-4264 Fax: 563-382-9845 Web Site: www.decoprod.com Products: Zinc die castings. Deco is a large ISO 9001:2000 registered U.S. zinc die caster, with more than 40 years of casting experience for the broom, brush and mop industry. Deco offers standard and custom made threaded tips and angular brackets. 11 Delamo Mfg. 7171 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 USA Phone: 888-711-8011 Fax: 323-936-3567 E-Mail: delamo@delamo-mfg.com Web Site: www.delamo-mfg.com Products: Innovative cleaning tools, including trash/utility cans, pails, wringer buckets, dust pans, mop sticks and more. 10 Deligh Industries, Inc. P. O. Box 310-154 255 Conover St. Brooklyn, NY 11231 USA Phone: 718-875-1511 Fax: 718-237-4257 Web site: www.deligh.com Products: Tinned broom wire; galvanized mop and broom bands; galvanized and stainless steel brush stapling wire; galvanized stainless steel and plastic coated twisting wire; oil tempered and stainless steel scratch brush wire; brass and phosphor bronze brush filling wire; oil tempered, hard drawn and stainless steel power brush wire; wood brush blocks and broom handles. 11 De Long USA Corp 7600 San Remo Pl. Orlando, FL 32835 USA Phone: 718-475-6104 E-mail: edward@delong.cc Web site: www.delong.cc Company Officer: Edward Zhang Products: Badger hair shaving brush, bristle hair shaving brush, nylon hair shaving brush, brush heads, handles, etc. 16 Distribuidora Perfect S.A. de C.V. Calle Cuatro No. 32 Naucalpan Edo de MEXICO 53370 Phone: 011 52 55 53 87 04 00 Fax: 011 52 55 55 76 24 44 E-Mail: rrk@brochasperfect.com.mx Web Site: www.brochasperfect.com.mx PG 40

Company Officers: Jorge Ripstein, President and Director; Rodrigo Ripstein, Executive Director Products: The company offers tampico fiber, cup brushes, solvents, paintbrushes, end brushes, artist brushes, clothes brushes, paint rollers, shoe brushes, kits and trays, washing brushes, wire brushes, Loosen Up WE-60, paint pads (square brushes), color sprays, circular wire brushes, and painter complementary items. Perfect has been in business for over 60 years in Mexico. The company first started selling paintbrushes and all sorts of brushes for domestic uses and industrial applications. The company later started distributing tooling for the construction industry, as well as tampico fiber all over the world. The company now offers lamb’s wool paint rollers, rollers that eliminate bubbles when applying varnish, and abrasive circular wire brushes. 10 DKSH Switzerland, Ltd. Wiesenstrasse 8 8034 Zurich, SWITZERLAND Phone: +41 44 386 7900 Fax: +41 44 386 7911 Web Site: www.dksh.ch Products: Various types of bristle, fiber and hair for the brush industry. DKSH is a global leader in Market Expansion Services, employing 22,000 specialists in 560 business locations all over the world. The exclusive North American agent is Brush Fibers, Inc., of Arcola, IL. Contact Ian Moss at jaye@brushfibers.com or call 217-268-5760. 15 Don Leventhal Group, LLC 1508 W. Jourdan St. Newton, IL 62448 USA Phone: 618-783-4424 Fax: 618-783-2442 E-Mail: sales@newtonbroom.com Web Site: www.newtonbroom.com Company Officers: Don Leventhal Products: Broom corn brooms, railroad switch brooms, angle brooms, soft sweep brooms, cob web and fan dusters, push brooms and floor brushes, bowl brushes, kitchen and scrub brushes. 14 Dorden & Co., Inc., aka Dorden Squeegees P. O. Box 10247 7446 Central Avenue Detroit, MI 48210-0247 USA Phone: 313-834-7910 Fax: 313-834-1178 E-Mail: mmfgcoinc@aol.com Company Officers: Bruce M. Gale Products: Floor and window squeegees. Commercial, industrial and retail for the OEM

and super distributor. “We are your source not your competitor.” 10 Draper Knitting Company 28 Draper Lane Canton, MA 02021 USA Phone: 781-828-0029 Fax: 781-828-3034 E-Mail: kdraper@draperknitting.com Web Site: www.draperknitting.com Company Officers: Kristin Draper, President and General Manager Products: Draper Knitting Co. develops and manufactures quality paint roller materials. It offers a broad spectrum of paint roller cover fabrics from the mainstream economical quality to contractor grade materials for some of the most well-known national suppliers. With an onsite paint roller lab, full coating/finishing department, and a custom dye house, Draper can create any blend, pile height, density, color, and texture that is required. The company has years of experience working with wool blends, recycled and synthetic fibers. Draper Knitting has been a “Made in the USA” family run business for over 160 years, creating fabrics for a variety of technical, sustainable and protective applications. 14 Dreamscape Design 403 S. Water St. Champaign, IL 61820 USA Phone: 217-359-8484 E-Mail: robin@dreamscape.la Web Site: www.dreamscape.la Company Officers: Robin Christian Peters Products: Corporate, training, web, and sizzle videos, virtual reality 360° video production, web development, drone videos, 3D modeling and animation, studio facilities. 16 DuPont Filaments - Americas, LLC Washington Works Plant 8480 DuPont Road, Bldg. 158 Washington, WV 26181 USA Toll Free: 800-635-9695 Phone: 304-863-4908 Fax: 304-863-2779 Web Site: www.dupont.com/filaments Products: DuPont Filaments provides high quality filaments for brush applications, plus global delivery to ensure the most cost-efficient production in local markets. With manufacturing facilities that span the globe and technical experts in multiple languages, DuPont Filaments meet filament needs worldwide. From FDA-compliant colorful filaments for oral care applications, to long synthetic tapered bristles for paintbrushes and soft “natural-feel” filaments for cosmetics, DuPont Filaments provides a broad range of product development and manufacturing solutions for individual product requirements. 15 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Emsco Group 607 Church St. Girard, PA 16417 USA Toll Free: 800-458-0839 E-Mail: chrisc@emscogroup.com Web Site: www.emscogroup.com Company Officers: Steve Oas, President; John Ramsey, Vice President of Sales Products: Tidee American brand residential cleaning aids; value priced quality products. Emsco also serves the corrections industry with no metal products. 16 Epic Resins 600 Industrial Blvd. Palmyra, WI 53156 USA Phone: 262-495-3400 Fax: 262-495-3410 E-Mail: sales@epicresins.com Web Site: www.epicresins.com Products: Epic Resins offers paintbrush and paint roller adhesives. These adhesives offer adhesion to natural bristles, nylon, polyester and olefin filaments, as well as vinyl substrates. Epic Resins provides both two component epoxy resin adhesives as well as one component polyurethane moisture cure adhesives to serve the paintbrush and paint roller markets. Epic Resins is a custom formulator of epoxy resin and polyurethane compounds for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). In business since 1958, Epic Resins specializes in custom manufacturing and formulating materials. 11 Evansville Association For The Blind - EzAB Industries P. O. Box 6445 500 Second Ave. Evansville, IN 47719 USA Phone: 812-422-1181 Fax: 812-424-3154 E-Mail: eabindustrial@aol.com Web Site: www.evansvilleblind.org Products: Deck mops: cotton and rayon; mop heads: cotton and rayon. Traditional and custom sizes available. Made 100 percent in the USA. The Evansville Association For The Blind is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Indiana, April 13, 1923. The Association serves and employs person with physical and mental disabilities. Manufacturing time available for mop production due to expanded capacity. 14 F.M. Brush Co., Inc. 70-02 72nd Place Glendale, NY 11385 USA Phone: 718-821-5939 Fax: 718-821-2385 E-Mail: info@fmbrush.com Web Site: www.fmbrush.com PG 42

Products: Artist brushes, from professional to student, all levels. Industrial affiliations, marking, stencil, and parts cleaning available. Camel hair to red sable plus a full range of synthetics. Painted and unpainted handles. Assembled in the United States and Thailand. Large quantities for bids at all price ranges. Name brand and private label with quick delivery. The company was founded in 1929, and has over 80 years experience in creating high-quality brushes that feature both form and function. F.M. Brush offers brush styles in both natural hair and synthetics. It is environmentally sensitive and supports the fight against animal testing. Handles come from managed wood reformed station programs. 11 Felton, Inc. 7 Burton Dr. Londonderry, NH 03053 USA Phone: 603-425-0200 Fax: 603-425-0242 Web Site: www.feltoninc.com Products: Custom brushes and technical assemblies. 14 Fibratexsa P. O. Box 118 San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS Web Site: www.fibratexsa.com Products: Mop making machinery including loop end and deck mop machines, sewing stations, automatic cutters and more. 12 Fili & Forme SRL Via del Lavoro, 10 41018 San Cesareo sul Panaro (MO) ITALY Phone: ++39059921462 Export: ++39031856986 Fax: ++39059921463 Export: ++39031856273 E-Mail: export@filieforme.com Web Site: www.filieforme.com Products: Product line includes: Monofilaments in PVC that can be produced as UV resistant for long lasting under sun exposure, and antibacterial to reduce and avoid the formation of offensive odors; monofilaments in polypropylene, PS and SAN. For more than 20 years, Fili & Forme has produced monofilaments for various markets like home, personal care, industrial, technical and sports. It offers a completely automated manufacturing process, with cutting edge technology and machines, quality control, efficiency and competitive prices. 10 Filkemp - Industria de Filamentos, S.A. Rua Francisco Lyon de Castro, 28 Mem Martins 2725-397 PORTUGAL Phone: 00351 21 922 94 37 Fax: 00351 21 920 76 93

E-Mail: info@filkemp.com Web Site: www.filkemp.com Products: Polyamide and polyester monofilaments for fishing and technical applications; abrasive bristles. 14 Filmop USA, LLC 13410 Hwy 105 West Conroe, TX 77304 USA Phone: 936-588-8942 Fax: 936-588-8948 E-Mail: info@filmopusa.com Web Site: www.filmopusa.com Products: Designs, manufactures and distributes: buckets; carts - hospital, janitorial and maid; dusters; dusting cloths; dustpans; floor finish applicators; handles - mop, broom, brush and telescopic; microfiber products; mopping equipment; mops - dust and wet; plastic containers; safety products - equipment and signs; squeegees - floor and window; wall washing equipment; waste receptacles; window cleaning accessories; wringers. 11 FIMM Italia S.p.A. via della Repubblica 153 50050 STABBIA (Firenze), ITALY Phone: +39-0571-956124 Fax: +39-0571-956111 Web Site: www.spinelli-group.com Products: Manufacturer of metal broom handles, telescopic handles, extension poles, multipiece handles, mop handles. The history of FIMM ITALIA S.p.A. dates to the 1890s, and is part of the Spinelli Group, a machinery and molds manufacturer. Companies in Italy, the United States, Mexico and China. 13 Fuller Brush Company 860 Kaiser Rd., Suite D Napa, CA 94558 USA Phone: 707-266-5500 Fax: 707-255-5935 Web Site: www.fuller.com Products: Brooms, mops, floor cleaners, carpet sweepers, bathroom cleaners, all house cleaners, kitchen cleaners and scrub brushes, stainless steel cleaners, laundry detergents, stain removers, scented moth block case, home scents, personal scents, spa products, personal care products, premium quality hair brushes, and NutriSelect. 14 Fuller Industries LLC 1 Fuller Way Great Bend, KS 67530 USA Phone: 800-848-4901 Web Site: www.fullercommercial.com Company Officers: Brady Gros, CEO; Ellen Moran, CFO; Brett Hughes, Marketing Director; Stephen Haines, National Sales Manager Products: FullPro, Franklin Cleaning Technology, Trumix DC2 and Masury Columbia. 16 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY G.D.F. di De Franceschi Gabriella & Co. Via Mazzini 27 Bazzano 40053 Valsamoggia ITALY Phone: +39 051830189 Fax: +39 051830263 E-Mail: gdf@gdfsrl.eu Web Site: www.gdfsrl.eu Company Officer: Gabriella De Franceschi Products: Foamed and solid plastic blocks, metal handles, telescopic poles, buckets, mops and cleaning tools. 16 Garelick Mfg. Co. P. O. Box 8 644 Second St. St. Paul Park, MN 55071 USA Phone: 651-459-9795 Fax: 651-459-8269 E-Mail: mail@garelick.com Web Site: www.garelick.com Company Officers: Ken Garelick, President; Rick Garelick, Senior Vice President Products: Telescopic extension poles 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24-foot lengths. Garelick Mfg. Co. began in 1952. Metal fabrication is performed at two locations: St. Paul Park, MN, and Largo, FL. It offers lightweight anodized aluminum, twist lock cams that allow handles to be locked at any length, rolled tube edges, universal size screw adapter, five standard sizes. 16 Gift Sales Co. P. O. Box 17082 513 S. St. Francis Wichita, KS 67217 USA Phone: 316-267-0671 Toll Free: 800-992-0181 Fax: 316-267-2930 E-Mail: gscjansplymfr@juno.com Web Site: www.giftsalescompany.net Company Officer: Bill Meyers Products: Bowl block, urinal para and nonparablock, 20-pound sewer block, non-para dumpster system, bowl caddy, mint absorbent, urinal screens (all kinds), putty knives, dust pans (metal and plastic), and other supplies. 16 Golden Star Inc. 6445 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66202 USA Toll Free: 800-821-2792 Phone: 816-645-9031 Fax: 800-487-4079 Email: goldenstar@goldenstar.com Website: www.goldenstar.com Products: Brooms, wet mops, dust mops, hardware, accessories and microfiber. 14 Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. 3737 Capitol Ave. City of Industry, CA 90601 USA Phone: 323-724-7777 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Fax: 323-724-1111 E-Mail: sales@gordonbrush.com Web Site: www.gordonbrush.com Company Officer: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President and CEO Products: Hand-held brushes, scratch brushes, platers’ brushes, medical brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, applicator brushes, detail brushes, parts cleaning brushes, military brushes, block brushes, upright brushes, paintbrushes, flow-thru brushes, high-pressure brushes, strip brushes, micro-spiral brushes, abrasive brushes, spiral brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, vacuum brushes, condenser tube brushes, paddle brushes, bore brushes, radiator brushes, spoke brushes, refrigeration and plumbing brushes, tube-fitting brushes, bowl brushes, vat brushes, janitorial brushes, brooms, squeegees, polycorn uprights, truck wash brushes, lobby brooms, dusters, cylinder brushes, bonded disc brushes, bonded flap brushes, abrasive nylon brushes, spiral round coil brushes, rotary brushes, fine filament brushes, Thunderon® brushes, dome brushes, acid brushes, power brushes, specialty brushes, hygienic brushes, mops, buffs, dressing sheets, handpads. 16 E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. 2241 N. Knox Ave. Chicago, IL 60639 USA Phone: 773-489-2330 Fax: 773-489-1102 E-Mail: sales@gornellbrush.com Web Site: www.gornellbrush.com Products: Gornell built its reputation as a custom designer and manufacturer of quality brushes for industry and maintenance. Gornell is a supplier of scratch, platers and welder brushes, staple set on the latest CNC-controlled machinery. It offers custom-design and manufactures staple set and wire-drawn brushes for industry, using all types of wire, synthetic and natural fill materials. E. Gornell & Sons, Inc., was founded in 1892 by Edward Gornell. It continues to grow, producing brushes with the latest state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Gornell will imprint and private label brushes for the brush industry. CAD/CAM design available. Special packaging is offered to meet specific requirements. 16 Gover, Horowitz & Blunt Ltd. 15 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PS UNITED KINGDOM Phone: +44 207 838-7000 Fax: +44 207 235-1943 E-Mail: mr@ghb.co.uk Web Site: www.ghb.co.uk Company Officers: Stephen Horowitz, Matthew Ralph Products: Synthetic monofilaments (PVC, PPN, PET, nylon, etc), bassine, palmyra, coco, tampico, cotton mop yarn. 16

GSC Manufacturing, Inc. 510 Merritt Ave. Nashville, TN 37203 USA Phone: 615-248-6556 Fax: 615-248-6558 E-Mail: info@gscmanufacturing.com Web Site: www.gscmanufacturing.com Products: Manufacturer of premium wet mops available in cut-end, loop-end, finish mops and T-bar construction. The company offers a full line of launderable and disposable dust mops and frames. It assembles handles for both wet and dust mops. All mops are available in a variety of natural and synthetic yarns to meet every customer’s special needs. Natural and plastic brooms, push brooms and industrial brushes complete a full janitorial and commercial line of cleaning products. GSC Manufacturing was incorporated in 2000 to become an industry leader in the production and development of cleaning products. It offers OEM programs, private labeling, custom packs and short lead times from receipt of order to delivery. 14 Gunn Brush Co., Inc. 948 Church St. Baldwin, NY 11510 USA Toll Free: 800-834-6035 Fax: 516-771-7019 E-Mail: gunnbrush@aol.com Web Site: www.gunnbrush.com Products: All types/styles and sizes of floormachine rotary brushes and pad holder assemblies. Custom work, as well as custom diamond drivers made to specifications. Large inventory allows same day shipping on most orders. 04 H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. 220 White Plains Rd., Suite 245 Tarrytown, NY 10591 USA Phone: 914-381-0801 Fax: 914-381-0804 E-Mail: staff@arnoldwood.com Web Site: www.arnoldwood.com Products: Dowels, handles, mouldings, turnings, dimensions, brush blocks, strips, CNC routed and shaped parts. 14 Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. P. O. Box 168 Union City, IN 47390 USA Phone: 800-228-6677 (MOPS) or, 937-968-4858 Fax: 937-968-4524 E-Mail: service@hastemops.com Web Site: www.hastemops.com Products: Manufacturer of quality (Made in the USA) mopping products. Specializing in janitorial and industrial hard floor care. Quality product line of wet mops, dust mops, microfiber products, hardware and no-lint monofilament PG 43

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY finish mops. Includes custom factory and private labeling as well as construction modifications to suit customers’ needs. 14 Hahl Inc. 126 Glassmaster Rd. Lexington, SC 29072 USA Phone: 803-359-0706 Fax: 803-359-0074 E-Mail: customerservice@hahl-pedex.com Web Site: www.perlon.de Products: Synthetic bristle in diameters ranging from .003” - .120” nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 612, nylon 610, polyester PBT, polypropylene. Abrasive fibers in diameters ranging from .010” - .070” nylon 6, nylon 612, with abrasive grit types silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, ceramic and diamond. Specialty fibers are a big part of Hahl’s product offering: nylon 6 flaggeable, nylon 6 UL94VO, nylon 6 “anti-static,” nylon 6 “conductive,” nylon “HT”, polyester “metal detectable,” PEEK, PPS, HT-150, HT-250 and a full range of toothbrush filaments. 14 Haviland Corporation P. O. Box 769 200 S. Hwy. U Linn, MO 65051 USA Phone: 573-897-3672 Fax: 573-897-4497 E-Mail: squeegees@havilandcorp.com Web Site: www.havilandcorp.com Products: Haviland manufactures floor and window squeegees; waterbrooms; replacement blades for sweeper scrubbers and paving tools in the United States. Over 90 percent of the raw materials Haviland Corporation uses to manufacture products are derived from the USA. Haviland manufactures the largest selection of floor squeegees in North America including non-marking, neoprene, FDA approved, double foam, antimicrobial and numerous others, according to the company. Haviland Corporation’s selection of floor squeegees also includes variations in blades such as flat edge, multi edge, double, serrated (notched), and beveled. 12 Hayco Manufacturing Ltd. 3002, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong CHINA Phone: +852-2168-9200 Fax: +852-2834-8018 E-Mail: info@hayco.com Web Site: www.hayco.com Products: Household brushes, brooms, mops, dusters, squeegees, automotive cleaning, window cleaning, extension poles, floor sweepers, industrial brushes and squeegees, power toothbrushes, facial brushes, water filtration, liquid delivery systems. 14 PG 44

Hill Brush Company, Ltd. 811 Rolyn Ave. Baltimore, MD 21237 USA Phone: 410-325-7000 Fax: 410-325-6477 E-Mail: info@hillbrush.com Web Site: www.hillbrush.com Company Officers: Peter Coward, Vice President; Jim Sokaitis, National Sales Manager Products: Wooden brooms, paintbrushes, brushware, dustpans and brushes, mops, hygienic cleaning tools, Resin-Set DRS®, anti-microbial brushware and hygienic tools, metal and x-ray detectable brushware and hygienic tools. 16 HIMESA Hilos Y Mechas S.A. de C.V. P. O. Box 118 San Pedro Sula HONDURAS Phone (USA): 954-323-8692 Phone: ++504-2558-8141 Fax: ++504-2558-8142 E-Mail: himesa@himesa.com Web Site: www.himesa.com Company Officers: Robert Handal Products: HIMESA is a Latin American textile producer. Its textiles spin a wide array of cotton, rayon blends, Acrylex®, synthetics, antimicrobial yarns, 100 percent recycled, etc. The various styles that HIMESA uses for spinning yarns are ring, open end/friction and core spun. These different methods enable HIMESA to produce an array of titles, colors and form options. HIMESA also produces various types of mops (loop end, cut end, deckmops, dustmops and disposables). It also offers an assortment of custom mops such as lay flat style, double tailbanded mops, wire/connector mops, quik on, etc. All these mops are custom designed to customers’ specs, such as for retail, industrial, foodservice, healthcare, janitorial, etc. The company also offers complete thread, twine, sewing threads, industrial threads, agricultural threads/twines and more. Its facilities include complete weaving operations for a variety of products like canvas, sheeting, tarpaulins, towels, cleaning and grill cloths, diapers, mop tape, etc. HIMESA has ventured into plastics with success in making a variety of products for the industry. 15 Hoge Brush Company P. O. Box 189 202 E. South St. New Knoxville, OH 45871 USA Phone: 419-753-2351 Fax: 419-753-2893 Web Site: www.hoge.com Products: Traditional, classic, time-tested staple set brushes; push brooms; maintenance and utility brushes. Serving distributors and supply companies, co-manufacturers, dealers and stores since 1939. Special features include North American hardwood blocks. Top quality

natural and synthetic fibers. Experienced workmanship. Emphasis is placed on performance, durability and value. 12 Hoge Lumber Co. P. O. Box 159 701 S. Main St. New Knoxville, OH 45871 USA Phone: 419-753-2263 Fax: 419-753-2611 E-Mail: dzwiep@hoge.com, info@hoge.com Web Site: www.hoge.com Company Officers: John Hoge, Jack Hoge, Clark Froning, Bruce Hoge Products: Brush blocks - made of North American hardwoods, in a variety of sizes, shapes, holes, finishes. Also: architectural millwork and mouldings, commercial and institutional cabinetry, custom casework; materials for post-frame metal buildings and residential construction; hardwoods green and kiln dried manufactured for industrial, commercial, agricultural uses, including brush blocks and bowling lane components; sales office and warehouse in China. Staple set brush manufacturing. 16 Indian Bristle Company unit of Sieko Brushware (India) Sieko House, 4/15, Bagichi Street, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara, Dehli - 110032 INDIA Phone: +91 11 45645617 E-Mail: siekobrush@hotmail.com Products: Exporter of Indian bristles. 16 Industrial Brush Corporation 763 E. Commerce Dr. St. George, UT 84790 USA Phone: 435-673-7500 Fax: 435-628-2175 E-Mail: ibcsales@industrialbrush.com Web Site: www.industrialbrush.com Products: Custom designs and prototypes. Designs and manufactures thousands of different brushes to satisfy a wide variety of industrial and food processing applications. Also offered are standard and custom design staple set, metal channel strip and other brush constructions including straight and formed strip, coil, cylinder cup, inside and outside disc, twisted-in-wire, wire scratch, wheel cup and stem brushes, acid, paint and artist brushes. All types of fill materials are provided including synthetic, natural, hair and wire. Common applications include brushes for washing, drying, waxing, polishing, peeling and harvesting various fruits and vegetables. Other applications include scrubbing and deburring printed circuit boards; washing silicon chips; finishing and deburring metal; sanding, de-nibbling, staining and dusting wood products; glass and mirror washing; egg washing; static elimination; trommel cleaning; conveyor cleaning; mold cleaning and vehicle BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY washing. Products are marketed throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia. 09 Jason Mills, LLC 440 S. Main St. Milltown, NJ 08850 USA Phone: 732-651-7200 Fax: 732-651-7222 E-mail: info@jasonmills.com Web Site: www.jasonmills.com Company Officer: Michael Lavroff, President Products: Jason Mills manufactures textile fabrics for industrial, commercial, military and personal safety end users. Specific industries include automotive, aeronautical, healthcare, law enforcement, and many others. It has an extensive stock program which includes fire retardant, Berry compliant, MIL-SPEC and NAFTA-certified fabrics. 16 Jersey Jerry Broomsquire, The 911 Larkspur Pl. S Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 USA Phone: 856-222-0713 E-mail: moyerbase@aol.com Web Site: www.broomcrafters.com Company Officer: Dr. Sam Moyer, Ph. D. Products: Machine harvestable broom corn seed. 16 Jewel Wire Company P. O. Box 282, Route 101 Pomfret, CT 06258 Phone: 860-928-7981 Fax: 860-928-6167 E-Mail: sales@jewelwire.com Web Site: www.jewelwire.com Products: Stainless steel, high fatigue power brush wire, scratch brush wire, and draw wire; also available, stainless steel and nickel silver staple wire along with stem wire. Jewel Wire offers a full line of wire products in the following material and alloys: Brass alloy 260, phosphor bronze alloy 510, nickel silver alloy 745, untempered high carbon steel, galvanized low carbon steel. All alloys are available straight (level), pin or gear crimped. Standard packaging available: hanks, coils, precision cut to length, single strand and multistranded on spools and cores. Jewel Wire also offers packaging to customer specifications. 14 Jieda (Cixi Jieda Nanometer Compound Materials Co., Ltd.) Kandun Industrial Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, CHINA Phone: 86-574-2363 9669 or 86-574-2363 9608 Fax: 86-574-2363 9690 E-Mail: jiedaglobal@cn-jieda.com Web Site: www.global-jieda.com Products: Filaments for toothbrushes, tapered filaments, abrasive filaments and industrial filaments. 13 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Jones Companies, Ltd. P. O. Box 367 312 S. 14th Ave. Humboldt, TN 38343 USA Phone: (Cust. Service/Sales) 800-238-8334 (Office) 731-784-2832 Fax: (Customer Service Order) 800-235-9276 (Office) 731-784-7131 E-Mail: inforequest@jonesyarn.com Web Site: www.jonesyarn.com Company Officers: Ralph Jones III, Exective Chariman; Richard Ayers, CEO/CFO; Jeremy Raines, Vice President Products: Jones Yarns produces the largest variety of yarns available from a single source specifically engineered to meet the performance requirements of the floor care industry. Jones yarns range in size from Ne 0.50 to Ne 2 .75 and include 100 percent cotton yarns, cotton/synthetic blend yarns, rayon blend yarns, polyester blend and recycled fiber blend yarns. In addition to the floor care yarns, Jones Yarns offers a complete line of tailband tape, headband mesh and sewing thread. Trademarked yarns include RF-Yarns™ Recycled Fiber yarns; Enviro-Color™ Yarns; AM-Yarn™ anti-microbial; and nWET™ nonwoven edge trim yarn alternative. The expanded NEXT GENERATION product line includes microfiber mops; microfiber towels; microfiber carpet bonnets; synthetic carpet bonnets; and cotton carpet bonnets. In addition to supplying quality products, services include product testing, customer exclusive product development, sales training and market intelligence. The Jones Yarns E-Commerce link is a password protected web portal on which customers can enter orders, update orders, review purchase histories and update account information. Company: “The Jones Family of Companies will effectively serve our customers and stakeholders by being people oriented, quality driven and value focused. At no time will these aspirations sacrifice the dignity of the individual; be it associate, customer, supplier, or owner.” This philosophy has been with the company since it was established in 1936 by W.R. Jones, Sr. and W.F. Jones, Sr. Today, Jones Yarns is led by third generation Executive Chairman William Ralph Jones, III. For 80 years, it remains to be said that company officials strongly believe in the golden rule of treating people the way one would like to be treated. It continues to measure success by developing relationships with customer partners, sharpening its focus on what is best for the customer and serving them with integrity. Cultivating relationships is the bottom line for employees at Jones. From the early days of operation, Jones Yarn has been one of the industry’s largest processors of recycled textile by-products, combining a variety of natural and synthetic fibers to engineer yarns that meet specific

economic and performance criteria as defined by the floor care industry. Its facilities utilize state-of-the-art fiber cleaning, processing, blending and spinning technology to create innovative products of superior quality and the highest value. While spinning is the company’s core competency, its focus on the needs of the floor care industry is a key driver for the future. Jones’ research and development strategies include a variety of innovations that target expanding the boundaries of floor care tools. As a market leader, Jones Yarn is the only yarn spinning supplier that supports all of the floor care industry’s associations including the ABMA - American Brush Manufacturers Association; NBMMA - National Broom & Mop Manufacturers Association; and the ISSA - International Sanitary Supply Association, with direct representation and active involvement. Jones Yarn has actively participated in the development of ASTMcertified industry standards for brooms and mops. 16 K.R. Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. Marketing Head Office: 1F No. 728 Chung Hwa Rd. Ho Mu Village Chung Pu, Chia Yi, Taiwan Phone: 886-5-2393687 Fax: 886-5-2396968 E-Mail: raihsing@ms17.hinet.net Web Site: www.raihsing.com Factory: 96 M.8 Laonadee Road T. Muangkao, Amphur MuangKhon Kaen, Thailand 40000 Phone: 66-43-324602-3, 325017-9 Fax: 66-43-324604 E-Mail: sales@kr-plastic.com Web Site: www.kr-plastic.com Products: Level Monofilament: hollow/solid; Profiles: round, cross, triangle, hexagon, star...etc. Other profiles as requested. Krex Taper Filament: pinex, trialoy, triex, manmade bristle such as squirrel, boar, badger, goat, Kolinsky, mongoose, weasel, etc. Material: PA6 / 66 / 610 / 612, PBT, PET, PP, TFP, PS, ABS, Victrex peek, copolymers, nodular, indicator, anti-static, anti-bacteria. Applications: toothbrush, hair brush, household and broom, industry brush, paintbrush, cosmetic and artist brush, etc., and other special brushes. 10 Keystone Plastics Inc. 3451 S. Clinton Ave. South Plainfield, NJ 07080 USA Phone: 908-561-1300 Fax: 908-561-5189 Web Site: www.keystonesweepersbrushes.com Products: Extruded polypropylene filaments (custom color match) will meet exact specifications. Call Keystone for specific brush application at 1-800-635-1300. 06 PG 45

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY La Crosse Brush, Inc. 3235 George St. La Crosse, WI 54603 USA Phone: 888-683-7491 Fax: 608-783-5539 E-mail: derekpeterson@lacrossebrush.com Web Site: www.lacrossebrush.com Company Officer: Derek Peterson, Vice President-General Manager Products: Janitorial brooms and brushes; construction brushes; industrial brooms and brushes; color-coded food processing brooms and brushes; and U.S. redistributor of colorcoded plastic tools and shovels for Harold Moore. 16 Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. P. O. Box 577 Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA Phone: 770-459-5966 Fax: 770-459-1116 E-Mail: lmc@lafittemop.com Web Site: www.lafittemop.com Company Officers: John Lafitte, President; Cathy Lafitte, Secretary Products: Looped-end and cut-end mopheads, dust mops, stick mops - made in USA. Additional products: brooms, brushes, handles and microfiber products. Green environmental dust mops and mopheads also provided. 14 Laitner Brush Company 1561 Laitner Dr. Traverse City, MI 49686 USA Phone: 231-929-3300 Fax: 231-929-7219 E-Mail: sales@laitner.com Web Site: www.laitner.com Products: Brooms, brushes and squeegees. 09 Lambskin Specialties 250 Dufferin Ave. Winnipeg, MB R2W 5J1 CANADA Phone: 800-665-0202 Fax: 204-582-5598 Web Site: www.lambskin.com Products: Supplier in the duster category: dust wand wool and feather dusters; synthetic and microfiber dusters; high dusting and floor dusting. Also, floor finish applicators, window care accessories, automotive care accessories. The company can also help design and manufacture exclusive products. 08 Lanoco Specialty Wire Products, Inc. 7 John Rd. Sutton, MA 01590 USA Phone: 508-865-1500 Fax: 508-865-5960 Web Site: www.lanoco.com Products: Manufacturer of high quality stainless PG 46

steel wire for the power brush industry. Wire includes pin crimped, gear crimped, or straight in multiple strands, hanks, coils, cut to lengths, or bobbin form. 09 LC Industries, Inc. 4500 Emperor Blvd. Durham, NC 27703 USA Phone: 919-596-8277 Fax: 919-598-1179 Web Site: www.buylci.com Products: Brooms, sponge mops, deck mops, refills, plastic cutlery, file folders, mattresses, and paper conversion including napkins, plates, c-fold towels. 14 Leistner Weruzeug GMBH Auerbacher Str. 15 Stuetzengruen 08328 GERMANY Phone: +49-37462-288150 Fax: +49-37462-288159 E-Mail: info@leistner-gmbh.de Web Site: www.leistner-gmbh.de Products: High performance drill bits for the brush making industry. Leistner drills are engineered and manufactured as customized CNC cutting tools for processing steel, plastic and wooden materials. 14 Lemieux Spinning Mill, Inc. 125 Route 108 Est., C.P. 2039 St. Ephrem, Beauce QC G0M 1R0 CANADA Phone: 418-484-2169 Fax: 418-484-5561 E-Mail: sergel@lemieuxspinning.com Web Site: www.lemieuxspinning.com Company Officers: Serge Lemieux, President; Marc Lemieux, General Manager Products: Rayon blend white and colored mop yarn, Price-Wise economy synthetic white and colored mop yarn, dust control synthetic white and colored dust mop yarn. Rayon blend mop yarn treated with Ultra-Fresh (antibacterial), cotton blend mop yarn, and exclusive and custom mop yarn. New Greentex mop yarn is an environmentally friendly blend of recycled PET and post-consumer fiber. Lemieux Spinning Mill’s history dates to 1906 when J.A. Lemieux founded his business on first-rate service and top quality products. In 1945, Clément Lemieux took over the business from his father, carrying on a tradition of wellknown expertise. Since 1986, Jean-Paul Lemieux and his sons, Marc and Serge, have made the company a world-class manufacturer. At Lemieux, father and sons have always passed on the same philosophy of personalized service. With well-established experience, Lemieux’s vision is constantly focused on the future. No matter what the specific requirements or needs are, Lemieux Spinning Mills, Inc., has the team and resources to meet them. 15

Lessmann GmbH The German Brush Company Lucas-Schultes-Str. 2 Oettingen 86732 GERMANY Phone: 0049 9082 707 0 Fax: 0049 9082 707 77 E-Mail: info@lessmann.com Web Site: www.lessmann.com Company Officers: Dieter Lessman, Managing Director; Jürgen Lessman, Managing Director; Cornelia Kitzsteiner, Sales Director Products: Brushes made in Germany: technical brushes, industrial brushes, wire brushes, wheel brushes, bevel brushes, hand brushes, interior brushes, shank brushes, end brushes, disc brushes and others. Lessmann provides a wide product range of standard and special brushes. The brushes are used for cleaning, deburring, polishing and surface finishing in the metal working industry, tube and pipeline industry, wood working industry, automotive and aircraft industry and others. 16 Libman Company, The 220 N. Sheldon Street Arcola, IL 61910 USA Phone: 217-268-4200 Toll-Free: 800-646-6262 Fax: 217-268-4168 E-Mail: info@libmanpro.com Web Site: www.libmanpro.com Products: Complete line of brooms, brushes, wet and dust mops, specialty mops and related equipment such as dust pans and buckets. Virtually all products are manufactured in the USA for all commercial/industrial needs. 10 Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans, Inc. (DBA Lighthouse Louisiana) 123 State St. New Orleans, LA 70118 USA Phone: 504-899-4501 Fax: 504-899-5351 E-Mail: sales@lhb.org Web Site: www.lighthouselouisiana.org Products: 60-inch biodegradable deck swab; bathroom, kitchen, household, and cookware scrubbers. 14 Line Mfg. Inc. P. O. Box 6505 Walcott, CT 06716 USA Phone: 203-879-1481 Fax: 203-879-1530 Web Site: www.linemfg.com Products: Broom caps for both wooden and tubular handles; ferrules for the kitchen and garden tool industry; threaded shells for the broom and mop industry; and all other deep drawn metal shells, stamping or ferrules for the above-mentioned industries. Line Manufacturing, Inc., has the skills, BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY experience and specialized machinery to produce precision custom, high-volume component parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to precise specifications. It can provide virtually any contour, shape and finish, adding distinction and individuality to products and designs. The company will produce them accurately, at a fair price, and deliver them where and when needed. 05 Lola Products 343 South River St. Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA Phone: 201-343-1243 Fax: 201-489-6477 E-Mail: info@lolaproducts.com Web Site: www.lolaproducts.com Products: Floor wipes, mops, brooms, brushes, sponges, scourers, clothespins, lint traps, mop buckets, cloths/dish cloths, gloves, dust pans, squeegees, dusters and flyswatters. 14 Loos & Co., Inc. Jewel Wire Division P. O. Box 282 Pomfret, CT 06258 USA Phone: 860-928-7981 Fax: 860-928-6167 E-Mail:sales@loosco.com Web Site: www.loosco.com Products: Stainless steel, high fatigue power brush wire, scratch brush wire, and draw wire; also available, stainless steel and nickel silver staple wire along with stem wire. Jewel Wire offers a full line of wire products in the following materials and alloys: brass alloy 260, phosphor bronze alloy 510, nickel silver alloy 745, untempered high carbon steel, galvanized low carbon steel. All alloys are available straight (level), pin or gear crimped. Standard packaging available: hanks, coils, precision cut to length, single strand and multi-stranded on spools and cores. Jewel Wire also offers packaging to customer specifications. 16 M2 Professional Cleaning Products LTD 59 Talman Ct. Concord, ON L4K 4L5 CANADA Phone: 905-738-2007 Fax: 905-738-2006 E-Mail: gabriel.marino@m2mfg.com Web Site: www.m2mfg.com Products: M2 Professional Cleaning Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of buckets and wringers, along with a complete line of professional cleaning products including wet mops, dust mops, as well as a full line of assorted brushes and push brooms. M2 has over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the cleaning industry. 16 Magnolia Brush Mfrs., Ltd. 1001 N. Cedar St. Clarksville, TX 75426 USA Phone: 903-427-2261 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Fax: 903-427-5230 E-Mail: sales@magnoliabrush.com Web Site: www.magnoliabrush.com Company Officers: Kenneth Backus, President; Scott Adams, Director of Operations; Gary Townes, Director of Purchasing; and Glenn Guyette, National Sales Manager Products: Floor and garage brushes, street brooms, scrub brushes, concrete finishing brushes, janitorial items, automotive detail brushes, counter dusters, vehicle wash brushes, masonry brushes, paintbrushes and sundry items, utility brushes, floor squeegees, wax applicators, window brushes, corn brooms, hot dipped galvanized pails and tubs, wire scratch brushes, and a variety of wood, fiberglass, flowthrough and assorted handles. 16 Malish Corporation, The 4260 Hamann Pkwy. Willoughby, OH 44094 USA Phone: 440-951-5356 Fax: 440-951-0293 E-Mail: info@malish.com Web Site: www.malish.com Company Officers: Jeffrey J. Malish, President and CEO; Fred Lombardi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Aja Rendek, Marketing Manager Products: Manufacturer of commercial and industrial floor machine brushes, including a full range of rotary brushes, foodservice/colorcoded brushes, as well as janitorial brushes. Most recently, the company introduced the Diamabrush™byMalish Floor Preparation System that features products for concrete prep and polishing as well as products for wood and mastic removal. Malish also offers custom thermoplastic extrusions through its Malish Plastics division. 16 Marion Brush Mfg. Co. 1685 7th Ave. Marion, IA 52302 USA Toll Free: 800-930-9062 Fax: 319-377-3208 E-Mail: gary@marionbrush.com Web Site: www.marionbrush.com Products: Concrete finishing brushes and equipment; concrete finishing brushes in widths of 4, 6 and 8 feet. 14 Paul Marsh LLC 654 Madison Ave., Suite #1405 New York, NY 10065 USA Phone: 212-759-9060 Fax: 212-319-6214 E-Mail: marsh.llc@verizon.net Web Site: www.paulmarshllcworldwide.com Products: China bristles, horse hair, fine hair, synthetic tapered filaments (all colors), mixtures for paintbrushes (synthetic filaments and natural bristles), machinery new and

reconditioned, parts and service, paint roller winding, cutting and finishing machines, roller frames, paint roller fabrics, phenolic paper, adhesives, covers, extension poles, handles, ferrules, brush pins, epoxy resins, etc. Founded in 1959 by Paul S. Marsh, the firm has grown steadily. Paul Marsh LLC is an international supplier to the brush and broom trade, serving manufacturers in over 40 countries. Diversified departments within the company now supply manufacturing and trading concerns in a wide range of industries. 14 M-B Companies, Inc. P. O. Box 200 1615 Wisconsin Ave. New Holstein, WI 54915 USA Phone: 800-558-5800 Fax: 920-898-4588 E-Mail: sales@m-bco.com Web Site: www.m-bco.com Products: Tube brooms, gutter brooms, runway wafers, strip brooms, poly wafers, wire wafers, poly/wire wafers. Brushes for all makes and models of attachment brooms, runway snow removal equipment, and street sweepers. 12 MBK Maschinenbau GmbH Friedrich-List-Str. 19 88353 Kisslegg Bad.-Wuertt. GERMANY Phone: 0049-75 63-91 31-0 Fax: 0049-75 63-25 66 Web Site: www.mbk-kisslegg.de Products: Machines for the production of paint rollers made of foam – Drilling machine MBO, drill grinding machine, gluing machine MKL also available with Corona, splitting machine MSP, ejecting machine MAS, round off machine MAR, frame bending automat BBM, automated assembly machine for roller cores KMA, foam gluing machine MKE, roller supply RZ, supply hopper BF, pea-hole burning machine ERB. Machines for the production of paint rollers made of plush and lambskin – Strip cutting machine STM and STM-R, plush cutting device PSE, turn over equipment SUV, tandem-turn-over-machine SUM, drawing device SAV, roller winding automat RWA, roller assembly machine RMA, roller treating automat RBA, radiator plush roller winding automat HWA, radiator plush roller assembly automat HMA, production automat for radiator rollers HFA, roller supply RZ and supply hopper BF. Machines for the production of flat and round paintbrushes – Flat paintbrush automat with automated adhesive dispenser FPA, automated cleaning and trimming machine for flat paintbrushes ABM-K and ABM-L also for synthetic fiber, inserting and PG 47

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY stapling machine EHM extendible with printing device and packing unit, paintbrush packing automat PEA, tuft dividing machine BAM, bristle vibrator BAG, shearing and trimming machine ZSM, wall brush assembly device FME, round paintbrush automat RPA, production equipment for round paintbrushes RFA, round paintbrush assembling machine RPM, and cleaning and trimming machine for round paintbrushes RSA. Mixing, metering and dispensing machines – Automated adhesive dispenser VGA; mixing, metering and dispensing machine for two and more component resin systems MUD and MUD-R with adjustable mixing ratio. MBK is a state-of-the-art, medium-sized engineering company located in Kisslegg in the Allgaeu (approx. 35 km northeast of Lindau on the Lake of Constance, Germany). Maintenance and service for all types of machines, conversion and extension of machinery in stock available. 11 MFC, Ltd. 1904 Freight St. Laredo, TX 78041 USA Phone: 956-724-5191 Fax: 956-725-8080 E-Mail: info@mfc-usa.com Web Site: www.mfc-usa.com Company Officers: David Kalisz Products: Tampico fibers, union mix, semipatent fiber, palmyra, bassine, horsehair, horsehair mixtures with tampico fiber and/or synthetic. Boar bristle mixtures (natural and/or with synthetics), paintbrush mixtures of synthetic and natural bristles. Tipping, flagging, mixing and dyeing of taper synthetic fiber for paintbrush industry. Also rice (broom) root and metal handles. MFC, Ltd., with roots as a supplier to brush manufacturers going back over 100 years, is proud to continue to provide customers with quality products and excellent service at competitive prices. 16 Michigan Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. P. O. Box 10247 7446 Central Ave. Detroit, MI 48210-0247 USA Phone: 313-834-1070 Fax: 313-834-1070 Toll-Free: 800-642-7874 Web Site: www.mi-brush.com Company Officers: Bruce M. Gale, President/ Managing Director Products: Specializing in all types of brooms, brushes, mops, squeegees, paint rollers and related products. Special order products for machinery and equipment including oversize paint rollers, brushes, and squeegees are available. Prototypes and long or short runs invited. 10 PG 48

Mill-Rose Company, The 7995 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 USA Phone: 440-255-9171 Fax: 440-255-5039 E-Mail: info@millrose.com Web Site: www.millrose.com Company Officers: Paul Miller, President Products: Mill-Rose is a U.S. manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes and a market leader for brushes of all uses. The company designs, engineers, manufactures, and delivers brushes in small, as well as large quantities catering to a customer’s specific needs. Mill-Rose brushes are used in virtually every industry around the world, including, but not limited to, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, energy, manufacturing, medical, technology, and telecommunications. Customers can choose from thousands of “standard” and “not-so-standard” sizes and shapes of brushes that deburr, polish, finish, sort, auger, conduct, dissipate, collect, move and protect materials. Mill-Rose brushes are often used in non-brushing applications to solve engineering, design, and production problems. Mill-Rose has designed more than 100,000 special brushes with unique configurations for unique applications. Strong demand for Mill-Rose brushes by the plumbing, heating and cooling industry led to the formation of Clean-Fit Products serving professional contractors, hardware wholesalers and Do-It-Yourself home centers. Clean-Fit Products offers contractors a complete line of brushes, abrasives, PTFE sealants and specialty tools, including the line of Blue Monster® professional-grade products. Mill-Rose Laboratories manufactures a complete line of disposable and reusable brushes, snares and baskets used throughout the medical industry. It’s a leading source for laboratory and scientific brushes, biopsy and micro brushes, and stainless steel wire forms used in a broad range of applications. 14 Milliken Machine 625 3rd St. Newark, NJ 07107 USA Phone: 973-485-3630 Fax: 973-485-6150 E-Mail: info@millikenmachine.com Web Site: www.millikenmachine.com Company Officers: John V. Green III, President; Rebecca Green Sullivan, Vice President; Caitlin Green, Vice President Products: Brush nailing equipment including brush pins/nails. 16 Milwaukee Dustless Brush 3737 Capitol Ave. City of Industry, CA 90601 USA Phone: 323-724-7777

Fax: 323-724-1111 E-mail: sales@milwaukeedustless.com Web Site: www.milwaukeedustless.com Company Officers: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President and CEO Products: Floor brooms, handles, polycorn upright brooms, corn brooms, lobby brooms, dust pans, bench/counter dusters, squeegees (floor), truck wash brushes, sponge mops, bucketless mops, utility brushes, window, bowl and feather dusters, commercial kitchen brushes, valve brushes, dish brushes, detail brushes, scoops and shovels, wire brushes, scratch brushes, stencil, acid and parts wash brushes, paintbrushes, specialty brushes, power brushes, block brushes, nail brushes, bowl brushes, scrub brushes, tank brushes. 16 Monahan Filaments, LLC 215 Egyptian Trail Arcola, IL 61910 USA Phone: 217-268-4957 Customer Service: 888-833-1097 E-Mail: info@monahanfilaments.com Web Site: www.monahanfilaments.com Company Officers: Jon Monahan, President; Chris Monahan, Vice President Sales & Marketing Products: Broad selection of synthetic filaments in a wide range of diameters for the brush and monofilament industries. Nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene fibers for applications in industrial, construction, automotive, personal care, paint, cosmetic, and janitorial markets. Founded in early 2007 with the acquisition of Specialty Filaments, the company has consolidated operations into a new facility in Arcola, IL. Centrally located in the Midwest, MFI is well positioned to meet the challenging needs of all customers. Sister company Brush Fibers, Inc., is also located in Arcola and able to ship all items together with Monahan Filaments further saving on freight. Now offering high performance filaments such as PPS for demanding applications and V0 grade nylon. 16 Monahan Partners, Inc. 202 N. Oak Arcola, IL 61910 USA Phone: 217-268-5771 Fax: 217-268-3113 E-Mail: pat@monahanpartners.com; kevin@monahanpartners.com Web Site: www.monahanpartners.com Company Officers: Kevin Monahan, President, (888-268-5757); Pat Monahan, Ambassador (888-268-5754) Products: Monahan Partners assembles wood, metal or fiberglass mopsticks. It offers a full range of metal and plastic attachments for both wet and dry mops, and sells the component BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY parts for self-assembly. Monahan Partners offers popular plastic and metal janitor quick changes/stirrups, gripper (jaws), household and janitor spring and levers. And for dust mops, the company offers nylon slide connectors and a patented flexible connector. Other popular products are dust mop frames and heads (in 3 1/2 and 5-inch widths) including cotton, colored cotton, colored synthetics and disposables as well as wedge mop heads and frames. Monahan Partners also sells broom braces; industrial T-bars; plastic/wire connectors for layflat mops; twist mops made with either cotton yarn or non-woven strips; microfiber yarn wet mops; both metal and plastic hinge sponge mops; and fiberglass handles with swivel cap and thread. Monahan Partners now also sells a popular, made in USA, economical, patented lobby dust pan and is a leading producer of fiberglass handle mopsticks. Monahan Partners was spun out of The Thomas Monahan Company in December 2010. Formerly, a division of the family business, Monahan Partners continues a long history of great service. 16 Thomas Monahan Co., The 202 North Oak St. Arcola, IL 61910 USA Phone: 217-268-4955 Fax: 217-268-3113 E-Mail: tim@thomasmonahan.com Web Site: www.thomasmonahan.com Company Officers: Jim, Tim, Jon, and Chris Monahan. Pat Monahan owns and runs a sister company, Monahan Partners Products: The Thomas Monahan Company is the parent of the Monahan family of companies – Brush Fibers, Inc. (natural filaments); Monahan Filaments (synthetic filaments); and Whitley Monahan Handles Company (wood handles). See separate listings for these companies in this issue. The Thomas Monahan Company manufactures and sells component parts for the manufacture of brooms and mops. It has proven sources in the USA, China, Mexico and around the world. Through its Whitley Monahan Handles Company, Monahan offers quality handles in pine and hardwoods in clear lacquer, painted or plain sanded, with tapers, tennons or threads, in all standard diameters and lengths. The company is the exclusive distributor of Bamwood – a manufactured wood made from bamboo. Through its Brush Fibers and Monahan Filament companies, Monahan manufactures synthetic filaments and sells them along with imported natural fibers to the brush industry. The Thomas Monahan Company sells broomcorn and natural filler fibers, plastic angle brooms, and broom twine. The company also offers products from foreign sources on a BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

container load basis for direct shipment at nice savings. The company has been a family business since 1922, now managed by its fourth generation of Monahans. The Thomas Monahan Co. stands behind everything it sells. The company prides itself on fast, courteous service. 16 Monterey Mills P. O. Box 790 Janesville, WI 53547 USA Phone: 608-754-2866 Fax: 608-754-3750 E-Mail: birkhoffb@montereymills.com Web Site: www.montereymills.com Company Officers: Daniel Sinykin, President Products: Monterey Mills has been a premier Sliver Knitter since 1946, and the oldest sliver knitter in North America. The company carries hundreds of years of collective experience. In addition to being North America’s largest paint roller fabric supplier, Monterey supplies superior roller products due to less shedding and superior pick up and release. Further paint applications and filtration fabric can be found with the supplier exclusive and patented FIBERLOCK™ technology, which enhances paint performance while minimizing shedding. Monterey Mills supplies most paint roller manufacturers in the United States, and exports paint roller fabric to over a dozen countries. The company can create custom designs and colors, coupled with the flexibility to alter any aspect of its knit fabric. It can also service made-to orders including apparel, pet bed fabrics, air and water filtration, medical pads, buffing pads, case liners, and stuffing. 16 Moonsoft International, Inc. 3808 N. Sullivan Rd., Bldg. 12, Suite Q Spokane, WA 99216 USA Phone: 877-892-9360 Fax: 509-892-9355 Web Site: www.moonsoftcorp.com Products: Microfiber mop pads and dusters, related hardware. 12 Mount Joy Wire Corp. 1000 E. Main St. Mount Joy, PA 17552 USA Phone: 717-653-1461 Toll Free: 800-321-2305 Fax: 717-653-0221 E-Mail: sales@mjwire.com Web Site: www.mjwire.com Products: Wide range of brush wire products – carbon steel, stainless steel, brass plated, galvanized, tinned, flats. All sizes of tempered and hard drawn brush wire with full capabilities in crimping, bunching, and cutting in hanks. 11 Nation/Ruskin 206 Progress Dr. Montgomeryville, PA 18936 USA

Toll Free: 800-523-2489 Fax: 267-654-4010 E-Mail: nationruskin@nationruskin.com Web Site: www.nationruskin.com Products: Sponges, cheesecloth, tack cloths, towels, rags, microfiber towels, drop cloths, coveralls, paint strainers. 13 National Wire & Metal Technologies, Inc. 200 Harrison St. Jamestown, NY 14701 USA Phone: 716-661-9180 Fax: 716-661-9189 E-Mail: brenda.nwmt@netsync.net Web Site: www.homemaid.us Company Officers: Tammy Snyder, Vice President; Lucienne Hedman, Treasurer Products: Twist mops, dust mops, sponge mops, roller mops, butterfly mops, commercial metal wet mops, broom braces, brush scrapers, floor and window squeegees. Other product lines and capabilities include metal stamping, wire forming, welding, tool and die capabilities, assembly and metal finishing operations. 16 Newell & Sons Inc. P. O. Box 1098 Roxboro, NC 27573 USA Toll Free: 800-467-8996 Fax: 336-599-3354 E-Mail: newell@esinc.net Web Site: www.newellandsons.com Products: Industrial/janitorial wet mop manufacturer and broom, brush and janitorial supplier. 13 Nexstep Commercial Products 1450 W. Ottawa Road Paxton, IL 60957 USA Toll Free: 800-252-7666 Fax: 217-379-9901 E-Mail: customerservice@ocedarcommercial.com Web Site: www.ocedarcommercial.com Company Officers: Todd Leventhal, President; Joel Hastings, General Manager Products: A complete line of commercial cleaning products including brooms (angle and corn), floor sweeps, brushes, wet mops, sponge and roller mops, dust mops, microfiber products, squeegees, dusters, dispensers, sponges, floor mats, rotary brushes, pad drivers, carts, mop buckets and wringers, mopsticks, handles, dust pans, and waste containers. Exclusive licensee of O-Cedar®. 15 Norshel Industries, Inc. 2933 River Rd. Croydon, PA 19021 USA Toll Free: 800-355-MOPS Fax: 215-788-5225 E-Mail: sales@norshel.com Web Site: www.norshel.com PG 49

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Products: Wet mops, handles, dust mops, brushes, dust pans, poly and corn brooms. 06 Northeast Ltda. Rua Lisboa, 453 Sao Paulo S.P. 05413-000 BRAZIL Phone (U.S.): 917-842-5062 Phone: 55 11 3085 4955 Fax: 55 11 3081 2176 E-Mail: michaelg@northeast-brazil.com Web Site: www.northeast-brazil.com Company Officers: Michael Grossman, Elaine Kimoto, Christiane Kimoto Products: FSC and non-FSC wooden handles; softwood and hardwood, all finishing available: sanded, lacquered or painted; all accessories such as metal threaded tips, thread on wood, tenon, domed, plastic caps, etc. available, as are bar codes and private labels. All packing available, including strip pack, box pack, etc. Metal handles and angle brooms are also available. The company has developed into a prime resource for quality and legally logged wooden handles from Brazil. Reliability, consistent quality and timeliness of shipping have become synonymous with Northeast and the Malinski factory. Multi-annual logging contracts will guarantee its raw material for years to come. 16 Northern Wood Products, Inc. 1504 Lauderdale Pl. La Crosse, WI 54603 USA Phone: 608-783-1112 Fax: 608-783-0272 Web Site:www.northernwoodproductsinc.com Products: Wood handles and wood brush blocks manufactured for the broom, brush and mop industries. 10 Nyco Products Company 5332 Dansher Rd. Countryside, IL 60525 USA Toll Free: 800-752-4754 Fax: 708-579-9898 E-Mail: customerservice@nycoproducts.com Web Site: www.nycoproducts.com Products: Carpet cleaners, spotters and stain removers; upholstery cleaners; floor strippers; floor cleaners; floor finish chemicals; floor sealers; floor preparation chemicals; ice film neutralizer; dust mop treatment; and liquids, aerosols, powders. 14 O’Dell Corporation P.O. Box 540 Ware Shoals, SC 29646 USA Toll Free: 800-342-2843 Fax: 800-445-1533 E-Mail: orders@odellcorp.com Web Site: www.odellcorp.com Products: Wet mops, dust mops, handles, PG 50

brushes, janitor carts, microfiber, echoMop, The Edge Mop, The Patriot Mop, frames, janitorial accessories. 12 Osborn 1100 Resource Dr., Suite 1 Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 USA Toll Free: 800-720-3358 Phone: 216-361-1900 Fax: 216-361-1913 E-Mail: marketsupport@osborn.com Web Site: www.osborn.com Products: Push brooms, upright brooms, handles, squeegees, angle brooms, whisk brushes, counter dusters, bowl brushes, fountain brushes, car wash brushes, tire cleaning brushes, nail brushes, scrub brushes, scratch brushes, paintbrushes, artists brushes, paint rollers and roller frames. 14 Paint Brush Corporation P. O. Box 371 27 W. Cherry St. Vermillion, SD 57069 USA Phone: 605-624-8601 Fax: 605-624-6909 E-mail: info@paintbrushcorp.com Web Site: www.paintbrushcorp.com Products: Natural and synthetic bristle paintbrushes, automotive parts cleaning brushes. 15 Patrick Yarn Mills, Inc. 501 York Rd. Kings Mountain, NC 28086 USA Phone: 704-739-4119 Fax: 704-739-9276 E-Mail: sales@patrickyarns.com Web Site: www.patrickyarns.com Products: Patrick Yarn Mills offers a complete product line of high quality yarns for wet mops, dust mops and finish mops. The company’s modern manufacturing facilities produce cotton yarns, synthetic blends, and specialty mop yarns, including anti-microbial and microfiber products. 06 PelRay International, LLC 4511 Macro Dr. San Antonio, TX 78218 USA Phone: 210-757-4640 Fax: 210-650-8103 E-Mail: info@PelRay.com Web Site: www.PelRay.com Company Officers: Michael McKenzie, CEO; Ray LeBlanc, COO; Bart Pelton, President; Katie Pelton, Vice President for Business Development Products: With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, PelRay’s sales team, Ron Cherryholmes, Ray LeBlanc, David McGee and Bart Pelton, has been meeting the needs of manufacturers of brooms, mops and brushes worldwide. In July 2016, Katie Pelton joined the sales team. From raw materials such

as natural fibers (broomcorn, beargrass, Tampico and palmyra) to mop yarn (blended, cotton, rayon, natural or dyed) to OEM products made to customer specifications (angle broom heads, corn brooms, mops or mop sticks) to handles (poplar, southern yellow pine, Brazilian tauari, or metal) PelRay has it available and can ship in mixed loads to help customers to better manage their inventories. For those customers looking for products “made in the USA”, PelRay offers competitively priced poplar and pine handles as well as mop hardware and assembled mop sticks. PelRay also stocks an extensive inventory for artisans and crafters with raw broomcorn, stitching needles, twine and more. Visit PelRay’s website for specials and inventory clearance items. Quality, integrity and service are hallmarks of PelRay’s commitment to the success of its customers. 16 Perfex Corporation 32 Case St. Poland, NY 13431 USA Toll Free: 800-848-8483 Fax: 315-826-7471 E-Mail: perfex@perfexonline.com Web Site: www.perfexonline.com Products: TruCLEAN® Mopping Systems, sponge mops, microfiber mops, brooms and brushes, and shovels and squeegees. 14 Pferd Milwaukee Brush Company 30 Jytek Dr. Leominster, MA 01453 USA Toll Free: 800-342-9015 Fax: 978-840-1563 E-Mail: sales@pferdusa.com Web Site: www.pferdusa.com Products: Brooms, floor sweeps, squeegees, paintbrushes and accessories, scratch and chip brushes, utility and deck scrub brushes, power wire brushes and abrasive filament nylon brushes (MBRAD®). 12 Plasticfibre S.P.A. Via Emilia 309A 40011 Anzola Emilia (BO) ITALY Phone: +39-051-739762 Fax: +39-051-739519 E-Mail: fiori@plasticfibre.com Web Site: www.plasticfibre.com Products: Synthetic monofilaments: Plasticrin (PVC), Emilen (PP), Ecoclean (PBT), Ecoster (PET), Politex (PE), Ultrapaintex (hollow PBT), Paintex (hollow PET), Ecostil (PS), Ecosan (PS/SAN), Plastinyl (PA). Also offered are vegetable fibers (tampico/broomroot/ palmyra). Manufacturers of quality synthetic fibers for the broom and brush industry since 1959. The company extrudes filaments made of PVC, PP, PET, PBT, PS, SAN, PE and PA. Plasticfibre can offer a complete range of BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY synthetic filaments to manufacturers of all brush products in every sector. Its filaments vary in application throughout the industrial and manufacturing sectors in more than 50 countries worldwide. Quality system certified under ISO 9001:2008. 11 Pogliani SRL Via A. Volta 7/A Costa Masnaga (LC) 23845 ITALY Phone: ++39031856986 Fax: ++39031856273 E-Mail: info@poglianisrl.com Web Site: www.poglianisrl.com Products: Synthetic Filaments: solid and hollow polyester, nylon, PP and polyethylene; tapered filaments for paint, cosmetic and toothbrushes; Wire: stapling wire (flat and round), wire for crimping or for twisted purpose, wire for filling, wire in many different raw materials such as stainless, brass, phosphorous bronze, nickel silver, copper coated and galvanized steel; Natural Fibers: tampico, broom root, coco, palmyra, horsehair, bristles and mixtures. 14 Precision Brush Company 6700 Parkland Blvd. Solon, OH 44124 USA Phone: 440-542-9600 Fax: 440-542-9696 E-Mail: jbenjamin@Precisionbrush.com Web Site: www.precisionbrush.com Company Officers: Jim Benjamin, President Products: Precision Brush Company has the technology, expertise and experience to satisfy industrial brush requirements. The company can customize nearly every aspect of a brush, including brush length, bristle length, stiffness, density, coarseness, fill material and base materials. These custom brushes can be constructed out of materials that resist certain harsh chemicals, temperature extremes, or both. Conversely, Precision’s industrial brushes can be gentle and soft enough to spread confectioner’s sugar on doughnuts. From food processing, steel processing, glass manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and data cable management—Precision is a provider of custom industrial brushes that can handle the demands of nearly any industry. The manufacturing capabilities of Precision Brush Company have allowed it to offer clients customized bristle tools for an almost infinite number of brush applications, including, but not limited to: metal channel strip brushes, plastic channel strip brushes, twisted wire brushes, brush seals and specialty brushes. 13 Proveedora Mexicana De Monofilamentos, S.A. De C.V. (PMM) Oriente 217 No. 190 Agricola Oriental Mexico City, D.F., 08500 MEXICO BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Phone: 00 5255 5763 86 63 Fax: 00 5255 5700 57 69 E-Mail: pmm@pmm-mex.com Web Site: www.pmmbrightline.com Company Officers: Enrique Mejia, General Manager; Dennise Silva, Sales Manager Products: PMM produces synthetic engineered monofilaments for the brush industry. It offers nylon 6.12, nylon 6, nylon 6.6, nylon 6 plus, polyester PBT, polyethylene and polypropylene filaments in a wide range of calipers and colors. It specializes in critical applications, where consistency and quality are a must. 15

Reit Price Company 522 W. Chestnut St. Union City, IN 47390 USA Phone: 765-964-3252 Fax: 765-964-5343 E-Mail: sales@reitprice.com, Web Site: www.reitprice.com Products: Wet mops, dust mops, handles, corn brooms, microfiber mopping pads, and microfiber cleaning towels. 13

Purdy 101 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 USA Toll Free: 800-547-0780 Fax: 800-380-9422 E-Mail: info@purdycorp.com Web Site: www.purdy.com Products: Purdy offers a broad assortment of brushes, roller covers, faux finishing tools and painting accessories. The company began in 1925 when S. Desmond Purdy began building paintbrushes in a converted two-car garage in Portland, OR. Purdy painting tools offer outstanding finish appearance, which forms a smooth, even layoff of the paint on the surface. Smoother “no drag” brush strokes and better paint flow and release are also qualities found in Purdy brushes, and help to make faster and better production on big jobs. Purdy brushes also provide cutting-in capabilities for corners and sash work because of the individual craftsmanship put into the chiseling, shaping and finishing of all Purdy brushes. The brushes are also light weight and balanced. Purdy’s premium adjustable roller frame fits all standard roller covers from 12 to 18inches. This design works with a cam latch system for quick adjustment. Purdy also launched a jumbo mini-roller system. This cageless jumbo mini-roller frame features a “dog bone” design which provides the smooth rolling action for a perfect finish. The 3/4-inch jumbo core cover holds more paint giving professionals the desired look in less time. The lightweight frame is available in 14 and 26 1/2-inch lengths, as well as a complete assortment of 4 1/2 and 6 1/2-inch jumbo mini-roller replacement covers. 11

Remco Products 4735 W. 106th St. Zionsville, IN 46077 USA Phone: 317-876-9856 Fax: 800-585-8619 Web Site: www.remcoproducts.com Products: Designers and manufacturers of quality plastic products. Color-coded polypropylene one- and two-piece shovels, mixing paddles, scoops, scrapers, metal detectable tools, HDPE tubs, lids, pallets, and steel undercarriages. Remco also offers the Vikan hygiene system® line of color-coded hand brushes, floor and wall brushes, squeegees, pails, pad holder system, paddle/floor scrapers, tube and valve brushes, handles (regular and specialized), wall brackets and waterfed brushes and handles. Remco Products is a family business started in 1985 by Richard L. Garrison in Zionsville, IN. The company offers a large range of products and serves a number of markets, including the food processing, food service, jan/san, material handling, and safety markets. Remco offers Vikan hygiene system® colorcoded hygienic brooms, brushes and squeegees. The brooms and brushes feature a solid polypropylene block and polyester bristles that are held in place with stainless steel staples. With block and bristle of the same color, they are autoclavable, sterilizable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and bristle types. In addition to fixed head and swivel neck squeegees, an ultra hygiene squeegee is also available. The single-blade design of this squeegee discourages bacterial growth. These products can be purchased with Remco’s selection of European-thread handles that are of varying length, material and color. Remco also offers a complete line of helically wound stainless steel tube and valve brushes as well as several special application brushes. 11

Quickie Manufacturing Corp. 1150 Taylors Lane Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 USA Phone: 856-829-7900 Fax: 856-829-6150 Web Site: www.quickie.com Products: Brooms, mops, sponges, buckets, dusters, brushes, plungers, microfiber towels. 14

Rol-Brush Mfg., Division of Michigan Brush Mfg. Co. Inc. P. O. Box 10247 7446 Central Ave. Detroit, MI 48210-0247 USA Phone: 313-834-1070 Fax: 313-834-1178 Toll-Free: 800-642-7874 PG 51

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Web Site: www.mi-brush.com Products: Company offers paint rollers, covers and trays. Private label is the company’s specialty. Rol-Brush is a prime manufacturer, an OEM source and is a member of the American Brush Manu-facturers Association. 10 Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. 248 Wyandanch Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704 USA Phone: 631-643-8012 Fax: 631-253-9428 E-Mail: royalpaintroller@aol.com Products: Paint roller covers made of lambskin, microfiber, kodel, lambswool, synthetic blends, “Lint Free” woven fabrics. All sizes available. Jumbo 2-1/4” ID to Slim Jim covers, plus roller frames, trays, paintbrushes and a full line of painting accessories for the professional and do-ityourself markets. Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. has been providing top quality paint rollers and painting accessories for the professional and do-ityourself markets for over 45 years. It takes pride in the reputation it has established over the years of being more than simply a supplier, but rather a “business partner” to customers. Along with the many items offered in its catalog, the company has increased the number of items it manufactures according to customer specifications. Offers private labeling to many volume purchasers. 16 Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc. 3124 Valley Ave. Winchester, VA 22601 USA Phone: 540-667-8700 Web Site: www.rubbermaidcommercial.com Products: A manufacturer serving worldwide commercial and institutional markets. The company is involved with such product categories as foodservice, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, washroom and safety. 14 Sanderson MacLeod 1199 South Main St. Palmer, MA 01069 USA Phone: 866-522-3481; 413-283-3481 Fax: 413-289-1919 Web Site: www.sandersonmacleod.com Products: Sanderson MacLeod specializes solely in twisted-wire brushes. It is a large volume contract manufacturer of medical and dental brushes, firearm brushes, cleaning brushes and cosmetic brushes. It is also the inventor of the Z-Tip, which puts a protective tip on a twisted-wire brush that is smoother, safer and stronger than traditional tipping methods. The Z-Tip is manufactured using high energy fusion welding technologies to melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twistedwire brush into a consistent, smooth and PG 52

inseparable protective tip. Manufactures twisted-wire brushes including: medical endoscope cleaning, medical cytology, interdental, shotgun cleaning, rifle cleaning, pistol cleaning, general cleaning, deburring, polishing, and mascara. Sanderson MacLeod employs more than 100 employees and operates out of a 137,000square-foot, state-of-the-art facility with an FDA compliant quality control lab. Engineering custom brushes is the company’s specialty. 11 Schaefer Brush Mfg., LLC 1101 S. Prairie Ave. Waukesha, WI 53186 USA Phone: 262-547-3500 Fax: 262-547-3927 Web Site: www.schaeferbrush.com Company Officers: Sheri Reichart, President and CEO; Allen Lee, Vice President/Sales Products: Experts in twisted-in-wire, staple set and hand drawn brushes since 1905. Custom or specialty brushes, exclusively designed and made for many Schaefer customers, represents a growing part of the company’s business. It offers a full line catalog of standard in stock items as well. Schaefer works with customers in the development of a brush perfectly suited to a specific application. The company’s SVECO Linear Cleaning units fit well in many applications, from woodworking to conveyor cleaning. S-VECO units are unique with their ultra-high linear brush speed, creating a centrifugal force which, combined with the opening of the brush pattern as the brush courses around the sheaves, aids in throwing off all the particulate it has swept across the object being cleaned. The debris captured can be released to a specific collection point, such as a dumpster or vacuum chute. 16 Schlesinger Maschinenbau GmbH ForststraBe 3 Burgwald, Hessen 35099 GERMANY Phone: 0049-6451-719180 Fax: 0049-6451-71918-30 E-Mail: info@schlesinger.de Web Site: www.schlesinger.de Products: Brush production machinery. Automatic cleaning and trimming machinery. High performance and special machinery; appliances for brush production; performance, modern and versatile machine constructions; powerful technics and reliable service. 10 SDI Wholesale, Inc. 7880 Airway Rd. B-10 San Diego, CA 92154 USA Phone: 888-751-2481 Fax: 858-751-5694 E-Mail: dan@sdiwholesale.com Web Site: www.microfibertech.com Company Officers: Ian Rammelkamp,

Barbara Benko, Dan Rammelkamp Products: EPA-certified silver impregnated in microfiber towels. Kills bacteria on contact. Hi-end microfiber mop hardware, mop pads, string mops, tube mops also offered as well as detergents, EPA products, low cost microfiber towels. Direct importer. 16 Shanghai Jiasheng Products Co., LTD 33 Lane, Huanqiao Rd., Pudong Shanghai Shanghai 201315 CHINA Phone: +86-21-50890438 Fax: +86-21-50890483 E-Mail: aragorn@jiashengco.com Web Site: www.jiashengco.com Products: Shanghai Jiasheng Products is a one stop source for high quality professional cleaning products with competitive price and good services. The company offers a variety of dust mops and wet mops, covering the full range of yarns, styles and price. Also offered are floor squeegees, window squeegees, mop wringer buckets, janitor carts, service carts, trash bins, floor signs, mop and broom accessories, mop sticks, sponge mops, microfiber mops and cloths, trash pickers, wool dusters, dustpans and brooms, brushes, etc. The company also offers OEM and R&D services. 15 Shanghai Yi Heng Daily-Use Products Co., Ltd. No. 27 Si Cheng Rd. Ma Lu Town, Jia Ding District Shanghai, P.R. 201208 CHINA Phone: 86-21-69158000, Ext. 8077 Fax: 86-21-69158070 and 69158093 Web Site: www.sh-yiyuan.com Products: Cleaning products, daily-use products, brooms, brushes, mops, mop buckets, squeegees, dusters, etc. Also offered are machinery such as broom stitchers, cutting machines, binding machines, as well as furniture. Shanghai Yi Heng Daily-Use Products Co., Ltd was founded in 1996, headquartered in Shanghai. Manufactured products come in various kinds and are kept updated with the quick change in technology. Primary items cover cleaning products and daily-use products involving over 400 kinds, and are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia. Since the establishment of the company, both Yi Heng representatives and customers have witnessed a rapid development that comes from the company’s management team. Innovation in management, research and development, especially in sales, enable the company to accommodate further growth. The company offers American long fiber corn brooms to the U.S. market with over 40 styles. It offers direct sales for American nationwide supermarkets through U.S. partners. 11 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Shurhold Industries, Inc. 3119 SW 42nd Ave. Palm City, FL 34990 USA Phone: 772-287-1313 Fax: 772-286-9620 Web Site: www.shurhold.com Products: Brushes, mops, brooms, handles, cleaning chemicals, buffer and fishing gaffs. 09 SIBO Engineering s.r.l. Via Alfredo Di Dio, 215 28877 Ornavasso (VB) ITALY Phone: +39 0323 837205 E-Mail: commerciale@sibo.it Web Site: www.sibo.it Company Officers: Alberto B. Antonini, President; Graziano B. Antonini, Project Manager; and Maria Castelnovo, Legal Representative Products: DCS/L automatic copying milling machine with loader. Suitable for working the outside profile of flat paintbrushes as well as knife handles, spoons, etc.; CA/450 automatic copying routing machine. Manufactured to work special articles. The machine is particularly suitable to mill the outside profile of rosettes, trays, dishes, chairs and table parts, brushes, brooms as well as other wood items; FBI automatic CNC milling machine with 2 loaders. Suitable for the production of brushes. The machine works with ISO files and it is possible to modify the cutter compensation, feeding and rotation; 3FRA/M automatic copying milling machine with loader. Fully automatic machine for the mass production of straight, conical and shaped pieces, according to the model. The items produced can have round, square, hexagonal or octagonal shapes in several sections; 2FS/P automatic boring/chamfering machine. Automatic machine for boring, making the two flaring and the chamber on the head of paintbrush handles; FIP copying milling machine with loader and one working head. This is the most suitable machine to work the oval grip of flat paintbrush handles and the upper part of brushes, etc. 16

Phone: 330-686-2861 Fax: 330-686-9436 E-Mail: sales@spiralbrushes.com Web Site: www.spiralbrushes.com Products: Industrial brushes, standard power brushes and custom brushes; metal back strip and cylinder brushes; steel wire, stainless steel wire, brass wire, bronze wire; synthetic fiber including nylon, polypropylene, abrasive nylon; natural fiber including tampico and horsehair available as brush fill materials. 14

Fax: 323-724-1111 E-Mail: info@staticfaction.com or sales@gordonbrush.com Web Site: www.staticfaction.com and www.gordonbrush.com Company Officers: Kenneth L. Rakusin and Maureen Kedes Rakusin, owners; Ian Moss, Consultant Products: Thunderon® conductive filament; mixtures of Thunderon® with goat hair, nylon and horse hair; Thunderon® woven strip tapes. 16

St. Nick Brush Co. P. O. Box 15 Burton, OH 44021 USA Toll Free: 800-798-1269 Fax: 440-834-0243 Web Site: www.hardwood-lumber.com Products: For over 30 years, the St. Nick Brush Company (a division of the Hardwood Lumber Company) has been a start-to-finish business that produces a complete line of consumer and industrial brushes, brooms and brush blocks. Every stage of the manufacturing process is overseen by experienced brush makers who are dedicated to creating the highest quality products. In 2005, the company doubled the size of its warehouse and inventory, decreasing the average lead time to two days. Products listed as brushes and brooms: street brooms, floor sweeps, scrub brushes and concrete finishing brushes, specializing in African Bass Street Brooms. Products listed as hardwood brush and broom blocks: shoe handle, scratch brush, bagel block, floor sweep, street broom, deck scrub and all types of scrub brush blocks. 14

Sunlarge Industries Private Limited 282/1/C Bommasandra Jigani Link Road Kiadb Industrial Area Bengaluru, Karnataka 560105 INDIA Phone: +91 9845534961 E-Mail: rakesh@sunlargeindustries.com Web Site: www.sunlargeindustries.com Company Officers: Rakesh Koul, Director; Sachin Doshi, GM (Sales and Marketing); and Anup Sarode, Business Manager (North America) Products: Manufacture synthetic monofilament bristles for all kinds of brushes. The company offers products in various polymers such as nylon 6, nylon 6b, nylon 610, nylon 612, nylon co-polymers, polypropylene, polyester and PBT. 16

S.M. Arnold, Inc. 7901 Michigan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63111 USA Toll Free: 800-325-7865 Fax: 314-544-3159 Web Site: www.smarnoldinc.com Products: Car and truck wash brushes, scrub brushes, detail scratch brushes, tire and spoke brushes, push brooms, chamois, sponges, wash mitts, polishing cloths and applicators, microfiber cloths and towels. 13

Stainless Steel Products 561-T Acorn St. Deer Park, NY 11729 USA Phone: 631-243-1500 Fax: 631-243-4064 E-Mail: sales@stainlesswires.com Web Site: www.stainlesswires.com Company Officers: Ralph Rosenbaum, President Products: Wire and strip including round wire for filaments, twisting, and retaining/channel wire, flat wire, straightened and cut wire, crimped wire, stranded wire, staple wire. Strip for all kinds of brush making. Specialty packaging, including bundles, cartons, reels and more; metal alloys of all kinds, both ferrous and non-ferrous; and application engineering assistance, including testing, specifications, standards identification, and more. 16

Spiral Brushes Inc. 1355 Commerce Dr. Stow, OH 44224 USA Toll Free: 800-888-2861

StaticFaction, LLC 3737 Capitol Ave. City of Industry, CA 90601 USA Phone: 323-724-7777

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Super Sweep Inc. 20 Railroad St. Huntington Station, NY 11746 USA Phone: 631-223-8205 Fax: 631-824-9220 E-Mail: sales@supersweep.com Web Site: www.supersweep.com Company Officers: Michael Margolin, President/CEO Products: Super Sweep all aluminum broom handle to accommodate 16”-48” brushes, and Super Sweep mini for 6”-12” brushes. Other products include 10” scrub brushes, 16”-18”-24” street brushes, 18”24”-30”-36”-48” brushes, maroon poly, black poly, brown poly, palmyra poly, palmyra, gray and orange flagged, tampico and horsehair brushes. Super Sweeper cement bracket (button or threaded) with 24”-36”-48” cement brush also available, as well as Super Squeegee in black neoprene or gray EPDM, straight blade or notched in 18”-24”-30”-36”. 16 Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd. Shop C, On Ying Mansion, G/F., 1138 Canton Rd. MongKok, Kowloon, Hong Kong CHINA Phone: +852 2494 0233 Fax: +852 2485 2677 E-Mail: marketing@taihingnylon.hk Web Site: www.taihingnylon.com Company Officers: Wilson H. Lau; William PG 53

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Lau; Peter Pang Products: All kinds of filaments including PA filaments of nylon 6, 66, 46, 610 and 612; PBT filaments of normal and tapered; PE filaments of HDPE, and LOPE; PET filaments of normal, tapered and recycled; PP; PS; PPS; PEEK; PLA; ABS and PMMA filaments for making brushes in various applications including industrial, cosmetic, oral care, cleaning, broom, paintbrushes, etc. 13 Tanis Incorporated (Tanis Brush) 3660 Kettle Ct. East Delafield, WI 53018 USA Phone: 262-646-9000 E-Mail: sales@tanisinc.com Web Site: www.tanisbrush.com Company Officers: Scott Tanis, President; Jeff Miller, CFO; Mark Kappes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; David Pozorski, Vice President of Operations Products: Stock and custom brush products. Global customer base includes OEM, distributors and industrial end-users in industries such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, construction equipment, food service equipment, medical, printing, packaging, and more. Technology platforms include staple set, metal back strip, twisted-inwire and composite brushes. 16 Thomas Textile Company P. O. Box 35697 Charlotte, NC 28235 USA Phone: 704-342-9200 Fax: 704-342-9233 E-Mail: wgtttc@bellsouth.net Products: Cotton and rayon blend mop yarns on ball warps, cones, and large single end wheels. 12 Tucel Industries, Inc. P. O. Box 146 2014 Forestdale Rd. Forestdale, VT 05745 USA Phone: 802-247-6824 Fax: 802-247-6826 Web Site: www.tucel.com Products: Tucel produces brushes currently serving foodservice, janitorial and other industries. Tucel is 100 percent green, recyclable and fused. All products are polypropylene which does not absorb water, causing bacteria. Fused brushes are made using a manufacturing process whereby the bristle and block are “heat fused” together; thus no holes and no staple where bacteria can harbor and cross-contaminate. Tucel originated in 1970 gaining its first patent for “fusing” bristle to block. Tucel has held more than 38 patents worldwide. Tucel also develops a wide assortment of PG 54

specialty brushes for other companies. Tucel has its brushes NSF tested for cleanability. All products are HACCP compatible. Tucel has been under the same ownership since the company began in 1970. 12 Unimac S.r.l. Via C. Colombo, 22 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (MO) ITALY Phone: + 39.059.932664 E-Mail: magda@unimac.it Web Site: www.unimac.it Products: Unimac power brush manufacturing equipment and metal handle manufacturing equipment – Unimac produces machinery and technology used to manufacture twisted knot power brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, wafer brushes as well as quality control equipment for power brushes, machinery to convert wire from spools to cut-to-length bundles as well as equipment for crimping wire to be fed into power brush machinery. Unimac also specializes in complete production lines or specific-use machinery to produce fixed metal handles that are either powder coated or plastic coated, as well as equipment for extension handles (telescopic handles). Unimac’s tube-mill can also be used in other applications to produce tubes for other products (www.unimac.it) 15 United Rotary Brush Corporation Engineered Products Division 20078 State Route 4 Marysville, OH 43040 USA Toll Free: 800-893-0003 Fax: 937-642-3552 E-Mail: info@united-rotary.com Web Site: www.united-rotary.com Products: Custom-made wide-face brushes and non woven rolls for the heavy industrial market; trommel screen brushes, deburring brushes, shaft maintenance, disposable brush cores, wide face disposable brushes and brush rewraps. 14 Vonco Products, LLC. 201 Park Ave. Lake Villa, IL 60046 USA Phone: 847-356-2323 Fax: 847-356-2339 E-Mail: sales@vonco.com Web Site: www.vonco.com Company Officers: Keith Smith, President; Tim Morgan, Partner/Vice President Products: Vonco designs and manufactures high-performance flexible packaging products. Since 1955, it has created customized solutions in materials, bag, pouch and sleeve design, seals and closures. The company moves from concept to

production totally in-house to satisfy endcustomer goals and needs. These in-house services, which included tooling and die design, support speed to market and a onestop process, facilitating ease of doing business. Packaging products include: liquid tight seals; fitments/spouts; customized pouches/bags/ sleeves; features compartments, steamer, perforation, closures (tape, glue, zipper); air pressure resistance; leakproof seals; shapes; and rollstock. Vonco also provides speed to market—from concept to commercialization; low tooling and die costs and low minimums; flexo printing on unsupported or laminated structures; sustain-able packaging; and sample service. 16 Weiler Corporation One Weiler Dr. Cresco, PA 18326 USA Phone: 570-595-7495 Fax: 570-595-2002 E-Mail: info@weilercorp.com Web Site: www.weilercorp.com Products: Sweeps; floor, garage, and street brushes; handles; upright and whisk brooms; dusters and dust pans; squeegees and window brushes; vehicle care brushes; scrub and utility brushes; mops and accessories; scratch brushes; flue brushes; tube fitting brushes; paintbrushes; rollers and accessories. 13 Whitley Monahan Handle Co. 3827 Whitley Rd. Midland, NC 28107 USA Phone: 704-888-2625 Fax: 704-888-3023 E-Mail: patrick@whitleyhandle.com Web Site: www.whitleyhandle.com Company Officers: Patrick Peebles, President; Jim Monahan, Sales Manager Products: Whitley Monahan Handle provides wood handles to the broom, mop, brush and hand tool industries. From its modern wood processing plant in Midland, NC, the company can provide wood handles custom processed to meet the specifications of customers. It provides wood handles in several hardwood species (Tauri, Poplar, etc.) and also have available inventories of yellow pine softwoods. The company has complete finishing capabilities and can lacquer finish (clear or color), provide any end fitment needed, label and custom package to the customer’s requirements. It also has the ability to provide direct container shipments delivered to the customer’s door from overseas mill partners. Can immediately supply handles from company’s domestic mill. 16 BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

2016 | SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH Schützenstrasse 38 33142 Bad Wüennenberg GERMANY Phone: +49 2953-73 300 Fax: +49 2953-73 96 300 E-Mail: bt@woehler.com Web Site: bt.woehler.com Company Officers: Dipl. - Inq. Matthias Peveling, General Manager Products: Strip brush machines, power brush machines, twist knot brush machines, segment brush machines, twisted brush machines, street sweeper brush machines, dental and polishing brush machines, brush trimming machines, and wire crimping, cutting and bundling machines. 16 Wolf Filaments (Shenzhen Tidy-Feel Filaments Co., Ltd.) No. 255-1 Jintian Rd., Tiantou, Pingshan New District Shenzhen, 518118 CHINA Phone: +86-0755-8426 0800 Fax: +86-0755-8426 0031 E-Mail: sallylee@tidyfeel.com Web Site: www.tidyfeel.com Company Officers: Sally Lee, General Manager Products: A supplier of industrial abrasive filaments, nylon filaments without abrasive, and other high-quality monofilaments. 13 WOMA (Wood Machinery Daniel Koehler) Im Gewerbepark 10, Stadtlengsfeld 36457 GERMANY Phone: +49 (0) 36965 809160 Fax: +49 (0) 36965 809169 E-Mail: info@woma-brush.com Web Site: www.woma-brush.com Company Officers: Daniel Koehler, General Manager; Maria Koehler, Sales Manager Products: Second hand machines for brush industries; second hand wood working machines. 15 Wool Shop 21935 Hwy. E Grant City, MO 64456 USA Toll Free: 800-635-8921 Fax: 660-564-3637 E-Mail: jeff@woolshop.com Web Site: www.woolshop.com Company Officers: Allen Andrews, President; Jeff Andrews, Vice President Products: Lambswool dusters, lambswool dust mops, 6.5 foot, 9 foot, 13 foot, and 25 foot lambswool telescopic angle dusters, lambswool ceiling fan dusters, and ostrich feather dusters. 16 Wooster Brush Company, The 604 Madison Ave. Wooster, OH 44691 USA BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Phone: 330-264-4440 Fax: 330-263-0495 E-Mail: customerservice@woosterbrush.com Web Site: www.woosterbrush.com Company Officers: Bill Fagert, President; Jon Rose, Vice President of Sales; Scott Rutledge, Vice President of Marketing Products: The Wooster Brush Company celebrated its 165th anniversary in 2016 as a manufacturer in the paint applicator industry. Wooster is known for its tradition of innovation, and introduces new products each year for professional and DIY painters alike. Its catalog of over 2,000 products includes brand names such as Alpha™, Chinex® FTP™, and Ultra/Pro® paintbrushes; Super/Fab® and Pro/Doo-Z® roller covers; Sherlock® frames and extension poles; the Jumbo-Koter® miniroller system; the Pelican® hand-held paint pail; and the Lock Jaw™ tool holder. 16 Worldwide Integrated Resources 7171 Telegraph Rd. Montibello, CA 90640 USA Toll Free: 800-441-6448 Fax: 323-838-8939 E-Mail: info@wwir.com Web Site: www.wwir.com Products: Metal and plastic hardware, dustpans, self-wringing mops, wet mops, sponge mops, dust mops and frames, buckets, brooms, miscellaneous and specialty items. 10 Young & Swartz, Inc. 39 Cherry St. Buffalo, NY 14204 USA Phone: 716-852-2171 Fax: 716-852-5652 E-mail: info@youngandswartz.com Web Site: www.youngandswartz.com Products: Specialty brush manufacturing. Staple set, wheels, strip, cylinders, hand and machine brushes. All mediums–natural, synthetic, wire. Can work in wood, plastic, leather back. Custom and contract runs invited. Company uses quick change, computerized equipment. 12 Zahoransky AG Anton-Zahoransky Str. 1 Todtnau BW 79674 GERMANY Phone: +49 (0) 7671 / 997-0 Fax: +49 (0) 7671 / 997 - 299 E-Mail: info@zahoransky.com Web Site: www.zahoransky.com Company Officers: Ulrich Zahoransky, Managing Director; Robert Dous, Director of Sales and Marketing Products: A full supplier of injection molding tools, automated solutions, final packaging machines, tufting and shearing machines for brushes and brooms in markets

such as oral care, health care and beauty, industrial, household and consumer. 16 Zahoransky USA, Inc. 1601 Atlantic Dr., Suite 133 West Chicago, IL 60185 USA Phone: 630-507-ZUSA (9872) Fax: 331-240-2970 E-Mail: info.usa@zahoransky.com Web Site: www.zahoransky.com Company Officers: Artur Seger, President; Vasko Naumovski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing/General Manager Products: Broom and brush machines; automation; technical brush machines; toothbrush machines; packaging machines; cosmetic brush machines; injection molds; and twist-in-wire machines. 16 Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc. P. O. Box 506 835 Ninth Ave. Antigo, WI 54409 USA Phone: 715-627-4804 Fax: 715-627-2347 Web Site: www.zwpi.com Products: Complete line of wooden brush and broom blocks - molded, shaped, and/or turned, finished or plain, manufactured according to customers’ specifications. The company can also machine most plastics. Zelazoski Wood Products began in 1924 as the Thos. Zelazoski Mfg. Co. The company began making wooden blocks for the brush and broom industry in 1928. Over its existence, ZWPI has continued to update machinery, facilities, and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Zelazoski Wood Products’ modern facility enables it to manufacture a wide range of parts according to customers’ specifications, especially where close tolerance and high quality are required. Unless imported wood is specifically requested, all brush and broom blocks are made using lumber harvested from managed North American forests. 14 Zephyr Manufacturing Co. 200 Mitchell Road Sedalia, MO 65301 USA Phone: 660-827-0352 Fax: 660-827-0713 E-Mail: rjl@zephyrmfg.com Web Site: www.zephyrmfg.com Company Officers: R.J. Lindstrom, President; Bob Schneider, Vice President of Sales Products: Zephyr offers a complete selection of wet mops and dry mops covering the full range of fibers, styles, and prices. Also offered are brooms, brushes and specialty products, handles, frames, dusters, mop sticks and many related items. 16 PG 55

National Craft Broom Making Competition Scheduled For 2016 Broom Corn Festival

Maureen And Ken Rakusin Purchase Static Faction, Inc.

Static Faction, Inc., of Salem, MA, has been acquired by a new company, StaticFaction, LLC, owned by Maureen Kedes Rakusin and Ken Rakusin, president and CEO of Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc., located at 3737 Capitol Ave., in the City of Industry, CA. Ian Moss, founder and president of Static Faction, will stay on as consultant and assist with the transition. Inventory and sales activity will remain in the Salem, MA, location for the short term. The exclusive relationship with Nihon Ian Moss (left) and Ken Rakusin Sanmo Dyeing Co Ltd., the Kyoto-based inventor of Thunderon®, an in-tegral element of StaticFaction products, will remain. StaticFaction will be housed in Gordon Brush’s new 183,000square-foot facility. “The Rakusin and Moss relationship spans more than two decades. They have consulted each other on countless business affairs, and become close personal friends. The duo has collaborated on projects and events at the West Coast Brush Manufacturers Association and the American Brush Manufacturers Association; including both having had the honor of serving as president of the latter,” according to a press release. StaticFaction was established in 1994, and serves a niche in the static control business. Moss has been in the brush industry for 50 years, and in the static business for 22 years. Gordon Brush was founded in 1951 and Ken Rakusin has led the company since 1990. Gordon Brush's products are American made. Gordon Brush is an ISO 9000:2008 certified company. It offers same-day shipping on over 2,000 standard brushes and quick turn-around on custom or specialty brushes. Visit www.gordonbrush.com for more information.

“In the mid-1940’s, The Thomas Monahan Company sponsored a National Big Broom Contest for the hundreds of U.S. manufacturers of broom corn brooms in existence at the time. The Monahan Company awarded cash prizes and publicity to the manufacturer that could make the largest broom. The contest was a big success and a lot of fun,” according to a press release. “Now, Monahan Partners, a spin-off of The Thomas Monahan Company, is sponsoring its fifth annual craft broom contest for the nation’s broom artisans. There are over 100 craft broom makers in the USA, and Monahan Partners Pictured are the winning and the honarable hopes that all will mention brooms at the 2015 submit a broom.” Broom Corn Festival. A total of $1,000 in prize money will be awarded to the top three finishers — $500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third. Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine, published in Arcola, IL, will provide additional publicity on the winners. Brooms will be judged for craftsmanship and aesthetics — for wall hanging, fireplaces, etc. — and must be made with 100 percent broom corn and be functional. Two local artists and a broom maker will make the selections. The choice of handle is completely up to the craft broom maker. All entries must be clearly identified with the maker’s name and contact information. Submissions are due at Monahan Partners’ office by Sept, 1, 2016. All brooms will be displayed in the broom tent at the Arcola Broom Corn Festival, scheduled for September 9-11. Many of the brooms will be for sale, and the winners will be announced at the festival. “It will be an interesting display of the nearly lost art of broom making.” “Monahan Partners invites all broom crafters to participate in the contest and show off their artistic abilities. The Broom Corn Festival is hoping to put a little ‘broom’ back in the festival. There is always ‘broom for more.’” For more information, contact Pat Monahan at: pat@monahanpartners.com or call 217-268-5754.

Aqualir Pro Squeegee Blades Are A Haviland Corporation Exclusive Product

Haviland Corporation has been manufacturing aftermarket machine blades for nearly 50 years. The company said its continued goal is to offer blades that are equal or better than the original blades. “Customers expect their replacement blades to remove liquid from different types of surfaces. Haviland Corporation wanted to exceed customers’ expectations with a blade that would provide resilience. With this in mind, Haviland Corporation developed and has exclusive rights to a new premium natural rubber blade, the Aqualir Pro,” said the company. “Compounded and formulated with a proprietary natural rubber system that was developed for applications where heavy-duty impact and wear resistance in harsh real-world environments are required, Aqualir Pro also offers outstanding resilience, strength, and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. Aqualir Pro has been tested internationally for use with handling aggressive materials.” Review Aqualir Pro’s technical specifications at www.havilandcorp.com. PG 56

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Abtex Deburring System Enhances Safety And Production For Canadian Chute Manufacturer

Since 1990, Superchute has invented and manufactured chute systems, debris nets, guardrail systems and column forms, primarily for the construction industry. “With safety as a primary business focus, Superchute owner Andy Anson became concerned when burrs at the ends of a mill-cut, four-foot aluminum extrusion — an essential component of one of its wraparound chute systems — posed a safety hazard for his employees and customers. “At first, Superchute employees deburred the extrusions with buffing wheels. But with deliveries of 12,000 pieces at a time and a need for about 100 extrusions per day, the process was inefficient and labor-intensive. Each piece took about 30 seconds of valuable labor time and buffing wheels were expensive. “He sought the help of Abtex Corp., a manufacturer of integrated machine/brush deburring systems. After studying Anson’s production process, Abtex engineers recommended a customized single-end deburring system that would enhance Superchute’s productivity,” according to an Abtex press release. Now, said Abtex, in the time it previously took to hand-deburr three pieces, the Abtex machine deburrs 26 pieces, increasing productivity and enabling Superchute to otherwise redeploy its personnel. In addition, the Abtex system’s integrated dust collector makes for a safer and cleaner work environment. “It was a substantial investment, but well worth it,” Anson said. “The system is absolutely perfect.” Since 1980, Abtex Corporation has been providing integrated brush/machine deburring solutions to the North American manufacturing industry. The company supplies filament brushes and custom-designed deburring machines for a wide variety of machined-part, aluminumextrusion, fine-blanked, and powdered-metal applications. Customers include manufacturers such as automotive Tier 2 & Tier 3 parts producers. Visit www.abtex.com for more information.

New Export Sales Manager Named At Lessmann

The manager of the Lessmann export sales team is now Thomas Deubler. He has been working for Lessmann for more than three years as the area sales manager for the Western Europe as well as North and South America. By taking over the responsibilities for complete export sales, Deubler is now in charge of international sales. He will also work to set up new markets Shown, left to right, are company officials as well as working on Cornelia Kitzsteiner, Thomas Deubler and projects for existing Dieter Lessmann. customers. In the future, Deubler will also assist basic decision-making processes which concern Eastern Europe as well as Middle and Far East and Southwestern Asia. Visit www.lessmann.com for more information.

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Nominations Now Open For ABMA’s 2017 William Cordes Innovation Excellence Award

The American Brush Manufacturers Association is accepting nominations for its William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding innovation in manufactured products, components or services in the broom, brush, mop and roller industries.

William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award.

The award is named after William A. Cordes, who served as the association’s first president from 1917-1928. This award is an annual competition whereby any interested parties may submit nominations to ABMA during any calendar year for consideration. All nominations must be readily available in the marketplace during the year in which they are to be considered. Nominations will be exhibited at the 2017 ABMA Annual Convention. “The ABMA Innovation Award recognizes those companies and individuals who pursue the path of creation and innovation in order to stay ahead of their competition in this most competitive world,” according to the association. Winner of ABMA's William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award in 2011, Sanderson MacLeod, first introduced the company’s patented medical brush tip, the Z-Tip, at the 2011 ABMA convention. Recently, the company president spoke about what winning the award has meant to the company. “Winning the Innovation Excellence Award has had a very positive impact on our organization,” said Mark Borsari, president of twisted-inwire contract manufacturer Sanderson MacLeod. “Since winning the award, our Z-Tip technology has become actively utilized in key markets such as medical, aerospace and cosmetics. The market reception has been beyond our expectations. Many of our customers are considered innovators in their markets, and knowing we received the Innovation Excellence Award from the ABMA has enhanced our credibility as a top tier design and supply partner." Entries for the award will be accepted until November 30. The award presentation will be made at the ABMA 100th Annual Convention in March 2017, at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort & Spa, in Orlando, FL. Visit www.abma.org/innovationexcellenceaward for more information.

PG 57


By Rick Mullen | Broom, Brush & Mop Associate Editor

U.S. government trade figures for the first four months of 2016 indicate raw material imports were up in three categories outlined: hog bristle, brush backs and metal handles, compared to the first four months of 2015. For April 2016, two categories outlined reported increases: hog bristle and brush backs, compared to April 2015. Import totals for the first four months of 2016 were up in six finished goods categories outlined: brooms of broom corn valued at more than 96 cents, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, paint rollers, paintbrushes and upright brooms, compared to the first four months of 2015. In April 2016, four categories outlined recorded increases: toothbrushes, paint rollers, paintbrushes and upright brooms, compared to April 2015. Hog Bristle The United States imported 18,269 kilograms of hog bristle in April 2016, up 271 percent from 4,923 kilograms imported in April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 76,748 kilograms of hog bristle were imported, up 17 percent from 65,596 kilograms imported during the first four months of 2015. China sent 76,570 kilograms of hog bristle to the United States during the first four months of 2016. The average price per kilogram for April 2016 was $12.72, up less than 1 percent from the average price per kilogram for April 2015 of $12.65. The average price per kilogram for the first four months of 2016 was $21.93, up 29 percent from the average price per kilogram of $16.99 for the first four months of 2015.


Broom And Mop Handles The import total of broom and mop handles during April 2016 was 1.5 million, the same as for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 5 million broom and mop handles were imported, down 12 percent from 5.7 million for the first four months of 2015. During the first four months of 2016, the United States received 2.5 million broom and mop handles from Brazil and 1.6 million from Honduras. The average price per handle for April 2016 was 97 cents, down 5 percent from the average for April 2015 of $1.02. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 94 cents, up 1 cent from the average price for first four months of 2015.

Brush Backs April 2016 imports of brush backs totaled 631,022, up 15 percent from 550,064 for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 2.5 million brush backs were imported, up 39 percent from 1.8 million for the first four months of 2015. Canada sent 1.2 million brush backs to the United States during the first four months of 2016, while Sri Lanka shipped 1.1 million. The average price per brush back was 48 cents during April 2016, up PG 58

12 percent from 43 cents for April 2015. For the first four months of 2016, the average price per brush back was 45 cents, down 4 percent from 47 cents for the first four months of 2015.

Metal Handles The import total of metal handles during April 2016 was 2.2 million, down 4 percent from 2.3 million for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 9.3 million metal handles were imported, up 6 percent from 8.8 million for the first four months of 2015. During the first four months of 2016, China exported 4.3 million metal handles to the United States, while Spain sent 3.5 million. The average price per handle for April 2016 was 97 cents, up 21 percent from 80 cents for April 2015. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 94 cents, down 2 percent from the average price for the first four months of 2015 of 96 cents. Brooms Of Broom Corn Valued At More Than 96 Cents The United States imported 615,270 brooms of broom corn valued at more than 96 cents per broom during April 2016, down 1 percent from 621,353 for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 2.4 million brooms of broom corn were imported, up 4 percent from 2.3 million for the first four months of 2015. Nearly all of the brooms exported to the United States during the first four months of 2016 came from Mexico. The average price per broom for April 2016 was $2.52, down 6 percent from $2.67 for April 2015. The average price per broom for the first four months of 2016 was $2.53, down 1 percent from the average price for the first four months of 2015 of $2.55.


Brooms & Brushes Of Vegetable Material The import total of brooms and brushes of vegetable material during April 2016 was 335,854, down 49 percent from 656,416 brooms and brushes imported during April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 1.4 million brooms and brushes were imported, down 18 percent from 1.7 million for the first four months of 2015. Sri Lanka exported 581,647 brooms and brushes to the United States during the first four months of 2016, while Canada sent 480,463. The average price per unit for April 2016 was $1.30, up 34 percent from the average price for April 2015 of 97 cents. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was $1.14, up 6 percent from $1.08 for the first four months of 2015. Toothbrushes The United States imported 104.4 million toothbrushes in April 2016, up 33 percent from 78.7 million imported in April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 374.4 million toothbrushes were imported, up 18 percent from 316.1 million imported during the first four months of 2015. China sent 270.2 million toothbrushes to the United States during the first four months of 2016. The average price per toothbrush for April 2016 was 19 cents, down 17 percent from 23 cents for April 2015. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 21 cents, down 16 percent from the average price for the first four months of 2015 of 25 cents. Hairbrushes April 2016 imports of hairbrushes totaled 3.1 million, the same as for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 13.8 million hairbrushes were imported, up 5 percent from 13.1 million for the first four months of 2015. BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

China shipped 13.3 million hairbrushes to the United States during the first four months of 2016. The average price per hairbrush was 25 cents during April 2016, down 1 cent from the average price for April 2015. For the first four months of 2016, the average price per hairbrush was also 25 cents, down 7 percent from the average price for the first four months of 2015 of 27 cents.

Shaving Brushes The United States imported 4.8 million shaving brushes in April 2016, down 39 percent from 7.9 million imported in April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 25 million shaving brushes were imported, down 31 percent from 36 million imported during the first four months of 2015. China sent 16 million shaving brushes to the United States during the first four months of 2016, while South Korea shipped 3.5 million. The average price per shaving brush for April 2016 was 21 cents, up 91 percent from the average price for April 2015 of 11 cents. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 17 cents, up 70 percent from 10 cents for the first four months of 2015.

Paint Rollers The import total of paint rollers during April 2016 was 6.3 million, up 37 percent from 4.6 million for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 23.4 million paint rollers were imported, up 14 percent from 20.5 million during the first four months of 2015. China sent 18.4 million paint rollers to the United States during the first four months of 2016, while Mexico exported 1.9 million, and the Czech Republic shipped 1.6 million. The average price per paint roller for April 2016 was 48 cents, down 9 percent from the average price for April 2015 of 53 cents. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 49 cents, the same as for the first four months of 2015. Paintbrushes U.S. companies imported 20.2 million paintbrushes during April 2016, up 21 percent from 16.7 million for April 2015. Paintbrush imports for the first four months of 2016 were 82.5 million, up 18 percent from 69.9 million for the first four months of 2015. China shipped 78.4 million paintbrushes to the United States during the first four months of 2016, while Indonesia sent 3.1 million. The average price per paintbrush for April 2016 was 31 cents, down 11 percent from 35 cents for April 2015. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was 30 cents, down 12 percent from 34 cents for the first four months of 2015.

Upright Brooms The total import of upright brooms for April 2016 was 1.6 million, up 23 percent from 1.3 million for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 6.2 million upright brooms were imported, up 32 percent from 4.7 million imported during the first four months of 2015. China sent 5.6 million upright brooms to the United States during the first four months of 2016. The average price per broom for April 2016 was $1.31, down 4 percent from the average price for April 2015 of $1.37. The average price per broom for the first four months of 2016 was also $1.31, down 10 percent from $1.46 for the first four months of 2015. Export totals for the first four months of 2016 were up in three categories outlined: toothbrushes, shaving brushes and paintbrushes, compared to the first four months of 2015. In April 2016, three categories outlined reported increases: toothbrushes, shaving brushes and paintbrushes, compared to April 2015.


BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Brooms & Brushes Of Vegetable Materials The United States exported 8,418 dozen brooms and brushes of vegetable materials during April 2016, down 18 percent from the April 2015 total of 10,306 dozen. Exports of brooms and brushes of vegetable materials during the first four months of 2016 were 25,649 dozen, down 2 percent from 26,089 dozen for the first four months of 2015. The United States sent 10,857 dozen brooms and brushes to Canada during the first four months of 2016, and 2,451 to Australia. The average price per dozen brooms and brushes was $45.66 in April 2016, up 4 percent from $43.93 for April 2015. The average price per dozen brooms and brushes for the first four months of 2016 was $53.26, up 32 percent from $40.33 for the average price per dozen for the first four months of 2015.

Toothbrushes During April 2016, the United States exported 20.7 million toothbrushes, up 40 percent from the total recorded in April 2015 of 14.8 million. During the first four months of 2016, 71.9 million toothbrushes were exported, up 43 percent from 50.4 million exported during the first four months of 2015. The United States exported 37.3 million toothbrushes to Canada, and 9.5 million to Mexico, during the first four months of 2016. The average price per toothbrush for April 2016 was 42 cents, down 14 percent from 49 cents for April 2015. The average price per toothbrush for the first four months of 2016 was 39 cents, down 26 percent from 53 cents for the first four months of 2015. Shaving Brushes The United States exported 1 million shaving brushes during April 2016, up 88 percent from 531,881 for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 5 million shaving brushes were exported, up 25 percent from 4 million for the first four months of 2015. Brazil imported 1.5 million shaving brushes from the United States during the first four months of 2016, while Canada received 1.4 million. The average price per shaving brush for April 2016 was $2.05, down 11 percent from the average price for April 2015 of $2.30. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was $1.35, down 2 percent from $1.38 for the first four months of 2015. Artist Brushes April 2016 exports of artist brushes totaled 865,090, down 13 percent from 1 million for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 2.9 million artist brushes were exported, down 26 percent from 3.9 million for the first four months of 2015. Canada received 1.8 million artist brushes from the United States during the first four months of 2016, while the United Kingdom imported 261,223. The average price per artist brush was $3.44 during April 2016, up 28 percent from the average price for April 2015 of $2.69. For the first four months of 2016, the average price per artist brush was $3.75, up 42 percent from the average price for the first four months of 2015 of $2.64. Paintbrushes The export total of paintbrushes during April 2016 was 479,035, up 154 percent from 188,313 for April 2015. During the first four months of 2016, 1.2 million paintbrushes were exported, up 113 percent from 564,430 for the first four months of 2015. Canada imported 756,973 paintbrushes from the United States during the first four months of 2016, while the United Kingdom imported 161,487. The average price per paintbrush for April 2016 was $3.72, down 68 percent from $11.54 for April 2015. The average price for the first four months of 2016 was $4.70, down 62 percent from $12.45 recorded for the first four months of 2015. PG 59



Domestic Merchandise 1404902000 Broomcorn (Sorghum Vulgare Var. Technicum) Used Primarily In Brooms Or In Brushes, Whether or Not In Hanks or Bundles April Year To Date Mexico 2 7,920 TOTAL 2 7,920 9603100000 Brooms & Brushes, Consisting of Twigs or Other Vegetable Materials Bound Together, With or Without Handles April Year To Date Country Net Q/Dozen Value Net Q/Dozen Value Canada 3,870 162,894 10,857 473,543 Mexico 973 32,102 1,024 40,248 Guatmal 43 2,865 C Rica 326 17,559 712 38,414 Panama 100 2,772 168 17,286 Bahamas 98 41,133 Cayman 2 3,120 2 3,120 Haiti 96 7,207 Dom Rep 200 2,752 B Virgn 8 2,737 St K N 3 3,084 183 8,275 Antigua 197 3,843 197 3,843 S Lucia 218 9,820 S Vn Gr 138 5,415 138 5,415 Trinid 100 2,716 1,100 30,660 Curaco 95 3,276 Colomb 2 4,953 Peru 400 11,179 Chile 15 5,301 652 29,527 Finland 90 2,970 U King 662 34,172 1,396 60,037 Ireland 104 15,001 Nethlds 105 3,453 France 44 12,252 176 18,296 Germany 6 2,864 146 12,772 Poland 155 6,411 Russia 152 5,012 170 10,024 Kuwait 33 13,196 33 13,196 S Arab 852 43,272 852 43,272 Arab Em 1,168 38,480 Malaysa 12 6,908 Singapr 309 44,350 Phil R 90 5,670 China 805 30,243 Kor Rep 2 3,668 5 9,324 Hg Kong 218 12,644 Japan 943 31,101 1,151 38,536 Austral 2,451 254,538 Chad 20 3,706 TOTAL 8,418 384,343 25,649 1,366,084

Country Canada Mexico Belize Salvadr Hondura Nicarag C Rica Panama Bahamas Jamaica

PG 60

9603210000 Toothbrushes Year To Date Value Net Q/No. 2,399,521 37,315,847 754,124 9,547,655 88,046 6,640 7,555 824 7,505 824 1,089 30 437,641 857,317 1,651,156 100 6,624

April Net Q/No. 9,786,368 2,206,299 6,640

Value 9,799,546 3,281,768 88,046 84,428 7,505 11,358 5,173 1,819,264 4,627 2,768

Haiti Dom Rep Antigua S Lucia Barbado Trinid Curaco Colomb Guyana Surinam Chile Brazil Uruguay Argent Norway Finland U King Ireland Nethlds Belgium France Germany Czech Switzld Lithuan Ukraine Turkmen Spain Italy Romania Israel Kuwait S Arab Arab Em India Pakistn Burma Thailnd Indnsia Phil R China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral Fr Poly Namibia TOTAL

2,746 16,290 112 7,200

11,252 11,902 3,801 5,580

70,388 120,312 156,470 6,840

60,180 42,424 33,985 8,536

89,784 629,230

39,292 158,352

14,326 530,200 982

19,279 190,592 25,433



186,363 2,185,196 458,028 864

1,159,016 311,236 219,896 3,240



14,400 200 50,727 975,720

11,520 8,300 27,328 352,450

5,256 1,017,940 243,307 1,129,615

3,784 499,312 249,862 793,545



52,320 109,356

191,860 2,405

80,885 14,394

29,643 101,894

14,194 157,152 16,672 11,271 137 200,904 120,312 229,204 26,619 285 2,536 5,616 96,257 1,080,947 10,435 13,184 127,862 1,385,600 12,557 54 246,967 5,149,102 2,056,878 326,676 7,296 5,256 179 4,527 1,000 3,000 2,931 14,400 4,632 122,847 2,313,542 19,958 52,320 306,912 11,040 6,381 3,020,306 3,148,120 2,139,863 164,976 495,336 139,285 117 66,744 71,879,909

14,704 121,509 13,129 19,713 9,256 216,757 42,424 166,013 38,865 11,653 10,327 7,591 108,687 624,521 22,218 7,512 179,982 481,590 134,843 4,703 1,882,642 841,520 1,019,858 43,185 14,769 15,234 14,341 17,162 7,296 8,850 32,822 11,520 17,176 50,264 852,766 182,256 80,885 38,243 4,051 39,424 1,746,698 1,779,420 1,516,402 68,006 114,239 191,997 2,594 20,212 27,954,312

9603290000 Shaving Brushes, Hairbrushes, Nail Brushes, Eyelash Brushes & Other Toilet Brushes For Use on the Person April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q./No. Value Canada 225,984 387,360 1,438,404 1,610,001 Mexico 47,995 324,237 254,399 1,113,801 Guatmal 317 3,571 Salvadr 1,152 2,623 Hondura 3,757 34,352 4,081 37,607 C Rica 2,856 5,033 2,856 5,033 Panama 10,516 14,306 10,516 14,306 Jamaica 286 2,611 Dom Rep 5,304 12,912 16,836 35,496 Antigua 277 2,536 Trinid 24,344 21,586 68,807 87,391 Colomb 2,205 96,818 9,129 167,435 Ecuador 50,000 136,309 Peru 200 4,246 463 9,061 Chile 2,093 7,192 2,599 25,235 Brazil 252,710 94,306 1,453,873 531,147 Argent 421,526 143,742 U King 60,085 141,544 139,745 364,767 Nethlds 21,750 104,506 30,549 144,317 Belgium 2,834 20,804 France 31,184 96,451 123,667 379,895

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Germany Latvia Russia Spain Turkey Jordan Kuwait S Arab Arab Em Oman Burma Singapr Phil R China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral N Zeal Angola Rep Saf TOTAL





10,451 2,755

33,331 42,926

20,329 3,068 12,357 6,474 2,213 163,907 5,674 13,996

90,146 28,055 50,523 29,643 12,161 57,700 25,255 84,173



71,907 5,212 7,706 68,172 20,486 7,848 1,592 11,243 32,233 50 10,800 56,230 3,098 34,757 20,896 14,365 563,536 27,771 53,939 1,427 1,403 2,878 5,049,865

252,026 14,310 27,291 242,692 43,535 3,619 14,558 40,582 143,536 3,368 16,711 247,340 33,305 119,693 88,429 62,941 200,149 134,631 244,417 7,743 8,209 18,722 6,805,495

9603300000 Artists Brushes, Writing Brushes and Similar Brushes for the Application of Cosmetics April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 559,860 1,363,513 1,845,555 5,287,153 Mexico 32,967 290,279 140,810 774,748 Guatmal 3,430 12,654 Salvadr 274 13,759 Nicarag 5,436 11,085 C Rica 504 2,903 504 2,903 Panama 5,904 8,316 18,913 43,370 Bermuda 1,196 3,253 1,196 3,253 Cayman 756 2,789 Haiti 1,314 21,577 Dom Rep 23,024 64,862 45,010 103,470 Trinid 114 3,676 114 3,676 S Maarte 13,260 47,744 Martinq 780 11,077 6,570 43,483 Colomb 2,234 54,702 20,665 119,481 Peru 5,292 15,349 10,404 31,762 Chile 9,271 46,981 Brazil 1,236 17,556 18,476 116,263 Uruguay 3,648 7,741 Iceland 3,003 14,592 Sweden 1,565 15,082 17,215 121,468 Norway 2,657 28,876 Finland 879 17,820 6,077 68,044 U King 80,904 460,142 261,223 1,268,138 Ireland 969 7,080 Nethlds 59,950 114,003 113,282 245,495 Belgium 965 13,705 5,150 31,458 France 3,321 47,173 17,079 200,252 Germany 23,287 70,620 42,113 145,676 Czech 1,010 11,067 Hungary 12 5,457 12 5,457 Latvia 3,001 26,354 Poland 4,968 31,408 Russia 1,793 25,467 Spain 1,580 18,322 4,464 38,610 Italy 1,744 25,142 13,212 129,162 Slvenia 10 5,132 10 5,132 Greece 1,078 3,977 Turkey 3,631 27,845 12,243 299,285 Israel 3,474 5,766 Kuwait 12,183 54,786 S Arab 2,441 31,245 15,238 197,054 Arab Em 400 7,975 Bahrain 2,048 21,289 Thailnd 1 6,450 15,260 127,021 Vietnam 11,565 42,672

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Malaysa Singapr Indnsia China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Austral N Zeal Moroc Tunisia Maurit Rep Saf TOTAL

Country Canada Mexico Guatmal Salvadr Hondura Nicarag C Rica Panama Bermuda Haiti S Lucia Trinid S Maarte Colomb Surinam Ecuador Chile Brazil U King Belgium France Germany Israel Kuwait S Arab Arab Em India Thailnd Vietnam Malaysa Singapr Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral N Zeal Fiji Rep Saf TOTAL

Country Mexico Guatmal Hondura Panama Brazil Finland U King Germany Singapr China Austral TOTAL

1 964

9,480 6,777

1,263 1,545 6,776 8,626 61,180 10,502 5,048 65,881 11,221 1,766 116 1 8,571 2,898,829

21,405 14,120 25,000 159,275 198,864 151,434 39,404 268,026 28,649 7,541 13,258 6,249 81,145 10,871,823

9603402000 Paint Rollers April Year To Date Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. 69,392 172,218 297,620 26,867 76,191 86,564 2,937 1,031 1,209 15,960 1,209 2,409 20 5,824 4,959 22,984 2,348 5,874 5,304 2,046 8,086 2,046 1,693 5,827 6,572 14,454 1,764 584 579 7,649 579 3,873 4,722 15 1,600 3,720 1,358 3,305 1,952 7,384 10,202 20,364 1,764 1,095 43,200 38,880 72,000 960 2,966 960 13,590 46,013 27,594 35 4,625 57 269 1,706 217 461 3,047 2,284 1,471 50 7 789 379 5,003 3,939 8,620 11,056 8,620 123,428 86,749 129,260 313,507 509,355 729,526

Value 634,908 214,716 8,596 13,610 15,960 31,794 4,072 25,689 13,825 8,086 4,165 27,880 3,689 10,256 7,649 5,676 5,400 2,759 14,320 3,055 5,814 29,241 23,285 2,941 64,800 2,966 96,188 7,485 2,543 16,958 4,224 34,076 21,280 3,860 3,280 7,023 16,496 11,056 91,181 1,500,802

9603404020 Paint Pads Year To Date Value Net Q/No. 3,134 464 196 144 7,303 2,000 1,560 9,576 3,600 170 2,520 2,427 30,948 2,427 5,100 5,178 11,324 9,087 45,702 33,282

Value 11,062 4,093 2,962 2,660 45,374 3,320 24,860 3,390 6,276 30,948 12,098 147,043

2,941 26,537 1,048 4,190 10,855 3,336

47,570 58,104 28,220 20,984 58,981 5,856

1 1,816 865,090

6,249 38,739 2,974,584

April Net Q/No.

PG 61

9603404050 Paint, Distemper, Varnish or Similar Brushes (Except Brushes of 9603.30) April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 259,777 634,352 756,973 2,692,916 Mexico 4,289 28,313 16,517 125,275 Salvadr 91 3,743 91 3,743 Hondura 5,572 41,433 21,987 148,005 Nicarag 182 3,054 436 11,393 C Rica 356 8,662 483 11,297 Panama 8,121 103,356 9,596 141,086 Bermuda 2,157 7,605 Bahamas 366 5,708 366 5,708 Jamaica 1,540 35,571 8,614 87,370 Cayman 6,364 14,343 Haiti 587 40,610 Dom Rep 3,519 73,000 Trinid 275 9,796 939 26,709 S Maarte 2,852 10,560 Aruba 4 8,183 4 8,183 Colomb 2,282 16,663 Ecuador 218 5,029 218 5,029 Peru 5,806 15,168 6,018 22,707 Chile 872 13,528 872 13,528 Brazil 659 14,375 Uruguay 2,232 9,157 Argent 1,687 38,976 3,292 76,040 U King 44,250 215,156 161,487 813,661 Ireland 696 3,024 713 7,560 Nethlds 2,194 18,666 19,266 67,100 France 2,309 34,842 Germany 1,500 3,986 6,420 61,682 Austria 468 3,407 468 3,407 Czech 479 11,060 1,012 22,120 Slovak 1,333 27,650 Poland 750 4,740 5,382 21,321 Spain 13 2,516 Italy 45 3,138 96 7,458 Turkey 25 4,674 25 4,674 Israel 928 22,813 1,816 36,763 S Arab 1,100 5,600 4,188 20,757 Arab Em 360 2,566 1,060 5,666 Bahrain 800 6,650 India 142 3,278 Singapr 1,348 13,082 3,573 56,045 Phil R 3,402 36,150 China 9 7,840 4,778 117,419 Kor Rep 134,727 504,686 141,605 714,025 Hg Kong 664 10,193 Taiwan 943 16,782 Japan 1,000 4,250 1,000 4,250 Austral 5,353 35,929 N Zeal 14,474 74,837 Samoa 130 3,000 Microns 1,560 7,945 TOTAL 479,035 1,783,560 1,231,070 5,788,982

9603900000 Hand-Operated Mechanical Floor Sweepers, Not Motorized, Mops & Feather Dusters; Prepared Knots & Tufts for Broom or Brush Making, NESOI April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Greenld 150 3,791 Canada 163,406 3,278,624 691,046 11,192,373 Mexico 30,696 329,302 129,619 1,645,032 Guatmal 593 14,950 Salvadr 300 3,450 316 6,096 Nicarag 544 8,202 C Rica 208 5,238 3,622 37,552 Panama 816 7,590 3,832 50,152 Bermuda 461 14,633 Bahamas 402 10,251 1,405 28,580 Jamaica 1,275 11,215 Cayman 26 6,908

PG 62

Dom Rep B Virgn S Lucia S Vn Gr Barbado Trinid S Maarte Curaco Aruba Colomb Venez Guyana Surinam Ecuador Peru Chile Brazil Paragua Uruguay Argent Sweden Norway Finland Denmark U King Ireland Nethlds Belgium Luxmbrg France Germany Austria Czech Hungary Switzld Estonia Lithuan Poland Russia Georgia Spain Italy Croatia Macedon Greece Bulgar Turkey Lebanon Iraq Israel Kuwait S Arab Qatar Arab Em Bahrain Afghan India Bngldsh Thailnd Vietnam Cambod Malaysa Singapr Indnsia Phil R China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral N Zeal Egypt Senegal Guinea

862 137

21,726 3,455

990 30

13,528 7,830





220 553

2,628 13,940


1,015 181


31,557 4,553

12,834 197 3,017 17,025 1,805 5,189 6,537

109,445 8,076 76,057 211,922 48,709 50,634 106,295

549 4

13,850 2,695

1,638 5,203 6

61,571 68,245 13,797

360 2,004

24,177 9,599



258 912

6,513 7,350


1,074 462 1,836 543 3,372 324


31,477 11,642 12,185 12,274 15,075 5,142



105 800 7,695 1,320 1,702 3,124 73 1,422 2,340 3,027 14,234 993 2,690

2,650 4,032 145,190 3,169 9,211 87,267 11,665 20,594 11,880 78,204 275,952 16,073 6,000

1,095 137 1,801 816 514 2,986 30 1,846 572 2,967 76,695 6 215 7,396 3,663 11,766 10,705 815 220 795 196 17,386 1,058 10,485 83,800 2,528 15,338 17,052 390 27,864 28,267 121 40 60 945 4 186 2,215 7,848 505 416 4,537 1,225 164 129 102 818 912 23 3,051 670 29,141 1,019 13,262 2,500 1,351 3,433 62 554 2,671 105 2,595 20,872 3,581 3,632 30,854 12,942 6,233 2,874 52,672 41,100 6,608 2,690 1,550 850

27,606 3,455 12,925 2,626 8,099 37,168 7,830 20,701 24,249 57,578 1,279,289 8,149 3,481 29,324 55,430 306,506 134,534 5,624 2,628 22,384 17,125 158,098 17,974 261,735 648,837 70,176 215,819 320,006 12,620 388,480 414,249 16,811 4,560 4,275 21,198 2,695 4,685 37,701 50,141 3,446 7,874 107,336 2,853 4,125 3,250 2,573 15,712 7,350 3,351 83,527 23,067 625,661 24,274 170,124 16,925 31,129 79,251 9,115 6,764 50,830 2,650 27,376 358,328 25,966 40,432 417,478 144,545 512,074 59,075 660,879 565,741 54,185 6,000 15,500 8,500

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Ghana Togo Nigeria Chad Burkina Benin Congo B Rwanda Tnzania Rep Saf Namibia TOTAL









31 850 2,775 6 850 2,064 800 3,900 1,740 7,502 4,175 1,454,108

2,997 8,500 45,009 18,920 8,500 20,640 8,000 39,000 17,400 82,703 13,000 22,178,190



Country Thailnd China TOTAL

0502100000 Pigs’, Hogs’ or Boars’ Bristles and Hair and Waste Thereof April Year To Date Net Q/KG Value Net Q/KG 178 18,269 232,300 76,570 18,269 232,300 76,748

Country U King Thailnd China Japan TOTAL

0502900000 Badger Hair and Other Brushmaking Hair and Waste Thereof April Year To Date Net Q/KG Value Net Q/KG 17 242 19,271 1,187 173 8,138 15,428 4 7,747 4 419 35,156 16,636

Value 11,854 1,670,863 1,682,717

Value 11,661 58,564 396,845 7,747 474,817

4417004000 Paint Brush and Paint Roller Handles, Of April Year To Date Country Net Q/Variable Value Net Q/Variable Germany Czech Poland 61,601 Italy 847,036 Thailnd 16,995 Indnsia 149,748 China 246,698 TOTAL 1,322,078

Country Canada Sri Lka Indnsia TOTAL

4417006000 Brush Backs, Of Wood April Year To Date Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. 188,436 81,792 1,224,822 388,041 176,893 1,147,937 54,545 46,142 176,145 631,022


Wood Value 8,600 33,707 246,721 2,773,079 61,962 420,422 1,250,396 4,794,887

Value 494,002 553,860 109,843



4417008010 Tool Handles of Wood April Year To Date Country Net Q/Variable Value Net Q/Variable Canada 8,421 Mexico 115,708 Hondura 40,960 Brazil 273,166 Germany 5,402 Italy 61,349 Pakistn Vietnam 64,990 China 30,330 Taiwan 80,291 TOTAL 680,617

Value 63,001 169,567 324,595 1,056,844 29,977 250,704 23,157 167,175 263,702 262,967 2,611,689

1404903000 Istle Used Primarily In Brooms or In Brushes, Whether or Not In Hanks or Bundles April Year To Date Country Net Q/KG Value Net Q/KG Value Mexico 62,415 354,162 198,906 1,138,041 China 559 28,513

4417008090 Tools, Tool Bodies, Broom or Brush Bodies, Shoe Lasts and Trees, of Wood April Year To Date Country Net Q/Variable Value Net Q/Variable Value Canada 19,077 109,927 Mexico 2,809 23,261 Colomb 10,796 Chile 603,600 2,054,005 U King 4,595 39,648 Germany 29,595 65,293 Spain 9,103 Italy 4,777 26,340 Romania 20,621 India 135,232 634,086 Sri Lka 55,171 166,233 Thailnd 9,152 9,152 Indnsia 43,170 China 579,046 2,104,218 Kor Rep 8,418 8,418 Hg Kong 2,278 2,278 Taiwan 48,806 Japan 261,739 1,160,520 TOTAL 1,715,489 6,535,875

4417002000 Broom and Mop Handles, 1.9 CM or More In Diameter and 97 CM or More In Length, Of Wood April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 10,329 4,668 Mexico 42,250 26,982 72,250 35,726 Hondura 451,054 305,262 1,575,900 1,019,165 Colomb 22,224 2,561 Brazil 827,113 949,773 2,521,354 2,972,555 Indnsia 102,545 118,927 173,241 218,331 China 57,210 34,090 605,769 415,597 Taiwan 3,240 2,531 3,240 2,531 TOTAL 1,483,412 1,437,565 4,984,307 4,671,134

7326908576 Metal Handles For Brooms, Mops, Paint Applicators April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 114,744 52,463 218,584 140,942 Brazil 14,496 7,706 55,116 31,183 Sweden 17,602 43,960 Denmark 125 3,210 1,555 24,125 Germany 4,889 11,075 Spain 881,304 343,533 3,522,888 1,335,411 Italy 315,181 809,435 944,957 2,440,689 China 828,078 906,720 4,309,055 4,539,458 Hg Kong 2,000 2,109 Taiwan 72,990 41,049 240,338 173,669 TOTAL 2,226,918 2,164,116 9,316,984 8,742,621

0511993300 Horsehair and Horsehair Waste, Whether or Not Put Up As A Layer With or Without Supporting Material April Year To Date Country Net Q/KG Value Net Q/KG Value Paragua 12,550 177,256 U King 17 8,123 17 8,123 Germany 12,181 139,846 China 21,284 339,105 81,788 1,283,300 Austral 4 5,007 24 10,145 TOTAL 21,305 352,235 106,560 1,618,670



BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016




PG 63

9603100500 Wiskbrooms, of Broom Corn, LT=.96 EA. Prior to Entry or Withdrawal for Consumption of 61,655 Dozen In Calendar Year April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value China 69,693 59,644 TOTAL 69,693 59,644 9603104000 Other Brooms, of Broomcorn, LT=.96 EA, At Entry or Withdrawal For Consumption of GT=121,478 Dozen in Calendar Year April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 4,824 3,228 20,412 14,663 TOTAL





9603106000 Other Brooms, Of Broomcorn, Valued Over .96 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 615,270 1,548,843 2,403,631 6,082,662 China 4,680 12,669 TOTAL 615,270 1,548,843 2,408,311 6,095,331 9603109000 Brooms & Brushes, Consisting of Twigs or Other Vegetable Materials Bound Together, With or Without Handles, NESOI April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 136,800 174,821 480,463 589,730 Mexico 2,700 11,903 15,866 45,111 Finland 376 12,111 U King 1,221 3,641 23,919 15,672 Germany 650 10,112 Estonia 196 6,345 Italy 24,020 26,818 25,268 29,961 India 6,285 7,950 38,035 58,482 Sri Lka 107,868 141,503 581,647 536,825 Thailnd 7,000 9,269 15,000 22,444 Vietnam 45,310 47,216 120,374 141,224 Phil R 3,360 3,955 7,860 14,296 China 210 2,659 57,318 66,857 Kor Rep 1,080 6,849 2,580 9,725 Hg Kong 1,320 5,153 Japan 4,200 2,555 TOTAL 335,854 436,584 1,375,072 1,566,603 9603210000 Toothbrushes, Incl. Dental-Plate Brushes April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 67,176 28,421 132,504 70,578 Mexico 335,184 151,955 1,297,032 692,553 Guatmal 1,884,864 253,772 7,707,768 1,027,872 Brazil 99,216 28,167 499,536 132,726 Sweden 28,060 52,434 80,772 158,974 U King 3,600 2,945 81,560 39,169 Ireland 89,280 83,929 560,016 459,820 Nethlds 120,000 12,622 Germany 2,775,604 1,356,543 12,228,262 5,941,630 Hungary 12,744 15,965 40,248 65,553 Switzld 3,124,620 2,519,181 13,365,162 10,959,168 Italy 363,294 69,767 Arab Em 229,800 54,875 India 9,082,572 921,567 20,707,536 3,324,343 Thailnd 35,280 8,540 655,848 177,955 Vietnam 7,348,982 542,036 33,801,805 1,818,025 Malaysa 556,180 62,487 631,828 91,339 Singapr 2,280 4,304 China 77,965,294 13,014,804 270,177,049 49,202,376 Kor Rep 289,108 217,463 1,734,934 645,390 Hg Kong 182,990 24,147 Taiwan 701,040 174,028 6,598,918 1,239,123 Japan 27,260 45,117 1,215,860 290,567 TOTAL 104,426,064 19,479,354 372,415,002 76,502,876

PG 64

9603294010 Hairbrushes, Valued Not Over .40 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Italy 420,000 3,314 China 3,105,616 785,377 13,329,348 3,397,213 Taiwan 12,096 3,821 36,108 12,156 TOTAL 3,117,712 789,198 13,785,456 3,412,683 9603294090 Shaving Brushes, Nail Brushes, Eyelash Brushes & Other Toilet Brushes For Use On The Person, Valued Not Over .40 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 36,200 5,341 641,800 109,715 C Rica 12,996 4,380 U King 720 3,654 720 3,654 Germany 400,000 90,756 1,807,720 403,006 Italy 200,000 3,050 649,658 73,932 China 2,391,916 569,990 15,973,742 2,838,046 Kor Rep 25,000 6,599 3,536,953 141,927 Hg Kong 1,358,420 335,669 1,788,420 570,669 Taiwan 400,000 8,195 566,000 53,200 TOTAL 4,812,256 1,023,254 24,978,009 4,198,529 9603302000 Artists Brushes, Writing Brushes & Similar Brushes For Application Of Cosmetics, Valued Not Over .05 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 1,410,000 26,122 U King 209,462 5,521 France 3,270,000 118,476 14,655,000 521,132 Germany 4,242,400 120,747 Italy 6,061,000 77,627 24,252,769 347,161 India 2,844,000 35,741 5,443,280 80,353 Vietnam 1,565,000 20,044 7,865,000 93,299 China 9,956,436 255,856 56,919,040 1,475,156 Kor Rep 2,400,000 38,545 7,990,000 166,874 Taiwan 2,065,200 39,836 TOTAL 26,096,436 546,289 125,052,151 2,876,201 9603304000 Artists Brushes, Writing Brushes & Similar Brushes For Application of Cosmetics, Valued Over .05 But not Over .10 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Mexico 1,550,321 124,907 8,443,550 637,039 France 200,000 12,413 Germany 2,749,613 170,278 10,193,613 629,593 India 479,173 47,134 China 13,028,389 1,055,570 43,068,759 3,427,992 Kor Rep 50,000 4,143 Taiwan 162,144 16,423 TOTAL 17,328,323 1,350,755 62,597,239 4,774,737 9603306000 Artists Brushes, Writing Brushes & Similar Brushes For Application Of Cosmetics, Valued Over .10 Each April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 10,069 5,535 13,272 57,910 Mexico 16,494,430 2,365,674 63,064,076 9,236,495 Dom Rep 147,727 211,890 537,754 682,622 B Virgn 2,000 4,875 2,000 4,875 Sweden 1,200 5,911 U King 58,368 123,139 192,655 483,687 France 152,152 293,094 468,259 1,459,300 Germany 922,852 401,714 3,000,593 1,501,581 Czech 5,232 4,771 5,232 4,771 Switzld 1,886 20,804 16,790 93,144 Poland 4,000 2,285 Russia 8,100 3,003 Spain 4,748 40,028 19,384 122,411 Portugl 420 3,417 Italy 74,188 99,549 374,558 421,125 Israel 1,128 9,135 India 519,537 334,729 2,445,708 1,096,849

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

Sri Lka Thailnd Vietnam Indnsia China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral N Zeal Maurit TOTAL Canada Mexico Sweden U King Nethlds Germany Czech Spain Israel Cambod China TOTAL

258,487 204,097 214,900

982,805 1,170,426 2,591,274 480 133,454,744 3,101,653 650,512 601,449 936,703 726 600 89,614 213,736,115

633,173 551,664 1,022,124 8,268 98,178,338 2,296,128 923,688 401,848 3,791,976 10,897 6,095 438,823 123,451,543

9603402000 Paint Rollers Year To Date 25,423 39,732 311,219 1,884,903 4,000 23,040 15,351 30,240 3,958 16,427 3,958 3,000 15,634 312,806 1,562,240 2,875 200 5,655 200 373,840 77,814 1,109,448 5,300,619 2,588,967 18,410,506 6,334,380 3,056,490 23,360,908

95,008 1,284,897 5,003 18,968 16,427 105,916 160,225 4,940 5,655 230,469 9,414,634 11,342,142

35,296,518 320,919 30,410 266,544 202,137 726

29,239 55,217,166 April 9,692 620,031

124,396 91,621 157,599

25,570,359 151,924 79,524 51,918 892,727 10,897

150,896 31,187,663

9603404020 Paint Pads (Other Than Of Subheading 9603.30) April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 760 4,033 760 4,033 U King 26,100 20,936 Pakistn 90,880 33,166 China 1,888,814 692,553 5,067,160 2,102,125 Hg Kong 16,080 26,889 Taiwan 11,760 17,165 146,562 124,997 TOTAL 1,901,334 713,751 5,347,542 2,312,146 9603404040 Natural Bristle Brushes, Other Than Brushes Of Subheading 9603.30 April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 8,982 13,411 67,503 80,483 U King 15,786 21,194 55,222 108,150 Germany 1,061 10,399 11,230 44,444 Switzld 1 3,933 2 8,050 Poland 19,000 15,121 19,000 15,121 Italy 32,016 231,671 95,880 637,082 Turkey 7,600 31,499 29,288 113,771 Indnsia 4,482,204 636,123 13,932,152 2,411,429 China 4,354,092 880,040 17,860,429 3,502,315 Japan 70 2,436 TOTAL 8,920,742 1,843,391 32,070,776 6,923,281 9603404060 Paint, Distemper, Varnish/Similr Brushes Exc Brushes of Subheading 9603.30 NESOI April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. ValueCanada Canada 1,464 2,710 10,030 22,801 Mexico 60,313 18,720 61,465 23,231 Dom Rep 3,400 2,928 3,400 2,928 Sweden 10 9,355 22,810 24,521 U King 25,000 13,068 176,316 71,680 Nethlds 380 3,737 380 3,737 Germany 6,034 36,895 20,822 89,274 Spain 768 2,232 Italy 1,696 12,564 10,594 24,637 Greece 211 6,336 Turkey 17,420 71,044 34,128 125,531 Sri Lka 1,008 2,682 Vietnam 2,232 3,331 3,344 7,436 Indnsia 1,201,164 311,320 3,135,548 840,938 Phil R 1,172 8,552

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Rep Saf TOTAL

18,639,764 1,300 62,712 9,696 41,648 96,126 20,170,359

5,684,561 2,914 23,682 9,494 49,404 51,003 6,306,730

78,424,796 1,300 62,712 112,224 243,440 175,523 82,501,991

22,982,481 2,914 23,682 64,388 260,923 157,760 24,748,664

Country Mexico Ukraine Sri Lka China TOTAL

9603908010 Wiskbrooms April Year To Date Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. 3,480 4,206 2,880 2,354 20,798 101,658 98,318 716,196 104,538 100,672 744,680

Value 2,342 5,675 46,845 522,971 577,833

Country Mexico Guatmal Brazil Sweden Germany Poland Spain Italy India Sri Lka Vietnam China Hg Kong TOTAL

9603908020 Upright Brooms April Year To Date Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. 23,097 34,209 57,415 5,070 39,747 39,810 347 8,917 27,527 200 5,345 200 3,580 14,732 13,630 8,208 37,277 16,272 34,800 6,512 84,755 54,092 75 65,190 128,404 319,214 10,000 1,456,485 1,690,019 5,577,592 6 8,161 12 1,568,695 2,051,566 6,150,639

Value 94,823 85,058 93,877 5,345 52,580 72,756 54,544 348,033 2,660 823,604 12,630 6,420,046 16,532 8,082,488

9603908030 Push Brooms, 41 CM or Less in Width April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 372 3,311 Mexico 438 3,394 Anglla 16,000 8,232 Switzld 5,000 3,086 Sri Lka 83,032 250,111 317,528 955,000 China 66,844 177,694 145,796 386,582 Taiwan 605 11,446 TOTAL 149,876 427,805 485,739 1,371,051

Country Canada Mexico Guatmal Salvadr Dom Rep Colomb Venez Brazil Denmark U King Germany Czech Spain Portugl Italy Israel India Sri Lka Thailnd Vietnam China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan TOTAL

9603908040 Other Brooms, NESOI April Year To Date Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. 3 2,880 6,915 355,997 686,571 1,492,337 5,212 10,680 12,356 91,584 1,728 47,922 69,052 175,797 26,520 13,920 27,470 39,294 57,349 146,274 3,230 25,976 3,230 296 6,600 16,480 7,400 48,600 14,642 122,472 11,760 14,640 2,860 96,162 77,003 7,149 2,041 98,380 167,656 389,452 11,000 13,451 39,169 24,530 32,858 49,560 256,737 428,789 1,174,624 3,510 20,973 5,160 47,000 4,610 935,863 1,659,115 3,902,883

Value 80,868 2,487,381 25,893 98,457 32,965 215,247 22,603 200,391 25,976 3,731 22,653 38,094 11,083 19,505 295,920 22,555 6,241 777,884 66,469 78,316 2,054,677 32,264 10,625 11,189 6,640,987

PG 65



Material Report By Harrell Kerkhoff | Broom, Brush & Mop Editor

olor plays an important role in the design and salability of specific products, including brushes and other cleaning tools. There are companies that specialize in helping manufacturers find and use the right color for a particular item. One such business is Accurate Color & Compounding, Inc., (ACC), of Aurora, IL (www.accurate-color.com). It’s a manufacturer of premium quality pelletized custom color concentrates and additives for many plastic processing applications. This includes, but not limited to, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding. “The majority of our concentrates yield color or other additives into polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene, etc.),” ACC Sales Manager Joe Kay said. “Polymers themselves are manufactured around the world. We use polymers in the process of manufacturing our pellets. Generally, the polymer we use (called carrier resin) represents 50 percent of the weight of the pellets. Because we run so many different types of polymers as carrier resin, we typically purchase through resin distributors. Sourcing polymer can be a challenge, but there are many distributors that warehouse domestically. “Pigments and additives (e.g. UV stabilizers and antioxidants) are another question. There are many manufacturers of pigments used to color polymers. Each product may vary slightly between competitors in terms of shade, lightfastness, heat stability, purity, regulatory status and processing properties.” Kay added that polymer manufacturing is a global industry. There are tens of thousands of grades available, with hundreds of billions of pounds manufactured each year. “Some additives and pigments are readily available, while others are not. One of the challenges we face on occasion is double sourcing pigments, especially when new pigments are introduced to the market. Frequently, the manufacturer will get a patent,” Kay said. “Challenges are as wide and varied as the materials themselves. ACC stocks over 300 ingredients to formulate our colors. Those ingredients are manufactured in many countries. Each individual material has its own set of challenges. Sometimes it is simply a matter of determining the correct 9603908050 Brooms, Brushes, Sqeegees, Etc., NESOI April Year To Date Country Net Q/No. Value Net Q/No. Value Canada 1,320,456 5,951,507 Mexico 5,475,005 20,814,824 Guatmal 18,478 Salvadr 38,790 144,156 Hondura 1,616,396 5,782,763 Dom Rep 22,521 121,052 Colomb 22,444 176,504 Venez 4,081 Brazil 53,272 110,931 Argent 86,661 Sweden 9,595 22,776 Finland 10,824 17,732 Denmark 348,008 1,114,295 U King 51,591 125,943 Nethlds 19,088 171,755 Belgium 179,042 509,322 France 23,233 154,659 Germany 251,865 827,305 Czech 8,908 Slovak 12,409 Hungary 2,105 Switzld 21,220 66,426 Estonia 4,587 6,598 Latvia 6,100

PG 66

Joe Kay purchase order quantity. “Many of our customers manufacture on a contract basis. If they don’t get their orders, we don’t get ours. So the first question is always, ‘How much?’ The second question is, ‘How long will it take to consume that material?’” Whenever and wherever possible, Kay added, ACC strives to make its concentrates as “universal” as possible, meaning that a customer is able to run that product into a variety of polymers. The benefit is that the customer can purchase and inventory one concentrate versus several. “We call this our ‘Color All’ technology. Although there is no true ‘universal’ concentrate, we have been very successful with our formulations,” Kay said. Looking toward the second half of 2016, he reported that overall business for ACC “has been great.” Sales are up by double digits year-to-date, and Kay expects this to continue for the remainder of 2016. Most of this growth is associated with new product launches by ACC customers that produce proprietary product lines. “We are projecting a 10 to 15 percent growth rate over the next six months,” he said. “As ACC primarily supplies to North American customers, the trend of

tooling returning from Asia is particularly exciting for our company. It also seems more customers are returning to just-in-time schedules.”

When asked what other industry-related trends are influencing ACC, Kay responded that the company has benefited from a general decrease in polymer costs. This is due to the decrease in global oil prices as well as a large increase in polymer production capacity. “We are able to pass these savings along to our customers,” Kay said. “ACC is a family-owned and family-run business. Our employees are energetic and dedicated. For example, several weeks ago I received a call late on a Saturday night from a customer who quickly needed a particular product from us. Our team managed to call in a crew and custom-make the product. It was delivered Sunday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the call. We had nine employees working on that one box of color. Customers appreciate this kind of dedication.” Lithuan Poland Spain Italy Serbia Turkey Israel Arab Em India Pakistn Bngldsh Sri Lka Thailnd Vietnam Cambod Malaysa Singapr Indnsia China Kor Rep Hg Kong Taiwan Japan Austral N Zeal Egypt TOTAL

28,696 84,744 110,541 291,416 4,540

12,547 507,091 4,473 162,166 167,360 23,132 79,218

140,348 42,938,924 157,426 792,648 1,124,763 55,467 41,965 63,929 48,988 56,308,319

153,973 177,394 425,262 886,898 5,832 27,274 329,746 36,844 127,373 1,946,668 65,962 1,223,117 865,657 145,058 65,865 315,127 12,859 313,760 160,326,469 851,776 2,374,577 4,607,891 194,330 280,239 205,329 96,498 212,319,068

BBM MAGAZINE | July/August 2016

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Broom, Brush & Mop July/August 2016  

Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine's July/August 2016 issue.

Broom, Brush & Mop July/August 2016  

Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine's July/August 2016 issue.

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